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					February 2011
February 2011       ‫אדר ה“תש‘ ע‘ א‬                                             Helios Volume 9 Issue 4                                                         Volume 9 Issue 41

The Official Student Newspaper
              of the                                                                                                                    “We stand for what we utter…”
   Abraham Joshua Heschel
         High School                                                                                                                                           - Rabbi Heschel

 Jewish Life and College Collide: Exploring Jewish Life on Campus
By Rebecca Mack                                             unknown, you can learn a lot about yourself and about           campus is important, students must decide what they
                                                            others.”                                                        define as “good” Jewish life. Jake Sion is a Heschel
          At the Heschel High School, the college ad-                Mia Appelbaum, another Heschel senior, said            graduate and a Cornell sophomore. When asked
visors’ offices are located adjacent to the Beit Mi-        the Jewish life on campus was a major factor as she             what he thought made for “good” Jewish life, he
drash. For some Heschel students, college ap-                                                                                    spoke about “a campus where there are a sig-
plications are closely linked to their Judaism.                                                                                  nificant number of Jews that have a meaningful
For others, the two are entirely unrelated.                                                                                      connection to Judaism.” Sion mentioned that
Each year, as graduation approaches, high                                                                                        this connection manifests itself in “Israel ad-
school students are challenged to seek col-                                                                                      vocacy, religious observance, cultural events,
leges that will be good fits for their specific                                                                                  etc,” adding that, “an active Hillel with a large
needs. The vast spectrum of considerations in                                                                                    budget is certainly helpful in accomplishing
this big decision gives students an opportu-                                                                                     those goals.”
nity to pinpoint their personal values and pri-                                                                                      Both Appelbaum and Sion made a distinc-
orities, including their relationship to Jewish                                                                                  tion between the number of Jews at a school
life.                                                                                                                            and the Jewish life that exists there. Appel-
          Both the quantity and the quality of                                                                                   baum noted, “There are some schools that have
Jewish life at colleges vary tremendously by                                                                                     so many Jews but they are all secular and not
school. Those who deem Jewish life at their                                                                                      religious.” She believes that great Jewish life is
prospective college an important factor need                                                                                     a college with “religious Jews, an active Hillel,
to think about what kind of Jewish life they                                                                                     and kosher meal plan.”
desire, and to what extent they wish their                                                                                           Sion pointed out that, “there are a lot of
Jewish life in college to differ from their Jew-                                                                                 schools with large Jewish populations, but it’s
ish life in high school.                                                                                                         not just the numbers that matter. The Jewish at-
Charlotte Marx-Arpadi, a Heschel senior, is                                                                                      mosphere is stronger when there are many stu-
not focusing on Jewish life when she looks                                                                                       dents devoted to Jewish life.”
at colleges, but once she is at a school, she                       Illustration by Becca Schwarz                                    For Eliana Lauter, a Heschel graduate and
intends to “look into their Jewish life as a spring-                                                                        president of the Jewish Student Union at University
board to meet others and learn about the school.”           decided where to apply. Appelbaum comes from an                 of California Berkeley, sentiments towards Israel
Marx-Arpadi said, “I want to stay away from my              observant Jewish background and, though she seeks               and diversity within the Jewish campus community
comfort zone—as in, what I’ve grown up in…I think           diversity, she wants “a close group of friends [that are]       are key. Lauter said, “A huge reason I was so attract-
that people grow most when they are uncomfortable,          observant Jews.” She also added, “I need kosher food            ed to Berkeley’s Jewish community was because it
and I think that by not relying on what you find com-       because I’m not going veggie for four years.”                   was so diverse, just like at Heschel.”
fortable, and really surrounding yourself with the                   In addition to deciding whether Jewish life on                         Continued on Page 5

                                                                                                                                     Dream on for
                                                                                                                                    the Dream Act
                                                                                                                            By Adam Chanes

                                                                                                                                     On Saturday, December 18, 2010, the Sen-
                                                                                                                            ate rejected a bill that would have created a path to
                                                                                                                            citizenship for illegal immigrants who were brought
                                        Illustration by Becca Schwarz                                                       to the U.S. as children. The main provision of the
                                                                                                                            “DREAM Act” (Development, Relief and Educa-

                Beyond the Ivies: Heschel Grads                                                                             tion for Alien Minors Act of 2010) was that com-
                                                                                                                            pleting two years of military service or college

                    Take Independent Path
                                                                                                                            could grant citizenship to an illegal immigrant. The
                                                                                                                            Senate voted down this bill after the House of Rep-
                                                                                                                            resentative approved it on December 8.
By Shoshana Lauter                                          tensely discussed and heavily criticized by the media in                 According to the New York Times, Presi-
          Teenagers across the nation would say that        recent years. The education section at Barnes & Nobles          dent Obama personally lobbied for the bill, and
the last two years of high school are all about college:    offers both books about preparing a student for a suc-          said that he, along with the other supporters, would
preparation, applications, and admissions. With S.A.T.      cessful future and books condemning the entire process.         continue to press for the bill to be passed. Obama
test takers and applications at an all-time high, apply-             Not everyone, however, succumbs to the pres-           called the blocking of the Dream Act, “incredibly
ing to college has become, as stated by The New York        sure to get into these big name universities. Heschel           disappointing.” The President said that, “…[The
Times in a recent article, “a high-anxiety journey that     High School students have embraced the idea that find-          Dream Act is] the right thing for the United States
thousands of students tread each year.”                     ing the paths that best suit their personal goals is of great   of America. Our nation is enriched by [the immi-
          It has become a social expectation for our so-    importance.                                                     grants’] talents and would benefit from the success
ciety’s high schools students to start thinking about the            Some prospective parents and students have ex-         of their efforts.”
future very early. For many, just getting accepted to       pressed a concern that Heschel graduates all head in the                 Opinions on illegal immigration vary at
college is not good enough. What equals success for         same direction – choosing to attend small, liberal arts         Heschel. Sophomore Asher Elbaz said, “Although
them are universities that are highly esteemed, not         schools. Asked her opinion on why Heschel students              I agree that people deserve better futures and better
just in America, but all over the world, such as the Ivy    choose the schools that they do, Micki Talmadge, Hes-           opportunities, the economic pressure involved can
League schools, Stanford, and M.I.T.                        chel’s college guidance counselor, explained,                   prove to be detrimental to America.” By taking this
          The stress on American youth to be accepted                                                                       two-sided approach, Elbaz believes that there are
to prestigious undergraduate programs, and to build up                                                                      definite consequences to this bill.
the “perfect” resume in order to do so, has been in-        Continued on page 6                                                              Continued on page 6

                      Joseph McNeil, a Member                                  Inside this issue:
                       of the Greensboro Four,
                           Comes to Heschel                                 Heschel Takes                                        Top 5 Movies of 2010
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Page 2                                                                                   Helios Volume 9 Issue 4                                                                      February 2011

                       Debbie Friedman, Voice of the                                                                                                      Helios Staff
                         Jewish Spirit, Dies at 59                                     was considered a force for change in the
By Emma Goldberg                                    munity, had the capacity to find spiritual-                                                                  Editors-in-Chief:
                                                                                       Jewish community. Her songs stress the
                                                    ity within themselves. In a 2000 interview                                                                     Gabriel Fisher
          Debbie Friedman, a well-known                                                importance of inclusivity and egalitarian-
                                                    with Religion &Ethics NewsWeekly she                                                                          Emma Goldberg
Jewish folk singer, passed away on Janu-                                               ism. She wanted to ensure that the Jewish
                                                    said, “I think that each one of us is here for
ary 9 at the age of 59. Friedman’s tunes,                                              historical narrative also include the contri-
                                                    a purpose, and that is really the focus of my                                                            Art and Layout Editors:
such as her melody for the Mi Shebeirach,                                              butions of women, recognizing the impor-
                                                    work—that each of us needs to acknowl-                                                                       Talia Niederman
are sung at synagogues, summer camps,                                                  tance of Miriam the Prophetess’ leadership
                                                    edge what blessings we carry within us.”                                                                      Andrew Udell
and Jewish schools worldwide. She passed                                               in the lyrics of “Miriam’s Song.” Friedman
                                                              Though Friedman’s songs were
away from complications of pneumonia                                                   herself said, “It was ‫( השא לוק‬the voice of
                                                    world-renowned and her work widely cel-                                                                       Sports Editor:
contracted while on her way home from                                                  women) for ‫( השא לכ‬every woman) that
                                                    ebrated, she was also known for her hum-                                                                      Gabriel Klausner
performing at a Limmud conference in                                                   inspired me to write inclusive music. It
                                                    ble, even shy, demeanor. When dining with
England.                                                                               is beneficial not only for women, but for
                                                    friends for Shabbat dinner, Friedman could                                                                     News Editors:
          Several weeks before Friedman’s                                              men and children as well.” She hoped to
                                                    often be found in the kitchen helping to                                                                      Rebecca Schwarz
death she sent an email to David Ellenson,                                             inspire a next generation of activists and
                                                    wash dishes. She was insecure about much                                                                      Zachary Stecker
President of Hebrew Union College and a                                                pluralists, writing such songs as “Build
                                                    of her music, a quality that came out in her
former Heschel parent, worrying that her                                               This World Together” and “And the Youth
                                                    email to Ellenson. She found it difficult to                                                                  Culture Editors:
work would not be remembered after her                                                 Shall See Visions.”                                                         Anna Rothstein
death.                                                                                           Openly gay, Friedman also                                        Shoshana Lauter
          Many—both within He-                                                                 helped to bring the issue of plural-
schel and in the larger Jewish                                                                 ism regarding sexual orientation to                            Contributing Writers:
community--would assure her of                                                                 the fore in the Jewish community.                                  Hana Joy Ain
the contrary. Friedman’s music                                                                 Senior Esther Lenchner, president                                   Elliot Allen
energizes many Heschel rituals                                                                 of the Gay Straight Alliance, spoke                               Adam Chanes
and assemblies with spirit. It is                                                              of the fact that even some Orthodox                              Rebecca Cooper
her melody for the Havdalah that                                                               congregations allowed Friedman to                                  Lizzie Davis
is used during high school shabba-                                                             perform and said, “I think it defi-                               Rebecca Mack
tonim and her song “Lechi Lakh”                                                                nitely shows a sign of tolerance and                             Elizabeth Rauner
is a mainstay at Lower School as-                                                              openness. After all, it’s all about                              Ethan Rosenberg
semblies and High School gradua-                                                               coming together in the worship of                                Gabrielle Sherman
tions.                                                                                         God.”                                                             Zachary Spiera
          Friedman’s tunes—such                                                                  Friedman was a force for change
as her Hnnukah-themed song “I                                                                  not only within the New York Jew-                               Contributing Artists:
am a Latke”-- aim to enliven Jew-                                                              ish community, but worldwide. As                                    Joshua Ashley
ish traditions, making them fun for                                                            a singer, songwriter, and guitarist                                  Lizzie Davis
all ages.                                                                                      she recorded nineteen albums. She                                  Cara Leiderman
          “When I think back on                                                                also served on the faculty of He-                                  Rebecca Leeman
my childhood, Debbie Friedman                                                                  brew Union College’s School of                                      Julie Maschler
songs definitely come to mind,”                                                                Sacred Music.                                                       Shipley Mason
said junior Sasha Gayle Schneider.                                                             As Friedman herself said, “Singing                                   Lizzi Rauner
Friedman often came to the Low-                                                                helps us learn how to be vocal. The                                Anna Rothstein
er School to perform for music Ceremony memorializes passing of Jewish folk                    more our voices are heard in song,                              Sasha Gayle-Schneider
classes, and enjoyed connecting with             singer Debbie Friedman                   the more we become our lyrics, our                                     Rebecca Schwarz
students. Ellenson said, “She had a           Photograph by Emma Goldberg                 prayers, and our convictions.” Fried-
unique ability to touch the lives of                                                      man’s songs were her voice to the Jew-                                 Faculty and Staff:
                                                                                          ish community, her conviction that tra-                                   Lisa Cohen
the people with whom she came into
                                                                                                                                                                    Gabe Godin
contact.”                                  be in crowds socializing, though her spirit ditions and rituals should be wide enough
                                                                                       to include all who wish to engage, regard-                                  Audrey Sieger
          Friedman believed that all, even filled whole concert halls with energy.
                                                                                                                                                                   Dena Schutzer
those disconnected from the Jewish com-             Despite Friedman’s shyness, she less of age, gender, or sexual orientation.

         Editorial: Heschel’s Role in Jewish Life                                                                                                        We would like to formally thank
                                                                                                                                                        Samuel Freedman. His dedication
                                                                                                                                                         has helped us move Helios to the
          “We say words but make no de-             leading source of news and opinion, we            contemplating their meanings or the impact                    next level.
cisions, forgetting that in prayer words are        must strive to make relevant the words of         that they can have on our lives and our rela-
commitments, not the subject matter for             our namesake. We must write, in the words         tionships. Each student and faculty member           Printing courtesy of Tri-Star
aesthetic reflection, and that prayer is mean-      of Heschel, as though “each word has a            must take it upon himself or herself to fully         Offset & Barry Goodman
ingless unless we stand for what we utter,          soul.”                                            absorb Rabbi Heschel’s philosophies and
unless we feel what we accept.”                               Of course, this applies not only to     then allow them to infiltrate everyday life. It          20 West End Avenue
          Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel              Helios but also to the entire school commu-       is, however, not something that can simply               New York, NY 10023
wrote this passage as part of an essay fea-         nity at large. We must strive to welcome          happen; rather, it is something that requires
tured in his book Moral Grandeur and Spiri-         Rabbi Heschel’s philosophies into our lives,      a bit of effort.
tual Audacity, compiled and edited by his           not only because he is our school’s name-                    If every person, following in the           Send your
daughter Susannah Heschel in 1997. Eight            sake, but also because doing so will repair       historic footsteps of Rabbi Heschel, were to
years later, Helios adopted an excerpt – “We        the way in which each of us uses words and        treat each word as a though it has a soul, as        comments to
stand for what we utter” – as its motto.            help us to understand the power of words, in      though each word is a commitment in itself,
          It would be easy to accept our mot-       prayer and in daily conversation.                 we might succeed in paying closer attention
                                                                                                                                                           on FirstClass
to for what it is, to notice it and neglect it or             It is not enough to read Heschel’s      to the words we choose when addressing
even to disregard it all together; but doing        teachings for one week each year, to hear         God and our peers, as well the manner in
so would be irresponsible. As the school’s          his quotations over the loudspeaker without       which we deliver them.

                                                     Helios Information and Policies
         Helios is a newspaper published            board or its advisors. Furthermore, the            submission will be not altered, but we           and found on the editorial pages or as
approximately seven times a year by the             opinions are not those of the Abraham              reserve the right to correct spelling,           designated on other pages. Corrections
student staff of the Abraham Joshua He-             Joshua Heschel School faculty or admin-            grammar, and punctuation when neces-             will be printed when mistakes are found
schel High School, 20 West End Avenue,              istration.                                         sary. Additionally, Helios refuses to print      or brought to the attention of the staff.
NY, NY 10023. Telephone: 212-246-                             Letters to the Editor must in-           criticism that is not constructive and sup-      Original stories will carry bylines, al-
7717. E-mail:                   clude the writer’s name and class. Helios          ported by facts.                                 though stories rewritten by someone
         Helios is distributed free to all          will not print anything deemed libelous,                     Helios will not intentionally          other than the original author will not
members of the student body. The pub-               obscene, or in poor taste, in accordance           invade the privacy of any person and             receive a byline.
lication is a member of the Columbia                with the Supreme Court’s justified stan-           will make every effort to correctly spell                 Members of the staff are guided
Scholastic Press Association.                       dards. Rights are reserved to postpone,            names and make accurate class and po-            by the Code of Ethics of the Society of
         Commentaries and opinion col-              edit, or withhold from publication any-            sition identifications. Accurate reporting       Professional Journalists, which outlines
umns are the expressed opinion of the               thing submitted which does not meet                of fact is the goal of the staff.                principles of responsibility, fairness, and
author and not of Helios and its editorial          the specifications. The meaning of any                       Opinions will be clearly marked        accuracy.
February 2011                                                               Helios Volume 9 Issue 4                                                                          Page 3

                                                                                                 Mountain School Recap
                                                                                         By Andrew Udell                                               pretty miserable, but in-
                                                                                                                                                       stead of returning to base-
                                                                                                   I knew                                              camp with the teachers,
                                                                                         that I had found                                              I decided I would tough
                                                                                         the right place                                               it out. When I returned to
                                                                                         to spend my                                                   school after four days I
                                                                                         junior fall se-                                               hugged all 44 students and
                                                                                         mester the first                                              most teachers. Solo trans-
                                                                                         time that I sat                                               formed time spent alone
                                                                                         down to lunch                                                 into a bonding experience
                                                                                         at the Moun-                                                  because we knew that each
                                                                                         tain     School.                                              student had to go through
                                                                                         As I dug into                                                 similar struggles.
                Joseph McNeil shares his story with Heschel                              the string-bean                                                  The Mountain School
                        Photograph by Lizzi Rauner                                       salad and toma-                                               also focused heavily on
                                                                                         to mozzarella                                                 environmental learning. In
  Joseph McNeil, a Member of the                                                         dishes, a repre-
                                                                                         sentative of the
                                                                                                                                                       my Environmental Science
                                                                                                                                                       class I first learned about
 Greensboro Four, Comes to Heschel                                                       school      made
                                                                                         the announce-
                                                                                                                                                       macro-history and the way
                                                                                                                                                       the universe was formed.
By Gabriel Fisher                                                                        ment that over                                                As the class progressed we
                                           composure throughout, he command-             70% of the                                                    kept narrowing down the
                                           ed the respect of the entire room of          food served at                                                history of the earth until
         Not many guest speakers at        300, who sat quietly listening intently       the Mountain                                                  we each chose one spot on
Heschel receive a standing ovation be-     to his every word.                            School        was                                             the 300-acre campus, and
fore they say a word. But, then again,              McNeil described how he and          grown on the            Andrew Udell juggles on the           researched the history of
Joseph McNeil was no ordinary speak-       his friends decided to take action and        campus. Sud-          Mountain School organic farm           that spot based on its phys-
er. On Tuesday, January 18, the day af-    begin the sit in (which he claimed was        denly, the egg                                               ical appearance today and
ter Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the stu-   “more than about just a cup of cof-           that I was in the process of eating took on artifacts that we found.
dents and faculty of the Heschel high      fee”), saying, “If we weren’t going to        much more significance.                                The Mountain School, and this
school crowded into the gym to hear                                                                I have been attending the Hes- class in particular, taught me that learning
                                           do it, then who was going to do it? It
                                                                                         chel School since nursery, making this my can transcend the traditional borders of
the life story of one of the members of    was time to act, clearly, and to act non-     fourteenth year here. In the middle of my classrooms. We took our learning outside
the Greensboro Four.                       violently.”                                   sophomore year, I realized that I needed of the classroom during weekly hikes to
         On February 1, 1960, McNeil                After telling his story, McNeil      to try something new. I decided I would learn about our surroundings, later reflect-
and three of his fellow classmates at      opened the floor, fielding questions on       do some research into semester programs. ing on them in the classroom. Often I con-
North Carolina A&T (Agricultural and       topics ranging from his personal life to      Rafi Ellenson, who was at Heschel through tinued these discussions walking with my
Technical State University) made na-       advice he has for the next generation.        8th grade, told me about a program called teacher to lunch. At the Mountain School,
tional headlines and history when they     He offered that people should “find           the Mountain School. All I knew about it learning goes beyond the classroom. It
sat down at the lunch counter in a Wool-   what works for you” and said that             was that it was a one-semester program in follows you when you’re hanging out
worth’s store                                                                            Vermont for forty-five students, centered with friends and teachers, and it certainly
                                                                   while people
                                                                                         around environmental studies and farm- does not end when you’re in nature.
in     Greens-   “If we weren’t going to do                        may not always        ing.                                                   The teacher-student relationships
boro, North                                                        take action they
Carolina. The    it, then who was going to do                      should at least
                                                                                                   As a life-long city dweller and, were another key facet to the Mountain
                                                                                         more recently, environmentally conscious School. I have two distinct memories that
act, defying
decades      of  it? It was time to act, clearly,                  form opinions
                                                                   on important
                                                                                         eater, I have found it difficult to eat in a represent how close teachers and students
                                                                                         sustainable way, buying foods grown lo- are at the Mountain School. Two of my
segregation        and to act non-violently.”                      subjects.             cally. When I learned about the Mountain close friends and I really wanted to milk a
and other dis-                                                     While      many       School, I saw the program as an opportu- cow. One day, while we were talking with
criminatory                                                        people found          nity to put my ideals of being an environ- our science teacher, Pat, he offered us an
laws, sparked sit-ins at lunch counters                                                  mentally conscious eater into practice.       opportunity to come to his house and milk
                                           his story to be inspirational, they ad-
nationwide, and eventually led to the                                                              I can easily say that going to the his cows. The following week he picked
                                           mitted that they did not believe it           Mountain School was the best decision I us up at 5:30 a.m., drove us to his house,
desegregation of white-only seating in     would affect their personal actions.          have ever made. When friends and family and taught us how to milk a cow. Pat went
restaurants.                               Sophomore Tamar Stein said, “I be-            ask me about the Mountain School, I nev- out of his way to give us this unique learn-
         Fifty-one years later, the He-    lieve that it was really important to         er know what to say. I can say it was the ing experience and afterwards he gra-
schel high school had the privilege to     hear him speak because as a civil             most amazing experience of my life, but ciously invited us into his house to share a
hear this amazing story from one of the    rights activist he achieved many amaz-        that doesn’t do it justice. So, I usually re- cup of fresh milk.
original members.                          ing deeds, However, I expected to be          sort to telling them a couple of highlights.           I also developed a close relation-
         The program began with the        moved but the speech did not touch me             Some of the most intense days that I ship with my English teacher, Jack. I was
senior French class performing a poem                                                    spent at the Mountain School were those having a difficult time while my grandfa-
                                           in the level I hoped it would.”
about racism by Senegalese poet, and                                                     doing what is called “solo.” Solo is a four- ther was ill, and I had journaled about it
                                           Junior Igor Gluskin said that, while          day and three-night trip in the wilderness for English class. While driving around
later President, Léopold Sédar Seng-       he enjoyed hearing McNeil speak,              alone. Initially,                                                     with Jack and Mol-
hor. The audience watched a documen-
tary about the Greensboro Four, and
                                           he felt that Heschel students already
                                           subscribe to the values that McNeil
                                                                                         I was pretty ex-    “Where else do first se-                          ly, a close friend
                                                                                         cited about it –                                                      from New Mexico,
then Mr. McNeil entered to roaring ap-     preached. “The beliefs that he tried to       I thought I’d be   mester juniors get to take                         Jack invited me to
plause and a standing ovation.             convey,” Gluskin said, “ have already         able to get a lot                                                     tell stories about
         McNeil, a retired engineer for    been instilled in us to a very deep lev-      of reading done,   four days off from school                          my       grandfather.
                                                                                         do some journal-
the U.S. army, was a reserved speaker,
never raising his voice as he talked.
                                                                                         ing, and just re-  to be in the wilderness?”                          He knew that I am
                                                                                                                                                               slightly reserved,
                                                    To many, however, the mere
Yet, by maintaining his calmness and                                                     lax. Where else                                                       but still wanted to
                                           presence of such a figure was inspir-         do first semester juniors get to take four give me the opportunity to talk about my
                                                                                         days off from school to be in the wilder- grandfather. We talked a lot, and he helped
                                                                                         ness?                                         me to deal with the loss of my grandfather.
                                                                                                   Before we all left, we were given He treated me as more than just a student;
                                                                                         the weather report: it was going to rain. I truly felt like I was Jack’s friend.
                                                                                         A lot. That didn’t trouble me too much;                The Mountain School has been
                                                                                         I figured I could handle a bit of rain. Or the most amazing experience of my life.
                                                                                         so I thought. During the first day I read Whether it was through the tough expe-
                                                                                         Catcher in the Rye, journaled, made my- riences that taught me about myself, or
                                                                                         self ramen noodles over a fire, and took the classes where I was exposed to an en-
                                                                                         a nap in my hammock. It started to rain tirely new model of teaching, or the stu-
                                                                                         heavily that night and, although I had a dent-teacher friendships, I have learned
                                                                                         tarp over my hammock, I got soaked. Day so much. I have made friends from as
                                                                                         one was the last day I remained at all dry far away as Alaska and as close as New
                                                                                         because, for the rest of the trip, Tropical York; I have learned how to farm; I have
                                                                                         Storm Nicole would not stop its torrential learned how to fell a tree for firewood;
                                                                                         downpour. All of my clothes were soaked, I have learned more about myself in the
                                                                                         my sleeping bag was dripping wet, and first semester of junior year than I could
                                                                                         my books and journals were soggy. I was have ever imagined.
                        Photograph by Lizzi Rauner
Page 4                                                                   Helios Volume 9 Issue 4                                                                      February 2011

           Community Reels at Closing of Barnes and Noble
By Anna Rothstein                        popular. And on top of these problems, the                                                  buy books. “I don’t think I ever bought
                                                                                         ment. Junior Lizzie Davis stated,
                                         landlords raised the rent significantly.        “I’ve spent more time there than in         anything other than coffee there, but the
         On January 2, 2011, the Up-              Though some students were indif-                                                   magazine floor was a delight.”
                                                                                         my own home! It had a great ambi-
per West Side lost its largest Barnes    ferent to the closing of Barnes and Noble                                                            Sophomore Aaron Mayer and
                                                                                         ance.” But she was also an example
& Noble bookstore, on 66th Street at     on 66th, a majority expressed disappoint-                                                   junior Isabelle Merrin agreed and said
                                                                                         of the regular customer who did not
the intersection of Broadway                                                                                                           they will truly miss it. Merrin said,
and Amsterdam. Only six                                                                                                                “It was in the perfect spot, so at 10:30
blocks away from the high                                                                                                              p.m., it was the perfect place to meet
school, it was the perfect                                                                                                             up with people on Saturday nights. I
place to go after school to                                                                                                            also got all of my books for school
do homework, buy a book,                                                                                                               there and [even] my first Banana-
or wait for a friend. Soon, a                                                                                                          grams. It had such a convenient bath-
Century 21 department store                                                                                                            room and the café was the best.”
will be opening up in Barnes                                                                                                                  Mayer agreed with Merrin
and Noble’s stead.                                                                                                                     and commented, “I live on 69th and
         The beloved store                                                                                                             Broadway, and when I heard that it
closed because many people                                                                                                             was going to close, I nearly cried. I
– not only Heschel students                                                                                                            blame the Kindle. Let’s gather as
- were going there to hang                                                                                                             many as we can and smash them all!”
out, do their own work, or                                                                                                             As for what he liked to do at Barnes &
use it as a peaceful place to                                                                                                          Noble, and whether or not he bought
read; they were not actu-                                                                                                              books, he said, “For the most part, I
ally buying books. With the                                                                                                            would just hang out there. I would go
increased popularity of the                                                                                                            to the second floor and read things
Kindle, downloadable books                                                                                                             with my father.”
online, and audio books,                                                                                                                      In defiance of the closing,
people are less inclined to                                                                                                            Mayer stated, “I was actually in the
buy hardcopy books. Why                                                                                                                middle of reading Atlas Shrugged, by
carry around a book when                                                                                                               Ayn Rand, when I found out the store
you can have it on your Kin-                                                                                                           was going to close. Because of it, I re-
dle or iPhone? In addition                                                                                                             solved never to finish that book as a
to low book sales, Barnes &                                                                                                            tribute to the bookstore.”
Noble’s “Nook” has not been                                Illustration by Julie Maschler

                                                                                              Heschel Takes Kindly to Kindle
                                                                                         By Hana Joy Ain                                        A lesser-known function of the
                                                                                                                                     Kindle is its ability to let the user take
                                                                                                   Junior Tsvi Tannin began to       notes and make annotations, which is
                                                                                         love the Kindle when his dad gave him       not complicated to learn. “The Kindle
                                                                                         his old one two years ago. Tannin said,     actually has fantastic built-in note taking
                                                                                         “It has been a fantastic experience.        functionality,” Tannin said. “You simple
                                                                                         The portability and versatility the de-     move the cursor over where you want to
                                                                                         vice offers are truly revolutionary and     take a note and start typing. If you want
                                                                                         it keeps on getting better.”                to highlight a portion of text you simply
                                                                                                   Other students and teachers       move the cursor to the starting point, se-
                                                                                         who own a Kindle also offered positive      lect, move to the end point and select and
                                                                                         reviews. They pointed to the various        you’re done.”
                                                                                         features of the Kindle, including in-                  The Kindle can be read in the
                                                                                         ternet access, a built-in dictionary, and   sun because it has an adjustable back-
                                                                                         a multi-tasker, which allows someone        light. Judith said, “It is better to use in the
                                                                                         to read more than one book at a time.       sunlight because I can see much better. I
                      Photograph by Cara Leiderman                                       Kindle users pay less for virtual books     love reading it in the summer time.”
    Unveiling the Senior Planning                                                        and can also receive subscriptions to
                                                                                         newspapers and
                                                                                                                                                As the Kindle becomes ever
                                                                                                                                                          more popular, people
 Committee: What’s Behind the Curtain                                                    magazines. A
                                                                                         brand new best-
                                                                                                              The portability and                         are beginning to won-
                                                                                                                                                          der whether it is mak-
By Ethan Rosenberg                                The game was received relatively
                                          well throughout the student body - espe-
                                                                                         seller that costs   versatility the device                       ing bookstores obso-
                                                                                         $25.95 in book
What exactly does the Senior Planning cially among the freshmen. Yael Fisher, a
Committee do?                             freshman, thought that the game was “a
                                                                                         form        would  offers are truly revolu-                      lete. Judith, though,
                                                                                                                                                          still goes to the book-
                                                                                         cost about $9.95
                                          very good bonding experience with other        for the Kin-       tionary and it keeps on                       store and the library.
                                                                                                                                                          She is also part of a
         In recent weeks the Senior Plan- grades. ” Another freshman, Leora Ein-
ning Committee organized a school- leger, said that the game was “ a fun way
                                                                                                                 getting better.                          book club in her build-
                                                                                                                                                          ing where she shares
wide game of Soofganiot, a new take of including the whole school in a activ-            grade        dean                                                books that she enjoyed
on the game more commonly known as ity.” Some students thought that the game             Judith Tumin finds the Kindle tech          reading with other members. On occa-
‘Assassin’. In the Heschel version, each needed to be changed so that it could be        support extremely helpful. She said,        sions, Ades also journeys to bookstores
student was assigned another partici- more enjoyable and fun. Max Padway,                “When I needed tech help, I just went       or libraries because, “ Sometimes I en-
pant whom they had to “assassinate.” A a sophomore said, “The safe items take            on the internet, found the tech help        joy having the feel of the book instead
player assassinated another by going up away the whole idea of the game, which is        section and it only took one minute for     of holding an electronic device.” Tannin,
to his or her assigned victim and saying that you always need to be on your toes.”       it to direct me to a live chat.             on the other hand, finds himself enjoying
“Soofganiot,” without anyone else hear-           The Senior Planning Committee                    One question is if the Kindle     the Kindle much more than a book.. “Per-
ing. Once the victim was eliminated, is also in charge of many other school-             can be used as a tool for learning.         sonally I have never been a library per-
his or her assassin was given a new tar- wide events. The first activity this year       Freshman Asher Ades does not believe        son but I definitely don’t go now with the
get, and the game continued. To protect was “Heschel Idol,” a singing competition        that the Kindle is helpful to use in        Kindle,” he remarked.
themselves from elimination, players during town meeting featuring volunteers            school because it does not offer many                  Judith feels that the only people
were able to carry a predetermined safe from each grade. Participants were judged        textbooks. Judith agreed, adding, “I        who own a Kindle are avid readers to be-
item, which changed every few days. based on the quality of their singing and            never even bring it to school.” Al-         gin with, which is the reason to buy one in
Such items ranged from a pillow to a how funny and creative their act was. The           though Asher Ades and Judith shared         the first place.
handwritten quote by Rabbi Heschel. committee is responsible for all senior              that opinion, Tannin’s view on the                     She said, “I find that since read-
After a few days, however, safe items dress up days and organizing some of the           situation was different. “Absolutely [it    ing was already such a big part of my life,
were removed to promote tougher com- senior grade meetings¬¬¬, and is current-           could be beneficial]. During class if I     I still read about the same amount as I did
                                          ly planning activities for two more town       want to look up a quote or notes I have     before.”
petition and more fun.
                                                                                         everything a search away. “
                                          meeting slots.
                                                                                                                                                Continued on Page 5
February 2011                                                              Helios Volume 9 Issue 4                                                                  Page 5
                                                                                                                                   Heschel Takes Kindly to Kindle
                                   Jewish Life and College Collide Continued from page 1
                                                                                                                                      Continued from page 4
  She also spoke about a challenge she       had previously been so torn due to         college experience, some of Lauter’s   already such a big part of my life, I still
  faced, remembering that a “major issue     anti-Israel sentiments.”                   high school friends have made dif-     read about the same amount as I did be-
  was having to confront anti-                                                                ferent decisions. Lauter said,   fore.”
  Israel sentiments on cam-
                                  “No matter which path you take                              “Some have chosen to be ac-
                                                                                              tive at Hillel, and some have
                                                                                                                                        However, Ades finds himself
                                                                                                                               reading more because it is much easier for
           Lauter     explained   when you get to college, Hillel                             not.” She added, “No matter
                                                                                                                               him to buy books for lower prices on the
                                                                                                                               Kindle than to buy them in a bookstore.
  that she took steps to combat                                                               which path you take when
  anti-Israel sentiments. “As     will always be a great resource.”                           you get to college, Hillel
                                                                                                                                        Tannin finds that he has begun
                                                                                                                               reading more for pleasure because it is so
  president of the Jewish Stu-
  dent Union I befriended the
                                           -Eliana Lauter                                     will always be a great re-
                                                                                              source. It allows you to cre-
                                                                                                                               easy to switch from a book for school to a
                                                                                                                               book just for fun.
  president of the Muslim Stu-                                                                ate a smaller, more familiar              If students are interested in try-
  dent Association and we have started                                                  community, within the bigger uni-      ing it out, the school owns a few Kindles
  to create joint initiatives to bring our            Though Lauter has cho-            versity setting.”                      that John Hutzler will lend students who
  communities together, because they         sen to integrate Jewish life into her                                             expresses interest.

        Construction Underway For Heschel One Campus Plan

                                                                    Photographs by Lizzi Rauner
Page 6                                                                          Helios Volume 9 Issue 4                                                               February 2011

Beyond the Ivies: Heschel Grads Take Independent Path
                          (Continued from Page 1)

                                             our teachers and peers, and I did not
         “Picking a college is deter-        want to lose that.”
mined by a lot more than a prestigious                Though many students love He-
name, or the hours one spends in class.      schel’s smaller environment and go to
The physical environment, majors,            colleges that have similar atmospheres,
sports and clubs are all factors that He-    others choose to branch out and attend
schel students take into consideration.      large state universities, such as the Uni-
And there is not one ‘typical’ direction     versity of Michigan or the University
in which Heschel students head.”             of Maryland, as well as schools on the
         Maya Matalon, class of 2008, is     West Coast, such as the University of
in her third year at Oberlin College in      Southern California.
Ohio, and chose to attend a liberal arts              Applying to college is an ex-
school “because of the free and open en-     tremely exciting time, and marks a tran-
vironment. It is a place where school is     sition in a young adult’s life. Society
taken seriously, and the people aren’t all   puts tremendous pressure on this gen-
conventional.” Regarding how Heschel         eration to strive for success. Micki Tal-
High impacted her decisions, she said        madge strongly wishes, “for students,
that, “Heschel’s environment definitely      not just at Heschel, but all over the
drew me to want to go to a liberal arts      country, to have more discretion about
college. Heschel is a place where we         where they are applying. Ultimately, ap-
have such personal relationships with        plying to college is a personal process.”                              Illustration by Gabrielle Belok

  Student Profile: Tali Schulman                                                                                   Dream on for the Dream Act
                                                                                                                     Continued from page 1
                                             Tali Schulman, however, following in                                                       the heart of the American community
                                             the footsteps of her father and her sister,             While the Dream Act is not a
                                                                                                                                        is vital, and we can only live up to the
                                             will join the Israeli Defense Forces.           pressing issue at Heschel, students at
                                                                                                                                        Declaration of Independence and the
                                                       Born in Israel, Schulman has al-      other high schools across America ad-
                                                                                                                                        Constitution by doing it.” Zeldis-Roth,
                                             ways been a dual-citizen of Israel and the      vocate for the Dream Act. According
                                                                                                                                        now a student at The Fieldston School,
                                             United States. When she was six years           to Kensington Patch — a general-news
                                                                                                                                        asserted that although illegal immi-
                                             old, her older sister joined the Israeli        website focused on students (regard-
                                                                                                                                        grants should be granted citizenship,
                                             Army. “I thought it would be a good ex-         ing happenings in Kensington, Mary-
                                                                                                                                                  “There needs to be a method
                                             perience,” said Schulman of her decision        land) — Victor Benitez, a senior at the
                                                                                                                                        of internal motivation for illegal im-
                                             to join the army, “and I really loved be-       Albert Einstein High School, informs
                                             ing in Israel.”
                                                                                                                                        migrants going to college [to be grant-
                                                                                             people about the bill and advocates for
                                                       For American teenagers like                                                      ed citizenship]; also [although one is
                                                                                             it. Benitez, once an undocumented im-
                                             Schulman, joining the IDF has become                                                       standing up for his country], I have
                                                                                             migrant himself, believes that it is im-
                                             an increasingly popular and realistic de-                                                  moral misgivings about [goiing to the]
                                                                                             perative that the Dream Act be passed
                                             cision. In 2007, Israeli newspaper Yediot                                                  army [to be granted citizenship].” He
                                                                                             because it addresses the plight of chil-
                                             Ahronot reported that one hundred and                                                      reported that groups at Fieldston “work
                                                                                             dren, often helpless ones. “We’re not
                                             fifty Americans between the ages of 18                                                     actively” for the Dream Act and similar
                                                                                             talking about hardened criminals that
                                             and 23, a record number for the country,                                                   issues.
   Photograph by Anna Rothstein                                                              have killed, shot up, raped, murdered.
                                                                                                                                                   Heschel students do not seem
                                             requested to join the IDF. According to         We’re talking about children that came
 By Zach Stecker                             YNet News, the recruits “are the most                                                      to be as involved in public affairs issues
                                                                                             here, who have no foundation in their
                                             enthusiastic soldiers in the army today…                                                   such as the Dream Act. Senior Skyler
                                                                                             home country.”
          As the 2011 school year comes      imbued with Zionism and sky-high mo-                                                       Siegel said, “There is a lack of political
                                                                                                     Miko Zeldis-Roth, a former
 to a close, Heschel’s seniors will begin    tivation.”                                                                                 activism at Heschel in general.”
                                                                                             Heschel student, expressed his opinions
 the next stage in their lives. For most,              As of now, Schulman does not                                                               The Dream Act will be re-intro-
                                                                                             on the Dream Act. “The issue of trying
 that means starting college, while oth-     have any plans for after her two years in                                                  duced in the 112th Congress. Prospects
                                                                                             to bring disenfranchised members into
 ers choose to spend a gap year abroad.      the army.                                                                                  for the bill’s passage are questionable.

         Gracefully’s Opening Excites Heschel Students
                                                                                              By Gabriel Fisher                         upperclassmen who have free pe-
                                                                                                                                        riods. While some have criticized
                                                                                                     Heschel students have              Gracefully for being overpriced,
                                                                                              found a new hangout hotspot in            most are pleased with the service
                                                                                              the upscale deli and supermarket          and quality of the food at Graceful-
                                                                                              Gracefully. At any hour of the day,       ly. Junior Maya Miller exclaimed,
                                                                                              Gracefully is filled with Heschel         “Gracefully is delicious!”

                                                                                              Photographs by Lizzi Rauner
February 2011                                                                       Helios Volume 9 Issue 4                                                                                Page 7

                Concert Review: Not Your Average Mountain Man
                                                         bearskins slung across their shoul-     ly mumbling, “John Shade. 92YTribeca.             about their prowess instantly vanished.
                                                         ders. Three girls from Bennington       December 11,” between songs, as if he             Over the course of an hour, they jumped
                                                         College are out to change that.         feared the audience would forget where            from their own brand of eerily mesmeriz-
                                                          Molly Erin Sarle, Alexandra Sau-       they were mid-performance. His songs              ing balladry to Appalachian folk music and
                                                         ser-Monnig and Amelia Randall           were only slightly more lively than his           then back again. Any somberness linger-
                                                         Meath make up the band Mountain         stage presence. They often took a turn for        ing between songs was brushed away with
                                                         Man. They are not butch trappers        the morbid and gave the impression that he        humorous anecdotes from the band mem-
                                                         but dreamy twenty-somethings            was a profoundly sad man.                         bers about everything from their personal
                                                         with ethereal voices that weave                  After Shade departed, the previ-         health to life in Minnesota.
                                                         together in haunting harmonies.         ously modest crowd doubled in size. Sud-          In fact, the balance the band maintained be-
                                                         Their poignantly beautiful record-      denly, the audience grew still as the women       tween profound and easygoing was almost
                                                         ings make one wonder whether            of Mountain Man nervously hopped onto             as impressive as the music itself; this senti-
                                                         such delicate vocals can hold up        the stage and took their places at three          ment was clearest at the end of the night,
                                                         in the concert setting.                 equidistant microphones. Many in the au-          when the smiling crowd and band joined
                                                          However, at 92YTribeca last            dience were a bit confused at first, for the      together on the song ‘Animal Tracks’ in a
                                                         month, the women of Mountain            timid women standing before them with             glorious demonstration of the true might of
                                                         Man managed to be even more             horn-rimmed glasses and progressive hair-         Mountain Man.
        Illustration by Lizzie Davis                                                             cuts looked like the antithesis of “mountain
                                                 magical live.
By Lizzie Davis                                                                                  men.”                                             You can download Mountain Man’s debut
                                                          A small man named John Shade
          The phrase ‘Mountain Man’ in-                                                                   As they began to sing their first        album, Made The Harbor, at mountainman.
                                                 opened for Mountain Man. Mr. Shade
spires visions of wistful, old wise men with                                                     song of the night, though, any skepticism
                                                 seemed dazed throughout his set, frequent-
beaver-pelt hats atop their mottled hair and

by Elliot Allen
                   Movie Reviews: Elliot Allen’s Top Five of 2010
                                                 tion funny and sharp witted, having been        own universe where logic is thrown out            as fierce competition to this film and is
                                                 written by Aline Brosh McKenna (The             the window for the sake of fun, because           a better movie, yet it is far less interest-
          These are my personal picks for        Devil Wears Prada). If I were to compare        the film understands completely what the          ing to write about, so I did not put it on
the 5 movies of 2010 that I thought were         this movie to a drink it would be a nice        very essence of nerddom is: it is the fact        this list).)This is a very modern movie.
interesting enough to write about. They          cup of apple juice, joyful and exuberant.       that reality is an awful place where you          It is not so much about the founding of
are presented in alphabetical order as all                                                       don’t fit in, that just brings terrible ordeals   Facebook as it is about how one man’s
of them are equally worth your time.             Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Scott Pil-         upon you, i.e., the opposite sex, school,         greed can lead him to great loneliness
                                                 grim Vs. the World is a nerd’s perfect          and expectations. This contrasts with the         and isolation. I know I am not the first to
Batman: Under the Red Hood- The best             movie. The film injects video game logic        joy of fantasy where one may leap fifty           compare this movie to Citizen Kane, but
Batman movie ever made. This pick may                                                                                                              the comparisons are really quite evident.
seem very strange to most people. How                                                                                                              They both feature main characters who
could a direct-to-DVD animated cartoon                                                                                                             are overcome by their inner demons, and
be superior to Christopher Nolan’s re-                                                                                                             their youthful ideals give way to cynicism
cently made and universally lauded The                                                                                                             and regret. Of course, I think the fact that
Dark Knight? For many reasons. First,                                                                                                              this all happens in the span of 6 years for
this movie actually treats Batman as a                                                                                                             Zuckerberg, as opposed to the lifetime of
real human being. The Dark Knight was                                                                                                              Charles Forrester Kane, does take away
praised for its realism, yet this cartoon                                                                                                          some of the impact. This film is without
manages to be more realistic than that                                                                                                             a doubt masterfully directed and written
movie. In all other Batman films, Bruce                                                                                                            very well. The only complaint I have is
Wayne is treated as a brooding, robotic,                                                                                                           with Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark
and overall unlikable man who rarely is                                                                                                            Zuckerberg. He casts him as a complete
given the opportunity to show that he is                                                                                                           and utter robot with an utter lack of mor-
still human. Yes, Batman is dark, and cal-                                                                                                         als or human decency. This may have
culatingly somber, but he is still human,                                                                                                          been intentional on the part of the director
and he still has feelings. Most other Bat-                                                                                                         so as to tell the timeless tale of how greed
man films completely miss that aspect of                                                                                                           leads to intense loneliness, which I be-
his character, but not this one. This movie                                                                                                        lieve is where this movie really finds suc-
features what is widely believed to be the                                                                                                         cess. A great film, it is just tainted by the
greatest tragedy in Batman’s life (besides                                                                                                         inescapable feeling that it was made for
the death of his parents, of course), and                                                                                                          profit and pretentious self-righteousness
because of the emotional turmoil and                                                                                                               rather than artistic merit.
stress that both Batman and Bruce Wayne
go through, we as the audience grow at-                                                                                                            Tangled: Speaking of Facebook, when
tached to him as a character. We see that                                                                                                          The Princess and the Frog came out in
although he is obscenely wealthy, im-                                                                                                              2009 I proudly proclaimed, “Disney is
plausibly strong, and slightly insane, he                                                                                                          back” on my Facebook status page. I am
is still a man. This character insight is just                                                                                                     now proudly proclaiming that my previ-
one of the many reasons why this movie                                                                                                             ous assertion stands the test of time. Yes,
is fantastic and should not be missed by                                                                                                           Disney is back and they have returned to
any fan of cinema. The only critique I                                                                                                             their familiar and beloved roots. Sure,
have is that Mark Hamill is not the voice                                                                                                          Tangled may be computer animated, but
of the Joker—such a shame, but not big                                     Movie Collage by Jordon Katz                                            it still beats with the heart of a classic
enough to ruin the movie.                        into reality to create                                                 feet in the air and        Disney princess movie. Plus, unlike The
                                                 a crazy, action-packed adventure. Anoth-        not be questioned. This is what makes             Princess and the Frog, Rapunzel (which
Morning Glory: Seeing this movie on              er plus is that it was written and directed     Scott Pilgrim utterly sublime as a fantasy/       is what this movie should be called) is
my list may also raise some eyebrows.            by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot         comedy/action/romance. If you are inter-          not weighed down by idiotic pandering
In my sea of critically acclaimed movies         Fuzz) who I be-                                                           ested in any of         to a certain demographic….oh, wait, it
this one stands alone for having received        lieve is the best    Disney is back and they                              those       genres      is! Why can Disney executives not un-
a mixed reception. Do not let the lack of        director of our                                                           check out this          derstand that their movies have a univer-
critical laurels dissuade you from watch-        generation. His     have returned to their roots                          film; it is sure to     sal appeal because they are based on the
ing this movie. This is a very smartly
written film, driven by the charisma of its
                                                 script is clever
                                                 and hilarious,
                                                                     that we all know and love.                            be a cult classic
                                                                                                                           judging by its
                                                                                                                                                   timeless fairytales that have become in-
                                                                                                                                                   grained into the collective subconscious
lead stars, Rachel McAdams and Harri-            perfectly cap-                                                            abysmal box-            of the human race?! Uch…I have gotten
son Ford. Both play very likeable char-          turing the spirit of everything fun in the      office performance and huge internet fan-         off topic; back to the film. This movie is
acters, making this film very pleasant to        world, i.e., comic books, martial arts          dom.                                              really amazing. Wonderful visuals and
watch. In fact, likeable and pleasant are        movies, alt rock, and video games. This                                                           an incandescent soundtrack that harkens
both perfect words to describe this film. It     whimsical spirit is what really makes           The Social Network: Ah, the movie that            back to the classic Disney musicals of
is formulaic, following the classic roman-       the movie work; it is a simple story of         I predict will win best picture at the Acad-      yore are all present in this film. (In fact,
tic comedy structure, but the formula be-        a guy wanting a girl, but it becomes so         emy Awards; the reasons for which it will         while writing this I had the sudden urge to
came a formula in the first place because        much more thanks to its vigor. The film         win may be questionable, but it shall win         play the soundtrack… and I am listening
it is so successful. This is the movie to        not only is an amazing comedy, but it is        nonetheless. At least we can rest in peace        to it repeatedly. Damn, it’s addictive!) See
be watched when you are having a cozy            an amazing martial arts movie as well. In       knowing that this year a movie deserv-            this movie if you want a nostalgic blast
night at home with loved ones. The safety        fact, this film is the best action movie of     ing of praise will probably win the award         and, simultaneously, a viewing of what I
of this film makes it amazing, not to men-       the year. The film completely exists in its     (Note: The King’s Speech is appearing             believe to be a future classic.
Page 8                                                                        Helios Volume 9 Issue 4                                                                  February 2011

         Sports Column: Knicks Cause a City to Rock Once Again
                                                                                           not so patiently, for a return to winning    Knicks fans? Of course. But there are
                                                                                           ways.                                        far too many fans who didn’t tune in to a
                                                                                           Senior Jacob Feld noted his joy at the       single game over the past decade of mis-
                                                                                           new and improved Knicks. “I’ve been a        ery that I, along with many others, suf-
                                                                                           fan a long time and I haven’t seen a team    fered through.
                                                                                           like this since before 2000. Every night     Daniel Kressel, a fellow senior and loyal
                                                                                           I see intensity, I see teamwork, but most    Knicks fan over the years, shares my
                                                                                           importantly, I see a desire to win. This     sentiment: “It’s despicable. I’ve been
                                                                                           is a desire that every true New Yorker       through the worst of times as a fan, never
                                                                                           carries.” Barely coming up for air, Feld     giving up, and now, when the Knicks are
                                                                                           continued, “It is a                                                  finally return-
                            Photograph by Andrew Udell                                     team, a consistency,      Turn on your TV, dial                      ing to respect-
By Gabriel Klausner                         on some of the game’s highest-paid, yet        and a feeling that                                                   ability, everyone
                                            lowest performing players. Fans became         temporarily satiates      up the radio, and pick                     jumps on board.
                                                                                           our constant feelings                                                Let’s see what
         Despite what has been a brutal
winter thus far, New York City is alive
                                            so fed up that websites began to pop up
                                            calling for a franchise makeover starting      of nostalgia, a feeling    up that newspaper,                        happens if the
again. The people of the Big Apple are      from the top, pushing for the ousting of       that this city has been
                                                                                           waiting for.”
                                                                                                                     folks – the New York                       Knicks       tank.
                                                                                                                                                                Let’s see who is
coming together, woven together by a        team owner, chairman of Cablevision
common thread. Turn on your TV, dial        and Madison Square Garden Inc., James                    I can’t help      Knicks are back.                         left.”
up the radio, and pick up that newspa-      Dolan.                                         but notice that there                                                  The      bottom
per, folks – the New York Knicks are                  But the past is the past. The        seems to be Knicks                                                   line is that the
back.                                       Knicks are a different team with a savvy       fans crawling from every corner, sup-        Knicks are back. It’s time for everyone
         For years, the Knicks were the     team president in Donnie Walsh, a prov-        porting the new Knicks. But where were       in this school and across this town to
laughing stock of the National Basket-      en head coach in Mike D’Antoni, and a          these folk when the team was mired in a      rise up and support our team. But just
ball Association, failing to make play-     bevy of young, talented basketball play-       long string of embarrassing seasons?         know all you bandwagoners out there,
offs year after year. As an organization,   ers. Most notably, the Knicks made noise       I watched night after night, year after      no matter how energized and overjoyed
the Knickerbockers were an embarrass-       this past off-season by signing perennial      year, through Stephon Marbury taking         you feel at the thought of a competitive
ment, going through five head coaches       all-star Amare Stoudemire to a $100 mil-       twenty-five shots a game, Isaiah Thomas      New York Knicks team, it doesn’t touch
in a span of 7 seasons (2001-2008).         lion contract and point guard Raymond          signing Jerome James to a five-year con-     the sweet taste in the mouths of all loyal
General Managers Scott Layden and           Felton, who has been the team’s general        tract, and the franchise’s $130 million      Knicks fans who have been devoted to
Isaiah Thomas traded away nearly every      on the floor.                                  payroll (the highest in the NBA) despite     their team through thick and through
draft pick. (Traditionally the high draft   This revival of a team with such a sto-        the second worst record in the league.       thin.
picks awarded to the league’s worst         ried history has brought life to Madison                 Yet now I blend in with the rest            To my fellow true Knickerbock-
teams provide poor squads a way to re-      Square Garden as well as invigorating          of the Knicks fans who only are support-     er faithful I say, Go New York! Go New
build a winning roster.) They also made     fans at Heschel who have been waiting,         ing their hometown team in this time of      York! Go!
many poor signings and trades, taking                                                      long-awaited triumph. Do I welcome all

               Girls Junior Varsity Basketball: Where’d Ya Go?                                                                          yes. Larry was forced to call the oppos-
By Zachary Spiera                           practice wasn’t worth it anymore,” said       for the Athletic Department, for me, for
                                                                                          the coaches, for those who did show up,”      ing team, to cancel the game, and forfeit
                                            Rachel Sanders, another freshman who
         It is only January, yet the bas-                                                 Larry said. He continued, clearly upset,      once again. He then consulted Ahuva
                                            had been on the team. The team was los-
ketball season is already over for the                                                    “I was really heartbroken, because I had      Halberstam, Head of the High School,
                                            ing every game, and attendance at prac-
2011 junior varsity girls. What went                                                      never had this happen in the history of       and Roanna Shorofsky, Head of School,
                                            tice was dwindling.
wrong?                                                                                    Heschel.”                                     before calling the league to tell them that
                                                     Then came the pivotal Kushner
         According to the                                                                                                               he was disbanding the team. “I should
players, the team started out                                                                                                                 not have to go hunt down bodies to
on a very positive note. Prac-                                                                                                                find out if they’re going to show up
tices were effective, and the                                                                                                                 for a game,” Larry said.
team was developing. “It was                                                                                                                      With no junior varsity girls’
a good learning experience, it                                                                                                                team, the sophomores were al-
was very fun, and we felt like                                                                                                                lowed to bump up to Varsity, leav-
we were improving,” said Ari-                                                                                                                 ing the committed freshmen with
ela Orgel and Jessie Wachtel,                                                                                                                 nothing but workouts and Larry
two freshmen who had been                                                                                                                     with the question of how instill a
on the team.                                                                                                                                  sense of responsibility and dedica-
         Another freshman,                                                                                                                    tion in student athletes. This prob-
Nava Sido, agreed, “Because                                                                                                                   lem is more widespread than just
of the level of seriousness                                                                                                                   the JV girls, though. As Larry was
that we had during practices, I                                                                                                               sharing his side of the junior var-
thought that our team was get-                                                                                                                sity girls’ basketball fiasco, several
ting stronger and developing a                                                                                                                players from other teams walked
certain chemistry as we went                                                                                                                  into his office to complain about
along.”                                                                                                                                       having to practice during the AFC
         But the downfall be-                                                                                                                 Championship Jet game and on
gan early in the season. It                                                                                                                   Super Bowl Sunday. “As an ath-
started when a few of the                                                                                                                     letic department, you can’t have
players on the team decided                                                                                                                   athletes who do this,” Larry said.
to leave the team for per-                                                                                                                        So what does he plan to do to
sonal reasons. “People had                                                                                                                    fix this problem at Heschel? He
their own individual prob-                                                                                                                    intends to make sure that all po-
lems about various things                                                                                                                     tential student athletes and their
that caused them to leave the                                                                                                                 parents understand the commit-
team,” said Nava.                                                                                                                                ment required to be on a team at
                                                                    Illustration by Joshua Ashley
         In early December,                                                                                                                      Heschel. “Next year I’m going
sophomore Leah Dorfman moved up                                                                    This was only the beginning                   to implement an orientation for
                                            game in mid-December at home. One
to the varsity squad when they needed                                                     of the girls’ troubles. After that embar-     the student athletes and their parents, be-
                                            hour before game time, only three girls
an extra player for a Yeshiva League                                                      rassing forfeit, only the same three girls    cause of the word ‘commitment.’ You’re
                                            were warming up when a fourth member
tournament in Baltimore. After playing                                                    showed up for practice. Before their          only going to be allowed to miss some-
                                            of the team ran up to Larry Rispoli, the
well and having a great time at the tour-                                                 next game, Larry, not wanting another         thing if there is a religious event or a
                                            Athletic Director, to tell him that nobody
nament, she decided to stay on varsity                                                    embarrassing moment for the school,           death in the family.”
                                            else was coming. Larry was forced to
permanently.                                                                              took it upon himself to go find each                    “We need to be committed and
                                            tell the opposing team after a long drive
         Meanwhile, the team started                                                      member of the team and ask if she was         focus on one goal: trying to do well and
                                            into New York that Heschel had to for-
experiencing some commitment prob-                                                        planning to show up. To his frustration,      win a championship. That’s it,” he add-
                                            feit the game. “It was a bad scene, a
lems. “Some people decided coming to                                                      only the same three loyal players said        ed.
                                            very embarrassing scene for Heschel,

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