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									        Start Your Own
        Software Empire
                         -Alex Ronald

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           Table of Contents

1. Finding the right niche

2. Researching the market

3. Creating the software

4. Publishing your software

5. Conclusion
Finding the right niche
Before starting your software empire adventure, you have to plan out
what you would be making. It’s necessary to create the right software.
Create something which others don’t need and no one is going to buy

You have to find what people need, why they need it and what
features the current products on the market don’t support. This is very
important. Though it can be the simplest looking step, it’s the most
crucial. If this step is not followed correctly, then your business will not
even get off the ground.

So how do you find what people want? In a nutshell, visit various
forums, newsgroups and other message boards. The best way to find
them is to search them on Google. But before you do that, decide
which market you are going to target. Are you going to create a
marketing tool? Or maybe an educational tool? If you manage to
decide this, then it’s easier to find a message board relating to that

Lets say you want to creating a marketing tool. Search Google for
“marketing forum”, “marketing message board”, “marketing
newsgroups”. You will come across many sites. Take a look at the
current hot discussion. What are people discussing? A new technique,
marketing strategy or maybe begging for a piece of software that
automates things for them? You can then get an idea of what can be
automated using a software.

For example, when viral marketing was on fire, the tool to brand links
inside e-Books was the primary tool helping viral marketing. You no
longer needed to manually edit links and give it to your subscribers.
Everything was automated. This gives you an idea of how a technique
can be automated.

There are many aspiring marketers. They all want to sell products, but
don’t have the skill to do so. Maybe they don’t know how to create a
killer sales letter, or an ezine letter and maybe even a joint venture
request letter. Can you write a professional letter on the above
subjects? Then you can create software that inputs information like the
person’s name, email, website and then replace them in a pre-defined
template you’ve created. This way, the end-user has a sales letter or
any other such letter, fully customized for his own use, but still
retaining the professionalism of the actual letter.

There are many ideas which you can come up with this way. Please
use it to your advantage. This simple method exposes millions of
ideas. You can never go wrong with this. This technique might sound
simple, but is the most effective.

When you write e-Books, you present a working technique and
information to the end-user. You offer them something that works,
whatever field it might be. Techniques can vary in complexity. Some
techniques might require quite a lot of hard work. Can you create
software that automates atleast some parts of your technique? It can
be a great supplement to your main product, or a product in itself.

The main objective of creating software is to automate various
procedures. Most of the time, the software that you create for yourself
proves useful to you. If it’s useful for you, it can be useful for
numerous others like you.
Researching the market
Once you have decided upon what you would like to create, it’s best to
do a little research to find out similar products to yours. Most of the
time, there might be product similar to yours. If it is, then it’s good for

Once you find a list of similar products, you can study the features
they are offering. Study their offers, pricing and what features the
program covers. Many times, you can get your hands on a demo of the
software. If not, the feature list and screenshots can be enough to tell
the whole story.

First of all, your software should atleast have all the features your
competitors have. Then you can innovate certain ways in which a
feature works. Maybe you can make a feature more easily accessible
and useful. This takes a bit of brainstorming, but the end results are
always good. Try to add your own tidbits to your software.

Plan out how you want your software to look and function. Work out
the best way your interface should look so that features are easily
accessible. Plan out what you could add, and what you could remove.

After all this, put yourself in other’s shoe. Would you use the software
you just created? If you don’t like your own software, don’t expect
others to like it. Many time, a software developer creates a software to
solve his own problem and ends up realizing that there are many
others facing the same problem. He thus releases his solutions for
others to take advantage.
Creating the software
Now comes the lovely moment of creating your software. How should
you approach your creation totally depends on what type of software
you want to create. If you’re a programmer, you can try to program
your software yourself. But sometimes, the task is very tedious. There
are two options you can use to create your software.

     1. Using a freelancer to create your project

        You can outsource your project to freelancers. But you should
        be very detailed in how you want your software to be.
        Sometimes, features cannot be expressed in words, but
        should be as much detailed as possible.

        If you are looking for a freelancer, there are various sites like
        Rent A Coder, Scriptlance, Elance. The price tag for your
        product can range from $50 to $1000 ranging on the
        complexity. Most of the software can be completed in a price
        range of approximately $300.

        Though the price can look a bit high, the initial investment
        pays off when you start selling your software. If your software
        is really of good quality, it should take that much time to
        regain the money you spent on the production of the software
        and would be counting your profits in less than a week.

     2. Creating a software of your own, without prior
         programming knowledge.

        This can be on of the best method of creating software. This
        way, you can create software without prior knowledge of
        programming. The only software I can recommend is Instant
        Software Builder. With this tool, software creation couldn’t be
        easier. You might not believe yourself when you release
        software after software. The readers of this book get a 34%
        discount on the software when ordered from the above link.

        You can really build great selling software in a short amount
        of time and build your own profit pulling Software Empire with
        this nifty software creation tool.
Publishing your software
You have your software, ready to be sold and published. There are
several ways you can do this. But before starting up, make sure you
have a good web designing tool to create professional looking
websites. The one website tool specifically designed for marketers is
Xsite Pro, and I highly recommend it.

Once you have your site done, the only thing remaining is to promote
it. If you have already sold before, and have built an Opt-In list, it’s no
problem. You can inform your customers about your new product. This
way, you can get a decent amount of sale in less than 48 hours.

But before you prepare for the traffic, make sure that your Sales
Letter can convert your visitors into customers. There is no use of
traffic when no one wants to buy your products. Sales Letters can be
tricky to write, but if you really want to write a magnetic Sales Letter
in a very short amount of time, check out Power Sales Letter
Generator. It can be used to create profit pulling sales letter that will
surely increase your sales. That’s one reason I recommend this
software to anyone wanting to market digital products on the internet.
The readers of this e-Book get a 30% discount on the software when
ordered from the above link.

But if you have not marketed before, then you can still promote your
product. If your product solves a problem, write an article about that
problem, and the possible solutions. In your resource box, mention
your software and how it can solve the problem at a click of a button.
Such articles can be submitted to sites like EzineArticles, GoArticles
and other article directories.

Offer a trial version of your product to the end user. This demo version
can have limited features. Start an affiliate marketing campaign. Let
other people market your products. They get a share of commission,
but you get a larger user base, which is necessary for future business.

Clickbank can be a great solution for setting up affiliate programs. You
might consider using it when creating affiliate programs for your
It’s a good idea to give additional bonuses to your customers to Opt-In
to your newsletter. This way, you have an advertising source for your
future software.

It’s also a good idea to start an Adwords Campaign. This way, you can
bring a lot of targeted traffic to your website. Adwords can be a big
investment, but it really pays off. Adwords can be best used with
software like Keyword Elite, which helps you determine the right
keyword to target for maximum profits.

Your software can get easily promoted using these techniques. In no
time, you’d start seeing your sales figure rising. The only thing you
should remember is, offering quality product is the key.
You have learnt enough to start your own software empire. This guide
can look small, but it has all the valuable information you’ll ever need.
Once you start creating your Software Empire, experience will teach
you the rest. Technology is changing rapidly, and so is the need for
software. So one cannot accurately predict which software product is
hot in the market. But I have given you the necessary steps to follow
to find out what exactly people want.

There can be a lot of competition in the software market, thus you
need to research well before creating software. Your software should
be better than your competitors. Only then you’ll find people buying
your stuffs. Its time to put the knowledge you gained to good use!

Good Luck!

-Alex Ronald

NOTE: This report comes with 100% free give away rights.
You may give away this report to your subscribers as a bonus,
or distribute it to your visitors as a special free gift. Please give
this report away to anyone in need of such information.

This report cannot be sold for any price and can only be given
                           for free

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