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									Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                       Fall Edition
                                                                                                                           Volume 1, Issue 4

   A social, fraternal organization of more than 4000 Italian American Law Enforcement Officers in the State..

  William Schievella, President

                                                     O C TO B E R                                                Editor: Patrick Minutillo

                                                      2009                                                        Executive Secretary

                                                                       NEW YORK CITY
         Christopher Columbus
                                                      COLUMBUS DAY PARADE
As a reward for his successful voyage
of discovery, the Spanish sovereigns                                             October 12, 2009
granted Columbus the right to a coat of
arms. According to the blazon specified
in letters patent dated May 20, 1493,                    Let the celebra-                                        coffee and pastries,
Columbus was to bear in the first and                tions begin! October                                        the assemblage,
the second quarters the royal charges                is our month to                                             which by now also in-
of Castile and Léon -- the castle and the            really celebrate our                                        cludes our visitors
lion -- but with different tinctures or col-         heritage, and we al-                                        from the Carabinieri
ors. In the third quarter would be islands
                                                     ways do it with great                                       and various other Ital-
in a wavy sea, and in the fourth, the
customary arms of his family.
                                                     events, style and                                           ian Municipal police
                                                     dignity. On Monday,                        COLUMBUS
                                                                                                                 Departments, begin to
The earliest graphic representation of               October 12th a large                    COAT OF ARMS
                                                                                                                 board their assigned
Columbus' arms is found in his Book of               contingency of Ital-                                        vehicles and busses
Privileges and shows the significant                 ian American Police                   pre-parade lo-        for a very exciting ride
modifications Columbus ordered by his                Officer from through-                 gistics, along        through the Lincoln
own authority. In addition to the royal              out New Jersey will                                         Tunnel into N.Y.C.
                                                                                           with some
charges that were authorized in the top              assemble, most in                                              -continued on page 2-
quarters, Columbus adopted the royal                                                       much needed
                                                     their agency’s dress
colors as well, added a continent                    uniform, early that
among the islands in the third quarter,              morning at the Port                           NEXT MONTHLY MEETING
and for the fourth quarter borrowed five                                                          Wednesday, October 14, 2009
                                                     Authority Admini-
anchors in fess from the blazon of the
Admiral of Castille. Columbus' bold
                                                     stration Building lo-                                 Brownstone
usurpation of the royal arms, as well as             cated at 500 John F                               351 West Broadway
his choice of additional symbols, help to            Kennedy Boulevard
                                                     East, Weehawken,                                  Paterson, NJ 07522
define his personality and his sense of
the significance of his service to the               NJ.                                                 (973) 595-8582
Spanish monarchs                                         Following some                         (See page 4 for Meeting Schedule)

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                               Fall Edition
Page 2                                                                                                              V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                                                              NEW YORK CITY
                                                  C O L U M B U S D AY PA R A D E
                                                          (CONTINUED              FROM PAGE           1)

      The ride through the Lincoln                  As our contingency arrives
  Tunnel is really something that               in NYC we arrive at our desig-
  you have to do to really de-                  nated set up location as we be-
  scribe, as a hundred or so po-                gin to prepare for our assigned
  lice officers and dozens and                  spot in the parade. Thanks to
  dozens of motorcycles and                     our Brothers and Sisters in the
  other police vehicles travel un-              NYC Columbia Association we
  interrupted through the closed                have received some prime line
  tunnel with lights flashing and               of march positions and we have
  sirens blasting. It brings a                  always made all the major tele-                 everyone prepares for the kickoff
  smile of pride and delight to                 vision stations for the evening                 which is scheduled for 11:45 a.m.
  even the most seasoned offi-                  news. During the wait for the                   and we begin our trek up Fifth
  cers who have made the pa-                    start of the parade we always                   Avenue from 44th Street North to
  rade trip for many years.                     bring along plenty of refresh-                  79th Street. The Parade started
                                                ments and are always welcome                    in 1929 in NYC and now has over
                                                to the NYC PD coffee and ex-                    35,000 participants.
                                                presso station, while some of                       This is a great day and a
                                                the gang prefer to hit some of                  memorable event. If you haven’t
                                                the local pubs located conven-                  yet had the opportunity to join us
                                                iently right across from our lo-                for the parade we would recom-
                                                cation.                                         mend you do so this year. You’ll
                                                    The adrenalin kicks in as                   be happy you did.

           Martín Alonso Pinzon, part owner of the Pinta and Nina helped prepare
them, procured crews for the expedition of 1492, and commanded the Pinta, on
which his brother Francisco was pilot. His suggestion to change course on October 7
brought the fleet to a landfall in the Bahamas on October 12. Near Cuba, however,
he left the fleet, to search for the land of gold and spices. He rejoined Columbus a
few months later but, returning to Spain, became separated from the main fleet and
died only a few weeks after his arrival.
           Vicente Yanez Pinzon commanded the Niña in 1492–93 and remained with
Columbus throughout the expedition. A successful and capable explorer in his own
right, he sailed in late 1499 and landed on the Brazilian coast at a cape he named
Santa María de la Consolación. From there, sailing northwest, he reached and ex-
plored the Amazon River estuary before continuing to the Gulf of Paria (northeastern
Venezuela). He made two additional voyages to the New World before 1508. In
that year, having been commissioned to discover a passage to the Spice Islands, he     Vincente Yanez Pinzon   Martin Alonso Pinzon
sailed with Juan Diaz de Solis and may have seen the coasts of what are now Hon-
                                                                                        Captain of the Nina    Captain of the Pinta
duras and the Yucatan (Mexico).

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Newsletter October 2009                                                      Fall Edition
Page 3                                                                     V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                                              NEW YORK CITY
                                        C O L U M B U S D AY P A R A D E
                                          (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2)

                                                                        Members with
                                                                           from the
                                                                       Carabinieri and
                                                                       other municipal
                                                                        Italian police
                                                                        officers start
                                                                         the prepara-
                                                                         tions for the
                                                                       NYC Columbus
                                                                         Day Parade.


     Of course, NYC is not the only
 parade our organization partici-
 pates in, nor is it the only type of
 event that members of our organi-
 zation find themselves involved in
 throughout the whole week. The
 IAPSNJ has proudly marched in
 the past in parades held in Morris
 and Bergen County, both of which
 usually hold their celebrations on
 the weekend as opposed to the
 official Columbus Day. It is always
 a full calendar for our group with                                                   2008
 dinners, programs and festivities                                                   PARADE
 all focused on celebrating our
 wonderful heritage. Remember,
 all our members are welcomed
 and encouraged to come out and
 join us during all our events. For
 more information on upcoming
 events keep checking our website
 at http://www.iapsnj.org, as well
 as for updates on this year’s Co-
 lumbus Day events and schedule.

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                           Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                Page 4

   William Schievella
                                              BIG BROTHERS & SISTERS
   Alan J. Sierchio                          IAPSNJ ANNUAL CHRISTMAS
   Executive Vice Presi-
   John Lazzara
   1st Vice President                          Santa’s getting ready!!! It appears that
   Jerry Onnembo                            along with Mrs. Santa, Saint Nick is already
   2nd Vice President                       loading up for this year’s Annual Big Brothers
   Alfonse Imperiale
                                            and Sisters Christmas Party scheduled for De-
   3rd Vice President                                                                        room with an age appropriate gift.
                                            cember at the American Legion Post at 13 Le-
   Joseph Simonetti                                                                          Always there to help Santa out is
                                            gion Place, Whippany, NJ.
   Financial Vice President                                                                  a contingency of uniformed offi-
   Rose Minoughan                               As usual, 200 or so boys and girls are       cers, and IAPSNJ Executive
   Recording Secretary                      treated to a pizza, soda and cake lunch fol-     Board members, who basically fill
   Ronald Sepe                              lowed by a visit by none other that Santa and    in for the Santa’s elves who had
   Financial Secretary                      Mrs. Claus. After managing to greet every        to stay back at the North Pole
   Patrick Minutillo                        child in the room both Santa and Mrs. Claus      preparing for Christmas Day.
   Executive Secretary                      proceed to provide each and every child in the   (See Related Article on Page 16)
   Vincent Nardone
   John Sartori
   Sgt. at Arms
   Sebastian D’Amato
   Director of Communica-
   Allan Attanasio
   Robert Belfiore
   John Comparetto
   John Cuzzo
   Anthony DeZenzo                                                  Letter to the Editor—Operation Shoebox
   Nat Faronea                               Dear Bocce Invitational Supporter,
   Richard Giordano                                  As the summer winds to a close, I wanted to extend my thanks for
   Christopher Mincolelli                   your support. Operation Shoebox is receiving letters from soldiers who re-
   Vincent Pardee                           ceived the care-packages from your efforts at the 3rd Annual New Jersey
   Michael Puzio                            Bocce Invitational. Here is a sample of a letter from a servicewoman in
   Michael Ruggiero                         Iraq..........
   Joseph Rutigliano                                 “Your Thoughtfulness is very much appreciated . . . Thank you for
   John Sisto                               your generosity and kindness in sending the shoe boxes. I personally ap-
   Ronald Squillace                         preciate your thoughtfulness. I especially enjoyed the letter signed by Des-
   John Stroka                              tiny Brown (age 9) of the Boys and Girls Club of Union County - her letter
                                            addressed "GI Jane" was very touching and most appropriate. Thank you
   Edmond Brady, CPA                        again for your kindness.”
   Dr. Brian Mignola
                                             Col. Peggy Combs, U.S. Army, MNSTC-1/ITAM-DIR
   Dr Daniel Schievella
                                                     I greatly appreciate your help and support in making this happen.
                                            There has been over 15 press articles and over 100 blogs of the 3rd annual
   Linda Mallozzi Esq.                      event. We have had over 21,000 hits on the website with 9,000 hits the
   Caterina Benanti Esq                     month prior to the event and have cumulatively raised over $100,000 for sol-
                                            diers, children undergoing cancer treatment and the Boys & Girls clubs.
                                            Frank Valanzola

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                      Fall Edition
Page 5                                                                                     V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                                   Pope Benedict XVI Honors
                                   New Reverend Monsignor
                                     Christopher J. Hynes
                                    Archdiocese of Newark

                                        His Holiness Pope   own good friend        OCTOBER 14,
                                   Benedict XVI has be-     and IAPSNJ Mem-           2009
                                   stowed the honorary      ber, Reverend
                                   title of Reverend        Monsignor Chris-       Brownstone
America is named after Amerigo
Vespucci, the Italian explorer     Monsignor upon 18        topher J. Hynes.     351 W. Broadway
who set forth the then             priests of the Arch-        Of course, we
revolutionary concept that the
                                                                                   Paterson, NJ
                                   diocese of Newark,       are all very proud
lands that Christopher
                                   and further elevated                               07522
Columbus sailed to in 1492                                  of Monsignor
were part of a separate            two Monsignors of                             (www.thebrownstone.com)
                                                            Hynes and wish
continent. A map created in        the Archdiocese.
1507 by Martin Waldseemüller                                him continued luck
                                   Among those being        and success in his
was the first to depict this new
                                   elevated was our
                                                                                  NOVEMBER 11,
continent with the name                                     new position.
"America," a Latinized version                                                        2009
of "Amerigo."
                                                                                 The Landmark
      F I R S T A N N UA L C H I C K E N P L U N G E                             26 Route 17 East
              F O R S P E C I A L O LY M P I C S                                 E. Rutherford, NJ

                                                                                 DECEMBER 2009
                                                                                   NO REGULAR
                                                                                 OUR ANNUALFAM-
                                                                                  ILY CHRISTMAS
                                                                                  PARTY WILL BE
                                                                                  HELD IN LIEU OF
                                                                                   THE REGULAR

  IAPSNJ Executive Board Members participate in the First Annual                  (Check our website
   Chicken Plunge in Wildwood, NJ on August 1, 2009. As always,                  at http://www.iapsnj.org
       all proceeds from the plunge were donated directly to                      for updated info on
                                                                                 the Christmas party)
                  Special Olympics of New Jersey.
  If, for some bizarre reason, you would like to buy one of those chicken        ALL MEETINGS
                   hats please contact Ron Sepe directly.                        BEGIN AT 7 P.M.

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                       Fall Edition
Page 6                                                                                                      V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                                         SGT. SCOTT SIMONETTI BENEFIT DINNER
                                           A N D F U N D R A I S E R A G R E AT S U C C E S S

                                        their lives to making his intentions of    great opportunity to mingle with many old
                                        recovery a reality.                        and new friends. Raffle prizes included
                                                                                   two flat screen televisions, one donated
                                        Unfortunately this tragic illness placed   by Tim Black of WTB Enterprises and
                                        a huge financial burden on Scott and       the other by our own accountant Ed
                                        his family. The Italian American Police    Brady. A beautiful custom made basket
                                        Society of New Jersey will be holding      of fresh homemade chocolates was do-
                                        a Benefit Dinner in Scott’s honor on       nated by “Chocolate Arts” which was pre-
                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009 at 6:00 p.m.       pared personally by Margie McAlinden.
      On Thursday June 25th the                                                    Lou DelAtorre donated two i-Pods and a
 IAPSNJ, in conjunction with the NJ     at the UCFW Local #464 Hall, 245
                                        Paterson Avenue, Little Falls, New Jer-    large DeWalt tool kit and two gift certifi-
 State PBA, Newark Region 48 of                                                    cates were donated by Forte’s Restau-
 the International Police Association   sey.”
                                                                                   rant in Caldwell.
 and the Belleville Police Depart-
 ment, held it’s much anticipated
 Benefit Dinner for Belleville Sgt.                                                We were very pleased with the response
 Scott Simonetti.                                                                  received during this fundraiser and are
                                                                                   very, very proud of our members and the
      The following letter, which was                                              many other individuals and groups who
 written by Bill Schievella, clearly                                               donated their time and money to help out
 addressed the cause for the bene-                                                 with this cause. We would be remiss if
 fit:                                                                              we didn’t also take a moment to recog-
                                                                                   nize our other co-sponsors who really
 “As you may know, recently,                                                       went above and beyond in helping out.
 a dedicated member of the                                                         Those include the New Jersey State
 Italian American Police Soci-                                                     P.B.A., with State P.B.A. President, Belle-
 ety of New Jersey suffered                The fundraiser was a huge success       ville Police Officer, and IAPSNJ member,
 from a devastating illness.            as many very generous donations            Tony Weiners showing up for the eve-
 Sergeant Scott Simonetti of            were sent in by our friends from far and   ning. The International Police Associa-
 the Belleville Police Depart-          wide. Although many people who do-         tion, Newark Region 48, also responded
 ment, who is the son of our            nated could not actually make the din-     very generously with donations and ticket
 Financial Vice President Jo-           ner a nice, lively crowd turned out for    purchases and with I.P.A. President An-
 seph Simonetti, was                    the casual style event, which included     thony Campos also in attendance. Natu-
 stricken with a serious life           Scott and his family. The evening be-      rally, many of Scott’s co-workers and
 threatening virus that left him        gan with a outstanding presentation of     friends from the Belleville P.D. came out
 on life support for weeks.             the colors, courtesy of the Montclair      in force, including Belleville Chief Joe
 With his dedicated family              Honor Guard, and the program, which        Rotunda. The list goes on with too many
 and friends at his bedside,            was a little later in the evening, was     individuals, groups, dignitaries to mention
 Scott required multiple op-            purposely short and appropriate, with      here, but be assured your contributions
 erations to save his life.             Scott offering a moving and beautiful      and good wishes are noted and sincerely
                                        speech which was met by a standing         appreciated by all involved, especially
 After spending weeks in a              ovation by all those in attendance. A      Scott and his family.
 New York City Hospital,                great variety of Italian Food prepared
 Scott eventually required              by Petracco & Sons of Nutley was
 surgery to amputate his                plentiful and delicious. Desert was
 hand and foot. Scott is now            supplied by Calandra’s Bakery. Beer
 home living with his parents           was supplied by Drew and Stacy San-
 and is making an incredible            tucci and was served all evening by
 recovery. He is determined             Drew. Many people opted to bring
 to make a full recovery and            their own bottles of wine to enjoy with
 regain his active life again.          their meal. The D.J. kept the music
 Scott’s family has dedicated           going all evening and everyone had a

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Newsletter October 2009                                                        Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y          Page 7

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                    Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                        Page 8

       B OW L I N G F O R S P E C I A L O LY M P I C S
                     On August 8th                                      brought in a live DJ for music and
                  IAPSNJ Executive                                      dancing at poolside.
                  Board member John                                                                 This event
                  and Kim Stroka                                                                 was not only
                  hosted the first                                                               greatly suc-
                  “IAPSNJ Day of                                                                 cessful but
                  Bowling to Benefit                                                             turned into
                  Law Enforcement for                                                            something
  Special Olympics”.                                                                             special. If
                      The event which                                                            you missed
                   was held between 11                                  it, you missed one great day.
                   am and 2 pm was
                   held at the Howell
                   Lanes in Howell, NJ,
                   and included 3
                   games of bowling and
                   shoes. A gift auction,
                   door prizes and a
  50/50 raffle were also available. A
  total of over $4000.00 was raised and
  donated directly to Special Olympics.

                                                                                                                 Thank you John and Kim.

                                                                                                                  TRIVIA QUESTION

                                                                                                                    Q: Born Angelo
                                                                                                                      Siciliano in
                                                                                                                     Calabria, this
     Congratulations to Robert Ruben-                                                                              Italian American
  stein who bowled a perfect ‘300’                                                                                    bodybuilder
  game during the event.
                                                                                                                   immigrated with
                                   A post                                                                             his family to
                               event                                                                               America in 1904.
                                                                                                                    He created the
                               Party was                                                                             bodybuilding
                               held                                                                                technique called
                               courtesy                                                                             isometrics and
                               of John                                                                            was referred to as
                               and Kim                                                                            the "World's Most
                               at their                                                                                 Perfectly
                               home.                                                                               Developed Man".
  Hosts, John and Kim, treated all                                                                                     Name him.
  their guests to an evening of gourmet
  foods, wines, cocktails and even                                                                                  (Find Answer in
                                                                                                                    this Newsletter)
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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                      Fall Edition
Page 9                                                                                                     V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                                                   THE DECEPTION
   SPONSOR OF                    Columbus led his three           would fuel the sailing ships
   NEW JERSEY                    ships - the Nina, the Pinta      carrying goods to the New
      SPECIAL                    and the Santa Maria - out        World). However, the trip
                                 of the Spanish port of Pa-       was long, longer than an-
                                 los on August 3, 1492. His       ticipated by either Colum-
      JFK’s sister               objective was to sail west       bus or his crew. In order to
   Eunice Kennedy                until he reached Asia (the       mollify his crew's apprehen-
      Shriver, who               Indies) where the riches         sions, Columbus kept two
   passed away on                of gold, pearls and spice        sets of logs: one showing
  August 11, 2009 at             awaited. His first stop was      the true distance traveled
     the age of 88,              the Canary Islands where         each day and one showing
                                 the lack of wind left his        a lesser distance. The first
  organized the first
                                 expedition becalmed until        log was kept secret. The
  Special Olympics
                                 September 6.                     latter log quieted the crew's   hension had increased to
    in 1968 in Chi-
                                                                  anxiety by under-reporting      the point of near mutiny.
  cago. The two-day
                                 Once underway, Colum-            the true distance they had      Columbus headed off
   event drew more
                                 bus benefited from calm          traveled from their home-       disaster by promising his
  than 1,000 partici-            seas and steady winds            land.                           crew that if land was not
    pants from 26                that pushed him steadily                                         sighted in two days, they
       states and                westward (Columbus had           This deception had only a       would return home. The
        Canada.                  discovered the southern          temporary effect; by Octo-      next day land was discov-
                                 "Trades" that in the future      ber 10 the crew's appre-        ered.

                        THE POLIZIA                  DI     S TA T O A R E C O M I N G
           John Pasquarosa, Concilia-       ending at Lurker Park where there            The Polizia di Stato will also be
 tor for the East Hanover Italian           will be an Italian Festival com-         marching in the NYC Columbus Day
 American Club has announced that           plete with games, rides, food and        Parade on October 12th followed by a
 twenty (20) Officers from Italy will be    a strolling Italian Band. The festi-     visit to the Italian-American Heritage
 participating in this year’s Columbus      val will be on Friday, October 9th       Month Celebration being hosted by
 Day activities for their fourth consecu-   and Saturday, October 10th from 6        the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office
 tive year. The Polizia di Stato will be    p.m. to closing and Sunday, Octo-        on October 13th at 10 a.m. in the
 in their full dress uniforms at an         ber 11th, 11 a.m. to closing.            Freeholders Meeting Room, Morris-
 Awards Dinner on Friday, October 9,             The honorees this year are:         town. On October 14th a visit to
 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Hanover                                                    Washington DC in planned and on
                                            Grand Marshall, Doctor Mario
 Manor in East Hanover.                                                              October 15th there is a tour of 1 Po-
                                            Criscito, Italian-American Man of
           The Polizia di Stato will also                                            lice Plaza, NYC and the Petrosino
                                            the Year, Anthony Calandra, Ital-
 march in the Fifth Annual Morris                                                    Exhibit at the NYPD Museum
                                            ian-American Woman of the Year,
 County Columbus Day Parade on              Jill Nicolini, and Italian-American                There is an array of other Co-
 October 11th commencing at 2 p.m.          Humanitarian of the year, Gino           lumbus Day activities planned for our
 The MC of the parade will be Janine        Montrone.                                brothers from Italy, not to mention
 Strafaci of News 12. The parade                                                     some fantastic local Italian Restau-
                                                For more information visit http://
 route will be along Ridgedale Avenue       www.italianamericanclub.us               rants. Once again, it should be a great
 beginning at DeForest Avenue and                                                    week.

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                     Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                            Page 10

                             THE VOYAGE
           Columbus be-                          bus' first journey ended      28, 1492. He believed he
  lieved that the world was                      in the Bahamas. From          had reached Japan, and
  smaller than commonly                                                        returned to Europe to tell
  thought, and that by sail-                                                   everyone.
  ing west he could reach                          Columbus’ given name                Columbus re-
  Asia. He asked for finan-                        in 15th century Genoese     turned to the Caribbean on
                                                                                                            Columbus Landing In the
  cial support from the Por-                      language was Christoffa      his second voyage. In
  tuguese royalty, but was                                                     1494, he visited Cuba's            Americas
                                                     Corombo The name
  not given it.                                                                coast. By 1896, the
           He did receive                              was rendered in         Spanish had established a
  funds in Spain in April of                           modern Italian as       colony on the nearby is-
  1492, when King Ferdi-                             Cristoforo Colombo.       land of Hispaniola (now       The “IAPSNJ Newsletter” is an
  nand V and Queen Isa-                                                        containing Haiti and the      official publication of the Italian
  bella I agreed to support                                                    Dominican Republic). The      American Police Society of New
                                                    Of course, we know                                       Jersey, P.O. Box 352, Lynd-
  his voyage. Columbus                                                         settlement there con-
  soon sailed westward.                             him in the English         quered Cuba in 1511.          hurst, New Jersey 07071. This
           Sailing on three                        Anglicized version as               Columbus re-          publication is mailed to our Gen-
  ships, the Nina, Pinta,                          Christopher Columbus        turned to Spain and made      eral Membership and selected
  and Santa Maria, Colum-                                                      other voyages to the new      readers from throughout New
  bus took about 90 men                                                        world. He died in 1506.       Jersey on no less than a quar-
  with him on this important                     there, he sailed on to               Christopher            terly basis and is made available
  trip.             Colum-                       Cuba, arriving on October                                   by way of our website at
                                                                                                             No portion of this publication
          MORRIS COUNTY PROSECUTOR’S                                                                         may be reproduced, altered
                                                                                                             from its original content, or dis-
        O F F I C E T O H O S T A N N U A L “ I TA L I A N -                                                 tributed in any way, shape or
             A M E R I C A N H E R I TA G E M O N T H                                                        form without the expressed writ-
                                                                                                             ten consent of the Italian Ameri-
                        C E L E B R AT I O N ”                                                               can Police Society of New Jer-
                                                                                                             sey. In some cases pictures,
          Morris County                          N.J..                         County CrimeStoppers,         commentary or articles may be
  Prosecutor Robert A.                                                         Chief Patrick Mon-            used wholly or in part within the
  Bianchi, Esq., Chief of                                 The event will       tuore, Florham Park           context of this publication. In all
  Investigations William                                                       P.D., Deputy Chief Pat-       such cases full credit shall be
                                                 celebrate Italian-
                                                                                                             extended to the photographer,
  Schievella and Detec-                          American Heritage and         rick Minutillo (Ret),
                                                                                                             writer and or publication.
  tive Keisha Higgs an-                          honor distinguished indi-     Harrison P.D., John
  nounce that their office,                                                    Pasquarosa, Concilia-             As always, you may contact
                                                 viduals for their contri-
                                                                                                             us in a variety of manners in-
  is proud to be hosting                         butions to the commu-         tor, East Hanover Italian
                                                                                                             cluding telephone, regular mail
  their 2nd annual                               nity, as well as their ac-    American Club, and            or preferably, email:
  “Italian-American                              complishments in the          Alicia Vitarelli, News
                                                                                                             1-800-IAPSNJ1 (Office)
  Heritage Month                                 field of public service.      Anchor News 12 NJ.            PMinutillo@verizon.net
  Celebration” on                                                                                            www.iapsnj.org (web site)
  Tuesday, October 13,                                    This year’s Hon-             All are welcomed          All communications must be
  2009 at 10 a.m. in the                         orees are Senator An-         to attend. Any ques-          accompanied by the writers
  Freeholder’s Public                            thony R. Bucco, N.J.          tions should be ad-           name, return address and tele-
  Meeting Room located                           25th Legislative District,    dressed to Detective          phone numbers.
  on the 5th floor of the                        Senator Joseph Pen-           Higgs, Community Af-          Executive /Secretary & Editor:
  Administration and Re-                         nacchio, N.J. 26th Leg-       fairs Unit at (973) 285-      Patrick Minutillo
  cords Bldg. at 10 Court                        islative District, John R.    6268. (See related
  Street, Morristown,                            Sette, Chairman, Morris       story on page 9)

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                      Fall Edition
Page 11                                                                                                                    V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                     FOR OUR WINE-
                   MAKING AND WINE
                    LOVING FRIENDS

                     Many of our   a few small vineyards. It was,         after World War II.                 gist Serge Renaud revealed
 members and friends have          however, the Romans who                          Today, there are          scientific proof of what the
 been involved in making their     developed new cultivation              more than twenty million acres      French have always believed;
 own wine for quite a few years.   techniques, fermentation proc-         of vineyards in the world. The      moderate wine consumption
 Many, many more simply en-        esses and storage alternatives         United States ranks fourth in       with meals can reduce the
 joy drinking some nice wines.     which are still used to this day.      wine producing countries, with      development of coronary heart
 Either way, we thought you                             With the          France, Italy and Spain sur-        disease by up to 50 percent.
 might be interested in some       dawn of the Dark Age, wine             passing us. What you might          Studies have shown that mod-
 history of the art of wine mak-   lost its popularity in basically       be surprised t learn, is that out   erate wine consumption with
 ing, so thanks to an article      all but one realm; religion. For       of the top wine producing           meals increases your “good”
 entitled ,”Vintage Jersey”, by    a relatively short period of           states in America, New Jersey       cholesterol levels, while de-
 Candee M. Cintron, we are         time, wine was produced                ranks fifth on the list, just be-   creasing the “bad” cholesterol
 able to provide you with some     mainly for the purpose of cele-        hind, California, Washington,       levels. The components found
 interesting facts.                brating the sacrament. It was          New York and Oregon. Also           in wine (particularly from the
            The art of winemak-    during this lull in production         surprising, is that back in         grape’s skin, seeds and stem)
 ing has been around for as        and consumption that the in-           1767, New Jersey was recog-         assist in breaking down the
 long as anyone can determine;     dustry began to emerge from            nized by London’s Royal Soci-       cholesterol from the arteries
 at least since 3500 BC when       France and the Burgundy vine-          ety of the Arts for using Colo-     and moving it out of the body,
 the Egyptians and Assyrians       yards were born. Eventually,           nial agriculture to produce the     as well as decreasing the
 developed their own methods.      England entered into the wine          best quality wine in the colo-      build-up of plaque in the arter-
 As one could imagine, the         making picture and for nearly          nies. In 1864, the Renault          ies. Some analysts predict
 product of many thousands of      hundred years, prospered.              Winery opened its doors in          that by the end of the next
 years ago did not taste as it     However, during King Henry             Galloway Township and to this       year, the United Sates could
 does today. Wines at that time    the VIII’s reign of religious          day, remains one of the coun-       quite possibly take the lead
 were created for spiritual, me-   reform, England lost its notori-       try’s oldest wineries. Interest-    over Italy and France for over-
 dicinal and culinary use and      ety as a wine making mecca             ingly, until new legislation was    all wine consumption.
 were often thick and syrupy.      and France resumed the                 enacted in 1981, New Jersey                             Which ever
 By the time the tradition of      status.                                had only allowed one winery         variety you prefer, you may
 wine making was passed on to                           It wasn’t until   per million residents! Accord-      revel in the knowledge that
 the Ancient Greeks around         about 1750 that this “art form”        ing to the Department of Agri-      you are living right in the back-
 1400 BC, they began diluting      reached the United States,             culture, approximately 500          yard of one of this country’s
 wines with water and adding       beginning of course, in Califor-       acres of Jersey’s land is home      most up-and-coming wine pro-
 herbs, honey, barley and goat     nia. It was the Spanish mis-           to more than 35 wineries to-        ducers.
 cheese to mask the unpleas-       sionaries who brought the              day. This is up from a mere
 ant taste of the often-spoiled    trade here, yet it took nearly         17 only ten years ago. As of
 product which was left to fer-    another hundred years for              last year, the wine industry,
 ment in open-air containers.      Americans to acquire a taste           offering an impressive forty
 The Greeks put much pride         for the beverage and for the           different varieties, was bring-
 into the art of wine making and   industry to begin to thrive.           ing more than $30 million dol-
 were the first to transplant      During the early 1900’s, there         lars to the Garden State.
 grapevines wherever their         were approximately seven                         It was not until a “60
 travels landed them in the an-    hundred wineries in California         Minutes” interview in 1991 that
 cient world. It wasn’t for an-    alone. However, the Prohibi-           most Americans really became
 other thousand years that this    tion and Depression essen-             enthused about the purported            One of our
 tradition reached Europe, be-     tially obliterated the industry,       health benefits of wine.              Members barrel.
 ginning in Italy and Spain with   which did not rally again until        French scientist and cardiolo-

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                        Fall Edition
Page 12                                                                                                      V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                                          P R E S I D E N T ’ S M E S S AG E
                                                       BY: WILLIAM SCHIEVELLA

                                     would like to thank the Society’s long time    It is a heartwarming experience to see
                                     friends in the Legislature for their stead-    these kids as Santa & Mrs. Claus (aka
                                     fast support of this project. Senators An-     Mom & Dad) give them gifts and
                                     thony Bucco and Paul Sarlo along with          clothes. Some of these kids come from
                                     Assemblyman Fred Scalera were instru-          poor homes and these presents are the
                                     mental in getting this measure passed          highlights of the holiday. Pease con-
                                     and signed into law. I would like to thank     sider attending to help make this holi-
                                     the NJ State Sons of Italy and its Presi-      day even brighter for those less fortu-
                                     dent Tom Bergbauer for taking the leader-      nate.
           As we change sea-         ship role in galvanizing the states Italian              Finally, I would like to remind
 sons from summer to fall,           American organizations.                        all of our members to remember Jersey
 Italian Americans move into a                This Columbus Day we will have        City Police Officer Marc DiNardo in
 very special time of the year.      the pleasure of marching up 5th Avenue in      they’re prayers. This young Italian
 This year’s Columbus Day’s          New York City with twenty members of           American hero gave his life to protect
 celebration holds a greater         the Polizia di Stato (Italian State Police).   his fellow officers and the citizens of
 meaning for New Jersey’s            Our brothers and sisters from Italy will be    Jersey City. He leaves behind a family
 Italian American community.         in New Jersey as guests of the Morris          that will never be the same. Let’s take a
 This year is the first time in      County Columbus Day Parade Commit-             minute to remember this Italian Ameri-
 which the month of October          tee. As usual, our friends and colleagues      can hero. Lets also remember the Soci-
 is officially celebrated as Ital-   from the NYPD Columbia Association will        ety members that are on active duty
 ian American heritage month.        welcome us with open arms to celebrate         protecting our nation. Lets keep Madi-
 This past year the New Jer-         the Nation’s largest Columbus Day Pa-          son Police Officer Alan Imperiale safe
 sey State Legislature passed        rade. This year our Society will be repre-     while he serves as a US Marine Corps
 SJR-73/AJR-97 which desig-          sented by our lovely 2009 Parade Queen,        officer for a third tour of duty in Iraq and
 nated October as Italian            Miss Ashley Sierchio,daughter of Bloom-        Afghanistan.
 American Heritage Month             field Detective John Sierchio.
 permanently. This Bill was                                                                   I wish all members and their
 signed into law by Governor                  As the Fall turns to Winter, I        families a healthy and safe Fall. I invite
 Jon Corzine after a lot of          would invite our members to help partici-      you to contact me at IAPSNJ@aol.com
 hard work by the State’s Ital-      pate in the Holiday Party that our Society     if I can ever be of assistance. I am
 ian American organizations. I       hosts for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters     proud to be your President and thank
                                     of Bergen, Morris and Passaic Counties.        the Executive Board for making our
                                                                                                              organization the
     to our good
  friend and NYPD
  Columbia Assoc.
   Board Member,
  John Corbisiero,
  on his promotion                                                                                           William
   to Inspector of                                                                                           Schievella,
    the NYCPD on
    June 26, 2009                                                                                            President

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                         Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                          Page 13

        Letter of Appreciation
        The Simonetti Family
               Our family thanks
          each and every one of
                                                                        WHEN:             SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2009
            you who took part in                                        WHERE:            ST. NICHOLAS SCHOOL AUDITORIUM
           the June 2009 benefit                                                          118 FERRY ST. JERSEY CITY, NJ 07307
         for Scott. The outpour-                                                                  (PLENTY OF PARKING)
                                                                        TIME:             6 P.M. – 11 P.M.
             ing of your support
                                                                        COST:             40.00 PER PERSON
              and hard work has                                         INCLUDES          HOT BUFFET STYLE DINNER
            been truly amazing,                                                           SALAD & APPETIZERS
          and with your support,                                                          DESSERT
          kind words of encour-                                                           BEER & SODA

          agement and prayers,
               we all have been                                                           TO RSVP AND TO MAIL PAYMENTS PLEASE CALL:
            blessed with Scott’s                                           CHRISIE CORTESE, PORT AUTHORITY POLICE HEADQUARTERS
                                                                                                   (201)–239-3597 OR (201)-463-7160
          continued healing and
                                                                               PATTY FERNANDES, PORT AUTHORITY POLICE HEADQUARTERS
            outstanding accom-                                                                      (201)–239-3641 OR (917)-417-5993
                 plishments.                                                     PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO N.J. S.O.L.E.T.R.

                  With heartfelt

      Jennifer, Joe and Scott
        Dawn, Jeff & Tyler

     (See Scott’s story on pages 6 & 7)

                                                                     Superintendent of Police
                                                                     Director of Public Safety
                                                             Samuel J. Plumeri, Jr.
               on his retirement after seven years of service with the Port Authority of NY/NJ
                           Best wishes and good luck in all your future endeavors.

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                    Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                        Page 14

                         E D I TO R ’ S C O M M E N T S
                       B Y : P AT R I C K M I N U T I L L O
                                                      The complimentary           mal economy that hope-       our money step up and
                                                  advertisements with the         fully is showing some        make some hard deci-
                                                  “Thank You For Your             signs of leveling off in     sions on correcting this
                                                  Support” banners that           the foreseeable future, a    problem. Of course,
                                                  you see throughout this         stimulus recovery plan       there are other actuaries
                                                  quarters publication are        that is proving question-    out there with different
                                                  our way of recognizing          able at best and a pen-      numbers who would de-
                                                  those businesses, police        sion system that is seri-    bate these statistics, but
                                                  organizations and indi-         ously under funded, I        I’d personally hate to roll
                                                  viduals who very gener-         continue to believe that     the dice on this one.
                                                  ously supported our             we would all be wise to               An election is
                                                  Benefit for Scott Simon-        keep ourselves keenly        coming up in November
                                                  etti earlier this year.         aware of what’s going on     and it appears that nei-
                                                  Unfortunately, we could-        with our retirement          ther candidate for Gover-
                                                  n’t , at least in this publi-   money and benefits.          nor is to eager to discuss
             I thought it                         cation, thank each and                   One New Jersey      what some have de-
         appropriate to do                        every one of you who            Pension Actuary, John        scribed as an
         something a little                       contributed by making a         Bury, recently published     “impending insolvency”
        different this issue                      donation, buying a ticket,      some alarming numbers        in the state pension
                                                  or just helping out in this     indicating how signifi-      fund. Our pension sys-
          in recognition of                       endeavor without turning        cantly the PFRS is cur-      tem is going to be an
         Columbus, so I’ve                        this issue into one big         rently under funded. On      ongoing problem for
            interspersed                          “THANK YOU” letter, but         March 17, 2009 the New       whoever wins for at least
            several short                         please believe me when          Jersey PFRS pension          the next four years. As I
                                                  I tell you that your contri-    plan “valuation report”      stated, if you go to the
         historical stories                       butions, small and large,       came out indicating that     internet and do some
             and photos                           are all well recognized         our system was at            research you will come
           depicting some                         and appreciated by all          72.6% funded. Bury           across some alarming
        aspects of the man                        concerned. Scott is pro-        gives statistical evidence   statistics in regard to our
                                                  gressing nicely with his        that in fact our system is   system. Another source
         and his voyage to                        new prosthetic hand and         realistically funded         you might want to look at
         the new World. I                         foot and we in the              closer to a dismal 47.7%     is on the State Legisla-
        hope you find them                        IAPSNJ could not be any         or lower. That’s very        ture’s home page where
             interesting.                         prouder of all of you who       scary! Bury’s numbers,       you can review David
                                                  went above and beyond           if correct, would put the    Rosen’s testimony re-
                                                  in this cause. This ex-         PFRS in danger of be-        garding the budget a few
                                                  traordinary response to         coming depleted of           months ago as to the
                                                  help one of own when in         funds by 2015, due to        revenue outlook for fiscal
                                                  need speaks volumes             such factors as early re-    2010 and beyond. As
                                                  about what this organi-         tirement incentives, cost-   the Star Ledger recently
                                                  zation and our law en-          of-living adjustments,       reported; “the next gov-
                                                  forcement family is all         longer life expectancies,    ernor could be in the
                                                  about.                          and baby-boomer retire-      fourth year of his term
                                                      Going off on a differ-      ments, unless those          before revenues return
                                                  ent tangent, with a dis-        people we entrust with       to last year’s levels as

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                            Fall Edition
Page 15                                                                                          V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                     E D I TO R ’ S C O M M E N T S
 expenses are expected to run              anced with chewing gum and seal-        and we have a problem right
 about $6 BILLION a year above             ing wax.”                               here in New Jersey.
 income. And the single biggest ex-                Lets take a look back to                 Catching up to date,
 pense of all are the payments the         1990 when Jim Florio was Gover-         in 2007 Governor John
 next governor should be making            nor. We were in a recession then        Corzine injected 1 BILLION
 into the pension fund each year: $3       as well and the Governor turned to      DOLLARS in the system to
 BILLION.” Bottom line is that the         the pension system for help with a      boost contributions and then
 next governor has an obligation to        budget shortfall. He passed the         another BILLION DOL-
 put the state pension fund in order.      “Pension Revaluation Act of 1992”       LARS in 2008. Nothing so
 How the next governor plans to do         which allowed the state to cut its      far in 2009. On the other
 that is surely going to involve some      pension contributions by more than      hand he passed a “pension
 extremely controversial, politically      1.5 BILLION DOLLARS over the            holiday” that allows munici-
 sensitive and probably litigious is-      next two years. Of course, then in      palities to skip their contri-
 sues. I, for one, will be carefully       1994 came Governor Christine            butions for 2009.
 listening for each candidates pro-        Todd Whitman, who in an effort to                It’s going to take
 posed solutions to this problem as        help pay for promised tax cuts tar-     some drastic and controver-
 we approach election day.                 geted our fund once again. The          sial reforms to adequately
          Of course, lets be fair and      “pension reform” act was adopted        deal with this very serious
 share the blame accordingly for this      which allowed her to reduce state       problem. There are a lot of
 mess. It’s nothing new! I was re-         and local contribution to our plan by   ugly options being dis-
 minded of this recently by our Fi-        nearly 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS              cussed and it’s a shame we
 nancial V.P. Ron Sepe, who was            over the next two years. We all         have reached this point, but
 well aware that our once healthy          know how that worked out, don’t         I guess that sometimes you
 pension system has been targeted          we? Are we beginning to notice a        have to reach a crisis situa-
 in the past by several administra-        pattern here? The assistant state       tion before a problem can be
 tions, not just the one or two that       treasure under Kean, Douglas For-       fully identified and corrective
 we all seem to be aware of. A little      rester, remarked that the above two     and appropriate action is
 follow up research clearly revealed       changes to our system were “the         initiated.
 how our pension system has been           one-two punch from which the re-
                                                                                            Thanks for letting me
 shortchanged for years. Now, with         tirement system has never recov-
                                                                                   rant on and please remem-
 this deep recession BILLIONS of           ered.”
                                                                                   ber that this particular article
 dollars have been wiped out from                  Next up in 2002 was Gover-      is “just my opinion”. Hope to
 an already under funded system.           nor James McGreevey who had an          see you all at either a meet-
 Naturally, this problem necessitates      appointed “money manager” turn          ing or one of our great func-
 the need to put more money in the         over some of our fund’s assets to       tions. And, as always, it
 system to shore it up while at the        Wall Street professionals to diver-     would be great to hear from
 same time there’s obviously less          sify them into alternative invest-      you with your opinions, com-
 money available to use for contribu-      ments as hedge funds and private        ments, suggestions etc.
 tions. Is that what you call a Catch      equity. At about the same time this     Just send them to me at:
 22 or a crisis in the making? Not-        ingenious plan was put into action      PMinutillo@verizon.net.
 ing the scope of the problem, for-        along came the bear market of
 mer Governor Tom Kean com-                2006. Guess what happened?
 mented, “They (pension obliga-            Now add all those investment dis-
 tions) must be paid because they          asters to an already under funded
 are absolutely an obligation of the       system along with the fact that the
 state, but as it is, the budget is bal-   systems obligations keep mounting

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                             Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                                Page 16

              IAPSNJ ANNUAL HAIR CUT-A-THON FOR                                                                             Did you know?
                  BIG BROTHERS AND SISTERS
                  OF BERGEN, MORRIS & PASSAIC                                                                               Gennaro Lombardi
             S U N D AY, N O V E M B E R 1 5 , 2 0 0 9                                                                        is often credited
                                                                                                                              with opening the
                      SALON FIRENZE                                                                                            first pizzeria in
             272 VALLEY BLVD., WOOD-RIDGE, NJ 07075                                                                         North America (New
                         (201) 933-1122                                                                                      York City) in 1905.

                                                                                                                                Pizza in 18th-
                      TIME: 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM                                                                             Century Italy was a
               PRICE: $20.00 AND A NEW UNWRAPPED
                                          TOY                                                                                 baked flat bread
     GETS YOU A GREAT HAIRCUT AND THE OPPORTUNITY                                                                           served warm with-
         TO BE PART OF A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS                                                                                 out any toppings.
                       TRADITION.                                                                                           Filing and inexpen-
                                                                                                                            sive, it was popular
                                                                                                                             with the poor and
                                                                                                                            sold by street ven-
                          SANTA                                                                                                dors and from
                                                                                                                              open-air stands.

                                                                                                                             The arrival and ac-
                                                                                                                             ceptance of toma-
      REMEMBER, ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS CHARITY                                                                              toes marked the be-
    EVENT GO TOWARDS OUR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY                                                                              ginning of modern
     WHERE WE PROVIDE A MEMORABLE HOLIDAY PARTY                                                                             pizza as we know it.
         AND GIFTS FOR OVER 200 DISADVANTAGED                                                                                  Most Europeans
                       CHILDREN.                                                                                            thought tomatoes (a
                                                                                                                              fruit of the Ameri-
    IF YOU CAN’T MAKE THE EVENT BUT WOULD LIKE TO                                                                             cas discovered in
   DONATE AN UNWRAPPED TOY PLEASE CONTACT EVENT                                                                                the 16th century)
            COORDINATOR JERRY ONNEMBO AT                                                                                       were poisonous.
                  MOMBO92@AOL.COM                                                                                            But the peasants of
                                                                                                                             Naples, Italy, were
                                (SEE RELATED STORY                             ON   PAGE 4)
                                                                                                                              hungry enough to
                                                                                                                              disregard popular
                                                                                                                             opinion of the day.
             COLUMBUS—THE MAN,THE MYTH                                                                                         The use of toma-
                                                                                                                            toes on pizza proba-
              After five centuries, Columbus remains a                  After many difficulties, through a combination of
                                                                                                                              bly began in 17th
   mysterious and controversial figure who has been                     good luck and persuasiveness, he gained the
   variously described as one of the greatest mariners                  support of the Catholic monarchs, Isabel and
                                                                                                                                century Naples.
   in history, a visionary genius, a mystic, a national                 Fernando.                       The widely pub-      The idea seems to
   hero, a failed administrator, a naive entrepreneur,                  lished report of his voyage of 1492 made Colum-     have caught on, and
   and a ruthless and greedy imperialist.                               bus famous throughout Europe and secured for         Naples became fa-
              Columbus's enterprise to find a west-                     him the title of Admiral of the Ocean Sea and       mous for a specialty
   ward route to Asia grew out of the practical experi-                 further royal patronage. Columbus, who never              sidh called
   ence of a long and varied maritime career, as well                   abandoned the belief that he had reached Asia,            “pizzaiola.”
   as out of his considerable reading in geographical                   led three more expeditions to the Caribbean. But
   and theological literature. He settled for a time in                 intrigue and his own administrative failings
   Portugal, where he tried unsuccessfully to enlist                    brought disappointment and political obscurity to
   support for his project, before moving to Spain.                     his final years.

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                                 Fall Edition
Page 17                                                                                                                              V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                             NEW JERSEY
                                                                                                  IAPSNJ Annual
                                 is now on                                                                Members
                          Facebook                                                              Christmas Party
                      JOIN THE GROUP
                                                                                       Our Annual Christmas Party
                    IAPSNJ SUPPORTED
                       THE 15TH ANNIVERSARY OF
                                                                                        for IAPSNJ Members, their
                        THE LAW ENFORCEMENT                                             family and friends, is being
                            GOLF CLASSIC
                        CRYSTAL SPRINGS GOLF
                                                                                        planned as this Newsletter
                               RESORT                                                          goes to press.
                      WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23,
                                                                                      For updates on party informa-
                                                                                      tion please continue to check
                                                                                              our website at:
       SANDWICHES AT THE TURN                                                              http://www.iapsnj.org

      Concealed Arms Reciprocity Rejected by Senate
 In a rare win for gun control advocates, the Senate on July 22, 2009 rejected a measure allowing a person
 with a concealed weapon permit in one state to also carry his firearm when visiting another state.
 The vote was 58-39 in favor of the provision establishing concealed carry permit reciprocity in the 48
 states that have concealed weapons laws. That fell two votes short of the 60 needed to approve the
 measure, offered as an amendment to a defense spending bill.
 Opponents prevailed in their argument that the measure violated states rights by forcing states with strin-
 gent requirements for permits to recognize concealed weapons carriers from states that give out permits
 to almost any gun owner.

          Governor Corzine's Statement on Defeat of Concealed Weapons Reciprocity Act
 On July 22, 2009 Governor Jon S. Corzine issued the following statement on the United States Senate's defeat of an amend-

 ment that would have permitted gun owners with concealed-carry permits issued by states with lax laws to carry concealed fire-

 arms in other states with much stricter laws. New Jersey has among the strictest concealed-carry laws in the nation.

 "I applaud the members of the United States Senate, specifically Senators Lautenberg and Menendez, for their leadership in rejecting this contro-

 versial amendment to the defense authorization bill," Governor Corzine said. "Passage of this amendment would have effectively compromised

 the safety and security of all of our citizens, put out-of-state criminals with firearms on our streets and nullified our right to enforce our own public

 safety laws.

 "Our citizens do have a constitutional right to bear arms. But they also have a right to be free from fear. Defeat of this bill further ensures the right

 of our citizens to be safe and secure in their homes and on our streets.

 "If states like Alaska want to allow sex offenders to carry concealed weapons - that is their prerogative. As long as I am Governor, New Jersey

 will not be bound by the lowest common denominator nor will I allow other state legislatures to dictate our laws or undermine our public safety."

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                           Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                                 Page 18

                                                  Webmaster’s Two Cents                                               Cambridge, Mass. Incident
                                                            By: Sebbie D’Amato, Director of Communications                 Police Report

                                                                                                                        If you would like to
                        Facebook is the latest in social networking web sites. Originally called thefacebook,         receive a on-line PDF
                        Facebook was founded by former-Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg (while at Har-                    copy of the Cam-
                        vard) who ran it as one of his hobby projects. It has now become a way for kids to
                                                                                                                       bridge, MA redacted
   keep in touch or adults to find long lost friends. Don't be embarrassed to join, but just be aware that
   there are many settings that will limit access to the info you post. -Don't post full birthday. -Set profile to     official police report
   Only Show personal info to "friends". Facebook features many games you can play. Be careful when                   regarding this contro-
   they ask for your cell phone number to "get your score" You may be subscribing to a "pay service" Re-               versial issue please
   member fellow officers, keep your info brief. Just enough to make contact with old friends.                        request same directly
                                                                                                                         from the Editor at
   : Those of us who have Blackberrys for personal use would like a way to back-up our contacts (phone                PMinutillo@verizon.net
   list) & maybe a calendar somewhere where you can sit at any computer and edit or copy information
   down and have it sync up with your Blackberry.                                                                               In the August
                                                                                                                      2009 Issue of ‘Inside Jer-
                         has the answers.                                                                             sey’ magazine NJ Italian
                                                                                                                      American actor Frank Vin-
   • First, sign up for a free GMAIL account. You can choose to either use the email or not. But the                  cent, known most recently
   "contacts section" in the account is the important thing. (The email has tons of storage so you don't have         as Phil Leotardo on “The
   to delete anything to make room for more)                                                                          Sopranos” was asked by
                                                                                                                      Steve Adubato, “What
   •    Next, set up a Google Calendar too. You can access this calendar from wherever you are.                       impact has “The Sopranos”
   Now, download Google Sync. It is an APP that will allow you to sync both your calendar and con-                    had on the way people see
   tacts. (You may need to download App World on your blackberry)                                                     New Jerseyans?
   You might be asking yourself, "Why do I need to sync this stuff?" It's simple. What happens if your wife                     Mr. Vincent re-
                                                                                                                      sponsed, “New Joisy, huh?
   runs over your phone in the garage? What about if you get pushed in a pool with your blackberry? It's
                                                                                                                      So you’re in the mob?”
   summer after all. Also, It's just easier to import or export contacts. Or even print a list to keep on file. The
   calendar, well it's just plain easier to use a desktop keyboard to enter your whole schedule instead of                      “I think “The So-
                                                                                                                      pranos” probably solidifies
   those tiny keys. It's also just plain cool!
                                                                                                                      the misconception that
                                                                                                                      people have about New
                                                                                                                      Jersey to begin with. Be-
         G I O V A N N I C A B O T O , I TA L I A N E X P L O R E R                                                   cause you’re from Jersey,
                        AKA/ JOHN CABOT                                                                               and everybody has an ac-
                                                                                                                      cent, you are perceived a
                                                                                                                      certain way. I don’t know if
   Giovanni Caboto (c.1450 –                      country. Once Henry the          plan, to start from a northerly    they are jealous, or in awe,
   c. 1498) known in English as                   Navigator began searching        latitude where the longitudes      or look down their nose at
   John Cabot, was an Italian                     for a route around Africa,       are much closer together, and      you, but that’s the way life
                                                                                                                      is. If you don’t like it,
   navigator and explorer com-                    Italy began losing its place     where, as a result, the voy-
                                                                                                                      change the channel. We
   monly credited as the first                    at the center of the mer-        age would be much shorter.         are Italian-Americans from
   European to discover                           chant seafaring world. The                                          Jersey. We love it. We
   North America, in 1497.                        Iberian peninsula (Portugal                                         love the people. We like to
   Cabot's birthplace is a mat-                   and Spain) became the                                               eat tomatoes and hot pep-
                                                                                                                      pers. If you don’t like it, go
   ter of much controversy with                   place for Italian navigational                                      back to Utah.”
   Gaeta or Castiglione being                     talent, especially after Co-
   proposed as birthplaces. He                    lumbus’s audacious discov-
                                                  ery of "the Indies" (as all                                           Answer to Trivia
   moved to Venice in 1461, at
   the age of eleven, and be-                     Asia was called at the time)                                            Question:
   came a Venetian citizen in                     by sailing west. After that
   1476 Like other Italian ex-                    voyage, countless explorers                                             Charles Atlas
   plorers, including Christo-                    headed in that direction;
   pher Columbus, he was                          Cabot was among the more
   commissioned by another                        successful. He had a simple                                               (1892-1972)

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                       Fall Edition
Page 19                                                                                     V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                                                                                   IAPSNJ members at-
                                                                                    tend the New Jersey
                                                                                   Narcotic Enforcement
      INTERNA-                                                                   Officers Association An-
       TIONAL                                                                     nual BBQ on Thursday,
   POLICE ASSO-                                                                       August 6, 2009 at
     CIATION                                                                     Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point
  Newark Region 48                                                                Pleasant. The Tiki bar
                                                                                    was filled to capacity
    INTERNATIOAL                                                                  with a lively crowd who
  POLICE ASSOCIA-                                                                   were treated to an all
     TION UNITED                                                                 you can eat buffet of Co-
  The largest, oldest,
                                                                                 conut Shrimp, Steamed
   worldwide frater-                                                             Clams, Chicken, Round
   nal police organi-                                                              of Beef, Hamburgers,
  zation in the world!                                                              Hot Dogs, and More.
                                                                                 The evening ended with
  Membership open                                                                a great fireworks display
   to active and re-
  tired law enforce-
                                                                                  on the beach. All Pro-
     ment officers.                                                              ceeds were donated to
                                                                                      the New Jersey
 AIMS AND OBJEC-                                                                     Special Olympics.

  To unite in service                               New Legislation to Watch
  and friendship all
                                         Sponsored by: Senator Stephen M Sweeney
  active and retired
   members of law        S2986 Requires local unit public employers to maintain and pre-
   enforcement ser-      serve retiree health benefits of PFRS retirees at least at the same
    vice throughout      level as provided at employee retirement.
  the world in mem-
     ber countries.               THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT
  For additional info
  and/or application
                           We are here to service your needs 365
       contact:               days a year, even on holidays.

  Joseph Simonetti         The convenience of our two retail loca-     James M. Storms, President
                          tions at 204 First Avenue, Newark NJ &
  Secretary, IPA Re-          244 Route 46 East, Fairfield NJ                     410 Route 10
       gion 48              enable us to properly accommodate
                                                                            Ledgewood, NJ 07852
                          all your bread and bread product needs.
   jsdc1@aol.com             We have added our third location           http://www.castleprinters.com
                          at Calandra's Italian Village in Caldwell,           Tel: (973) 584.1660
                            (973) 226-8889 or (973) 227-5008            IAPSNJ Newsletter Publisher

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                          Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                                  Page 20

            F O R L A W E N F O R C E M E N T H I S T O RY
                                                                                         diverse as-      edgeable guide.
                                                                                         sortment of          Frank provided me with a June
                                                                                         badges,          2009 article from Police Collec-
                                                                                         weapons,         tors News where his collection
                                                                                         nightsticks,     was featured by Dennis Beyer, a
                                                                                         handcuffs,       staff writer for that publication. I
                                                                                         etc., that I     thought it was interesting enough
                                                                                         was aware        to reprint in our own publication.
                                                                                         spanned an
                                                                                         entire history
                                                                                         of law en-
                                                                                         to say, I was
   On July 18th the gang once again
                                                                  impresses with what was before me
  stopped in on our good friend, Re-
                                                                  and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the
  tired Newark Detective Frank Dona-
                                                                  room with Frank as my highly knowl-
  ghy, to wish him well during his tough
  fight with a serious illness. Once
  there, Frank’s wife, Marianne, asked
  me if I had seen Frank’s collection of
  police memorabilia. Being a collector
  myself I was certainly interested in
  seeing what artifacts Frank had col-
  lected over his long career in New-
  ark. What I was led to was one of
  the most impressive collections of
  law enforcement memorabilia that I
  had ever seen. The room was filled                                                                                          The article was
  with history and it took a moment to                                                                                   titled “Collecting
  take in all the passion, pride and                                                                                     Memories” and it
  commitment that it must have taken                                                                                     read:
  to amass such an impressive and                                                                                          (continued on next page)
                                                                           THE NEWARK ROOM

                                                              THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT

                                                                                         PETRACCO & SONS
             Homemade Chocolate Party Favors
                                                                                         507 Bloomfield Avenue
                 Chocolate Gift Baskets
                  by Margie McAlinden                                                          Nutley, NJ
                                                                                        Great People, Great Food
    All chocolates made using the fin-
    est ingredients and made fresh to                                                     Service With a Smile!
       To Order Call: (732) 477-2070
                                                                                             (973) 667-7801
         Chocolategirlie.etsy.com                                                       Catering & Beefsteak Dinners
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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                       Fall Edition
Page 21                                                                                                     V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

     The only difference be-     made his day as he                awards. These were items        THANK YOU FOR
 tween Frank Donaghy’s           thought he had seen them          that didn’t make it to The      YOUR SUPPORT
 collection and mine is that     all. Of course, he ex-            Newark Room.
 his takes up an entire room     pressed an interest in it, if I       One of the items that
 in his home, plus the base-     should ever decide to part        caught my eye was a voter
 ment and the garage. My         with it.                          registration poster. It was
 collection is in a 12x18 inch       At the time I had no in-      captioned “Don’t let this
 display case.                   terest in letting this badge      happen again. Register.
     Our relationship started    out of my sight. I did, how-      Vote.” It showed a
 when Moonie contacted me        ever, have an interest in         wounded 12-year old kid
 following a story I wrote       having a dialog with this         lying in a pool of blood with
 about the old Dreamland         guy from Newark. From             a shotgun-toting Newark
 Roller Skating Arena on         that point forward, we            officer moving towards him.
 Frelinghuysen Avenue.
 The land where this world-
                                 traded many emails,
                                 shared memories and be-
                                                                       A similar picture was on    BLUE MASS
                                                                   the cover of the July 23,
 class arena once stood
 eventually became a senior
                                 came friends even though
                                 we never met.
                                                                   1967 Life Magazine. I
                                                                   have that magazine in my
 citizen center. With that           The long distance rela-       den. It is a memory of the
 article I showed a badge        tionship was designed to          investigation that I did for
 that was made for the se-
 curity officer who once pa-
                                 end right from the begin-         the court regarding this        152 Washington
                                 ning as I was quickly in-         shooting. Moonie and I
 trolled the grounds.            vited to see what I consider      both know that these pic-           Avenue
     After reading the story,
 my fellow collector wrote to
                                 to be the real Newark PD
                                 collection. It took a little
                                                                   tures conveyed the wrong
                                                                   message. Enough said on
                                                                                                    Belleville, NJ
 me. He indicated a con-         time, but, finally, I got there   that point.
 cern about his handwriting      on April 10, 2009, which              We finally made a swift
 but did not hesitate to let     was Good Friday.                  move up the stairs. Actu-         New Jersey
 me know, after reading the          One of my daughters           ally, we were quite slow.
 Dreamland story, that he        lives in the area. She was        That was okay because the       HONOR LEGION
 concluded: “It’s apparent       dispatched to make a pre-         best Newark collection was
 that I am older than you, as    liminary visit for me. She        straight ahead. In a word:
 I not only remember it, but     joined with Moonie’s lady to      amazing.
 spent a lot of time there as    set up a meal that almost             The claim to have the
 a 12 or 13 year old kid.”       made me forget about see-         first badge of the current
     He further let me know      ing The Newark Room,              issue was quickly substan-
 that he had the pleasure of     which is what he called the       tiated. The man not only
 responding as a Newark          place in which his collec-        had the badge, but the hat
 police officer to this loca-    tion is displayed.                                                    152 Market Street
                                                                   badge, and the retirement
 tion on many occasions.                                                                              Paterson, NJ 07505
                                     When we met, it was a         badge. They are displayed
     Moonie, who wore            bear hug hello coupled with       with uniform buttons, and         http://www.njhl.com
 badge number 1588, de-          some tears here and there.        that wonderful triangle
 scribed himself as “a very      I was ushered into his ga-        patch. This one display
 big Newark badge collec-        rage. It had so many col-         restored my eyesight to a
 tor”. He said, “I have every    lectibles I wondered is his       perfect 20/20.
 Newark police badge ever        Harley could really find it’s         My eagle eyes quickly
 worn from the first to the      way out. You name it, and         caught hold of the rest of
 present.”                       it was there! The only thing      the room. There were mul-
     The present issue was       that moved me away was            tiple badges from every
 introduced in 1914. One         the call to come and eat.         series ever issued by New-          MAYOR OF
 can only guess where num-       Eat we did, and we also           ark PD. There were ranks
 ber one hangs today, along      talked through a life time of     that I did not know existed,
                                                                                                   LITTLE FALLS, N.J.
 with hundreds of other vin-     memories.                         such as chanceman, and
 tage badges.                        After the meal I got to       one for stables.
     Despite having every        see the basement, which,              What a lesson I got on        MICHAEL
 badge, Moonie admitted he       like the garage, was filled       the history of Newark. I
 never seen or heard of this     with pictures, posters,           couldn’t have enjoyed it
 badge and that my story         badges, patches and               more!

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                      Fall Edition
Page 22                                                                                                                    V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                                               LETTER             TO THE             EDITOR
                                VIEWPOINT BY TOMMY TUCCI

            Exploitative media barons, news out-       the world are not aware the anathema that      demise is a “Reverse Pyramid Market
 lets, communicators, academics, educators,            Mr. Carlo Ponzi was a living per-              Scheme”. Mr. Ponzi was arrested,
  authors, publishers, editors, reporters, radio,      son, absolutely not a creator of unique        charged, and served a prison sentence for
 TV, websites continue unabated to include             original concepts, pyramid scams, or           effecting a “Pyramid Scheme”. The current
 “PONZI” with the current demise of US and             mathematical abstract theories. The chro-      operators of massive “Pyramid Schemes”
 world financial collapse. These sound bytes           nology relating to Wall Street illegal pyra-   “Reverse Pyramid” scams continue their
 and buzz words implicate Italian-Americans            mid financial scams originated in England      great crimes with assistance from govern-
 patently influencing illegal financial transactions   c.1660 Charles ll "Merry King" .and copied     ment policy welfare stimulus bailouts,
 which are basically "PYRAMID SCHEMES".                verbatim in America c.1792 under a But-        myths, MSM distractions, and con-
                                                       tonwood Tree in lower Manhattan, now the       trolled markets. Not one person or entity
 Mr. Carlo Ponzi copied, imitated and effectu-
                                                       New York Stock Exchange, 220 years             has been held accountable to date. That
 ated a Pyramid Scheme formulated on foreign
                                                       before Mr. Carlo Ponzi. Consequently, the      includes "Where's the Money Madoff",
 postal savings stamps to attract naive unso-
                                                       incorrect association and insidious per-       "Bonus Baby AIG", "Wall Street Pyramid
 phisticated suckers.
                                                       petuation of this particular myth by MSM,      Scam Banks", "Reverse Robin Hood Merry
            Correlating this Pyramid Scheme            educators, communicators is to deflect and     Men Goldman Sachs,"
 formula to the illegal and controlled activi-         distract the GREAT CRIMES that now                        Mr. Ponzi paid for his crime
 ties currently, these savings stamps represent a      permeate our financial and global market       eighty years ago.
 more basic asset value than the entire stock          systems.
 and bond markets for today's suckers and                                                                 Submitted by: Tommy Tucci
                                                                  Subsequently, the correct scam
 chumps. The great mass of citizens throughout                                                        Email: ak47popcorn@verizon.net
                                                       is “Pyramid Scheme”, the current USA

    CONGRATULATIONS                                       Congratulations                             CONGRATULATIONS
        Deputy Chief                                      Ashley Sierchio           ECC Police Academy Director
     Richard A. Falcone                                                            Rocco L. Miscia & Bergen
                                                                                   County Prosecutor’s Office Lt.
  on his retirement following 32                        On being chosen as our     Stephen G. Dembowski on
   years of service with NJ Divi-
   sion of Criminal Justice and
                                                        2009 Parade Queen. their appointments as two of 32
                                                         Ashley is a Junior at St. FBI Law Enforcement Education
   Passaic County Prosecutors                            Elizabeth’s Academy in         Development Association
               Office.                                   Morris Twp. She is the     (LEEDA) members to form the
  Best Wishes and Good Luck in                         daughter of Detective John    first committee of Mid-Atlantic
    all your future endeavors.                         Sierchio of the Bloomfield    Regional Representatives for
                                                            Police Department
                                                                                              FBI LEEDA .

                                                  THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT
                                                     New Jersey State  Tim Black
    Edmond P. Brady                                   P.B.A. President  WTB Enter-
        CPA                                                                                     prises is once
                                                                                                again our pri-
                                                                                                mary vendor.
      McEnerney Brady & Co., LLC                                                                 They are at
       293 Eisenhower Parkway                                                                     most meetings to sell items and take
         Livingston, NJ 07039                                                                    orders. You can now order On-Line.
                                                                                                                Go to
            (973) 535-2880                                                                      http://www.italianamericanpolice.co
                                                       TONY WIENERS                                             m or
     Accountant for the IAPSNJ

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                    Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                       Page 23

                                     CONDOLENCES                                                                       THANK YOU
                                                                                                                    FOR YOUR SUPPORT
      It is with sadness that we                                                  Our sincere sympathy to
    inform you of the passing of
                                                                                 Newark Chief of Police
     Retired Denville Police Offi-
                                                  We regretfully announce      and I.P.A. Newark Region 48
    cer Michael di Palma .
      As you may know Michael                         the passing of                    President,
       was the father of Morris                      Gina M. (Trucillo)             Anthony Campos,
      County Sheriff's Detective                                                 on the loss of his father
     Lisa Bonfiglio-di Palma who                        Pintar, 41,
      lost her battle with cancer                 following a brave battle         Alvaro Campos
     earlier this year. Our condo-                                                On September 4, 2009
                                                 with lung cancer. Gina is
    lences to the diPalma family.                                                                                Carmen Cerreto
                                                  the daughter of John &
                                                Carole Trucillo. John is the     We are sad to report the
   We Regretfully note the pass-                retired Police Chief of Har-
   ing of Alan C. Levine, 60.                   rison. Our sincere sympa-
                                                                                       passing of                 Valley National
   Al was always a friend of law                thy goes out to the Trucillo      Robert Natarelli,                    Bank
   enforcement and was a for-                             family.              who served as the Court Offi-       Assistant V.P.-Branch
   mer Board Member of the                                                                                            Sales Manager
                                                                               cer for the Rockaway Town-
   PFRS. Al was currently serv-
                                                                                 ship Police Department.          237 Washington Avenue
   ing as Deputy Mayor of Pater-
                                                                                 Our condolences to the             Belleville, NJ 07109
   son in charge of Law and
   Public Safety.                                                              Natarelli family on their loss.        (973) 985-3876

                 I N M E M O R I U M T O A FA L L E N H E R O
                                       Jersey City Police Detective Marc DiNardo, who was shot in
                                       the face in the morning of July 16, 2009 during a shootout with
                                       two suspects, who were killed, succumbed to his injuries at the
                                       Jersey City Medical Center on July 21, 2009. Detective Di-
                                       Nardo, 37, was a 10 year veteran of the JCPD and was assigned
                                       to the Emergency Services Unit. Officer DiNardo leaves behind
                                       a wife, Mary, and three young children, ages 4, 3 and 1.

                                       The IAPSNJ extends its most sincere condolences to the family
                                       of Officer DiNardo, as well as to the Jersey City
                                       Police Department, where Detective DiNardo was
                                       held in the highest regard by his colleagues and
                                       friends. He will surely be missed.

                                                                                                                 THANK YOU FOR YOUR
                            GET WELL WISHES                                                                           SUPPORT

  Still bravely fight-                          Also, still recover-           Best wishes for a                 NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS

  ing a long term ill-                         ing from some re-               full recovery to
  ness is Ret. De-                             cent surgery is Ret.            Maggie Speziale,
  tective Frank                                Sheriff John M.                 wife of Sheriff Jerry                CORPORATE
  Donaghy .                                    Fox., as is his wife            Speziale who is                   SECURITY DIVISION
  (See story on                                Mary Ann.                       fighting a serious                 5 AIRPORT ROAD
  Frank on pages 21                                                            illness.                           MORRISTOWN, NJ
  & 22)                                                                                                                07960

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                             Fall Edition
Page 24                                                                                                           V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1


               Date(s)                                      Course Title                                       Cost
                10/14/09                         Background Investigations Seminar                      In County: No Fee
                                                                                                       Out of County: $50.00
                10/16/09                   Tactical Combat Casualty Care Lecture & Range                Course Fee: $75.00
                10/19/09                   Investigating the Occult: Religion, Witchcraft & Magic      Course Fee: $ 195.00
           10/19/09-10/23/09               Public Safety Telecommunicator Course /Basic                Course Fee: $200.00
           10/20/09-10/22/09                       Field Training Officers Course                      Course Fee: $ 355.00
                                              Penn State Justice and Safety Institute
                10/20/09                                  Work Zone Safety                                    No Fee
                10/21/09                 Identifying Warning Signs of School Violence - FBI                   No Fee
                10/21/09                  Enhancing Secretary / Administrative Assistant, &            Course Fee: $195.00
                                                  Support Officer Staff Job Skills
                10/2309                            Level I Tactical Pistol Course                      Out of County $50.00
                10/23/09                           Quick Clot Familiarization Course                   Out of County $25.00
           10/26/09-10/29/09              Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Certification               Course Fee: $200.00
           10/27/09-10/29/09               HIDTA Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Inter-                     No Fee
                10/27/09                  Use of Force Update for Department Training Offi-              In County: $25.00
                                                                cers                                   Out of County: $50.00
                11/5/09                     Comprehensive Insurance Fraud Training Program                    No Fee
                11/6/09                    Investigating the Occult: Religion, Witchcraft & Magic      Course Fee: $ 195.00
           11/9/09-11/11/09                   Emergency Medical Technician Refresher                   Course Fee: $125.00
                11/10/09                                    Work Zone Safety                                  No Fee
           11/16/09-11/20/09                            Radar Instructor Course                       Out of County: $100.00
           11/16/09-11/20/09                    Advanced Criminal Investigations - FBI                        No Fee
            12/7/09-12/9/09                      ICS 300 (Incident Command System)                      Course Fee: $75.00

   pacademy@essex.edu for registration and /or other information. Also, visit our Web site for registration
           forms and details on these and other courses we are offering: essex.edu/pacademy

    Governor Corzine Signs Police Standards Bill                                   THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT
           On August 27, 2009 Governor Jon S. Corzine signed the Law                                    ATI
 Enforcement Professional Standards Act of 2009, which codifies reforms
 implemented by the State Police to end racial profiling and ensures con-        Advanced Technology Investigations Inc.
 tinued state oversight and monitoring. The bill, A3935, establishes an of-                       PO Box 496
 fice within the New Jersey State Attorney General's Office, to assume                        Howell, NJ 07731
 oversight and monitoring of the State Police.                                            Telephone: 732-863-0700
           The bill’s signing is a step towards the end of a decade-long
 Consent Decree entered into by the State of New Jersey and the United
                                                                                           Fax:      732-863-1799
 States Department of Justice to remedy alleged racial profiling by mem-                  E-Mail:     Info@atinj.com
 bers of the New Jersey State Police. Both the Attorney General's office            http://www.advancedtechnologyinvestigations.com
 and the State Police have operated under the supervision of the United
 States District Court for the District of New Jersey and an independent
                                                                                            President: John Stroka
 monitoring team, which periodically evaluated the State Police's compli-            John is on the Executive Board of the
 ance with the Consent Decree.

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                      Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                         Page 25

   Please fill out this application in full and send it with your check payable to the :
   Italian American Police Society Inc. .

                              (RECRUIT A NEW MEMBER TODAY)
   Please provide the following information to complete the Membership Application:
                                                                                 Top of Form

     First Name:                                                                                        MI:

     Last Name:

   Department:                                                                                     Rank:



            City:                                                                                   State:    Zip:

      Date of Birth:

   E-mail Address:

   Is your Italian Heritage at least 50% (yes or no):                          If no, explain

   Marital Status: (yes or no)                 Spouse's Name:
   The following information will not be published in any way and is only for IAPSNJ use

    Home Phone:                                                                                 Work Phone:

            Beeper:                                                                  Beeper PIN (if any):

   Home FAX:                                                                        Work FAX:

   Cell Phone:
   Membership dues are $25.00 per year
   Payment Method:
   Please make check payable to
   The Italian American Police Society of New Jersey Inc.                                                            and mailed to
   Attn: John Lazzara, 1st V.P.
   729 Indian Road, Wayne, NJ 07470

   REFERRED BY:                                                                                 IAPSNJ NEWSLETTER 2009
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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                         Fall Edition
Page 26                                                                                                                       V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

                                         THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT
            Joseph J. Bell, Esq.
                                                                               NEW JERSEY                           ESSEX COUNTY
                                                                     NARCOTIC ENFORCEMENT
                 Bell & Hassing                                         OFFICERS ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                   P.B.A. LOCAL 382

          150 Mineral Springs Drive
                 P.O. Box 220
            Rockaway, NJ 07866
             Tel.: (973) 607-4694
           Toll Free: (866) 601-7395
  E-Mail: http://www.bellhassinglaw.com

                                                                           LINCOLN QUOTE SUBMITTED BY ANTHONY ‘ESPO” ESPOSITO
   One-Gun-A-Month Handgun Legislation Signed Into Law
                                                                               "You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
 New Jersey      purchases        gressive          “one-gun-a-            You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
 fourth state    and curtail      firearm legis-    month” limi-           You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
 to initiate     the number       lation limiting   tation on the          You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
 purchase        of weapons       the sale and      purchase of
                                                                          You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred...
 limitation      in the hands     purchase of       handguns to
 August 6,       of criminals,    handguns in       one sales                       You cannot build character and courage
 2009 – In a     Governor         New Jersey.       transaction               by taking away people's initiative and independence.
 move to         Jon S. Corz-     The bill, A-      per individ-
                                                                             You cannot help people permanently by doing for them,
 prevent         ine today        339 / S-          ual in a 30-
                 signed ag-       1774, sets a      day period                  what they could and should do for themselves."
 “straw” gun

   S2821 Permits certain retired law enforcement officers to possess hollow
                               nose ammunition.
 6/22/2009 Introduced, Referred to Assembly Law and Public Safety
                                                              Active duty law enforcement officers are authorized to
                             Committee                    possess hollow nosed ammunition. This bill would afford
 This bill would permit retired law enforcement officers  retired law enforcement officers who are authorized to
 who are authorized by the Superintendent of State Police carry a handgun the same privilege to possess this type
 to carry a handgun to possess hollow nose ammunition. of ammunition.

    S2870 Provides immunity to law enforcement officers who, in good faith,
         release driver in violation of provisional driver's license law.
  6/11/2009 Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Law and Pub-          see is ticketed for this violating this law, the law enforcement
                lic Safety and Veterans' Affairs Committee                     officer has limited options concerning what to do with the driver
 This bill would grant immunity from civil liability to a State,               and passengers. The police officer may transport the driver and
 county and local law enforcement officer who issues a summons                 passengers to the police station for release to their parents or
 to the holder of a provisional driver’s license for exceeding the             guardians or drive the passengers home. Both of these options
 number of passengers permitted in the motor vehicle and, in                   require a disproportionate amount of the police officer’s time and
 good faith, permits the licensee to proceed while still in violation          other police department resources to be dedicated to a single,
 of the passenger provision. If the provisional licensee is subse-             relatively minor, traffic offense. Therefore, police officers would
 quently involved in a motor vehicle accident, the law enforce-                prefer to allow the driver to bring the passengers home, but they
 ment officer could not be held civilly liable for injuries arising out        are hesitant to do so because of the possibility of being sued if
 of that accident.                                                             the motor vehicle is involved in an accident subsequent
     Under current law, the holder of a provisional driver’s license           to the citation being issued. Under the bill, police offi-
                                                                               cers acting in good faith under these circumstances
 is permitted to transport only one passenger in addition to pas-
 sengers who reside with the licensee. When a provisional licen-               would not be liable.

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                                         Fall Edition
Page 27                                                                                                                                      V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

 You Know You’re a
    Cop if……..                                     S569 "Thomas P. Canzanella
                                               Twenty First Century First Responders
You have the bladder capac-
ity of five people;
                                                Protection Act"; concerns workers'
You believe that 25% of peo-                  compensation for public safety workers.
ple are a waste of proto-
plasm;                            This bill creates a rebuttable presumption      whether the worker contracted the          carcinogen, or the cancer-causing radia-
                                  of workers’ compensation coverage for           disease, shall be compensable under        tion or radioactive substance, in the
Your idea of a good time is a     any death or disability, including post         workers' compensation, even if the         course of employment. Employers are
robbery at shift change;          traumatic stress disorder, if the death or      worker is found not to have contracted     required to maintain records of instances
You call for a CCH on anyone      disability arises from the physical or          the disease. If the worker is found to     of the workers deployed where the pres-
that is friendly toward you;      psychological impact of stress or injury        have contracted a disease, there shall     ence of known carcinogens was indicated
                                  experienced by a public safety worker           be a rebuttable presumption that any       by documents provided to local fire or
You think it is perfectly nor-    engaged in response to a terrorist attack,      injury, disability, chronic or corollary   police departments under the “Worker
mal to discuss dismember-         epidemic, or other catastrophic emer-           illness or death caused by the disease     and Community Right to Know Act,”
ment over a gourmet meal;         gency, in which the worker is exposed to        is compensable under workers' com-         P.L.1983, c.315 (C.34:5A-1 et seq.) and
You can identify a negative       pathogens or biological toxins from bio-        pensation.                                 where events occurred which could result
                                  logical warfare or epidemics, hazardous             The bill affirms workers’ compensa-    in exposure to those carcinogens.
"tattoo to tooth" ratio just by   chemicals used in, or related to, chemical
looking at a person;                                                              tion coverage for any injury, illness or      The bill provides that, with respect to
                                  warfare, or cancer-causing radiation or         death of any employee, including an        all of the rebuttable presumptions of
You find humor in other peo-      radioactive substances, or witnesses            employee who is not a public safety        coverage, employers may require
ple's stupidity;                  death and suffering of a magnitude suffi-       worker, arising from the administration    workers to undergo, at employer ex-
                                  cient to cause significant psychological        of a vaccine relate to threatened or       pense, reasonable testing, evaluation
You believe in the aerial         trauma. The bill requires employers of          potential bioterrorism or epidemic as      and monitoring of worker health condi-
spraying of Prozac;               public safety workers expected to re-           part of a inoculation program in con-      tions relevant to determining whether
You disbelieve 90% of what        spond to terrorist attacks or catastrophic      nection with the employee’s employ-        exposures or other presumed causes
you hear and 75% of what          emergencies to have programs to provide         ment or in connection with any govern-     are actually linked to the deaths, ill-
                                  needed psychological and social counsel-        mental program or recommendation for       nesses or disabilities, and further
you see;                          ing for the workers during and after the        the inoculation of workers.                provides that the presumptions of
You have your weekends off        incidents or emergencies.                                                                  compensability are not adversely af-
                                                                                      The bill creates a rebuttable pre-
planned for a year in ad-            The bill affirms that if, in the course of                                              fected by failures of employers to
                                                                                  sumption that any condition or impair-
vance;                            employment, a public safety worker is           ment of health of a public safety worker   require testing, evaluation or monitor-
You believe that a "shallow       exposed to a serious communicable               which may be caused by exposure to         ing.
                                  disease or a biological warfare or epi-         cancer-causing radiation or radioactive       The public safety workers covered
gene pool" should be grounds
                                  demic-related pathogen or biological            substances, is a compensable occupa-       by the bill include paid or volunteer
for an arrest;                    toxin, all care or treatment of the worker,     tional disease under workers' compen-      emergency, correctional, fire, police
You believe that the Govern-      including services needed to ascertain          sation if the worker was exposed to a      and medical personnel.
ment should require a permit
to reproduce;
You believe that unspeakable                        NEW POLICE BUMPER STICKER
evils will befall you if anyone
says "Boy, it sure is quiet
around here";
You believe that it is a "good"
death only if it involves over-

                       THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT
     THE BENEVOLENT &       Hudson County Sheriff's
                                                         Administration Building
                                                             595 Newark Ave.
    Elks Lodge 1885                                   Jersey City, New Jersey, 07306                           New Jersey Law Enforcement
  19-22 West Mt. Pleasant Ave.                                 201-795-6000                                     Police Officers Brotherhood
         Livingston, NJ                                         Operations                                                          Suite 1
         (973)533.9777                                                 Hudson Plaza                                 36 Mountainview Boulevard
                                                                     Cornelison Avenue
                                                                                                                                 Wayne, NJ
            Exhaulted Ruler                         Jersey City, New Jersey, 07306
                                                            201-915-1300                                                     (973) 872-7056
              Matt Gerges

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                               Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                                    Page 28

                                       L E T T E R TO T H E E D I TO R
  Hello,                                                       charities.                                           It’s nice to hear that they are
     I would like to tell you a little                             Joe will be inducted into The                reading our Newsletter in Illinois.
  about Joe ? Proud Italian Ameri-                             United States Martial Arts Hall of               I would be glad to mention Joe’s
  can and Cook County Deputy                                   Fame on Aug.1, 2009 in Nashville,                accomplishment in our Newslet-
  Sheriff , Joe Fiorentino, has re-                            TN. He uses his skills to volun-                 ter. I did find the following article
  ceived the "President's Volunteer                            teer to teach self defense to Fel-               in another Italian American Publi-
  Service Award" from President                                low Officers and to Boy Scouts and               cation.
  Obama, “NRLO Outstanding Ser-                                Cub Scouts. On May 8, 2009 Joe
                                                                                                                    “Joe Fiorentino, a Cook
  vice Award” from the National                                was inducted into the Roosevelt
                                                                                                                County Sheriff won a champion-
  Reserve Law Officers, and the                                High School Sports Hall of Fame
                                                                                                                ship belt at the NAGA Midwest
  “Knights of Justice Award” from                              were he was a All- City Football
                                                                                                                grappling championships on No-
   the American Police Hall of                                 Player and received a scholarship
                                                                                                                vember 15, 2008 He is ranked #1
  Fame. Joe was the 2008 #1                                    to college. Joe is a member of the
                                                                                                                in director division grappling in
  Ranked Director Division Grap-                               Italian American Police Association
                                                                                                                the nation. He is a proud member
  pler in the Nation.                                          and NIAF and OSIA.
                                                                                                                of the Italian American Police or-
      On Nov. 15, 2008 Joe won a                               Could you recognize him in your
                                                                                                                ganization in Illinois.”
  Championship Belt at the NAGA                                Newsletter? Thank You,
  Midwest Grappling Champion-                                  Heidi
  ships. Joe has helped the                                                                                     Congratulations Joe on your good
  homeless, neighborhood watch,
                                                               Hi Heidi,
  Cub Scout training and many

                 P.B.A. LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA                                                                          THANKS FOR YOUR
            ACTIONS’ IN CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS INCIDENT                                                                      SUPPORT

  July 24, 2009                                              While I can respect     acted to it only after reviewing
                                                 that you were expressing feel-      the matter in detail. To rhetori-
                                                 ings regarding a person you         cally question if the arrest was
  Dear Mr. President:
                                                 consider a friend, the officers     because of race is troubling. In
             On behalf of the                    who responded to the report of      fact, this officer is widely re-     163 East Main
  33,000 member New Jersey                       a break-in acted cautiously and     spected by his peers, black
  State Policemen's Benevolent                   without prejudice in ensuring       and white, as a fair and unbi-
  Association (PBA), I would like                that Mr. Gates was both the         ased officer.
  to express the concerns of my
                                                                                                                          Little Falls, NJ
                                                 homeowner of the house and                      As a member of one
  members over your recent                       that he was safe from any harm      of the largest law enforcement            07424
  comments criticizing the police                at that time. Mr. Gates was         organizations in America, I
  officers of Cambridge, Massa-                  arrested for disorderly conduct     respectfully urge you to refrain
  chusetts.                                      because of his response to the      from second guessing the
             The New Jersey                      situation and not because he        nation's law enforcement com-
                                                                                                                          Forte Pizzeria
  State PBA is the largest law                   was being unfairly targeted for     munity until you have been
  enforcement organization in                    his race. Police respond to         briefed on every side of the
                                                                                                                          & Restaurant
  New Jersey and we are con-                     many calls like this in America                                          www.fortepizzeria.com
                                                                                     story. I know that you have
  cerned that the President of the               and it would be the height of
                                                                                     deep respect for law enforce-
  United States would make                       irresponsibility if they did not                                          182 Bloomfield
                                                                                     ment officers but this situation
  extraordinarily prejudicial com-               uncover the facts before leav-
                                                                                     has demoralized officers not                Ave
  ments about the recent incident                ing the scene of an alleged
                                                                                     only in Massachusetts but
  involving Harvard Professor                    break-in. The Officer who ar-                                              Caldwell, NJ
                                                                                     around the nation.
  Henry Louis Gates. To state                    rested Professor Gates had
  that the police officers involved              very little option but to act in                Thank you for your            07006
                                                 the way that he did in this case.   attention to our concerns.
  in arresting Professor Gates                                                                                             (973) 403-9411
  "acted stupidly" shows a disap-                To criticize a law enforcement      Sincerely,
  pointing lack of knowledge                     officer for doing his best in a     State President
  about the incident and police                  tense situation is unfortunate
                                                 and I wish you would've re-         Anthony F. Wieners
  procedure in general.

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                                           Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                                               Page 29

   WHAT                    IS       COLUMBUS                                   DAY A L L A B O U T ?                     CONGRATULATIONS

                                                                                                                        MATTHEW J. DeSANCTIS
What is Columbus Day all
                                                 different ways. October 12 is        discovery. In the years that       on his appointment to
                                                 celebrated as "Discovery             followed, other groups of         the Haverford Township
Celebrated the second Mon-                       Day" in the Bahamas. It is           Italian immigrants did like-
day of October, Columbus                                                                                                   Police Department,
                                                 celebrated as Día de la              wise.                                  Haverford, PA
Day is day set aside to com-                     Raza (Day of the Race) in
memorate Christopher Co-                         many parts of Latin America.         In 1892, President Benjamin        Effective July 30, 2009.
lumbus's discovery of the                        It is celebrated as Día de la        Harrison issued a proclama-
Americas on October 12,                          Resistencia Indígena (Day            tion in honor of the 400th
1492. It is also a day to cele-                                                                                           Matthew is the son of
                                                 of the Indigenous Resis-             anniversary of Columbus's          Retired NYPD Detective
brate the role Italian immi-                     tance) in Venezuela.                 landing in the Bahamas.
grants have played in mak-                                                                                                And IAPSNJ Member
                                                 How did Columbus Day                 Harrison did not, however,
ing the United States great.                     become a holiday?                    make the day a national              Carmine DeSanctis
                                                 Three hundred years                  holiday. Seventeen years
Columbus Day is a legal
                                                 passed between Columbus's            later, in 1905, Colorado be-         Matthew, 24, also re-
holiday in the United States.
                                                 discovery of the America             came the first state to desig-     cently received his Law
Schools, government of-
                                                 and the first known celebra-         nate October 12th as a holi-        Degree from Villanova
fices, post offices, and
                                                 tion of that discovery. In           day. In later years, other               Law School.
banks are closed. Some
                                                 1792, a group called the             states did the same. Then,
businesses are also closed.
                                                 Colombian Order organized            in 1937, President Franklin
Others stay open. Virtually                                                                                            THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT
                                                 a ceremony in New York               D. Roosevelt declared Octo-
all stores are open on Co-
                                                 City to commemorate the              ber 12th a federal legal holi-
lumbus Day, and many hold
                                                 300th anniversary of Colum-          day. It remained such until
special sales.
                                                 bus's discovery of the new           1971, when Congress
                                                                                                                         Drew and Staci
Countries in North and
                                                 world. After the Civil War, a        moved the official obser-             Santucci
                                                 group of Italian immigrants          vance to the second Mon-
South America remember
                                                 in New York organized the            day of October.                      h
Columbus's discovery in
                                                 first real celebration of that

                                                                                                                          Morris County
          ‘$26.8 Million COPS Funding for New Jersey Towns’                                                               Sheriff’s Office
                Not Enough Argues State PBA President
            On July 29, 2009 Vice President Joe Biden and U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder announced that 18 New
   Jersey towns will be receiving American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding totaling approximately
   $26.8 million to hire a total of 123 police officers through the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) pro-
            COPS, a component of the U.S. Department of Justice, was created through the Violent Crime Control and
   Law Enforcement Act of 1994 with a mission to advance the practice of community policing as an effective strategy
   to improve public safety. "These funds will put more officers on the street in Trenton, Irvington, Paterson, Elizabeth,
   East Orange, Union and other municipalities across New Jersey," said Attorney General Anne Milgram. "Under Gov-
   ernor Corzine's Safe Streets and Neighborhoods Plan, we have worked with local police to achieve unprecedented
   results in reducing the drug dealing and gang violence plaguing our communities. These additional officers will bol-
   ster those efforts."
                 New Jersey State PBA Response to Federal COPS Grant Awards
            The President of the New Jersey State PBA expressed disappointment in the limited number
   of positions funded for law enforcement officers in the State under the Federal COPS funding pro-
   gram announced on July 29, 2009 by Vice President Biden. 305 law enforcement agencies in New
   Jersey applied for funds to retain or hire a total of 1404 officers but only 18 municipalities received
   the grants, accounting for 123 officers. “While we are grateful for every job saved or created under
   the program, the reality is that this level of funding amounts to a band aid over a gaping wound,” New
   Jersey State PBA President Anthony Wieners said. “Irvington, Paterson and Trenton need the help to
   fight crime but so does Maplewood, Cranford and Cherry Hill and dozens of other suburban towns
   who are suffering in this economy.”

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                 Fall Edition
Page 30                                                                               V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1

           What would mid-                        the en-
 summer be without our An-                        tire day.
 nual Family BBQ/Picnic.                          Live en-
 This, free to members and
 their families, all you can
 eat and drink event is pro-
 vided to our members and
                                    Joe & ‘The
 their families courtesy of
                                  Sausage King’
 your Executive Board as
 our way of saying thank you
 for all your support and      tertainment was also pro-
 commitment throughout the vided to help keep thing
 year. A special thank you     lively. People came and
 goes out to our Picnic
 Committee, Bill Schievella,
 Vin Nardone, Nick Incan-
 nella, Al Attanasio, Gary
 Cantagallo and Tom Pito-
 scia, for all their hard work
 and time in all the planning
 and preparation in putting
                                   John, Joe and john

                        went throughout the day
                        and evening and as always,                        Thanks also to Rosie Mi-
                        no one left hungry or disap-                      noughan for all her efforts
                        pointed.                                          in making it a fun filled day
                                 Something different                      for the kids and Vinny Par-
                        this year was that our                            dee for providing the Italian
                        Board Members did all the                         lemon ice, which is always
                        shopping and much of the                          a treat for adults and kids
                                                                          alike. To Tom Pitoscia for
                        reviews this seemed to                            his many hours cooking
                        work out pretty well.                             over a hot grill on a hot day.
                                                                          To our DJ, Joe Velardi, who
 this event all together.                                                 kept the music going all
          The kids were                                                   day. To Al & Trish for sell-
 treated to Italian Ices, gifts,                                          ing the 50/50’s. To Gar-
 games and all day in the                                                 guilo Produce and Appetito
 beautiful Manor Park Swim                                                Sausage. To our face
 Club Pool. Adults were                                                   painter, Marly Arturo and a
 able to enjoy the usual                                                  sincere thanks to all of you
 summer BBQ fare, includ-                                                 who took the time to come
 ing sausage, peppers and                                                 out and join us for another
 onions, hamburgers, hot                                                  memorable summer day.
 dogs, chicken, salads,
 wings, desert, soda, coffee
 and much more throughout

                                                                            PICNIC COMMITTEE

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Newsletter October 2009                                                                                     Fall Edition
I t a l i a n A m er i c a n P o l i c e S o c i e t y o f N e w J e r s e y                                       Page 31

                                                           THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT
        BELLEVILLE                                 BLOOMFIELD                         CLIFTON         HARRISON
       PBA LOCAL 28                                 PBA LOCAL                      PBA LOCAL 36     PBA LOCAL 22

                                                                                   SEPTEMBER MEETING PICS
                                                                         September 9, 2009

                                                                                  THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT
                                                                                LING TRUCKING,      Sheriff (Ret.)
                                                                                       Inc.          John M. Fox
                                                                               1001 Hopewell Ave.
                                                                                                    Parsippany, NJ
                                                                                Ocean, NJ 07712
                                                                                 (732) 493-1500
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Newsletter October 2009                                                                           Fall Edition

           The Italian American Police Society of New Jersey
  is a social, fraternal organization of more than 4,000 Italian American Law Enforcement Officers
                                              in the state.
    We are also a charter member in The National Coalition of Italian American Law Enforce-
                                          ment Organizations.
   Each year we host a number of social and charitable events. For information on these events
                       please see our Profile or Calendar page on our web site.
   To aid us with our charitable endeavors, we have joined with The NJ Police Officers Founda-
        We present scholarships to children of members, high school seniors, who are head-
                                             ing to college.
           Our fundraisers operate under our by-laws to collect these charitable donations
           The society has a toll free membership and events hot-line - 800-IAPSNJ-1

        To keep track of upcoming meetings check out our On-Line Calendar of Events
                             & Meeting Schedule on our web site.

                                                         IMPORTANT MESSAGE
                                The IAPSNJ will be upgrading our Date Base System in the very near future.

  We’re on the Web!            It is very important to us that all our members receive all electronic notifica-
                                    tions, updates, announcements, etc. in a timely and efficient manner.

   www.iapsnj.org              If you have not been receiving any email notices from our organization in the
                               past month or two please take a moment to send an email to our Webmaster

                                   at   list@iapsnj.org         so that we can update, modify or add your
                                               current email address to our notification list.

 Italian American Police Society
 of New Jersey
 P.O. Box 352
 Lyndhurst, New Jersey 07071

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