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									                                        Mid Atlantic Riders BMW MOA #280

                                                         Rider’s Rag
                                V O L U M E        I V       I S S U E     I                               J A N U A R Y      2 0 0 9

Inside this issue:         Welcome to 2009!                                                     Jim Kauker
                           Editor’s Note: I’d like to introduce our new president, Jim
Notes from the       1-3
                           Kauker.     <wild applause> See page 3 for details.

Meeting Recap         4
                           2009 is going to be an exciting year for the Mid-
Mid Winter Banquet   5-6   Atlantic Riders and some changes are in store.
                           First, we owe a debt of gratitude to Bill
Product Review        7
                           Allegretti and Keith Siers. They have decided to
Holiday Surprises     8    step down from their positions as President and
                           Treasurer. Bill and Keith have given their time
Chill Chart           9
                           and talent to make MARS a better organization
                           and we thank them for their service. I will be
Ride Report          10-
                           serving as President for the next year and Mike               MARS President, Jim Kauker and his 2007 GSA
Dealer News          12-   Vayo has offered to serve as Treasurer. Tracy
                           Novacich will remain as Vice President and we
Upcoming Events      14
                                                                                          of things that you can do to make MARS a
                           should all be very thankful for her service. If you
Parting Shot         15    enjoy our newsletter, thank Tracy!                             better club.

                           I’m hoping that 2009 will be a pivotal year for                1.   Come to the meetings and voice your
                           MARS, but we need your help. An organization                        opinions and concerns. We need your
                           is only as good as the participation of its                         input.
                           members. With that in mind, here are a couple                               Continued on page 2.

                                                                                                Mid Atlantic Riders

                                                                                                   Jim Kauker, President
                                                                                                         (302) 354-5290

                                                                                                      Tracy Novacich,
                                                                                                    Vice President/Editor
                                                                                                          (302) 723-2354

                                                                                                   Mike Vayo, Treasurer
                                                                                                         (302) 368-2858
Rider’s Rag January 2009                                                                                                     2

                                                     Welcome 2009 - Thoughts From Our New
                                                     President, Jim Kauker                    (continued from front)

                                                      2.   Write something for the newsletter. You don’t need to be a
                                                           Hemmingway. Perhaps just a first impression of a product you
                                                           purchased or a review of a bed and breakfast that you may have
                                                           stayed in. Maybe an overview of a trip that you took. It doesn’t
                                                           have to be a big thing, but it sure helps Tracy build a better
                                                           newsletter. And it makes for interesting reading to the rest of
                                                           us. So don’t be bashful, send it in. And, oh by the way, don’t
                                                           forget the pictures!
                                                      3.   Participate in as many rides as you can. Let us know of an
                                                           interesting location to take the group.
                                                      4.   Try to bring in at least one new member this year. Talk to your
                                                           friends and invite them to a breakfast and to ride with us. We
                                                           have a great organization and we need to share it with other
                                                           fellow riders.

  5.   Try to bring in at least one new member this year. Talk to your friends and invite them to a breakfast and to ride
       with us. We have a great organization and we need to share it with other fellow riders.

  Here are some events to keep on your calendar in 2009:
  January 10th- International Cycle Show at the Washington, DC convention center. We will be leaving from our meeting
  to drive down to the Greenbelt, MD train station and taking the metro to the show. Hope you can join us.
  January 31st- MARS banquet at the Clarion. Don’t forget to mark your calendars
  February 6-8th- The Mid-Atlantic Motorcycle Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD.
  July 16th-19th- The 37th BMW MOA International Rally at the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Johnson City, Tennessee. This
  will be the centerpiece of our riding program for 2009 and we really want you to join us. Make hotel reservations early!
  August 14-16- AMA Pro racing at the Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA. This will be a weekend of AMA Su-
  perbike racing that you will not want to miss.
  September 5th- AMA Superbike racing at the NJ Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ.

  In addition we are thinking about a weekend concert trip to Solomon’s, MD, and a weekend trip to Deep Creek, MD and
  day trips to some of the interesting and historic places around the tri-state area. If there is a trip that you are interested
  in, let us know. For me, planning a long trip is easier than planning a day trip. So any thoughts would be a great help. And,
  if you would like to lead a trip, let us know. Maybe there is an interesting place that you visited or an interesting piece of
  asphalt that you have explored. If so, tell us at the meetings or by e-mail. You might like being at the head of the pack.
Rider’s Rag January 2009                                                                                                             3

                                                           Welcome 2009 - More Thoughts From the
                                                           President (continued from page 2)
                                                            Well it’s 2009 and it’s resolution time., so here are my 2009
                                                                  Exercise more. Sure, everyone says that. But we have some great
                                                                   rides planned for this year and I want to be in some kind of shape
                                                                   to enjoy them.
                                                                  Do a little more wrenching. I have a habit of taking the bikes to
                                                                   the dealer for service and, for the major items, I’ll still do that.
                                                                   But I think I’ll start doing the minor, routine maintenance myself.
                                                                  Spend a little more time riding. Riding is alone time for me. Riding
                                                                   removes all thoughts of work and forces concentration on the
                                                                   ride. Kind of like meditation at 60 mph.

      Take another riding class. My wife, Trish, and I have taken the beginner and the experienced motorcycle class so far.
       But we believe in continuing education.
      Personally invite more people to join MARS.

  It’s a short list, perhaps, but a list I think I can stick to.
  Finally, I like to say “Thanks”. Thanks to all of you that have made MARS a club that Trish and I are proud to belong to.
  We have only been members for about a year, but we have made good friends in that time. I am amazed at the BMW
  brain trust that we have at MARS. Most of you have forgotten more than I will ever know about BMW motorcycles and
  perhaps, about motorcycling in general. Some of you have spent a lifetime on two wheels. I envy you. Trish and I are mid-
  life crisis bikers. We got back into it after many years away. Raising kids took the last 20+ years. Now it’s our turn.
  I don’t want to embarrass anyone, but I want to tell you a short MARS story. Last summer, Tracy Novacich went on a
  ride to Bob’s BMW. She broke down on I-95 with a broken water pump. Robert Davis, our past President, left his home
  and brought down a trailer to pick up Tracy and her broken F650GS and took the bike to Bob’s for repair. It probably
  never occurred to Davis what a lifesaver he was that day, but that’s the kind of people we have at MARS. People, like
  Davis, who give of themselves when we need a hand. That’s why I love this club and that’s why I am proud to serve as
  president this year.

                             EMT - Emergency Motorcycle Transport
       As a member of the Mid Atlantic Riders, you also have the privilege of contacting
       fellow members, Robert Davis or Rogers George. Both own trailers and are willing
       to help out in case of an emergency. You can reach Davis at (302) 345-0807 and
       Rogers at (302) 631-0584.
Rider’s Rag January 2009                                                                                               4

                                               December Meeting Minutes
                                               Tracy Novacich
                                                21 members attended our breakfast meeting on Saturday, December
                                                13th at Michael’s Restaurant in Newark.
                                                Among them were new members Fran Loeffelholz, Jim Wisniewski,
                                                and Gifford King. We also had Regis Bey and Wanda West join us.
                                                We also had the chance to welcome back Paul Reburn for the first
                                                time since his accident in July. I’m happy to report that Paul looks
                                                and feels great!
                                                The big news of the day came from Bill Allegretti. Bill announced
                                                that he was stepping down as president. Jim Kauker has agreed to
                                                take over and was unanimously voted in as the next President of the
                                                Mid Atlantic Riders.

                               In other news….Keith Siers has let us know that after two years, he would like to step
                               down as treasurer. Since the announcement at the meeting, Mike Vayo has agreed to
     MARS BREAKFAST            take over the position. Mike and Keith will make arrangements for the switch after the
        MEETING                breakfast meeting in January.

    January 10th               There was discussion about our web site and the roster. To access the roster (which is
                               not complete), you need to key the following address in to your browser:
    Michael’s Restaurant       www.midatlanticriders.com/roster. At this screen, you are asked to plug in your email
    1000 Churchman’s Rd        address at which time, a link will be emailed to you for access. If your information is
    Newark, DE 19713           not on file, please email Davis at annie@webmost.com so that he can update the roster.
    (302) 368-4230

    Doors open at 8:30am.
                               We are still in need of someone to keep the web site up to date. PLEASE, if you can
    Meeting begins at 9:00
                               spare 10-15 minutes each month, we need your help! It’s not a big deal and we are in
    am. Breakfast buffet is
                               desperate need of an administrator. If you can do this, please contact Davis, Jim, or
    $10 per person incl.
    beverage and gratuity.

    For those interested, we
                               As we are a riding club, we want to ride. Jim will be making an effort to plan a ride
    will carpool to
                               after each meeting. If the weather prohibits a good ride, a rain date will be scheduled.
    Washington DC after
                               We want to plan at least one club ride each month with additional overnight trips as
    the meeting to attend
                               well. If you have a ride destination or would like to volunteer to lead a ride, please
    the Cycle World Int’l.
    Motorcycle Show
                               contact Jim. (That was a strong hint! We need participation from our members!)
                               Among the rides being discussed are the MOA Rally in Tennessee, Americade, and Mid-
                               Ohio Vintage Racing. Info will be given as plans are made.
                                       Rider’s Rag                                                             5

                                       Mid-Winter Banquet
                                         January 31, 2009
                                       The weather outside hasn’t exactly been frightful but who knows what
                                       January will bring? Regardless of the temperatures, we will once again be
                                       gathering with our MARS friends for a mid-winter banquet.
                                       Admittedly, this is a last minute venture. Given that we no longer have a
sponsor at Mapledale Country Club, and many of our members are coming from northern regions of Pennsylvania,
we are moving to a more central location in New Castle, Delaware. Thanks to a connection, we are able to keep
the price down closer to what we were paying at Mapledale. And we are assured of great food and service at the
brand new Clarion Belle Hotel.

Cocktail Hour with hors d’oeuvres and cash bar will begin at
6:00 pm followed by a seated dinner of Saffron Crab Bisque,
your choice of entrée with chef’s accompaniments (see
reservation page), dessert, coffee, tea, and iced tea.

The Clarion Belle Hotel
1612 N. Dupont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 299-1414

                                                     Discounted hotel arrangements can be made. Please
                                                     contact Tracy for details if you are interested.

                                                     Reservations are required no later than
                                                     Sunday, January 25th. Please complete and print the
                                                     following reservation page and mail to Tracy along with
                                                     payment of $35.00 per person. Checks should be made
                                                     payable to the Mid Atlantic Riders.
Rider’s Rag January 2009                                                                                                  6

                                                     Mid-Winter Banquet
                                                       January 31, 2009
   Name: ________________________________________________

   Guest: _________________________________________________

   Address: _____________________________________________


   Email: _____________________________                             Phone: __________________________

   Please choose a dinner selection for both you and your guest:

   ______    German Style Pork Loin with braised red cabbage and dark beer glaze

   ______     Roasted Filed of Salmon with seafood crème sauce

   ______     Sauteed Chicken Francaise with lemon beurre blanc

   Reservations must be received no later than Sunday, January 25th. Please make checks payable to
   Mid Atlantic Riders and mail payment of $35.00 per person to: Tracy Novacich, 202 Tinsley Court,
   Newark, DE 19702.

   You may also bring the completed form to the January Breakfast Meeting.

                               The club will be covering the cost of incidentals including gratuity and bartender fees.
Rider’s Rag January 2009                                                                             7

                                    Product Review: Shoei Multitec
                                    Mike Vayo
    I purchased a Shoei Multitec helmet in August from Cycle Gear on Route 40 in Bear.
    The helmet is well constructed and quite comfortable. Ventilation is very good and noise
    level is low at highway speeds.
    My only complaint is during cold weather, the visor tends to fog when you stop moving. This
    requires you to constantly crack open the visor to clear the fog.
    At an average of $400. it’s not the cheapest helmet available and I would give it three out of
    five stars.

            Did you get something new over the holidays? Tell us about it!
            Email Tracy at tracy@novacich.com for printing in the next
Rider’s Rag January 2009                                                                                                    8

                                                    Holiday Suprises!
                                                    What did Santa or Hanukah Harry
                                                    leave for you?

                                                             Got a gift card for Cycle Gear so I get to pick something out.
                                                                      Thinking about a pair of electric gloves. Mike Vayo

   A weird spandex-like wind baffle that sticks to the underside of the helmet to keep
   the wind out. It works but getting ones head through the slit in it while donning or
   doffing the helmet is challenging and not good for the hairdo. Bill Davidson

                                                               Santa brought me nothing motorcycle related. Boo Hoo :-(
                                            But he did bring me an I-Pod that I can use on the bike, so does that count? :-)
                                                                                                               Jim Kauker
   Heh! Nothing.      Rogers George
                                                          I got a half cover to keep my seat dry when travelling overnight..
                                                          I also got a BMW t-shirt which Matt soon realized is just like his.
                                                                  We have to be sure not to dress alike! Tracy Novacich

   Loss of power. heat and water for 7 days. An ice storm followed by 20" of snow. And, a house in New Hampshire
   without a garage (elevation almost 2X that of Ebright Azimuth). A real winter wonderland. His and her snow mobiles
   and a generator are on the list next year. On the eight day, Hanukkah Harry brought me a 67 degree Sunday! Cole

                                                                                      A 2004 R1150 RT      David Hrenchir
   Santa brought us waterproof gloves! Ken and Anna Lewis

                                                            He brought me an 07" ford 4x4 pick-up to haul my bike around
                                        if it ever breaks down. Beemer's not broke so the pick-up is parked. Dean Smith

   Not a damn thing! Apparently I have everything I need. Larry Schmittinger

                                                  Santa brought me a new set of Ohlin shocks and an impending headache
                                                                           when I try to install them. Matt Novacich

   Santa brought me a brand new Ztechnik Vstream windshield for my R11150 RT.
   Works very well - almost too well - at blocking the winter wind. Jeff Culbertson
Rider’s Rag January 2009   9
Rider’s Rag January 2009                                                                                                                  10

                                                         Ride Report: A Post With A
                                                         Guarantee Rogers George
                                                       As many of you who read this blog with any regularity know, I ride a motorcycle
                                                       (hnngh). I even fancy myself a long distance rider. I'd been looking for an excuse
                                                       to get out of the house recently when an invitation to attend a seminar in Atlanta
                                                       turned up. Faced with an impending layoff, I've been studying internet marketing
                                                       pretty intensely for the past month or three, and the conference was about
                                                       internet marketing! Subject: perfect; timing: perfect.

                                                       You readers might also know that I'm a member of the Iron Butt Association,
                                                       and I'm sure you all know by now that I'm from Minnesota, where the have real
                                                       winters, not the puny late fall that's the best Delaware can boast.

                                                       It took a little planning—

        Get a bike—check. I've had my 1984 BMW R100RT touring bike for about year and a half.
        Get permission from the wife—check. She enthusiastically supported the idea, even. She said it would be like taking a 3-year
         old's favorite toy if she didn't let me go
        Check the gear—check. Especially the electric gloves and jacket liner.
        Put a new tire on the front—check. Been sitting in the garage for a couple months now anyway.
        Visit Google maps and verify the route—check. Looked like I could do it without needing a map, even. Take 95 to 85, stay on
         85 till I came to it.
        Hope for no ice on the roads—check. What can I say? Weather was good when I left, cleared up before I got back.

     I hit the road about 6:30 Thursday morning. I had loaded up the bike the day before and about all I had to do was suit up and head

    Getting from bed to bike still took longer than I expected. But the roads were clear, and traffic through Baltimore and DC was fast
    and not too heavy. I stopped for a carbo-grease breakfast at the end of the first tank of gas, somewhat over 200 miles down the
    road, at an obscure interchange in the very rural depths of Virginia. It reminded me why I hadn't eaten at a Waffle House since my
    last experience at one ten years ago. The service was so bad it was comical. One example: after the waitress realized I was there—
    and didn't have the menu memorized, she started to hand me one, then leaned back to do something else, keeping the menu just
    out of my reach! We all had a good laugh…

    Apparently the gas I got there wasn't very good either. The bottom half of that and the next tankful of gas caused enough coughing
    and sputtering to make me nervous. Except for that, the bike ran like it was having as good a time as I was. Traffic the whole way
    down was smooth and fast. Um, almost as fast as I was. It was hard to keep the bike below 80, and once I accidentally hit the 90's.
    The bike still had plenty of oomph left. Smooth as glass, too, which was why it was hard to keep the speed down—no warnings like
    shakiness or hitting the top of the throttle. We should all have such problems, huh? I still don't know how fast the bike will go.

    Virginia's finest were definitely in evidence; in MD, SC, NC, and GA much less so. I saw several very unmarked cars. One was a
    hybrid, one an SUV. They both had someone stopped. None of them paid any attention to me, so I got no performance awards,
    though I suppose you could say I deserved one.                             (continues on next page)
Rider’s Rag January 2009                                                                                                                  11

                                                          Ride Report: A Post With A
                                                          Guarantee continued from previous page
                                                        Weather was good except for some rain from Greenville to Atlanta.

                                                        Thank you, Lord, for Atlanta's HOV lane! Motorcycles qualify, and I cruised straight
                                                        to the hotel. The roads by the airport were not what I expected, but I lucked out
                                                        and rode straight to my destination.
                                                        759.5 miles, 12.5 hours counting the, er, breakfast.

                                                        Trip home was about the same, only in reverse. I let Val talk me into staying at a no-
                                                        name motel through the deepest part of the night. It got me home later, but I went
                                                        through DC and Baltimore at mid-day, so the traffice wasn't bad—only one
                                                        slowdown for some construction. Got home right at 3 in the afternoon.

        Lessons: I need a bit more warmth for my feet when the temp hits the mid 20's. My gear works down to there, too, if I wear all of
        it. The rain suit makes about a ten-degree difference in warmth. The BMW jugs did a lot toward keeping my feet warm.

        What about the conference? Well worth the
        trip. Three high-density days of 90-minute
        lectures and workshops. Plenty of networking.
        Good content. I feel ready to move ahead!

        To read more, visit Rogers George’s blog at:
Rider’s Rag January 2009                                                                       12

                           Mid Atlantic Motorcycle Show
                           Maryland State Fairgrounds, February 6-8, 2009
                           Don’t miss the areas HOTTEST bike show, the Mid Atlantic
                           Motorcycle Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium,
                           MD on February 6-8, 2009. Every brand represented - Huge
                           Custom and Antique show with big cash prizes. - See the latest
                           product and design developments. - Meet nationally known
                           celebrity builders. - Apparel and accessories for sale. - Free
                           parking! -And of course Bob’s booth will be one of the finest
                           displays of BMW’s in the country. - Come for the fascination.
                           Stay for the fun!
                           Get your tickets in advance at Bob’s or purchase on line. You’ll
                           not only skip the long lines waiting to get in but you’ll also save $5
                           off the admission price!
Rider’s Rag January 2009   13
Rider’s Rag January 2009                                                                           14

                                       9-11 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show, Washington
                                            Convention Center, Washington, DC
                                       10   MARS Breakfast Meeting, Michael’s Restaurant,
                                            Newark,        DE
                                       31   MARS Mid-Winter Banquet, Clarion Belle Hotel,
                                            New Castle, DE

                                       6-8  Mid Atlantic Motorcycle Show, Timonium, MD
                                       14   MARS Breakfast Meeting, Location to be announced.

                                       Further Ahead

                                       June 1-6       Americade, Lake George, New York
                                       July 16-19     BMW MOA Rally, Johnson City, Tennessee
                                       August 14-16   AMA Pro Racing, Virginia International Raceway,
                                                      Alton, VA
                                       September 5    AMA Superbike Racing, New Jersey Motorsports
                                                      Park, Milleville, NJ

           JANUARY 2009
           Sun             Mon   Tue        Wed          Thu          Fri           Sat

                                                         1            2             3

           4               5     6          7            8            9             10
                                                                      CW Show       MARS Brkfst
                                                                                    CW Show

           11              12    13         14           15           16            17
           CW Show

           18              19    20         21           22           23            24

           25              26    27         28           29           30            31
                                                                                    Mid Winter
   Mid Atlantic Riders
   BMW MOA #280
    Tracy Novacich, Editor
    202 Tinsley Court
    Newark, DE 19702



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