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					                               BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                                    (A Govt. of India Enterprise)
                                      Bharat Sanchar Bhawan
                               Harish Chandra Mathur Lane, Janpath,
                                        New Delhi-110001.


EOI NO AND DATE                            :      MM/CNP/012010/000378 DATED 01.01.2010

DATE OF SUBMISSION                        :       27.01.2010 TIME UPTO 17.00 HOURS

VENUE OF TENDER OPENING                   :       Sh B. B. Sehgal
                                                  AGM(R-I), 4th Floor, Corporate Office,
                                                  Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi -110001
                                                  Phone : 011-23765455, FAX -23766758


1.0    Objective

1.1      This EoI invites offers from interested Vendors / Parties for planning, training, installation,
commissioning, testing, optimisation, operation and maintenance of Nationwide Multiprotocol Converged
Next Generation Network based on MPLS/Carrier Ethernet over a secured Optical DWDM Backbone with
end to end Operation and Maintenance (OAM), scalability and management of QoS on a per port per
subscriber per service basis. The proposed network should support gateways for interoperability with
legacy services running over existing ATM, FR and TDM networks. The existing PCM/ TDM PBXs and IP
based data infrastructure at access points will be integrated with the proposed network. The proposed
network will be secured using bulk encryption devices of the user. The signalling and routing protocols
should be capable of controlling data plane comprising of ATM, FR, TDM, POS, SDH and GigE payloads.
The scope also includes geographically redundant Network Operation Centres (NOCs) and Network
Management System (NMS) for this project. A full fledged test lab will also come up as part of this
project, wherein a test bed of the network with suitable test and measurement equipment would be
available. The Network will mainly comprise of carrier class high end Core Routers, Edge Routers, Layer-
2/Layer-3 Switches, UTM Systems, Data Centres, NMS with disaster recovery, VoIP equipment, Voice
Gateway, WiMax (802.16e) Messaging Servers, IPTV/GPON systems, Security/Antivirus/Intrusion
detection/Firewall solution, Synchronization devices etc along with back up media of Microwave/Satellite.
The network should support service scalability and flexibility with specific reference to traffic engineering,
resource reservation, dynamic provisioning, differentiated services and network resiliency. The Dual
Homed Resilient Optical Metro Ethernet Access Rings should provide end to end carrier grade reliability
for link protection and node protection (failover less than 50ms). The offered MPLS based networking
technologies should be optimized for Multi-point provisioning of end to end connection oriented traffic
engineering behaviour over DWDM transmission.

2.0     General Information

2.1      The EoI is being invited for short listing of Indian owned companies/System Integrators (SI) for
planning, installation & commissioning, testing, optimisation, operation and maintenance of a nationwide
carrier class multiprotocol converged next generation network. Only short listed Vendors/ Parties will be
permitted to participate as bidders for this project. The Bidders will have to render a certificate stating
the name of OEM/s who supports the Bidder, as part of documentation to be submitted in response to
this EoI. A Vendor/ Party will not be allowed to participate in more than one bid through different OEMs.
Similarly OEMs will be allowed to participate with Single Vendor/Party only.
2.2      The bidder may either meet eligibility and experience criteria on its own or form a consortium
with suitable partners (OEMs only) to meet the required criteria. In later case there should be an
unambiguously designated member of the consortium who should submit the EOI on behalf of
consortium and will be called lead bidder. Only lead bidder will be permitted to interact with BSNL/user

2.3    The overall support of the OEM shall be mandated throughout this project by an agreement with
the Vendor / User to ensure following:-

        (a)     Training, installation, commissioning, testing and network audit prior to acceptance.
        (b)     Training, optimisation, operation and maintenance during warranty for three years after
        the acceptance and thereafter during the AMC period, which shall be minimum of seven years.

2.4    The brief technical specifications of main Network Components and Services (envisaged to be
deployed under the proposed network) are at „Annexure –I‟.

2.5     Exclusive DWDM based Network to be set up exclusive for end customer at the location of the
metro location of the user department for carriage of MPLS traffic/user services. No other infrastructure
/equipment/technical support will be provided by the user department.

2.6     The bidder shall be responsible for site preparation, power conditioning, environment control,
planning, training, installation & commissioning, network synchronization, testing, optimization, operation
and maintenance of the proposed network. The entire networking infrastructure should be from reputed

2.7    The bidder will be responsible for operation and maintenance support during the three year
warranty period and thereafter through AMC in respect of the services envisaged in the EOI.

2.8      The successful bidder shall provide comprehensive training for the end users on a half yearly
basis for at least three years. The bidder will be required to meet the training requirements for Network
Architecture, Network Design, Technology and Product Specialisation, System and Operations.

2.9     The project is to be commissioned as per time schedule mentioned at „Annexure –II‟.

2.10     It is mandatory for the bidder to provide all necessary information pertaining to "open interfaces"
for interconnecting to other projects as and when required by the BSNL/user department.

2.11     The bidder should place resident engineers for onsite technical support for this proposed
Nationwide Multiprotocol Converged Next Generation Network (NGN). The Technical Support (OAM) of
the proposed equipment for the whole network has to be ensured by the successful bidder for a period of
at least seven years after the expiry of the three year warranty period.

2.12    The payment terms for the project will be linked to the progressive commissioning of the
respective systems and services and will be detailed in the bid document.

2.13   The payment shall be made in Indian Rupees. The payments in general shall be linked to a
number of well defined bench marks of progressive completion levels during the course of the project,
such as equipment delivery, system commissioning, functionality validation, Acceptance Testing etc.
These shall be mentioned in the tender document.

2.14 The successful bidder will be required to sign and honour “Non Disclosure Agreement” with
Government of India” before issue of tender papers as well as before award of contract.

2.15     The right to suspend the EOI process or part of the process to accept or reject any or all
applications at any stage of the process and/ or to modify the process or any part thereof at any time
without assigning any reason is reserved by user department without any obligation or liability

3.0    Eligibility :

3.1   The bidder should be an Indian registered IT/Networking/Telecom company with a
minimum turnover of at least Rs. 1000 Crore in each of the last 3 financial years and should
have been profitable. Audited Balance sheets for last 3 years are to be enclosed as
supporting document.

3.2   The Bidder should be either a technology provider or have a direct teaming
agreement with other Technology Provider Companies/OEMs.

3.3    The bidders shall have to produce a certificate from their banker regarding their
solvency and creditworthiness.

3.4     The Bidder should be ISO 9001:2000 or ISO 27000:2005 certified company as on
date (copy of certificate is to be submitted).
3.5     The bidder and his OEMs must have their own development and support/ repair
Centre in India and or should establish full fledged “Proof of Concept (PoC) Lab” in India
where the proposed solution can be evaluated during TEC. Under any circumstances PoC
shall not be conducted outside the country.

3.6    The bidder‟s OEMs should have a defined roadmap for the proposed product for next
10 years and should be able to support the system for 7 years after the 3 year warranty
period. A letter from OEM signed by an authorized signatory and a Power of attorney
authorizing the signatory to sign on behalf of the OEM should be enclosed.

3.7   The successful bidders shall submit an undertaking from his OEM for system software
and hardware support for at least next 10 years.

3.8     The network elements proposed to be provided as part of solution should be carrier
class, tested, certified and from reputed OEMs. The OEMs of the Networking element should
have a proven track record of profitability for the last 2 years and audited balance sheet
should be provided in support of the same.

3.9    The bidder should ensure that his hardware OEM/(s) should have established Sales
tax paid spare depots facility in India at least Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore from
where the OEM should have the capability to give spare replacement within 4 hours to the
System Integrator/end user to meet support requirements for Critical locations of the
Network. The services of the OEM are required throughout the period of contract. The
vendor should have its support centers in atleast at 15 places across the country, spread out
uniformly. Necessary document in support should be given by both the System Integrator
and OEM.

4.0     Experience :

4.1      The lead bidder should have experience of integrating and implementing one or more IP based
MPLS networks comprising of min 75 nodes (either core or edge router) and 150 Layer-2/Layer-3
switches anywhere in the world. At least one network should be in operation since last one year on the
date of issue of this EOI.

4.2     The lead bidder should have successfully implemented IP based MPLS network consisting of core
routers, edge routers, switches, Application, Data Centres, voice networking and NMS with similar scope
& scale worth Rs.150 Crore in or outside the country for any Service Provider/Defence/PSU/Govt.
Organization during last 3 years.

4.3      The OEMs of MPLS Routers (Core and Edge routers) & Carrier Ethernet (Routers and Switches),
IP Telephony Systems must have minimum experience of both satisfactory supplies (direct or through
System integrator) & professional services of similar equipments for managing at least one Indian
Defence Networks in the last ten years.
4.4      Bidder should have experience of Operating, Maintaining and provisioning support of such type of
Network. Bidder shall have to produce performance certificate from the customer in this regard. The
performance certificate/report should also provide the broad details of Network topology & equipments
details. The Bidder should also have skilled certified Human Resources with experience in implementing
such Projects.

4.5      The bidder should have implemented at least one messaging system comprising of 5000
mailboxes and voice networking in last 3 years. The OEM should have provided their technology in a
project in India for the similar scale.

4.6     Bidder should provide letters of support in the form of MOU from Original Equipment
Manufacturers stating that the proposed solution will be supported on the platform proposed by the
bidder for the next 10 years.

4.7    Bidder should have implemented and operated 3 projects involving data centres of approximately
1000 sq feet.

4.8    The Lead bidder should not be blacklisted or involved in any corrupt and fraudulent practices by
any Central/State Government ministries/affiliate or PSUs. Company secretary certified document should
be submitted in this regard.

5.0     Procedure for submission of response to the EOI:

5.1    The documents required to be submitted along with the response to this EOI are given in
Annexure III. All the documents must be legible and attested by the authorized signatory of
bidder. The complete proposal be numbered serially and should have index sheet attached to

5.2     The bidder shall submit five (5) number of copies in response to the EOI, clearly marking one
copy as „Original copy‟ and the remaining four(4) as „copy No.2, 3, 4 & 5. In the event of any discrepancy
between them the „original copy‟ shall govern/prevail. The bidder shall submit the EOI in CD/Pen drive

5.3     The envelopes shall be addressed at the following address:

                Sh B. B. Sehgal
                AGM(R-I), 4th Floor, Corporate Office,
                Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi -110001
                Phone : 011-23765455, FAX -23766758

5.4     Response to the EOI must be submitted by at the address mentioned above.

5.5    User at its discretion can extend this deadline for the submission of responses to the EOI and the
same shall be notified on BSNL website (

6.0     Evaluation of proposals:

6.1     Following broad criteria will be adopted for short listing the bidder.

        (a)     Capability & suitability of the technology being offered by the bidder.

        (b)    OEMs experience in supply, implementing and providing support for similar kind of
        networks for service provider or military organization in India or abroad.

        (c)     The bidders past experience in handling project of this magnitude for assessing the
        technical & administrative capability for successful execution & subsequent satisfactory support
        for operation & maintenance of the network.

        (d)     The availability of technical support centers in terms of established spares warehouse
        and technical manpower of the OEM and Vendor across the country.

        (e)     Financial capability of the bidder to handle this project.

7.0     Clarifications:

7.1      A prospective bidder, requiring any clarification on the EOI documents shall notify BSNL in writing
or by FAX at the address mentioned at para 5.4 above. BSNL shall respond in writing to any request for
the clarification of the Bid Documents, which it receives not later than 7 days after the date of issue of
EOI. Copies of the query (without identifying the source) and clarifications by BSNL shall be placed on the
BSNL's web site. Bidders are advised to watch the website for clarifications/amendments.

8.0     Amendment of EOI Document:

8.1     At any time, prior to the date of submission of EoIs, BSNL may, for any reason, whether at its
own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective bidder, modify / amend the EOI

8.2   The amendments shall be notified on BSNL's web site, i.e. at "http//" and these
amendments will be binding on all the prospective bidders.

8.3     In order to afford prospective bidders a reasonable time to take the amendment into account in
preparing their bids, BSNL, at its discretion, may extend the deadline for the submission of bids suitably.

                                                         Annexure I

                               Network Components and Architecture

1.0     Introduction:

1.1     This schedule outlines the broad architecture and components of the network that shall be
deployed by bidder for provision of Nationwide Multiprotocol Converged Next Generation Network based
on Carrier Class MPLS over Secured Optical DWDM Backbone based on end-to-end Carrier Ethernet over
IETF‟s MPLS architecture and ITU G.8010 architecture. The proposed nationwide network over long haul
secured optical DWDM backbone should provide End to End Operation and Maintenance (O&M) support
based on IEEE 802.1ag and ITU Y.1731. The end to end scalability and management of QoS on a per
port per subscriber per service basis should be for user ports of Dual Homed Optical Resilient Access
Metro Ethernet Rings over Global MPLS Core.

2.0     Scope of work:

2.1     The scope of work shall cover all steps for complete establishment of a proposed network on a
turnkey basis to interconnect about 33 locations spread all across the country.

2.2     The scope of work would also include site preparation, power conditioning, environment control,
planning, training, installation & commissioning, network synchronization, testing, optimization, operation
and maintenance of the proposed network.

2.3    The scope of this also includes geographically redundant Network Operation Centres (NOCs) and
Network Management System for this project should be hierarchical with minimum two layers. Two NOCs
(one main and one for geographical redundancy) will be established as part of the project.

2.4  The scope will include creation of Data Centres, Disaster Recovery centre, Unified
Communications, Messaging application etc.

2.5     Subsequent operation, maintenance and support provisioning shall also be the responsibility of
the bidder. The operational control of the network will be with the End User with technical support from
the bidder.

3.0     Equipment Standards & Specifications:

3.1     The proposed MPLS network will be an exclusive carrier class network engineered to interconnect
about 33 locations spread across the country. The network will be highly scalable to cater for expansion
by addition of more communication nodes and entities. The network will be engineered to provide voice-
networking (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint) support for the users along with data and video
routing/transportation services. The network architecture will consist of the following: -

        (a)     Core Network.
        (b)     Access Network.

3.2    Core Network: The proposed nationwide next generation network should be based on IETF
MPLS architecture.

3.3     Access Network: The Access network will comprise of edge routers distributed over user
locations. The Access network will be connected to the nearest Core router through a fibre cable or on
SDH. The Access network will provide various IP services such as voice networking, data networking
(unicast and multicast) and IPTV.

3.4      The core network must be able to grow and expand using open-ended software/hardware. The
network must be scalable and should cater for at least 100% expansion by adding additional nodes. The
network scalability should also support expansion in number of users for voice and data subscribers by a
factor of 100%. The network devices must support IPv6 in hardware whenever required in near future.

3.5     Application & Messaging Systems: The messaging system shall consists are Mail Transfer
Agent, Backup Server, Directory and Authentication, SMTP Proxy, Web Mail, Digital Certificate Service,
Storage Area Network, Management Terminals, Antivirus Gateways etc.

3.6      Voice Networking: The voice network will consist of Distributed Call Session Control
functionality, survivability Call Control Functionality at remote nodes, IP and analogue end points, Voice
Gateway, Feature Servers etc. The network will be engineered to provide VoIP calls (Point to Point and
Point to Multi Points) along with data and video routing / transportation services

3.7     The proposed network should be engineered and configured to carry standard and high definition
TV, High definition digital surveillance traffic, multicasted video conferencing and video streaming,
Ethernet VPNs, Ethernet leased lines, mission critical voice services and Triple Play broadband services.

3.8      Network should have advanced operational support system which manages network
configuration, performance monitoring, SLA monitoring and network availability. The Hierarchical Network
Management System with full FCAPS capability with minimum two layers will be fielded. The network
control should be possible from two Geographically Redundant NOCs.

4.0     Broad Network Architecture & service requirement

4.1     The broad Indicative Network architecture & service requirement shall be as follows, however the
actual quantities and components will be detailed in the RFP:-

        (a)    The network will be established by interconnecting carrier grade core routers, carrier
        grade edge routers, layer 3 switches, layer 2 switches, voice and unified communications,
        messaging system etc.

        (b)     The core network must be able to grow and expand using open ended
        software/hardware. The network must be scalable and should cater for at least 100% expansion
        by adding additional nodes/routers. The network scalability should also support expansion in
        number of users for voice and data subscribers by a factor of 100%. The network devices must
        support IPv6 in hardware.

4.2     Qualitative Requirements of the Network and Data Centres:

        (a)    The network and data centres will be operational on 24 hrs X 365 days basis. All
        equipment in the network shall be designed for continuous operations. The bidder shall have
        agreement with the OEM for providing 24x365 support & maintenance.

        (b)     All equipment shall be designed for continuous operation and should be rack mountable.

        (c)     A single point failure on the equipment should not result in network
        or data centre or network management system downtime. All critical modules will be identified
        and provided in full redundant configuration for high reliability.

        (d)     The network equipment should support online management through Vendor Supplied
        Network Management System for centralized configuration, performance monitoring, fault
        diagnostic, SLA and rectifications.

        (e)     The offered equipment must operate with DC and AC power supply.

4.3     System Reliability Requirement: The configuration, spares and repairs for each subsystem
equipment and modules will be planned depending upon its critically in the network and will provide for
the planned reliability within the network. The system reliability will be quantified in terms of uptime of
each equipment, as mentioned below, in the network and availability of the services to 99.999% of Users
over the network.

        (a)     Core Network Equipment: All core routers will provide 99.999%
        uptime for working on 24 hours basis. All critical modules/cards such as control cards and power
        supply cards of Core Network will have 100% redundancy.

        (b)     Access Network Equipment: The access routers will provide 99.999 % uptime for
        working on 24 hours basis. All access routers will be equipped with redundant power supply

        (c)     Data Centre Equipment: All equipment at the data centres should provide an uptime
        of 99.999% for working on 24 hours basis.

        (d)     In case of fault in any modules/cards, the affected service should be restored using the
        stand-by modules/cards. The faulty modules/cards will be replaced by the Vendor as per the SLA
        terms and conditions.

        (e)     The Vendor will ensure configuration of the equipment so as to achieve the overall
        system reliability as stated above.

        (f)     The Vendor will ensure planning and placement of spares for all equipment so as to
        achieve the required up time of the network. OEM must have registered-sales tax paid-depot for
        stocking up of spares.

4.4     The above requirements are only indicative, the exact requirements shall be provided in the
tender document.

                                                              Annexure- II

                   Tentative Time schedule for execution of the project

SNo   Activity                                           Time Schedule
  1   Floating of EOI                                       01 Jan 2010
  2   Interested Bidders to ask clarifications              12 Jan 2010
  3   Reply of clarifications                               19 Jan 2010
  4   Last date from submission of EOI                      27 Jan 2010

                                                                                            Annexure III

1.0     Information/Documents required to be submitted as a part of response to the EOI

1.1     Clause by clause unconditional compliance to the specifications and terms and conditions of this
Notice Inviting Expression of Interest shall be given.

1.2     Partnership Deed/ Articles of Memorandum of Association or Proprietorship Deed.

1.3     Certificate of Incorporation.

1.4     Legal Agreement/ MOU/ Collaboration Deed with OEM.

1.5     Duly attested turnover certificate given by the Company‟s auditor/CA/CS.

1.6     Annual Report of the Bidder for Last two years.

1.7     Latest valid Income Tax Clearance Certificate (ITCC), preferably with details of turnover.

1.8     Sales Tax Registration number and attested copy of registration certificate.

1.9     All necessary documents required in support of eligibility and experience. (as asked in this EOI).

1.10    The following information (in detail) is to be submitted by the bidders. Separate sheets may be
attached, where ever required:

         SNo     Item                                              Details are to be furnished
                                                                   by bidders
         1.      Turnover of company in last 3 years
                 (a) 06-07
                 (b) 07-08
                 (c) 08-09
         2.      No of IP based MPLS network implemented in last 3 years along with value of
                 Project and other details like owner, number and type of network elements etc
                 (a) 06-07
                 (b) 07-08
                 (c) 08-09

         3.      No and Location of development and repair
         4.      Location of proof of concept lab
         5.      No of messaging systems implemented and
                 number of users in the implemented
                 messaging system
         6.      No and location of support bases of OEM/(s)
         7.      No and location of support centres of bidders.
         8.      MOU from OEM/(s) for 10 years‟ support
         9.      Performance certificates as required vide
                 clause 4.4 of EoI

2.0     Information about the MPLS Network and support:

2.1     Detail of agreement with OEM for supporting maintenance & operation of MPLS infrastructure &
services detailing about the nature and period of agreement.

2.2     Details of OEMs support facility in India and Asia Pacific region.

2.3    Details of service provider and military networks where similar kind of products have been
deployed along with certificate of satisfactory operation of network from the owner of the network.

2.5     Details of MPLS networks which have been implemented by the System Integrator. The
information must give detail of type of services engineered over the network.

2.6     Details of the provisioning support in respect of envisaged services.

2.7     Deliverables proposed to be extended for this project,

2.8     Deliverables expected from the End User,

2.9     List of support centers, support bases of OEM etc. along with address and contact numbers.

3.0     Complete list of Technology providers / SIs / hardware & software solution providers etc. whose
products / services formed part of solution being provided by bidders shall be submitted by the bidder.
The bidder shall furnish an undertaking for their commitment to this project. The bidder shall have back-
to-back agreement with each of the major technology providers individually, to ensure that respective
product support for implementation, operations, maintenance, spares and upgrades is available to user
department for a minimum period of 7 years from the date of commissioning the product/service. Each of
the major technology providers shall also certify direct support to its respective products supplied to user
department for a period of 7 years, giving a clear road map. The copies of the actual Teaming Agreement
between the bidder and each of the technology provider companies as well as the SIs shall have to be
produced at the time of submission of the tender bid. All such agreements shall be signed by the
respective authorized signatories of the concerned companies.

Intending bidders may obtain copy of EOI document from the Deputy Manager (MMT), 2nd floor, Bharat
Sanchar Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi-110001 w.e.f. 06.01.2010 to 25.01.2009 between 15.00
16.00 hrs. on all working days.

F.No. 11-1/2010-MMT(CNP)                                                                Dated 01.01.2010

                                                                                               AGM (MMY)


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