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               Rapid Acquisition

                       March 10, 2011
                           OSD CAPE
UNCLASSIFIED    Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation

      How to not make the SD the PM for rapid
                  acquisition items

    • Current process requires senior leader
       How to balance urgent needs against
         the risk the system is willing to take
       How fast is it required, how much is the
         department willing to pay, and how
         much oversight is required
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                                            Current Acquisition Model
                                                                  Complexity & Risk
                                  Easy with No Risk                                                 Difficult with Risk
                                          Year of Execution                Re-Programming            Programming
Senior Leader Involvement


                                                                                                                                    Total Program Costs
                                                                                                               CAT I
                                                              To shorten time requires                             SM-6
                             SD                               more sr ldr involvement
                                                                                               Using Existing Auths
                                                                                                   and Contracts
                            DSD                                                 JIEDDO
                                                                                            MC-12 Liberty
                            MDA                                                                                           ATR
                                                                          S&T at Government Labs
                                                                                Laser JDAM
                            SAE                           SDB/C-130
                                                       PO Integration
       Theater                                                                                                            Theater
     Local Cmd COTS/GOTS                                                                                                  Funding
                            Days       Weeks             Months           Quarters          Year          Years
                                                                  Need to Delivery Time

   Rapid Acquisition Requirements Process
     Capability Requirement Validation                 Pick a Solution

   Identify     Validate        Prioritize   Develop    Demonstrate      Procure

                                              OR        Demonstrate      Procure

     Then Integrate to a Service or Agency

                           Sustain &                         OR          Procure

                           Sustain &

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      How Can a Program Get an EZ-Pass?

     • High priority JUON that must be tracked
     • Requires funding
           Initial (break another program, colorless?)
           O&S costs must be signed up for
     • Requires Service support or buy-in
     • Requires breaking thru the risk adverse nature
       of the system it is being procured from
     • Government must take on a large integration
           Established relationships with contractors
           Team in place

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     Rapid Acquisition Future Developments

        • Standing up a DoD-wide program office
            Current organizations are commodity specific
            Ad-hoc from current program offices

        •Streamlining how the requirements come in
               JCIDS is not nimble enough
               How to create a more open process

        •Appropriating colorless multi-year funding
               Keeping Congress informed
               Transition/transfer to services or agencies

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                                         Laser JDAM
Sep 2006 CENTAF Urgent Need for Engaging Fast Moving Targets
• CSAF directed QRC--Weapons to GWOT in 15 month
• Requirements:
     • CSAF go-ahead Mar 07; Requirements signed Apr 07
     • Requirements did not change even with addition of Navy
• Technology:
     • Boeing initial investment, development and demonstration
• Funding:
     • Initial R&D funding ($6M) from Warfighter Rapid Acquisition
       Program in 1 month
     • Initial production funds ($20M) reprogrammed in 2 months      • Rapid receipt of initial funding
                                                                     • Agile support from testers
     • Follow-on funding kept pace with need                         • Accelerated decision process
          • $6M R&D in 4 months; Navy funding in 8 months
• Team:
     • Existing JDAM program office used for LJDAM
     • Supported tailored processes

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                            Precision Lethality MK-82
2009 JUON for Very Low Collateral Damage Weapon
• Requirements: RAC directed QRC for USCENTCOM
     • Direction from JRAC Mar 10, R&D started May 10.
       Requirements finalized Aug 10, 4 months into effort.
     • Penetration and forward fuzing not critical to low collateral
       damage. Added 4 months to development effort.
• Technology:
     • Composite technology integrated on a fielded system, JDAM
• Funding: Unconventional funding sources
     • SPR leads to reprogramming of $11M SAF/AQ funds for tech
       maturation through an AFRL ongoing effort
     • $29.5M RDT&E OCO money provided Aug 10                          • Early Funding – Available for effort
                                                                       • People – Committed to Warfighter
     • $20M RDT&E & $31M production provided by JRAC Oct 10            • Flexibility
• Team: AAC & AFRL Lab partnership key to success                        • Rapid decision making ability
                                                                         • Adapt to change daily
     • AFRL led tech maturation effort w/transition to AAC             • Agile support from testers

     • New AAC program office stood up. Fulfills Sys Integrator role
     • Organic system level design and system logistics support
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               Back Up Slides

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                    Focused Lethality Munition (FLM)
                 FY06                              FY07                                FY08
         2 Qtr    3 Qtr    4 Qtr       1 Qtr     2 Qtr    3 Qtr   4 Qtr   1 Qtr   2 Qtr    3 Qtr     4 Qtr

                 AFRL Technology                         Technology                                     450 FLMs
                 Development Program
 JCTD            (25 Arena, Sled & Howitzer Tests)       Transition                                MS C
 Club                              Integration/Test
                                   Program                                                    Sustainment
                                                                                          Original Fielding
                 Contract Award                                              FLM’s        Schedule (50)
                                                                             Weaponeer Workshops
         3 Phase                                                          Static Live Fire Tests
         Military Utility
                                                                          Guided Test Vehicle Flights
                                                                                       Live Flight Test

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                                                          Laser JDAM
                                     FY07 Month Timeline                                FY08                                                        FY09
                            M    J      J     A    S      O      N     D    J      F    M    A       M        J   J      A      S     O     N       D     J       F   M
Milestones      Direction
                                AF Prod $          Final AF $              Funds                    AF 1st 50                         DON 1st 50                  AF 400th
                                                                                                    Requirement       1st Operational Requirement              Requirement
                      AF R&D $       Navy Rqmt
Contract Actions
 - UCA
 - Definitization                                                                                                       FDR1/PRR1/FAAT 1 – SDD+ Configuration
                                                                                                                        FDR2/PRR2/FAAT 2 – LRIP Configuration
                                 FDR1                                                                PRR2 (Elbit)        PRR2 (ESA)          FCA
                                                       FDR2 PRR1
Qualification                                                         Producibility Enhancements
 - Design

 - Logistics

 - Software (Blk 7)
                                                                                                                                FAAT 2
 - AF Testing
                                                              Stationary Target    FAAT 1/        Obj A/C Integration and
                                                              Eval                 OUE            Moving/Maneuvering Target Eval

 - Navy Testing
                                                                                                         50                                100           200      300 400
                                            Long-Lead                                  AF Units
Operational Unit                            Procurement
                                                                                                                      Navy Units      50                       100        200

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                                                        BLU-129/B QRC Schedule                      Time Now
                                      4.5-month RR
                                                                                 8-month IOC
                                                                                                                                          5-month post-IOC                               Transition from QRC
                              FY2010                                                                              FY2011                                                                            FY2012
                 M       A    M       J       J      A          S          O      N         D        J        F       M           A      M          J       J       A         S      O          N    D      J       F       M
DIRECTION                                   AF Rqmt’s           DoN Rqmt’s
                             AFRL $                                   RDT&E/Prod
RQMNTS            JRAC                       RDT&E                                                                                      AF
                                             OCO $                     Reprog $                                                                                         Capability Transition
FUNDING          Direction                                                                                                              RAA                                  Review
                             RR CA                         RDT&E CA                                         Prod CA
                                          Risk Reduction                       TRL Readiness Review                       Lethality Evaluation Point                                 CFP - Captive Flt Profile
                                                                                                                                                                                     CTV - Controlled Test Vehicle
QRC RDT&E                                               Arena       Sled
                                                                                                              Final TDP                 Post-IOC TRR                                 DVT - Design Verification Testing
                               SRR                          PDR            Initial CDR TRR                                                                                           EGTV - Environmental Guided Test Vehicle
                                                                            TDP Case DVTs                                 Margin DVTs                                                IM – Insensitive Munitions
                                                                                             Structural Data
                                                                                                                                                                                     PHST – Packaging, Handling, Storage,
                                                                                 Qual                                             Navy safe Sep/Cats & Traps
           Ground Rules/Assumptions                                                          Package                                                                                 Transportation
  •   No key requirements changes                                                                                                                                                    RAA – Required Assets Available
                                                                                           E3/HERO                                    USN Exp Quals
                                                                                                                                                                                     TDP – Technical Data Package
  •   BLU-129 ~ legacy MK82 (except roll inertia)                                                                                     NNMSB
                                                                                      Environmental /Safety                                              IM/Haz Class Tests
  •   No JDAM OFP change allowed                                                                                                      Approval
                                                                                                Test                                                                              Navy Fleet Clearance
  •   Receive IM waiver for initial fielding                                    AFSEO
                                                                                                Clear (T)
                                                                                                                   Flt Clear(O)                  USN Flt Test

  •   Receive high priority on test range                                                                         Sled
  •   JDAM / LJDAM kits and fuzes are GFE                                                                                                        Design Margin Sleds
  •   Warhead characterization, design margin and                                          Arenas                                 Weaponeering Design Margin Lethality
      objective testing post-IOC                                                           EGTVs
                                                                                                                                  A/C Flt
  •   Paveway II certification dates TBD                                 Fit                 CTV
                                                                       Checks                                                     OUE Rpt
                                                                                              CFP             DT/OT                                     Objective Live Flights
                                                                                  Tech Orders                                          Recommendation

                                                                                                                     EOD Eval                     Warhead Aging Study

                                                                                                                          PHST                                                Warhead Surveillance Plan

WARHEAD                                                                                                                     McAlester Qual
MANUFACTURING                                                                                                                50 RAA
                                                                                                    PRR           FAI/PCA
 UNCLASSIFIED                                                                                                                                                                                                             12

                  Focused Lethality Munition (FLM)
2006 Urgent Need for Low Collateral Damage Weapon
• SECAF directed JCTD--Weapons to GWOT in 18 mos
• Requirements: Well defined from JCTD process
     • Limited blast zone and focused lethality
     • Requirements were fluid. Penetration requirement reduced
• Technology:
     • Composite technology integrated on a fielded system, SDB   Enablers
                                                                  • Accelerated Funding
• Funding: Out of cycle JCTD                                      • People & Teamwork
                                                                  • Leadership
     • SAF/AQ found $10M. Initial $6M went directly to AFRL,        • Vision, Strategy, Focus
       $3.6M managed by AAC for AFRL.                               • Accepting failure and taking risk
                                                                  • Mature Technologies
     • Follow on funding from misc sources including $10M BTR     • Clear and Valid Requirement
       from SDB I and SDB II.                                     • Agile support from testers

• Team: AAC & AFRL Lab partnership key to success
     • AFRL led tech maturation effort w/transition to AAC
     • SDB program office supplemented for FLM effort
     • Partnered w/National Labs for composite design expertise

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