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									The NoZe
                                                                            the rope

                                                                           vol. 81/no.4
Keko Muckity Muck! Keko Muckity Muck! Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin! Satchel on, Bro. LongNoZe,
Satch! HRGS! BSSS! BMMC! BUHCC! Oh my brothers the time has arrived! In Elm Mott the funny
is never in short supply, so we Los Hermanos del NoZe suppose it’s time to bring you another dose of
the long-awaited, hotly debated, expertly conjugated hilarity that gets us sued. You’ve waited with
breath bated for our humble semi-soberly publication of self-gratification in hopes that maybe, just
maybe, there’ll be another chance to UNRUSH the beloved and hated, but generally appreciated, bas-
tions of student liberté, égalité and les jokes about les fraternités. Besides, with a new(?) president in
town and haplessly hopeless hijinks behind every Neo-Gothic, yet Georgian building on campus, our
prose producing polypeptides are percolating with our peculiarly playful way of saying we love to give
Baylor our Two Cents, even if it means we had to spend thousands upon thousands of other cents just to
make tuition. We wouldn’t have it any other way, though, dear reader, because irony is bliss, and every
NoZe has it’s thorn. Just like every gay cowboy sings a sad sad song that’ll let him sweep the Academy
Awards, we’ll keep doing our best to sweep this place clean of complacency. God, I wish I knew how to
quit you, Brother Samir! Can I get a Satch? Satchel? Satchellllliiiiiiiisssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-e-i-e-i-mo!

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Cunning Linguist                                                                      lorde mayor
Bro. TheNoZeous Monk (1)
                                                   Bro. Bush’s Krispy TacNoZe (7)

shekel keeper                                                                                         e-brO
      Bro. NoZe Sequitor (6)                                   Bro. NoZe, Table for Six (5)

                                                                         The Venerable Exiles
                                                                             Bro. Al PaciNoZe
The Brothers                                                                 Bro. Huey P. NoZeton
Bro. KuntNoZe Kinte (10)   Bro. NoZe Def                                     Bro. Ultra MagNoZe
Bro. Fatz DomiNoZe (9)     Bro. Keyser NoZé                                  Bro. Samir NoZeenanajar
Bro. NoZe b4 Hoes (2)      Bro. CaNoZebus                                    Bro. NoZeB-GYN (11)
Bro. 867-530NoZe           Bro. NoZe Better*                                 Bro. NoZeanderthal
                                                                             Bro. DyNoZemite
                                                                             Bro. NoZetta Stone
The Hangin on                                                                Bro. Rocky MarchiaNoZe
Bro. Charles K. PoNoZi
Bro. Mu-mu-mu-my SharoNoZe
Bro. Obi Wan KeNoZebi
                                            The Bored of Graft
Bro. XeNoZe, Warrior Princess                  Bro. AbstiNoZe (8)                            Bro. NoZe v. Wade (3)
Bro. NoZé Cuervo                               Bro. Don’t Cry for Me                         Bro. RomaNoZe Clef
Bro. NoZetre Dame Walk-On                        ArgentiNoZe                                 Bro. SuperlongnameNoZe

                                  Trembling Neophytes, Sore Afraid: Bro. Marlon BrandNoZe (4), Bro. Casper the Friendly NoZe, Bro. NoZepotism

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message from the
      Oh, dear friends! Woe is me, that the harbinger of the most illustrious and industrious, periculous and ridiculous Funny has cho-
sen me to take on the helm as his sacred vessel. Elmo, with the fire of a thousand suns, has descended upon me and distended my mind,
provoking the Funny for me to pronounce (and the administration to denounce.)

        As I sit here typing this letter on the glorious coast of the NoZe Island overlooking the deep blue waters, I can only hope the mes-
sage is not lost on you; for lo, the Rope is inspired by the very force that holds us all together. In addition, it also serves as a loose anthology
of drunken ramblings from yours truly and the rest of the Noble NoZe Brotherhood (Satch!)

       Now don’t get me wrong, the Rope is an excellent means of thermal protection on the off-chance that one is passed out on a park
bench, but do yourself a favor and at least peruse the rag once over before my hope in humanity is lost forever.


Actually, scratch that. I heard it also works as a killer floor mat.
                                                                                        TheNoZeous Monk

      Beseech the Lorde Mayor
      (or: important answers to unimportant questions)
Dear Lorde Mayor,                                  Dear Lorde Mayor,
        Hey brah, whatsup!? That end of se-                I thought you guys were supposed to
mester party was off the hook! Thank God           be secret organization, so how come you have
I’m a NoZe Brother, because it’s the only way      a Facebook group with every brother’s name
I can get girls to talk to me! This group is the   listed?
                                                          ~Lookin’ for a felon
        ~Bro. CasaNoZeva
                                                   Dear Baylor DPS,
Dear Sammy De Valdenebro,                                   If you ever need to reach any of us af-
        It’s okay, we won’t out you.               ter something’s gone awry, our numbers are
                                                   listed there. It’s us, I swear.

Dear Lorde Mayor,
       Hey, that last one wasn’t even a ques-      Dear Lorde Mayor,
tion! What is going on here!? Am I the only              Did you hear about the pastor in Okla-         Lorde Mayor Bush’s Krispy
one that cares about these kind of things?!        homa who was arrested recently?
This group is going down the tube!                                                                    TacNoZe tries out Occam’s Razor
                                                          ~DL on SBC
        ~Keepin’ the Records Strait
                                                   Dear Larry Brumley,
Dear Fatz DomiNoZe,                                       Thank God we’re not affiliated with
        I agree.                                   the Southern Baptist Convention. Oh wait.

      THE ROPE                                                                                                                 PAGE 5
University Forms
   Diversity Committee
    Committee Sketches Colored Portrait of Baylor
        Following an unexpected sowing of          sue, but at a recent roundtable discussion host- sion. As a non-voting member of course,” said
the stately seed, Baylor’s Student Government      ed by the Noble NoZe Brotherhood (Satch!), a jubilant Reimers. “I’m really exited to see
has made a brave decision after 5 years and 29     most exhibited outrage at the lack of intellec- this thing get off the ground.
weeks of serious deliberation to birth a new       tual, racial, cultural, pop-cultural, religious          By no means is the issue resolved. In
totally-planned-for committee to set out on a      and soda-option diversity.                       fact, the newly created committee has accom-
fact-finding mission to decide whether form-                “The amount of diversity on this cam- plished almost nothing in the 28 meetings it
ing a caucus to look into the need for a com-      pus is shameful,”                                                          has had. However,
mittee on diversity would be mildly useless or     touted local liberal                                                       that may all change
completely pointless.                              activist and presi-                                                        when the committee
        Mad with power, President Mark             dent of Baylor                                                             is forced to move
“Shoot from the hip” Laymon sent a memo            Democrats, Phil                                                            its meeting space
out to the entire campus announcing that he        Tran. “What we                                                             out of the volleyball
had “snagged it, grabbed it, and bagged it,”       need is one thing:                                                         courts at the SLC
(“it” being the creation of a crack team of ad-    a campus of only                                                           and into the unused
ministrators and campus leaders to investigate     minorities. With                                                           religion department
the growing lack of diversity.)                    that one thing,                                                            faculty lounge.
        “Don’t quote me on this, but it’s pretty   and only that one                                                               For now, all of
dull around here without any major difference      thing, we’d prob-                                                          campus is white
in opinions and personalities,” claimed Lay-       ably be the most                                                           knuckled as it sits
mon in a recent interview. “And can you have       diverse campus in                                                          on the monotonous
a ‘growing lack’ of anything? That seems like      the country.”             After heated debate, the group votes             edge of its homoge-
really bad grammar.”                                        After dis-                                                        nous seat waiting for
                                                                                        to break for lunch
        Unfazed by the news, most of campus        proving that option                                                        the hopefully color-
will be blissfully unaware of the project even     mathematically,                                                            ful conclusions of
up through its completion.                         the Baylor Propaganda Department, headed the single-minded committee. Oddly enough,
        At its first meeting, committee mem-       by Reagan Ramsower, released Baylor’s true the most succinct response to the problem was
bers Laymon, Dub Oliver, Brent Froberg, Stan       diversity statistics, which were promptly with- a very inebriated Bro. NoZe v. Wade who, just
Madden and the rest of the board voted to call     held from publication by Larry Brumely.          before passing out after last Friday’s 10-40
their meeting a success and go outside for re-              Student outrage has reached the ears challenge, calmly queried, “Can’t we all just
cess.                                              of the regents who, having no one else to side get along?”
        However, the Board of Regents has          with, have been forced to look into the issue.
made public its opposition to the creation of      Dr. John Reimers, chairperson of the Student

the committee claiming that it is no way rep-      Life committee has been tapped to lead the
resentative of the university as a whole. When
asked to expand on that thought, Chairman
                                                   newly formed regents committee to investi-
                                                   gate the lack of diversity in the committee to
                                                                                                      Holy Law
Will Davis matter-of-factly stated that there      investigate diversity.
“simply weren’t enough old white guys add-                  “Although the committee is in its ear-    Let’s hope we don’t have
ing their [two cents] to [the] discussion.”
        Until now, students on campus haven’t
                                                   liest stages, I imagine it’ll be me and several
                                                   other Caucasian males. Of course, we might         to go through that again.
been able to have their voice heard on the is-     go crazy and let a woman join in the discus-

 PAGE 6                                                                                                                 THE ROPE
Interview with...
                             Pat Robertson
         He’s a supporter of fundamentalist Christian policy, public face of the 700 Club and the only man making sense in America today. Pat
 Robertson sits down with us, the Noble NoZe brotherhood (Satch!) in his first interview since this morning’s 700 Club. We ask him the hard
 hitting questions, and make him finally get off the fence on issues such as intelligent design, natural disasters and peach cobbler.

Pat Robertson: Hey boys, welcome to the 700        assassinated” with “don’t know who he is?”      also made claims that God sent Hurricane Ka-
Club. How are you today?                                                                           trina to punish the sinful masses of New Or-
                                                   PR: That’s right.                               leans.
Noble NoZe Brotherhood (Satch!): We’re do-
ing good, thanks for having us.                    NNB(S!): Well, which is it?                     PR: Yep. God often uses natural disasters to
                                                                                                   punish the wicked.
PR: Let’s get started. First of all, how does it   PR: The former. No wait! The latter. I always
feel to be such a radical voice?                   get those confused.                             NNB(S!): We’re glad you brought that up. Do
                                                                                                   you believe that God is punishing the Bible
NNB(S!): Well Pat, we imagine it’s a lot like…     NNB(S!): ...Moving right along… You’re the      Belt with wild fires?
wait a minute! I believe you have it backwards.    face of the 700 Club. Where do you see it
This isn’t the 700 Club, and we’re conducting      heading in the face of a more liberal leaning   PR: Now hold on there, NoZe Brotherhood,
this interview.                                    America?                                        that’s crazy talk. The people of the Bible Belt
                                                                                                   are true believers. My god would never punish
PR: Oh, are you?                                   PR: For starters, we want to up membership.     the righteous.
                                                   Our new initiative is called 800 by ’08.
NNB(S!): Stop it, Pat.                                                                             NNB(S!): So how do you account for the natu-
                                                   NNB(S!): Sounds exciting.                       ral disasters?
PR: You aren’t gunna print this right? You
know what, let’s just start over.          PR: It was a joke. Someone doesn’t have a               PR: well, as God’s conduit of truth here on
                                           sense of humor.                                         Earth, I can assure you it must be a good ol fash-
NNB(S!): Good idea. Welcome to the NoZe                                                            ioned “pat on the back” from the almighty.
Mansion.                                   NNB(S!): So does that mean you were joking
                                           when you said that Dover, PA voted God out           NNB(S!): So hurricanes in the gulf are “pun-
PR: Thanks for having me.                  of its town?                                         ishment for the wicked,” but wild fires are
                                                                                                a “pat on the back?” Doesn’t that mean we
NNB(S!): Now Pat, how does it feel to be such PR: That’s no joke son, that’s a cold, hard, would have to completely rethink the message
a radical voice?                                proven fact. Speaking of, give Dempski my of Sodom and Gomorra?
PR: Well I think you have it all backward,                                                      PR: I don’t follow you.
NoZe Brotherhood… is it “Stitch?”               NNB(S!): No. Recently you have stated that
                                                God punished Ariel Sharon with a stroke for NNB(S!): Well then, what about “love thy
NNB(S!): That’s “Satch,” actually.              dividing the Holy Land. How can you be so neighbor?”
PR: Right right, Satch… back to what I was                                                      PR: I don’t think I remember that part of the
saying. I’m the voice of the mainstream in this PR: Well, it’s in the Bible.                    Bible.
                                                NNB(S!): Oh, is it? Where?                      NNB(S!): It’s in Mark 23--
NNB(S!): So you’re claiming that most Ameri-
cans want to have Hugo Chavez assassinated? PR: Well I don’t want to get into a scripture PR: Well boys, I think that’ll do it for today.
                                                citing contest with you (cause I would win) but Thanks for coming to the 700 Club, come back
PR: That’s right.                               you’ll just have to take my word for it.        soon. Robertson, out.

NNB(S!): Aren’t you confusing “want to have        NNB(S!): Speaking of God’s punishment, you

   THE ROPE                                                                                                                   PAGE 7
Student Body President Vetoes Chores
         Mark Laymon is at it again. After last    said. “There’re only two of us. A two-thirds
semesters AIDS Awareness allocation debacle,       vote is mathematically impossible. He tries to
Laymon has gone veto crazy.                        justify it by saying he’s just trying to get his
         In a shocking twist of events, Laymon     money’s worth out of that veto stamp, but I
has begun prohibiting documents outside the        think it’s more than that. Last month he tried to
typically accepted sphere of Student Body          veto his cut of the rent. I just can’t be expected
Presidental power. Yesterday afternoon Stu-        to pay the entire rent and maintain my long-
dent Government Chief of Staff and Laymon’s        board by myself.”
roommate Luke Baker submitted this month’s                 After seeing how quickly the situation
list of chores, which Laymon promptly barred.      had gotten out of hand, Dub Oliver stepped in
         When asked to comment, Laymon re-         to cool things down. Unfortunately for all of
plied: “I just wasn’t comfortable allocating my    us, Laymon was just too quick for him. As Oli-
oh-so precious time to both taking out the trash   ver reached for the stamp, Laymon vetoed his
and feeding the fish. I mean, I’m Mark Laymon,     hand, rendering it useless. After fully surren-
for cryin’ out loud! I’m a busy guy.”              dering Dub’s power, Laymon proceeded to veto
         Although precedent is fuzzy on the mat-   the sweet new Blackberry which Oliver had re-
ter of the chores list, Laymon pointed out to      cently been given, just for good measure.
Baker that a veto can be overturned by a two-              Fortunately for the author of this piece,
thirds vote from the apartment electorate.         Laymon vetoed this article before a real ending
         “That’s just plain ridiculous,” Baker     to the piece was needed.

Point: Man, College is Tough!
By: Theodore Snartletoober, Baylor Freshman
    I don’t think you get it mom and dad, college is H-A-R-D. All I can say is “Wow!” We have to go to class for 15 hours a week. 15
HOURS! I mean, I only get seven hours a day to “entertain” ladies in my room each day, and they’re telling me I have to spend three of them in
                                                             class. It’s unbelievable.

                                                                     And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the teachers here make you read outside
                                                                 of class. How do they expect me to play Ultimate Frisbee at Minglewood Bowl
                                                                 or watch two hours of “Best Week Ever: Month in Review” if I have to read up-
                                                                 wards of seven pages from my Ideas of Mathematics book every three days? Why
                                                                 can’t they just teach it to me in class?

                                                                      Oh, and get this. There is an attendance policy. We have to be in class 75%
                                                                 of the time. They’re already getting my money either way, what’s it matter if I’m
                                                                 there or not?

                                                                      I know that college is my future and all, but I just feel like we’re paying
                                                                 Baylor to tell me what to do all the time. It’s my money, so why should Baylor be
                                                                 telling me what to do ?

 PAGE 8                                                                                                                THE ROPE
   Iconoclast Takes 4th at U.I.L.
     Mom Still Proud, Dad Holding out Hopes for Sports Trophy
         Obligatory cheering erupt-    dent talking to himself.           Maynard Euripides’s mother took                Unfortunately, the group
ed in the Dawson Elementary                              The group barely several photos with plans on mak-     is already planning its next pub-
school cafetorium last weekend         lost to “My                                           ing duplicates,    lication to be dropped on campus
when Theophilus Athenaeum gar-         Blue Shoe”, a                                         at least one       some time inevitably too soon.
nered almost-top honors at the UIL     poem by local                                         father was up-              “We think highly enough of
regional writing competition. This     fourth grader                                         set at the out-    ourselves to publish our thoughts
is the first off-campus contest that   Emily Peter-                                          come.              for all the campus to read and
the group has dared to enter, and      son       whose                                           “I    mean,    ridicule,” said head writer, L.F.
although expectations were low,        work, accord-                                         I love ‘em         Kierkegaard. “We may not be ad-
the group proved everyone wrong        ing to one                                            still, and all,”   vancing on to UIL State, but I feel
when they came just one number         judge, “hit a                                         claimed Craig      like we advanced the Truth just
away from getting a medal.             little bit closer                                     Turndelstuck-      that much further.”
         “The participation certifi-   to home” than                                         ey, father of               In an unrelated story, sci-
cate is going to hang just below       the       Baylor                                      Leonardo           entists at Johns Hopkins claimed
our copy of Rembrandt’s Sacrifice      group’s offer-          Don’t cry, we can’t           Aristophanes.      that mankind did seem to be mea-
of Isaac done in macaroni in Lady      ing.                       all be winners.            “But that’s my     surably closer to finding ultimate
Marmalade’s abode,” said Lord                    While                                       golfin’ bud-       reality.
Humphrey’s Executor, member            most of the group’s mothers dies’ money their wastin’ on that
and hopeful graduate school stu-       clapped in earnest and Thomas damn publication.”

             Counter-Point: “YOUR Money?”
By: Ma and Pa Snartletoober, Baylor Parents
        I hope this is a joke. You’re not paying for anything. Do you realize how nice you have it right now? You don’t have to pay for your
own food, pay your own bills, or work a job, and all you’re expected to do is go to class. We’re glad to hear that you enjoy those sorority
crushes, because we’re still paying the credit card companies to keep you styling head to toe in Hollister. You think eating at McAllister’s
every week is expensive, try paying over 10 grand a semester for your ungrateful
kid’s 1.2 GPA and third failed attempt at attending chapel the minimum 21 times
a semester.

        And what’s all this about your schedule being so hard? Do you even re-
member high school? Just two years ago, you had to wake up at seven a.m., go
for 40 hours a week and you weren’t allowed any absences! At least then it was
free, with the exception of your parking permit and thirteen tickets. Jeez son,
how hard is it to walk an extra 100 feet? “Maintenance only” means “not for
you.” I better not see any DPS fees showing up on our monthly bills.

        We’re not paying Baylor money to let you goof off, we’re investing in
you so that you can stop mooching off of us some day and support yourself. You
better clean up your act, mister, and you better do it quick. Cause right now you
are cruising for a bruising, and your dad has a lead foot.

   THE ROPE                                                                                                                   PAGE 9
The Rope Presents...
Secrets Revealed: The Lariat Code
         In a recent meeting of        zaslkj.” From this, simply add a       here at the Noble NoZe Brother-         crease of student dead days, those
the Noble NoZe Brotherhood             few vowels, remove some con-           hood (Satch!) are fully convinced       crafty devils over in the journal-
(Satch!), we noticed that a very       sonants, and drop the remainder.       that the future can be foretold by      ism department have hidden the
peculiar trend kept popping up in      The result? “The third king in as      our friendly neighborhood stu-          mother of all secrets. If you tape
the Baylor Lariat. Upon further        many years will take his thrown,       dent paper. However, should you         the aforementioned Lariat to
investigation, it was concluded        and spread his dust over the whole     not feel it necessary to head their     the wall, chuck darts at it blind-
that a secret code has been em-        of his kingdom.” HELLO!? John          warnings, you may be in for a           folded, and scramble the results,
bedded into the Lariat, often con-     Lilley?! Third President in the last   rude awakening sometime later           the prediction is revealed: “It will
taining predictions for the future.    year! He’s old, hence the dust! It     this semester.                          snow on Diadeloso!” The Code
The group has been hard at work        seems as if they were predicting               As was reported in a re-        never lies.
these past few weeks and are fi-       his arrival almost seven months        cent issue of the Lariat, the regents           We here at the NoZe are
nally able to present the prelimi-     before it was announced. Yeah,         have decided that “[they] won’t         convinced that “The Code” is
nary findings to the naïve Rope        we know… mind-boggling.                be raising tuition this semester.”      God’s means of communicating
readers with open minds.                       Still not convinced? Then      Seems like quite the benign state-      with Infidels, and that the writers
         We know what you are          take a gander at a finished cross-     ment to the untrained eye. If you       of the Lariat have been blessed
thinking; it all sounds a little too   word puzzle from the first Lariat      apply our very own NoZe Brother         with these messages all these
crazy. But if you just look for        of the Fall ’05 semester. If you pe-   Future Predicting Formula (copy-        years. With this in mind we here at
yourself, you will realize it’s all    ruse carefully, the words “refresh-    right pending (that means you,          the Brotherhood have to offer the
there. Read the lead article of the    ment,” “rubbish,” and “same sex        Bob Darden!)) to the passage, this      following apology to the staff of
March 17, 2005 Baylor Lariat           lovin’” can all be found. Could        chilling fact is revealed: “[they]      the Baylor Lariat. We informally
and simply take every thirteenth       this be a forewarning of the Star-     WILL be raising tuition this se-        apologize for the endless taunting
letter for the first 216 letters and   buck’s-Maupin cup scandal? We          mester.” Who would of thought?          and mistreatment, it turns out that
every ninth letter from there on       think so.                              We couldn’t believe it either.          you actually have been reporting
out (with the exception of the last            From these and countless               Convinced? It doesn’t stop      the news all along. Touche Josh
41 letters.) You get the follow-       other examples (which we prob-         there, gentle reader. In a recent       Horton, Touche.
ing phrase: “qwdwp mxc oichjlk         ably won’t ever tell you about) we     Lariat article concerning the de-

                 Mr. PuZzle Sez:
       Arrange the completly random letters
                                                                              B   F E C D E T G D E V K N
           and form a secret message!                                         N   I W M F M P M J G N U Y
                                                                              N   U H J M L O I J F T V P
                                                                              P   M L Y L Z E N I L P J U
                                                                              A   R V Y Q U N P L O M N O
                                                                              A   E F T H U J X E F T Y V

 PAGE 10                                                                                                                      THE ROPE
And now, a note from
        the Keeper of Shekels...
Dear Gentle Readers,

        After my internship this past semester with my new friend Kenneth Lay, I have decided that when it comes
to being financially responsible, honesty is the best policy. As a result, I have decided to make public the expense
account of The Noble NoZe Brotherhood (Satch!) I’m sure that those of you following the straight and narrow are
familiar with the concept of accountability partners, and we here at the Rope are counting on you guys to keep us
honest. If anything suspicious is found, please notify no one and call your grandma, she will be your friend.

Bro. NoZe Sequitur                                                                                                            NoZe Sequitor,
Shekel Keeper                                                                                                                sporting the latest
                                                                                                                            in longhorn trends.
For the Month of January 2006
3 gallons of expired milk                     $13.50                 Time-Life Ultimate Bluegrass CD                   3 easy payments of $19.99
Donkey rental for Bethany McCraw              $200.00                Grievances                                        $3,000
One (1) bowling pin                           $29.46                 1 live Buffalo                                    $25,000
Costumes for date with McCraw                 $37.50                 A morning hunt with Ted Nugent                    Priceless
Evidence that Chamber sucks (video)           Free                   Yeah, we went there                               Our Comedic Integrity
Proof that we were here first                 $18.24                 Moon rock                                         $486,000,000 (totally worth it)
One (1) Rumplestump                           $13.50                 Insurance for date with McCraw                    $88.65
Treadmill                                     $99.99                 Orthodontic work for Burleson Statue              $3,300
18 lbs. of cottage cheese                     $48.19                 Blow Up KISS Doll                                 $32.50
Pink fire                                     $.000000001            33 gallons of pink paint                          $45.00
Breakfast with the Stars                      $18.75                 Carl Jung Portrait…in color                       $57.50
Bail for Bro. TheNoZeous Monk                 Too much               Intelligent Design by Dembski                     $66.50
Bobby Sloan’s Playboy subscription            $24.00                 Infinite Bandwidth Amplifier                      $116.15
Bro. NoZe Sequitur’s pink thong               $11.00                 1 Gal. Purple Drink                               $.99
126 new toilet seats                          Check’s in the mail    Tithe                                             This one goes to 11…percent

                                                                             and Grill
                                                          Owen’s Bar 12 am everyday
                                                            Open from 8 am -
                                                                    Performance by the Sprattattack Babnd Every Tuesday

                                                          “Big O’s are only two dollars, but if you want
                                                          THIS size, it’ll cost you an extra fifty cents.”

                                                       29th and Speight                                                        Ph: 254.759.1986

  THE ROPE                                                                                                                    PAGE 11
      Lilley Moves Office to Meadowlands Terrace
         “Medication management, help with has any relation to the fact that he’s spoon fed       play cards five hours a day,” he complained.
showers, and all the prune juice I can drink tapioca pudding twice a day and has discontin-       Lilley spouted out, “That Canasta trophy is as
--there’s your answer right there,” explained ued all real work remains to be seen,” said his     good as mine.”
President Lilley, when asked                                   secretary.
why he suddenly moved the                                                                                 Lilley enjoys the Thursday early bird
President’s office from Pat                                           The move to Meadow-         specials when they serve King Ranch casse-
Neff to the Meadowlands Ter-                                   lands came as a surprise to        role and asparagus tips. “That tasty diabetic
race Assisted Living Home.                                     Regent Jay Allison. “I knew        pineapple cobbler always hits the spot,” Lilley
Lilley has immersed himself                                    he wasn’t exactly a spring         squealed with great delight.
so deep into the assisted liv-                                 chicken, but who knew that he
ing culture that he decided to                                 had one foot in the grave and              However, President Lilley hasn’t com-
become a resident himself.                                     the other in a heaping pile of     pletely forgotten about Baylor, considering
As a result, Lilley has ceased                                 applesauce?”                       that he has been rambling on for weeks about
all Presidential duties and                                                                       the “hell-hole that place has turned into,”
dedicates the bulk of his time                                        In addition, Lilley         and demanding that somebody take action
to bingo, bridge, and weekly                                   moved the Provost’s office to      to secure Baylor back to its “good ol’ roots.”
field trips to such Waco land-                                 the apartment across the hall.     O’Brien then reminded him for the thirty-third
marks as Mrs. Baird’s Bread                                    It turns out that he was in need   time that he was, in fact, the president of the
factory.                                                       of a solid practice partner for    University. “Oh, peaches!” cried Lilley while
                                                               the Meadowlands Terrace Ca-        slapping his knee. He then asked, “What’s for
         “These are my people,
                                      John Lilley wants       nasta Championships. Pro-           dinner?”
they know how I think,” com- to play Bingo with you. vost Randall O’Brien wasn’t
mented the 66-year-old Lilley                                 quite as thrilled with his new              Fortunately for us, President Lilley
on life at his new home. In-                                  surroundings: “Ever since he        forgot we made this joke in the previous Rope,
deed, close friends agree that they have never forced me to come out here I can’t get that old    giving us the liberty to reprint this article in
seen Johnny so relaxed. “Whether or not it person smell out of my clothes, and all I do is        future papers as a means of space filler.

                                                                                        Clay pot
                                                                                         _viet cuisine_
  “What did you just say about the Spring Rolls,
   honey? I couldn’t hear you over that shirt.”                                    Ph: 254.756.2721                  920 K.H. Kultgen Fwy

 PAGE 12                                                                                                              THE ROPE
                                 A                       B
               D ram
        C op
N ew
                                         Man, it sure
                                           is fun to

                                                                      Mr. PuZzle sez: find out why Hollywood is

                                                                                                          (Fold the picture so that A and B line up to find out)
                                         fight crime!

                                                                           making so muchmoney this year!
                                          Yeah, but
                                         not as fun as

                                                                “I hope you
Poppa Rollo’s                                                  wanted a giant
                                                               sausage, cause
       Pizza Pie Parlor                                      that’s what you’re
Ph: 254.776.6776   703 N. Valley Mills
                                                              gettin, Johnny.”

THE ROPE                                                          PAGE 13
 Briefs!    deliciously funny and suprisingly short

Tragedy Strikes Harmless Local Scamps                                                         Student Completes 724rd
                  Infidel Rushed to Hospital                                                       Hour of Service
                                                                                               Entry to Heaven granted
        Sammy DeValdenbro’s pants burst violently into flames two weeks ago at a                    On Januard 23rd at precisely 5:07, a miracle
NoZe Brotherhood party immediately after claiming that he was a member of the il-           occurred on 5th street. Melissa Forster, Public Rela-
lustrious and award-winning group.                                                          tions Senior, and frequent to the Stepping Out pro-
        “It was awful,” claimed local hottie Marissa Marchioni, speaking both about         gram, finally ensured her passageway to the merry-
the incident and what DeValdenbro referred to as his “mad game.”                            go-round past the clouds. “This is the third time in
        Several actual members of the NoZe Brotherhood who witnessed the event              the history of Baylor that someone has accomplished
dashed to phones to complete their civic duty of calling 911 to report the incident.        this magnificent goal,” said Stepping Out coordinator
“We’re usually so safe at our parties,” claimed Bro. RomaNoZe Clef. “Cigarettes are         Macy Erikson. When asked about her future plans,
kept away from propane tanks, livestock away from barbiturates... I just don’t see how      Forster excitedly announced her retirement from
something like this could have happened!”                                                   Stepping Out, community service, and “goodness”
        Upon reading the most recent Rope, and the article outing him as a non-broth-       altogether.
er, DeValdenbro stated that he’d probably “just start telling chicks that the article was           “Now that I can’t be denied Heaven, I can fi-
to throw them off the scent,” but after seeing smoke rising from his unmentionables         nally do all the things that I’ve been wanting to do!
he quickly retracted the statement and said 14 Hail Mary’s.                                 I heard Pike is having a party tonight! I can’t wait!”
        “All in all I’d say he’s pretty lucky,” said one of the more observant, female      squealed Forster.
party-goers. “His nose could have grown like Pinocchio’s with all the fibs he fibbed,               Forester was last seen passed out on 8th street
but he wasn’t made of nearly as much wood as he claimed to be.”                             tightly clenching a copy of the Rope.

 cards. collectables &
                                                                                                              Whatever you
                                                                                                              collect, we’ve
            miscellany                                                                                           got ‘em
Ph: 254.755.0070             1321 S. Valley Mills

 PAGE 14                                                                                                              THE ROPE
Donutist Heresy Divides Campus                                                        Local Boy Cruisin’ For Brusin’
      Cunning Linguist Argues: “No one will get                                              Father to Administer
          this article without looking it up”                                              “Something to Cry About”
        Last week, instead of getting his   the damp basement of the Student Union            After an incident at a local mini-mart involv-
normal doughy breakfast treat, Donald       while just ten feet above them, those     ing local fifth grader Stephen Kanoyan, Mr. Kanoyan,
Magnus was met with the slick new edi-      who were complacent with fickle trends    Stephen’s dad, claimed that his son was definitely on
fice of the SUB’s newest eatery: “The       drowned themselves in the inequity of     his way to ordering a knuckle sandwich for lunch.
Daily Grind.” His beloved Shipley Do-       change.
nuts had been gutted out and replaced                                                         According to several sources, the child was
with a hip, new coffee joint.                        In one month, the movement had   on the 64th verse of The Song That Never Ends when
                                            burst out of the basement and into the    he crossed the line and started “fiddling” with the key
        Taken aback, Magnus was forced streets. The Union was forced to issue a       chains near the check out that are meant for tourists
to drive several blocks to the alternate statement concerning the upstarting her-     and anyone who has experienced one-tequila-two-te-
location on Speight in order to satiate his etics. The general populous was warned    quila-three-tequila-floor syndrome.
hunger for the sugary, often-creme-filled not to stray from the Union’s side or
delights.                                   make the schism wider. However, the               Despite numerous warnings to “cut it out,”
                                            movement still grew.                      Stephen continued his rampage of annoyance through-
        “This heresy will not stand,” he                                              out the store adding an underarm farting noise on the
spoke under his breath while pulling                 In retrospect, someone should    downbeat of the infamous multitudinously versed el-
back into the nearest parking lot. After have spoken up before the violence start-    ementary school anthem.
walking fifteen blocks to campus, he had ed. By the end of the catastrophe, straw-
already written his mission statement berry jelly lined the streets, swirling with            The young boy was dragged off the premises
in his mind: a manifesto to bring back half-caf mocha, and cream was spilling         by the scruff of shirt at which point corrective disci-
simplicity. He would never accept the inevitably down the gutter and into the         plinary action took place in order to ensure that the
unholy caffeinated sacraments doled out drain. On the hill outside the Union stood    tot would never again engage in the actions of public
by apathetic baristas.                      Magnus and the Director of Student Ac-    nuisance.
                                            tivities, Scott Wade, a man who towered
        Within weeks, the Donutist over Magnus in stature and position.                      In other news, Bro. Fats DomiNoZe witnessed
movement had set its foot on campus,                                                  the whole event and still didn’t learn anything.
meeting with boxes of baker’s dozens in It was all over.

   Tired of
Mexican that’s
not authentic?
                                                                                            Fine Mexican Dining

Eat at Cancun!
                                                                                       Ph: 254.752.0041                 1229 N. 18th

  THE ROPE                                                                                                         PAGE 15
   Congress Revises Animal Protection List
        To the delight of hunters and the chagrin of environmentalists, Congress recently omitted many big game animals from the list of federally
protected endangered species. While the removal of a few species such as the Grizzly Bear and Buffalo were expected, the omission of Native
Americans from the list leaves this group open for hunting on all federal and private lands. While the public remains passively divided on the
issue, hunting enthusiasts and environmentalists alike are taking action to maximize the potential new status of Native Americans.

         “This certainly is going to make the recovery of this species a lot more difficult,” said a concerned Cathrine Guinn. “They’re still protected
in their wildlife habitats, but once they’re off the reservation it’s an open season.”

       Well known hunting enthusiast and part-time rocker Ted Nugent made his opinion known to the Brotherhood after a guaranteed promise
of anonymity. “Some people have said I make hunters and gun advocates look bad; they say I’m crazy. Well lemme tell ya, no one ever told that to
the Nuge after being hunted for four days on any of my ranches.” When asked about his well known policy of killing only what he would eat, the
Nuge paused and stroked his scraggly beard. “I don’t remember ever saying that, are you sure you don’t have me confused with the Indians?”

        According to state regulations, hunting of Native Americans will begin on February 25 and end on April 31. The limit is four adults per
hunter, with fines of up to 800 glass beads or an entire metal cooking set for each Native American over the limit. Use of peace treaties, useless
trinkets and other forms of baiting are strictly prohibited. Sale of hunting licenses will begin on February 4th and are expected to go quickly.

        However, due to an oversight in the wording of the law, it turns out that anyone born in the continental U.S. qualifies as a Native Ameri-
can, so drop this paper and run!

                                                                             Visit www.ksproperties.com
     “It’s a fixer-upper alright,
                                                                        to learn about our summer leasing specials
         but I think we can
           make it work.”
                                                                         1400 Speight                                    254.755.7255

 PAGE 16                                                                                                                  THE ROPE
Anthropology Department Relocates to Ancient Building
         Archeologists Look Forward to More Hands on Research
         Shortly after being labeled a pseudoscience whose hippie teachings were far too new age to be placed in close proximity to Baylor’s more
established sciences, the Baylor Anthropology Department has been moved into the Marrs Mclean Science Building. Long ago thought to be
lost or destroyed by the wicked workings of Old Man Time, the building was reopened to house the department which nobody wanted. Once the
program moved in and dusted the asbestos off of all the old furniture, a discovery was made that threatened to shake the department to ruins.

        Deep in the catacombs of this once great establishment, a cadaver older than the Ice Man was found. After much examination and confla-
gration, it was discovered to be none other than the body of Herb Reynolds. Soon after the excitement and jubilation died down, several fields
under the Anthropology umbrella fought for rights to the preserved man, or “Baylor Boy” as they lovingly called him.

       The archeologists were first to seek ownership, arguing that since no one had heard of Herb Reynolds in recent times, that the era in which
he disappeared most likely fell into their realm of expertise.

       It also seems that the physical anthropologist had determined their own claims to the body. Professor McNulty voiced the concerns rather
succinctly, “I’ve been doing extensive research on the formation of monkey skulls for the last five years. I really need this.”

        However, the forensic science program pressed the validity of the anthropologist’s claim to the body. Apparently, they found out that Mr.
Reynolds had been pronounced dead several times in a well respected local newspaper, making the circumstances surrounding his death suspi-
cious to say the least.

       The cultural anthropologists were found pacing around the building, chain smoking and muttering indecipherable complaints about anti-
Semitic sentiments held by the Waco populous. They seemed rather uninterested in the discovery of a body in the building except for an earnest
inquiry as to whether or not a bigger office was now available for them.

       Whatever the outcome of the debacle, the Rope will certainly have lost even more credibility for making yet another reference to the death
of Herb Reynolds.

                                                                                                           “Honey, I think we’re
   COmmon                                                                                                    moving too fast..
   GROUNDS                                                                                                    let’s just go to
   Coffee House                                                                                             Common Grounds
                                                                                                            for our first date.”

 1123 S. 8th St.                   Ph: 254.757.2957

  THE ROPE                                                                                                               PAGE 17
TO: Baylor Unifarcity Administration and Faculty
FROM: John “Biggest Little President at Baylor” Lilley
DATE: January 9th, 2006
SUBJECT: New Policy Regarding “Them Lady-Men” at Baylor

        Hey everyone, it’s me, the new guy, John Lilley. Though I’ve been away from our beloved Baylor for sometime, I’ve always tried to
stay abreast of the goings on here, in the unlikely even I ever returned. Well, that day has finally come, and now I am in a position to change
things around here (scary, I know ;) ), I have a new policy I want to get underway.
        I must admit I was more than a little disappointed at your past actions regarding homosexuality here at Baylor. You guys have been
approaching the situation all wrong. We need to stop being so negative; it’s hurting our image. My new strategy is that instead of discourag-
ing homosexuality, we become more aggressive at encouraging heterosexuality.
        This may seem strange, I know, but we have already taken steps in the right direction, most notably at our wonderful campus book-
store. There are racks abound of recognizably masculine DVD titles, such as “Porky’s” and “Drawn Together Season 1.” In addition, the
periodicals section carries recent issues of both Maxim and FHM magazine. We’re even offering ways for hetero men to cut loose in the most
enjoyable of all “straight-thinking” activities, drinking. Take a look for yourselves, we sell it all: shot glasses (read: toothpick holders), bottle
openers (read: beverage keys) and beer mugs (read: condom holders (read: change jars)). All of these items feature our very own Baylor Uni-
versity logo and full endorsement.
        But that’s not all! All the books by Maupin and Wilde will be removed from the library and be replaced with “How to be a Sex God”
and “Van-Hagar? I Think Not!” the autobiographies of Gene Simmons and David Lee Roth respectively (I know, they’re Jewish, but most
people don’t.) We will also be closing the Drama Department and in its place we will be building the brand new Earl Chamber’s College of
Debauchery. Finally, in what will probably be the most effective change, we will be revoking the FIJI charter and awarding a second one to
        While this all may seem quite radical to you, think of it like this: every minute our Baylor men spend pounding brews and jamming
Pat Green, is a minute they aren’t drinking cosmos and watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
        All I ask is that you BEAR with me as we make these changes, and I’m sure we will quickly achieve our goal of making Baylor a
wholesome Baptist utopia for rich Texans to send their sons and money.
                                                                                      Hugs and Kisses,
                                                                                      John Lilley

                                                         Need someone to talk to
                                                         on those lonely nights?

                                                                                    The NoZe Brotherhood
                                                                                         PO Box 612
                                                                                     Elm Mott, TX 76640
        Ruling with an
         oatmeal fist                                                                  www.TheNoZe.org

PAGE 18                                                                                                                   THE ROPE
Spring UnRush 2006
            Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!
In accordance with a writ of procedendo issued
by the most immaculate and supreme, imperial
and jovial diety Elmo, the Noble NoZe Broth-
erhood is announcing Spring UnRush BoNanZa
and Potluck 2006! This gala event will be held
on Thursday, February 2nd, at imprecisely
11:17 Past Milk in the proximity of Seventh
and James Barely Baptist Church. Bring your
favorite casserole, prepare for awe inspiring ac-
robatics, and whatever you do, don’t come!

So...You wanna be
      a NoZe Brother?
                                  Paper Pickup will be held on Sunday, February
                                  5th, 2006 at 3:47 Past Mullet at the Burleson
                                  Statue on the luscious Baylor Campus. Papers of
                                  satirical nature will be accepted, although most
                                  likely not appreciated. Make sure you follow the
                                  proceeding format: must be 10,693 words or less
                                  (preferably much, much less) and contain NO
                                  teats, piddle or caca. Now, with that in mind, do
                                  us a favor this time and BE FUNNY!

  THE ROPE                                                           PAGE 19
Lake Brazos Steakhouse
          1620 MLK Blvd                 Ph: 254.755.7717
        Open From 11 A.M. - 9:30 P.M. Mon-Sat, till 3 P.M. Sun

                             “Don’t worry sweety,
                             There will be another
                             Happy Hour tomorow.
                                 I promise.”

Happy Hour
    (11 A.M. - 6 P.M.)

  $1.50 Big O’s
$2.50 Mason Jars
 $2.00 Lil’ Rita’s                       Rent out our river-side patio for parties
                                          and other forms of general mayhem.

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