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					                                        In The Name Of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

                    N o n - P r o f i t - T a x - E x e m p t                     O r g a n i z a t i o n

   As-Salamu-Alaikum respected members of our beloved community.
             Below is our announcement for this Friday:

IACC Academy is now enrolling in after school Quran classes at the Masjid and at IACC
Academy. Please contact IACC Academy at (469) 241-1447 for details.

IACC Web Site has been modified. New web site
will in-sha-Allah go live today. Please visit and make Dua for the brothers who have sacrificed
many hours of their personal time developing this web site – a need for our community.

Brother Imtiaz Jeenah has been selected as the election commissioner to conduct the next
shura election. In-Sha-Allah, after Ramadan, brother Imtiaz will address the community
introducing his team and to share the election logistics.

We are expecting more than regular attendance at the dua-e-khatme-quaran on Sunday night.
Measures have been taken to accommodate all members in our community. Any overflow from
sisters upstairs will be seated down stairs on the south side of the old multipurpose hall in main
prayer building. Any overflow of sisters beyond that will be seated in the new multipurpose hall.
Overflow from the brothers in the main building will also be accommodated in the new
multipurpose hall. Please cooperate with the volunteers and follow their directions.

If you wish to contribute for Pakistan Flood through IACC, please write Pakistan Flood in the
memo section of the check. Our collective contributions will in-sha-Allah be delivered through
Islamic Relief.

You may also join the Pakistan Flood Food Drive. Please donate a box of goods
BOX SIZE: 12” x 15” x 15”. Please ensure Halal/Kosher products with a minimum of 8 weeks expiry.
ONLY PACKED BOXES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please drop your boxes at: Plano Masjid – IACC – 6401
Independence Pkwy, Plano, TX 75023. Click Here for more details. Today is the last day to drop
off boxes.

We will have youth qiyam Today Friday September 3rd. Brother Noaman Ali Khan will be the

Inshallah Plano Masjid is having the Qiyamul-lail program in the last ten nights of the Ramadhan
starting on Monday August 30th between 11:45 PM and 1:30 am. This year inshallah Qiyamul-lail
will have Brother Monzer Talib, Brother Marwan Marouf, Hafiz Jamal Shah, Hafiz/Qari Sajjad
Gul, and Brother Nouman Ali Khan.

Zakatul Fitr is $10.00 per person. If you wish IACC to distribute r, please drop off your zakatul fitr in
the designated boxes in both brothers and sisters side.

Please support IACC Cemetery Plot Purchase project at Islamic Garden Rest land cemetery by
purchasing one or more plot now at a cost of $1500 each. Please stop by at IACC office for
additional details.

Please support IACC Food drive. Truck collecting your contribution will be at IACC Parking lot
today and tomorrow – between Maghreb and Isha. This is the last week of food drive.

    6 4 0 1 I n d ep e n d en c e P ar k w ay , Pl an o , T ex a s 7 5 0 2 3
 Tel: 972-491-5800              Fax: 972-208-6482                                  Web:

IACC is arranging community Iftar during the weekends in Ramadan like before with
sponsorships from the community members. You may participate in the Iftar Sponsorship by
signing up on the form posted outside at your earliest so that IACC can make arrangements
ahead of time Inshallah.

IACC Medical Clinic has started seeing psychiatric patients, adult and child, every Sunday. To
make an appointment, please call 469 835 1446.

IACC Sunday School Academic Year 2010-2011 registration will be on September 05, 2010, on a
first come first serve basis. Parents are encouraged to enroll as early as possible to reserve a spot
for students, since the seats are limited. Please, bring in proof of age for Grade 1 student; the
student should be 5 years old to qualify. IACC Sunday School staff will be available in Plano
Masjid for Student registration on Sunday September 05, 2010 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM. The IACC
Sunday School Insha-Allah will begin the New Academic year 2010-2011 on Sunday September
19, 2010 after Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays.

Agha Faran Khan, a youth of our community, at age 21, was brutally murdered on Wednesday
November 18, 2009 while playing cricket on an outdoor basketball court near Ford Middle
School in Allen, TX. The court date for the trial is September 14th, 2010. Brother Faran’s family has
requested maximum participation from the community members in the court on September
14th, 2010. Court is located in 2300 Bloomdale Rd, McKinney, TX 75071. Trial time 8:30 AM - 9:00

Muslim Family day at the six flags in Arlington sponsored by ICNA will be on Sunday, September
12. For $25 discount tickets, please contact brother Shuja at, phone 972
837 5009. Click here for additional details.

1st Jumma at 1:40 PM       2nd Jumma at 2:45 PM       Khateeb: Brother Monzer Talib

Please pray for the Maghfera of brother Tafsir Jilani’s mother passed away yesterday in Dallas.
Her salatul Janaza is in Richardson Masjid after Jumma today.

IACC Prayer Time

Fajr           6:00 AM
Dhuhr          2:00 PM
Asr            6:10 PM
Maghrib        5 minutes after Sunset
Isha           09:30 PM
Jumuah         1:40 PM 1st Jumma 2:45 PM 2nd Jumma

We wish to keep you in IACC mailing list. However, if you would like to
Unsubscribe, please e-mail to indicating
“Unsubscribe” in the subject line.

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