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					                   Newsletter of the Health Professions Career Opportunity Program

Volume 24, No. 17                    “Created For Students, By Students!”                                  October 2001

This issue of Health Pathways
is filled with Postbaccalaureate and
Summer Enrichment Program
information from some of the
nation’s most prestigious colleges        signed to improve student knowl-                If you are seeking a program
and universities. These programs          edge in these areas and prepare the       that will help you prepare for a
provide students with the opportu-        student for graduate work. In this        career in the health services, or are
nity to increase their chances for        issue, you will find a detailed           looking for a way to supplement
entry into medical, dental, or other      description of each program               your education and possibly
health professional schools. Pro-         including: eligibility requirements,      increase your chances of getting
grams usually consist of intensive        duration of program, deadline to          into graduate school, then this issue
introductory courses in math and          submit application, and whom to           of Health Pathways is just what
the basic sciences, and are de-           contact for more information.             the doctor ordered.

                                                                                      In this issue

California State University,              California State University,                         California
  Dominguez Hills                           Fullerton                                          Postbaccalaureate
Postbaccalaureate Program                 Health Professions Postbaccalaureate
Description: For students who need to      Advising
complete premedical undergraduate         Description: Offers premedical and
                  science courses in      pre-health professions prerequisites                 Out-of-State
                  preparation for         plus additional science courses.                     Postbaccalaureate
                  application to          Research experience available on                     Programs
                  professional schools.   campus; mock interviews; evaluation of
                  Eligibility: Students   MCAT or DAT scores. No degree or                     California
                  with a BS/BA and        certificate given, and no alliance with
                  above a 2.5 GPA.        any specific medical school. Evaluation
                                                                                               Summer Enrichment
                  Duration: One to        process conducted.                                   Programs
                  three years.            Eligibility: Enrolled at CSUF.
Deadline: June 1 for fall admission       Duration: Contingent upon courses                    Out-of-State
Contact:                                  needed. No formal program.
                                                                                               Summer Enrichment
(310) 243-3388, or                        Deadline: Rolling admissions
(310) 243-3376                            Contact: (714) 278-3980                              Programs
e-mail:                   David B. Drath, PhD
James Lyle                                CSU, Fullerton
Department of Chemistry                   c/o Health Professions Office LH203                  HCTP Insert
CSU, Dominguez Hills                      800 N. State College Blvd.
Carson, CA 90747                          Fullerton, CA 92834
                                                    Visit us online at:

Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17                                                                                   Page 1
    Governor                                             California State University,                least a 3.2 GPA overall. Students may
    Gray Davis                                            Hayward                                    not retake any previously taken
    C ALIFORNIA H EALTH   AND   H UMAN                   Postbaccalaureate Program                   science courses. Three letters of
     S ERVICES AGENCY                                    Description: A postbaccalaureate            recommendation, essay, official
    Secretary                                            program for students interested in the      transcripts confirming baccalaureate
    Grantland Johnson
                                                         health professions. Program contents        degree, and official GRE general test,
    O FFICE OF S TATEWIDE H EALTH PLANNING               and duration dependent on student’s         SAT, or ACT scores required.
                                                         background and needs.                       Duration: One to two years.
    David M. Carlisle, M.D., Ph.D.                       Eligibility: Open to all students.          Deadline: February 1, 2002
    H EALTH C ARE W ORKFORCE AND                         Duration: One and a half to two years.      Contact: (510) 430-3309
     C OMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIVISION                     Deadline: None, apply within the            fax: (510) 430-2159
    Acting Deputy Director                               University.                                 e-mail:
    Brian Desmarais, M.P.A., R.N.                                                                    Office of Graduate Studies
                                                         Contact: (510) 885-2366
    H EALT H MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT                        fax: (510) 885-4747                         Mills College
    Chief                                                                                            500 Mac Arthur Blvd.
    Earl Green                                           e-mail:
                                                         Dr. Julia Dragolovich                       Oakland, CA 94613
                                                         CSU, Hayward
                                                         Department of Biological Sciences
    Program Administrator                                                                            San Jose State University
    Karen C. Munsterman                                  Hayward, CA 94542
                                                                                                     Biological Sciences
    Program Secretary                                                                                Description: Actively encourages
    Vernon Oakes
                                                         Loyola Marymount University                 students who are changing career
    Student Assistants                                                                               directions to enroll as undergraduates
    Andrea Alvarez, Health Pathways                      Postbaccalaureate Program
     Editor, HPCOP Web Manager                           Description: Open to students who           for a second bachelor’s degree, via
                                                         lack basic prerequisites to premedical      standard university admissions
    Raquel Shebaylo, Health Pathways
     Assistant Editor, Graphic Design                    requirements. Most undergraduate            procedures. Special advising is
                                                         courses are offered in the daytime only,    provided, including intense personal-
    The Office of Statewide Health Planning and                                                      ized assistance in satisfying premedical
                                                         on a space-available basis. Students
    Development publishes Health Pathways (ISSN                                                      requirements. Fees are approximately
    0164-7598) four times a year. Periodical postage     have to apply through admissions as a
    paid at Sacramento, CA. Postmaster: send             non-degree student and may take a           $1,000 per semester.
    address changes to the editorial and business        maximum of 18 semester hours. This          Eligibility: Contact the school.
    address below.                                       is not an organized program.                Duration: Those with technical
                                                         Eligibility: Students with a bachelor’s     backgrounds (e.g. engineers) prepare
    G UEST ARTICLES                                                                                  for the MCAT in one year, while those
    We welcome contributions. Mail us your ideas,        degree and a minimum 3.4 GPA.
    letters, announcements, or stories today!            Duration: Regular semester.                 without college chemistry take two
    Announcements of scheduled events must be            Deadline: Apply within University.          years to prepare for the MCAT.
    mailed to our editorial office four months in        Contact: (310) 338-5954                     Deadline: Inquire within the Univer-
    advance to be published. Be sure to include your                                                 sity.
                                                         Dr. Anthony P. Smulders, Director
    name, address, and phone number on all                                                           Contact: (408) 924-2429
    correspondence. The Health Pathways editorial        Health Professions Information
    staff reserves the right to edit all material.         Program                                   Dr. Sally Veregge
                                                         Loyola Marymount University                 San Jose State University
    REPRINTED ARTICLES                                   7900 Loyola Blvd.                           Biological Sciences
    Views of contributing writers do not                                                             San Jose, CA 95192-0100
                                                         Los Angeles, CA 90045-8220
    necessarily reflect the policy of the                                                  
    department, agency, or administration. Letters to
    the editor are encouraged. We do not pay for         Mills College
    guest articles. Manuscripts are welcome. The                                                     Scripps College
    Health Pathways editorial staff reserves the right
                                                         Postbaccalaureate Premed Program
    to edit all material.                                Description: General biology, general       Postbaccalaureate Premedical
                                                         chemistry, calculus, organic chemistry,      Program
    EDITORIAL AND B USINESS O FFICE                      and physics. Other courses optional.        Description: Program provides
    Health Professions Career                            Federal loans (Stafford and SLS) and a      individuals with the opportunity to
     Opportunity Program                                                                             pursue a career in health care by
    Health Pathways Newsletter
                                                         limited number of assistantships
    1600 Ninth Street, Rm. 441                           awarded to second year students. On-        offering an intensive curriculum of
    Sacramento, CA 95814                                 campus excellent success rate, indi-        premedical courses. The small
    Tel: (916) 654-1730                                  vidual attention from faculty.              program admits 10-14 students per
    Fax: (916) 654-3138                                  Eligibility: Non-science baccalaureate      year and currently has an acceptance
    e-mail:                                                               rate to medical and veterinary school of
    HPCOP Web site:
                                                         degree from an accredited college or
    professions/hpcop.htm                                university. Generally, applicants have at   91%. They also have three medical

Page 2                                                                                               Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17
school linkage programs (George           e-mail:           University of California, Irvine
Washington University in Washington       Dr. Vincent Hoagland, Chair               Postbaccalaureate Program
D.C.; Temple University in Philadel-      Health Professions Advisory               Description: Phase I: An intensive
phia, Pennsylvania; and Western             Committee                               MCAT review course. Phase II:
University of Health Sciences, College    Department of Chemistry                   Enrollment in full-time upper division
of Osteopathic Medicine in Pomona,        Sonoma State University                   science courses to enhance GPA.
California), which allows students        1801 E. Cotati Ave                        Eligibility: Designed for socioeconomic
early admission to these medical          Rohnert Park, CA 94928                    or financially disadvantaged students
schools. The early decision programs                                                who are reapplying to medical school.
are limited and are only made avail-                                                Possess a BA/BS degree and have
able to students with superior qualifi-                                             fulfilled all premedical requirements.
cations.                                                                            Duration: One year.
Eligibility: Available to both women                                                Deadline: April 15, 2002
and men who have a bachelor’s degree                                                Contact: (949) 824-8930 or
in a non-science area with a 3.0 GPA                                                1-800-824-5388
or above; applicants must have taken                                                Eileen Munoz, Program Coordinator
either an SAT, ACT, or a GRE exam                                                   UC, Irvine
and official scores are required for                                                Admissions & Outreach
each applicant. Applicants should         University of California, Davis           PO Box 4089
possess a strong motivation toward a      Postbaccalaureate Re-applicant
                                                                                    Irvine, CA 92697-4089
career in health care as evidenced by       Program
volunteer or paid work experience in a    Description: Stresses fundamental
health care or social service setting.    studying/testing skills during summer
Duration: 12-15 months.                   component; followed by three quarters     University of California, Los
Deadline: March 1, 2002                   of rigorous upper division science         Angeles School of Medicine
Contact: (909) 621-8764                   courses individually selected for         Re-applicant Program (UCLA RAP)
fax: (909) 621-8558                       postbaccalaureate students. All living    Description: A comprehensive,
e-mail:                and academic costs are covered during     structured postbaccalaureate program
Ms. Jodi Olson                            summer component; it is the student’s     to assist students from disadvantaged
Administrative Director                   responsibility to make financial aid      backgrounds who have been unsuc-
W.M. Keck Science Center                  arrangements for the academic school      cessful in gaining admission to any U.S.
Postbaccalaureate                         year through the Undergraduate            medical school. An intensive eight-
 Premedical Program                       Financial Aid Office at UC Davis.         week summer session focuses on
Scripps College                           Eligibility: Be considered a socioeco-    MCAT preparation. Distinguished
925 N. Mills Avenue                       nomically disadvantaged student and/      guest lecturers provide seminars and
Claremont, CA 91711                       or show evidence of returning to          workshops covering academic skills;
                                          medically underserved community;          extensive reviews of biology, chemistry
Sonoma State University                   completion of an undergraduate degree     and physics; self-development; time
Postbaccalaureate Health Professions      (or higher) from an accredited U.S.       management; financial planning;
  Advising Program                        college or university; must be a legal    medical school re-application, and
Description: Provides the required        resident of California; prior rejection   interviewing skills. An individualized
science courses necessary for admis-      (via AMCAS application) from an           academic year program that consists of
sion to doctoral level health profes-     AAMC affiliated medical school; prefer    a science curriculum follows. Partici-
sions schools. In addition, the Health    minimum MCAT average of 6.0. Some         pants, consult with program advisors,
Professions Advisory Committee            requirements may be waived depending      and select courses through UCLA
advises students, conducts mock           on individual circumstances.              Extension or a local California State
interviews, and prepares a committee      Duration: Entering summer (nine           University.
letter of evaluation.                     weeks) plus three academic quarters –     Eligibility: Students must have been
Eligibility: Must have a BA/BS            total of one year.                        previously unsuccessful in gaining
degree.                                   Deadline: April 30, 2002 (Inquire for     admission to any U.S. medical school,
Duration: Two years.                      applications in November 2001)            be considered disadvantaged or from
Deadline: November 1 - January 31         Contact: (530) 752-8119                   an underserved community, have
for Fall; August 1-October 31 for         Director of Admissions and Outreach       completed an undergraduate degree or
Spring. Apply as a second BS under-       Postbaccalaureate Program                 higher from an accredited U.S. college
graduate in chemistry.                    Office of Medical Education               or university; be a U.S. citizen or
Contact: (707) 664-2334 or                UC Davis                                  permanent resident; have a minimum
(707) 664-2331                            School of Medicine                        GPA of 2.7 or higher, and have a
                                          Davis, CA 95616                           minimum combined MCAT score of 15.

Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17                                                                                     Page 3
   Duration: Eleven months—Two                 pate in research projects and volunteer       University of California,
   sessions.                                   clinics. Special workshops and                 San Francisco School
   Session #1: June 25-Aug. 18, 2002.          counseling. Participants must secure           of Dentistry
   Session #2: during the 2002-2003            own housing. The student will be              Postbaccalaureate Program
   academic year.                              required to reside in San Diego for           Description: Program provides
   Deadline: Rolling basis. Will be            program duration.                             students assistance with gaining
   reviewed through June 30, 2002.             Duration: Nine months.                        acceptance into dental schools by
   Contact: (310) 825-3575                     Contact: (858) 534-4170                       enrolling them in a rigorous summer
   Elizabeth Guerrero, MPH                     Saundra Kirk, MS, Director                    and fall curriculum, focusing on
   Director, UCLA RAP                          HCOP Student                                  preparing for the Dental Admission
   Office of Academic Enrichment and            Outreach                                     Test (DAT) and upper division science
     Outreach                                  UCSD, School of                               courses. Students will also enhance
   13-154 CHS                                   Medicine                                     their test taking skills and develop
   Box 956990                                  Date Building,                                learning strategies by participation in
   UCLA School of Medicine                     Room 105                                      specially designed seminars and
   Los Angeles, CA 90095-6990                  9500 Gillman Dr.                              workshops. Students will also observe                 #0655                                        and participate in the UCSF School of
                                               La Jolla, CA                                  Dentistry’s programs and clinics.
                                               92093-0655                                    Eligibility: Completion of an under-
   University of California, San                                                             graduate degree from an accredited
    Diego School of Medicine                                                                 college or university; legal resident of
   Re-applicant Summer Course (RSC)            University of California, San                 California; minimum 2.6 (overall) and 2.4
   Phase I Postbaccalaureate program            Francisco School of Medicine                 science GPA; minimum DAT scores of
   Description: Students also participate      Postbaccalaureate Re-applicant                14 (PAT/ACD); documented evidence
   in fall component, enrolling in UCSD         Program                                      of academically or economically
   science courses. Extensive mock             Description: Designed to help individu-       disadvantaged backgrounds; demon-
   interviews videotaped with UCSD             als increase their chances of gaining         strated interest in working with
   School of Medicine Admissions               admission to medical school by offering       underserved communities or in
   Committee members, intensive MCAT           intensive MCAT review, assistance             communities with limited access to
   preparation, counseling, reapplicant        with medical school application, science      oral health care; preference will be
   strategies, and learning skills special-    courses, seminars on health care issues       given to students who were granted an
   ists. Special health-issues workshops.      in underserved communities, and               interview by a dental school. The
   Stipend and housing for eight weeks.        individual counseling. Workshop to            program covers the cost of summer
   Eligibility (for RSC and Postbac):          enhance skills in critical thinking, verbal   housing and provides a small stipend
   Economically/educationally disadvan-        reasoning, time management, and stress        to participants.
   taged student; California resident and      management techniques. A modest               Duration: Entering summer (eight
   U.S. citizen or permanent resident.         stipend will be offered to each partici-      weeks) plus three academic quarters or
   Bachelor’s degree; already applied to       pant in the summer to assist with meals       two semesters.
   medical school and received interview;      and incidental expenses.                      Deadline: Rolling basis. Applications
   taken MCAT; completed one year              Eligibility: Have a 2.93 GPA or higher,       will be reviewed until all 15 spots are
   chemistry, organic chemistry, physics,      minimum combined MCAT score of 15             filled.
   biology, and math; minimum 2.7              (minimum of five on each section); be a       Contact: (415) 476-2712
   science GPA; and proven commitment          legal resident of California; have            Dr. Harvey Brody
   to serve health care needs of               completed an undergraduate degree or          Associate Director
   underserved communities.                    higher from an accredited U.S. college        UCSF School of Dentistry,
   Duration: Eight weeks.                      or university; have been previously           Postbaccalaureate Program
   Deadline: June 1, 2002                      unsuccessful in gaining admission to          Box 0430
   Phase II Postbaccalaureate Program          medical school in the U.S.; and be            San Francisco, CA 94143
   Description: Extension of Reapplicant       considered disadvantaged.
   Summer Course, enrollment at UCSD           Duration: 11 months.
   for academic year is Phase II of the        Contact: (415) 476-5348
   Postbaccalaureate Program. Under-           Postbaccalaureate Re-applicant
   graduate science courses (primarily          Program
   upper division) to strengthen science       UCSF School of Medicine
   profile. Course tutoring and reading        Office of Extramural Academic Programs
   and writing skills specialists available.   1855 Folsom St., Box 0409
   Clinical skills. Opportunity to partici-    San Francisco, CA 94143-0409

Page 4                                                                                       Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17
                                                                                       Bryn Mawr
                                                                                       Postbaccalaureate Premedical
                                                                                       Description: Full-time work, under-
Agnes Scott College                         fields. One option will allow qualified    graduate sciences. Provisional early
Postbaccalaureate                           students to take graduate courses with     school admissions option for well-
  Premedical Program                        the possibility of working toward a        prepared students. Limited scholar-
Description: Designed for women             master’s degree in public health or        ships. Strong advising; excellent
who have completed a baccalaureate          health care administration. Standard       medical school acceptance rates.
degree in a field other than science at a   financial aid is available.                Eligibility: Career change; bachelor’s
regionally accredited college or            Eligibility: Students who lack prerequi-   degree; neither previously applied to
university. Minimum of a 2.8 under-         sites basic to medicine.                   medical school nor taken premed
graduate grade point average required       Duration: Depends on the needs and         courses, minimum 3.0 GPA.
for admittance into program. Previous       interests of the individual student.       Duration: One academic year, one to
experience in a medical setting, either     Deadline: Students may apply at any        two summers.
as a volunteer or professional is           time consistent with the university        Deadline: Rolling admissions; final
desired. Students are subject to all        application procedures and start at the    deadline; June 1 of application year.
regulations in the current Agnes Scott      beginning of any semester.                 Contact: (610) 526-7350
College Catalog. Students can earn a        Contact: (912) 927-5279                    Jodi Bergman Domsky, Asst. Dean
certificate upon completion of mini-        Henry E. Harris                            Health Professions Advising Office
mum 32 hours of laboratory science          Armstrong Atlantic State College           Bryn Mawr College
and a non-credit co-curricular seminar      College of Arts and Sciences               101 North Merion Ave.
on various health-related topics.           Savannah, GA 31419-1997                    Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Resident hall housing is not available                                       
for postbaccalaureate students. Some        Assumption College
college housing may be available on a       Postbaccalaureate Certificate              Columbia University
limited basis for rental. Contact            Program                                   Postbaccalaureate Premedical
college for specific fees and require-      Description: Postbaccalaureate               Program
ments.                                      certificate undergraduate course           Description: Program seeks to attract
Eligibility: Open to all students who       preparation for professional               students who did not prepare for
meet requirements.                          schools in health fields.                  medical school as undergraduates or
Deadline: April 1, 2002                     Eligibility: Students who have not         for careers in veterinary medicine,
Contact: (404) 471-6361                     majored in one of the natural sciences.    dentistry, physical therapy, osteo-
fax: (404) 471-6083                         Contact: (508) 767-7293                    pathic medicine, and physician
Lerita Coleman Brown                        Allan Barnitt                              assisting. Financial aid is available
Associate Dean of the College/              Assumption College                         from student loans and private
Professor of Psychology                                                                bankers; some money provided by the
                                            Division of Natural Sciences
Agnes Scott College                                                                    university. An active student pre-
                                            Worcester, MA 01615-000                    medical association sponsors support
Office of the Dean of College
                                                                                       programs and social activities.
141 East College Avenue                     Avila College                              Admission linkage agreements with
Atlanta/Decatur, GA 30030-3797              Postbaccalaureate Premedical               seven medical schools: Brown,
                                             Program                                   SUNY/Stony Brook, Trinity/Dublin,
Armstrong Atlantic State                    Description: Designed to prepare           Brooklyn, MCP/Hahnemann, Temple,
 College                                    students with a minimal science            and Jefferson.
Postbaccalaureate Program                   background to apply to medical school.     Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree,
                                            Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree and a       minimum 3.0 GPA, and a record of
Description: Allows students many
                                            minimum 3.0 GPA.                           academic accomplishment.
options to meet their needs and                                                        Duration: Two years full-time or
                                            Duration: Two years or less.
interests. Students may take under-         Deadline: June 3, 2002                     flexible part-time start.
graduate courses to complete pre-           Contact: (816) 501-3655                    Deadline: Rolling admissions
medical requirements, review course         e-mail:          Contact: (212) 854-2772
materials as preparation for the            Dr. C. Larry Sullivan, Chairperson         Thea L. Volpe, PhD, Director
Medical College Admission Test              Avila College                              Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program
(MCAT), complete a second under-            Department of Natural and Allied           Columbia University
graduate degree, or for general             Health Sciences and Mathematics            2970 Broadway, MC 4101
interest. Students may engage in            11901 Wornall Road                         New York, NY 10027
medical internships and/or do volun-        Kansas City, MO 64145            
teer work to gain experience in medical

Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17                                                                                        Page 5
    Duquesne University                      Duration: One full calendar year.          Harvard University
    Postbaccalaureate Premedical             Deadline: Rolling admissions                Extension School
     Program                                 Contact: (800) 414-3437                    Health Careers Program
    Description: Designed for both           Liza Thompson                              Description: Pursuit of
    students with a non-science back-        Program Director                           postbaccalaureate premedical require-
    ground (career changers) and those       Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program       ments in supportive setting.
    with a science background (enhance-      Goucher College                            Eligibility: Application with $100 fee
    ment program). The curriculum is         1021 Dulaney Valley Road                   and transcripts. Applicant sponsorship
    individually designed based upon the     Baltimore, MD 21204-2794                   based on grades in program.
    student’s academic background.                                                      Duration: Two years, part-time.
    Linkage agreements exist with Temple                                                Deadline: Rolling admissions
                                             Harvard Medical School
    University School of Medicine, and the                                              Contact: (617) 495-2926
                                             Visiting Clerkship Program
    Lake Erie College of Osteopathic                                                    Dr. William Fixsen or Owen Peterson
                                             Description:                               Health Careers Program
    Medicine. The linkage agreements
                                             To increase the                            Harvard University Extension School
    allow students to matriculate into
                                             medical                                    51 Brattle Street
    medical school a year earlier than
                                             student’s                                  Cambridge, MA 02138
    normal by omitting the “glide year.”
                                             awareness of
    Eligibility: Minimum 3.0 GPA; 1100
    SAT score, or 26 ACT score; two
                                             in academic                                Immaculata College
    faculty letters of recommendation;
                                             medicine,                                  Postbaccalaureate Program
    personal statement; and interview at
                                             consideration                              Description: Offers a nondegree
    Duquesne University.
                                             of academic                                program of study for highly capable
    Duration: One to two years, based on
                                             training                                   college graduates who wish to prepare
    student’s academic history and
                                             programs for                               for application to medical school or to
    performance within the program.
                                             internship and                             graduate programs in allied health
    Deadline: October 15, 2001 for Spring
                                             residency and to especially increase       fields. Program is designed for
    admission; April 30, 2002 for Fall.
                                             the number of under represented            students who did not complete courses
    Contact: (412) 396-6335
                                             minority students applying to Harvard      required for admission to medical
    fax: (412) 396-5587
                                             Medical School-affiliated hospital         schools or to graduate programs in
    Kenneth Boyd, PhD, Director
                                             training programs.                         allied health fields.
                                             Eligibility: Enrolls fourth-year medical   Duration: One to two years.
    Catherine Dvorak, Assistant Director
                                             students, particularly African-            Contact: (610) 647-4400, ext.3273
                                             American, Native American/Alaska           e-mail:
    Duquesne University
                                             Native and Hispanic American               Dr. Susan Cronin, IHM, PhD.
    Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program
                                             students attending accredited U.S.         Immaculata College
    B101 Bayer Learning Center
                                             medical schools and in good standing.      Box 650
    Pittsburgh, PA 15282-0300
                                             Students in the last quarter of their       Immaculata, PA 19345
                                             third year, who have completed core
    Goucher College                          clerkships in medicine, surgery,
                                             pediatrics and obstetrics are also         New York University
    Postbaccalaureate Premedical
                                             eligible.                                  Postbaccalaureate Program
                                             Duration: Four weeks                       Description: Designed for students
    Description: Full-time, one-year
                                             Deadline: Rolling Admission                with non-science backgrounds inter-
    program in undergraduate premedical
                                             Contact: (617) 432-4422                    ested in pursuing a career in medicine.
    sciences. Curriculum includes two
                                             Jeanette Catherwood                        Part-time; no degree; on-campus
    semesters each of general chemistry,
                                             Project Coordinator                        housing not encouraged; not remedial
    physics, organic chemistry, and
                                             Visiting Clerkship Program                 or designed to enhance records for
    biology. Designed for non-science
                                             Harvard Medical School                     undergraduate. Minimum four-course
    majors. Financial aid is available.
                                             164 Longwood Avenue, 2nd Floor             completion for medical school letter of
    Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree, never
                                             Boston, MA 02115                           recommendation from NYU. Extensive
    previously applied to medical school,
                                             e-mail:                                    evaluation process.
    or taken the MCAT. Competitive
                                           Eligibility: 3.0 minimum GPA.
    undergraduate record. SAT or GRE
                                                                                        Bachelor’s degree from accredited
    scores, two letters of recommendation,
                                                                                        school or foreign equivalent. Tran-
    personal statement.
                                                                                        scripts, statement of purpose explain-
                                                                                        ing reasons for career change, and
                                                                                        other motivating factors.
                                                                                                              (continued on page 10)

Page 6                                                                                  Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17
                                Planning for California’s Health Care Future

                     H C T P           Health Careers Training Program                                       July 2001

                   The well kept secret
                            Solving the Laboratory Personnel Shortage
There is a definite need for a           pass a licensing examination
cohesive academic infrastructure         approved by the California Depart-          ·     There will be an
that couples with industry to            ment of Health Services before                    estimated nine to ten
provide educated and trained             practicing as clinical laboratory                 thousand vacancies in
personnel to perform clinical            scientists (CLS) in this state.                   laboratory personnel
laboratory testing. In fact, the                                                           in the State of Califor-
nation needs such a foundation to          The California Association for                  nia over the next
                                                         Medical Laboratory                seven years.
                                                         Technology (CAMLT),             · California only gains
                                                         a nonprofit, profes-              approximately 200
                                                         sional organization,              licensed lab techs per
                                                         began an outreach                 year.
                                                         program in January of
                                                         this year to form a             · Recognition of the
                                                                                           shortage outside the
                                                        consortium to address              profession has been
                                                        the shortage of labora-            virtually nonexistent.
                                                        tory personnel.
                                                        CAMLT has taken a
                                                        multi-pronged approach      community meetings. The core
                                                        to stabilizing and          group includes representatives from
                                                        providing steady state      three California State University
                                                        entry into the laboratory   campuses, a community college
Above: Two lab technicians supervise a patient during occupations as needs          Regional Health Occupations
a routine test.
                                                        arise. Areas included in    Resource Center, the Department
                                                        the strategy are educa-     of Health and Human Services,
fill the near 100,000 positions            tion, training, legislative advocacy,    Hospital Council of Northern and
expected to become available by            public awareness, networking of          Central California, the Engineers
the year 2008. The California              resources, “return to community”         and Scientists of California, the
share of that shortage is estimated        programs, and integration with the       California Department of Health
to be nine or ten thousand vacan-          regulatory process. The CAMLT            Laboratory Fields Services , and
cies for laboratory personnel for          outreach effort began with state-        some regional laboratory manag-
the same time frame. California            wide community meetings that             ers.
currently acquires about 200 newly were well attended. A core
licensed laboratorians per year.           consortium working group was
Only about 50 of those are Califor- formed from participants in the
nia educated and trained. All must                                                              (see Shortage on page 9)

                                                    Visit us online at:
Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17                                                                                  Page 7
           H                                   C                                  T                                  P
   As part of the Health Careers Training Program’s attempt to provide you with information regarding allied health
   occupations, each issue will focus on at least one allied health profession, and will include specific information regard-
   ing: job duties, working conditions, employment trends, salaries, entrance requirements, and advancement opportuni-

    Clinical Laboratory Scientists
                THE JOB                      disciplines such as hematology,           category is under consideration by
                                             blood banking, chemistry, toxi-           the California Department of
   Clinical laboratory scientists, also      cology, microbiology, immunol-            Health Services.
   known as medical technologists,           ogy, molecular biology, parasitol-
   are licensed health care profession-      ogy, and virology.                                 EMPLOYMENT
   als who perform laboratory analy-                                                             OUTLOOK
   sis on specimens collected from           Clinical laboratory scientists
   patients.                                 work in a variety of settings.            Shortages similar to those facing
                                             Those sites include hospital and          the nursing profession, also
   Clinical laboratory science is            research laboratories, large              challenge laboratory personnel.
   where basic laboratory science            reference laboratories and small          The National Bureau of Labor
   meets the practice of medicine.           physician’s office laboratories,          and Statistics projects national
   Practitioners are educated,               public health laboratories, veteri-       shortfalls of 93,000 laboratory
   skilled individuals who primarily         nary laboratories, food laborato-         workers by the year 2008. This
   perform clinical laboratory tests         ries, biotech laboratories, foren-        includes 53,000 new jobs and
   on patient samples such as blood,         sic, and pharmaceutical laborato-         40,000 vacancies due to retire-
   urine, and other body fluids.             ries to name a few. In many               ment or leaving the profession
   This testing is a critical part of        settings, they perform thousands          for other reasons. The California
   health care as the results ob-            of different tests in high pressure       portion of that shortage is ex-
   tained by the laboratory tests are        environments using appropriate            pected to be between five and ten
   a vital and fundamental tool for          methodologies and high stan-              thousand positions for the same
   physicians in their diagnosis,            dards of quality to obtain accu-          time period.
   treatment, and prevention of              rate, reliable results that may
   disease. Successful clinical              mean the difference between life          Many facilities have positions
   laboratory scientists (CLS) are           and death.                                they are unable to fill and hiring
   individuals who enjoy studying                                                      bonuses are being offered across
   the biological, chemical, and             Clinical laboratory scientists are        the country.
   physical sciences and applying            educated and trained to be
   scientific methods to the diagno-         involved in every step of clinical        The growing patient base, due to
   sis and evaluation of disease.            laboratory testing. The CLS can           population aging, affects the
                                             draw blood, process specimens,            laboratory professions just as it
   Clinical laboratory scientists            and assist physicians in interpret-       does other healthcare profes-
   perform a wide range of labora-           ing results in addition to actually       sions.
   tory tests, from matching donor           performing the testing. How-
   blood with the blood of a patient         ever, especially in large labora-              WAGES, HOURS AND
   who needs a transfusion, or               tory settings, other personnel                 FRINGE BENEFITS
   matching organs for transplant,           assist in collection and process-
   to identifying abnormal cells in          ing as well as some limited               Wages for clinical laboratory
   leukemias and cancers or finding          testing. Those other personnel            scientists in California vary by
   the cause of a bleeding disorder.         include phlebotomists, laboratory         geographical region. Wages are
   CLS’s screen specimens for                assistants, and potentially, medi-        slightly higher in some areas and
   drugs and genetic anomalies.              cal laboratory technologists              under some union agreements.
   They also test for pregnancy and          (MLT). MLT’s are not yet                  Wages vary somewhat by facility,
   paternity. CLS’s function as              included as licensed, testing             also. Laboratory testing is con-
   generalists or as specialists in          personnel in California, but the          ducted 24 hours a day, seven days
Page 8                                                                                Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17
                                                                                      S TATE OF C ALIFORNIA
a week, 365 days of the year in                       ADVANCEMENT                     Governor
many facilities and the laboratories                                                  Gray Davis
are staffed accordingly. The day is          Representative career choices for
usually divided into three shifts.           students passing the clinical            C ALIFORNIA H EALTH   AND   H UMAN
Most facilities require coverage of          laboratory scientist licensing            S ERVICES AGENCY
weekends and holidays. Full-time             examination include clinical and         Grantland Johnson
and part- time positions are avail-          hospital laboratories, medical
able.                                        diagnostic laboratories, pharma-         O FFICE OF S TATEWIDE H EALTH PLANNING
                                             ceutical laboratories, veterinary         AND DEVELOPMENT

Fringe benefits often include paid           laboratories, food science set-          Director
vacation and holidays, sick leave,           tings, medical research, biotech-        David M. Carlisle, M.D., Ph.D.

and health and dental insurance.             nology, molecular biology,               H EALTH C ARE W ORKFORCE AND
                                             laboratory management, techni-            C OMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIVISION
ENTRANCE AND TRAINING                        cal support and sales of medical         Acting Deputy Director
    REQUIREMENTS                             equipment and diagnostic instru-         Brian Desmarais, M.P.A., R.N.
                                             mentation, public health, teach-         H EALTH C AREERS TRAINING PROGRAM
Licensed clinical laboratory                 ing, and graduate or medical             Lead Project Coordinator
scientists have, at minimum,                 school. Clinical laboratory              B. Glen Varner
baccalaureate degrees that                   scientists often move up through         Phone: (916) 653-0283
include significant course work              the management ranks or make             e-mail:
in chemistry and the biological              alternative career choices that
                                                                                      Project Coordinator
sciences. Most have additional               rely on the knowledge and skills         Garth Fryer
course work in virology, parasi-             gathered in becoming and work-           Ph: (916) 654-1247
tology, anatomy, and physics.                ing as a clinical laboratory             e-mail:
In order to become a licensed                                                         Project Coordinator
                                                                                      Robert Jacob
clinical laboratory scientist, the                  FINDING THE JOB                   Phone: (916) 651-6223
individual must complete a training                                                   e-mail:
program in a California Department           Employers recruit primarily
of Health Services approved                  through human resource listings          Project Coordinator
clinical laboratory and pass the             at individual facilities. Classified     Anita McDaniel
State of California licensure exami-         advertisements in newspapers, in         Phone: (916) 654-2888
nation. The training programs are            scientific and medical journals, and
generally 12 months in length.               on Web sites is common. The              Student Assistant
Many students also sit for one or            CAMLT Web site                           Ryan Nagle
more national certifying examina-            ( lists many state-        Phone: (916) 654-2754
tions which qualifies them to work           wide professional opportunities          e-mail:
in states other than California.             also.                                    Health Care Workforce and Community
                                                                                       Development Division
                                                                                      Health Careers Training Project
(Shortage from page 7)                                                                1600 Ninth St., Room 440
                                                                                      Sacramento, CA 95814
The overall goal of CAMLT’s Personnel Shortage Initiative is to help                  Fax: (916) 654-3138
design and support the infrastructure that will bring new blood to the
laboratory professions and will keep qualified people in those profes-                The Health Careers Training Project insert is
                                                                                      published four times a year as part of the Health
sions. The intent is to set up a model program that interfaces undergradu-            Pathways Newsletter. HCTP is designed to help
ate and postgraduate education and training with industry needs. Essen-               promote both public and private-sector collaborates
tial components of the outreach program are recruitment beginning at the              that identify and develop health career training
K-12 level, targeting of untapped diversity pools, and the return of                  resources, funding resources and jobs for the
educated and trained personnel to communities in need.                                unemployed, targeted layoffs, and dislocated
                                                                                      workers. These partnership efforts help meet
Source: Jane Bruner, President of the California Association for Medical Laboratory   today’s workforce demands of California’s
Technology. 1895 Mowry Ave. Ste. 112, Fremont, CA 94538.E-mail:                       healthcare industry.                                                           Editor: Andrea Alvarez

Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17                                                                                                 Page 9
   (continued from page 6)                     prepare for admission to medical,           Contact: (908) 932-7234
   Duration: One to two years.                 dental, optometry, podiatry, veterinary,    Dr. Victoria C. Ukachukwu
   Deadline: December 1, 2001, for             physical therapy or an allied health        Director of Special Programs
   Spring; May 1, 2002, for Summer;            school. Schedules are flexible —            Rutgers, State University of New
   August 1, 2002, for Fall                    student may enroll as either                 Jersey
   Contact: (212) 998-8160                     a full-time or part-time student and        University College — New Brunswick
   fax: (212) 995-4549                         attend either regular daytime or            35 College Avenue
   e-mail:                   evening classes. In-state tuition $274/     New Brunswick, NJ 08901
   New York University                         credit, out-of-state tuition $588/credit
   College of Arts and Sciences                for Fall 2001.
   Preprofessional Advisement Office           Eligibility: Students with majors in        Southern Illinois University
   100 Washington Square East                  areas other than a life science;             Carbondale (SIUC)
   Rm. 901 Main Bldg.                          minimum 3.0 GPA; SAT of 1100 or             Medical/Dental Education Prep-
   New York, NY 10003-6688                     better.                                       aratory Program (MEDPREP)
                                               Duration: 15-24 months. Program             Description: Assistance in admission
                                               consists of 38 credits of prerequisite      to and preparing for medical/dental
    Ohio University College of                                                             school; MCAT prep; enrichment in
                                               science courses that can be completed
     Osteopathic Medicine                                                                  biology, chemistry, physics, math,
                                               in two semesters and two summer
    Postbaccalaureate Program                                                              reasoning in reading and writing,
                                               sessions or in four semesters.
    Description: Students complete upper                                                   study skills; counseling. MEDPREP
                                               Deadline: October 15 for Spring
    level science courses and learning                                                     advisor helps develop academic plan
                                               semester; April 15 for Summer semes-
    activities as defined in individual                                                    tailored to needs, including university
                                               ter; June 15 for Fall.
    learning contracts. Each student will                                                  and MEDPREP courses. Course
                                               Contact: (800) 778-8632
    take courses in biochemistry,                                                          credits; no degree given. Tuition rates
    physiology, anatomy, and/or other                                                      as for SIUC; some tuition scholar-
                                               Mildred Rodriguez, PhD, Director
    biological sciences. Tutoring services                                                 ships. Standard financial aid process
                                               Postbaccalaureate Premed Program
    and survival skills workshops will be                                                  (loans). No application fee for
                                               Pennsylvania State University
    available. Financial aid is available in                                               program.
                                               213 Whitmore Laboratory
    the form of tuition waivers.                                                           Eligibility: 2.0 total GPA, 2.0 math/
                                               University Park, PA 16802-6101
    Eligibility: Students must have                                                        science GPA; U.S. citizen or perma-
    applied to the Ohio University College                                                 nent resident. All HCOP program
    of Osteopathic Medicine and have           Rutgers, The State University               participants must be from an educa-
    been interviewed, completed a               of New Jersey, University                  tionally or economically disadvantaged
    Bachelor’s degree with minimum              College — New Brunswick                    background.
    courses requirements for admission,        Postbaccalaureate Prehealth                 Duration: Two years (individualized).
    taken the MCAT, and be a citizen or          Program                                   Deadline: February 1, 2002 for June
    permanent resident of the U.S.             Description: Preparation for applica-       2002 entry.
    Duration: Eleven months.                   tion to medical and other health            Contact: (618) 536-6671
    Contact: (740) 593-2365                    professional schools in a supportive        fax: (618) 453-1919
    fax: (740) 593-0892                        environment. Program also serves            e-mail:
    Joni Schaller                              students who wish to improve their          Vera Felts, Admissions Coordinator
    Interim Director                           GPA. Students have an opportunity to        MEDPREP, School of Medicine
    Ohio University                            take courses taught by distinguished        Southern Illinois University
    College of Osteopathic Medicine            New Brunswick faculty with                  Carbondale, IL 62901-4323
    Grosvenor Hall 030                                                           
                                               undergrad students. Intensive MCAT
    Athens, OH 45701                           preparation for April and August
                                               exams. Advising, counseling, and            Townson University
    Pennsylvania State University              health careers workshops.                   Postbaccalaureate Premedical
    Postbaccalaureate Premedical               Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in any        Program
      Program                                  field from an accredited institution with   Description: Not remedial. For the
    Description: Offers a 15-month             a minimum 3.0 GPA. Send application         outstanding pre-professional who has
    Postbaccalaureate Premedical Certifi-      with a $50.00 fee and transcripts.          not submitted an application to
    cate Program at the University Park        Duration: One to two years.                 medical/dental school or taken the
    campus. Program is for academically        Deadline: Rolling admissions.               MCAT, DAT. Science courses for
    talented, highly motivated college                                                     admission to U.S. medical, dental
    graduates who do not have a science                                                    schools. Small classes, labs. Flexible
    background but who now wish to                                                         curriculum.

Page 10                                                                                    Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17
Eligibility: Non-science or science      University of Miami                        Contact: (336) 256-0071
major; did not take courses for          Coral Gables                               Robert E. Cannon, Chairman
admission to preprofessional school;     Postbaccalaureate Program                  Premedical Advisory Committee
accredited bachelor’s degree; prepar-    Description: Program A: Career             Department of Biology
ing for admission to professional        Changers. Program B: Completed             P.O. Box 26174
school; for medical school, minimum      premedical preparation. No degree          UNC Greensboro
undergraduate 3.4 GPA; dental,           given. Graduate and undergraduate          Greensboro, NC 27402-6174
minimum 3.0 GPA.                         courses. Individual advisement. Full
Duration: One calendar year (sum-        facilities and support services.           Wake Forest University
mer, fall and spring academic ses-       Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree;            School of Medicine
sions). Additional semesters are         minimum undergraduate 3.3 GPA in           Postbaccalaureate
optional.                                junior, senior years. For retention,       Development Program
Deadline: Rolling admissions. Final      maintain 3.5 GPA with minimum 12           Description: Organic Chemistry I and
deadline is March 1, 2002.               credits/semester.                          II, Biochemistry, Human Gross
Contact: (410) 830-3042                  Duration: Program A: One year plus         Anatomy, three advanced biology
e-mail:                one summer. Program B: One year.           courses. Study Skills and problem-
Frank R. Milio, Professor and Direc-     Deadline: Varies. Rolling admissions.      solving workshops. Tuition waived.
tor, Pre-Professional Programs           Contact: (305) 284-5176                    Student is responsible for own living
c/o Department of Biological Sciences    Deborah Paris                              expenses.
Townson University                       Director of Premedical Studies and         Eligibility: Underrepresented minor-
Townson, MD 21252-0001                   Postbaccalaureate Program.                 ity/disadvantaged students; accredited
                                         University of Miami, Coral Gables          undergraduate degree; 2.5 GPA or
University of Connecticut                College of Arts and Sciences               higher; MCAT mean of seven on
(UCONN)                                  P.O. Box 248004                            verbal reasoning, physical science, and
At Storrs/School of Medicine             Coral Gables, FL 33124                     biological science; N on writing
  Postbaccalaureate Program                                                         sample.
Description:                             University of North Carolina,              Duration: One year.
Program A: Designed for students who     Greensboro                                 Deadline: February 15, 2002
have little or no science preparation.   Premedical/Predental                       Contact: (336) 716-4271
Program B: Designed for students who      Postbaccalaureate Program                 Catrina Goodwin Murphy
have completed the college science       Description: Designed for students         Student Services
prerequisites. A separate summer-to-     who did not take the required courses      Office of Minority Affairs
summer Health Career Opportunity         to enter medical or dental school as       Wake Forest University
Program is linked to Program B.          undergraduates, but who have decided       School of Medicine
Eligibility: Completed baccalaureate     to make a career change. Prepares          Medical Center Blvd.
degree program from an accredited        students to take the MCAT or the DAT.      Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1037
college or university; admitted          Program is for students with either no
students usually have at least a B+/B-   science background or just have a few
average. For retention, must carry       courses to complete.
minimum 15 credits and maintain at       Duration: 12 months.
least B+ average each semester.
Duration: Program A: Two years.
Program B: One year. Health Career
Opportunity Program: summer-to-
Deadline: June 15 for Fall; November     San Diego State University                 semester. Must submit an application;
1 for Spring; Health Career Opportu-     Collegiate Union for Health Related        students are evaluated by an Advisory
nity Program: May 1.                       Education (CUHRE)                        Board of faculty.
Contact: (860) 679-3874                  Description: Offers complete program       Eligibility: Acceptance at SDSU for
fax: (860) 679-1282                      of assistance to help student succeed in   the following or current semester;
Keat Sanford, PhD, Director              entering a professional school in your     demonstrate potential and interest in
Postbaccalaureate Program                chosen field. Enrichment instruction       pursuing a degree in medicine,
UCONN Health Center, SOM                 in math and all premedical science         dentistry, veterinary medicine, or
263 Farmington Avenue                    coursework; student and health             physician assistance; a high school or
 Farmington, CT 06030-1905               professional mentors; peer and             college science and overall 2.5 GPA or
                                         professional advising. $15.00 dues per     better; U.S. citizen or permanent

Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17                                                                                    Page 11
   Contact: (619) 308-4242                     Additional Features and Benefits:          background, motivation for health
   Dr. Cynthia Lewis                           Weekly clinical shadowing with             career, and what you anticipate
   Advisor to CUHRE                            Stanford physicians, emergency room        accomplishing in PREP.
   10464 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.                 rotations, personal academic advising,     Duration: Eight weeks;
   PMB #171                                    mock medical school interviews, and        June 26-August 18, 2002.
   San Diego State University                  research presentations.                    Deadline: March 16, 2002
   San Diego, CA 92124                         Enrollment: 25 college sophomores          Contact: (310) 825-3575
                                               Duration: June 23 - August 2, 2002         Elizabeth Guerrero, MPH
   San Jose State University                   Deadline: March 1, 2002                    Director of UCLA PREP
   HCOP Summer Enrichment Program              Contact: (650) 498-4003                    Office of Academic Enrichment
   Description: Preparatory courses            fax: (650) 725-5538                         and Outreach
   available for undergraduate students        Kathryn Fitzgerald                         13-154 CHS
   interested in an allied health profes-      Associate Director, HCOP                   Box 956990
   sion. Meet with community health            Stanford University                        UCLA School of Medicine
   educators, health administrators,           School of Medicine                         Los Angeles, CA 90095-6990
   dieticians, occupational therapists,        Center of Excellence
   experts in movement science, and            851 Welch Road, Room 115
                                               Palo Alto, CA 94304-5740
                                                                                          University of California,
   recreation therapists. Preparatory                                                      San Fransisco
   courses offered in biostatistics, health                                               School of Dentistry
   promotion, advanced physiology,             University of California,                  Undergraduate Mentorship Program
   technical writing, epidemiology,             Los Angeles                               Description: The UMP is designed to
   computer training, public speaking,         School of Medicine                         enrich the academic backgrounds of
   and survival skills.                        Premedical Enrichment Program              undergraduate students from minority
   Eligibility: Must be admitted to San          (PREP)                                   and disadvantaged backgrounds who
   Jose State University for Fall 2002 and     Description: PREP aims to provide          have an interest in pursuing a dental
   be a sophomore or junior.                   premedical and predental students          education. Students are enrolled in a
   Duration: June 17, 2002-July 28,            from disadvantaged backgrounds with        series of classes designed to increase
   2002.                                       a means of strengthening their ability     their knowledge and familiarity of the
   Deadline: May 3, 2002                       and readiness to study medicine/           Dental Admission Test (DAT). Stu-
   Contact: (408) 924-2911                     dentistry.                                 dents also participate in clinical and
   Veronica Giles                              Two Tier Program:                          research laboratory experiences that
   Program Coordinator                         Tier #1: Scientific problem solving,       will give them a better understanding
   San Jose State University                   analytical skills development, small       of the dental profession and oral health
   College of Applied Sciences and Arts        group problem-based learning, clinical     issues. The program covers the cost of
   One Washington Square                       preceptorships, research of patient case   housing and transportation to and from
   San Jose, CA 95192-0049                     histories, self-development workshops,     the UCSF campus. Students also
                                               networking, counseling, and medical        receive a small stipend.
   Stanford School of Medicine                 student mentoring. Stipend if 50+          Eligibility: Must have completed two
   HCOP Summer Enrichment Program              miles. Housing not provided.               years of undergraduate education;
   Description: Stanford Health Careers        Tier #2: MCAT preparation, scientific      completion of biology and general
   Opportunity Program (HCOP) is an            problem solving, analytical skills         chemistry; transcripts; three letters of
   innovative six- week enrichment             development, small group directed          recommendation; biographical sketch
   program that promotes and provides an       study, self-development workshops,         highlighting past experiences and
   academic learning environment for           counseling, and medical student            future goals.
   talented minority and disadvantaged         mentoring. Stipend if 50+ miles.           Duration: Seven weeks, from mid-June
   college sophomores who seek a career        Housing not provided.                      until the first week of August.
   in medicine, medical research, and          Eligibility: Disadvantaged students.       Deadline: March 1, 2002 (please
   minority health issues. The program         Tier # 1: One-year college chemistry or    request an application by January 15,
   offers both research and clinical           biology. 2.5 GPA minimum. Tier #2:         2002).
   experiences in addition to MCAT             Minimum one year college biology,          Contact: (415) 476-2671
   review, mentoring by Stanford medical       chemistry, math (pref. calculus), two      fax: (415) 476-4226
   students, and workshops in medical          quarters/one semester of physics,          Dr. Charles Alexander
   school admissions. Weekend cultural         minimum 2.8 GPA in the sciences.           Associate Dean of Student Affairs
   activities are available. Transportation,   Official transcripts; recommendation       UCSF School of Dentistry
   housing, and meals are provided.            from science professor and premed          513 Parnassus Avenue, S-630
                                               advisor/employer; two-page essay on        San Francisco, CA 94143-0430

Page 12                                                                                   Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17
University of Southern                     high school prior to admission. Must      calculus; basic computer skills, chosen
 California School of Medicine             be first-year freshmen student accepted   field of study related to health policy or
HePP — Consortium for Health               to four-year program. Advancement to      health services research (preferred but
  Professional Preparation                 Year II upon successful completion of     not required).
Description: Year I: College chemis-       Year I. Continuation contingent upon      Duration: 10 weeks
try, biology, introduction to mathemat-    satisfactory progress.                    Contact: (617) 432-4422
ics or calculus. Year II: Physics,         Duration: Six weeks.                      e-mail:
organic chemistry, calculus. Year III:     Contact: (323) 442-1050         
Clinicals, writing, medical ethics,        e-mail:              Jeanette Catherwood
MCAT preparation. Invited speakers         Althea Alexander, Asst. Dean              Project Coordinator
discuss disciplines, Q&A sessions.         Minority Student Affairs                  Health Policy Summer Program
Housing and meals provided.                Office of Diversity                       164 Longwood Avenue, 2nd Floor
Eligibility: Year 1: Graduation from       1333 San Pablo Street, MCH 51-C           Boston, MA 02115
                                           Los Angeles, CA 90033
                                                                                     Harvard Medical School
                                                                                     Summer Honors Undergraduate
                                                                                       Research Program
                                                                                     Description: Summer Research
Baylor College of Medicine/                nontraditional, and minority students     program. Lab research in variety of
  Rice University                          who have completed biology, chemis-       topics supplemented with student
                                           try, and physics. Must be a resident of   research discussion seminars and
Honors Premedical Academy
                                           North Carolina. Duration: Eight-week      career development series. Housing,
Description: Participate in clinic/lab,                                              travel to program, health insurance, min
communications course, gross               summer session.
                                                                                     $1100/month stipend, and two meals/
anatomy.                                   Deadline: March 4, 2002
Eligibility: One year college (qualified   Contact: (919) 816-2500                   Eligibility: U.S. citizen or permanent
postbaccalaureate applicants also          Academic Support & Counseling Ctr.        visa status; entering junior or senior
eligible); U.S. citizen or permanent       Brody School of Medicine at East          year in college; previous research
resident: 3.0 GPA overall, 2.75 GPA in      Carolina University                      experience; personal statement of
sciences; SAT of 950 or more, or ACT       Brody Medical Sciences                    science interest and goals; two letters
of 20 or more.                             Building 2N64                             of recommendation; transcript; one
Duration: Six weeks.                       Greenville, NC 27858-4354                 page application form.
                                                                                     Duration: Ten weeks; mid-June to mid-
Deadline: March 1, 2002
Contact: (800) 798-8244                                                              Deadline: February 1, 2002
e-mail:                   Harvard Medical School
                                           Health Policy Summer Program              Contact: (617) 432-4980 or
Elizabeth Lopez, Program Coordinator                                                 (800) 367-9019 #2
Center for Educational Outreach            Description: A 10-week mentored
Baylor College of Medicine                 summer research experience with
                                                                                     Jocelyn Spragg, PhD, EdM,
1709 Dryden, Suite 534                     senior Harvard faculty in the areas of    Faculty Director, Minority
Houston, TX 77030                          health service or health policy           Programs
                                           research, provided at Harvard             or Mara Edmondson, Staff Assistant
                                           University and coordinated through the    Division of Medical Science
East Carolina University                   Minority Faculty Development              Harvard Medical School
Summer Program for Future Doctors          Program (MFDP) of the Harvard             260 Longwood Avenue, Rm. 432
Description: Program offers an             Medical School (HMS) Office for           Boston, MA 02115
academic curriculum of medical             Faculty Development and Diversity
studies that include cardiovascular        and the Harvard University PhD
sciences, biochemistry, neuroscience,      Program in Health Policy.                 Marquette University, School
learning skills, and introduction to the   Eligibility: Junior or senior             of Dentistry/Physical Therapy
medical environment. Exposes               baccalaureate student in good standing      Program
students to the style, format, and         and attending a MARC-Funded               Summer Science Enrichment
content of the Medical College             institution; enrolled in a Historically     Program
Admissions Test (MCAT). Students           Black College; Hispanic-Serving           Description: The Health Careers
receive learning opportunities to          Institution, or Tribal College;           Opportunity Program (HCOP) offers
witness medicine in action, observe        participated in HMS-MDFP-sponsored        three summer programs. The Summer
procedures, and develop relationships      programs, such as Project Success or      Science Enrichment Program I (SSEP
with staff at primary care sites within    Biomedical Science Careers Program;       I) for high school students interested in
the community.                             minimum of one college course in          the health care career fields; the
Eligibility: Open to disadvantaged,

Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17                                                                                       Page 13
   Summer Science Enrichment Program II        New York University Medical                 Texas A&M University System
   (SSEP II) for college students interested    Center                                     Health Science Center
   in dentistry and physical therapy; and      Minority Undergraduate Summer               Community Relations
   the Pre-Enrollment Support Program            Research Program                          1716 Briarcrest Drive Ste. 326
   (PESP) for the incoming dental students                                                 Bryan, TX 77802
                                               Description: Nine week multifaceted
   and graduate physical therapy stu-          program includes clinical and bio-
   dents. All of these programs offer          medical hands-on research. Partici-         Tufts University
   students courses in dental science,         pants receive a $2,500 stipend, round-      Sackler School of Graduate Bio-
   physical therapy, biology, chemistry,       trip transportation to program, and           medical Sciences Summer Research
   ACT/SAT review (SSEP I), and DAT            student dormitory housing.                    Program for Undergraduate
   review (for dental SSEP II students) and    Eligibility: Competitive, mature,             Minority Students
   the opportunity to interact with            highly motivated, well-qualified            Description: Laboratory research in
   students and practitioners in dentistry     undergraduates with a strong interest       the biomedical sciences, scientific
   and physical therapy. Housing and           in medicine or research, that have          seminars, field trips, a research
   transportation to and from Marquette        completed their sophomore or junior         symposium, and workshops on
   are provided at no cost to the student.     year. Applicants must have a strong         medical school and graduate school
   Eligibility: All students must be           academic record, and have taken             admission. Stipend support, housing,
   financially or educationally disadvan-      courses in chemistry, biology, and          and travel money available.
   taged.                                      mathematics. Students of diverse            Eligibility: U.S. citizen or permanent
   SSEP I: Must be a rising high school        backgrounds are encouraged to apply.        resident that is an underrepresented
   junior or senior with a minimum GPA         Duration: Nine weeks.                       minority college student interested in
   of 2.75 and have completed two classes      Contact: (212) 263-8949                     biomedical research. Transcript,
   of biology and/or chemistry.                Margaret Haynes, EdD, MPH                   letters of recommendation, and
   SSEP II: All students must be return-       Associate Dean                              application form required.
   ing to undergraduate school in the fall.    Office of Minority Affairs and Student      Duration: Ten to twelve weeks.
   Dental: Must be rising undergraduate          Services                                  Deadline: March 1, 2002
   sophomore, junior, or senior with a         New York University                         Contact: (617) 636-0995
   minimum GPA of 1 2.5 and have               School of Medicine                          e-mail:
   completed two semesters of biology          550 First Avenue, LH room 4-34-0            Cathy Samson
   and chemistry.                              New York, NY 10016                          Sackler School of Graduate
   Physical Therapy: Non-Marquette                                                          Biomedical Sciences
   University students must have a                                                         136 Harrison Avenue
   minimum 3.0 GPA and be rising
                                               Texas A&M University                          Boston, MA 02111
   undergraduate seniors with one
                                                System Health Science            
   semester of biology, two semesters of
                                               Center College of Medicine
                                               Bridge to Medicine Summer Program
   chemistry and physics; two semesters                                                    University of Iowa
                                                 for Disadvantaged College Students
   of english and literature (fiction,                                                     College of Medicine
                                               Description: Intensive study in basic
   poetry, etc.); two semesters of history;    sciences, reading, writing, study skills.   Introduction to Medical Education at
   one semester of psychology, statistics      Learn test-taking skills for MCAT.            University of Iowa
   and sociology, or anthropology.             MCAT prep course, diagnostic, full          Description: Introduction to medical
   Duration: Seven weeks.                      length mock exam. Clinical                  curriculum and provision for personal
   Deadline: April 4, 2002                     preceptorships, counseling, mock            and career development. Students
   Contact: Dental: (414) 288-1533 or          interviews, learning strategies             receive instruction in the basic
   (800) 445-5385, ext. 2                      workshop, medical lectures, and             sciences and exposure to medical
   e-mail:                 others. Meals, lodging. Provide own         school study and test-taking strategies.
   Office of Multicultural Affairs             transportation. Stipend.                    No tuition is charged for the summer
   Marquette University                        Eligibility: U.S. citizen or permanent      program. A University grant covers
                                               resident, 2.8 GPA, at least 60 hours
   School of Dentistry, Rm. 145                                                            living expenses and books.
                                               undergraduate coursework, including
   P.O. Box 1881                               general biology with lab (eight hours),     Eligibility: Open to all students
   Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881                    organic chemistry with lab (eight           entering the University of Iowa
   Physical Therapy: (414) 288-5505            hours), math (three hours), English         College of Medicine. Limited enroll-
   e-mail:                (three hours).                              ment.
   Physical Therapy Program                    Duration: Eight weeks,                      Duration: Eight weeks.
   Marquette University                        June/August 2002                            Deadline: May 1, 2002
   Health Careers Opportunity Program          Deadline: March 2002                        Contact: (319) 335-7641
   Schroeder Complex, Room 349                 Contact: (979) 862-4065                     Virginia Woodard, Ph.D.
   P.O. Box 1881                               Thomas Bosquez,                             Curriculum Coordinator
   Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881                    Program Director

Page 14                                                                                    Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17
University of Iowa                       Duration: Four weeks — residential.        medical students who have background
College of Medicine                      Deadline: March 1, 2002                    and educational experience similar to
124 Medicine Administration Building     Contact: (508) 856-2707 or                 their own.
Iowa City, IA 52242-1101                  (877) 395-3149 #2                         Level 2: Designed for college junior or
                                         fax: (508) 856-6540                        senior students who are interested in a
University of Kansas                     e-mail:                                    medical career. The program gives
School of Medicine                           college students experience in a
Health Careers Pathways Program          Isabel Feliciano, BA, BS                   research and hospital environment and
Description: The Health Careers          Program Director                           helps students become more competi-
Pathways Program (HCPP) offers three     University of                              tive candidates for medical school by
summer programs. The Health              Massachusetts                              offering training for standardized tests
Sciences Enrichment Program I            Medical School                             and interview situations.
(HSEI-I) is for graduating high school   Office of Outreach Programs                Eligibility: Students interested in a
seniors or college freshmen interested   55 Lake Ave.,                              medical career. Completed application
in medicine; the Health Sciences         Worcester, MA 01655                        (call for application), two letters of
Enrichment Program II (HSEI-II) is                                                  recommendation, essay indicating
for college students who have com-                                                  reason for seeking the position, and
                                         University of Michigan                     official transcript.
pleted college chemistry and biology,
                                         School of Public Health                    Duration: Seven weeks during June/
and interested in medicine; and the
                                         Summer Enrichment Program in               July, 2002.
Pre-Admissions Program (PAP) offers
                                           Health Administration                    Deadline: March 1, 2002
an MCAT review, shadowing physi-
                                         Description: Paid internship               Contact: (412) 648-8987
cians, mock interviews, and admis-
                                         (professional health administration        e-mail:
sions to medical school assistance.
                                         position) in southeastern Michigan         minorityaffairs@medschool.pitt.
Eligibility: open to disadvantaged
                                         health care organization. Field visits     edu
                                         to health care agencies, lectures, GRE/    Paula K. Davis
Duration: Eight-week summer
                                         GMAT preparation course. Travel            Assistant Dean of Minority Affairs
                                         expenses; summer housing for students      M-247 Scaife Hall
Deadline: March 16, 2002 or until all
                                         from outside Detroit/Ann Arbor area.       University of Pittsburgh
spaces are filled.
                                         Eligibility: Students entering junior,     School of Medicine
Contact: (913) 588-3088
                                         senior college year; interest in health    Pittsburgh, PA 15261
                                         administration, health policy; 2.8 GPA
Amber Reagan-Kendrick,
                                         or above.
Associate Director                                                                  University of Rochester
                                         Duration: Eight weeks.
Health Careers Pathways Program                                                     School of Medicine & Den-
                                         Deadline: March 5, 2001
KUMC                                                                                tistry
                                         Contact: (734) 936-3296
3901 Rainbow Boulevard                                                              Summer Research Fellowship
3007 Student Center                                                                 (SURF) Program
                                         Carmen Harrison, MA
Kansas City, KS 66160-7120                                                          Description: Research experiences
                                         Richard Lichtenstien, PhD
                                         Department of Health Management            with a faculty member engaged in
University of Massachusetts                and Policy                               ongoing research. Weekly seminars,
Medical School                           School of Public Health II                 workshops, and opportunities for
Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)          University of Michigan                     observation of clinical activities.
Description: Daily seminars on health    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029                   Stipend $250/week. Free university
issues; study skills, time management,                                              housing for participants.
and test-taking skills. Sessions on                                                 Eligibility: Completed at least two
MCAT, application process, AMCAS,        University of Pittsburgh                   years of college. All applicants must
and financing medical education.         School of Medicine                         have academic introduction to their
Dorm housing required and provided.      Summer Premedical                          scientific field of interest.
Stipend.                                    Academic Enrichment Program             Duration: June/August, 2002.
Eligibility: Underrepresented and        Description: Level 1: Designed for         Contact: (716) 275-2175
economically disadvantaged students,     entering college freshmen or rising        Nathaniel Holmes
minimum eight hours of organic           sophomores, for strengthening              Director, Ethnic & Multicultural
chemistry and 30 hours college           academic skills and building motiva-        Affairs
curriculum. Massachusetts state          tion. Program courses enhance              University of Rochester
resident, and/or attending a college/    learning in science, writing skills, and   School of Medicine and Dentistry
university in Massachusetts at time of   public speaking. Provide opportunities     601 Elmwood Ave., Box 601
application.                             to interact regularly with doctors and     Rochester, NY 14642

Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17                                                                                     Page 15
    Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
    Health Professions Career Opportunity Program                                                                                         Periodical
    1600 Ninth Street, Room 441
    Sacramento, California 95814

                                        Be sure to include your mailing label with any correspondence regarding your subscription.

                                      Californians Met the Energy Challenge This Summer;
                                            Fall and Winter Will Test Our Commitment
    Congratulations and thanks to every Californian who                               Energy saving Tips:
    contributed to the state’s success in meeting the energy
    challenge this summer! Your commitment to conservation                            Set your thermostat to 68 degrees
    played a major role in preventing rolling blackouts.                              when you’re home and 55 degrees
                                                                                      at night, or off when you’re away.
    This year, the Office of Statewide Health Planning and
    Development, and other state offices, significantly cut                           Use Your Appliances Wisely
                                                                                      --Turn off appliances, lights and equipment when not in use.
    electricity use from January through the end of August                            --To help prevent electricity outages, do not run large appliances
    compared to the same period in 2000. For example, in                                between 5 a.m. - 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
    monitoring 37 of the state’s largest office buildings covering                    --Do your laundry efficiently by using the warm or cold water setting
    nearly 12 million square feet, the Department of General                            for washing your clothes and always use cold water to rinse clothes.
    Services has recorded an average 22.4 percent drop in                             --Conserve energy by running your dishwasher only when it is fully
    electricity use. Despite hikes in utility rates, the state was                      loaded, and turn off the dry cycle to allow dishes to air dry instead.
    still able to save more than $800,000 in cities such as Sacra-                    Inexpensive Energy Solutions
    mento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Van                        --Choose Energy Star ® products. Purchase compact fluorescent light
    Nuys, and Riverside.                                                                bulbs. They use a quarter of the energy and last five to ten times
                                                                                        longer than conventional light bulbs.
    While the state has made extraordinary progress in bringing                       --Reduce your hot water temperature. Set your water heater to the
                                                                                        “normal” setting or 120 degrees unless the owner’s manual for your
    new power generation on line, the threat of shortages remains                       dishwasher requires a higher setting.
    real. Conservation, both now and for the long term, will                          --Replace furnace filters once a month. Dirty filters restrict airflow
    continue to be an important part of the strategy to keep the                        and increase energy use. Keep your furnace clean, lubricated and
    lights on.                                                                          properly adjusted.
                                                                                      --Install low-flow showerheads. You’ll be surprised how much this
    Fall and winter months present challenges just as tough as                          simple device can cut your hot water costs.
                                                                                      --Wrap your hot water tank with jacket insulation. If your water
    the summer months. There are increased demands for power                            heater is gas, be sure to leave the air intake vent uncovered.
    across the state for lighting, heating and other priorities. So
    we cannot let our guard down just because the seasons have                        Eliminate Wasted Energy
    changed.                                                                          --Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.
                                                                                      --Unplug electronic devices and chargers when they’re not in use.
                                                                                      --Close the damper on your fireplace when you’re not using it.
   To the right are some practical cool weather tips from the Flex                    --Unplug that spare refrigerator in the garage if you don’t really need it.
   Your Power website that will help all of us continue to save
   power, save money and keep electricity flowing to all                              Check out for more information and
Page 16
   California communities.                                                            ways to save money!Health Pathways, Volume 24, No. 17

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