15th Annual Las Vegas Invitational

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					                          21st Annual Las Vegas Invitational
                           Women’s Volleyball Tournament
                                 August 26 & 27, 2011
        Welcome to the 21 annual Las Vegas Invitational Women’s Volleyball
Tournament. All coaches must attend a tournament meeting which will be held at 1:00 at
each site on Friday, August 26. Tournament packets will be reviewed and any last
minute changes will be made at this time. The team pools, time schedule, and tie-breaker
procedure is as follows.

     Pools A-D at Las Vegas High School – 6500 E. Sahara Ave., LV, NV 89142

Pool A                                      Pool B
1. Westlake                                 1. Bishop Gorman
2. Bonanza                                  2. Silverado
3. Palo Verde                               3. Van Nuys
4. Virgin Valley                            4. Cedar City
5. Chaparral                                5. Rancho

Pool C                                      Pool D
1. Spanish Springs                          1. Reed
2. Sierra Vista                             2. Las Vegas
3. Chatworth                                3. Clovis North
4. Liberty                                  4. Legacy
5. Canyon View                              5. Calvary Chapel

Pools E-G at Green Valley High School – 460 Arroyo Grande, Henderson, NV 89014

Pool E                                      Pool F
1. Golden Valley                            1. Green Valley
2. Centennial                               2. Carson City
3. Lyman                                    3. Shadow Ridge
4. Basic                                    4. Boulder City
5. Durango                                  5. Meadows

Pool G                                      Pool H
1 Skyline                                   1. Buchach Colony
2. Coronado                                 2. Faith Lutheran
3. Arbor View                               3. Foothill
4. Moapa Valley                             4. Sylmar
5. Valley                                   5. Pahrump
Pool Play:
       Everyone will play each team in their pool two out of three games. The first two
games will be 25 point rally scoring with a cap of 27 points. The third game will be rally
scoring to 15, no cap. High School Federation Rules apply.
       Everyone will be expected to help with the refereeing by providing 2 linesmen, 1
scorekeeper, and one person to operate the visible scoreboard. The times listed below are
approximate. Games may start earlier. Be ready to play!
       The warm up for each team’s first match will be 8 minutes; each team will receive
4 minutes on the net. After your first match on either day the warm up will be 3 minutes
per team. Playing order, refereeing assignments, and times will be the same for all pools
and will be as follows:

Playing order for 5 team pools:
Friday - 26th                                                    Referee Team
1:30 p.m.                               2 vs 4                   1
2:30 p.m.                               1 vs 5                   2
3:30 p.m.                               3 vs 4                   5
4:30 p.m.                               1 vs 2                   3
5:30 p.m.                               3 vs 5                   4
6:30 p.m.                               1 vs 4                   5
7:30 p.m.                               2 vs 3                   4

Saturday, August 27
9:00 a.m.                               4 vs 5                   3
10:00 a.m.                              1vs 3                    2
11:00 a.m.                              2 vs 5                   1

         Final tournament brackets will be determined by pool number and pool record 1st
and 2nd place teams from pool play will qualify for the top 16 (Gold/Championship
Division). 3rd, and 4th, place teams will qualify for the Consolation Division. 5th place
teams will be placed in the Challenger Division. For the four team pools, the challenger
match will determine final bracket position.
         **If a team should depart early from tournament on Saturday, the team they
competed against in the match preceding their departure will move forward in the bracket
in their place.

Tiebreaker procedure

Two way tie: The winner of the head-to-head competition is the higher seed.

Three way tie: (1) record of games won
                       **If this results in one team being eliminated from the tie and the other
                two teams remain tied then the head to head results from the two tied teams will
                determine place finish.
               (2) record of games lost
                       *If this results in one team being eliminated from the tie and the other
               two teams remain tied then the head to head results from the two tied teams will
               determine place finish.

               (3) Overall number of points scored by tied teams against each other in pool play

        Awards will be given for first and second place winners of each division. Ten all-
tournament players will be selected along with one tournament MVP.
        All courts will have 16 available balls for warm-ups (8 per team). No food or
drink will be allowed in the gym other than water bottles. There will be a concession
stand set up outside the gym if players and guests would like to buy snacks and drinks. All
food must remain outside – coolers/boxes of food must remain outside the lobby. A
trainer will be available at each site, but teams should have their own training supplies.

Adults tickets $6.00
Students $3.00
Children under 8 years old will be granted free entry.
Valid CCSD Employee ID and NIAA Passes are accepted with photo ID.
No Family Passes Accepted

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