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makes Wonderware software wireless

GSM-Control is a Windows software developed by
Klinkmann (Helsinki/Finland) to manage bidirectional
datacommunication in standard cellular phone GSM-
network - the software may easily be integrated into
Wonderware FactorySuite software family to allow wireless
GSM-Control supports standard GSM-devices like cellular
phones and M20 GSM-Terminals, which may be interfaced
with PCs, various other devices and PLCs. When
connecting M20 Terminals with PLCs, there is Klinkmann´s
own additional software available for various CPU models
incl. Siemens/Simatic, Allen-Bradley, Omron and Schneider.
GSM-Control is using robust SMS (Short Message Service)
data transfer technology based on 160 characters long
package type sendings. Typical response times are 2-5
seconds and GSM-Control is automatically controlling and
securing the communication. Alternative connection types              GSM-Control supports widely the Wonderware FactorySuite
(f.ex. GSM voice channel for conventional data, fixed cable           software family making wireless communication and controls
lines), sending repetition, etc. are standard GSM-Control             possible in GSM cellular network. The whole concept is based on
features.                                                             low cost standard GSM products.

GSM-Control configures the users and user levels. The
software follows network signal quality and reports all                                                                  GSM cellular
communication events. During configuration, full simulation                                                              phones
of traffic and phone displays are possible on PC screen.              GSM-Control
GSM-Control allows networking and access into email and
internet. GSM-Control is easy to interface with other
software environments using DDE or OPC. There is low
cost OEM volume pricing available for machine and system
The configuring of GSM-Control and its usage together with
Wonderware software packages are described in this leaflet                                         GSM
in detail. Full information incl. leaflets, manual, software etc.   Wonderware                     network
are available from web at www.klinkmann.com .                       FactorySuite,
                                                                    Excel etc.
GSM-Control features include:
• user configuration with several security levels                               other CPU
• traffic supervising and reporting, incl. all events, and                      devices
  signal level                                                                                  M20
• single or multi user definition, group sending                                                GSM-Terminal
• definable timing control
• supporting GSM-operators´ high speed SMS services
  with fixed lines
• sending repetition in case of transfer malfunction,
  alternative communication possibility (GSM voice channel
  for data, cable line etc.)
• interface with email/internet
• PLC CPU programs for Siemens/Simatic, Allen-Bradley,                                                             ITEM: COMP 1
  Omron, Schneider for direct M20 GSM-Terminal interface                                                             VOL: 1000
                                                                                                                     CAP: 2000
                                                                                 TE ET:
                                                                                   .1 +50

                                                                                                                     NEXT: ___
                                                                                    MP __



• Windows NT and 95, can be used as Windows NT

• supporting DDE and OPC

                                                                                                fax +358-9-513 541
                                                                                                email automation@klinkmann.fi
Fast Guide for starting GSM-Control with Wonderware InTouch

GSM-Control is a Microsoft Windows software used for two-
direction remote control in automation and other applications
over the wireless GSM cellular network. The remote control is                                                           port
based on GSM network’s standard Short Message Service
(SMS) two-direction communication, where the M20 Terminal                                        modem
(GSM modem) is connected to the computer’s standard (RS-                                                                     PC
232) serial port and GSM cellular phone (remote GSM phone)                                                GSM-Control
is used by remote operator(s). The DDE (Dynamic Data                                                        HASP      Parallel
Exchange) is used to exchange with data between GSM-                                                          key     port
Control and operator interface applications (e.g. Wonderware
InTouch) and/or directly field devices (via the appropriate DDE
servers). GSM-Control is available also for OPC (OLE for                                    antenna
Process Control) interface. GSM-Control is compatible with all                                            adapter
Windows based HMI/SCADA software packages.
                                                                                                                           green led
The following guide explains how to quickly start with GSM-
Control together with InTouch.
                                                                        24 V POWER SUPPLY
                                                                                        +                                     SIM card
In the Picture 1 is shown how the M20 Terminal, power supply
and PC are connected. Please check your equipment                                       -
connection. Check that you have GSM-Control HASP key
plugged in the PC parallel port!                                                                                       M20 Terminal

Important! Be sure to switch off the M20 Terminal by using
IGNITION; simply disconnecting the power supply at POWER                Picture 1: Hardware and cable (wiring) scheme of the
can damage the SIM card if it is being written to at the time.          GSM-Control connection.
The GSM-Control installation package can be supplied as a
self-extracting archive or on three distribution disks (floppies). To
install the GSM-Control from the self-extracting archive, run the
self-extracting installation program. To install the GSM-Control        When installation is finished, the subdirectory specified as a
from the distribution disks, insert the GSM-Control Installation        folder where to install the GSM-Control will contain all GSM-
Disk1 into a floppy drive and start the SETUP.EXE program.              Control files. Reboot your PC after installing to activate the
Proceed as directed by the GSM-Control Setup program.                   HASP key driver.

Start Configuration Tool by selecting “GSM-Control Configuration
Tool” from Start/Programs menu or by double clicking on                 Phone” and enter into the phone icon the phone number of the
GSMCFG.EXE file in Windows Explorer. Select                             mobile telephone that you are using for testing GSM-Control.
(in the Configuration Tool) “File/New” and the Preferences dialog       (We recommend to use the country code with mark + e.g. in
box will appear. Check which operator’s SIM card you are having         Germany +491776272222). Place the mouse on the phone icon
in M20 Terminal. Enter the Short Message Service Center                 and click the mouse right button and select “New Password”.
(SMSC) phone number used into the dialog box. Check the PIN             Place the mouse on the password icon and click the mouse right
code of the SIM card that is in the M20 Terminal. Enter the PIN         button and select “Properties”. Password dialog box appears and
code into the dialog box. Leave the default value 5 minutes for         you can type your password (e.g. “adg”) into it. Click OK.
Alarm Reply Time-out. Click on OK.
ATTENTION! The phone number of the M20 Terminal is not                  DDE
needed to be entered anywhere – you must only remember it               Activate DDE page by clicking mouse left button on DDE Page
when starting to communicate with GSM-Control.                          Control. Click the mouse right button on the DDE page and
                                                                        select “New Application”. Type “View” (the name of InTouch
USERS                                                                   runtime executable) into the application icon. Place the mouse
Activate Users page by clicking mouse left button on User Page          on the application icon and click the mouse right button and
Control that is on the right side of the Configuration Tool. Click      select “New Topic”. Type “Tagname” into the topic icon. Place the
the mouse right button on the Users page and select “New                mouse on the topic icon and click the mouse right button and
User”. Enter your name into the icon. Place the mouse on the            select “New Item”. Enter the “Value” into the item icon. Leave the
user icon and click the mouse right button and choose “New              default Type “Integer” for this item.
                         Picture 2. Configuration of Read and Users modes

READ                                                               SAVE AS
Activate READ page by clicking mouse left button on Read           Select File/Save As. Save configuration as default.gct. Close
Page Control. Click the mouse right button on the Read page        the Configuration Tool.
and select “New”. Place the mouse on the read icon and click
the mouse right button and select “Insert”. Select the first row
(I: Value T: Tagname A: View) and click OK.

Activate Users Page (second time). Place the mouse on the
password icon and double click the mouse LEFT button. There
will appear Read, Write and Alarm folders. Place the mouse on
the ReadMessages icon and click the mouse right button and
select “Insert”. Select the first (and only row) ReadMsg1. Click
OK. The configuration should be like in Picture 2.

4) CHECK                                                           5) INTOUCH
• There is a SIM card in the M20 Terminal.                         Start the InTouch WindowMaker program. Create the simple
• M20 Terminal is ON (little green led is blinking).               InTouch application containing only one Memory Integer tag with
• M20 Terminal is connected with the antenna.                      name “Value”. Start the InTouch WindowViewer program. Enter
• The COM port is the same you have selected for the modem         some new value (e.g. 1234) for this tag. Leave the InTouch
  cable.                                                           WindowViewer running.
• There is a GSM-Control HASP key in the Parallel port.

Start the GSM-Control Communication Program by selecting           Take your mobile phone. Send the password (“adg”) as Short
“GSM Control” from Start/Programs menu or by double clicking       Message to the M20 Terminal (Do you still remember the phone
on GSMCTRL.EXE file in Windows Explorer.                           number of the SIM card that is in M20 Terminal?).

At GSM-Control Communication Program startup the                   After this GSM Control sends you the Main Menu:
GSMCTRL Main Window appears and the following actions are          Rd(1),Wr(2),Al(3), Q(0). Send “1” back to GSM Control. As
performed:                                                         return you should receive the current value (e.g. 1234) of
• the GSM-Control configuration file DEFAULT.GCT is read and       InTouch tag “Value” you have entered in the WindowViewer.
• the DDE links specified in the GSM-Control configuration file    Send the response “0” back to GSM Control. Your first session
  are activated;                                                   with GSM-Control is finished.
• the M20 Terminal is initiated depending on current settings.
The information about above actions is displayed on the            Refer to GSM-Control Software User Manual for all necessary
GSMCTRL Main Window and also (if necessary) logged to              information about everything what is possible to do with GSM-
GSMCTRL log file.                                                  Control – this Fast Guide covers only very small part of these.
GSM-Control and Wonderware
in car industry
Valmet Automotive is a modern car factory in Western Finland
specialized in speciality cars - models in production include
Porsche Boxter and Saab convertibles. Valmet Automotive is
using as factory software standard Wonderware FactorySuite
(InTouch and Industrial SQL Server) together with Siemens
Simatic and Omron PLCs. The automation concept is using the
latest technologies incl. internet for open reporting and GSM
cellular network for wireless automation.
The Valmet Automotive plant works in two shifts, including the
maintenance staff (with exception of the paint shop). However,
production alarms and information must be transmitted to the
maintenance staff on call at any time, also outside the shifts and
at night and weekends.
The GSM-Control software developed by Klinkmann was added
by Valmet Automotive to the Wonderware FactorySuite concept
to allow wireless communication between Wonderware software
and supervising persons´ mobile phones. The integration and
configuration work of GSM-Control was done by Valmet
Automotive´s own automation engineers in a few days.
The factory may now relay system alarms and information to its
maintanance staff, wirelessly over mobile phone network in plain
text format, which gives greater freedom for the maintenance
staff and optimizes service response times as a result. GSM-
Control also logs and acknowledges the events etc. At present
Valmet Automotive uses two separate GSM-Control systems:
one for the factory power supply and the latest one at the paint
                                                                               In car production every second is valuable - GSM-Control
                                                                               improves service responce and cuts maintenance times/
                  Wonderware                                                   costs during production shifts. Outside working hours
                  • Industrial SQL                                             alarms and simple controls are handled mainly from
                    Server                                                     mobile phones on totally remote basis.
                  • internet interface

                                                           GSM cellular
                     Office/factory network                phones

                      • InTouch HMI
                      • I/O Server


       Siemens Ethernet fieldbus
                                          Omron fieldbus

                                                    POB 38 FIN-00371 Helsinki, Finland
                                                    ph.int. +358-9-540 4940
                                                    fax int. +358-9-513 541
                                                    email automation@klinkmann.fi

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