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									 The Park is one of Sarawak's smaller national parks, but it is certainly one of the
most important and has some of the most unusual visitor attractions. The park's main
 claim to fame is its role as one of the birthplaces of civilization in the region.
  The oldest modern human remains discovered in Southeast Asia were found at Niah,
    making the park one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.
 Overland transfer to Niah National Park about 90 minutes passing thru lowland forest, pepper garden, oil palm plantation ,fisherman village and
 longhouses. Located on the Sungai (river) Niah, about 3 km from the small town of Batu Niah, a 110 km to the south-west of Miri in northern
 Sarawak. The park was first gazette as a National Historic Monument in 1958, gazetted as National Park on 23 November 1974 and was
 published to the public on 1 January 1975. Proceed for a visit to the caves. The Caves are accessible via a raised plank walk that winds through
 lowland forest vibrant with birds and butterflies. Forty thousand years ago, the Niah Great Cave sheltered human life. Here lie the oldest human
 remains in Southeast Asia, along with many other relics of prehistoric man. Today the Cave is home only to bats, swiftlets and other specially
 adapted forms of life. However, a few locals still venture into the dark interior to collect guano (bird and bat droppings used as fertilizer) and
 bird's nest. The famous Painted Cave is another highlight of the visit to Niah Cave. Here, little human-like figures drawn in red hematite watch
 over a gravesite where the bodies of the dead were each laid in its own boat-shaped coffin. The Great Cave and Painted Cave have been
 declared as National Historical Monuments. After explore the caves return to park HQ for lunch. Check into your accommodation.
 Free at leisure .Dinner & overnight. (Lunch /Dinner )
 Breakfast at the park canteen. Check out and proceed for Iban Longhouse visit. The plank walkway to Rumah Chang (also called Rumah Ugop)
 branches off from the main walkway at the bridge over the Subis river. This Iban longhouse is about 800 (20 minutes) from the junction and just
 outside the park. The people here like to sell handicrafts to visitors. For visitors who are unable to visit Sarawak real longhouse interior this is a
 good opportunity to see a longhouse. The Iban are a vigorous, outwardly expansive people of West-Central Borneo who number some 400000
 in the east Malaysian State of Sarawak. Despite increasing urban migration, the great majority live in longhouse settlements along the main
 rivers and smaller streams of the interior and sub coastal districts. Here most subsist by shifting hill-rice agriculture, supplemented by the
 cultivation of perennial cash crops, most notably rubber. All speak closely related dialects of a single Ibanic language, part of a larger complex of
 Bornean Malayic languages (see Adelaar 1985:1–5; Hudson 1970, 1977).[1] The Iban are divided internally into a number of major riverine
 groupings. Referred to as ‘tribes’ in the nineteenth century literature, each of these groupings comprises a loose territorial unit made up of
 longhouse communities arrayed along the same river or tributary system. (Breakfast /Lunch)
                                                       Tour Fare Per Person IN Ringgit Malaysia:
 SIC ADULT          SIC CHILD          PVT 01 PAXS           2-3 PAXS          4-8 PAXS          9-15 PAXS           16 -30 PAXS         PVT 31++
      420                325                895                 590               520               460                   420              400

 INCLUSIVE:                                                     EXCLUDED:Any Airfare/Personal Expenses/Any alcoholic beverages/Guide tipping
           Return Miri /Niah National Park /Miri transfer       ITEMS TO BRING : Insect repellent, sunhat, binoculars and your bird book if any,
           01 Accommodation at the park hostel.                 torch light, raincoat/umbrella in case of rain, slippers, personal toiletries, water
           Entrance fees /Boat ride & Guide                     bottle and personal items.
           Meals:01Breakfast /02Lunch /01Dinner
                                                                                               Valid: 01 April 2011 – 31March 2012
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