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					Actiongram Dec.                                                                                                                                                                           2008

                                                    Critique and Contest
LPC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                                                                                                         Jim Bret Campbell
Jim Bret Campbell, President
                                                                                                                                                                                    LPC President
The American Quarter Horse Journal

Marilyn Brink, 1st Vice President
Kanwaka Communications                                 From its beginning, one of the basic tenants                          for the contest. By agreeing
                                                    of the Livestock Publications Council has been                           to critique a category, the
Andy Atzenweiler, 2nd Vice President                to help its member publications improve in                               judges take on a large bur-
Missouri Beef Cattleman                                quality. The writing, design and photography                             den. Many of our categories
                                                    should meet the high standards of the people                             have 20 or more entries and
Scott Vernon, Secretary/Treasurer
Brock Center for Ag Communication
                                                    and industry we’re trying to reach.                                      it requires a considerable
Cal Poly State University                              That’s why the critique and contest has and                           amount of time to ask a pro-                                 continues to be such an important part of LPC.                           fessional to accurately evaluate each piece,
Kyle Haley, Immediate Past President                The contest has always been a way for publica-                           place them and write a thoughtful, complete
Limousin World                                      tions and service members to submit their                                and helpful critique. I know in the past that
                                                    works and have them be evaluated by an outside                           some judges have not provided the type of feed-
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                  source.                                                                  back that many of our members would like to
Carey Brown (‘09)
Cow Country
                                                       Now, there are lots of reasons why members                            see, so we’re implementing some ways to fix                                 enter the contest. Here’s a top-four list of why                         that problem.
                                                    you should:                                                                  During the recent board meeting, the LPC
Jay Carlson (‘11)
BEEF                                                   *It never hurts on your circulation efforts or                        board made a new commitment to recruiting                                  promotional material to be able to place                              and securing the number and type of quality
Stan Coffman (‘11)                                     “award-winning” in front of your name.                                judges needed to give you value for your entry
Ozarks Farm & Neighbor                                 Even if you don’t impress your subscribers,                           to the contest (plus, there’s that chance of win-
                                                       your mom will be proud of you.                                        ning and impressing your mom thing). You can
Cindy Cunningham (‘11)                                 *Gauge your work against competing publi-                             help by submitting names of qualified people to
National Pork Board                                    cations or organizations.                                             committee chair Beverly Moseley at
                                                       *Get extra recognition for your employees,                   by January 15.
Angie Denton (‘11)                                     after all, they have moms, too.                                       The board will then beg, plead, bribe and/or
Hereford World                                   *Get outside feedback about your writing,                             intimidate the highest quality nominated people
                                                       layouts, designs, photography, catalogs, etc.                         into judging the contest.
Scarlett Hagins (‘10)
Kansas Stockman
                                                       Let’s admit, mom isn’t always the most                                    In the future, we are also looking at opportu-                                       objective critic.                                                     nities for developing a system in which you
                                                                                                                             could have your entire publication or product
Kathy LaScala (‘10)
Food 360                                               While you might not always agree with the                             reviewed by a panel of your peers or a profes-                                opinion of the judge or judges, I would argue                            sional consultant at a reduced price. If you
Christy Lee (‘11)                                   that there’s almost always something that we                             would like to have that opportunity, please send
Seedstock Edge                                      can take away from the critique to help us                               your thoughts to Beverly, as well.
                                                    improve our products. We have always strived                                 Get your entries in this year. If you don’t, I’ll
Beverly Moseley (‘09)                               to get the most qualified and competent judges                           tell your mom! •
Land & Livestock Post
                                                       Thank you to all of you who make LPC such a great organization. It has been an incredible
Don Norton (‘09)                                     year for LPC, yet we know that it has also been a year of challenges for many in different ways.
Boelte-Hall                                        I hope that we all can look at wealth in a new light and it see it through our friendships, in
                                                           being happy in our daily lives and for an appreciation of what we have in America.
Stephanie Veldman (‘09)

Broadhead + Co.                                           May the spirit of Christmas take you into the new year with a renewed energy for life.                                                         Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
        Diane E. Johnson, executive director
        910 Currie St. Fort Worth TX 76107 •
       office: 817/336-1130 fax: 817/232-4820             Newsletter of the Livestock Publications Council, an international organization serving the dynamic livestock communications industry.
The Roving
                                                                                        Compiled by Megan Brownell, Cal Poly State University

                                                                                                 10. Do you keep a day planner or

Wants to Know
                                                                    life, from a kitten held
                                                                    in my hand, to a photo       remember everything in your head?
                                                                    of the two of us toward      I’m a list writer. There’s always way too
                                                                    the end of his life. It’s    much going on to remember everything
                                                                    one of my most precious      in my head. And, there’s the satisfaction
                                                                    possessions.                 of crossing things off until the list is
                                                                    6. Do you buy lottery        complete.
                                                                    or Powerball tickets?        11. What did you want to be when you
                                                                    Neither. The stock           grew up? A veterinarian. I was always
                                                                    market is enough of a        nursing animals back to health and bring-
Name: Kathy LaScala
                                                                                                 ing home strays. I even had rats, mon-
Age: ?                                                              gamble.
                                                7. Milk or soy? Definitely milk. I grew          keys, alligators, rabbits, sheep and every-
Board Position: Director
                                                                                                 thing else as pets.
Hometown/State: Sardinia, N.Y.                  up on a dairy farm and still have cattle of
                                                                                                 12. What is your family like: Waltons,
Number of years in LPC: 6                       my own.
                                                                                                 Brady Bunch or Beverly Hillbillies? I
                                                8. Would you rather walk through a
                                                                                                 wouldn’t even know how to describe my
                                                photo or contemporary art gallery? A
1. How did you get involved in LPC?                                                              family; none of these choices could even
                                                photo gallery. I really enjoy seeing the
Greg Henderson blackmailed me.                                                                   come close.
                                                perspective of others and how they view
2. The last thing I do before I go to bed                                                        13. Jelly beans or licorice? Licorice –
at night is... pray – I need all the help I     the world around them. Like the saying           strawberry. It’s fat free and you can eat a
can get.                                        goes, a picture says a thousand words. Or        whole bag without feeling guilty.
3. Where do you wish you could go               something like that. Or you can just             14. What is a dream/hope you have?
right now? Italy – I planned to go there        make up your own story to go with the            To build the log cabin I’ve always
in 2007, but bought land and cows               picture. I take tons of pictures myself and      dreamed of, up on a hill, with that mil-
instead.                                        love going through them year after year.         lion dollar view. I have the land, now all
4. What car would you buy with an               It’s funny to see how people can change.         I need is the cabin!
endless money supply? A cherry red              9. What is your favorite thing about             15. What is your favorite time of year?
Lamborghini Concept S. Wouldn’t that            starting a new year? Those New Year              Spring. It’s a new beginning for so many
be cool!                                        resolutions that always seem to be forgot-       things. Calves are being born, trees are
5. Describe your favorite photograph.           ten by January 2nd. It sounds good at the        growing leaves, flowers are starting to

Key Words and Copywriting for the Web
It’s actually a painting of my cat Fluffy. It   beginning though. The thought of new             bloom. And there’s the anticipation of
has several poses of him throughout his         possibilities is exciting too.                   perfect Harley riding weather!

                                                                                                                         by Emily Whitmoyer,
                                                                                                             2008 student travel award winner
                                                                                                                       Texas A&M University

    Google search queries are everything to Mequoda Group                  Nicholas said that it becomes the responsibility of the online
Managing Partner Don Nicholas, an expert on increasing web-             editor to use this information to improve the copy on his website
site traffic and meeting the consumer’s search demands.                 in order to maximize its GVI. He detailed seven steps for “search
    Nicholas presented “Key Words and Copywriting for the               engine optimization,” or SEO:
Web” at the 2008 Agricultural Media Summit at Saddlebrook                  1. Choose keyword clusters;
Resort, Fla.                                                               2. Build conversion architecture;
    “Seventy percent of United States-based users use Google on            3. Optimize headlines and subheads;
a daily basis,” he said. This is the reason that the Mequoda               4. Optimize keyword density;
Group analyzes keyword search trends from that search engine to            5. Optimize meta-tags;
determine a websites “Google Visibility Index,” or GVI.                    6. Optimize URL-tags;
    He explained that a website must appear ideally on the first           7. Build links.
page of results to increase traffic to a website from keyword              By following these steps and adding the phrases most fre-
searches. The second and third pages see some activity, but in the      quently searched by consumers to web copy you are able to
majority of searches, the first results page dominates.                 rocket your website to the first or second page of Google search
    How can your company’s website achieve this goal? By utiliz-        results, thereby increasing traffic to your website and hopefully
ing keyword search tracking software such as “Word Tracker” or          increasing revenue for your company.
“Keyword Discovery” to determine what words consumers enter                These search analysis software programs are an exciting addi-
into search queries that are related to your particular company’s       tion to the field of web publishing and should be used to meet
website. These software programs will spew out data from                your company’s online goals. Visit the Mequoda Group’s website
weeks, months, or years relating to keyword search queries and          at for more information about using key-
also analyze the number of hits to your website.                        word search analysis to improve your website copy.
Board actions of interest:                                                 Bassford Student Award
   The LPC board met in Fort Worth on December 8th for its annu-
                                                                         Applications due February 15
al mid-year meeting. The following are a few points of discussion          Scholarship applications for the Forrest Bassford Student
worth noting.                                                            Award sponsored by LPC are available on the Web site and
A A membership drive will start on January 1, 2009 and go through        included in this newsletter This $1500 scholarship will be
June 30, 2009. The prize will be $500 cash! So start recruiting and      awarded in Fort Worth, Texas, at the 2009 Ag Media
make sure your contacts put YOUR name down as the recruiter. If          Summit (AMS). Also, up to four travel scholarships of $750
there is a tie in the number recruited, there will be a drawing during   each will be awarded to deserving students who must be
this summer’s AMS. More details to follow, but you can go ahead          able to attend the AMS. If you have questions, contact:
and start thinking of potential members.                                 Angie Denton, committee chairman,

                                                                            Make sure you are using
A The board decided to suspend all regional workshops until fall of      Deadline for applications is February 15, 2009. •
2009. This is to due to the extra time that volunteers are spending

                                                                             the correct LPC logo!
on next year’s AMS which is a joint event with the International
Federation of Ag Journalists.
A Be sure to note that all job descriptions (including internships)
are now on the LPC web site. They are no longer within the
newsletters due to space limitations. To sign up so you can post go
to and click on “New to Job
Postings”. Follow the rules and then you will receive approval to         In case you are still using the old logo with 30th
post as many jobs as you wish. Of course, you must be a member to         anniversary tagline...well you’re now FIVE years out of
post jobs however anyone can search for a job without registering.        date! You can download the correct LPC logo from the
A One on-going project that should be completed soon is a Policies        LPC web site You can
and Procedures manual which will cover tasks and descriptions for         use the color as it is or change it to fit your publication.•
LPC activities, committees, etc. This is so anyone can step in to any
position and/or committee and follow the protocol of what has been
done in the past.
   The organization is in very stable financial condition and contin-
ues to thrive. Anyone who is interested in being part of committees
or serve as a board member in the future is encouraged to contact
Jim Bret Campbell, president. •

                         As we start 2009 all plans will focus on the Ag Media Summit which will be held in
                               Fort Worth, Texas August 1-5. This will be held in conjunction with the
                          International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress (IFAJ) that will be
                  July 31 - August 4. Both events have many exciting developments. Watch for news in upcoming

                    Annual LPC Luncheon
                  issues of the Actiongram along with updates at and

       During the National Cattlemen’s Beef Assn. (NCBA) Convention, Phoenix
                       January 29, 2009 • 11:30 am to 1 pm
                         Ellis Room East, Hyatt Regency
                         (across the street from Convention Center)
                        Open to the world -- bring a friend, client, yourself!
                                    Cost: $40 for buffet lunch
              Please RSVP by January 24 to or 817/336-1130.
                                                      No-shows will be billed.
 MerryChristmas of Directors
        from your LPC Board

     Jay Carlson, BEEF; Jim Bret Campbell, president, The American Quarter Horse Journal; Marilyn Brink, first vice president, Kanwaka Communications;
     Andy Atzenweiler, Missouri Beef Cattleman, second vice president; Scott Vernon, secretary-treasurer, Cal Poly State University; Kyle Haley, immediate past
     president, Limousin World; second row: Don Norton, Boelte-Hall; Carey Brown, Cow Country News; Beverly Moseley, Land and Livestock Post; Cindy

Another welcome to all of our new members from 2008. seeing you in 2009!
     Cunningham, National Pork Board; Christy Lee, Seedstock Edge; Stephanie Veldman, Broadhead + Co.; Scarlett Hagins, Kansas Stockman; Kathy LaScala,
     Vance Publishing/Food 360; Stan Coffman, Ozarks Farm & Neighbor; Angie Denton, Hereford World; Diane Johnson, LPC executive director.

                              We look forward to, Linden, IA                                   Alltech, Nicholasville, KY
Ag Journal, LaJunta, CO                               JoAnn Alumbaugh                                         Billy Frey
Jeanette Larson                                       Mid-Atlantic Dairy Assn., Harrisburg, PA                Creative Media, St. Joseph, MO
Appaloosa Journal, Moscow, ID                         Lisa Perrin                                             Eric Grant
Steve Taylor                                          American Hereford Assn., Kansas City, MO                The Hondo Group, Fort Worth, TX
Alpacas Magazine, Tatamagouche, NS, CAN               Amy Cowan                                               Susan Watt Foster
Dave Belt                                             American Shorthorn Assn., Omaha, NE                     Staci Frazier, Tonkawa, OK
AgWeek Magazine, Fargo, ND                            Amanda Reeson                                           Staci Frazier
Kim Deats and Mikkel Pates                            Texas Corn Producers Board, Lubbock, TX                 KFRM Radio, Clay Center, KS
Tri-State Livestock News, Spearfish, SD               Lindsay West                                            Kyle Bauer
Scott Engel and Aaron Nelson                          Texas Peanut Producers Board, Lubbock, TX               ADSIT Design, Ryan, OK
Working Ranch Magazine, Henderson, NV                 Lindsay West                                            Corral Creek Communications, Miles City, MT
Drew Lawler and Tim O’Byrne                           U.S. Animal Health Assn., St. Joseph, MO                Martha Ostendorf
SERVICE                                               Ben Richey                                              Alpha Scouts, Kansas City, MO
US Premium Beef, Kansas City, MO                      Thornridge Consulting Co., Mechanicsburg, IL            Dave Anderson
Bill Miller                                           Drew Earles                                             Truffle Media Networks, Indianapolis, IN
Hansen Communications, Kankakee, IL                   Filament Marketing, Madison, WI                         Brown Printing, New York City
Pat Hansen                                            Ed Peck                                                 Morgan Lightfoot
Cattle Guard, Arvada, CO                              Martin Williams Advertising, Minneapolis      , Lexington, MO
Amy Bader                                             Jill Spiekerman-Carrothers                              Brad Fahrmeier
Fiona Lockhart, Hearne, TX

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