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At RV Truck Stop hotels your trip becomes more comfortable and enjoyable because you can take the route of your choice & can have a wonderful vacation with your family or friends. At RV Truck Stop you can park your vehicle safely, get a good rest and even fill up on gas before you set off again, refreshed.

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									                   RV Truck Stop Hotels for Truckers

Traveling in an RV can be a wonderful way to vacation with your family or friends
because you can take the route of your choice. This becomes even more fun when
you can stop over at RV truck stop hotels along the way, making your trip more
comfortable and enjoyable. After all, when you are on the road, it makes sense to
make a pit stop at an RV truck stop where you can park your vehicle safely, get a
good night’s rest and perhaps even fill up on gas before you set off again,
refreshed. It is not mandatory to drive a truck to enjoy the facilities offered by
these truck stops as it is standard practice for all recreational vehicles, motor
coaches and other vehicles to stop by.

RV truck stops – facilities:

One of the big advantages of having your own RV is the ability to stop wherever
you want. If a particular place you are driving through takes your fancy, you can
just stop over at the RV truck stop and enjoy the local sights. A good RV truck
stop offers several facilities such as:

   • Convenient location
   • A much needed shower facility if you are just passing through
   • Good, clean accommodation with housekeeping and self-service laundry
   • High speed internet access
   • On site restaurant
   • A shopping Center or retail store
   • Adequate and sometimes free parking facility
   • Gas/fuelling station
   • Vehicle repair, wash and service facility
   • ATMs
   • Entertainment, bar, casinos where you can relax
   • Special rates

In fact, these are the benefits you can enjoy when you stop over at a truck stop
where a cozy bed and a hot meal await you after a long and tiring day on the road.
At most of these RV truck stops, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that fuel
prices are lower than in the regular gas stations.

Yet another plus of halting at a truck stop is the wonderful conversations you can
strike up with truckers stopping by and learn more about their life on the road and
listen to them as they share their experiences.

In case you do not have enough time to actually book into the RV truck stop
hotel, you can always make use of their drive through facilities which include a
welcome shower, hot food and a cold drink, and a lounge where you can put your
feet up to relax before you are driving off again. They will also probably entice
you with discounted prices and often throw in some free facilities.

The next time you plan a trip in your recreational vehicle if you are passing
through Edmonton, rest assured that you will find one of the best hotels and RV
truck stops here that almost seem like a home from home with all that it has to
offer, making your trip more memorable.

The Yellowhead Inn in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta is in the heart of the Festival
City. . Our home style atmosphere offers the best Highway Hospitality for all
travellers, truckers, and tourists. We also provide services like Lady Luck Lounge,
VLT room, Liquor Store, Husky Gas Station and more.

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