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									                              600 FACILITIES, CENTERS, AND RESOURCES
       600.1   Classic Studio
       600.2   Collins Hall
       600.3   Conaway Center
       600.4   Concert Hall
       600.5   Faculty Lounge
       600.6   Ferguson Theater
       600.7   Getz Theater
       600.8   Hokin Center and Hokin Annex
       600.9   Hokin Hall
       600.10 Library Conference
       600.11 New Studio
       600.12 Residence Center Lounge
       600.13 Sculpture Garden
       600.14 Student Lounges
       600.15 Facilities Chart


       605.1   OCAP
       605.2   Center for Arts Policy
       605.3   Office of Sponsored Programs
       605.4   Dance Center
       605.5   Center for Asian Arts & Media
       605.6   International Latino Cultural Center
       605.7   Center of Instructional Technology
       605.8   Community Media Workshop

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       610.1   Alumni Relations
       610.2   Bookstore and Textbooks
       610.3   Center for Black Music Research
       610.4   College Relations
       610.5   Columbia College Art Gallery
       610.6   Columbia College Library
       610.7   Development Office
       610.8   Human Resources
       610.9   Institutional Research
       610.10 Museum of Contemporary Photography
       610.11 Teaching and Learning Center

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       600.1    CLASSIC STUDIO
                Located on the 1st floor at 72 E. 11th Street, the Classic Studio is used primarily by directing
                students to stage their class projects. It is a small 60-seat black box theater, providing the
                following technical support: a twelve-channel light board, 20 instruments and a cassette player,
                amplifier and speakers. The Theater Department uses this space for final presentations each
                semester. The Interdisciplinary Arts Department also uses this space for final project
                presentations. Inquiries regarding this space may be made to the Theater Department, ext.6105.

       600.2    COLLINS HALL
                The Collins Theater is a 90-seat screening room located on the 6th floor of the 624 S. Michigan
                building. It offers video projection equipment in a variety of formats as well as 16mm wide
                screen capability and surround sound. It may be reserved for screenings at any time classes are
                not meeting by calling the Office of the Assistant to the Office of the Executive VP, ext. 7211.

       600.3 CONAWAY CENTER
               The Conaway Center is available for a variety of programming needs. Faculty should tour all the
               facilities and ask questions of staff before deciding which venue is appropriate for their needs. To
               insure that a wide variety of students and groups have access to the center, and that events run
               smoothly, a set of regulations and guidelines have been compiled to be followed. Please read
               them before completing the Facility Request Form, so that you or your organization are prepared
               to meet the requirements, and the information given makes needs clear. The Conaway Center is
               only available for events open to all Columbia College Chicago students, faculty, staff and the
               Chicago community. There are no private events scheduled during these times. Your organization
               is responsible for paying technicians from your budget for after-hours events.

       600.4 CONCERT HALL
               The Concert Hall is located at 1014 South Michigan Avenue on the 1 st Floor. Please contact the
               Music Department at 312.344.6149 for more information.

       600.5 FACULTY LOUNGE
               The Faculty Lounge is located on the 11th floor of the 624 S. Michigan Campus. It is adjacent to
               the Student Lounge, which is equipped with vending machines and a microwave oven. It can be
               reserved for committee meetings or other social gatherings. When planning an activity in the
               Faculty Lounge, please reserve it in advance through the Assistant to the Office of the Executive
               VP, ext. 7211.

       600.6    FERGUSON THEATER
                The Ferguson Theater is a 170-seat auditorium located on the 1st floor of the 600 S. Michigan
                building. It is equipped with sophisticated sound and projection facilities and a small stage. It is
                used for large lecture classes or for classes that have specific sound or projection requirements. It
                may be reserved by College faculty for special events, meetings, seminars, lectures, film
                screenings, etc., at any time classes are not scheduled to meet in the Theater, by calling the Office
                of the Assistant to the Office of the Executive VP, ext. 7211.

       600.7    GETZ THEATER
                The Getz Theater, located at 62 E. 11th Street, provides seating for up to 385. Named after art
                patrons Emma and Oscar Getz, the building is of art-deco architecture, equipped with a modified
                thrust stage with a proscenium opening. The Theater Department uses this space for three main-
                stage shows per school year: a play, a musical, and a concert. Also, some student productions and
                final presentations are staged here. The College also uses the space for guest lectures. Inquiries
                regarding this space may be made to the Office of the Assistant to the Executive VP, ext. 7211.

June 2003                               600 Resources/Facilities                                      Page 3
       600.8   HOKIN CENTER and HOKIN ANNEX
               The Hokin Student Center and Hokin Annex, located on the ground floor of the 623 S. Wabash
               Building, were opened in September 1987. The funds for their construction were donated by Mr.
               Myron Hokin, a College trustee. Both centers provide a pleasant atmosphere in which students and
               faculty and relax, meet friends, enjoy exhibits, performances, coffee, and sandwiches.

               The Hokin Center features work of students from all disciplines and in all media (installations,
               paintings, photographs, drama, music, sculpture, video, and performance art). The Center’s
               activities are funded through student activity fees. These activities are initiated and coordinated
               by students, faculty and the Hokin Director. The Hokin Center also brings in outside speakers,
               artists, entertainers, and films for the entertainment and education of students. Student clubs use
               the Hokin Center for some of their meetings. Film festivals are also regularly arranged. The
               Hokin Center has two galleries that change exhibitions monthly and bi-weekly. These galleries
               are solely for student exhibition and class works in progress.

               The Hokin Center is also available to the faculty. It makes available different blends of coffees,
               fruit juices, pastries, sandwiches and salads for sale. This facility is open between the hours of
               8am – 7pm, Monday through Friday (It closes at 5pm on Fridays.) when classes are in session, and
               on Saturdays from 9am – 3pm.

       600.9   HOKIN HALL
               The Hokin Hall is a 100-seat auditorium located on the 1st floor of the 623 S. Wabash Building. It
               is equipped with sophisticated sound and projection facilities and a small stage. It is used for large
               lecture classes or for classes that have specific sound or projection requirements. It may be
               reserved by College faculty for special events, meetings, seminars, lectures, film screenings, etc.,
               at any time classes are not meeting by calling the Office of the Assistant to the Office of the
               Executive VP, ext. 7211.

              The Blum Conference Room is located on the 5th floor of the Library. This wood-paneled room
              with its oversized conference room table, fireplace, and big picture windows overlooking one of
              Chicago’s beautifully landscaped parks can accommodate a group of twenty, with table seating for
              fourteen. The room can be reserved by Columbia faculty, staff and students. Food and beverages
              are allowed in the room, but it is requested that someone in your group be responsible for cleaning

       600.11 NEW STUDIO
               The New Studio is located in the basement of the 72 E. 11th Street building. The Theater
               Department produces four mainstage productions in this space each year, including two plays, the
               Theodore Ward Prize winning play, and a musical event. The faculty uses this space to do
               directing projects. Senior directing students stage their final projects in this space. It is used as a
               classroom for larger scale music presentations, senior vocal recitals, instrumental demonstrations,
               and lectures. This space has flexible seating for 40 to 70 people, and is fully equipped for lighting
               and sound capabilities. Inquiries regarding this space may be made to the Theater Department, ext.

              The community lounge is primarily available for students’ recreational use. The lounge is also
              used for many educational as well as social programs given throughout the year. Many of
              Columbia’s school organizations and social clubs use the lounge for campus events.

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           600.13 SCULPTURE GARDEN
                   The Sculpture Garden is located at the corner of Wabash and 11th Street. It has recently been
                   landscaped with trees, lawn, and seasonal flowers to provide a peaceful backdrop for sculpture
                   exhibits that change periodically, under the direction of the faculty in the Art and Design

           600.14 STUDENT LOUNGES
                  The Follett Lounge, also known as the Underground Café, located in the basement of the main
                  Campus, serves a variety of salads, sandwiches, hot meals (including breakfast), beverages and
                  snacks. A separate “quiet area” provides a place for reading or relaxing between classes. The
                  Follett Lounge is open 8am – 6:30pm during the Fall and Spring semesters, and as posted during
                  breaks and summer.

                      The 600 S. Michigan Avenue campus has drink and snack machines available at all hours on the
                      1st and 3rd floors, as well as in the basement lounge area. In the 623 S. Wabash Avenue building,
                      there are vending machines for drinks and snacks on the 1 st, 7th and 9th floors. The 9th floor also
                      has seating. The 11th Street campus and the Dance Center have their own student lounges with
                      vending machines and microwave ovens, which are available during regular building hours. At
                      the 624 S. Michigan Avenue campus there are drink and snack vending machines on the 8 th, 11th,
                      and 12th floors. The 7th floor has a vending lounge with snacks, drinks, food vending machines, a
                      microwave and seating.

           600.15 FACILITIES CHART

Location                       Name                        Function & Restrictions                   Cap   Contact
33 East Congress, 1st Fl       C Space                     Events                                     40   Conaway Center ex 8572
600 South Michigan, M 101      Ferguson Theater            Screening Room & Lecture Hall              170 Office of the Executive VP ex 7211
600 South Michigan, M 401      M 401                       Conference Room (no A/V installed)         30   Institutional Advancement ex 7287
600 South Michigan, 5th Fl     Boardroom                   Conference Room                            18   Office of the Executive VP ex 7211
624 South Michigan             Faculty Lounge              No Loud Parties, Music or Decorating       50   Office of the Executive VP ex 7211
624 South Michigan, 5th Fl     Library Conference          Conference Room                            15   Library ex7384
624 South Michigan, S 602      Collins Hall                Screening Room (no food)                   90   Office of the Executive VP ex 7211
1014 South Michigan            Concert Hall                Events (no food)                           162 Music Department ex 6149
1306 South Michigan            Dance Theater               Events (no food)                           275 Dance Department ex 8321
623 South Wabash, W 109        Hokin Hall                  Screening Room & Lecture Hall (no food)    100 Office of the Executive VP ex 7211
623 South Wabash, 1st Fl       Hokin Annex                 Large events                               150 Conaway Center ex 8572
623 South Wabash, 1st Fl       Hokin Gallery               Events                                     100 Conaway Center ex 8572
623 South Wabash, 203          Art History Lecture Hall    A/V Room (no food)                         50   Art Department ex 7877
1104 South Wabash              Conaway Center              Large Events                               175 Conaway Center ex 8132
1104 South Wabash              Conaway Conference          Events                                     20   Conaway Center ex 8132
731 South Plymouth Ct          Residence Center Lounge     Events                                     100 Residence Center ex 7803
72 East 11th Street            Getz Theater                Events (no food)                           350 Theater Department ex 6105
72 East 11th Street            Classic Studio              Presentations                              60   Theater Department ex 6105
72 East 11th Street            New Studio                  Productions                                70   Theater Department ex 6105
Wabash & 11th St.              Sculpture Garden            Special Programming                             Office of the Executive VP ex 7211

June 2003                                         600 Resources/Facilities                                           Page 5

    605.1      OCAP

               In 1997, the idea of an office that would bring together artists, educators, students, and community
               members to form meaningful, sustainable partnerships in the arts was a vision. A
               year later, that vision became the Office of Community Arts Partnerships (OCAP) at Columbia
               College Chicago. It had a staff of two, and occupied a pair of rooms tucked away at the
               end of a seventh-floor hallway. Today, OCAP serves as an international model of what can be
               achieved through collaboration between schools and communities, with programs touching
               the lives of thousands of young people and bringing the concepts of community-based learning,
               arts-integrated curricula, and reciprocal partnerships into the spotlight. It has outgrown its original
               space many times over, and now occupies a new suite of offices in Columbia College’s 33 E.
               Congress building, employing a staff of 35 full- and part-time arts professionals and working
               closely with hundreds of independent artists. Through it all, however, the vision of
                partnerships between College and its communities, built on a commitment to reciprocity and
               sustainability, remains the driving force behind all of OCAP’s program’s and initiatives.
               For more information call 312.344.8872


               The Chicago Center for Arts Policy is a "think tank" for arts and cultural issues affiliated with
               Columbia College Chicago. Through research, communication, and the cultivation of discourse,
               the Center considers the multiple ways the arts contribute to building a robust democracy and
               healthy communities, and it advances policies that support these contributions. The Center was
               founded in 1996, inspired by Walt Whitman's essay on the role of the arts and creativity in a
               democracy, "Democratic Vistas." It sponsors public forums for the Chicago community on
               cultural policy, and is completing an important research project on the "informal" arts in Chicago.
               Its Learning and the Arts project focuses on developing policy that supports the role the arts can
               play in improving education and developmental opportunities for children and youth. For more
               information call 312.344.7985

               The Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is available to meet with faculty to
               discuss ideas for projects for which outside funding may be desired. An overview of the process
               by which Columbia College Faculty and Staff can seek funding and other resources can be found
               on the OSP web pages. The director’s office is located in Room 527 in the 600 S. Michigan

       605.4   DANCE CENTER

               The Dance Center is home to Chicago's leading presenters of contemporary dance and the area's
               only academic program offering a B.A or B.F.A in dance. The Dance Center is located at 1306 S.
               Michigan Avenue in Chicago's South Loop. The Dance Center's staff and faculty include
               nationally-recognized artists and producers who serve as resources to audiences, students and the
               Chicago dance community.

               The Center for Asian Arts and Media welcomes and supports all people in their enjoyment and
               appreciation of Asian and Asian American culture. The Center strives to provide equal access to
               the arts and media fields through performances of live music, theater and dance, public
               discussions, lectures, conferences, visual arts exhibitions and non-academic instruction by and

June 2003                              600 Resources/Facilities                                      Page 6
               about Asians and Asian Americans. For more information call 312.344.7870 or send email to
               asianarts@colum.edu .

               The mission of the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago (ILCC) is to develop, promote,
               and increase awareness of Latino cultures among Latinos and other communities through film and
               video events, education, and other art forms. In 1987, Chicago Latino Cinema was founded as a
               nonprofit organization committed to promoting Latino culture and fostering understanding
               between Latinos and other Americans. This was achieved primarily through the Chicago Latino
               Film organization’s multi-arts mission. Most recognized for the production of the Chicago Latino
               Film Festival, ILCC has screened more than 900 films and videos, including many award winners
               that would have otherwise never been shown in Chicago; sponsored workshops and discussions
               with more than 500 visiting filmmakers; and hosted more than 100 foreign journalists. The
               International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago produces various cultural events, including
               comedy, dance, music, poetry, theater, and visual arts exhibitions. For more information call

               The center provides leadership in exploring and promoting new technologies that will enhance
               teaching and learning at Columbia College Chicago. The Center supports faculty and staff in the
               creative implementation of technology across the curriculum. For more information call

               The Community Media Workshop believes that public discussion is fundamental to the health of a
               democratic government and society, as well as the revitalization of our communities, and that it is
               essential that voices from all of Chicago’s diverse communities participate fairly and vigorously in
               the public debate. The Community Media Workshop strengthens these voices and promotes a
               broader, more inclusive public dialogue. Since 1989, the Community Media Workshop (CWM)
               has helped more than 750 nonprofit groups develop communication and media strategies that
               improve their access to the media and the public and raise awareness about issues they work on.
               CWM provides a range of opportunities, including professional media training, free consultation
               and phone coaching, specialized training and media services, bi-monthly meet-the-press public
               forums, and Making Media Connections, Chicago’s only annual conference in media relations for
               area nonprofits. They also publish Getting on the Air and into Print: A Citizen’s Guide to
               Chicago-Area Media, the city’s most comprehensive media directory, now sold annually to more
               than 1,400 local citizens and agencies. For more information call 312.344.6402

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       610.1   ALUMNI RELATIONS

               The Alumni Office is designed to foster a life-long relationship between Columbia alumni and the
               College. In alliance with the Columbia College Alumni Association, the mission of this office is
               to promote the professional, artistic, and social interests of alumni, while also supporting the
               educational goals of the College. The Alumni Relations Office also offers alumni access to
               Columbia’s educational, cultural, and career services. All faculty are invited to attend alumni
               activities and to take advantage of the special resources available through this office.


               The Columbia College Bookstore is located on the main floor of the 624 S. Michigan Campus.
               The Bookstore is operated by Follett College Stores, a company managing over 400 college
               bookstores nationwide.

               The Bookstore carries all textbooks ordered for the classes at Columbia. To order textbooks, you
               need only return the TEXTBOOK ADOPTION FORM, which is sent to you, or which is available
               in the Bookstore if you do not receive one. A prompt return of the form assures that your text will
               be available in the Bookstore for sale to your students when the term begins.

               The Bookstore caries a full line of school and art supplies as well as clothing and gift items.
               Bookstore hours are posted and vary during the semester.

               Due dates for book requisitions:

               Summer Term:      April 15
               Fall Term:        May 15
               Winter Term:      November 15

               Faculty are advised to order at least one library reserve copy of all the books that they use for their
               courses, so that students will always have access to course texts.

               It is your responsibility to write for faculty desk copies, instructor’s manuals, and other
               complimentary materials supplied by the publishers. Publishers will not send these items to the
               Bookstore. There are for faculty use only. Publishers’ addresses and the proper DESK COPY
               REQUEST FORM will be furnished to you by the Bookstore. The Bookstore will buy back
               second-hand books (as long as they are still in print), even if those books will no longer be used by
               instructors and have wholesale value.

               Faculty receive a 10% discount on everything sold at the Bookstore except for sale items. Please
               present your faculty ID card when making purchases.

               For further information, call the Bookstore at ext. 7406.


               The Center for Black Music Research documents and preserves information and materials related
               to the black music experience throughout the world. Its purpose is to discover, disseminate,
               preserve, and promote black music in all its forms – from jazz, blues, gospel, and ragtime to opera
               and concert works. The Center promotes and advances scholarly knowledge and thought about
               black music and the black musical experience and about their relationship to higher education and
               to society at large. The products of the Center are disseminated to the scholarly community and to
               the general public through its National and International Conferences on Black Music Research;

June 2003                              600 Resources/Facilities                                       Page 8
               publications, including two scholarly journals, Black Music Research Journal and Lenox Avenue,
               the Journal of Interartistic Inquiry, CBMR Digest Newsletter, and special project newsletters,
               including Kalinda! And Stop-time!; and performances by the Black Music Repertory Ensemble,
               Ensemble Kalinda Chicago, and Ensemble Stop-Time. Central to the Center is CBMR Library
               and Archives, which provides one of the world’s most comprehensive research collections
               covering all idioms in black music. In addition, the Center launches special research initiatives,
               including the Integrative Studies Program, Project Kalinda, and Project Stop-time, and is the host
               to two successive Rockefeller Foundation Resident Fellows.

       610.4   COLLEGE RELATIONS

               The primary function of the College Relations Department is to communicate information about
               Columbia to the general public through the print and electronic media, both trade and consumer.
               The Department’s goal is to interpret the College to the public and to inform various
               constituencies about what makes Columbia newsworthy. Potential students, donors, and
               employers, along with current students and alumni, are just a few of the groups that are the focus
               of departmental activity. The College Relations Department offers this special publicity service to
               the entire Columbia community: faculty, students, administrators, alumni, and trustees. In order to
               be effective, however, the Department depends upon everyone in the College to share information
               about events, activities, performances, exhibitions, screenings, lectures, and, of course, the
               interesting individuals who make up our student body and faculty. Since media deadlines are
               often imposed upon such services, the department needs all information intended for publicity as
               soon as it becomes available, often far in advance of the event. Also, it is important that all
               information meant for the media be channeled through the College Relations Department so that
               Columbia develops a cohesive public image.


               The Columbia College Chicago Art Gallery is located on the 1 st floor of the 11th Street campus,
               adjacent to the lobby of the Getz Theater. The Gallery features the work of noted artists in
               painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, and other media throughout the school
               year. Announcement cards for current exhibitions are placed in faculty mailboxes.


               The Library is located on the first five floors of the 624 South Michigan Building. During the
               school year when classes are in session, the Library is open 8am – 9:30pm Monday through
               Thursday, 8am – 6pm Friday, 9am – 5pm Saturday, closed Sunday. Interim, holiday, and summer
               session hours are posted in the Library.

               The Library contains print, audiovisual, and electronic resources for use by the Columbia College
               Chicago community. These materials are selected to support the educational programs of the
               College and include: books, periodicals, microforms, films, videotapes, laserdiscs, sound
               recordings, scripts, slides, CD-ROMs and computer databases. ILLINET Online, the statewide,
               online public access catalog and resource-sharing network, provides bibliographic access to the
               Columbia collection and to the collections of 45 academic libraries in Illinois.

               Through several cooperative agreements and interlibrary loan services, the Library can provide
               materials not only from its own collection, but from other libraries and information centers as
               well. Reciprocal borrowing agreements with over 50 academic libraries in Illinois will allow
               Columbia College Chicago faculty, staff, and students to borrow materials remotely or onsite with
               a current Columbia College Chicago Identification card. WorldCat and OCLC’s interlibrary loan
               component allows the Library to locate and borrow materials form libraries throughout the United
               States and from several foreign countries

June 2003                             600 Resources/Facilities                                    Page 9
               The Library provides a number of special services for instructional support. Upon faculty request,
               the Library will: order materials for the collection; set aside circulating material from its collection
               or materials provided by instructors for class reserves; provide Library instruction sessions for
               classes; assist in the compilation or location of bibliographies and reading lists; produce slides for
               course instruction; reserve films and videos for showing in classes.

               Librarians assist faculty, identify and select resources, and provide research assistance. Librarians
               provide orientation tours of the Library and workshops on Library resources for faculty. Some
               departments have designated members of the faculty or staff to coordinate for the department such
               services as reserves, audiovisual reservations, library instruction, or collection development.

               For more about the Library, please visit the Library’s web page at this address:
               http://www.lib.colum.edu/library. Members of the Library staff are available to discuss your
               individual instructional or research needs. For information call 312/344-7306 or the Library
               Director’s Office at 312/344-7125.


               The Development Office is responsible for all fund-raising activities of the College, including the
               approval, monitoring, and supervision of fund-raising activities undertaken by other individuals
               and groups. The solicitation and acknowledgment of all grants/gifts (cash and non-cash) from
               individuals, associations, foundations, corporations, government agencies (city, state, federal,
               foreign), and from all other sources must be processed through the Development Office. To avoid
               situations detrimental to the College’s welfare, potential funding sources must be cleared with this
               office prior to solicitation. Services provided by the Development Office include: consultation on
               projects or project ideas that have funding components; feasibility analysis and determination;
               identification of funding sources; technical assistance with proposal/letter preparations; and
               submission and technical assistance with events and meetings.

       610.8   HUMAN RESOURCES

               Among the many resources allowing Columbia College Chicago to fulfill its stated mission, the
               contributions of faculty and staff are primary. Through the development of policies and benefits,
               equitably applied, Human Resources will facilitate professional growth and well-being while
               supporting an atmosphere encouraging every employee’s contribution to the excellence of the
               College. The services of the Human Resources Department are available to all faculty and staff.

               It is the Purpose of the Human Resources Department to:

                  Ensure all employees are treated equitably and that there is no discrimination against any
                   employee or applicant for employment because of age, race, color, creed, sex, religion,
                   handicap, disability, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin.
                  Assist the Administration of Columbia College in recruiting, attracting, and retaining
                   qualified employees.
                  Provide employees with understanding and assistance in exercising their privileges and
                   obligations under the Columbia College benefit programs.
                  Develop and administer policies and employee benefits that will enhance the effectiveness of
                   the employees and contribute to the administrative efficiency of the College.
                  Communicate to all employees, in a timely manner, the issues, events, and policies that
                   impact their relationship to Columbia College.
                  Ensure compliance with federal, state and local employment laws and regulations.

June 2003                               600 Resources/Facilities                                     Page 10

               Institutional Research is an information service for the administration, faculty, and staff of the
               College. The department compiles and distributes information both about the College and about
               the external environment in which it operates. It routinely compiles statistics on student
               enrollment, demographics, and academic performance along with various other data about the
               College. It also conducts regular student opinion surveys and analyses of select academic
               programs and student services. Other research projects are undertaken to meet specific needs
               identifies by the College.

               Institutional Research’s services are available to any member of the College community.
               Enrollment and demographic data are distributed college-wide in the Fall and Spring semester.
               Other statistical information is available by request, depending upon availability. Services such as
               background research, statistical analyses, or surveying are provided as time allows. The
               departmental staff is also available to assist faculty and staff with College-related research and
               maintains a small collection of higher education and census reference materials. To make a
               request, or for more information, please call the Director of Institutional Research at ext. 7768.


               The Museum of Contemporary Photography of Columbia College Chicago is located on the 1 st
               floor and mezzanine level of the 624 S. Michgan Campus building. As a college art museum, it
               supports our educational mission. It is primarily a visual resource and study center for the
               students of the College and the community. Each year a wide range of exhibitions are presented in
               recognition of photography’s many roles. In addition, special exhibitions are prepared to combine
               photographic essays with other forms of art. A large permanent collection of contemporary
               American photography is available for research and class presentations given by museum
               personnel. The Chicago Photographers Project, which is available for private viewing, is a
               collection of loaned work by a large number of area photographers. Announcement cards for
               current exhibitions are placed in faculty mailboxes. The Museum hours are posted by the


               The Teaching and Learning Center is adjacent to the Faculty Lounge on the 11th floor of the 624 S.
               Michigan Campus. It is equipped with study space, the Office of the Director, and appropriate
               resources for faculty.

June 2003                              600 Resources/Facilities                                   Page 11

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