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                                                 TEL: 886-6-275-7575 Ext. 53400
                                                           TEL: 886-6-274-4104
                                                   CHAIRPERSON: Tsing-Zai Wu

   The Institute of Finance was established in 2000to offer master degree under the
administration of the Department of Accountancy. The objective is to provide
students with competent financial knowledge to face the challenge of the changing
global environment. Students who complete this program are expected to
understand corporate finance, and the operation of financial markets.

Past & Present Chairpersons:
  Chang-Ling Chang (Aug.1976-July 1982)       Tsing-Zai Wu    (Aug.2001- Present)

The main purpose of the Institute of Finance is:
 1.   To collaborate the governmental policy of transforming Taiwan into the
      Asian-Pacific Operation Hub. The purpose of this project is to establish an
      international financial market to improve the efficiency of financial
      operations and accelerate economic growth. The key factor that will
      determine the success or failure of the project is whether we can produce
      sufficient financial professional with vision to compete internationally.
 2.   To alleviate the shortage of financial professional. The rapid growth of the
      monetary, foreign exchange, and capital market increase the complexity of
      financial instruments. It is expected that the demand for financial personnel
      will increase dramatically in the near future. Therefore, it is important for
      the university to utilize its resources to provide the young generation with
      the opportunities of obtaining modern financial knowledge through the
      establishment of the Institute.
 3.   To integrate the faculty members to conduct finance-related research. Most
      of the finance-oriented faculty members used to conduct their research on

       an individual basis. However, the establishment of the Institute will provide
       an excellent platform to integrate

  Professor:14                             Assistant Professor: 7
  Associate Professor:9                    In Total: 30

  Chin-Chen Chien         (Ph.D., Rutgers University)
                          Statistical and Quantitative Methods; Financial Statement
                          Analysis; Finance theory
  Chiang Kao              (Ph.D., Oregon State University)
                          Operation Research, System Simulation
  Chun-Yu Chen            Ph.D. Purdue University
                          Statistics, Multivariate Analysis
  Chun-Lang Chen          Ph.D., Meiji University, Japan
                          Business Law; International Business Law,
                          International Coporate Law
  Jeng-Ren Chiou          (Ph.D., City University of New York)
                          Financial Statement Analysis; Corporate Finance, Portfolio
  Cheng-Nan Chen          Ph.D., National Cheng Chi University
                          Marketing Management; Consumer Behavior Analysis;
                          Marketing Research
  Su-Chao Chiou              Ph.D., New York City University, U.S.A.
                          Financial Management, Business Decision
  Wann-Yih Wu             Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, U.S.A.
                          Business Research Method; International Management;
                          Business management; Marketing Management
  Hsin-Hong Kang          Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.A.
                          Econometrics, Economic Theory, International financial
                          market, Bank Management
  Hsinnan Hsu             Ph.D., Lehigh University, U.S.A.

                   Options, Economic Theory, Financial Market
  Quey-Jen Yeh     Ph.D., Columbia University, U.S.A.
                   Decision Analysis, Statistical Methods, Behavior
                   Research, Operation Research
  Ching-Ho Leu     Ph.D. Purdue University
                   Experimental Design, Statistics
  Hung-Chih Li     (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University)
                   Intenational Financial Management; Futures Markets;
                   Financial Management
  Wann-Cherng Wang Ph.D.,Syracues University USA
                   Business Valuation

Associate Professors:
  Ming-Tien Tsai      Ph.D., Columbia University, U.S.A.
                      Marketing; Business Policy and Strategy; Financial
  Tim-TC Yang         Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A
                      Service Economy and Management;
  Shuang-Shii Juang Ph.D., Northern Illinois University, U.S.A.
                      Money Theory, International Finance
  Mei-Mei Zen         Ph.D. Purdue University
                      Mathematical Statistics, Bayesion Analysis
  Fu-Uann Duh         Ph.D. Piz Berger University
                      International Marketing Research, Industrial Policy,
                      Industrial Analysis
  Syou-Ching Lai      Ph.D.,Southern Illinois University
                      Accounting and Finance Information Systems
  Tsing-Tzai Wu       Ph.D.,City University of New York
                      Financial Management; Quantitative Methods;Options;
                      Finance theory; Financial Statement Analysis
  Ming-Long Wang      Ph.D.,City University of New York
                      Principles of Finance; Security Analysis&Information
                      Systems; Investments; Portfolio Selection&Management;

                          Futures Markets; Options
  Lih-Chyun Shu           (Ph.D, Purdue University)
                          Database Management System
Assistant Professor:
  Shao-Chi Chang          Ph.D. New York University
                          International Financial Management, Financial
                          Management, Futures and Option
  Ming-hsen Chiang        Ph.D. Syracuse University
                          Econometrics, Structure of Financial Market, International
  Dah-Chi Tan             Ph.D. University of Illinois
                          International Business Management, Advanced
                          International Economic Theory
   Yao-Tsung Chen          (Ph.D,Syracuse University/Auditing Doctoral Seminar;
                          Auditing;Auditing issue and cases
  Chun-nan Chen           (Ph.D,Syracuse University)/Financial engineering
  Yenn-Ru Chen            (Ph. D., Houston University) / Finance
                          Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation
  Tse-Shih Wang           (Ph. D, Drexel University) / Finance
                          Financial Construction

   The students in this Institute enjoy all the facilities of the Department of
Accountancy. In addition to those facilities, the students in the Institute can also use
the facilities in the College.

   The Institute will focus its research on both the developments of theoretical
framework and the applications to financial management. Also the Institute will
intensively recruit new faculty members to enhance the needs on new Financial
Information Research Center will be formed to enhance the needs on financial.


Master Courses
 Minimum credits required graduation:
 Seminars: 2 semesters
 1. Specialized courses required: credits
  Yr.      Course No. Course Title                         semesterⅠ semesterⅡ
  1        R85011       Seminar(一)                             0
  1        R11150       Security Analysis And Investment       3
  1        R65270       Econometrics                           3
           R85012       Seminar(二)                                       0
  1        R85040       Financial Statement Analysis                     3
  1        R65390       Derivative Financial Instruments                 3
  1        R11190       Corporate Finance                                3
  1        R12020       International Financial                          3
  2        R85013       Seminar(三)                             0
  2        R85014       Seminar(四)                                       0

  2. Elective courses: at least credits
  Yr.      Course No. Course Title                         semesterⅠ semesterⅡ
  1        R65380       International Investment               3
  1        R41080       Real Estate Economics And              3
  1        R15160       Economic Relations between             3
                        Taiwan and Mainland China
  1        R85010       Macroeconomics                         3
  1        R65410       Fixed Income Securities                          3
  2        R45730       Financial Engineering                  3
  2        R11310       Future Market                          3
  2        R16010       Risk Management                                  3


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