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Hilliard Davidson Theatre


									                         Hilliard Davidson Theatre
Drama Boosters Minutes                                             October 5, 2009


ATTENDING: Jeff Meyers, Diana Vance, Peter Hersha, Jane Moog, Carole Eidemiller,
Tony Moog, Ed O’Reilly, Michelle O’Reilly, Jill Burgason, Cindy Jeu, Gerry Saville,
Sue Davis, Eric Brunner


      Welcome: Jeff Meyers

      Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the September 14, 2009 meeting were

      Treasure’s Financial Report: Peter Hersha
       YTD Income: $404.24                          YTD Expenses: $2208.85

                                   Net Assets: 9,568.50*

       Increase (Decrease) Net Assets: temporary decrease $2083.85

       *includes restricted items ($500 donation for new fly line/ $282.61 Scotland).

       -Issue: Should profit from Theatre Association Conference of approximately
       $400 go into the Scotland account or to the Booster general funds? To be
       resolved by email.
       -Budget comments: Today’s budget is tentative until finalized in November.

      Concessions Report: Sue Davis
       -Need help with scavenger hunt after Stuart Little.
       -Need baked goods for Stuart Little

      Marketing/Advertising: Diana reported
       -coloring contest: Number of participants larger than last year.
       -drama members free Friday night, gathering to follow.
       -photographer and reporter were here regarding Stuart Little.
      Update: Stuart Little
       -Diana reported that there were some costume issues which are now resolved.

      Update: Fools
       -auditions tomorrow 10/6
       -need Ukranian clothing and a cow prop
       -there will be a silent auction benefitting the Scotland trip at the production.

      Treasurer needed: Peter Hersha is generously continuing his work, but a
       replacement is needed. Attendees were asked to recruit for this position.

      Other:
       -10/23: Drama Club: after school gathering to watch movie.
       -Improv Night: 10/24 at 7:00. Estimated expenses $100, and concessions should
       consist of pop and candy, not baked goods. Audience ranges in size from 30-250.
       -10/29: Trick or Treat food drive: 7:00-8:30 all 3 High Schools will gather at
       Bradley for publicity picture and to load truck with food gathered. There will be
       snacks provided by teachers.
       -Area Thespian Conference 12/5 at Bexley. Cost $15 includes lunch. Students
       provide own transportation.
       -Inducted Thespians: State show information available on the website including
       try-out dates.
       -Thank you to those who helped with the picnic which was successful. The goal
       of getting the 3 high school groups to mingle remains, but should get easier over
       -Leadership Day went well: Sue Davis would use Jersey Mikes Subs again.
       - Battle of Bands: 1/23. Mr. Bobek and Mr. Page will be in attendance. Need to
       determine if concessions will be handled by Scotland group or Boosters. Band
       applications due by holiday break, so materials/rules need to go out before
       -Spring Musical dinner: Jill Burgason announced that Outback will donate
       prepared food using their outdoor kitchen. Menu and use of proceeds to be
       discussed at next meeting.
       -Diana announced that the magazine Stage Directions will feature Hilliard
       Davidson’s drama department in the November issue.


Minutes submitted by Jane Moog, Secretary


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