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The company for women And a few good men!

Benefits of selling AVON
• • • • • Set your own hours Determine how much you want to make Be your own boss Meet new people College scholarships for you and your loved ones • Savings and retirement options

All it takes is:
• • • • $10 to start your own business The drive to want to make lots of money The willingness to try new things The enthusiasm to meet new people

Things to know:
• You’ll make 50% commission on first 4 campaigns if: you sell a minimum of $50 and you send your order online. • The only exception is on the fixed earnings products with the star by it. You will only make 20% on those products no matter what.

More things to know:
• Campaigns run every 2 weeks • They are due that Monday by Noon • Your first payment to AVON is due before you place your 2nd order

How do you plan to pay AVON?
• If you have a checking or debit card you can choose AVON quick pay and have it directly taken out of your checking or savings • You can choose to pay by credit card, AVON offers a Visa with Rewards points • You can pay with a money order, just be sure to put your account # on it and send it way in advance before it’s actually due so your order isn’t put on hold

Online Training
• AVON offers online training to get you familiarized with the website and how to deal with the customers. • Once you’ve completed the training courses let our District Sales Manager Patsy know and she will give you a bundle of samples and goodies if you come to a meeting.

Representative Meetings
• Our DSM has a New Representative Meeting every 3rd Monday of the month at the Fort Smith Library @ 6:15 PM • We also have a Leadership Meeting every 4th Monday of the month. It will be located at the Cottages Retirement Community, just turn right before Ben Geren Park, it’s @ 6:15 PM. So if your interested in making more money come join me at one of our leadership meetings to find out more.

Fast Start
• Doesn’t start immediately, just once you’ve signed up your first recruit. • You have a 4-campaign period to try to achieve a level of fast start. • First 2 recruits you sign up you make nothing off of, but 3rd on, you make $20 off of each of them. • If you achieve unit leader in that period you get an additional $100.

Places to leave brochures:
• Doctor’s offices, laundry mats, @ a restaurant w/ your tip, car dealerships, or any place with a high traffic area. • USE YOUR IMAGINATION • But, do not put in mailboxes, it is a Federal Offense • Tossing is a good idea especially if your trying to get rid of old outdated books, just put for a current brochure give me a call. Check for city ordinances to ensure you won’t get a fine for littering.

People to start selling to:
• Family: Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Mom & Dad, Sisters, Brothers, Nieces, Nephews, Kids…etc… • Neighbors • Coworkers • Friends • Bosses • Teachers

How to build a customer base:
• Tell your first time customers that you are just starting off and you need some referrals from them of people who might also be interested in AVON. (you’d be surprised at how many people they know that you do not) • Give them a 3x5 index card to write their name and number on. Be sure and call these customer referrals. • It’s up to you whether you would like to offer these customers a 10% discount for referrals.

• We are able to back order 2 campaigns • We have “What’s New”, they are our demo books and lets us have the opportunity to order ahead of time. We are able to order 2 campaigns ahead of time with these. As a new rep you are only able to order 1 of each product. If it is different colors, you will only be able to have 1 of the colors because it’s still considered the same product. • You are able to order lots of different things though.

Going for the Green
• Now through campaign 26 • You are eligible for this drawing if you sell $175 each time for your first 4 campaigns • Whoever signs up in the campaign you sign up in are going for that specific drawing for that campaign, If someone doesn’t sell their $175 for a campaign they are no longer eligible for the drawing • PRIZES: 1-$1000,10-$500, 50-$250 • GOOD LUCK!

Personal Beauty System
• As a new rep, we can use this for FREE for 30 days no obligation. After that it is $60 for a year. • You can use it whenever you please. • This enables us to fill in a survey with the customers needs and routines, and AVON suggests what type of products for them to use. They say the reps that use this option boost their sales by at least 25%! • So print off some surveys and drop one in your customers order and have them fill it out. When they give it back to you, key it in and let them know what AVON suggests they use.

• AVON offers to new reps the opportunity to become an E-Representative. • It is free for your first 3 campaigns • After that it is $7.50 a campaign • You’ll have your own webpage to sell from and customize. You’ll be in the database, so if someone searches for an AVON rep in your area you may come up as suggested representative. • It also offers you the opportunity to use the forums for ideas and communicating with other reps, and offers invoicing tools.

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