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					August 2010

Welcome Iowa FBLA to an exciting year! Your State Committee and State Officer Team are
enthusiastic to move Iowa FBLA in the direction of “Breaking the Barriers” this year.

Iowa had a phenomenal National Leadership Conference with six members from Iowa making the top
ten. Adviser Lou Voss being inducted in the FBLA Adviser Hall of Fame, and Alburnett High School
winning the following awards: North Central Region Marketshare Award - 2nd Place, North Central
Region Chapter BAA Member Participation - 1st Place, WeSeed Stock Market Lesson Plan - 2nd

We are looking forward to our first Adviser Family Fun Picnic, Saturday August 21 at Taube Park in
Marion. Advisers and their families are invited to enjoy a picnic with games, fun, and social time

Iowa FBLA with PBL will host the FBLA-PBL National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC).
Advisers and students will be needed to help in all aspect of the conference. Iowa FBLA will not host a
State Fall Leadership Conference, but instead a State Fall Leadership Activity prior to NFLC. Working
with PBL, FBLA will work a day with Habitat for Humanity on November 4, and assemble care
packages for troops deployed in Afghanistan on November 5, 2010.

FBLA, Business Professionals of America (BPA) and DECA have been discussing having a joint State
Fall Leadership Conference in 2011.Talk about “Breaking the Barriers.” More information about this
joint venture will be shared later.

The revised FBLA bylaws were approved at the State Leadership Conference last April. Two State
Committee positions are up for selection: State Fall Conference Coordinator and State Secretary -
Sponsorship Awards Coordinator. A memo will be sent with all the information inviting any adviser to

Another joint venture; FBLA, BPA, and DECA are hosting a CTSO Conference in coordination with
the IACTE and IBEA Joint Conference October 7. All advisers from each organization are invited for
a day of Student Organization Professional Development. Workshops are planned to help aid you with
your student organization leadership activities.

Iowa FBLA needs to review the State Competitive Events. The State Committee will be looking for
advisers to serve on the Competitive Event Review Committee. More information about the formation
of this committee will be sent out later.

The State Committee will continue to look at ways to improve Iowa FBLA throughout the year.
Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. I hope you all have great year, and are able to “Break some
Barriers” of your own!

Dana Lampe
Iowa FBLA State Adviser
                                                        BREAKING THE BARRIERS

Iowa FBLA 2010-2011 Dates
August 21, 2010          Adviser/Family Picnic, Taube Park, Marion, IA. Reply to Kyle Kuhlers if
                         able to attend by August 20
September 18, 2010       State Officer and State Committee Fall Planning Session, Eagle
                         Grove, IA
October 1, 2010          Chapter Information Form Receipt Deadline to Dana Lampe
October 1, 2010          Receipt deadline for registration for State Fall Leadership Community
                         Service Project and NFLC Activities to Dana Lampe
October 1, 2010          Reservation deadline for rooms at Des Moines Marriott Downtown,
                         700 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309 Phone: 515.245.5500
                         Fax 515.245.5504 Hotel Registration form to: Jill Hemphill.
                         Actual Deadline is October 8, but it’s best to be early!
October 7, 2010          IACTE Conference, Marriott (Collins Road), Cedar Rapids, IA
October 7, 2010          CTSO Conference, Marriott (Collins Road), Cedar Rapids, IA
October 8-9, 2010        Iowa Business Education Association Conference,
                         Marriott (Collins Road), Cedar Rapids, IA (State Officers Attend)
October 9, 2010          Deadline for early bird registration ($60) to National
                         Headquarters for the National Fall Leadership
October 20, 2010         Dues deadline to receive November issue of Tomorrow’s
                         Business Leader and receive Membership awards at NFLC. Send both
                         National and State dues to National Headquarters and register your
                         membership on-line at the FBLA-PBL web site.
Oct. 25 – Nov. 19        Virtual Business Challenge 1
November 4, 2010         Iowa State Fall Leadership Community Service Project Des Moines, IA,
                         Habitat for Humanity. Registration begins at 7:30 am
November 5-6, 2010       National Fall Leadership Conference, Des Moines, IA
                         See NFLC brochure for conference info
November 15, 2010        American Enterprise Day
December 15, 2010        Dues deadline to receive winter publications
Jan 11-Apr 22, 2011      Stock Market Game
January 15, 2011         State Officer Candidate Application forms due to Kathy Larson
Jan. 15- Feb. 15, 2011   State Leadership Conference Online Registration begins (open 4
                         weeks) Payment of membership dues must be received at the
                         National FBLA-PBL center in order to register members for SLC
                                                      BREAKING THE BARRIERS

January 26, 2011       State Officer Candidate Study Guides e-mailed to your school
February 1-28, 2011    National Career and Technical Educational Month
Feb. 8 – Mar 5, 2011   Virtual Business Challenge 2
February 9, 2011       State Officer Candidate Tests e-mailed to schools
February 7-13, 2011    FBLA-PBL Week
February 10            FBLA-PBL Adviser Appreciation Day
February 12            FBLA-PBL Professional Dress Day
February 13            FBLA-PBL National Community Service Day
February 15, 2011      Online Registration due for State Leadership Conference
                       E-mail all SLC Forms to
February 23, 2011      State Officer Candidate Tests due to Kathy Larson
March 1, 2011          National Dues deadline for 2010-2011 membership
March 1, 2011          Hotel Reservation Deadline for SLC, Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel,
                       Cedar Rapids, IA. Fax: 1(319)298-9580. See flyer
March 1, 2011          State Sponsorship business contribution money to Lou Voss
March 1, 2011          Business Achievement Awards due to Nationals
March 1, 2011          State Officer Candidate Notification to those who passed the test
March 1, 2011          Skills test sent to Schools (two week completion time)
March 5, 2011          State Officer and State Committee State Conference Planning Session,
                       Marion, IA
March 15, 2011         All written reports, individualized projects, and credentials
                       Postmarked to Lampe
March 21, 2011         Skills test due, Postmarked to Dana Lampe
March 26, 2011         Grade Skills Tests, All Advisers are welcome to help.
                       Lampe Residence, Marion, IA 9-3 (lunch provided)
April 1, 2011          National Recognition events due to Nationals, each chapter Fax
April 7-9, 2011        Iowa State Leadership Conference, Crowne Plaza Hotel,
                       Cedar Rapids, IA
April 15, 2011         Final response of competitors for NLC to Lampe
April 26, 2011         NLC Competitor Skills Tests sent to chapters
May 4, 2011            Postmarked NLC Prejudged Materials to Lampe
May 11, 2011           Postmarked NLC completed Skills Test to Lampe
June 28-July 1, 2011   National Leadership Conference—Orlando, FL
                                                       BREAKING THE BARRIERS

General Information
Web Sites
The Iowa FBLA Web Site can be found at either or
Check the web site for updates, forms, pictures, news, and much more! Find the many
adviser documents on the Resources Page. The FBLA-PBL web site has a wealth of
resources; the Chapter Management Handbook, membership Registration, information about
National Conferences, and additional Adviser/Member resources.
Chapter Information Form
Please submit the Chapter Information Form by October 1 to Dana Lampe. It is really
important that we get your officer email addresses. The information will be given to the State
Officers. One of their goals this year is to increase communication between the chapters.
Action Packet
Get your year started off great! The Action Packet is a collection of ideas to help your
chapter. It contains ideas for Membership, Fundraisers, Socials, Community Service,
Business Development, and Contributors.
Competitive Events
Don’t wait until January or February to get your students pumped up for State Leadership
Conference, do it early! Post the Competitive Events Sign-Up on your bulletin board at the
beginning of the year. (Tentative, but is a great start).
See the Changes to Competitive Events document and the NLC Topics documents for this
year’s updates.
SLC Guidelines are posted on the Iowa Handbook page on the Web site. Start the year by
reviewing this important information.
Fall Conference and State Community Service Project
This year Iowa FBLA-PBL will host the National Fall Leadership Conference in Des Moines,
Nov. 5-6. FBLA members and advisers will be asked to help out with the conference
activities. Because of NFLC being in Des Moines we will not have a State Fall Conference.
Instead we have planned two State Fall Leadership Community Service Projects with PBL.
On Thursday, November 4 we will work with the Habitat for Humanity on projects they have in
Des Moines, 7:30-3:30. On Friday, November 5 we will assemble care packages for troops
deployed in Afghanistan 8:00-11:00 am.
Submit the State Fall Leadership Community Service Project form by October 1 if your
chapter will participate. Chapters will be responsible for own transportation.
Each chapter is responsible to register their members for the conference and hotel. See the
FBLA-PBL web site for online registration and the NFLC Guide:
                                                             BREAKING THE BARRIERS

General Information
State Committee Member Positions
Two State Committee positions are up for selection. If you are interested in applying for either
position, please contact Dana Lampe @
State Fall Conference Coordinator
         Plans the State Fall Leadership Conference which includes workshops, an advisers’ meeting,
          recreation for the members, and business tours.
         Helps facilitate Local Adviser Meetings at state conferences
State Secretary - Sponsorship Awards Coordinator
         Takes the minutes of each State Committee and/or Adviser meeting
         Revises and sends out the State Awards/Business Contributions packet to all local chapters
         Receives State Sponsorship/Business Contributions money from local chapters and assigns
          sponsors events for awards at State Leadership Conference
         Orders awards for State Leadership Conference
         Develops and prints State Leadership Conference certificates
         Helps facilitate Local Adviser Meetings at state conferences
Competitive Event Review Committee
A committee will be headed up by Kyle Kulhers to review the State and National Competitive
Events for SLC. Any adviser who would like to participate with this committee should contact
Kyle by August 21. We are looking to add/revise State events and review how Iowa FBLA
executes National events.
FBLA-PBL advisers are encouraged to join the professional associations for business
educators and career technical educators. This year the IACTE and IBEA will be a Unified
Conference - ―A New Vision for CTE – Reflect, Transform and Lead.‖ IACTE – October 7-8
IBEA – October 8-9 Marriott, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Registration Deadline – Postmarked by September 20, 2010 (see registration form)
Attend the CTSO Conference
FBLA, BPA, DECA secondary and post-secondary student organizations have developed a
great conference for advisers to get the most out of their CTSO’s. Learn new tips and tricks
for the year. October 7, Marriott, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.(See registration form Iowa FBLA
web site)
Adviser Area on FBLA-PBL web site
Login to the FBLA-PBL Adviser Area for new updated information on BAA Awards, Go Green
Chapter Project, Membership Madness and Mania Awards, Adviser Blasts, Curriculum
Integration, Forms and Documents, CMH, and Local Chapter Development information.
Parent Consent and Professional Code of Conduct Form
Have all your members fill out the Parent Consent and Professional Code of Conduct Form. If
attending a State or National FBLA activity you will need to submit a copy to the State
Adviser prior to the activity.
                                                      BREAKING THE BARRIERS

General Information
Business Sponsorships
Each chapter should acquire two $110 business sponsorships for the State Leadership
Conference (SLC). These business contributions help us in two ways. One, we use the
money donated to pay for the awards given to top place winners at SLC. Secondly these
business contributions help meet the required money to match funds that are available from
the State Department of Education through Carl Perkins Funds. The Sponsorship Packet is
posted on the Web site.
National Leadership Conference
Iowa FBLA will participate at NLC in Orlando, FL, June 28-July 1. More detailed plans for the
conference will come out later. Each chapter is to provide their own transportation to Orlando.
The conference is being held at the Orange County Convention Center. Conference hotels
are the Hilton, Rosen Plaza, and Rosen Centre Hotel.
                                                          BREAKING THE BARRIERS

Iowa FBLA Recognition
Iowa FBLA believes that it is important to recognize individuals and groups who make
significant contributions or who excel in the programs offered by the association. As your
local chapter plans and executes its own program this year, make sure that you keep these
opportunities top of mind. The following awards are presented at the State Leadership
Conference. A preview of the forms is listed at the end of this communication. They are also
posted the Iowa FBLA Web Site.
Adviser of the Year
Without the support of our advisers it would be impossible for an organization like FBLA to
exist, let alone impact the hundreds and thousands of students we touch year in and year
out. Advisers provide guidance and support -most often behind the scenes without fanfare or
acknowledgement. This recognition provides local chapters the opportunity to recognize
advisers who give of their time to create active chapters.
Lloyd V. Douglas Chapter of the Year Award
The Lloyd V. Douglas Chapter of the Year Award is presented to the chapter who
accumulates the most points from events at the State Leadership Conference. Any chapter
that would like to be recognized for the Lloyd V. Douglas Chapter of the Year Award must
complete all criteria for the Iowa Merit Award.
Iowa Merit Award
Outstanding local chapters are recognized with the Iowa Merit Award.
                                       Required Criteria:
 1.   Submit the Chapter Information Form
 2.   Submit Chapter Activities Outline Form
 3.   Send representatives to a minimum of two (2) of the following conferences from the
      current school year:
              State Fall Leadership
              National Fall Leadership
              State Leadership (spring)
              National Leadership Conference (from previous summer)
 4.   Conduct public relations programs in the school or community.
 5.   Conduct a combined total of five (5) or more community service and fund raising
 6.   Submit one of the following chapter written reports: American Enterprise Project,
      Community Service Project, Local Chapter Annual Business Report, or Partnership
      with Business Project.
 7.   Contribute two (2) State Event Sponsorships & Business Contributions
March of Dimes Greatest Contributor Traveling Trophy
Each year, the chapter who raises the most money for the March of Dimes takes home the
March of Dimes Greatest Contributor Traveling Trophy.
Business Person of the Year
This event recognizes outstanding Iowa business leaders who have contributed to the
success of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda at the local level.
Each active local chapter may enter one person in the Iowa Businessperson of the Year
event. The nominees must be members of the business sector.
                                                     BREAKING THE BARRIERS

Iowa FBLA Recognition

Event Sponsorship/Business Contributions
Local chapters are recognized for their efforts in securing sponsorship of events and
business contributions at the State Leadership Conference. Local chapters must submit
proper forms and money to the state committee for recognition in this event.
Iowa FBLA Communication Award
Recognition is given to the chapter that most promptly and consistently sends the FBLA State
Vice-President news.
Local Recruitment Of Chapters
This event honors those local chapters that charter or reactivate FBLA chapters. More
chapters provide more students the opportunity to become better prepared for careers in
business and make possible the continued expansion of national services and activities.

Preview these and other Iowa FBLA Recognition Awards in the Iowa FBLA Handbook.

National FBLA Recognition
More FBLA-PBL Chapter/Member Recognition and Scholarships are listed in the CMH. Here
are two we think every chapter should try!

Business Achievement Awards
The Business Achievement Awards (BAA) are an aggressive, self-directed, results-based
business and leadership program designed to compliment academics while accelerating a
student's leadership skills. The awards focus on the words surrounding the FBLA Crest:
Service, Education, and Progress. There is a heavy emphasis on education with integrated
classroom projects.
The individual recognition is a four-tier program aligned with the FBLA-PBL Goals, NBEA
Standards, and Career Clusters. The individual program has a March 1 deadline. The BAA
has four distinct award levels-Future, Business, Leader, and America. Check out the BAA
page on the Iowa FBLA Web Site for more information.
FBLA Outstanding Chapter Recognition Program
Consider starting your year off with these activities on your Program of Work. FBLA chapters
must complete twenty (20) activities. Complete and submit these online activities, uploading
all required documentation. When all documentation is complete and the activities are
completed, submit the project online. All projects must be submitted by April 1 to be
recognized at the National Leadership Conference.
                                                                      BREAKING THE BARRIERS

National FBLA Recognition
Preview of Activities for Outstanding Chapter Recognition Program
Membership/Chapter Management
Complete eight (8) of the section activities. All chapters must complete the first five (5) activities

Activity 1
Required. Recruit five new paid members. (Complete the interactive membership madness form.)

Activity 2
Required. Prepare a Program of Work for your chapter. (Upload your chapter's Program of Work.)

Activity 3
Required. Conduct at least four chapter meetings. (Upload a copy of the agenda and minutes from each of the
four meetings.)

Activity 4
Required. Maintain or increase national membership. (Complete interactive form and upload the current year’s
member listing.)
Required. Sign up all students in any business class—100% class participation. (Complete interactive form and
upload a copy of the class roster.)

Activity 5
Required. Document at least 25 community service hours of activities. (Complete the interactive community
service tally form.)

Activity 6
Submit at least one member’s nomination for the Leader Award, or higher, of the FBLA Business Achievement
Awards Program. (Attach a list of nominees.)

Activity 7
Recruit a school official/administrator to participate in a chapter activity. (Upload a copy of an invitation letter prior
to event and a thank you letter following event.)

Activity 8
Submit a press release and at least one scanned or digital photo to an FBLA national/state publication. Press
release does not have to be published to receive credit. (Attach a copy of the press release and scanned or digital

Activity 9
Submit a contribution to the National Scholarship Fund by April 1. (Complete the interactive scholarship form.)

Activity 10
Conduct a “Reach Out and Read” Campaign by collecting used and new children’s books for an area hospital and
have at least five members volunteer to read to elementary students. (Complete the interactive project report form
and include at least one scanned or digital photo.)

Activity 11
Sponsor a “Color the Earth Green Day” where FBLA members wear green and prepare posters with “green tips” to
display in the school and/or the community. (Upload a copy of a poster and a scanned or digital group photo of
FBLA members wearing green).

Community/School Service
Complete four (4) of the activities listed below. The first one (1) is required.

Activity 12
Required.. Have officers present the FBLA-FBLA Emblem Ceremony at a local chapter meeting or event. (Upload
an agenda from the meeting or a program from the event, copy of a press release, and at least one scanned or
digital photo.)
                                                                   BREAKING THE BARRIERS

National FBLA Recognition
Activity 13
Charter/reactivate at least one new FBLA, FBLA-Middle Level, or PBL chapter by March 1. (Upload a copy of the
program from the induction ceremony and a copy of at least one scanned or digital photo.)

Activity 14
Conduct a chapter community service project. (Complete the interactive Chapter Activity Report form and upload a
copy of a press release, and at least one scanned or digital photo.)

Activity 15
Conduct a project to either education, promote, or raise money for the March of Dimes. (Complete the interactive
Mission LIFT form and at least one scanned or digital photo.)

Activity 16
Plan a ceremony to install your new officers and/or induct your new members into FBLA. (Upload a copy of the
program from the ceremony.)

Activity 17
Have your local chapter officers prepare a presentation highlighting the “Benefits of FBLA” to present to students in
business classes. (Upload a brief outline of the presentation.)

Activity 18
Plan a project to benefit your school. (Complete the Project Activity Report form, a copy of a press release, and at
least one scanned or digital photo.)

Activity 19
Sponsor a school-wide toy and game recycle project. Donate old toys and games to a homeless shelter or to
younger children who can use them. (Complete the interactive project activity report form and upload a press
release and at least one scanned or digital photo.)

FBLA chapters must complete eight (8) activities from this section. The first three (3) are required.

Activity 20
Required.. Conduct a planning session for newly-elected local chapter officers. (Upload a copy of the schedule and
at least two scanned photos of officers involved in the training.)

Activity 21
Required. Prepare a chapter budget (Complete the interactive FBLA-PBL Chapter Budget form.)

Activity 22
Required. Sponsor a Job Shadow Day for FBLA members when members shadow a person in a career that they
are interested in or a “Work World Success Day” where professionals in various fields are invited to present
workshops to chapter members or to the student body. (Upload a copy of a press release and at least one scanned
or digital photo.)

Activity 23
Prepare a point system for your chapter members. (Upload a copy of this point system.)

Activity 24
Plan and conduct a free enterprise project for American Enterprise Day—November 15. (Complete the interactive
Project Planning and Project Evaluation Form and upload a press release and at least one scanned or digital photo
from the project.)

Activity 25
Organize a tour of a business for chapter members who have paid dues by October 20. (Upload a one-page
summary of the tour, a list of participating members, a press release, and at least one scanned or digital photo.)
                                                                    BREAKING THE BARRIERS

National FBLA Recognition
Activity 26
Have chapter representation at one of the National Fall Leadership Conferences (NFLC.) (Upload a copy of a press
release and at least one scanned or digital photo.)

Activity 27
Participate in at least one fund-raiser for your local chapter. (Upload a brief paragraph about the fund-raising
activity and the amount raised.)

Activity 28
With some of your chapter officers, contact local, county, state, or federal legislators and share the benefits of
FBLA membership. (Upload a copy of the letter.)

Activity 29
Plan and conduct activities for FBLA-PBL Week/National Career and Technical Education Week. (Upload 100-word
summary of the activities that your chapter conducted and at least one scanned or digital photo.)

Activity 30
Submit a list of chapter competitors (include names of students, events entered, and events won) at the
regional/district conference or from the last year’s state or national conference.

Activity 31
Prepare a local chapter Web site. (Enter the link to the Web site in the interactive form.)
                                                         BREAKING THE BARRIERS

Iowa FBLA Recognition Sample Forms

This outline must be returned to be recognized for the Iowa Merit Award (Event R5, see p.
R5.1 in Iowa FBLA Handbook) and/or accumulate points from events for recognition in
the Lloyd V. Douglas Chapter of the Year award (Event R10).

Chapter Name:                                       Chapter Number:


      A.     Advisers
      B.     Officers
      C.     Current School Year membership:


      A.     2010 National Leadership Conference:                              members
      B.     2010 Iowa State Fall Leadership Conference:                       members
      C.     2010 National Fall Leadership Conference:                         members
      D.     2011 Iowa State Leadership Conference:                            members

      (Please print second page on back so there is only one single sheet of paper to turn in.)
                                                           BREAKING THE BARRIERS

Iowa FBLA Recognition Sample Forms



            (Must have a total of 5 or more)

V.          Chapter Reports Entered at SLC

VI.         Contributions to Event Sponsorship/Business Contributions (list names of companies) Must
            have at least two (2) sponsors.
                                                                        BREAKING THE BARRIERS

Iowa FBLA Recognition Sample Forms
Adviser Name                                                             Chapter
Iowa Local Chapter Adviser of the Year
This award is created to recognize advisers who give of their time to create active chapters. All
information is based on the individual applying, not the chapter as a whole.
**Applicants must have been a local adviser for three or more years.
**Winning advisers are eligible every three years as of 2008-2009.

# of Years of Teaching                       # of Years as FBLA Adviser

Conference Attendance
             National Leadership Conference                                          _____5 pts.
             Institute for Leaders                                                   _____5 pts.
             State Fall Leadership Conference                                        _____5 pts.
             National Fall Leadership Conference                                     _____5 pts.
             State Leadership Conference                                             _____5 pts.

State officers
             Had a state officer this school year                                    _____5 pts.
             Had a national officer this school year                                 _____5 pts.
             Have a student running for next year’s officer team                     _____5 pts.
             Have a student running for a national office this summer                _____5 pts.

Community Service (List up to 3 projects you supervised)
        1.                                                                           _____5 pts.
        2.                                                                           _____5 pts.
        3.                                                                           _____5 pts.

Fundraising (List up to three projects you supervised)
        1.                                                                           _____5 pts.
        2.                                                                           _____5 pts.
        3.                                                                           _____5 pts.

Social Activities (List up to two activities you supervised)
        1.                                                                           _____5 pts.
        2.                                                                           _____5 pts.

State Sponsored Projects
             Business Achievement Award Winner/s                                     _____5 pts.
             Raised money for the March of Dimes                                     _____5 pts.

Chapter Reports (List Report Names)
        1.                                                                           _____5 pts.
        2.                                                                           _____5 pts.

(To be completed by committee)

  Chapter Received 2010-11 Award of Merit                                            _____5 pts.

TOTAL PTS.                                                                           _____
                                                     BREAKING THE BARRIERS

Iowa FBLA Recognition Sample Forms
                             NOMINATION FORM

Chapter submitting nominee _________________________________________

Nominee ________________________________________________________
                  Last            First           Middle
Address (home) ___________________________________________________
                  Street                City      State      Zip

Address (business) ________________________________________________
                   Street               City       State      Zip

Telephone (home) ___________________ Telephone (bus.) _______________

Birth date __________________________ Marital status __________________

Candidate’s Educational Background – List recent date first.

                                                          Year    Year
                                         Degree          Begun
Institution                                                      Ended

Contributions to the Community

                                          Major           Year    Year
Name of Organization,                 Offices Held       Begun
Affiliation or Institution                                       Ended
                                                     BREAKING THE BARRIERS

Iowa FBLA Recognition Sample Forms
Candidate’s Employment Summary – List most recent first

                                          Title/            Year              Year
Company or Institution                   Position          Begun
And Location

Awards, Decoration & Citations

                                          Presenting Award                   Year

Name of

Contributions to Future Business Leaders of America


(Please attach copies of programs, letters, etc. to this nomination form.)

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