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                                                                                                                                                                                   Fall 2007

So Others                                                                                                         Off the Radar
                                                         Hematology Oncology Department at the University of
                                                         New Mexico Cancer Center. “Cells accumulate a lot of
                                                         mucin, which pushes the cell nucleus toward the edge of      In a recent interview, Skinner said he was moved

Might Live                                               the cell, giving it a diamond-ring appearance under the  by the quality of care Nancy received at UNM Cancer
                                                         microscope. These cells are extremely metastatic, which  Center, and impressed by Verschraegen. “We felt that
                                                         means they can spread anywhere in the body.              Dr. Verschraegen’s care extended Nancy’s life by 18 to 24
                                                         This happens rather quickly, and                         quality months—a gift of immeasurable value,” he says.
Endowed Fund to                                          therefore very few people survive
                                                         beyond 12 months.”                      B ecause pharmaceutical companies don ’ t fund clinical
Support Research at                                          Nancy and her husband,
                                                         Paul Skinner, began researching
                                                                                                 studies on signet ring cell appendiceal cancer , s kinner
                                                                                                    estaBlished an endowed fund that would create a
UNM Cancer Center                                        this cancer from their Grapevine,
                                                         Texas, home. Through their
                                                                                                       research position to focus on the r are disease .

    The disease that took Nancy Skinner’s                research, they found Verschraegen,
                                                                                                                      During the three and a half years that Nancy fought
life appeared without warning. In April 2003             a nationally recognized cancer expert, and began
                                                                                                                  her cancer, Skinner felt “extremely angry that there was a
she awoke with severe abdominal pain. She                traveling back and forth to Albuquerque for treatment.
                                                                                                                  disease out there that wasn’t on the radar screen.” Because
underwent emergency surgery to have malignant                “Dr. Verschraegen started Nancy on a chemo regimen,
                                                                                                                  signet ring cell appendiceal cancer is so uncommon,
tumors removed from her abdominal area.                  which she completed with minimal side effects,” says
                                                                                                                  pharmaceutical companies don’t fund clinical studies on
The sequence that followed was like a nightmare.         Skinner. “Things were looking good for almost two years.
                                                                                                                  it. So he had to find another way to raise awareness.
The surgeons thought they had removed all the            Then in April 2005, scans confirmed that the cancer had
cancer, but didn’t know exactly what type it was.        returned, and in July Nancy checked into UNM Hospital                                                   Continued on page 2

A visit to a gastroenterologist confirmed her            for surgery.”
diagnosis: stage-four signet ring cell                       After surgery, there was more chemotherapy.
appendiceal cancer.
    “This is a rare type of gastrointestinal cancer      Terminal Diagnosis                                                            Top-Quality Care
that usually starts either in the stomach or the                “We knew the chemo wouldn’t cure the cancer; it                           This past May, the UNM Cancer Center
appendix,” says Dr. Claire Verschraegen, an                 would just delay it,” says Skinner. “We practiced an ostrich               broke ground on its new $90 million
oncologist, co-director of the Clinical Protocol            mentality—stuck our heads in the sand and ignored it.”                     treatment and research facility. Located
and Data Management/Medical Informatics                        Still, “2006 was a pretty good year,” he recalls.                       just west of the existing clinic, the 190,000-
Department, and associate professor in the                  “We traveled to Italy, to Oregon. We tried to knock out as                 square-foot center will bring together
                                                                                         much as possible on our                       state-of-the-art cancer diagnosis, treatment,
                                                                                         to-do list.” Nancy, who had                   research and holistic patient care.
                                                                                         been a divisional president                      “Cancer patients and their families have
                                                                                                                                       very specific needs, and not all of them are
                                                                                         at Zales Jewelers, had                        medical,” says Dr. Cheryl Willman, director
                                                                                         thoroughly enjoyed her                        and CEO of the UNM Cancer Center. “Our
                                                                                         23-year career there. She                     mission is to make sure we support their
                                                                                         continued to work until the                   physical, emotional and spiritual needs.”
                                                                                         month before her death.                          The UNM Cancer Center is one of only 61
                                                                                             By November 2006,                         National Cancer Institute-designated sites
                                                                                         doctors told Nancy that her                   in the nation. The center is also recognized
                                                                                         time was short. She accepted                  by the New Mexico State Legislature as the
                                                                                         her diagnosis “with grace                     state’s official cancer center. More than 60
                                                                                                                                       doctors representing every cancer specialty
                                                                                         and dignity,” says Skinner.                   work side-by-side at the Cancer Center to
                                                                                         “She was a very strong,                       develop individualized, compassionate
                                                                                         spiritual person, and her faith               treatment plans for people affected by
                                                                                         was something she clung to                    cancer. Doctors hail from such prestigious
                                                                                         strongly. She only gave the                   institutions as M.D. Anderson, Sloan
                                                                                         cancer what it ripped from                    Kettering and the Mayo Clinic. More than
                                                                                         her.” On Feb. 25, 2007, Nancy                 110 nationally recognized scientists are on
                                                                                         passed away at home, with                     the cutting edge of research in women’s
                                                                                                                                       cancers, leukemia and radioisotopes.
Nancy and Paul Skinner share a kiss on a July 2007 trip to Rome. Paul is raising         her husband and their two
money in Nancy’s memory for research into a rare cancer of the appendix.                 sons present.

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Gorgeous Gifts of Thanks
Albuquerque Patron Donates Paintings                                    Address Service Requested
in Honor of UNM Hospital Nurse     Page 2

School of Architecture and Planning
Dedicates George Pearl Hall         Page 4

Building on Reputation
Tamarind Institute’s capital campaign
supports new, more visible facility Page 5

Racing Family’s In-Kind Gift Revs Up
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Gorgeous Gifts of Thanks
                                                                                                       the world,” says Hodges. “I am his nurse and he is my patient, but we are also
                                                                                                       great friends. He feels safe to travel if I’m with him.”
                                                                                                           Maloof recently showed his gratitude by donating three paintings from his
                                                                                                       personal art collection to the UNM Health Sciences Center (HSC) Art Program.
Albuquerque Patron Donates Paintings                                                                   The HSC Art Program relies on artists and donors to expand its collection of
                                                                                                       more than 1,800 pieces of artwork on display throughout UNMH and the
in Honor of UNM Hospital Nurse                                                                         HSC. Artist Maurice Greene painted two of the works, “The Grand Canyon”
                                                                                                       and “The Sandia Mountains.” J.R. Lusk painted the third, “Old Town Santa Fe.”
                                                                                                       Maloof requested the artwork be hung in honor of Hodges in the lobby of
By Amber Swardson
                                                                                                                                                     the second floor ICU where
    Toni Hodges walks from room to room monitoring and updating                                                                                      she works.

                                                                                                                                                Credit: Xavier Mascareñas
charts while offering words of encouragement to patients and their                                                                                       Christina Fenton, director of
families. As Hodges passes the lobby of the Neuro-Intensive Care Unit                                                                                the HSC Art Program, explains,
of UNM Hospital where she works a registered nurse, she pauses to                                                                                    “It is remarkable for a public hospital
reflect on several large paintings and think about their donor before                                                                                and academic health center to have a
continuing her rounds.                                                                                                                               collection of this size and quality.”
    Four years ago Hodges learned about New Mexico native Phillip                                                                                    She adds that the HSC is proud to
F. Maloof through her daughter, Cassandra Carillo, who worked in                                                                                     display Maloof’s donation as part of
the Maloof family’s hotel, The Palms, in Las Vegas, Nev. Carillo told                                                                                its collection.
her mother about Maloof and the heart attack he had suffered. Hodges                                                                                     “New Mexico has long been a
explains, “Phil is a lifelong bachelor and had no one to take care of                                                                                mecca for healing as it has been for the
him when he was recovering from being critically ill for one month                                                                                   creation of art,” says UNM President
in the intensive care unit in Las Vegas. I was hired by his family as a                                                                              David Schmidly. “We are very blessed
private nurse to care for him in his home for six months.”                                                                                           to be able to bring together both
    Hodges left her Albuquerque home and cared for Maloof while                                                                                      traditions at UNM Hospital. We’re
he recuperated. When full-time care became unnecessary, Hodges                                                                                       delighted that Mr. Maloof has decided
returned to her position at UNMH but continued to assist Maloof on                                                                                   to share some of his art collection with
a part-time basis, primarily accompanying him during his travels.              UNM President David Schmidly (left) and Phillip F. Maloof             us. We know that these pieces will be
                                                                               discuss a painting of the Grand Canyon that Maloof recently           a comfort to the patients and families
Maloof, who praises Hodges as the best nurse in New Mexico, states,            donated to the UNM Health Sciences Center Art Program.
“I take her with me on all my tours. That way if anything happens              The artwork is displayed in the new UNM Hospital                      who walk through these halls as well
I have a nurse right there who knows all about my medical history.”            Barbara and Bill Richardson Pavilion.                                 as to the faculty and staff who are here
    Hodges enjoys helping Maloof maintain his active lifestyle. “Once                                                                                to serve them.”
he began to feel better and regain his strength he realized he could travel again as long as               Maloof hopes to donate several more works to various units of the hospital
he took his private nurse with him, so for the last three and a half years we have traveled            in the near future.

Gift Honors
                                                          academic disciplines. Recipients included Shayai                              So Others Might Live, continued from page 1

                                                          Lucero, a biology major who won first place for her                               In spite of his personal pain, Skinner decided
                                                          speech regarding the effects of DWI; Albert Guillen,                          to help others stricken by this rare form of

                                                          a business major who received second place, and                               cancer. In 2007, he established the Nancy O.
                                                          Andrew Tennison, a political science major who                                Skinner Fund for Appendiceal Cancer by making
                                                          placed third. Other winners were Nicole Achenbach,                            a very generous donation of his own. With the

Husband, Son                                              an exercise science major, M. Jay Platt, a Portuguese
                                                          major, and Daniel Martinez, a history major.
                                                             Mercer was impressed with the overall
                                                          professionalism displayed by each tournament
                                                                                                                                        help of Nancy’s former associates, Zales and
                                                                                                                                        donors from all over the country, Paul has raised
                                                                                                                                        more than $74,000.
                                                                                                                                            Once the Nancy O. Skinner fund is fully
Six UNM Students                                          contestant, but she was particularly moved by Lucero’s
                                                          speech. Judges awarded Lucero a $1,000 scholarship
                                                                                                                                        endowed, Verschraegen says she will sponsor
                                                                                                                                        a clinical study for patients with this type of
Win Scholarships                                          award for her speech in which she relayed a story
                                                          about how her family was personally affected by DWI
                                                                                                                                        cancer. “Because of the rarity of the disease,” she
                                                                                                                                        says, “I want to collaborate with other physicians
During Speech                                             through the loss of her brother at the age of 19. Lucero
                                                          challenged her audience to take a stance and become
                                                                                                                                        specializing in the treatment of appendiceal cancer
                                                                                                                                        and see if we can find some novel ways to treat it.”
Tournament                                                active in efforts to prevent drinking and driving.
                                                                                                                                        Hope for a Discovery
By Katherine Love                                                                                                                           Even though it hasn’t always been easy,
                                                                                                                                        Skinner has been tireless in his fund-raising
    At the Fourth Annual Mercer Speech                                                                                                  efforts. “I love UNM; they were wonderful to
Tournament last April, six UNM students                                                                                                 my wife,” he says. “I know there is money and
received scholarship awards thanks to a                                                                                                 generous people out there.”
generous donation from JoAnn Mercer in                                                                                                      “Paul’s compassion and commitment for
honor of her late husband, Joe, and son, Steve.                                                                                         others suffering from cancer is amazing,” says
    Collectively, the students received roughly                                                                                         Dr. Cheryl Willman, director and CEO of the
$3,000 in scholarships by placing in the                                                                                                UNM Cancer Center. “In spite of his enormous
tournament, which is open to all UNM                                                                                                    loss, he has been tireless in his fund-raising
students. “Both my husband and son were                                                                                                 efforts. Everyone here at the Cancer Center is
strong advocates of an individual’s rights to free                                                                                      honored to partner with Paul in working toward
speech” says Mercer, who has been an educator                                                                                           a cure for appendiceal cancer.”
all her life.                                             Finalists in the Fourth Annual Mercer Speech Tournament,                          To make a gift to the Nancy O. Skinner Fund
                                                          hosted in April 2007 by the Department of Communication
    In the competition, students spoke                    and Journalism, meet with sponsor Mrs. JoAnn Mercer.
                                                                                                                                        for Appendiceal Cancer, or to help support
about a topic of their choice. UNM faculty                Pictured from left are: Albert Guillen, Andrew Tennison,                      research and treatment for another type of
members judged each student’s speech. The                 Shayai Lucero, Mrs. Mercer, Nicole Achenbach, M. Jay Platt                    cancer, please call the UNM Cancer Center at
six scholarship winners came from various                 and Daniel Martinez.                                                          (505) 272-1048.

     	    UNM FoUNdatioN iNc.                                                                                               	     Foundation Chair:                         Thelma Domenici
                           oFFices                                                                                           Foundation President:                          Michael K. Kingan
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                                                                                                                        Hard-Nosed Educator
                                                                                                                            Rosenthal was all business all the time. Berniklau
                                                                                                                        remembers the day UNM was closed due to student
                                                                                                                        Viet Nam War demonstrations. Rosenthal still held
                                                                                                                        class—on the deck of his apartment complex’s swimming
                                                                                                                        pool. “He said, ‘We’re not giving up class just because
                                                                                                                        people are rioting.’”
                                                                                                                            Another incident: An Air Force captain in the class

in P lannedGiving
                                                                                                                        wanted to give his view on a major policy issue. “Al says,
                                                                                                                        ‘I don’t want your opinion, because you’re a student. Now
                                                                                                                        in 10 years when you understand real life, I want you to
                                                                                                                        come back and I will accept your views, but not now.’ And
                                                                                                                        this wasn’t a pup lieutenant!” Berniklau comments, “He
                                                                                                                        pushed people through a knothole. A lot of people didn’t
                                                                                                                        like that. But we made it through the program—it was

Albert H. Rosenthal—
                                                                                                                        a little bit like boot camp.” Rosenthal, incidentally, had
                                                                                                                        served in the U.S. Navy.
                                                                                                                            “Dr. Rosenthal was one that was either loved or not

A Life Lived Large                                                                                                      loved, and not a whole lot of people in between,” says
                                                                                                                        Berniklau. “He got a lot of things done but he stepped on
                                                                                                                        a lot of toes, as well. People either think a lot of him or
Founder of UNM Public Administration                                                                                    they think not much.”

Leaves Professorship, Fellowship
By Ellen K. Ashcraft                                       with oral defense, and culminated in a
                                                           master’s degree in public administration for its
    How do we measure a life? In part, by how our          students. Rosenthal arranged for additional seminars
actions benefited the world around us and how              by speakers such as a representative from the
people remember us after we’re gone. By these              National Science Foundation and the science adviser
standards, Dr. Albert. H. Rosenthal lived a large          of the British Government. “We got a really good
life indeed. His legacy at UNM includes the Albert         exposure to the business side of the government as
H. Rosenthal Professorships and the Albert H.              well as other aspects of public administration,”
Rosenthal Fellowships, benefiting the School of
                                                           says Berniklau.
Public Administration, which exists today because
of Rosenthal himself. Here, Rosenthal’s friend,
Vic Berniklau, gives some program history and              Recruiting Students
insight into the man Rosenthal was.                            Rosenthal called various federal and local
                                                           government agencies for which he had consulted,
Filling a Need                                             suggesting that they send key individuals to the
    When Ferrell Heady, UNM president 1968-1975,           program. “He kept and used his contacts. He was
came to the University from a public administration        great with knowing people and helping them out
background, he recognized the need for a school            and expecting favors in return,” says Berniklau.
in that field at UNM. He called on a friend and            About 16 middle managers from entities such as
fellow member of the American Society for Public           NASA-Houston, NASA-Cape Canaveral, Department
Administration—Al Rosenthal. His mandate                   of Energy, Bureau of Mines, U.S. Air Force, U.S.
to Rosenthal was not only to set up the school’s           Army, the Department of Justice, Fish and Wildlife
curriculum, but also to find the funding and to            and the City of Albuquerque participated. Those
recruit the students.                                      agencies continued to send managers for each year
    NASA invited Rosenthal for a summer sabbatical         of the program’s five-year existence. “Dr. Rosenthal
to evaluate its operations. Berniklau explains, “Al        worked our tails off, but we all knew we were going
said, ‘Your technical people are just superb. But if       to get away from our jobs for basically nine months,
                                                           full time, supported by our agencies with our pay,           Dr. Albert H. Rosenthal
you’re looking for leaders for the future, you’ve got
to have something with a little more breadth than          with the expectation to return with a master’s
just a technology background. They need to                 degree,” says Berniklau.                                     His Legacy
understand the big picture of how budgeting in                 Sensitive to political correctness, Rosenthal
the government works; how to manage people;                wanted the class to think more broadly than                      The UNM Regents were in the former group. In
how to do strategic planning, etc.’” Rosenthal’s           their conservative, Anglo-Saxon management                   1994, they recognized Rosenthal with a Meritorious
resulting proposal brought in three years of NASA          background. So he recruited two young graduate               Service Medal for building public administration at
grant money with a two-year extension to begin the         students to the first class—a woman and a black              UNM. They also cited his lobbying effort for a federal
Program for Advanced Study in Public Service               man. “Back in those days, they weren’t in middle             executive board in Albuquerque, usually formed in larger
Policy and Administration at UNM. This program             management,” recalls Berniklau. “It was great                cities to foster coordination among the various federal
matured into the Division, and later, the School of        because we’d get in some conservative discussion             agencies, and praised his creation of the New Mexico
Public Administration.                                     and those two would say, ‘You’re so cloyed into your         Distinguished Public Service Awards Program in 1970.
                                                           own little kingdom, you don’t understand what’s              The accomplishments of his 89 years are far too many
Creating Curriculum                                        happening in the real world.’ Rosenthal did a lot of         for this space.
   Berniklau, an engineer who then worked for              things to create this exposure that we would never               Before his death in 2004, Rosenthal set up a charitable
the Atomic Energy Commission, was in the first             get otherwise.”                                              remainder trust for his two sisters. When they passed,
class, 1969-70. “The program’s objective was to take           Beginning with a retreat at Bishop’s Lodge in            the assets would benefit the public administration
middle management personnel, primarily from the            Santa Fe to re-orient the managers to university life,       department at UNM. One sister died recently, and
federal government, and expose them to a public            Rosenthal emphasized group study and teamwork.               UNM has received half of the trust, to be split between
administration environment,” he explains, “to              “We’d be constantly quizzing and grilling each               merit-based scholarships and professorships in
generate for them an understanding of the public           other on the information, so there was a bonding,”           Rosenthal’s name.
sector outside of their own specialty.”                    Berniklau says. “You either hang together or hang                “I think he had a lot of pride in creating this public
   The intensive nine-month program was                    separately. So we did; we studied, worked and                administration program at UNM,” says Berniklau.
accelerated with condensed courses, required a thesis      recreated together.”                                         “It was sort of his child. He wanted to see it continue.”

What Will
                                                  Your $5,000 gift to the College of Nursing can provide:
                                                  R 	 nursing scholarships of $1,000 each. The nursing shortage is pressing and UNM works to increase nursing student

$5,000 Buy?
                                                        enrollment each year to meet the need.
                                                  R	Funding for one outstanding faculty member to implement an innovative program in nursing education.
                                                  R Support for the college’s efforts to bring a visiting faculty member to share specific expertise with existing faculty.
                                                  R Support for purchase of simulation equipment for the nursing skills labs.

                          School of

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photos: Ron Ripp (except as noted)
                          and Planning
                          George Pearl Hall
Photo: Carolyn Gonzales

                                                                                                        Above: George Pearl Hall helps define the most prominent gateway to the University and houses
                                                                                                        the school as well as the UNM Fine Arts and Design Library.

                          Left to right: UNM Executive Vice President David Harris, UNM President
                          David Schmidly and School of Architecture and Planning Dean Roger
                          Schluntz cut the ribbon during the dedication of George Pearl Hall.
Photo: Carolyn Gonzales

                                                                                                         A crowd gathers on the west side of George Pearl Hall in front of the UNM Bookstore before the
                                                                                                         dedication ceremony began.

                          Left to right: School of Architecture and Planning Dean Roger Schluntz,
                          Antoine Predock and New Mexico Representative Ed Sandoval cut the first
                          piece of a cake designed to look like George Pearl Hall while UNM President
                          David Schmidly stands by.

                                                                                                         Julie McGilvray, UNM graduate student                McCune Foundation Executive Director
                                                                                                         in landscape architecture, speaks during             Owen Lopez speaks during dedication
                                                                                                         dedication ceremony for George Pearl Hall.           ceremony for George Pearl Hall.

                                                                                                              Antoine Predock with
                                                                                                               former UNM Regent
                                                                                                                Penny Rembe, who
                                                                                                                    spoke about her
                                                                                                                friendship with the
                                                                                                                  late George Pearl
                                                                                                              during the dedication
                                                                                                                      of Pearl Hall.
                          Antoine Predock, design architect of George Pearl Hall, speaks during
                          dedication ceremony for George Pearl Hall.

                                 Building on Reputation
   More than 500 people
attended the UNM School of
Architecture and Planning
(SAAP)’s Oct. 28 ribbon-
cutting ceremony dedicating      Tamarind Institute’s capital campaign
George Pearl Hall. Located
across from the UNM
                                 supports new, more visible facility
Bookstore along Central          By Michelle G. McRuiz
Avenue at Cornell Drive,
the new building helps               Tamarind Institute, an internationally celebrated              Bud Johns, a major donor who has established
define the most prominent        center for lithography that sits unobtrusively at             a bequest to benefit Tamarind, is a member of the
                                 108-110 Cornell SE, has needed new digs for several           Tamarind Institute Advisory Board. He became involved
gateway to the University
                                 years. Now, with a multimillion dollar capital campaign       with the organization through a personal connection to
and houses the school as         in progress, Tamarind could relocate in time for its          the former director. Since becoming a board member
well as the UNM Fine Arts        50th anniversary in 2010.                                     four years ago, he has developed a high regard for the
and Design Library.                  Tamarind’s present home falls short of the institute’s    institute and its work.
   A brass band beckoned         reputation. “The current facility is aged,” Marjorie               “The personal connection made me take a deeper
                                 Devon, director of Tamarind, admits with a laugh.             look at the wonderful things they were doing,”
people to gather for a formal
                                 “We’ve been here since 1971. One of our critical needs is     he says. “The new building will be a marvelous facility;
welcome, after which SAAP        for an excellent ventilation system because                   it’s remarkable that they do what they do in the
Dean Roger Schluntz, UNM         the artists work with a lot of highly toxic chemicals.        current facility.”
President David Schmidly         We also need temperature and humidity control to
and UNM Executive Vice           protect our art collection.”
President David Harris
                                 Getting Noticed
cut the ribbon. Students
                                     The campaign, which seeks $5 million for the new
from the American Indian         building, kicked off in November 2006. “The donations
Council of Architects and        have been a combination of public and private funds,”
Engineers then offered a         says Devon. So far, the campaign is more than halfway
blessing. Afterward, Harris,     to its goal: Devon acquired $930,000 from the state
who served as acting             legislature last year and plans to request $1 million
                                 more this year. Tamarind also has been included in
UNM president through            a university bond, which will garner an additional
most of the construction,        $1.5 million.
spoke about the project’s            “It will be wonderful for them to have the space and
challenges and the hall’s        the tools they need,” says Linda Wedeen, senior vice
promise. President Schimdly      president of strategic marketing for First Community
                                 Bank. The bank was the campaign’s lead donor.                 Architect Devendra Contrator’s rendering of Tamarind Institute’s
added his thoughts.              “Tamarind is a world-class facility. It shows people          new home at 2500 Central Avenue SE in Albuquerque.
   Former UNM Regent             that Albuquerque is not a dusty town in the middle of
Penny Rembe, a supporter         nowhere. It was a pleasure for First Community to be
                                 the first to step up to the plate and give.”                  Plans to Go Global
and advocate for the school
                                     Tamarind has earned a reputation as the pre-eminent           The new building will be about 14,000 square feet
and its programs, spoke                                                                        in size, roomy compared to the 9,000 square feet the
                                 training ground for master printers. However, it is
about her friendship with        largely a reputation in the art world, not the general        institute occupies now.
the late George Pearl,           public. Devon believes the new facility will raise                “This is really a wonderful opportunity for Tamarind
FAIA, one of New Mexico’s        awareness for Tamarind.                                       Institute to have a facility that matches its reputation,”
most talented and prolific           “It will increase visibility a lot,” she says. “For one   says Devon. “We are hoping to have video-streaming
                                 thing, we’ll be right at the entrance to the University       capabilities so we can broadcast workshops live all over
architects. Pearl’s generosity                                                                 the world.”
                                 [at 2500 Central Avenue NE]. We hope to do things in
and gifts supported both         the new building to help people understand more about             Once in the new facility, Tamarind plans to celebrate
the new facility and             us. For example, we want to have windows on Central           its 50th anniversary by hosting an international
endowments that provide          in which people can watch work in progress. I’m hoping        conference to honor artists who have made vital
funding for the graduate         it will be a magnet for a cluster of galleries and other      contributions to lithography since the 1960s, as well as
                                 businesses there. Our architect, Devendra Contractor,         all the master printers it has trained. Other plans include
certificate program in                                                                         a traveling exhibition and a new book.
                                 has designed an elegant and functional new building
Historic Preservation and        that will help to stimulate economic development in that
Regionalism. In addition,        area and encourage community involvement with us.”            A Unique Education
UNM Libraries Dean                                                                                  Tamarind is the only educational program in the
Martha Bedard discussed                                                                         world that trains students as master printers, who
the much-anticipated move                                                                       guide painters or sculptors in using a new language.
                                         Tamarind Institute was founded                         The select few students who have been accepted into
of the Fine Arts and Design          in Los Angeles in 1960. It moved to                        the master printers program—Tamarind accepts
Library into the fourth floor        Albuquerque in 1970 and became part of                     only eight students per year—have gone on to open
of the building.                     the UNM College of Fine Arts. According                    print shops in New Mexico, South Africa, Colombia,
   People toured the                 to Cynthia Barber, Tamarind’s director                     Scotland, Japan and other areas around the world.
building and viewed the              of development, the institute has                              Lithography “gives an artist a different vocabulary
                                                                                                to express his or her ideas because the materials the
school’s inaugural exhibition,       contributed significantly to an American
                                                                                                artist uses in lithography are different from what they
“inside PREDOCK,” in                 renaissance in lithography during the                      normally use,” says Devon. “When an artist makes a
the Design Gallery. The              past four decades. The Tamarind Book                       lithograph, it’s not a reproduction; the image does not
exhibition continues                 of Lithography, considered the bible of                    exist before the artist draws it on the stones and metal
through Jan. 25, 2008. An            lithography, is used by students, artists                  plates. Once the image is drawn, it can be printed in
                                     and printers worldwide; a new technical                    different colors and on different papers without losing
internationally acclaimed                                                                       the original idea.”
architect, Antoine Predock,          book, Tamarind Techniques for Fine Art
                                                                                                    The Tamarind Institute capital campaign offers
FAIA, designed Pearl Hall
                                     Lithography, will be published by Harry
                                                                                                giving opportunities at many levels, including
                                     N. Abrams Books (New York) in the fall                     naming opportunities for very generous gifts.
and is the 2006 recipient
                                     of 2008.                                                   To make a gift, please call (505) 277-3901 or visit
of the American Institute
of Architects Gold Medal,
the highest professional
recognition bestowed on an
architect. His firm, Antoine
Predock Architect, is based
in Albuquerque.                  Correction
   Both the school and the
                                     In the New Endowments listing of the UNM Foundation’s recently mailed 2006-2007 Report of Giving (sent
library will complete their      to those who gave $1,000 or more during fiscal year 2006-2007), the Arthur Friedman, Class of 1951, Endowed
moves into Pearl Hall before     Scholarship in Education was erroneously listed as a memorial. Sallie Leonard, the donor who established the
classes begin in January.        endowment, reports that Mr. Friedman is alive and well, enjoying life in Florida. We sincerely regret the error.

Racing Family’s In-Kind Gift Revs                                                                                                                       have loved to do an auto shop class with
                                                                                                                                                        such equipment.”
                                                                                                                                                             “Our program students are lucky to have

Up UNM-Gallup’s Auto Tech Program
                                                                                                                                                        this kind of support from Bobby and Lisa,”
                                                                                                                                                        says John Gonzalez, head of the UNMG auto
                                                                                                                                                        tech program. “They are great supporters of
                                                                                                                                                        our students and we were happy to have them
By Ian Van Deusen                                                                                                                                       visit us here in Gallup.”

                                                                                                                                   Credit: Jeff Jones
    An in-kind gift of high-quality auto test and                                                                                                           The Unsers were delighted to work with
maintenance equipment from three-time Indy 500 winner                                                                                                   Gonzalez and the staff at UNMG. “They’re
Bobby Unser and his wife Lisa Unser of Albuquerque is                                                                                                   such motivated people,” says Unser. “I’ve
giving students in the auto tech program at UNM-Gallup                                                                                                  just never worked with a nicer team. Lisa
(UNMG) a unique learning experience. The equipment                                                                                                      and I must feel a thousand percent better for
includes a chassis dynamometer, engine analyzer and                                                                                                     donating it.”
steam cleaner.                                                                                                                                              “The Unsers are an important part of
    Unser wanted to see the equipment put to good use.                                                                                                  New Mexico and their support for our campus
“I was doing a lot of construction work on the garage,                                                                                                  is yet another example of their commitment
and I had this equipment there,” says Unser. “I decided,                                                                                                to young people and to our state,” UNMG
‘Well, I’m not going to use those things again. Why don’t                                                                                               Executive Director Dr. Beth Miller says.
I give them to somebody who can?’ Then my wife said,                                                                                                    “We are proud to have their support.”
‘Well, why don’t we call the University and see if they            Bobby Unser signs autographs for UNM-Gallup students during a                            For the Unsers, the highlight of the
can use those kinds of supplies?’” UNMG leapt at the               campus visit after donating to UNMG’s auto tech program.                             experience was giving the students something
opportunity, and students began using the equipment on                                                                                                  so useful. “This will make the students better
the day after it arrived on campus.                                   Automotive students don’t ordinarily have such                                    mechanics, better technicians, better people,”
    “I’ve never seen such an appreciative bunch of young           advanced equipment available to them. “I doubt that very                             says Unser. “That’s largely what makes us feel
people,” says Unser. “Of all the things that I’ve given away       many schools get something this nice, that the kids can                              so good about it.”
in my life, I think that this one was probably the most fun.”      really use,” says Unser. “When I was in school, I would

Artist’s family supports                                                                  Moderns, a group of artists who began showing their

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Credit: Gus Foster
                                                                                          work together in the 1950s.
                                                                                              Clark’s family has long been involved with Taos’

Harwood’s expansion
   A Taos, N.M. family recently helped UNM’s Harwood Museum of Art in Taos
                                                                                          artistic community and the Harwood, which
                                                                                          displays one Ellis painting and has 30 more in its
                                                                                          permanent collection. Clark’s second husband, the
                                                                                          late John Clark, was an art collector. Rosa Clark plans
name an existing gallery. The museum dedicated the Ellis Clark Taos Moderns               to bequeath his collection, which includes many
Gallery on Sept. 15. Thanks to a donation from Rosa Clark, the gallery bears the          Taos modern paintings and several Ellis paintings,
names of her late first husband, Robert C. Ellis, a modernist painter and UNM             to the Harwood.
alumnus and her late second husband, John Clark, a Midland, Texas, oilman.                    The donation, says Clark, “wasn’t just me, but the
   The Harwood Museum of Art, founded in 1923, is dedicated to showcasing                 Clark family, my son and daughter. We all talked
Taos art and culture. The museum supports local artists and the community itself          about it and agreed to donate to the museum.” The
through both permanent and special exhibitions of local and Southwestern art.             family’s gift will help keep Harwood’s presence in the  Rosa Clark
   The Ellis Clark Gallery is part of the Harwood’s expansion and renovation,             community strong. “Right now they’re displaying
which has been underway since the museum’s first expansion and renovation                 Originals 2007, New Mexico Women in the Arts, a wonderful show,” says Clark.
was completed in 1997. The 900-square-foot gallery displays works from the Taos           “We’ve always been fond of the UNM Harwood Museum of Art.”

Gift Giving Made Easy                                                                                                                                   Online Giving
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professional staff          Barbara Carroll
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                                                                                              (PubliC R Adio)
                                                                                              Mary Oishi
                                                                                                                                                        Giving Online:
can answer
questions or                FisCAl oFFiCeR
                            John Maes
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stewARdshiP                                                     (PubliC television)           ColleGe oF PhARmACy
Judith Davenport            Ernest Rodriguez-Naaz               Joanne Bachmann               Sonya Warwick                                             mission of teaching, research and service,
(505) 277-9600              (505) 277-7114                      (505) 277-8666                (505) 272-3657                                            now and for the future.

                                                              Fresh Faces
                                                                                                                                                Andrew Lipman
                                                                                                                                                joined the College
                                                                                                                                                of Education as a
                                                                                                                                                development officer
                                                                                         On the College of                                      in November. Most
                                                                                         Arts and Sciences                                      recently, as president/
                                                                                         Development team                                       CEO of the New
                                                                                         since 2003, Deborah                                    Mexico Holocaust and
                                                                                         Dobson was promoted                                    Intolerance Museum,
                                                                                         to constituent                                         Lipman raised more
                                                                                         development officer        Andrew Lipman               than $2.6 million for
                                                                                         (CDO) this past            museum expansion. Prior to that, he served as
                                                                                         summer. In addition,       executive director of the Jewish Federation of
The plans for a new Center for Development and Disability                                she recently has been
building, created by Albuquerque architect Pat McClernon,     Deborah Dobson
                                                                                                                    Greater Albuquerque. He also has held various
were unveiled Aug. 11 at the autism town hall meeting.
                                                                                         named interim senior       fund-raising positions with the Jewish Federation
The building will be environmentally friendly.                CDO. Dobson began her fund-raising service            Council of Greater Los Angeles. Lipman holds
                                                              at UNM in 2000 as a development associate for         a master of social work degree from New York
                                                              the School of Engineering. Before coming to

                                                                                                                    University and a bachelor of arts degree in
                                                              UNM, Dobson was a fund-raiser for Adelante            sociology and philosophy from the University of
                                                              Development Center. “The College of Arts              Pittsburgh. Lipman says, “I will do everything

Mayor and
                                                              and Sciences is a very exciting place to be at        possible to help the College of Education and the
                                                              UNM. Our faculty is always happy to help, and         dean achieve their goals.”
                                                              our alumni are diverse in their interests,” says

Local Developer
                                                              Dobson. A native Iowan, Dobson earned her                                         Sabra Aaron
                                                              bachelor of arts degree from the University of                                    McCullough is the
                                                              Iowa in broadcast journalism.                                                     School of Medicine’s

Fund Raise
                                                                                                                                                new development
                                                                                        Rich Grainger joined                                    officer, joining
                                                                                        the Development Office                                  Senior Director of

for UNM
                                                                                        in August as manager                                    Development Sherry
                                                                                        of the President’s Club                                 Wilson in September.
                                                                                        and Popejoy Society.                                    McCullough comes

Autism Center
                                                                                        Grainger is a UNM                                       from Johns Hopkins
                                                                                        graduate and letterman      Sabra Aaron McCullough University, where she
                                                                                        with a bachelor’s           spent nine years providing training, strategic
                                                                                        degree in criminology       planning and technical services to fund-raisers
By Amber Swardson                                                                       and a master’s degree in    from all parts of the university and hospital.
                                                              Rich Grainger             sports administration.      McCullough also served as the development
    Last August Cate McClain, MD, director of the             He has extensive background in development,           and marketing director for a national non-profit
UNM Center for Development and Disability (CDD),              having worked for the UNM Lobo Club, St.              radio series. “I’m excited about finding ways
and Albuquerque Mayor Martin J. Chávez partnered              Martin’s Hospitality Center and the Anderson          for our alumni and friends to continue to be
for New Mexico’s first-ever Town Hall Meeting on              School of Management. A fourth generation New         involved with and support the School of
Autism. The importance of this grassroots initiative          Mexican, Grainger was born and raised in Taos.        Medicine,” she says. McCullough holds a
was evident with almost 400 New Mexican families in           “What an exciting time to continue being part of      bachelor’s degree in music history from the
attendance at the Albuquerque Convention Center.              the University of New Mexico and to be working        College of Wooster in Ohio.
    The autism town hall was in response to the               with such wonderful supporters and friends
needs of New Mexico’s communities and helped raise            through the Popejoy Society and President’s                                       Ernest Rodriguez-
                                                              Club,” says Grainger.                                                             Naaz, new
awareness and much needed funds for a future UNM
Autism Center. The plans for the center were unveiled                                                                                           development officer at
                                                                                          UNM Athletics                                         the Anderson School
by McClain during the forum.                                                              welcomed Garrett                                      of Management,
    One prominent donor in attendance was real                                            Hennessy as a                                         most recently was
estate developer Tim McNaney of TS McNaney &                                              development officer                                   the director of
Associates. McNaney donated a subdivision property                                        in July. He comes to                                  communications for
on Albuquerque’s West Side to a charitable building                                       UNM from his 15-                                      the New Mexico
project which will benefit the UNM Autism Center.                                         year role as owner/                                   Mortgage Finance
He arranged a home builder, bank and title company to                                     manager of Express        Ernest Rodriguez-Naaz Authority (MFA).
donate their profits from the building and subsequent                                     Personnel Services in     Prior to that, Rodriguez-Naaz served as the
sale of a home to the UNM Autism Center as well.                                          Albuquerque. Prior        staff director for the Center for Innovation and
“I didn’t invent the wheel, just utilized a good idea,”       Garrett Hennessy            to that, he was a first   Leadership in Government at Baruch College’s
says McNaney.                                                 lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Hennessy holds           School of Public Affairs. In 2000, he was director
    McNaney’s 4-year-old son Jack was diagnosed               a master of business administration degree in         of development for the Puerto Rican Family
with autism and inspires McNaney to do all he can             finance from UNM and a bachelor of arts degree        Institute. Rodriguez-Naaz holds a bachelor’s
to support autism programs. Last October McNaney              in political science from the University of Notre     degree in business administration from Baruch
arranged a similar charitable sale that raised $175,000       Dame in South Bend, Ind. He is a graduate of          College’s Zicklin School of Business with a
for New Mexico State University to benefit the                Leadership Albuquerque and has been involved          master’s degree in public affairs from Columbia
Aggie House charity for autism.                               with All Faith’s Receiving Home, president of         University’s School of International and Public
    Plans are progressing steadily and McNaney hopes          the Rio Grande Rotary Club and twice president        Affairs. “This is a unique opportunity for me to
to break ground on the house to benefit the future            of the New Mexico Staffing Association. “I look       be part of the excitement that is taking place at
Autism Center next spring.                                    to further UNM’s mission by raising money,”           Anderson and to forge new and strengthen old
    Mayor Chávez also announced his commitment                Hennessy says.                                        alliances with New Mexico’s business community
by pledging to donate half the proceeds raised at                                                                   as we aim to develop new resources,” he says.
                                                                                          Belinda Jentzen
his upcoming June 2008 Mayor’s Ball. The mayor’s                                          was named senior                                      In September, Mary
June 2007 event generated $150,000 for                                                    development officer                                   Wolford became a
Albuquerque charities.                                                                    for the College of                                    major gifts officer for
    Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that                                    Fine Arts last spring.                                the UNM Foundation.
typically appears during the first three years of a child’s                               Most recently, she was                                Her work focuses
life. It affects the normal functioning of the brain,                                     director of development                               on raising funds for
which hinders development in the areas of social                                          at WESST Corporation.                                 international programs,
interaction and communication skills. According to the                                    She also has held                                     scholarships and
U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), autism affects                                     development positions                                 special assignments.
one in 150 children and is four times more prevalent in       Belinda Jentzen
                                                                                          with the Lake Agassiz                                 For the past six
boys than girls.                                              Arts Council and the Plains Art Museum in             Mary Wolford                years, Wolford has
    According to the New Mexican Autism Society,              Fargo, N.D., The Nature Conservancy in Boulder,       led the fund-raising efforts for the Presidential
autism does not have one cause but is linked to a             Colo., University of Colorado Health Sciences         Scholarship Program in the office of annual
variety of factors. Although symptoms of autism               Center and the Griffith Center in Denver. She         giving. Prior to joining UNM, Wolford was
vary greatly, a child with autism may lag in normal           holds a master of business administration degree      part of the development team at Saint Louis
communication development, may have difficulty                and a master of arts degree in theater and dance      University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal
with emotional and social relationships, may have             from the University of Colorado, and a bachelor       studies from Bowling Green State University,
difficulty in understanding nonverbal communication,          of fine arts degree in theater and dance from         Ohio, and is pursuing a master of business
and may use unusual and repetitive language and               Stephens College in Columbia, Mo. Jentzen says,       administration degree at UNM. Wolford says,
body movements.                                               “The arts are my passion. It is an honor to be part   "I am very pleased to have this opportunity to
    If you are interested in supporting the UNM Autism        of the College of Fine Arts, helping to develop and   help donors make transformational gifts that
Center, please contact Maryellen Missik-Tow,                  secure the environment for the arts to prosper        benefit both outstanding programs and
                                                              throughout New Mexico.”                               deserving students at UNM.”
CDD development specialist, at (505) 272-6990 or
Corporate Gift to College of                                                                                      The new physical assessment area now sports nine exam
                                                                                                              rooms as opposed to the previous three rooms, enabling

Pharmacy Helps Renovate Lab                                                                                   the addition of student mentors and staff to ensure more
                                                                                                              comprehensive student training.
                                                                                                                  The pharmaceutical compounding lab, where students
                                                                                                              learn about non-sterile compounding, including formulations
By Katherine Love                                                                                             such as solutions, ointments, creams, suppositories and lip
   The UNM College of Pharmacy recently completed renovations to its Pharmaceutical Care Laboratory           balms, is now equipped with easy access to the new sterile
(PCL), thanks to a generous donation from Walgreens.                                                          compounding area containing two IV preparation hoods and
   “We have had a very strong relationship with the UNM College of Pharmacy for many years and we             two biological safety cabinets. These aspects allow students
truly enjoy working with their staff” says Andrew Bustos, pharmacy supervisor of Walgreens. He says           to prepare a variety of sterile products and make it possible
several Walgreens supervisors serve on the college’s advisory board.                                          for the College of Pharmacy to double the number of students
   The teaching and learning spaces within the PCL received the majority of renovations. The improvements     training in a sterile environment at one time.
provide pharmacy students better areas to perform patient assessments, counsel about prescription and             The pharmaceutical care laboratory model is nationally
over-the-counter medications as well as educate patients on monitoring glucose levels to control their        recognized for its integrated and innovative approaches to
diabetes. The new space also houses reference materials and computers to access online materials              preparing pharmacy graduates for pharmaceutical
pertaining to drug allergies, dosage information and drug interactions.                                       care practice.

Gift                                            We are deeply grateful to all of you who support the
                                             University of New Mexico. We acknowledge the following
                                                                                                            corporate, foundation and group supporters for their gifts of
                                                                                                            $50,000 or more received during the same period.

                                             people, private foundations and estates for their gifts of        We have made every effort to report these gifts accurately.
                                             $5,000 or more received by the UNM Foundation between          Please report any additions or corrections to Ellen Ashcraft or
                                             March 1, 2007 and Sept. 30, 2007. We also thank our            Todd Staats at (505) 277-0618 or (800) UNM-FUND.

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gloria aNd harris belsKy                                  carlotta aNd b.b.                                                                      JaNsseN
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   JaMes bewley              edward garcia                dr. JaN MeriN                elMira schaMiloglU aNd      dixie aNd c. e. woodcocK
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JaNice aNd Michael blaKe     sheilah garcia               JeaN aNd thoMas MersoN       PaMela schNeider                                            JohNsoN FoUNdatioN
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sarah aNd                    laUra aNd scott grady          aNd aNdrew                                                                           leUKeMia aNd lyMPhoMa
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richard browN                david griFFiN                claUdia aNd                                              AND FOUNDATION                lovelace health systeM
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                                                          KirK MoriN
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celia aNd briaN bUrNett      JohN gUtierrez                                            Jill aNd Michael sivage
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                             MarJorie aNd
dr. williaM chaMbers            robert haNNa              rolF NelsoN                     sMith aNd oriN sMith     aMericaN acadeMy oF             associatioN oF
dr. MarK chavez              saUNdra aNd                  Patricia aNd edward          cyNthia aNd JohN sParKs       derMatology                   New Mexico
rUdolPh chavez                  lawreNce harrisoN           olliges                    edNa sPolar                 aMericaN caNcer society       the MiNd iNstitUte
dr. stePheN cito             JeNNiFer aNd                 aNNie aNd david olsoN        treNt staFFord              aMericaN gi ForUM             the NavaJo NatioN
dr. laUreNce cole               MarK hartMaN              aMy ovleN                    diaNa aNd                     oF albUqUerqUe
                                                                                                                                                 New Mexico
Page coleMaN                 daNiel haUserMaNN            liNda aNd JaMes ParKer          chester stewart          aMericaN heart                  coMMUNity FoUNdatioN
carolyN MoUNtaiN aNd                                      estate oF george Pearl       sarah aNd                     associatioN
                             dr. h. Michael hayes                                                                                                New Mexico edUcators
   JohN cordova, Jr.                                      Katie aNd gerald Peters         hervey stocKMaN          aMericaN lUNg
                             arthUr hayMaN                                                                           associatioN                   Federal credit UNioN
eddie corley                 trUdy aNd ed healy           JaNe PeytoN aNd              laviNia diMoNd aNd
                                                                                          charles stroNg           carl c. aNdersoN, sr.         order oF Friars MiNor
KatheriNe aNd                Mr. geoFFrey                   dr. deaN PeytoN
                                                                                       NaNcy aNd                     aNd Marie Jo aNdersoN       the berNard
   scott creagaN                s.M. hedricK              dr. Patricia arMell aNd                                    charitable FoUNdatioN
                                                            JaMes PhilliPs                robiN strother                                           osher FoUNdatioN
zeNoN crUz                   stePhaNie hedstroM                                                                    archdiocese oF saNta Fe
Patricia aNd                                              JUlie aNd toNy Pisto         cyNthia stUart aNd                                        Pcs health systeMs, iNc.
                             estate oF FraNK hibbeN                                       dr. david stUart         astrazeNeca FoUNdatioN        PFizer, iNc.
   williaM cUNNiNghaM        dolores aNd FraNK hiNes      MaNdy aNd bob Pitre
Michael daly                                                                           estate oF                   baNK oF aMerica               PNM
                             vaN dorN hooKer              betty aNd erNest PoMPeo                                    New Mexico
leoNor aNd KeviN daNiels                                                                  howard stUMP, Jr.                                      Procter aNd
                             c. rUth horN                 sUzaNNe Poole                victor sUrFace              bristol-Myers sqUibb
vicKi dazzo aNd                                           Patricia aNd                                               FoUNdatioN, iNc.              gaMble coMPaNy
   saM dazzo, Jr.            Mary howe                      lelaNd Postil              Mr. aNd Mrs. dUFFy swaN
                                                                                                                   bUchheit FoUNdatioN           christoPher reeve
dee deNNis                   KareN aNd toMMy hUdsoN       ProF. h. rayMoNd             JeaNNie aNd                                                 Paralysis FoUNdatioN
                             terry JacKsoN                                                gregory syMoNs           carrie tiNgley
J. dee deNNis, Jr.                                          radosevich                                               hosPital FoUNdatioN         doNald w. reyNolds
                             caroliNe aNd larry Jehle     dorothy aNd                  loUise caMPbell-tolber
drs. aNNette sobel aNd                                                                    aNd dr. steveN tolber    JaMes v. aNd elsie F.           FoUNdatioN
   robert dUNcaN             debbie aNd ricK JohNsoN        larry raiNoseK                                           caUghraN coMMUNity
                                                                                       holly traver                                              rocKy MoUNtaiN
barbara aNd                  Margaret aNd                 dr. MarK raiNoseK                                          ProPerty trUst                stoNe coMPaNy
   gary dUshaNe                 albert JorgeNseN                                       estate oF daNiel trigg
                                                          coNNie lovelady-                                         clear chaNNel                 service leagUe oF
lisa aNd raNdy eastbUrg      drs. elleN aNd                 raPPaPort aNd              PaUl tUcKer                   coMMUNicatioNs
                                arthUr KaUFMaN                                         bob tUrNer                                                  UNM hosPitals
regeNt aNd                                                  stUart raPPaPort                                       collegiate
   Mrs. Mel eaves            deNNis Kelly                 KeNNeth ray                  bobby UNser, Jr.              liceNsiNg coMPaNy           sUrFace eNterPrises, llc
cheryl aNd                   georgiaNa aNd                charlotte aNd                briaN Urlacher              corPoratioN For PUblic        the Fred r. taMoNy
   Michael ecKart               JohN KeNNedy                charles raybUrN            Mary UttoN                    broadcastiNg                  irrevocable trUst
dawN aNd                     brad KiNKelaar               dawN reilly aNd              roseMary aNd al vaio        cystic Fibrosis               thrasher research FUNd
   gregory edgeiNgtoN        KeviN KNeaFsey                 JohN reilly, Jr.           doUglas vaUghaN               services, iNc.              wal-Mart FoUNdatioN


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