REMODEL                                                        ATLANTA
                                                 ATLANTA’S PREMIER REMODELING RESOURCE GUIDE

                                                               A BIT OF
                                                                         THE 2008
                                                          OBIE AWARDS
                                                         CHOOSING THE RIGHT
                                                   THE LIST OF ATLANTA’S
                                                       TOP REMODELERS
                                                                               SEE PAGE 36

                   THE GREATER ATLANTA HBA AND
                               CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE
                                                PROFESSIONALS TRAINED
                                                TO GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT
                                                FROM ROCCO SINISGALLI, CGR ATLANTA REMODELERS COUNCIL CHAIRMAN
                                                       hen embarking on a new home renovation project, the
                                                W      first step is to hire a professional contractor that will
                                                       ensure not only the job gets done, but that it meets and
                               exceeds your expectations. You may think that finding the right person for the
                               job is as hard as picking the perfect paint color, but the Greater Atlanta Home
Rocco Sinisgalli               Builders Association (HBA) has made this task a little easier for you.
VICE-CHAIRMAN                     As chair of the Atlanta Remodelers Council, we represent more than 130
John Beach                     members, who are highly qualified contractors. These individuals have been
                               trained to ensure that the partnership between home owners and remodeling
                               professionals is of the highest quality.
Al Capogrossi
                                  The professionals in the Remodelers Council are able to guide you through
AT LARGE                       the renovating process. Prior to starting a new project, your contractor will pro-
Melina Wilkinson, Amy Bryan,   vide a detailed description of the project, including an estimated timeline. For
Jacqui Woo, Mike Turner        the most effective relationship, be sure to communicate openly with your
                               remodeler. If you have questions, concerns or ideas, make sure you share these
GREATER ATLANTA HBA            from the beginning of the process. This will ease your worries going forward
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE            and enable the remodeler to share your vision.
PRESIDENT                         Once the renovation has begun, constant communication is key. Don’t wait
Steve King                     until the end of a project to share a concern; make sure your remodeler is
                               aware of any issues that arise as soon as possible. These steps will create a
                               positive working relationship, and you will be satisfied with the results.
Les Stumpff
                                  By hiring a member of the Atlanta Remodelers Council you can be assured
PARLIAMENTARIAN                that the contractor is a well trained professional who will partner with you for
Steve Palmer                   a successful home renovation.
ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT          To learn more about the Atlanta Remodelers Council, or to locate a member for
Mitch Hires                    your next project, visit www.atlantahomebuilders.com or call 678-775-1446.
                               We welcome your questions and comments.
Carol Stone                    Rocco Sinisgalli, CGR
BUILDERS AT LARGE              Chairman, Atlanta Remodelers Council
Steve Brock, Dean Cowart,      Oneida Builders, Inc.
Phil Gressly, Dan O’Dwyer      1532 Dunwoody Village Parkway, Suite 130
                               Dunwoody, GA 30338
GENERAL COUNSEL                770-396-1002
Frank Brown

                                                                                                                       PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF: SMALL CARPENTERS AT LARGE, INC.

David Ellis
Shelly Dresdner
Nancy Meeks

1484 Brockett Road
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone: 770-938-9900
Fax: 770-934-8363

                                                                                                   Remodel Atlanta 3
  SUMMER 2009

REMODEL                                AT L A N T A   PHOTOS COURTESY OF: E. C. Moccia Builders (left); C3 Construction, Inc. (right)

                                                      GREATER ATLANTA HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION
                                                                                  1484 Brockett Road
  03           Chairman’s Message                                                 Tucker, GA 30084
                                                                                  Phone: 770-938-9900
  06           Certified Experts                                                  Fax: 770-934-8363

  07           Code of Ethics                         ATLANTA REMODELERS COUNCIL
                                                      CHAIRMAN.................................................Rocco Sinisgalli, CGR
  10           Selecting Your Remodeling Contractor   COUNCIL SERVICES MANAGER...........................Shelly Dresdner
                                                      COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER................................Nancy Meeks
  14           The 2008 OBIE Awards                   GREATER ATLANTA HBA
                                                      PRESIDENT................................................................Steve King
  19           Eco-Friendly Renovations               4DMI
                                                      PUBLISHER ............................................................. Kevin Ford
  22           Preserving a Bit of History            EDITOR.............................................................. Sharon Glorioso
                                                      CONTRIBUTING EDITOR .......................................... Troy Blewett
  26           Beautiful Historic Renovation          CREATIVE DIRECTOR ............................................. Pete Moretta
                                                      OPERATIONS DIRECTOR ............................................ Ruth Ford
  30           Choosing the Right Cabinetry           MARKETING DIRECTOR ............................................. John Ford
                                                      OFFICE MANAGER...................................................Allyson Geier
  34           HBA Remodelers Member Specialties

  36           HBA Remodelers Member Directory                  4TH DIMENSION MEDIA, INC

                                                      Published by 4th Dimension Media, Inc.
                                                      for exclusive use by the HBA.
  ON THE COVER:                                       4th Dimension Media, Inc.
  PRESERVING A BIT OF HISTORY                         W298 N1004 St. James Way
  Story starts on page 22.                            Waukesha, WI 53188
  PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF:                             For advertising inquiries contact:
  PACES CONSTRUCTION, CO.                             Kevin Ford
                                                      President, 4DMI

4 Remodel Atlanta
         hen choosing a builder or remodeler, you want             CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL HOME BUILDER (CPHB)

  W      someone with the skill and expertise to do the job
         right. In a crowded marketplace, however, identify-
  ing a qualified professional can be difficult. That’s why the
                                                                   The Certified Professional Home Builder program is the only
                                                                   voluntary builder certification program of its kind in Georgia.
                                                                   Administered by The Housing Institute, Inc., the CPHB pro-
  National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and                 gram is a non-profit subsidiary of the Greater Atlanta Home
  Greater Atlanta HBA created professional designations that       Builders Association and is governed by board of directors
  help consumers identify builders and remodelers who have         from such organizations as the Better Business Bureau,
  committed themselves to continually improving their skills       Georgia Association of Home Inspectors, local county build-
  and being committed to their profession. When a home             ing inspectors, real estate agents, builders and other indus-
  owner selects a builder or remodeler with a professional         try-related fields. A Certified Professional Home Builder has
  designation, they are getting a professional with superior       met stringent requirements, including passing a written
  training, practical experience and in-depth knowledge in         building codes exam; providing 14 written references; meet-
  their chosen specialty.                                          ing insurance requirements; having their customers surveyed
                                                                   annually; completing 16 hours of continuing education annu-
  CERTIFIED AGING-IN-PLACE SPECIALIST (CAPS)                       ally; providing a warranty; having a dispute resolution process
  Demographic data suggest that an increasing number of peo-       in place; and more. Visit www.cphb.org for more information.
  ple are choosing to stay at home as they get older. While
  these older home owners’ addresses may not change, their         EARTHCRAFT HOUSE
  needs certainly do.                                              Created in 1999 by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders
     In response to these changing needs, the NAHB joined          Association (HBA) and partner Southface Energy Institute,
  forces with AARP and several experienced remodelers to           EarthCraft House is a voluntary building program that pro-
  develop a specialized credentialing program: Certified Aging-    vides a model for healthy, comfortable homes that reduce
  in-Place Specialist (CAPS). The designees are trained to         utility bills and help protect the environment. The EarthCraft
  understand and respond to the unique needs and                   House certification process follows a checklist designed to
  concerns of older home owners.                                   verify that each EarthCraft home addresses specific guide-
                                                                   lines and performance standards that include an energy-effi-
  CERTIFIED GRADUATE REMODELER (CGR)                               cient building envelope and systems; high-performance win-
  Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) is an exclusive               dows; properly sized heating and cooling equipment; and
  professional designation designed to emphasize business          energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Any size or style of
  management skills as the key to a professional remodeling        home can be newly built and/or remodeled to meet EarthCraft
  operation.                                                       standards. When a home meets the required standards, it
     The CGR designation requires that graduates meet              achieves EarthCraft House and ENERGY STAR certification
  prescribed standards of business practice, possess a             at the same time. EarthCraft House has been named National
  minimum of five years’ remodeling industry experience, have      Green Building Program of the Year by the National
  a proven track record of successful project management,          Association of Home Builders in 2004 and again in 2008.
  complete a comprehensive education curriculum and pledge         Visit www.earthcrafthouse.com for more information.
  to uphold the program's code of ethics. The CGR designation
  shows a high level of professional credibility and can be con-
  sidered an industry leader.
                                                                                                                                     PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF: SUMMERS & SONS DEVELOPMENT

  The Certified Green Professional designation recognizes
  builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who
  incorporate green building principles into homes—with-
  out driving up the cost of construction. Class work
  leading to the designation provides a solid background
  in green building methods and techniques which
  enables the remodeler to translate these principles to a
  variety of projects.

6 Remodel Atlanta
HBA REMODELERS Member Designations
CABINET DISTRIBUTORS OF GEORGIA, INC. 404-361-5200                               NATIONAL HOUSE CARE, INC.                                  404-806-2279
Todd Whiddon..........................................................CAPS       Gary Krajecki ...........................................................CAPS

CALHOUN PROPERTIES, INC.                  770-952-9090                           ONEIDA BUILDERS INC.                             770-396-1002
Lawson P. Calhoun, Jr.CGP, CPHB, EarthCraft House Council                        Rocco R. Sinisgalli ..............CGR, EarthCraft House Council

CONCEPT CREATORS                                         770-469-7299            REVIVAL CONSTRUCTION, INC.                               404-888-9886
Al Capogrossi...........................................CAPS, CGP, CGR           Wright Marshall .........................................................CGR

FORTENBERRY HOMES, LLC                                  770-222-3215             SPECIALTY BUILDERS REMODELING, LLC 770-496-0635
Christine Fortenberry ................................................CAPS       Richard A. Hoffman..................................................CAPS
                                                                                 STONE MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION, INC. 770-465-9733
HANDCRAFTED HOMES, INC.                                  770-642-1010
                                                                                 Anthony W. Long........................................................CGR
Judy J. Mozen .................................................CGP, CPHB
                                                                                 SUMMERS & SONS DEVELOPMENT CO.                         770-934-2700
HARCREST HOMES, LLC                                     770-831-6670
                                                                                 Fred Summers.................................................CAPS, CGR
Danny Childress.......................................................CPHB
                                                                                 TCB - THE CUSTOM BUILDER                                  404-233-2530
HARCREST HOMES, LLC                                       770-831-6670           Patricia Byce...........................................................CPHB
Jon Jackson ............................................................CPHB
                                                                                 THE HOME SERVICE STORE, INC.                         770-261-7114
HOMES BY BRUMBY, LLC                                     770-619-9622            Andrew M. Remm ....................................................CAPS
Carolyn Moore .........................................................CPHB
                                                                                 TOM MURDOCK CUSTOM BUILDERS, INC. 770-296-0225
JOHN WILLIS HOMES, INC.                                     770-623-1496         Tom Murdock ..................................................CAPS, CGR
John willis...............................................................CPHB
                                                                                 WATERFORD HOMES, INC.                                    770-448-2175
KATHLEEN DAY & ASSOCIATES                                770-446-1500            David Clough...........................................................CPHB
Rob Wagner ............................................................CPHB
                                                                                 WICKSTEADWORKS                               404-315-1995
LIFESPRING ENVIRONS, INC.                                678-762-3330            Frank A. Wickstead...CAPS, CGP, CGR, EarthCraft House Council
Rebecca Stahr .........................................................CAPS
                                                                                 WINDSONG PROPERTIES, LLC                                770-516-3409
                                                                                 Steve Romeyn .........................................................CPHB

  Members of the Greater Atlanta HBA are committed
  to an established Code of Ethics. It reads:

  Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association members believe and affirm that: home ownership can and should be within
  the reach of every American family; American homes should be well designed, well constructed and well located in attrac-
  tive communities with educational, recreational, religious and shopping facilities accessible to all; and American homes
  should be built under the free enterprise system. To achieve these goals, we pledge allegiance to the following principles
  and policies: our paramount responsibility is to our customer, our community and our country; honesty is our guiding busi-
  ness policy; high standards of health, safety and sanitation shall be built into every home; members shall deal fairly with
  their respective employees, trade contractors and suppliers; as members of a progressive industry, we encourage research
  to develop new materials, new building techniques and improved methods of home financing to the end that every home
  purchaser may get the greatest possible value for every dollar; all sound legislative proposals affecting our industry and the
  people we serve shall have our informed and vigorous support; we hold inviolate the free enterprise system and the
  American way of life; we pledge our support to our associates, our local, state and national associations and all related
  industries concerned with the preservation of legitimate rights and freedoms. We assume these responsibilities freely and
  solemnly, mindful that they are party of our obligation as a Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association member company.

                                                                                                                                             Remodel Atlanta 7
                                                 SELECTING YOUR
                                                     inding the right building and             Check to be sure the contractor you      issues. According to Earl Moccia, owner

                                                 F   remodeling professional is crucial.
                                                     There is a lot for home owners to
                                                 consider, and they need to be proactive
                                                                                             hire is properly licensed, insured and
                                                                                             has workers compensation insurance.
                                                                                             In addition, home owners can also
                                                                                                                                        of E. C. Moccia Builders, in Atlanta, he
                                                                                                                                        has been a member for more than 20
                                                                                                                                        years, and his membership helps his
                                                 and do their homework if they want to       contact the Better Business Bureau         company stay up to date.
                                                 enjoy the building or remodeling process    to see if there are any unresolved            Charley Hipple, owner of Cardinal
                                                 and the end result.                         complaints against a contractor.           Construction Inc., in Duluth, GA, says
                                                   Here are some guidelines to make the                                                 that “being a member of the HBA helps
                                                 selection process easier and to help you    PROFESSIONAL TRADE ORGANIZATIONS           his company stay abreast of the latest
                                                 make a more informed decision.              The best place to find top-notch remod-    products, design techniques, construc-
                                                                                             eling professionals is a professional      tion techniques, business practices and
                                                 BASIC QUALIFICATIONS                        trade organization such as the Greater     industry issues so we can do a better
                                                 Look for a contractor with a track record   Atlanta Home Builders Association          job for our customers.” The HBA also
                                                 of success in your community. A suc-        (HBA). These trade organizations help to   promotes continuing education and
                                                 cessful business is one that is estab-      keep their members informed about the      allows companies to submit their proj-
                                                 lished in your area and has survived and    latest products, construction tech-        ects for awards such as the OBIEs and
                                                 thrived over a period of time.              niques, business practices and industry    to receive credit for their work.

                                                 10 Remodel Atlanta
                                                                                                                                             PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF: CARDINAL CONSTRUCTION, INC.
   When you select an HBA member,
you’re selecting someone who adheres
to a Code of Ethics and is held to the
collective standards of the organization.
According to the HBA, their members
are dedicated to promoting, protecting
and preserving the homebuilding indus-
try as a viable economic force in the
Atlanta area.
   The bottom line is that a builder or
remodeler who shows a commitment to
his or her profession is someone you
can count on to do a good job.

The best way to find a qualified builder
is to be referred by someone who has
just had a successful project complet-
ed by that firm. Talk to your relatives,
friends, neighbors and co-workers who
have had recent projects done. The key
is to get the referral from someone you
trust; Hipple says that about 90 per-
cent of his business comes from refer-
rals or repeat customers.                     probably fine. If, on the other hand, you     • How many projects like mine have
   According to Moccia, having a good         want to tear the brick corner out of the        you completed in the past year?
reputation throughout the area is impor-      rear of your house and you have a struc-      • May I have a list of references for
tant. “Most of my business comes from         ture above it, you need to be working           projects you’ve completed which
either referrals or repeat business,” he      with a more experienced firm.                   are similar to mine?
said. “If you do a good job for people,          Following is a list of questions to help   • Will we need a permit for this project?
they tell their friends or if they need       you establish a contractor’s qualifica-         A qualified professional will have no
future projects done, they will use your      tions and to help you find the right per-     problem answering your questions. If
company again and again.” In addition,        son for your remodeling job.                  you get vague or incomplete answers or
Moccia says that it also helps if you get     • How long have you been in business?         the contractor is hard to communicate
to know the people that live in the neigh-    • Who will be assigned as a                   with, avoid hiring that contractor.
borhood that you are working in and stay        project supervisor for the job?
in touch with past clients. “A lot of times   • What is the time frame for                  SURFING THE NET
we become friends and we just stay in           starting my project?                        The Internet has opened up a whole new
touch,” he said. “Most people do remod-       • How do you handle this type of job?         way for customers to shop for goods and
eling projects in phases as well. They’ll     • Do you have employees or                    services, and the remodeling industry is
have several projects they need to get          do you use subcontractors?                  no exception. Many home owners use the
done and spread them out over time. I’ve      • Is your company a full-service              Web to locate remodeling contractors and
done several separate projects in one           or specialty contractor?                    to review their work from the comfort of
home; they will use you again if they like    • Do you have design services available?      their living rooms. And more and more
the work you’ve done in the past.”            • Does your company carry workers             contractors view a well-designed web site
   Look for someone who has the depth           compensation and liability insurance?       as a critical tool for showcasing their work.
of experience to do the kind of project       • Do any of your employees hold                  A good web site gives the home owner a
you want to have done. If you are look-         trade certifications?                       good idea of the contractor’s capabilities.
ing to replace a toilet, tub, and floor in    • What is the status of your license          It will often include a firm’s mission state-
your bathroom, a new contractor is              from the state of Georgia?                  ment or philosophy of doing business.

                                                                                                                        Remodel Atlanta 11
                                                       CHECK REFERENCES/                           is the best way to judge the quality of a   TRUST IS KEY
                                                       REVIEW COMPLETED WORK                       remodeler’s work. Good firms are proud      Ultimately, your goal as a home owner is
                                                       Any reputable remodeler should be           of the work they do and will be glad to     to hire a company you have confidence
                                                       able to provide you with a number of        show it to you.                             in. He or she needs to be someone you
                                                       references. Talking to past customers is                                                can communicate with and someone
                                                       one of the best ways to check on a firm     PREFERRED PROVIDER VS. BIDDING              you trust.
                                                       you are considering.                        It is perfectly acceptable to select your      “The success of the project begins
                                                          Here’s a list of questions to ask pre-   company of choice without taking            with a good relationship,” Moccia said.
                                                       vious customers:                            bids. If you’ve done your due diligence     “Without communication and trust, the
                                                       • Could you communicate well                and concluded a particular contractor       job will fail.”
                                                         with your contractor?                     or designer has the right skill set            Remember, you and your builder or
                                                       • Were you pleased with the                 for your project, don’t hesitate to hire    remodeler are tackling your project
                                                         quality of work?                          that contractor.                            together. By taking the time to choose
                                                       • Were you satisfied with the way your         However, if you are taking bids,         the right person for the job, you are
                                                         contractor conducted business?            make sure each contractor is bidding        assured of getting a remodeling
                                                       • Did the work crew show up on time?        on the same project, that it is an          professional committed to the success
                                                       • Was your project completed on time?       ‘apples to apples’ comparison. For          of your project.
                                                       • Was it completed within budget?           example, make sure each contract is
                                                       • Did the contractor stay in touch          planning on using the same quality                                 Sources for this Article:
                                                         with you throughout the project?          of materials.                                                   Cardinal Construction, Inc.
                                                       • Was the jobsite kept neat?                   Take the time to review each con-                                         Charley Hipple
                                                       • Did the work crew respect being in        tractor’s presentation so you under-                                3221 Hill St., Suite 112
                                                         and around your home and family?          stand exactly what you are getting. And                                   Duluth, GA 30096
                                                       • How was the contractor on follow-up?      if a bid seems too good to be true, it                                       770-814-7331
                                                       • Did you have any problems                 probably is.                                                      www.cardinalatlanta.com
                                                         with callbacks?                              Keep in mind that there is a price
                                                       • Were your questions and/or                to being in business and that an                                     E. C. Moccia Builders
                                                         complaints handled promptly?              established firm is going to be paying                                          Earl Moccia
                                                       • Would you use the contractor              more overhead. So there is a price for                          1140 Churchill Downs Road
                                                         again without hesitation?                 experience. But an experienced firm                                      Atlanta, GA 30319
                                                                                                   can often help you get more for                                              404-644-9565
                                                         Additionally, there’s no substitute for   your money. For instance, his team
                                                       a direct testimonial or for walking         may have been working together              Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (HBA)
                                                       through a project and seeing for yourself   for several years and is therefore                                           770-938-9900
                                                       what a contractor can do. Sometimes it      more efficient.                                               www.atlantahomebuilders.com

                                                       12 Remodel Atlanta
building bridges
        from the past
                to the future…



                            he Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association

                     T      (HBA) presents its annual OBIE Awards every
                            November. The OBIE Awards, which derives its
                     name from the obelisk shape of the award, began in
                     1980 and have grown throughout the years to become
                     the premier professionalism awards in Atlanta.
                       The 2008 OBIE Awards, which were held on
                     Nov. 8, marked the 28th anniversary of the awards.
                     These awards are the highest honor given to compa-
                     nies in the Atlanta housing industry.
                       The HBA is proud to recognize these outstanding
                     companies who were recipients of the 2008
                     OBIE Awards.

14 Remodel Atlanta
  G R E AT E R AT L A N TA H O M E B U I L D E R S A S S O C I AT I O N 2 0 0 8 O B I E AWA R D S

                                                                        KITCHEN $74,999 AND UNDER

                                                                        Company: Summers & Sons Development
                                                                        Community: Sagamore Hills
                                                                        Contact: Fred Summers, Jeff Summers
                                                                        Phone: 770-934-2700

                                 KITCHEN $74,999 AND UNDER

                                                      SILVER (TIE)
  Company: Distinctive Remodeling Solutions, Inc.
                         Contact: Mark D. Buelow, CR, CGR
                               Phone: 770-668-9393

                                                                               KITCHEN $74,999 AND UNDER

                                                                               SILVER (TIE)
                                                                               Company: Tuscany Construction
                                                                               Community: Peachtree Hills
                                                                               Contact: Nick Mastrogiovanni
                                                                               Phone: 404-314-3653

                                 KITCHEN $75,000 AND ABOVE

                        Company: C3 Construction Inc.
                        Contact: Colin Christian/Matt Skubic
                               Phone: 404-543-5745

Visit www.atlantahomebuilders.com to find more about the OBIE Awards.                                         Remodel Atlanta 15
   G R E AT E R AT L A N TA H O M E B U I L D E R S A S S O C I AT I O N 2 0 0 8 O B I E AWA R D S

                                                                  KITCHEN $75,000 AND ABOVE

                                                                  Company: Oneida Builders Inc.
                                                                  Community: (East Hampton) East Cobb
                                                                  Contact: Rocco Sinisgalli
                                                                  Phone: 770-396-1002

                             ADDITION $99,999 AND UNDER

          Company: Paces Construction Co., LLC
                      Contact: John Beach or Richard Everett
                            Phone: 404-841-8841

                                                                  ADDITION $100,000 AND ABOVE

                                                                  Company: Paces Construction Co., LLC
                                                                  Contact: John Beach or Richard Everett
                                                                  Phone: 404-841-8841

                            ADDITION $100,000 AND ABOVE

                     Company: Wisdom Properties, Inc
                Community: Ansley Park - Midtown Atlanta
                                    Contact: Paul Gouin
                            Phone: 678-795-1001

16 Remodel Atlanta                                             Visit www.atlantahomebuilders.com to find more about the OBIE Awards.
G R E AT E R AT L A N TA H O M E B U I L D E R S A S S O C I AT I O N 2 0 0 8 O B I E AWA R D S

                                                   WHOLE HOUSE RENOVATION $249,999 AND UNDER

                                                   Company: Summers & Sons Development
                                                   Community: Huntley Hills
                                                   Contact: Fred Summers, Jeff Summers
                                                   Phone: 770-934-2700


                Company: Calleiro Bros., Inc.
                     Community: Westfield Square
                         Contact: Ruben Calleiro
                    Phone: 678-409-5752

                                                                     WHOLE HOUSE
                                                                       Kitchen & Bath Remodeler
                                                                      Cabinet Door Replacement
                                                                       Whole House Renovations
                                                                          28 Years Experience
                                                                         References Furnished
                                                                     Serving Northside, Cobb, Douglas,
                                                                              Fulton & Dekalb

                                                                      Hortman & Hortman
   G R E AT E R AT L A N TA H O M E B U I L D E R S A S S O C I AT I O N 2 0 0 8 O B I E AWA R D S

                                                               WHOLE HOUSE RENOVATION $250,000 TO $499,999

                                                               Company: Paces Construction Co., LLC
                                                               Contact: John Beach or Richard Everett
                                                               Phone: 404-841-8841

  WHOLE HOUSE RENOVATION $250,000 TO $499,999

  Company: Robert Williamson Homes, LLC
                           Community: Bridgemill
                       Contact: Robert Williamson
                     Phone: 770-345-3011

                                                         WHOLE HOUSE RENOVATION $500,000 AND ABOVE

                                                         Company: Small Carpenters at Large, Inc
                                                         Contact: Danny Feig-Sandoval
                                                         Phone: 404-688-7665


      Company: Windom Construction Co., Inc.
                       Community: Atlanta - Grant Park
                           Contact: Robert Windom
                       Phone: 404-622-7171

18 Remodel Atlanta                                       Visit www.atlantahomebuilders.com to find more about the OBIE Awards.
      neida Builders creates eco-friendly     “There are more than 100 million        leave less of mark on the Earth is to

O     renovations and makes a differ-
      ence throughout the Atlanta area
one home at a time.
                                            existing homes in the United States and
                                            home owners need to look at how they
                                            consume energy in order to make their
                                                                                      educate them and make them aware of
                                                                                      the possibilities. “To change the world,
                                                                                      you can make a difference,” he said.
  Owner and president of Oneida             homes more efficient,” Sinisgalli said.
Builders, Inc., Rocco Sinisgalli strives    “Just a few major changes can signifi-    LEADING BY EXAMPLE
to transform the way home owners view       cantly increase the value of your home    Several years ago, Sinisgalli, who is also
their energy consumption. He recently       and improve your quality of living.”      chair of the Atlanta Remodelers
purchased a Dunwoody 1970s-era                Sinisgalli, who is a Master Craftsman   Council, renovated his personal home to
home and transformed it into a green        Certified Graduate Remodeler, a           EarthCraft House standards and was
masterpiece to help clients realize the     Certified Green Professional and a        surprised and pleased with the results.
possibilities and benefits of a green way   EarthCraft House Certified remodeler,     “My energy bills were greatly reduced,
of living.                                  says that the best way to get people to   and major improvements were made in

                                                                                                                                     PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF: ONEIDA BUILDERS, INC.

                                                                                                                Remodel Atlanta 19

                                                 my home’s air quality and the quality of    web site, and hired an assessor in my      old existing metal. After replacing the
                                                 living in general.”                         area to do an energy audit on the          entire system, the new ductwork test
                                                    To help his customers and future cus-    house. It gave me a list of items that     revealed a 44 percent improvement in
                                                 tomers envision what can be done,           can be improved and prioritized so you     the systems’ efficiency.
                                                 Sinisgalli’s award-winning remodeling       can decide which problems you want
                                                 firm transformed the 1970s home from        to fix,” he said. “This allows home        UPDATING INSULATION
                                                 “an energy pig into a green master-         owners to take a realistic approach to     Additionally, Sinisgalli replaced all of
                                                 piece” and then filmed the entire           their project.”                            the insulation throughout the attic area.
                                                 process to create a local television show                                              Icynene, a blown-in insulation spray,
                                                 called Going Green with Rocco, which is     REPLACING OLD DUCTWORK                     was used, and it allowed for about 700
                                                 available via link on his web site at       According to Sinisgalli, one of the        square feet of attic storage space. “It is
                                                 www.oneidabuilders.net.                     biggest areas of concern in older          very effective to stop the heat gain in
                                                    The home, which was completely           homes is leaky and older ductwork. “In     the attic,” Rocco said. “The original
                                                 renovated, is currently for sale and has    most green projects, to get the biggest    temperature in the attic was 99
                                                 made quite an impression on local           bang for your buck, replacing your         degrees; after we replaced the insula-
                                                 home owners. “The key is to not nec-        ductwork can make a major improve-         tion, the temperature was a comfortable
                                                 essarily build new but to improve exist-    ment in the air quality of the home.       74 degrees.”
                                                 ing homes and make them greener,”           When you have old and leaky duct-             Additionally,      throughout      the
                                                 he said.                                    work, it lessens the efficiency of the     residence, existing hardwood floors
                                                    “I basically pretended that I was an     home’s HVAC system, which increases        were refinished with water-based
                                                 average consumer and followed the           energy consumption.”                       polyurethane, refreshing their appear-
                                                 same process they would do. I did my          In this particular home, they replaced   ance without releasing harmful toxins
                                                 research and went to the ENERGY STAR        the entire ductwork and recycled the       into the air.

                                                 20 Remodel Atlanta
CONSERVE WATER                                Other changes include a new             one day become standard building
The kitchen and baths also received        CertainTeed roof, which was made           practice. He notes that in the new
an environmental makeover. White           from recycled materials in Georgia.        stimulus bill for 2009, there are
cabinets brightened the older, dark        Windows were replaced throughout,          tax incentives for home owners,
kitchen, while their eco-friendly          using double pane windows and weath-       builders and remodelers who imple-
construction and finish preserves          erproof strips. “You can expect a 14       ment these energy-efficient methods
the home’s indoor air quality. Old         percent to 28 percent reduction in         and materials.
appliances were replaced with ENER-        bills by replacing your windows,”             Sinisgalli is currently working on
GY STAR models, while old plumbing         Sinisgalli said. Rain water barrels were   doing an energy makeover and TV
fixtures were switched to conserva-        also placed outdoors, which collects       show on the Georgia Governor’s man-
tion-minded models.                        water from the homes’ gutters, saving      sion. “We can all make the world a
   A Metlund Hot Water D’MAND              on water usage.                            greener place; it’s important for home-
System was installed, which further                                                   owners to do what they can—one
conserves water and energy by deliver-     DO YOUR PART                               house at a time.”
ing it to the faucet a lot faster than a   The HERS Rating (Home Energy
traditional model, so less water flows     Rating Service) was rated at 74, and                           Sources for This Article:
down the drain. “Most households           the house tested 26 percent more effi-                             Oneida Builders, Inc.
waste a lot of water over the course of    cient than a brand new home built to                               Rocco Sinisgalli, CGR
a year,” Rocco said. “Just the few min-    current energy standards.                       1532 Dunwoody Village Parkway, Suite 130
utes you leave the shower running            Sinisgalli says that the renovation                               Dunwoody, GA 30338
waiting for the water to get hot, wastes   was a huge success and believes that                                      770-396-1002
a lot of water.”                           everything that was implemented will                             www.oneidabuilders.net

                                                                                                                                       PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF: ONEIDA BUILDERS, INC.

                                                                                                                  Remodel Atlanta 21

22 Remodel Atlanta
                                            a Bit
                                            of History
                                            This remodel retains its sense of history, while adding
                                            modern additions to enhance this family’s home.

        hen William and Debi Lamb pur-      knew what I wanted and what I liked        up in Buckhead and graduated togeth-

W       chased their 1930s Buckhead
        English Cottage-style home about
two years ago, they knew that it would
                                            about the existing home. I had built a
                                            new home in the past, as well as sever-
                                            al remodeling projects, and I knew what
                                                                                       er from The Lovett School before going
                                                                                       to college. They both had corporate
                                                                                       careers but eventually left to pursue
have to be remodeled and enlarged to fit    I wanted to do for this home.”             their dream of building and remodeling
their needs. “We loved the location of         So, when she began to plan for the      homes. Since then, they have complet-
the home and we loved the existing          project, she wrote down everything that    ed many remodeling projects in the
house. We loved all of the mahogany         she wanted as her ‘wish list,’ such as     Lamb’s neighborhood.
wood throughout the home and the his-       several fireplaces, ceiling beams in the      “Richard had done several additions
torical feel it had—it just wasn’t big      living room, vaulted ceilings, an          and remodels on our same street and
enough,” Debi said. “We knew we could       enlarged living room area, more closet     close to us, lived nearby, and we liked
open up some walls, enlarge the home,       space, a new master bedroom suite and      what we saw,” Debi said. “We wanted
keep the historical existence and turn it   much more.                                 our home to fit in with the neighbor-
into our dream home.”                                                                  hood, and Paces Construction was also
   The home also included a guest           NEIGHBORS GIVE REFERRAL                    highly recommended by our architects.
house on the property, so it was perfect    The Lambs chose Norris Broyles and         When Richard gave us an estimate for
to live in that space when the remodel-     Associates as their architects and         the project, he was very detail-orientat-
ing project was underway. An area           began to research area builders            ed, so we decided to go with Paces, and
watercolor artist, Debi also eventually     to interview about the project.            it worked out perfectly,” Debi said.
wanted to turn the guest house into a       They met their several of their new
part-time art gallery space.                Mt. Paran neighbors at a social gather-    BLENDING OLD WITH NEW
                                            ing and received several recommenda-       According to Paces Construction’s John
NOT NEW TO REMODELING PROCESS               tions, including Paces Construction        Beach, who lives a few blocks away, this
Debi said that this was not her first       Company. Paces Construction owners         particular Atlanta neighborhood was
remodeling project she’s ever done. “I      John Beach and Richard Everett grew        farmland, a Civil War-era battlefield and

                                                                                                                 Remodel Atlanta 23
                                                  at one time it even had a gold mine on     live in backyards and can be occasion-          “We have updated many older homes
                                                  it. Residential development didn’t start   ally seen by neighbors. “It has a really     like the Lamb’s using our EarthCraft
                                                  until the 1920s, and then was inter-       wooded charm,” Debi said.                    green building skills, an eco-friendly
                                                  rupted by the Depression and World War        The original Lamb home was a              building certification program from
                                                  II. So, houses from the 1930s through      charming cottage that had been added         the Greater Atlanta Home Builders
                                                  the ‘60s mix with a few newer homes on     onto several times in its lifespan, giving   Association and Southface Energy
                                                  the street.                                it tons of character. “One of Paces          Institute. We care about the history of
                                                     Many of these area neighborhoods        Construction’s specialties is working to     our area and use sustainable approach-
                                                  and streets are curvilinear, following     retain a sense of a home’s history, and      es to help prepare these wonderful older
                                                  creeks and ridgelines, and layouts were    we believe the organic nature of period-     homes for future generations,” Beach
                                                  influenced by Frederick Law Olmsted’s      ic remodels over time resonates with a       said. “We also believe homes built over
                                                  work in Atlanta. Coyotes, deer and fox     home’s inhabitants,” John said.              a longer span of time add visual interest
                                                                                                                                          and dynamics to these Buckhead neigh-
                                                                                                                                          borhoods not seen in areas built over a
                                                                                                                                          shorter timeframe with more limited
                                                                                                                                          styles. And tearing down and starting
                                                                                                                                          over is the least sustainable thing
                                                                                                                                          builders can do, basically throwing a
                                                                                                                                          whole house in a landfill.”
                                                                                                                                             When finding a remodeler, this con-
                                                                                                                                          cept was important to the Lambs
                                                                                                                                          because they liked the original house so

                                                                                                                                          much. “We wanted to keep a lot of what
                                                                                                                                          the original house had to offer. We want-
                                                                                                                                          ed everything to match, so you couldn’t
                                                                                                                                          tell that it was an actual addition.”
                                                                                                                                          According to Paces, in historical renova-
                                                                                                                                          tions, one approach is to let people subtley
                                                                                                                                          know they’re in an updated space, but
                                                                                                                                          not be able to tell where it started. “It’s
                                                                                                                                          kind of like documenting the transition
                                                                                                                                          of time while leaving a bit of difference,
                                                                                                                                          but not being too obvious.”

                                                  24 Remodel Atlanta
   To match the antique flooring, Everett and a wood special-
ist counted the number of knotholes per foot, located appro-          Art Gallery Hosts Shows for Local Artists
priate beams from an 1800s mill in New England, had them
sawn into flooring, then installed and finished them to match.
“The existing stone foundations and walls on the property fea-
tured an unusual installation technique and random pattern            A   s well as remodeling their main home on the property,
                                                                          Paces Construction Co. also helped update the guest
                                                                      house, which Debi turned into an art gallery, doing four
from the 1930s,” Everett said. “The colors and types of stone
appeared to include grey and black granite, red oxide, crab           long weekend shows a year to show off local artists and
orchard and quartz.”                                                  raise proceeds for area charities, which vary quarterly.
   Paces brought in their third-generation stone mason from              “Paces did some work on this space, such as installing
north Georgia, who recognized the blend as Cherokee Scrape,
                                                                      gallery lighting, which turned out very well,” Debi said.
a mix of surface stones found in Cherokee County.
Generations of farmers there scraped their fields to make                The Lambs held their most recent open house in early
stone walls, barns, and houses and offered it free just to get        May 2009, which featured about 35 different local artists,
rid of it. “It was used around Atlanta during the Great               and the proceeds benefited the nearby Chastain Park
Depression, and we found a farmer who was happy to part               Conservancy. The previous show supported Children’s
with a few more truck loads,” Everett said.                           Healthcare of Atlanta.
                                                                         “I think it’s important to support local Atlanta artists,”
The original home was about 2,100 square feet, and Debi               Debi said. “It’s a way for them to come in and show their
wanted to add on a ground floor master suite, a family room           work and for local buyers to come and purchase wonderful
and a deck. She also wanted to add three fireplaces; one in           pieces. They all need places to sell their work, and we try
the master suite, one in the family room and one out on the           to bring in different artists every time. We are big advocates
deck. “I’ve always wanted a fireplace in my bedroom with a            and supporters of everything original; it’s a great way to
vaulted ceiling, so that addition was important to me.”
                                                                      promote unique creations and the local artists, as well as
   Working with architects Norris Broyles and Candace
Carlson, Paces Construction extended the kitchen into a               benefiting local charities.”
beamed and paneled family room with fireplace. In addi-                  The next show is slated to be in mid-September 2009,
tion, they created a vaulted-ceiling master bedroom with a            and proceeds will benefit Sheperd Center, a local spinal
fireplace.                                                            cord injury center. For more information about the gallery,
   Walls were also reconfigured to provide new master clos-           visit www.TheArtHouseAtlanta.com.
ets. An extensive wrap-around deck with a fireplace extends
out back and has become a gathering spot for neighborhood
events. About an additional 800 square feet was added to
the completed home’s interior, and Debi said that it turned
out great.

According to Debi, Paces Construction enlarged the living
room area, matching the styles and materials where appropri-
ate. “Everything blended in very well,” she said. “They were
even able to match up the existing stone with steps walking
up to the entrance, and it really turned out great.”
  This home won the 2008 Gold OBIE Award for Best
Addition over $100,000. To view the award, see page 16.
Everett says the credit is shared. “It takes a special caliber
of client, like the Lambs, who put together a team with
similar beliefs and a vision for this approach, to create an
award-winning project.”
  “I love my home,” Debi said. “We got everything we
                                                                                                                                          PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF: PACES CONSTRUCTION CO.

wanted out of this remodel, and I couldn’t be happier
with the results. I highly recommend Paces Construction.
Everything worked out perfectly, and I’m so glad that we
chose them.”

                                          Sources for this Article:
                                          Paces Construction Co.
                                   John Beach and Richard Everett
                                           3325 Paces Ferry Road
                                               Atlanta, GA 30327

                                                                                                                     Remodel Atlanta 25

                                                   Historic Renovation
                                                        his custom-built EarthCraft home        a 2,800-square-foot home. There are           Commission. The one significant exterior

                                                   T    was recently completely renovated
                                                        and highlights luxuriously finished
                                                   living space with ENERGY STAR fea-
                                                                                                now four bedrooms with two full and
                                                                                                two half-baths, a sauna, wonderful
                                                                                                library, large living room, luxurious
                                                                                                                                              design alteration allowed was the addi-
                                                                                                                                              tion of one dormer on the south front.
                                                                                                                                                 One of the first steps was to have his-
                                                   tures throughout.                            kitchen, formal dining room, contempo-        tory preservation professionals evaluate
                                                      The home owner, a retired Fortune         rary family room area and a second-           the interior of the structure. That
                                                   100 executive, wanted the home to            story sitting area.                           review revealed that the home had
                                                   be as green as possible and wanted              “Virtually none of the former structure    been through a severe fire early in its
                                                   the exterior appearance preserved but        was unaltered, except for the front cob-      history and that it had endured at least
                                                   the interior totally redesigned for          blestone skirt and steps. Some few items      six major makeovers, ridding most all of
                                                   contemporary living in space that            were worth preserving: two pairs of pocket    the historic details from the home.
                                                   felt historically correct. It has been       doors, the front door and some windows        There was agreement that the best
                                                   methodically disassembled, redesigned        (now located on the front of the house)       course was to redesign the entire
                                                   and reconstructed.                           and some limited portions of the framing.     interior of the structure.
                                                                                                The project required extraordinary atten-        In the early 1900s following the fire,
                                                   FINDING THE RIGHT CONTRACTOR                 tion to details,” said Robert Windom, CEO     the side porch was incorporated into the
                                                   After some research, the home owner got      of Windom Construction Co., Inc.              front room, and the front bay area was
                                                   a reputable referral from a local interior      The project was proceeding on schedule     created making an enlarged room that
                                                   design company for an area remodeling        and budget until, unfortunately, the home     is now the library. Other alterations at
                                                   company, Windom Construction. They           owner had a financial crisis midway into      that time included the installation of a
                                                   specialize in a broad range of building      the project and had to halt the renovation.   new bevel glass front door and the addi-
                                                   and remodeling projects, including his-      Windom, who lives nearby, decided to buy      tion of diamond sashes across the front.
                                                   toric renovations, high-end remodels, and    the house and complete the renovation.        These changes transformed the front of
                                                   general contracting for historic and con-    The home is currently up for sale.            the home, and it took on the character-
                                                   temporary single-family homes through-                                                     istics of a Craftsman-style home. The
                                                   out the Atlanta area.                        OLD HOME HAS HISTORIC PAST                    interior pocket doors were added in a
                                                      Windom Construction worked with the       Originally built in 1890, the home over-      later modification.
                                                   home owner to line up professionals to       looks the north end of historic Grant            The original well, beneath the floor
                                                   evaluate the status of the building, and     Park. All exterior alterations had to         at the back door, was filled in during
                                                   redesign the existing structure to make it   be approved by the Urban Design               this time. The original kitchen was most

                                                   26 Remodel Atlanta
likely located at the current site of the          The envelope is designed to follow the   tion concerns. New storm drains divert
master bath. The greenhouse in the              construction practices and guidelines of    runoff to underground catchments.
back shows up first in the Sanborn Fire         Energy and Environmental Building
Insurance Maps of 1931.                         Association (EEBA), and the Building        EXTREMELY ENERGY EFFICIENT
                                                Knowledge Inc. acclaimed “Houses that       The HVAC system is a high-efficiency
NEW FLOOR PLAN RECONFIGURED                     Work” program.                              unit with an Energy Recovery Vent (ERV)
“Taking the information from the history           Beneath, there are now more than         to provide active balancing of interior
preservation professionals, we treated the      60 new piers. In addition, most of the      and exterior humidity. The hot water
interior area of the home like a blank          perimeter skirt and footings are new.       heater is a Power Vent 2 force draft unit
slate,” Windom said. “The structure has         In the crawl space are the compo-           located in a specially insulated chamber
been converted to a certified EarthCraft        nents of a Wellness House. The crawl        (which draws exterior air for combus-
House with ENERGY STAR features. The            space has: a thick white reinforced         tion). All new ENERGY STAR appliances
new structure meets and exceeds all cur-        vinyl membrane barrier on the               have been selected for their energy con-
rent codes and construction guidelines.         ground, continuous closed-cell foam         servation features. There are no incan-
The floor plan is entirely new. In addition,    insulation seals the foundation             descent light fixtures in the home.
more than 90 percent of the framing             perimeter and pier penetrations, a             Future energy-efficient expansion is
structure is totally new. All of the exterior   dehumidifier, and bright low voltage        anticipated in the closet of the upstairs
and interior surfaces were replaced.”           lights on 24/7 to inhibit mold and          bath. Solar panels on the eastern-most
                                                fungus and discourage insects and           roof feeding a lowboy tank in the closet
UNIQUE ‘GREEN’ DETAILS                          rodents. In addition, this crawl space      are planned to have solar preheat the feed
“This structure is extremely tight with         is conditioned year round.                  into the very efficient Power Vent 2 below.
open-cell foam insulation between                  A new retaining wall has been built      Solar photovoltaic panels on the main roof
rafters, cellulose in the walls and closed      on the south side of the structure and a    are to be fed into an inverter on the clos-
cell foam around the perimeter of the           continuous French Drain runs around         et exterior wall. The inverter will divert
crawl space. Humidity is addressed pas-         the north, east and south sides to rem-     power to the house panel below, or if not
sively and actively,” Windom said.              edy grade, erosion and moisture migra-      needed, send power to the grid for credit.

                                                                                                                                            PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF: WARREN BOND PHOTOGRAPHY

                                                                                                                       Remodel Atlanta 27

                                                   MIXING OLD WITH NEW COMBINES UTILITY                 been fixed in place to allow an inch of      • Leaded glass in the dining room
                                                   The north library window and the south               foam board to be caulked into place in         came from a demolition site.
                                                   living room window are the sole sur-                 the available weigh chamber—they are         • Six-panel doors came from
                                                   vivors of the first-generation interior              surprisingly tight. Throughout the balance     over seven different demolished
                                                   house features, Windom said. “The dia-               of the structure, high-efficiency energy-      local structures.
                                                   mond pattern front windows, the old                  conserving windows and doors are used.       • Muller Faucets on the powder room
                                                   front door and the pocket doors in the                                                              sink beneath the stairs are from a
                                                   office and the library are survivors of the          SALVAGE ITEMS INCLUDE:                         neighboring 1905 home.
                                                   pre-1920 remodel.” All other finish                  • The composite slate countertops in the     • Door hardware is from two different
                                                   items have been brought onsite as new                  kitchen and baths are recycled               salvage sources.
                                                   or salvage items.                                      Chemistry Lab table tops from a recent
                                                      In addition, the old weighted sash units            Dekalb County Public Schools remodel       UNIQUE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE HOME
                                                   have been rebuilt. Upper sashes have                   project.                                   According to Windom, the house is
                                                                                                                                                     unique for many reasons.
                                                                                                                                                     • Incorporated technologies to
                                                                                                                                                       control humidity and conserve energy.
                                                       Home Wins                                                                                     • Smart wiring to anticipate future
                                                                                                                                                       technologies, the finishes, the
                                                                                                                                                       detailing, the design, recycled
                                                       OBIE Award                                                                                      materials, and the energy-efficient
                                                                                                                                                       design and components.
                                                                             PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF:                                                • Space dedication for additional
                                                                            WARREN BOND PHOTOGRAPHY                                                    alternative energy components (solar
                                                                                                                                                       panels and photovoltaic).
                                                                                                                                                     • Cobblestone porch column bases and
                                                        This home was a 2008 OBIE Award winner in the                                                  porch screen wall.
                                                                                                                                                     • Diamond windows and the bevel
                                                        category of Single Family Residence, Whole House Renovation,
                                                                                                                                                       glass front door.
                                                        more than $500,000.                                                                          • Pocket doors.
                                                                                                                                                     • Custom radius stair wall.
                                                        Read more about the OBIE awards on page 14.                                                  • Domed ceiling at the central node
                                                                                                                                                       beneath the stairs.

                                                   28 Remodel Atlanta
• Octagonal dining room with its cof-
  fered ceiling, the gable windows on

                                                                                                                                        PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF: WARREN BOND PHOTOGRAPHY
  the back.
• Extraordinary kitchen, bath, sauna,
  and library all come together to
  make a home with components,
  concepts, and efficiencies for a
  home for the future.

Throughout the new home, several dif-
ferent wood products are used. The
casework, windows, doors, baseboards,
and staircase are all new stained south-
ern yellow pine.                            ceramic octagonal tiles. Additionally,       brought together to create a graceful
   The kitchen highlights solid American    other than the windows and doors pre-        space demonstrating a sense of history,
black walnut cabinets. The master           served on the front of the house             sustainability, resource efficiency and
bath vanities are tiger stripe maple.       because of their historic character, exte-   hope for the future.”
Ceilings of the eating room, office,        rior windows and doors throughout the
and the dining room and beams are           house are high-efficient units.                                 Sources for this Article:
Alabama cyprus.                                                                                        Windom Construction Co., Inc.
   The sauna is prime select Washington     HOME FOR THE FUTURE                                                      Robert Windom
State western red cedar, floors and stair   “This home is extremely tight and easy                              512 Park Avenue SE
treads are prime select white oak. The      to live in,” Windom said. “The utility                               Atlanta, GA 30312
kitchen and back rooms highlight hand-      bills are extremely low. All of these                                    404-622-7171
made Italian tile and marble. Baths are     products and components have been                           www.windomconstruction.com

                                                                                                                                        PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF: WARREN BOND PHOTOGRAPHY

                                                                                                                   Remodel Atlanta 29
                                              CHOOSING THE
                                              RIGHT CABINETRY
                                                    efore you purchase your new              Cabinets vary in price considerably     “There are many factors to consider

                                              B     kitchen or bathroom cabinets,
                                                    there are some important things
                                              you should know and important ques-
                                                                                           based on quality, the type of material
                                                                                           they are made of and whether they are
                                                                                           stock (ready-made in specific sizes)
                                                                                                                                     when choosing cabinets; actually, it is
                                                                                                                                     quite complex. The old mantra, “all
                                                                                                                                     wood” construction is not adequate.
                                              tions you need to answer. Several fac-       or custom (produced specifically for      The old concept that quality was
                                              tors including budget, size, style, quali-   your kitchen in whatever sizes are        directly related to manufacturing
                                              ty, construction, and finish should be       needed). The material you choose for      approaches: stock, semi-custom and
                                              considered before you make a final           surfaces such as counters, back-          custom is no longer true.”
                                              decision on the type and brand of cabi-      splashes and floors can also vary            There are very good quality cabinets
                                              netry you choose.                            greatly in price.                         ranging from stock to custom, howev-
                                                                                                                                     er, “the biggest distinctions today are
                                              SET YOUR BUDGET                              GETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR                  the customer choices of color, style
                                              Cabinets can account for 40 percent to       Other key elements that factor into the   and wood species. The stock cabinets
                                              50 percent of the total cost of your         equation are talent and workmanship.      will have limited customer choices,”
                                              kitchen or bathroom remodeling proj-         In the remodeling business, you get       Lundy said.
                                              ect, so setting your total budget is one     what you pay for. An accomplished            John Winfree, with Diversified
                                              of the first things you’ll need to do.       designer, skilled tradesmen and expert    Cabinet Distributors, in Norcross, GA,
                                              But don’t let this decision scare you        installation crew may cost more. But      says his company offers many lines and
                                              off. The cabinets you select will set the    you’ll appreciate their ability every     choices to choose from including
                                              tone of your new kitchen or bathroom         time you use your kitchen. According      Merillat, Masterpiece, KraftMaid,
                                              and play a major role in transforming        to Garry Lundy, with DreamMaker Bath      KitchenCraft, Shiloh, Crystal, Delta &
                                              your space.                                  & Kitchen, in Lawrenceville, GA,          Brizo Faucets and Liberty Hardware.

                                              30 Remodel Atlanta
With so many options, it is important to

                                                                                                                                           PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF: MERILLAT
do your home work.
   According to Crystal Cabinets, their
brand of cabinetry is well-known for
their high-end custom cabinetry.
“Crystal is a fully custom-framed or
frameless product line, offering a
wide array of cabinets, modifications
and special requests. Doors are avail-
able in overlay, full overlay and inset      CHOOSE STOCK,                                   Another popular brand, KraftMaid
styles, allowing you to achieve period       SEMI-CUSTOM, OR CUSTOM CABINETS              cabinets, carries 19 price points and 37
looks like Arts & Crafts, Shaker,            Stock cabinets are least expensive, and      door styles. For example, KraftMaid
Tuscan, Country French as well as            are constructed in standard shapes and       Cabinetry's standard construction fea-
cutting-edge transitional designs for        sizes, and are available in a limited        tures, like 3/4" solid wood dovetail
any room in the home. Additionally,          number of woods or styles. Semi-cus-         drawers with under-mount suspension
Crystal is constructed of furniture          tom cabinets are factory-built in stan-      runners and 3/4"-thick, fully adjustable,
quality materials with workmanship           dard sizes, with many options for stor-      full-depth shelves are considered
and design flexibility. Its line             age, design and style. The high-end of       upgrades by many other manufacturers.
includes more than 80 door styles,           cabinet construction is custom cabi-            Additionally, KraftMaid considers
choices of stains and paints, and 12         nets. They are constructed in either a       their 14-step furniture finish to be one
choices of wood.                             workroom to designer specifications or       of the finest wood finishes available.
   Yet, one more versatile example is        on-site in any style and finish.             This multi-step process is used to cre-
the Wellborn Cabinet line, which offers         According to Lundy, for stock cabi-       ate each one of KraftMaid's 37 finishes
four lines of cabinetry in their series of   nets, DreamMaker uses Quality                and glazes. According to designers at
"Good, Better, Best" cabinets. “Each         Cabinets, which offers up to 14 door         KraftMaid, “We take the extra steps like
level has more to offer than the one         styles in five wood species (i.e., maple,    hand-sanding and hand-rubbing the fin-
before, yet all feature the quality con-     hickory, cherry). “A benefit of stock        ish into each door—to bring you a beau-
struction that you have come to expect       cabinets is delivery time; one to two        tiful finish, each and every time.”
from Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.” Wellborn        weeks. Our semi-custom line sells the           Merillat brand cabinetry has over 50
Cabinets are available locally at            most and offers 32 door styles, 36 col-      styles to choose from, cabinets for the
Cabinet Distributors of Georgia, Inc., in    ors, 6 glaze colors, 16 wood species         kitchen and cabinets for the bath. You
Forest Park, GA.                             such as maple, cherry and liptus (a          can choose from traditional and contem-
   Another popular example is Wood-          ‘green’ wood). In addition, the dimen-       porary cabinets and combine them to
Mode cabinets, which include many            sions can be customized so every inch        work as entertainment centers, hutches,
options. The Wood-Mode line offers a         of space can be utilized and the cabi-       butler pantries, computer centers and
wide range of style and options to           nets can be used in many other appli-        much more. According to Winfree at
choose from. Your kitchen style can          cations: built-ins for entertainment cen-    Diversified Cabinet Distributors, “Merillat
range from a traditional kitchen to a        ters for example. DreamMaker’s semi-         and Masterpiece are our two top sellers.
contemporary or loft look.                   custom cabinets are built to spec which      Merillat offers several construction
                                             increases delivery time, and typically       options making the price point very
MEASURE YOUR SPACE                           delivers in four weeks.                      appealing. Masterpiece is a step up in
You’ll eventually want a professional to        Custom cabinets are a broad category      price but comes in a wide array of finish-
come to your home and look at your           ranging from cabinets built on-site by a     es, door styles, and customizations. Both
space, but you should measure your           carpenter, up to high-end custom             lines come in a variety of construction
area and think about where you might         design manufacturers. “The customer’s        options all the way to a plywood box,
want the new cabinets to fit.                choices are almost endless. The limita-      full overlay, dovetail, full extension draw-
   With these preliminary measure-           tions will be the skill levels of the        ers with soft close features.”
ments in hand, you’ll be able to give        craftsman,” Lundy said. “If you can
more accurate information to the             draw it, they can probably make it, but      SO MANY OPTIONS
salesperson at the home center or            custom cabinets are built to a design        Stock cabinets offer few options beyond
kitchen store, and he’ll be able to give     spec so delivery interval varies. I gener-   drawers and cupboards with many man-
you more precise estimates and ideas         ally advise clients four to six weeks,       ufacturers, but semi-custom and cus-
for your project.                            even more due to detail.”                    tom cabinets provide endless solutions

                                                                                                                      Remodel Atlanta 31
                                               to your storage needs. Pullout shelves        solutions you like and share them with      many times a day and should operate
                                               for pans, a lazy Susan, a wine rack, ver-     your designer.”                             smoothly and quietly. The finish on the
                                               tical dividers for trays and cookie              Wood-Mode brand cabinets’ manu-          wood should be smooth.
                                               sheets, an appliance garage or pullout        facturers choose just the right compo-         Look in magazines and stores to find
                                               bins are some of the standard add-ons.        nents for each specific function. For       what look you like. Choose a style that
                                                  If you have a space too narrow for a       example, while solid wood is the ideal      blends well with the architecture of your
                                               cabinet and counter, a tall pantry closet     material for raised panel doors and         home, as well as the interior design of
                                               provides lots of space, either for pots       frame faces, it isn’t always best for       the other rooms. You can choose natural
                                               and pans in the kitchen or towels in the      sides, tops, bottoms and shelves where      wood finish in a number of colors and
                                               bath. When remodeling your kitchen or         strength, stability and warp resistance     woods, painted or stained, or laminate
                                               bath, the size of your room isn’t nearly      are essential.                              finished. Between magazine articles,
                                               as important as its efficiency. According        Additionally, Crystal Cabinets offers    cable TV and the Internet, there are
                                               to kitchen and bath designers, all of the     many possibilities which are showcased      many sources of trends in styles and
                                               cabinets today must have many of the          in its quartet of distinct, handcrafted     colors and designs for the consumer to
                                               accessories that make the cabinets            cabinet lines: Crystal (custom framed);     view and form opinions as to what will
                                               more useful; tilt down storage for sink       Quest (custom frameless); and Keyline       work for them.
                                               areas, waste basket pull outs, cutlery        (framed); and Encore (frameless), are          At Diversified Cabinet Distributors,
                                               trays, knife blocks, etc. These are ‘must     Crystal’s value-priced lines.               Winfree said that they will sit down
                                               haves’ for today's kitchens.                                                              with their customers and find out what
                                                  Yorktowne cabinets have developed          YOU HAVE A CHOICE IN QUALITY                they want. Budget is also a factor, and
                                               dozens of clever solutions to make sure       If you’ll live in the home for a short      they can supply all the information to
                                               you have a place for everything. Tuck         time, you can select a basic style of       help them decide which line is right
                                               your bread box and cutting board in a         cabinets. But if this is going to be your   for them. “We take the stress out of
                                               base cabinet. Install tilt-out trays by the   “dream kitchen” or bath, you should         the process by helping our clients pull
                                               sink for sponges and such. Organize           look for top-quality construction.          the project together,” Winfree said.
                                               your baking sheets in that sliver of          Cabinets should have solid frames, door     “Whether it’s working with a contrac-
                                               space beside the stove. According to          and drawer fronts, reinforced corners       tor, another designer or a homeowner,
                                               Yorktowne, “If it belongs in your room,       and closed backs. Drawers and doors of      our designers will help pull the entire
                                               we’ll design a place for it. Just mark the    cabinets will be opened and closed          project together.”

                                               32 Remodel Atlanta
                                                 CABINETS—SELECTING THE
                                                 RIGHT TYPE OF WOOD
                                                 When you start shopping for kitchen or bathroom cabinets, the type of wood
                                                 used is just as important as the overall look or finish of the cabinets. Depending
   Winfree also encourages homeown-              on whether you are buying RTA (ready-to-assemble), stock, semi-custom or cus-
ers to check out showrooms and to                tom, your cabinets will have a big impact on the types of woods that are avail-
tell your designer what you like and             able for you to select from. Custom cabinets will offer the largest selections of
don’t like. “Our 7,000-plus square               wood types, but you will also pay significantly more for them. Here is a list of
foot showroom boasts over 40 room                wood types that you may come across in your search for cabinets:
vignettes for our clients to tour.
One of our award-winning, in-house               Paint Grade
designers will work with the client to           Paint Grade wood can really consist of a wide range of wood types. Most stock
help select which cabinetry best fits            and semi-custom cabinet companies that apply a painted finish may even use
their need.”                                     MDF or particleboard instead of wood. The most common paint grade woods
   According to Lundy, it is important to        will be Birch, Poplar or Maple.
trust the people that you are working
with. “My best advice is to choose a
reputable remodeler; choose someone
                                                 Oak is probably the most widely used wood for cabinets. Most contractor-grade
you can trust, choose a member of a
                                                 cabinets and more economically priced cabinets will be made of Oak. Oak is
professional organization.”
                                                 available in more than 200 different species and is grown all around the world.
                     Sources for this Article:   The most common finish for Oak cabinets is just a natural or honey finish. Oak is
             Diversified Cabinet Distributors    a strong, dense wood that will hold up to everyday use and can accept stain well.
                                 John Winfree
                  5250 Brook Hallow Parkway      Pine
                          Norcross, GA 30071     Pine comes in three different versions—white, yellow and ponderosa. White
                               678-325-3600      pine can be very easy to work with and will accept stain easily, while ponderosa
                       www.dcdcabinets.com       will require some special attention because of the resin that may still be con-
                                                 centrated in the wood. Pine is great for creating a rustic feel for your home.
         Cabinet Distributors of Georgia, Inc.
                                Todd Whiddon     Maple
               5158 Kennedy Road, Suite B-1      Maple is another widely used wood and can be found in a wide variety of
                        Forest Park GA 30297     species. This is probably the most common wood found in RTA cabinets,
                               404-361-5200      because it grows abundantly in northern China, and most RTA cabinets come
                    www.atlantacabinets.com      from China. There are also more than 10 species of Maple that come out of the
                                                 United States, so there is a wide variety of grains. Most maple is very easy to
                    www.crystalcabinets.com      work with and will accept stain easily. Maple finishes well in any color.

                DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen        Cherry
                                Garry Lundy      Cherry is typically used in the mid-priced to higher-end cabinets. The unique
                 1635 Lakes Parkway, Suite J     feature about Cherry is that with a light stain applied, it will actually get dark-
                    Lawrenceville, GA 30043      er with time. As the wood ages and is exposed to sunlight, it will change to the
                             770-972-1115        reddish brown color most people associate with antique cherry furniture.
                                                 With the push toward becoming eco-friendly, more and more cabinets are being
                                                 designed using Bamboo. Bamboo is a hearty plant that grows rapidly. The
                                                 biggest drawback to bamboo is that it has to be veneered over another wood,
                Masco Builder Cabinet Group
                             Peggy Jo Ready      since Bamboo plants do not grow thick enough to cut into planks. Currently, you
                              678-325-3713       will only find Bamboo being used primarily by custom shops on the West Coast.

                           www.merillat.com      Mahogany
                                                 Mahogany creates a very rich look, and the wood itself is reddish-brown. Aside
                    www.qualitycabinets.com      from exotic woods, Mahogany is one of the most expensive options in the
                                                 common wood types. It accepts stain very well, but is not an overly strong wood.
                                                 Whether you are remodeling a high-end kitchen, or just updating a rental unit,
                       www.wood-mode.com         there are a wide variety of wood types to select from. Selecting a wood type that
                                                 will hold up to the amount of use and abuse it will incur is just as important as
               www.yorktownecabinetry.com        how the finished product will look.

                                                                                                                      Remodel Atlanta 33
HBA Remodelers Summer 2009
                                         Member Specialties                 Commercial Remodeling
REMODELERS                                                                  SunDog Renovations, LLC ..........................404-625-9995
                                                                            Custom Homes
Additions                                                                   Windom Construction Co., Inc. ...................404-622-7171
Archway Construction Services ...................678-575-2163               Design/Build
E. C. Moccia Builders................................404-252-4248           E. C. Moccia Builders................................404-252-4248
Maloney Remodeling & Design ...................770-993-5253                 North Georgia Renovations, Inc. .................770-926-2039
North Georgia Renovations, Inc. .................770-926-2039               Oneida Builders Inc. .................................770-396-1002
Paces Construction Company, LLC ..............404-841-8841                  SunDog Renovations, LLC..........................404-625-9995
Windom Construction Co., Inc. ...................404-622-7171               Windom Construction Co., Inc. ...................404-622-7171
Aging-in-Place                                                              Dormers & Extensions
Windsong Properties LLC ...........................770-516-3409             Windom Construction Co., Inc. ...................404-622-7171
Basement Remodeling                                                         General Contracting
E. C. Moccia Builders................................404-252-4248           Windom Construction Co., Inc. ...................404-622-7171
Maloney Remodeling & Design ...................770-993-5253
North Georgia Renovations, Inc. .................770-926-2039               Green Remodeling
Oneida Builders Inc. .................................770-396-1002          Paces Construction Company, LLC ..............404-841-8841
Windom Construction Co., Inc. ...................404-622-7171               Kitchen Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling                                                         Archway Construction Services ...................678-575-2163
                                                                            E. C. Moccia Builders................................404-252-4248
Archway Construction Services ...................678-575-2163
                                                                            Hortman & Associates ...............................770-577-1179
Hortman & Associates ...............................770-577-1179
                                                                            Maloney Remodeling & Design ...................770-993-5253
North Georgia Renovations, Inc. .................770-926-2039
                                                                            North Georgia Renovations, Inc. .................770-926-2039
SunDog Renovations, LLC ..........................404-625-9995
                                                                            Oneida Builders Inc. .................................770-396-1002
Windom Construction Co., Inc. ...................404-622-7171
                                                                            Paces Construction Company, LLC ..............404-841-8841
Cabinets & Countertops                                                      SunDog Renovations, LLC..........................404-625-9995
Archway Construction Services ...................678-575-2163               Windom Construction Co., Inc. ...................404-622-7171
 Photo Courtesy Paces Construction Co.

                                            Ethics is one of the most important words we know. Choose an Atlanta Remodelers
                                                                 Council member for your next remodel. Your home deserves it.

                                            GREATER ATLANTA HOME BUILDERS
                                            1484 Brockett Road
                                            Tucker, GA 30084
                                            Phone: 770-938-9900
                                            Fax: 770-934-8363
Avalon Homes ..........................................770-393-9248
                                                                         Enhance your space,
Brunning & Stang .....................................404-266-0723
E. C. Moccia Builders................................404-252-4248
Hortman & Associates ...............................770-577-1179
J. Werho & Associates ...............................770-477-8983
Maloney Remodeling & Design ...................770-993-5253
Specialty Building Remodeling LLC ............770-496-0635
Windom Construction Co., Inc. ...................404-622-7171
Whole House Remodeling
E. C. Moccia Builders................................404-252-4248
Hortman & Associates ...............................770-577-1179
John Burton .............................................404-597-3122
Maloney Remodeling & Design ...................770-993-5253
Oneida Builders Inc. .................................770-396-1002
Paces Construction Company, LLC ..............404-841-8841
SunDog Renovations, LLC ..........................404-625-9995
Windom Construction Co., Inc. ...................404-622-7171

Ceramic Tile & Marble
Traditions in Tile and Stone .......................770-239-9186
Closet Systems
Metro Home Products................................770-425-1080
Custom Closets
House 2 Home .........................................678-482-9686
Woodman Insulation..................................770-442-9089
Traditions in Tile and Stone .......................770-239-9186
Garage Doors                                                             BUILDING.RENOVATION.DESIGN.
House 2 Home .........................................678-482-9686
Image Doors Inc. ......................................770-740-9030
Woodman Insulation..................................770-442-9089
Garage Storage Systems
House 2 Home .........................................678-482-9686
Woodman Insulation..................................770-442-9089
Home Warranty
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Corp...............770-280-4400
Icynene, Inc. ............................................678-232-7597
Woodman Insulation..................................770-442-9089
Metal Roofs                                                                       678.373.0635             770.396.1002
Woodman Insulation..................................770-442-9089                     www.oneidabuilders.net
Shower Doors                                                                      Call now for information on how the new
House 2 Home .........................................678-482-9686                stimulus plan can give you cash back with
                                                                                      energy efficient home improvements
Tile & Stone
Traditions in Tile and Stone .......................770-569-5232
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               Membership Directory
Antilles Construction
2070 Attic Parkway, Suite 206
Kennesaw, GA 30152
Contact: Armond Davis                           Avalan Homes, LLC                              Brunning & Stang
Phone: 770-639-2220                             1612 Withmere Way
                                                Atlanta, GA 30338                              Construction Management, Inc
                                                Contact: Richard Dunkerley                     3091 Maple Drive, Suite 220
                                                Phone: 770-393-9248                            Atlanta, GA 30305
                                                www.avalanhomes.com                            Contact: Geoffrey D. Brunning
                                                Avalan Homes has 23 years of design-build      Phone: 404-266-0723
                                                experience, and we are dedicated to provide    www.brunningandstang.com
                                                innovative design, superior craftsmanship,     Brunning & Stang is an award-winning, design-
                                                and special attention to detail. Our compre-   build company with more than 30 years of
                                                hensive services include home renovations,     experience. We offer design and construction
                                                additions, redesign, and custom home           services ranging from small renovations to total
Archway Construction                            building. Our “hands on” policy has earned     makeovers and new construction. Our team of
Services, Inc.                                  us a reputation of integrity and homes built   specialists will guide you through the process,
4305 State Bridge Road                          to the highest of standards.                   taking away the burden of complicated selec-
                                                                                               tions. Customer satisfaction and attention to
Suite 103-125                                   Awlwood Concepts                               details are the foundation of our company.
Alpharetta, GA 30022                            3455 Youth Monroe Road
Contact: Daniel Wiehl                           Monroe, GA 30052                               Builder Specialties, LLC
                                                Contact: Bill Erpel
Phone: 678-575-2163                             Phone: 770-554-3826                            6582 Peachtree Industrial Pkwy
www.archway-arstone.com                                                                        Norcross, GA 30071
North Atlanta's premier renovation and remod-   Benedict Homes Inc.                            Contact: Beth Coetzee
eling team servicing the North Metro area       3012 Wellington Ct NW                          Phone: 770-255-1400
                                                Atlanta, GA 30339
since 1998. Archway Construction Services       Contact: Billy Benedict
produces quality relationships in addition to   Phone: 770-431-0231                            Burney Homes, Inc.
our quality work. We respect our customers                                                     9650 Red Bird Lane
and their homes and offer highest quality       Bildon Construction, Inc.                      Alpharetta, GA 30022
workmanship with the best value. The main       PO Box 20051                                   Contact: Barry Burney
                                                Atlanta, GA 30325
emphasis of the company has always been         Contact: Richard P. Fierer                     Phone: 678-624-1194
customer satisfaction.                          Phone: 404-803-0415
                                                                                               By Hammer & Hand Builders, LLC
Artisans of Atlanta, Inc.                       Blake Shaw Homes                               688 Chesthill Avenue
2890 Mountain Breeze Road                       1859 Duke Road                                 Atlanta, GA 30306
Marietta, GA 30064                              Atlanta, GA 30341
                                                Contact: Blake Shaw                            Contact: Ronald J. Bokinskie
Contact: Douglas M. Locker                      Phone: 404-202-9225                            Phone: 404-815-9994
Phone: 404-377-3350
                                                Boxwood Homes Group, LLC                       Calhoun Properties, Inc.
                                                5400 Laurel Springs Parkway, Suite 701
                                                Suwanee, GA 30024                              263 Village Parkway
                                                Contact: Tim C. Bell, Jr.                      Marietta, GA 30067
                                                Phone: 678-455-7003                            Contact: Lawson P. Calhoun, Jr.
                                                                                               Phone: 770-952-9090

   Strengthen your bids by                                                                     Carston Construction, LLC
                                                                                               4473 Chamblee-Tucker Road
   providing a 2-10 HBW®
                                                                                               Tucker, GA 30084
   Home Improvement Warranty.                                                                  Contact: Ralph B. Johnston
   With our innovative sales                                                                   Phone: 770-493-7721
   support tools to market the
   fact that you offer a warranty                                                              Colquitt Construction Inc.
                                                                                               3022 Majestic Circle
   on your work, you will rise                                                                 Avondale Estates, GA 30002
   above the competition and                    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty                      Contact: Tom E. Colquitt
   increase your remodeling                           Royal Peachtree Corners                  Phone: 770-498-1602
   sales; while reducing liability                      3587 Parkway Lane
   exposure as well as limiting                                                                Concept Creators
                                                       Norcross, GA 30092                      5262 Poplar Springs Road
   administrative time related                        Phone: (800) 232-5842                    Stone Mountain, GA 30083
   to homeowner calls upon                             Fax: (770) 242-3847                     Contact: Al Capogrossi, CAPS, CGR
   completion of the project.                             www.2-10.com                         Phone: 770-469-7299

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Cowart Homes, LLC                               Glenn Sims Remodeling Co.
P.O. Box 767910                                 2160 Kingston Court SE, Suite H.
Roswell, GA 30076                               Marietta, GA 30067
Contact: Ronald W. Cowart                       Contact: Glenn H. Sims, CR
Phone: 770-641-9379                             Phone: 770-953-5959

Cruickshank Remodeling                          Grady Design & Development, LLC
1079 Alco St NE                                 2001 Kinderton Manor Drive
Atlanta, GA 30324                               Duluth, GA 30097
                                                                                           Home Performance with
Contact: Brad Cruickshank, CR, CGR              Contact: Bill Grady                         ENERGY STAR® Audit
Phone: 404-235-0988                             Phone: 678-644-8931

Custom Quality General Contractors, Inc.        Ground Up Restorations LLC
7450 Morning Dew Drive                          PO Box 301                                  Make energy
Cumming, GA 30040
Contact: Michael A. Chunta
                                                Conyers, GA 30012
                                                Contact: Chuck M. Russell                     efficiency
Phone: 770-781-8822                             Phone: 770-826-1188
                                                                                             one of your
Design-Const., by Craftmaster, Inc.
195 Chaseland Road
                                                Handcrafted Homes, Inc.
                                                505 Boulder Way
                                                                                          remodeling goals
Sandy Springs, GA 30328                         Roswell, GA 30075
Contact: Edward J. Levin                        Contact: Judy J. Mozen

Phone: 404-252-8560                             Phone: 770-642-1010
                                                                                          Low Interest Loans &
                                                Harcrest Homes, LLC

E.C. Moccia Builders
                                                2060 Buford Highway, Suite 106
                                                Buford, GA 30518
                                                Contact: Danny Childress
1140 Churchill Downs Road                                                                     Available Now
                                                Phone: 770-831-6670
Atlanta, GA 30319
Contact: Earl C. Moccia                                                                     on a Right Choice
                                                Harbour Towne Construction, Inc.
Phone: 404-252-4248                             3990 Flowers Road, Suite 510-A
                                                                                          Home Performance with
Cell: 404-644-9565                              Atlanta, GA 30360                          ENERGY STAR Audit
                                                Contact: Tom Dwyer, CR
                                                Phone: 770-455-1930
                                                                                          Call 800-462-3691 Today!
                                                Hawthorn, Inc.
                                                1649 North Decatur Road
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                                                Contact: Steven N. Prittie
                                                Phone: 404-325-1004

                                                Holland Renovation & Restoration, LLC
                                                455 East Paces Ferry Road NE, Suite 330
We are an award-winning design/build firm in    Atlanta, GA 30305
North Atlanta since 1981. From the simplest     Contact: Wm. W. Holland
projects to whole house renovations we always   Phone: 404-557-9492
focus on the desires and needs of the home-
owner. Our team of skilled and conscientious    Home Rebuilders, Inc.
workers ensure that the client is happy and
satisfied beyond expectations.                  1629 Monroe Drive
                                                Atlanta, GA 30324
Etter Construction and Home Services, Inc.      Contact: William A. Bartlett
4895 Rivercliff Trace                           Phone: 404-876-3000
Lilburn, GA 30047                                                                                                HGTV
Contact: Michael A. Etter                       Home Street Builders, Inc.                                home expert
                                                3748 Forest Hill Road                                     Pat Simpson
Phone: 770-630-2120
                                                Powder Springs, GA 30127
Fortenberry Homes, LLC                          Contact: Todd J. Ban
P.O. Box 70                                     Phone: 770-439-9419
Powder Springs, GA 30127
Contact: Christine Fortenberry, CAPS            Homes By Brumby, LLC
Phone: 770-222-3215                             10405 Old Alabama Road Connector
                                                Suite 201
GER Construction Co.                            Alpharetta, GA 30022
4933 Meadow Lane                                Contact: Carolyn Moore
Marietta, GA 30068                              Phone: 770-619-9622
Contact: Gerald E. Rand, Jr.
Phone: 770-973-2606

                                                                                          Only from Jackson EMC
HBA Remodelers Membership Directory                                                                                             Summer 2009

HORTMAN & HORTMAN                                 Jeff Hatala Construction, LLC
                                                  4144 East Jones Bridge Road
                                                                                                     Moon Bros., Inc.
                                                                                                     1662 McLendon Avenue NE
Hortman & Associates, Inc.                        Norcross, GA 30092                                 Atlanta, GA 30307
3121 Big Oak Drive                                Contact: Jeff C. Hatala                            Contact: Karl DeSantos
Winston, GA 30187                                 Phone: 770-449-9839                                Phone: 404-377-6006
Contact: Richard Hortman
Phone: 770-577-1179                               John Wesley Hammer Construction Co. Inc.           Moore Custom Homes
                                                  118 Barry Street                                   2020 Howell Mill Road, Suite C 285
                                                  Decatur, GA 30030                                  Atlanta, GA 30318
                                                  Contact: Wesley E. Stone                           Contact: Mason M. Dunn
                                                  Phone: 404-378-3885                                Phone: 678-283-0093

                                                  John Willis Homes, Inc.                            Mosaic Outdoor Living
                                                  3763 Rogers Bridge Road                            2358 Perimeter Park Drive, Suite 300
                                                  Duluth, GA 30097                                   Atlanta, GA 30341
                                                  Contact: John Willis
                                                  Phone: 770-623-1496                                Contact: Rick Goldstein
                                                                                                     Phone: 770-455-7712
                                                  Kathleen Day & Associates
                                                  4725 Peachtree Corners Circle, Suite 300
                                                  Norcross, GA 30092
                                                  Contact: Rob Wagner
We are a full-service remodeler serving
Northside, Cobb, Douglas, Fulton and Dekalb.      Phone: 770-446-1500
We have 28 years experience and are happy to
provide references. We provide kitchen and        Kirk’s Home Improvements Inc.
bath remodeling services as well as whole         3616 Casteel Road
house renovation. We feature quality products     Marietta, GA 30062
from StarMark Cabinetry and offer cabinet         Contact: Kirk A. Smith
door replacement services. Call us today to       Phone: 770-565-0489
find out how we can make your home new!
                                                                                                     Oneida Builders Inc.
                                                  Koets Corp.                                        1532 Dunwoody Village Parkway, #130
                                                  3195 Paces Ferry Pl NW
                                                                                                     Dunwoody, GA 30338
                                                  Atlanta, GA 30305-1355
                                                  Contact: Ryland Koets
                                                                                                     Contact: Melina Wilkinson
                                                  Phone: 404-231-4554                                Phone: 770-396-1002
                                                                                                     Fax 770-396-1036
J. Werho & Associates, Inc.
2923 Emerald Drive
Jonesboro, GA 30236
Contact: Jeffrey A. Werho, CR, CAPS
Phone: 770-477-8983

                                                  615 South Shore Place
                                                  Roswell, Georgia 30076
                                                  Contact: Steve Maloney
                                                  Phone: 770-993-5253 or                             Oneida Builders is a multi faceted construction
                                                         770-337-7033                                firm specializing in restoration of residential
                                                  Email: MaloneyRemodel@bellsouth.net                properties. The owner, Rocco Sinisgalli, a master
                                                                                                     craftsman and his team Corporation Director and
                                                                                                     Interior Designer Melina R. Wilkinson, Project
                                                                                                     Manager Bill Lacik, and Estimator Pat Nevitt.
                                                                                                     Prides there business on the highest quality
                                                                                                     workmanship and personal one to one customer
                                                                                                     service. Typical projects include custom home
Award winning. Experienced. Customer-orient-                                                         renovations from kitchen and bath to basement
ed. Trustworthy. Dependable. Licensed. We                                                            finishing and complete home additions. We
have served our clients for more than twenty                                                         begin with providing the client a computerized
years with personal, focused attention to our                                                        estimate, a complete design plan, a detailed
client's wants and needs. It is your home-we                                                         construction agreement, references, certificate
will enhance your life. A better functioning                                                         of insurance and we offer a company warranty
kitchen, a luxurious master bath, a cozy family                                                      with every job. We offer a level of commitment
room. Small projects or large, we give the same                                                      that is unmatched.
focus and attention.                              2007 HBA OBIE Award Kitchen Winner
                                                  Maloney Remodeling has been serving the
J.V. Page Construction, Inc.                      Atlanta area for over 25 years. Our specialities
P.O. Box 1517                                     include whole house remodeling, additions,
Roswell, GA 30077-1517                            kitchens, baths, porches, & basements. We
Contact: Victor Page                              are a full service company complete with
Phone: 770-403-0188                               design/cad drawings & interior design. We take
                                                  seriously the responsibility of monitoring qual-
                                                  ity, keeping the job on schedule, and taking
                                                  care of the customer's needs.

38 Remodel Atlanta
                                                   R.L. Hayes, Inc.
                                                   1150 Alpha Drive Suite 160
                                                   Alpharetta, GA 30004
                                                   Contact: Norman J. Shafer
                                                   Phone: 770-667-1518

                                                   Red Level Renovations, LLC
                                                   800 Peachtree Street, Suite 8625
                                                   Atlanta, GA 30308                                  Energy Efficient. Guaranteed.
                                                   Contact: Daniel F. Hanlon
Paces Construction Company                         Phone: 404-228-2590
3325 Paces Ferry Rd.                               Renewal Design Build
Atlanta, GA 30327                                  124 South Columbia Drive
(404) 841-8841 Ph                                  Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 806-7365 Fax                                 Contact: Peter M. Michelson
http://www.PacesConstruction.com                   Phone: 404-378-6962
John Beach Jr, Partner                             Renovations
                                                   708 Jett Rd
Richard Everett Jr, Partner                        Woodstock, GA 30188
                                                   Contact: Richard Eley
                                                   Phone: 770-475-9452

                                                   Residential Recreations, Inc.
                                                   2076 Fairport Way
                                                   Marietta, GA 30062
                                                   Contact: Terrie L. Erwin
                                                   Phone: 770-335-0672

                                                   Revival Construction, Inc.
                                                   1991 Rockledge Road NE
                                                   Atlanta, GA 30324
                                                   Contact: Wright Marshall
                                                                                                       Jackson EMC’s booklet
                                                   Phone: 404-888-9886

                                                   Riverbank Group
                                                                                                        Remodel for
Paces Construction Co. is an award winning         P.O. Box 71581                                      Built-in Savings
Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Vinnings, &               Marietta, GA 30007
Brookhaven area remodeler. John Beach and          Contact: Nelson L. Jones
Richard Everett custom build homes and addi-       Phone: 770-973-6239
tions, and renovate existing spaces. Paces is an                                                      Our FREE booklet explains the
EarthCraft builder, and Remodelers Council and     RLS Construction, Inc.                               benefits of energy-efficient
Georgia Trust member.                              P.O. Box 550148
                                                   Atlanta, GA 30355                                        remodeling and the
Pamela Foster & Associates, Inc.                   Contact: Rich Sokolowski                          Right Choice Home Performance
4710 Kitty Hawk Place                              Phone: 404-846-9600
Atlanta, GA 30342                                                                                       with ENERGY STAR® Audit.
Contact: Pamela Foster                             S.C. & M., Inc.
Phone: 404-303-0260                                3198 Cains Hill Pl NW # 200
                                                   Atlanta, GA 30305                                 INCLUDES HELPFUL TIPS ON:
Pantheon Properties, LLC
                                                   Contact: George Cooke
1899 Anjaco Road
                                                   Phone: 404-365-7757                                      Weatherization
Atlanta, GA 30309
Contact: Edwin C. Rutherford                                                                               Proper Insulation
Phone: 404-538-5512
                                                                                                         HVAC Improvements
Paragon Construction Inc.
1390 Cobb Ind. Way                                                                                     Reducing Environmental
Marietta, GA 30066
Contact: Douglas S. Pilcher                        Seville Consulting                                         Impact
Phone: 770-529-1082                                333 Adams Street
Pinnacle Custom Builders, Inc.                     Decatur, GA 30030
123 Jefferson Place                                Contact: Carl Seville
Decatur, GA 30030                                  Phone: 404-597-7782
Contact: Robert J. Soens, Jr.                      info@sevilleconsulting.com
Phone: 404-373-7027
Quality Minded Remodelers, Inc.                    www.greenbuildingcurmudgeon.com
1022 Swathmore Dr.                                 Seville Consulting applies proven green build-       Call 800-462-3691
Atlanta, GA 30327                                  ing techniques to real-life situations. Whether
Contact: Scott Sizemore                            you are a homeowner, contractor or architect,          for your FREE copy
Phone: 404-216-3789                                our green building and remodeling consulting
                                                   services, and building certifications under
R.L. Connelly & Company                            LEED, EarthCraft House, Energy Star, and the
P.O. Box 190187                                    National Green Building Program can make                   ONLY FROM
Atlanta, GA 31119                                  your projects, and your lives, better.
Contact: Bob Connelly, CR/CGR
Phone: 404-636-5990
HBA Remodelers Membership Directory                                                                                             Summer 2009
Site Modern Corporation                           Swan Contractors, LLC                               W. Cameron & Co. LLC
41 Beverly Road                                   2208 Heritage Trace View                            931 Monroe Drive NE, Suite A-102-357
Atlanta, GA 30309                                 Marietta, GA 30002                                  Atlanta, GA 30308
Contact: Andrew Barber                            Contact: Olivia Lebedev                             Contact: Cameron Tucker
                                                  Phone: 770-912-0804                                 Phone: 404-610-4058
Phone: 404-849-5292
                                                                                                      Waterford Homes, Inc.
                                                                                                      5880 Live Oak Pkwy, Suite 180
                                                                                                      Norcross, GA 30093
                                                                                                      Contact: David Clough
                                                                                                      Phone: 770-448-2175
Specialty Builders                                                                                    WicksteadWorks
Remodeling, LLC                                                                                       1765 Moonstone Court
2582 Lake Capri Drive                                                                                 Decatur, GA 30033
                                                                                                      Contact: Frank A. Wickstead, CAPS, CGP
Conyers, Georgia 30012                            TCB: The Custom Builder                             Phone: 404-315-1995
Contact: Richard A. Hoffman CR, CAPS              P.O. Box 190547
Phone: 770-496-0635                               Atlanta, GA 31119                                   Wilserv
Fax: 770-484-7769                                                                                     904 Gainesville Highway
                                                  Contact: Trish Byce                                 Gainesville, GA 30518
Email: specialtybuilders@earthlink.net            Phone: 404-233-2530                                 Contact: Ron Akins
Website: www.specialty-builders.net               www.bycehomes.com                                   Phone: 770-614-3545
Specialty Builders, an award winning remodel-     Building and renovating homes for discerning
ing company operating in metro Atlanta since      clients for over 15 years in Brookhaven, Vinings
1985, focuses on kitchens, baths, new addi-       and Buckhead, started with a vision of Mac
tions, and whole house remodeling. Licensed       Byce. We strive to build and renovate at
Residential Contractor and owner, Richard         affordable prices and provide reasonable archi-
Hoffman a NARI Certified Remodeler (CR) and       tectural, design and construction services with a
Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) val-   stable of talent unmatched for professionalism
ues customer satisfaction and best practices      and attention to detail. Call Trish Byce
in remodeling. Design assistance available.       404.202.8649 or Rob Gagnon 678-300-9742.            Windom Construction Co. Inc.
                                                  www.bycehomes.com.                                  512 Park Avenue
Sterling Works                                                                                        Atlanta, GA 30312
324 West Parkwood Road                            Tecton, Inc.                                        Contact: Robert N. Windom
Decatur, GA 30030                                 651 Dallas Street, Suite A                          Phone: 404-622-7171
Contact: Philip H. Trapkin                        Atlanta, GA 30308
                                                  Contact: Alan Glickson                              Fax: 404-622-0687
Phone: 404-992-4030
                                                  Phone: 404-659-1516                                 windomconstruction.com
Stone Mountain Construction, Inc.
6051 Rockbridge Road                              The Excelsior Group, Inc.
Stone Mtn, GA 30087                               P.O. Box 191401
Contact: Anthony W. Long, CGR                     Atlanta, GA 31119
Phone: 770-465-9733                               Contact: Will H. Newton, III
                                                  Phone: 770-245-6499
Summers & Sons Development Co.
1700 Montreal Circle
Tucker, GA 30084
Contact: Fred Summers, CR, CGR, CGB, CAPS
Phone: 770-934-2700
                                                                                                      Windom Construction Co. has been serving
                                                                                                      in-town Atlanta since 1976. We are a certi-
                                                  The Home Service Store, Inc.                        fied Earthcraft Home Builder committed to
                                                  1701 Barrett Lakes Blvd., Suite 220                 excellence, exceptional attention to detail
                                                  Kennesaw, GA 30144                                  and customer service. Our projects range
                                                  Phone: 1-866-HSS-6060                               from the simplest remodel to the most
                                                                                                      extensive whole house renovations and new
                                                  www.trusthss.com                                    house construction.
                                                  The Home Service Store® (HSS®) is the nation’s
SunDog Renovations, LLC                           leading source for quality home improvements.
5214 Vernon Lake Drive                            Count on HSS for superior home improvement
                                                  products and reliable pre-screened contractors
Atlanta, GA 30338                                 who are appropriately licensed and insured.
Contact: Kathy Tonner                             To learn more about the products/services
Phone: 404-625-9995                               available in your area or to schedule your Free
www.SunDogGroup.com                               In-Home Consultation call 1-866-HSS-6060 or
SunDog has over 20 years experience in the        visit www.trusthss.com.
Design & Construction industry. Services
                                                                                                      Windsong Properties, LLC
include Residential & Commercial Space            Tom Murdock Custom Builders, Inc.                   120 Colony Center Drive, Suite 300
Planning, Interior Architecture, Interior         2083 Hamilton Mill Parkway                          Woodstock, GA 30188
Design, Construction, Renovation and              Dacula, GA 30019                                    Contact: Steve Romeyn
Consulting. We are committed to setting and       Contact: Tom Murdock
                                                  Phone: 770-296-0225
                                                                                                      Phone: 770-516-3409
upholding high standards for quality of life
through design excellence. SunDog possesses
                                                  Transformations Real Estate, LLC                    Award winning Active Adult builder Windsong
the experience and credentials required for a
                                                  2221 D Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 165                   Properties understands you may want to stay in
professional design-build solution.
                                                  Atlanta, GA 30309                                   your home but would love the features and
                                                  Contact: Benjamin S. McKenzie                       accessibility of today’s new homes. Call us
                                                  Phone: 404-218-8389                                 today to find out how 5 years of experience as
                                                                                                      builder for the Active Adult 55+ market will
                                                                                                      enhance your home’s comfort and convenience.
40 Remodel Atlanta
Summer 2009                                                       HBA Remodelers Membership Directory
ASSOCIATES                              Ferguson Enterprises
                                        11600 Wills Road
Archadeck of Cobb/North Atl.            Alpharetta, GA 30004
250 Ginger Cake Trail                   Contact: Kara O’Donnell
Fayetteville, GA 30214                  Phone: 770-442-1800
Contact: Cowan Moss
Phone: 770-640-8004                     Fire Tech
                                        4883-B Roy Carlson Blvd.
                                        Buford, GA 30518
                                                                              H2H Installed Solutions
Atlanta Gas Light Co.                                                         940 Sherwin Parkway, Suite 100
Ten Peachtree Place, 10th Floor         Contact: Jay Asgari
Atlanta, GA 30309                       Phone: 770-271-8128                   Buford, GA 30518
Contact: Ann C. Massey                                                        Contact: Sales
Phone: 404-584-3221                     Founders Kitchen and Bath, Inc.       Phone: 678-482-9686
                                        1755 Founders Parkway                 www.h2hinstall.com
AVI / Architectural Vision Inc.         Alpharetta, GA 30009
1873 McFarland Pkwy                     Contact: Robbie Baron
Alpharetta, GA 30005                    Phone: 770-752-8118
Contact: Peter Diehl
Phone: 770-262-8776                     Great American Floors
                                        8040 Roswell Road
Braden Fellman Group, Ltd.              Atlanta, GA 30350
931 Ponce DeLeon Avenue, NE             Contact: Jason Seltzer
Atlanta, GA 30306                       Phone: 770-399-9110
Contact: Preston Snyder
Phone: 404-876-6432                     Green Building ReSources, LLC
                                        4871 Grandview Trace
Bridgette Boylan Interiors, Inc.        Roswell, GA 30075
4006 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite #100    Contact: Rod MacKenzie
Norcross, GA 30092                      Phone: 404-274-4613
Contact: Bridgette S. Boylan                                                  H2H Installed Solutions and our team of highly
Phone: 770-447-5800                                                           qualified sales and installation staff can make
                                        GuildQuality, Inc.                    your dreams a reality. H2H specializes in after-
                                        750 Ponce De Leon Place, Suite 3      paint building hardware, the finishing details
Bruce Shafer Contractor
                                        Atlanta, GA 30306                     that make a house into a home. We offer a full
762 Rockbridge Road NW
                                        Contact: Geoff Graham                 line of Shower Doors, Mirrors, Locks, Door and
Lilburn, GA 30047                                                             Bath Hardware, Garage Doors and Wood or Vinyl
Contact: Bruce Shafer                   Phone: 404-355-9223
                                                                              Shutters. It is our desire to help you achieve
Phone: 770-921-9257                                                           your goal and bring your vision to life. H2H,
                                                                              turning your house into a home.
C. Jenkins Construction Inc.
P.O. Box 2117
Covington, GA 30015
Contact: Brian Jenkins
Phone: 678-725-2642

Cabinet Distributors of Georgia, Inc.
5158 Kennedy Road, Suite B-1
Forest Park, GA 30297
Contact: Todd Whiddon
Phone: 404-361-5200

Cabinet Resources Partners, LLC
4189 Capital View Drive
Suwanee, GA 30024
Contact: Bobby H. Dulin, Jr.
Phone: 770-932-9910

Carolina Lumber & Supply Co.
504 Plaster Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
Contact: Merritt Huber
Phone: 404-873-2676

Classic Customworks, LLC
272 Cadillac Parkway, Suite 100
Dallas, GA 30157
Contact: Karen Brown
Phone: 770-439-3309

Cofer Brothers Inc.
2300 Main Street
Tucker, GA 30084
Contact: Steve Young
Phone: 770-938-3200
HBA Remodelers Membership Directory                                                                                                Summer 2009
                                                                                                       Sure-Flow Plumbing
                                                                                                       3873 Howell Ferry Road
                                                                                                       Duluth, GA 30096
                                                                                                       Contact: Dev Booth
                                                                                                       Phone: 404-788-4351

                                                                                                       Sutter, McLellan & Gilbreath
                                                                                                       1424 North Brown Road, Suite 300
Image Doors Inc                                                                                        Lawrenceville, GA 30043
1170 Tidwell Road, Suite 108                                                                           Contact: Herbert Gilbreath
Alpharetta, GA 30004                                                                                   Phone: 770-246-8300
Contact: Dennis W. Easter
                                                    Metro Home Products
                                                    1000 Cobb International Dr. Ste. F                 The Kitchen Gallery of Stone Mountain
Phone: 770-740-9030                                                                                    1532 Stone Ridge Drive
                                                    Kennesaw, GA 30152
www.imagedoors.biz                                                                                     Stone Mountain, GA 30083
                                                    Contact: Tripp White                               Contact: Charlie Rolader
                                                    Phone: 770-425-1080                                Phone: 770-938-3508
                                                    Fax: 770-421-8239
                                                    www.georgiahomeproducts.com                        Torrey Building Systems, LLC
                                                    For over 20 years, Metro Home Products has         3292 Thompson Bridge Road, Box 301
                                                    been a provider and installer of specialty         Gainesville, GA 30506
                                                    products for hundreds of builders in the Metro     Contact: Carmen R. Torrey
                                                    Atlanta area. Our products include shower          Phone: 770-297-1881
                                                    doors (framed and frameless), door locks,
                                                    mirrors, closet organizers (wire and melamine),
                                                    exterior shutters (wood and vinyl), garage
                                                    doors and window screens. Please call our
                                                    office for a free consultation and quote for any
                                                    of our products.

Image Doors works with homeowners, archi-           National House Care, Inc.
tects and builders to ensure each selection         5825 Glenridge Drive, Bldg 3 Suite 101
enhances and complements the style of the           Atlanta, GA 30328                                  Traditions in Tile and Stone
home. Our collection is available in a variety of   Contact: Gary Krajecki, CAPS                       3210 Roswell Rd, Suite C
designs, materials, finishes and specifications,    Phone: 404-806-2279                                Atlanta, GA 30305
which can be matched to fit seamlessly into                                                            Contact: Jenny Hammond-Kunze
your home’s overall style and appearance.           Peachtree Doors and Windows
These outstanding doors complement the              993 Mansell Road                                   Phone: 404-239-9186
architecture of older homes, as well as newly       Roswell, GA 30076                                  www.traditionsintile.com
designed residences, to satisfy the taste of        Contact: John P. Owens
Atlanta’s discriminating buyers.
                                                    Pella Window and Door Company of GA
                                                    4772 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Suite 300
                                                    Atlanta, GA 30338-5553
                                                    Contact: Deborah Jean Woody
                                                    Phone: 678-300-0094
Jackson EMC                                         Reliance HVAC
www.jacksonemc.com                                  1694 Hwy 138 NE
1-800-462-3691                                      Conyers, GA 30013
Jackson EMC’s Right Choice™ Home                    Contact: Michael Bilbrey
Performance with ENERGY STAR® Audit                 Phone: 770-886-1998
works to deliver whole-house energy saving
to improve comfort and help protect the             Runkle Consulting Inc.                             For over 70 years, Traditions in Tile and Stone
environment. With a Right Choice Home               299 Cooper Road, Suite B                           has been developing relationships with residen-
Performance with ENERGY STAR® Audit                 Loganville, GA 30052                               tial designers, builders and contractors as well
you’ll: Get a detailed energy analysis of your      Contact: George Runkle, PE                         as retail communities. Family owned and oper-
home; Increase your day-to-day comfort.;            Phone: 678-225-4900                                ated, we are the Southeast’s leading distributor
Save money on energy bills; Maximize effi-                                                             of fine porcelain and ceramic tile, natural stone,
ciency; Improve air quality; Breathe easier.        Stone Elements                                     glass, metals and mosaics. We also service the
                                                    1016 Windward Ridge Pkwy                           professional contractor with the highest quality
Lummus Supply Co.                                   Alpharetta, GA 30090                               installation, care and maintenance products.
1554 Bolton Road NW                                 Contact: P.J. Vafadari
Atlanta, GA 30331                                   Phone: 770-475-8535                                VELUX Skylights
Contact: Don Barnett                                                                                   450 Old Brickyard Rd., PO Box 5001
Phone: 404-794-1501                                 Strategic Homes Capital, LLC                       Greenwood, SC 29648
                                                    4080 McGinnis Ferry Road, Suite 1602               Contact: Tim Borden
Lutron Electronics                                  Alpheretta, GA 30005                               Phone: 888-838-3589
Atlanta, GA                                         Contact: David C. Cutter
Contact: Jacqueline W. Heslep                       Phone: 770-410-3445
Phone: 610-392-3258
Materials Marketing                                 SunTrust Mortgage
425 Peachtree Hills Avenue                          5775 Glenridge Drive NE, Suite C200
Atlanta, GA 30305                                   Atlanta, GA 30328
Contact: Angelique M. Baez                          Contact: Kathy H. Warren
Phone: 404-478-2770                                 Phone: 770-551-4106
Mayford Beveled Glass Doors & Windows               Superior Indoor Comfort, Inc.
6733 Jones Mill Court, Suite B.                     13955 Highway 9 North
Norcross, GA 30092                                  Alpharetta, GA 30004
Contact: Skip M. Ford
Phone: 770-446-1196                                 Contact: Carlin O. Hodges
                                                    Phone: 770-664-9098
42 Remodel Atlanta
      Thank your energy efficient stars.

Wish you could improve your home’s energy performance? With Georgia Power’s Home Performance with
ENERGY STAR® program, a certified contractor will come to your home and conduct a comprehensive assessment
to reveal exactly how your home’s energy performance can be improved. Depending on the improvements you
make, you can get rebates of up to $1900. Not to mention greater comfort and lower energy costs. For more
information on Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® in your area, visit georgiapower.com/homeperformance
or call 1.800.524.2421 ext. 900.*

*The assessment must be performed and the improvements must be completed by a qualified contractor participating in Georgia Power’s Home Performance with Energy
Star® program. The contractor may charge a fee for the initial inspection. Determination of eligibility for rebates will occur as a result of the assessment, and all work is subject
to third party verification. Any agreement on improvements is between the customer and the contractor. Georgia Power takes no responsibility for the agreement between the
customer and the contractor for the improvements. Prices for the contractor’s work are set by the contractor. The full $1900 in rebates referenced above may not apply as the
customer’s home may not be eligible for all qualifying improvements. All reimbursement forms must be signed, submitted and reviewed for accuracy before a rebate is paid.
Rebates are subject to limitations and are subject to change.
                                                                “Before installing Icynene in our
                                                                attic, the second floor of our house
                                                                was unlivable on hot days. We couldn’t
                                                                get the temperature below 81 and that
                                                                was with the AC running constantly.
                                                                The kids didn’t even want to play in
                                                                their rooms!
                                                                  With Icynene, the difference is
                                                                incredible. We love the energy savings,
                                                                but the best part is how comfortable it
                                                                is now. We’re no longer stuck living
                                                                downstairs all summer!”
                                                                       ~ Tamra Brown, Alpharetta, GA

With energy costs taking such a huge bite out of the monthly budget, it's little surprise that insulation
and energy efficiency are the top considerations among homeowners who are thinking of remodeling.

ICYNENE® insulates and air-seals your attic space to help minimize drafts and allow your HVAC system
to operate in a more optimal environment, significantly reducing your monthly energy costs. And the
savings don't stop there. Now homeowners can qualify for up to a $1500 federal tax credit due to the
new Economic Stimulus Package.

        That’s up to a $1500 federal tax credit that
              you get to keep in your pocket!
   Plus, significant savings in heating and cooling costs
 every month just by insulating your attic with ICYNENE®
                                                For even more reasons to love your attic contact:
                                                Woodman Insulation – Spray Division
                                                       your local Icynene Licensed Dealer at

                                                or visit www.woodmaninsulation.com

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