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					          New Trier High SchoolChamber Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble Visit China
                                                                China Tour 2000
Orders for the New Trier China Tour DVDs and VHS tapes are being accepted now through August 20, 2000.

Special Collectors’ Edition DVD Features:
 2-hour feature movie of New Trier’s China Tour
      (English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Original 1.33 Aspect Ratio)
     Chapter Index (Preliminary):
      o    Mr. Monkey                                       o    Happy Birthday, Jamie Branch           o    Zhengzhou Middle School
      o    Have a * good time in China: The                 o    Pet Shops and Dining Out               o    Chinese “Messages”
           Rules                                            o    Wilson                                 o    Grade School Sing-Along
      o    Welcome to China Town!                           o    Party Buhhs!                           o    Cave
      o    Warrick Tells a Chinese Joke                     o    Pearls make you happy!                 o    Sam Cam
      o    Hello! Hello! Postcards?                         o    I Know Kung Fu                         o    The Last Night: Have a * good time
      o    First Steps: A Great Wall of China               o    Chinese Government Officials                in China
      o    Soft Sleeper                                     o    Acrobatic Wonders                      o    And more!
     The complete 60-minute Jazz Ensembles 1999-2000 CD included on the DVD;
     30-minutes of audio tracks of Chamber Orchestra’s China Tour performances;
     Tour music video;                                Cast/crew commentaries;
     The making-of China Tour 2000 featurette;        The Cutting Room Floor: Outtakes.

VHS Features:
 2-hour feature movie of New Trier’s China Tour
      (English Dolby Surround, Original 1.33 Aspect Ratio)
      (The VHS edition does not include the Jazz Ensembles CD or Chamber Orchestra China music.)

All features are subject to change. Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround license pending.

What? You’re ordering VHS instead of DVD?!?!

     VHS tapes are subject to warping and stretching, which results in degraded picture quality. The digital videos stored
      on DVDs do not degrade over time.
     Since we do not want to rush the editing process, orders may not ship for several months. If you do not already have
      a DVD player you may acquire one by the time your order ships.
     DVD player units start as low as $140. Most units range from $200-$300 and are capable of playing DVD, Video CD,
      and audio CD formats.
     Many new computers—some under $600—are equipped with DVD-ROM drives and are capable of playing DVD-
      Video discs. Ask your computer sales specialist for details.
     Sony PlayStation®2 supports the DVD-Video format, and it is slated for release on October 26, 2000 for a retail price
      of $299! See for more details.

To learn more about DVD, visit Check for additional order forms and production updates.
         Orders may be picked up at New Trier High School or shipped to your door for $3.00 per item.
    Edition                                                                              Price Each      Qty     Extended
    SPECIAL COLLECTORS’ EDITION DVD                                                          $40.00            $
    VHS Standard Edition                                                                      $30.00           $
             Write “PICK UP” for shipping amount if you wish to                                      Subtotal: $
                 pick up your order at New Trier High School.                       Shipping ($3.00 per item): $
              Please allow 2-4 months for items to become available.
     Check for the latest availability information.                     Total: $
     Please make payments payable to New Trier High School and send by AUGUST 20, 2000.
    Send To:
    (Recipient’s Name)                                                                  Send order form and payment to:
    Address:                                                                                   ATTN: JIM WARRICK
                                                                                             NEW TRIER HIGH SCHOOL
    City, State Zip
                                                                                                385 WINNETKA AVE
    Telephone:                                                                               WINNETKA, IL 60093-4295

                                Please contact for questions regarding your order.

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