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									Monthly Gathering
1st Sunday of the Month
Eat at 8am, Meet 8:30am
Ride 10am, Golden Corral
7047 Arundel Mills Blvd.
Hanover, MD 21076
NEXT: Aug 7, 2011
Usual Ride Starts
    Rolling Rd, Catonsville
-Honda PwrSp of Crofton                          JULY-AUGUST 2011
-Royal Farms I-97 - BWI

Chapter Directors
Tom & Gail McCormick
                              From the Chapter Directors:
410-787-2584                  Good day ladies, gentlemen and all those who fall somewhere in between those          categories. I had to say “Good day” because I don’t know whether you are reading this
                              in the morning or during the day, unless of course you are reading it at night, and then it
Treasurer                     would be “Good night” and if I said “Good night” it would sound like we were going to bed,
Bill Cogburn                  and I just got up not long ago, so I know I am not going back to bed. Did you get that?
443-904-0639       What have we been doing this spring and summer? One thing is visiting Adam’s Ribs for
                              Bar B Q for their 30 Anniversary. Chapter A had a special invitation from Allen’s wife,
Chapter Educator                                                                         th
Tom & Gail McCormick
                              Gwen Willingham, to have dinner on the day of the 30 Anniversary when they had a
                              price rollback on some items to what the prices were when they first opened the
Webmaster,                    restaurant. Can you imagine a full rack of ribs for only $9.00? That is a great price.
Ride Coordinator              Adam’s still has their weekly specials and one of those specials is “hamburger night” and
Sidney Spunt                  the other is price rollback night. I am going to do a little advertising for Adam’s Ribs
410-795-2445                  because they do have good food, great prices and good service. I know it is a little out           of the way for us folks here in the northern part of the county but it does have its rewards
                              when you get there. Gail and I have been there many times and we have never been
Steve & Ronnie Rabau
410-356-4240            Golly gee, have we had a newsletter since Memorial Day Weekend? I don’t remember
                              either. Just in case we haven’t had one, let me touch on a few highlights of that trip. It
Sunshine                      was Rebecca’s last big trip on her Moto Guzzi. We did all the normal leave times
Ronnie Rabau                  (6:30AM) and all the usual stops until we got to Winchester, Virginia and then after our
410-356-4240                  nourishing breakfast at McDonalds we headed south to pick up Route 55 that goes west            into Moorefield, West Virginia. From Moorefield we continued on to Petersburg, then to
                              Seneca Rock and then on to Elkins. The only time it rained on that trip was while we
Visitation Coordinator
                              stopped to put our rain suits on. While in Elkins we met up with Sandie and Rosy
Vi Metalios
                              Rosenthal some our Chapter A members that moved to North Carolina and just lots of            other folks that we knew from our travels.

Newsletter Editor             We met Patricia (Tricia) who works in the Bob Evans restaurant in Elkins. Tricia told us
Gail McCormick                that she also worked at another restaurant about 7 miles south of Elkins and the name of
410-787-2584                  that restaurant was “The Dailey Grill” located in Dailey, West Virginia. The food there is          almost worth making a special trip just to eat there. Having a salad there is almost a
                              must, however you have to have salads with their homemade “Ranch dressing.” Pat Reid
Chapter A's Website:          thought the salads were so good that he had 2 and I wasn’t even counting. That was      okay because Saturday evening I had 2 desserts for dinner. But when you go there I
Maryland District:
                              suggest you have a salad, then an entree and then for dessert you should try about a half
http://www.gwrra-md-                  pound of their fudge. But then you need to buy another pound of fudge to take with you,
Northeast Region:             preferably Maple Walnut or Chocolate with nuts or German Chocolate or whatever your
http://www.gwrra-             favorite type of fudge. Just ask if you can get some of each kind. Did I mention they have           good food and excellent fudge? I meant to do that. If you go there, tell Patricia and the
                              girls that Tom and Gail and the gang say “Hey!” also tell them that we told you they had
                              good food and excellent fudge.

                              I may be doing another ride to the Dailey Grill for lunch and to get some of their fudge. I
                              may have to wait until September when my Harley buddy gets back from a 6-week trip
                              out west. I like to pick on the Harley guys because when they ride 250 miles out and then

back in one day, it is a major ride for them. No, he is           newsletter, don’t make fun of my tie-died shirt. I had
taking his bike out west in his “Toy Hauler.” I know              three young girls at the festival and one young lady
everyone has seen them. You know, some people go for              beside the road tell me that they liked my shirt. Now
a long distance ride in a four wheeler and then when              you know, any time an old man like me can get the
they get to where they are going they take the                    attention of 4 young hotties it ain’t all bad, even in West
motorcycle out of the trailer and try to impress people by        Virginia. I might also add that all 4 girls had all of their
telling others about how hard their ride was across               teeth.
country. The hardest part of the entire ride is getting the
bike in and out of the trailer and getting it tied down. I        We also met up with and got to ride with Sandie and
guess there are benefits to a “Toy Hauler.” Usually you           Rosy Rosenthal. Sandie and Rosy were members of
don’t get wet when it rains and the other is your bike is         Chapter A back in the day, (about 4 or 5 years ago) but
safe and secure at night.                                         they were part of the group that moved to North Carolina
                                                                  during the “Big Rush.” Isn’t it wonderful to have friends
We did have an exciting time over the Memorial Day                like that? I mean, think about it, we brought them into
weekend in Elkins, West Virginia. Of course Chapter A             our group, we took them under our wing, loved them,
along with Chapter J blazed our own trail down to the             cherished them and cared for them. And then they
Woodchopper’s Festival in Webster Springs, WV, and                moved!! They are still lovely people and a huge part of
then Sunday we toured the New River Gorge. That was               our life. We still love you guys. Stay healthy and be safe.
more than very exciting, especially the trip down to the
river and across the old bridge with the wood floor. I am         Hey hey hey, has this been a wonderful summer or
beginning to believe any time we go to West Virginia we           what? Yes, it has been a wee bit toasty but that is the
should park our Gold Wings and ride 4-wheel ATVs.                 essence of summer. You are exactly right, we should
After having done that road the first time I told myself          have been going on more rides and there is where the
that it was okay and now I have “been there, done that.”          problem lies, we all have so many plans and we are so
I am curious as to why I rode that road a second time?            busy that we can’t make the rides. But my, oh my, the
A fleeting moment of insanity, I guess. Speaking of               rides that we have taken have been wonderful. On
“insanity,” one day a year the New River Gorge Bridge is          June 26 we had a Chapter A ride to East Broad Top
closed to traffic to allow parachuting off the bridge. Now        Railroad in Orbisonia, Pennsylvania.            We fully
let’s think about this for a minute. Someone, anyone, but         understand that everyone is not into the old steam trains
not me is going to strap a piece of cloth onto their back         but you do have to admit they are fascinating, if for no
and jump off of a bridge that is over 900 feet high to            other reason than they still work after being in service
either land in a swift running river or in a tree or maybe        since 1914.
even on a big rock. There are no flat places to land at
the bottom of that gorge, people, I have been there!              Next on the agenda came Wing Ding, later than usual
Twice!! It would not have been a proper trip to Ansted,           this year. I know, we have said all along that we
WV without stopping at Hawks Nest State Park to visit             weren’t going but now that I am not working anymore we
the lodge. However, I do want everyone to know that I             have decided to spend the kids’ inheritance. I don’t
conceded at lunch time. We had lunch at Subway so                 think our trip is so much a trip to Wing Ding as it is a trip
therefore we did not go to Dirty Ernie’s for bar b q.             down to visit with Fred, Judy, Bob, Dorothy and other
                                                                  new friends with whom we have cruised in the past few
If there is anyone out there anywhere that thinks riding a        years and who else from North Carolina we are not sure.
Gold Wing is not about eating, they are not a true Gold           I was going to take this opportunity to do one of my
Wing rider and they don’t have a clue how to ride and             “bucket list” items - riding the “old Route 11” down
where to ride. On our trip someone mentioned a                    through Virginia. Route 11 runs parallel to Interstate 81
particular restaurant on Skyline Drive and right away I           but the old route is very nostalgic with some of the old
knew that was the place where they have homemade                  buildings still standing. I am sure that the old highway
blackberry ice cream. Another example: Cowboy Café                and the old motels could have many tales to tell but will
in Custer, South Dakota – Fruit of the Forest Pie, see it         always keep their secrets.          Doesn’t it make you
is simple. How many rides have you been on that                   wonder?
dinner or lunch was not included in the ride somewhere?
If your answer was “None”, then it wasn’t a Gold Wing             The weather report for our impending trip down to
ride. Now that we have all that straight, let’s get back to       Knoxville, Tennessee was rain so we departed a day
the WV ride, who knows we may even thrill you with                later than we had planned but everything worked out
some pictures that were taken somewhere on this trip              well. We left highway 32 and I70 at 0630AM and
maybe even in Beartown State Park. Ladies and                     scurried down the Interstate highway on July 4 so we
gentlemen, I don’t make this stuff up. I actually found it        could arrive at our destination in Knoxville on the same
on the map. If you are ever in that area in the summer            day. Since it was a holiday the traffic was very
time it is worth a stop-by to see, because it is nice and         manageable, unlike a typical day on Interstate 81 when
cool and there is a boardwalk through the area.                   the truck traffic is very hectic.
Anyway, the park is on route 219 just south of Hillsboro,
WV, which is also in the middle of nowhere, but it is a           The Wing Ding event was “an event.” If you did not go
nice ride. Oh, by the way. If Gail puts pictures in this          to Wing Ding, you can be glad that you didn’t go. If, you

did go to Wing Ding, please don’t judge all of the Wing           GWRRA booth a couple of times to say hi to Ed &
Dings by the one you went to in Knoxville. The big                Dottie and the New York District staff. We put
difference is the facility where the event was held. Next
year in Ft. Wayne you will be able to park on the lot in          about 1800 miles on the bikes, helped out the local
front of the convention center and attend the concert at          economy and all got home safely. All in all, a great
the baseball diamond at the other end of the parking lot.         vacation!
The light parade will be in front of the convention center        Chapter C’s pig feast fundraiser was well attended.
and will circle the parking lot. The Grand Parade will take
a very interesting trip through various residential               Thanks to everyone for showing your         support.
neighborhoods in town. Whatever you do, save one day              Great food and friend and even a dunking booth.
to visit the Auburn/Cord museum in Auburn, Indiana, you           Ray was asked to bring his bathing suit and Cheryl
don’t have to be “Car Crazy” to enjoy that museum.
                                                                  thought he was going to get baptized or something!
Who knows, we may add a few days to our trip and visit
the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan either on             Nope, just a victim in the tank along with George and
our way to Wing Ding or on our way back home from                 Butch. Everyone had a good time trying to dunk them
Wing Ding. The last trip to Ft. Wayne we returned home            for charity.
via Niagara Falls. Well, that is a whole year away and it
gives you something to think about.
                                                                  MDI had a great ride on Father’s Day to 3 of the
Bill and Joy along with Donna and Pat Reid (Chapter J)            covered bridges in Maryland. Our ride coordinators
went out to the wide open spaces of Wyoming, camping              got us all the way up past Thurmont and back with
and hiking on what remains to be 10 or 12 feet of snow            only about 10 minutes on the beltway. It was a
that fell this past winter in and around the Teton
                                                                  fantastic ride and Cheryl had no clue there were even
Mountain range. I do envy them in a way. Each time I
visit the Teton and Yellowstone Park area I look around           covered bridges in Maryland! We had a picnic lunch at
and dream of what it would have been like as a boy to             the last bridge and then all back roads home. Ice
live in that area, because as a young person I could              cream at Dairy Queen in Bowie was dinner! Maryland
have climbed and hiked and explored the way I did on              has so much to offer, get on your motorcycle and
the hills of Tennessee. Hopefully at one time or another
                                                                  discover it.
each of us has stood on the top of a mountain and seen
what Mother Nature has provided for us to enjoy. If you
haven’t then you should put that on your “bucket list.”           We hope everyone going has a safe trip to Wing Ding
                                                                  in Tennessee! Enjoy the ―Dragon‖ and all the other
For the July ride we were scheduled to visit Hickory              great roads down there. Do yourself a favor and
Bridge Farm for a chapter ride with a dinner at the end of
the ride. However the ride got switched to some                   check out Tour Master while you’re there. We got
beautiful, curvy roads in Carroll County and Baltimore            their riding pants at Americade and they are
County with dinner at Friendly Farm restaurant. Some              wonderful! I have no clue why we didn’t get them
of us had been there before this trip and it was a first          years ago!
time visit for others. Everyone came away from the
restaurant moaning and groaning because they had
eaten too much while remarking how good the food was.             If you aren’t hitting Wing Ding, consider the New
If I may make a recommendation, order anything on the             York/New Jersey District Rally the weekend of
menu and there will be no regrets.                                August 11-13th in Liverpool, NY. We are going and
                                                                  would love to have more from Maryland join us.
    -   Tom McCormick
                                                                  Some other very important items we need to address,
From the District Directors:                                      The Maryland District 7th Rendezvous Sept. 9-
Hello everyone.
                                                                  11th in Hagerstown will be here before you know it.
Wow, here we are looking at July already! Where has
                                                                  Let’s not forget the 2nd Maryland District
the year gone…Lake George, NY is one place!
                                                                  RV/Camping SIG Oct. 14-16th in Winchester WV.
Americade 2011 was a great time, as usual. Our group
                                                                  These events are for fun only, no work on any body’s
was 15 members from MDI, Chapter J had 3 and
                                                                  part. Come join us, this is what it is all about.
from the North Carolina Southern Cruisers (formerly
                                                                  Remember to take your Passport to every GWRRA
of MDI) Tom & Shirley Daniel. It was wonderful
                                                                  event, it will be worth it to a few busy members.
spending the week with them and even better that it
wasn’t at all awkward after 6 years apart. They fell
                                                                  Have Fun, Ride Safe, and be Knowledgeable
right back into the fold and even learned quickly how
to handle Stan Greene, LOL. Ray & I visited the                   Ray & Cheryl Hartman
WINTERTHING IS APPROACHING                                          if you need ideas and stuff. Anyone wanting to display
                                                                    their bike(s) and have a turn at the tent can contact
The district is looking at ideas for the Logo for this year’s       Debbie Sorrick at 410 688-3426 or send an e-mail at:
theme. So put on your designing hat and show us what       I will have your tickets and
you’ve got. The theme is “pajama party and games.”                  information about setting up at the fair.
Send ideas to your Chapter Director or to Ray and
Cheryl Hartman (                              Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to talk to the public
 or for consideration.                    about motorcycles and safety.

Maryland District Website:                                          Each vendor will also get an extra pass for the fair. They               are good at ALL events. Approximately 500,000 people
Maryland District Newsletter:                                       are projected to attend the 10-day event.
http://www.gwrra-md-                            Aug 26 - mixed group of people
Northeast Region Newsletter:                                        Aug 27 - Chapter H                 Aug 28 - Chapter I
                                                                    Aug 29 - available
                                                                    Aug 30 - available
International News:                                                 Aug 31 - Chapter A
Link to GWRRA “Insight” newsletter:                                 Sept 1 - available                     Sept 2 - available
                                                                    Sept 3 - available
For the Next Newsletter:                                            Sept 4 - available
If you have articles or other items for the newsletter,             Sept 5 - Chapter J (closing day)
please send them to Gail McCormick. Thank you.      410-787-2584                              I have 4 VIP passes that get us in to everything. I have
                                                                    lots of extra general admission passes.
                                                                    Chapters can have as many as they want in their group
                                                                    to man the tent. I would suggest 6. Then they could man
                                                                    it in shifts. They can set up whenever and break down
                                                                    whenever also. They can do day or evening or both.
                                                                    The fair is open from 10 am until 10 pm. However, bikes
                                                                    have to be in for display BEFORE 9am to get set up. If
                                                                    you come in the front gate/main entrance, go thru the
                                                                    gates and turn left. We are set up right in front of the
                                                                    Farm and Garden building. We have the bikes on the
Ask Tom or Gail if you would like to borrow one of the              parking lot edge in front of the tent set up on the grass in
chapter’s training DVDs and VHS tapes:                              front of the building. We are near the greased pig races
- Gary Sanford’s Slow Speed Cycling Seminar                         in front of the Midway . . . lots of foot traffic. We really
- Co-Rider Seminar                                                  have a gem of a location.
- Touring and Braking Seminar                                       The evening shows begin at 8 pm (hint, for taking the
                                                                    closing time period if you enjoy them).
                                                                    Debbie Sorrick
Rider Education,
Motorist Awareness:                                                 Chapter A, there will be a signup sheet at our August
The following information is from MD Chapter H’s                    gathering, so that we can spread out the coverage for
Motorist Awareness Coordinator, Debbie Sorrick. She                 the booth at the State Fair. Please sign up then or
has worked with the MD State Fair administrators to                 contact us. – Tom and Gail
allow GWRRA to put on Motorist Awareness Displays
during the MD State Fair.                                           %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

 Maryland State Fair Motorist Awareness Event                       Happy Birthday:
                                                                    Norma Baka – July 4
         August 26 thru September 5, 2011                           Jim Grembi – July 12
I have signed the contracts for the Maryland State Fair to          Barbara Jones – July 19
have a GWRRA Motorist Awareness tent. We have                       Fernando Ballesteros – July 23
several chapters taking a day, but there are plenty of              Bill Harris – August 10
opportunities for others to share in this great event.

Each chapter will need to bring their own Motorist
                                                                    Happy Anniversary:
Awareness literature and giveaways. Please contact me               Gary and Carol Moore – July 3

                 Calendar of Events                           From Tom: I would like to include an article that I found
JULY                                                          that was answering someone’s questions about Chapter
Sun 3      MD-A Gathering/Ride (CANCELLED)                    Fundraisers and about Charities. I know Charities can
Wed-Sat 6-9 Wing Ding (Knoxville, TN)                         hold a very special place in the hearts of a lot of people,
Sat 16     Afternoon Ride to Friendly Farm                    so please read the article with an open mind and
Thu-Sat 28-30 New England Districts Convention -              remember, just because a particular charity is number
           Lewiston, ME                                       one on your list does not mean that it is number one on
AUGUST                                                        everyone’s list. The cause of the charity that is closest to
Sat 6      MD District Cruise – Alaska                        each one of us is the one that is associated with either
Sun 7      MD-A Gathering/Ride (Golden Corral)                one of us or our family.
Thu-Sat 11-13 NY-NJ Combined District Convention -
           Liverpool, NY                                      From John Simonick, (Region F) Leadership Training
Sun 21     MD-L Ice Cream Fundraiser*                         Program:
Thu 25-Sep 5 Maryland State Fair
Wed 31     MD-A Motorist Awareness Booth at Fair                                “GLAD YOU ASKED!”

SEPTEMBER                                                     Question No 1: Are charities and fundraising a part
Sat 3       Buck Tractor Pull-Motorist Awareness-5pm          of every Chapter?
Sun 4       MD-A Gathering/Ride (Golden Corral)
Fri-Sun 9-11    MD District Rendezvous – Hagerstown
Thu-Sat 8-10 PA District Convention - Carlisle, PA            Answer:      Many Chapters support charities and
Sat 10      MD-B Ride4Research Fundraiser*                    almost all have fundraisers.         Let’s start with
Fri 16      Dinner Ride                                       fundraising. It takes money to operate a Chapter.
Sun18       MD-I/Motovation - Chrome & Crabs                  The CD is not responsible for funding the Chapter
Sun18       PA-V Picnic, Codorus State Park, 9-5
                                                              activities, so a fundraiser (for Chapter Operating
Thu-Sat 22-24 NC District “Wings Over the Smokies”
Sun 25      Ride-For Kids                   Funds) is normal and expected. The Chapter should
                                                              maintain enough funds in its (non-interest bearing)
OCTOBER                                                       checking account for 6 to 12 months of operation
Sat-Sun 1-2 National Apple Festival-Biglerville               expenses. The next logical question (although not
Sun 2       MD-A Gathering/Ride (Golden Corral)
                                                              specifically asked) is: “What are Chapter funds used
Fri-Sun 7-9 Springs Folk Festival Weekend Ride
Thu-Sat 6-8 VA District “Rally in the Valley” - Salem         for?” Years ago, newsletters had to be printed and
Fri-Sun 14-16 MD District Campout-Candy Hill                  mailed. This was typically the largest use of Chapter
            Campground, Winchester, VA                        funds.     Now email and websites are available,
            (Hot Air Balloon Festival)                        however a few newsletters should still be available
Sat 15      MD-A Ride
                     th                                       for people that don’t have email and for dealers who
Sat 22      PA-V 15 Anniversary Party-Spring Grove
Sat 29      MD-A Planning Meeting for 2012 (move to           advertise in your newsletter.          Other Chapter
November 13, after District Staff meeting?)                   expenses would be reimbursement for Officers to
                                                              travel in order to take the Officer Certification
NOVEMBER (bowling Friday nights, 7pm)                         Program or reimbursement for travel to District
Fri 4  Start Bowling on Friday nights, 7pm
Sat 5  MD District Staff Meeting                              Team Meetings. It is not uncommon for Chapters to
Sun 6  MD-A Gathering (Golden Corral)                         pay for all or portions of holiday parties, or even buy
Sat 12 MD-J Chili Cook-off Fundraiser*                        ice cream for Participants on rides, or meals if the
                                                              amount of Chapter funds is sufficient.
DECEMBER (bowling Friday nights, 7pm)
                                                              Now, for Charities: There are a lot of good charities
Sun 4     MD-A Gathering (Golden Corral)
Sat 10    MD-A Holiday Party                                  out there, and many of us have our personal favorite
JANUARY 2012                                                  that we contribute to (if we are fortunate enough to
Thu 26-29 WinterThing – Pajama and Game Party                 be able to part with some of our earned cash). Many
                                                              Chapters have a charity they “sponsor.” That is
Ice Cream, Snowball & Coffee Social Every Wednesday at        perfectly fine, as long as it is OPTIONAL to Chapter
        7pm, Year Round at the Ice Cream Cottage,
        1348 Stevens Avenue, Arbutus                          Participants. No GWRRA Member should be forced
Key                                             Bowling       to contribute or made to feel obligated to participate
Friday nights at 7pm,
Bold & Blue: Chapter A event              November            in a charity. If there are organizational or Planning
through April                                                 Meetings for the charity, they are to be held outside
Bold & Black with Asterisk: Fundraiser*
Red & Italics: tentative date                                 of the Chapter Gathering, so GWRRA Members at
                                                              the Gathering are not forced to sit through the

charity business. It can be held after the Chapter             problem needs to be addressed. This is a challenge
Gathering, and interested parties can stay, but again          of all Chapter Directors – to welcome Visitors/Guest,
it is an activity supplemental to the Chapter                  and also discourage continued participation if they
activities, and must always be presented as an                 don’t join the Association.
“Optional” activity.    (Note:    Sharing information
about charities or charity fundraisers at a Chapter            Is it fair to expect Phantom Members to join
Gathering is totally appropriate – it is the business of       GWRRA? Can we expect to join any club without
planning and organizing a charity that must remain             paying dues, or can we expect to join a bowling league
outside the Chapter Gathering.) The reason for this            and not pay the weekly fees? Of course not, so why
separation is simple: If the charity becomes a                 would we expect to participate in a GWRRA Chapter
mandatory part of Chapter life, or if there is                 without being a GWRRA Member? And the cost of
perceived pressure to donate or participate, the               an individual membership is $45 per year.           An
uninterested Members may simply stop participating             Associate Membership costs $50 per year. Any
with the Chapter…and we don’t want that! The                   Individual Membership fee is under $1 per week!
primary purpose for Chapters is to provide a FUN               Add $10 more and a Family Membership can be had to
social organization for GWRRA Members. Any other               include all family members living in your household.
“cause” must be supplemental to this purpose, and by           There is no excuse for someone that wants to
all means “optional.”                                          participate not to join GWRRA.

Question No. 2:       I noticed in Chapter _’s                 Regarding the Christmas Party event listing that
newsletter that all the events were for everyone,              stated it was for GWRRA Members only, it can be
except for the Christmas Party which is only for               said that GWRRA folks are typically very nice, even
GWRRA Members. Why? Which events are only                      too nice. We welcome everyone, and don’t always
for Members of GWRRA, and which are not, and why               address the issue of Phantom Members. There are
is that?                                                       times where a GWRRA Chapter pays for, or
                                                               subsidizes a meal, ice cream, or something else
Answer: GWRRA is an Association that people join               associated with an event. The money being used
to share in the FUN, events, rides, and in general             belongs to the Chapter, and is intended to be used
fraternize with other people that have similar                 for Chapter purposes. Providing monetary benefits
interests, typically associated with motorcycling.             (i.e., freebies) to Non-members, or letting Non-
Chapters are a functional unit and a part of the               members participate for free is not fair to the
Association that provides the FUN, SAFETY, AND                 GWRRA Members that exerted the effort to raise
KNOWLEDGE, as well as the plethora of Member                   that money and organize the event. So if we know
Benefits, to its Members. The key here is that                 we have Phantom Members, there are times that we
Chapters and the activities of Chapters are intended           simply have to come out and state, “For Members
for GWRRA Members. It is common for guests to                  only.” Our hope is that the Phantom Members will
join us at Chapter Gatherings and on rides. We are             decide to join (or re-join) GWRRA, but if not, we
open to letting guests share in the FUN so that they           want to ensure that the GWRRA Members receive
can determine if GWRRA is an association that they             the special treatment and benefits they deserve.
would like to be a part of. If a guest returns again
and again, it demonstrates that they are enjoying the          I am positive there are other very interesting articles out
                                                               there in the world of GWRRA, but at this particular time
people and activities, and it is fair to expect them to
                                                               this was a refreshing break from some of the other
join GWRRA so that they can continue to participate.           mandatory programs. Do you like the way I said that
If they do not want to join GWRRA, it is not fair to           without mentioning taxes and things? Blame it on Allen.
the paying Members to let them continue to
participate in the FUN and bear none of the                        -   Tom
responsibility and cost. Those that want to continue           %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
to participate after 3 Chapter Gatherings or events
and will not join the Association are essentially              Let Gail or Tom know if you want to advertise something
“mooching” off of the rest of us. These individuals            in the newsletter. There’s no charge for members’
are referred to as “Phantom Members: and this                  personal ads.

                    FOR SALE
             1988 GOLDWING GL1500
        Approximate mileage of 80,000 miles
                   Mickey Ross
              564 Williamsburg Lane
              Odenton, Md. 21113

Wind wings
Revco air horns
Additional side lights
Turn signal mirrors
Back up lights and warning sounder
Ring of fire on front wheel
Oversized windshield
Motorcycle trailer hitch
12 volt outlet

Original equipment:
Honda two way CB radio
Honda intercom sound system with AM/FM radio and
diskette tape
On board air compressor

Recently installed new equipment:
Both tires less than 500 miles
All brakes less than 500 miles
Ignition controller

 1996 Honda Magna Deluxe 750cc, 4 cylinder
            Purple and White

Large windshield, Hoese LeatherLyke Locking
Saddlebags, Baker Air Wings, Hand Shields,
Cobra Floorboards (stock shifter), Custom
artwork by Mountainman, Engine Guards,
Triple Windshield Pouches, Defender 3000 Full
Bike Cover, Hyper lights, Blue LED Accent
Lighting, 3-Switch Bank, Fuse Block,
Passenger Seat & Backrest & Luggage Rack
(not installed). 25,000 miles. $4800.

                Ken Cross

                                                    (CB Radio and Butler are not included)

  Some Pictures

                                              Rebecca Riding

Rebecca got a new Can Am Spyder!!!

                                         Central Florida Drill Team

Chapter Gatherings in the Maryland District (Items in Red are New)
MD-A (Charm City Wings): 1st Sunday, 8am / 9am, Golden Corral, 7047 Arundel Mills Blvd, Hanover, MD. CD: Tom & Gail
     McCormick, 410-787-2584,
MD-B (Metro Wings): 3rd Monday, 7:30pm, Seat Pleasant Recreation Center, 5720 Addison Rd., Seat Pleasant, MD. CD:
     Charles & Gloria Simms, 301-423-1925,
MD-C (Chesapeake Bay Chapter): 2nd Sunday, 8am / 9am, Golden Corral, 6701 Chesapeake Center Dr., Glen Burnie, MD
     CD: Butch Harvey, 410-493-7490,
MD-H (Mason-Dixon Wings): 4th Sunday, 8am /9 am, Golden Corral Restaurant, Route 40 across from Wal-Mart, Aberdeen,
     MD. CD: Susan Miller, 410-668-1318,
MD-I (Southern Maryland Wings): 1st Sunday, 8am / 9am, Hooters, 3600 Crain Hwy (Route 301), Waldorf, MD, CD: Bob &
      Julie A’Hearn, 301-997-1254,
MD-J (Capitol City Wings): 3rd Sunday, 8 am / 9 am, Bob Evans at Waugh Chapel Shopping Center, Gambrills, MD. CD: Al
      and Jackie General, 410-963-3414,
MD-K (Heart of Maryland Wings): 3rd Saturday, 4pm / 5pm, New York J P Pizza, 3000 Gamber Rd, Finksburg, MD (in
     Finksburg Plaza at corner of Route 140 & Route 91). CD: Dick and Dolores France, 717-359-5913,
MD-L (Eastern Shore Road Riders): 2nd Sunday, 8am / 9am, Denny’s, 8394 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD 21601. CD:
      Spanky Barth, 410-924-8371,
Other Chapter Gatherings
DE-A: 4th Saturday, 8 am / 9am, 896 Diner, 1108 S. College Avenue, Newark, DE 19713. CD: Dan & Terrie Chappell,
PA-V: 2nd Sunday, 8am / 9:30am, Cross Keys Motor Inn Banquet Center, 6110 York Rd. (corner of Rts. 94 & 30),
      New Oxford, PA 17350, CD: Denny & Kathy Brillhart,
                                                                           Mickey Ross

                                   No job too small

       GWRRA Maryland Chapter L

       6th Annual Ice Cream Sundae
          Sunday August 21, 2011
               Noon – 3pm
Masonic Lodge, Railroad Ave., Centreville MD

   Join MD-L for their annual fundraiser
   hamburgers, hotdogs and side dishes,
           iced tea and lemonade,
  served up before a scrumptious dessert
      of ice cream and all the fixings.
          50/50 raffle and games.
            COME JOIN THE FUN!

                     Day Passes are $10
            Full Registration form is on the web:

49 Glendale Avenue
Glen Burnie, MD 21061


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