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									Physical Features Vocabulary

     Map & Globe Skills 4 & 6
      Physical Features Vocabulary
Archipelago                      Basin
• A chain of islands or set of   • A long low lying area that is
  islands grouped together.        usually surrounded by hills
                                   or mountains; usually
                                   around a river

• Example: Philippines           • Example: Congo River Basin
      Physical Features Vocabulary
Bay                              Canal
• An area of an ocean, sea, or   • An man-made waterway
  lake that extends into the       with a purpose
  land that is smaller than a

• Example: San Francisco Bay     • Example: Suez Canal
     Physical Features Vocabulary
Canyon                        Channel
• A deep and narrow valley    • A wide strait between a
  often with a river on its     continent and an island

• Example: Grand Canyon       • Example: English Channel
     Physical Features Vocabulary
Coast                         Coral Reef
• Area of land that meets a   • Underwater limestone and
  large body of water           coral deposits

• Example: Gold Coast         • Example: Great Barrier Reef
     Physical Features Vocabulary
Delta                           Desert
• The often triangular-shaped   • A dry area that receives so
  alluvial deposition area at     little rain that few plants or
  the mouth of a river.           animals can survive there

• Example: Yellow River Delta   • Example: Sahara Desert
      Physical Features Vocabulary
Gulf                           Island
• A large part of the ocean    • A body of land surrounded
  that extends into the land      on all sides by water.
  and is larger than a bay.

• Example: Gulf of Guinea      • Example: Australia
     Physical Features Vocabulary
Isthmus                       Lake
• Narrow strip of land with   • A body of freshwater that is
   water on both sides          completely surrounded by

• Example: Isthmus of
  Panama                      • Example: Lake Victoria
      Physical Features Vocabulary
Mountain                       Ocean
• Land that rises many feet    • A large area of saltwater
  into the air and is higher
  than a hill or surrounding

• Example: Mt. Kilimanjaro     • Example: Atlantic Ocean
      Physical Features Vocabulary
Peninsula                        Plain
• A piece of land that extends   • Large area of flat or gently
  out into the water and is         rolling land.
  almost completely
  surrounded by water.

                                 • Example: Great European
• Example: Arabian Peninsula       Plain
      Physical Features Vocabulary
Plateau                           Range
• Large area of level land that   • A chain of mountains
   is higher than the land          forming a single system
   surrounding it.

• Example: Deccan Plateau         • Example: Himalayan Range
     Physical Features Vocabulary
River                         Sea
• A large amount of flowing   • Part of an ocean that has
   fresh water to a lake or     been identified as a
   ocean.                       individual body of water; or
                                a saltwater lake

• Example: Amazon River       • Example: Mediterranean
                                Sea, Dead Sea
      Physical Features Vocabulary
Strait                           Valley
• A narrow body of water that    • An area of land that is lower
   connects two larger bodies      than the surrounding land.
   of water.

• Example: Strait of Gibraltar   • Example: Great Rift Valley
      Physical Features Vocabulary
• Mountains with gas &
  magma trapped inside that
  often erupts

• Example: Eyjafjallajokull in

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