Year 12 Newsletter August 2011

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					                            Year 12 Newsletter August 2011
227 Stubbs Terrace Shenton Park WA 6008
Tel: (08) 9488 2100 Fax: (08) 6380 2166 Email: http//

Dates to Remember                               ORGANISATION FOR YEAR 12 STUDENTS IN THE FOLLOWING WEEKS
    Monday 22nd August – Yr 12 Human
     Biology Zoo trip                           Dear Parents and Caregivers
    Friday 26th August – Yr 12 PES Soccer      At this point of time Year 12 students need to be well organised and prioritise
     Assessment 8-11am                          their school and study commitments so that they are able to achieve their
    Wednesday 25th August – Yr 8 to 11         long awaited goals for school and beyond. For those students undertaking
     PULSE Art Exhibition;                      Stage 2 & 3 WACE courses, it is essential that ALL students in the class
    Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st August       make their best effort in each assessment and again for the mock exams, not
     - Yr 12 Outdoor Ed camp (Sea Trek)         just for themselves but also to afford their classmates the best possible
    Thursday 8th September – Stage 3 FST       outcome. This is important as the school mark for each course is moderated
     Product Launch, 12.30-3.05pm               by the external examination mark. Here are some guidelines and dates for
    Thursday 8th September, 7pm – public       the next few weeks.
     performance of Original Solo Productions
     and assessment (with external school-      FINISH OF ACADEMIC YEAR
     based moderator)                           ALL Year 12 students will officially complete their full-time attendance at
    Friday 9th September Yr 12 PES WACE        school on Friday 23rd September.
     Practical Revision 2-4pm                   In Week 9, students will be finishing off courses, completing tasks, doing
    Thursday 8th September – Yr 12 FST         Revision and preparing for their Semester two and WACE exams. We would
     Master Class evening (Ramshaw)             like students to be given the opportunity to also celebrate the end of their
    Tuesday 13th September – Senior Concert    schooling in organised and controlled activities. We believe that the students
     at Perth Modern, 7.30pm                    are able to manage both situations.
    Thursday 15th September– Yr 12 FST
     Master Class evening (Pratt)               Shenton College SEMESTER 2 EXAMS
    Friday 17th September – Yr 12 Mock         Semester two exams will occur in the last week of term three and in the last
     Drama Performance exam                     week of the October holidays. Staff and relief staff from Shenton College will
    Thursday 22nd September – Yr 12 French     invigilate these exams.
     Oral Mock Exam                             Students will need to bring their own drink, snack and/or lunch during the
    Thursday 22nd September – Yr 12 EXPO       holiday period as the cafeteria will be closed.
     Art Exhibition                             If students have been sick within the two weeks leading up to the exams, or
                                                       are sick on the day of an exam
                                                       too sick to sit an exam
                                                       if there is a misadventure in the same time frame,
                                                please contact Tanya York on 0421 024 210 or SMS: 0409 114 878 as
                                                Tanya will be on-site for the duration of the Semester two exams.

                                                Please note:
                                                The dates listed in the Timeline emailed to Parents last week should be
                                                augmented with the information and dates mentioned in the WACE
                                                Handbook and the TISC Guide.
FLEXIBLE CURRICULUM - Students who do three or less Stage 2 or 3 courses
Students who have unfinished assessments should have negotiated with their teacher(s) to complete these at pre-arranged times at
school during week ten of term three or during the holidays at home. If your child is one of those students who is completing overdue
assessments or is re-submitting work, please ensure that s/he has a formal agreement with the teacher and if not, please contact the
teacher as soon as possible.
STUDY PERIOD - For Semester Two exams and Curriculum Council WACE exams
We anticipate that students undertaking examinations will have an organised home study timetable so that they can have the full
benefit of this time. Students will have the first two weeks of Term four to study for their WACE exams. Students may organise
appointments with their teachers for extra help, which we most certainly encourage. The meeting with the teacher must be pre-
arranged so that the student comes to school when the teacher is available to see them. During the exam period, students are
welcome to use the library to study and work in: 8.00am - 4.00pm on Tues, Thurs and Fri and 8.00am - 5.00pm on Mon & Wed.
Students are reminded that if they are at school to undertake exams, study in the library or with a teacher, completing Flexible
Curriculum or dropping off work, they are expected to wear the College uniform. We hope that every student is able to participate
in the events planned to celebrate the Year 12 School Leavers. Students who have incurred 6 or more dress infringements and
continue to not follow the Dress Code will not be permitted to attend one or several of these events e.g. Leaver’s Breakfast,
Presentation Night etc.

NOTE: You can view the schedule and required materials for the WACE (Written and Practical) EXAMS that are run by the
Curriculum Council on this web-site:

 TERM 3                                       SCHEDULE FOR YEAR 12s
 Week 9                            Students attend classes as per usual, completing tasks and revising/preparing for exams.
                                   However they will be permitted to participate in organised and controlled celebrations.
 Tues 20th to Thurs 22nd Sept      Charity Dress-up days for Yr 12s only.
 Friday 23rd Sept                  Final day of compulsory full-time attendance for students.
                                   Students to wear full dress code for this last day and FINAL assembly.
 Week 10
 Monday 26th to Friday 30th        Semester 2 Shenton College EXAMS commence.
 September                         Students who are not sitting exams do not attend unless they have organized with a teacher
                                   to complete an assessment.

 Holiday Week 1                    External practical WACE exams.
 Holiday Week 2                    Semester Two Shenton College EXAMS (Mocks) re-commence.
 Week 1
 Mon 17th to Fri 21st October      Students only attend if they have an exam or have a pre-arranged appointment with a teacher
 Week 2
 Mon 24th and Tues 25th Oct        Students are invited back to receive Semester Two Exam feedback.
 Week 8
 Wednesday 7th December            Leavers’ Breakfast;   Rehearsal at school for Presentation Night;
                                   Presentation Night 7pm – Winthrop Hall

A note that all Year 12s completing Endorsed Programs are now registered with the Curriculum Council.
Should you have any questions regarding your Endorsed Progam enrolment, completion of your journals or registering your awards
from community organisations for inclusion on your WACE, please see Ms Catherine Sayers in Student Services on Tuesdays and
Thursdays or email Ms Sayers on

Three of our year 12 Accounting students participated in the Excelerate Program offered by Curtin University by completing the
ACC100 course. James Panarettos, Daniel Sia and Angela Wang passed the course and their combined effort achieved the 3rd
top school out of 35 schools. James is the first Year 12 student ever to receive 100% in the exam. As a consequence of these
outstanding results, James has been offered a scholarship with “Price, Waterhouse, Coopers” and Angela has been offered a
traineeship with “KPMG”.
Jess Yeoman was highly competitive as one of three finalists in the Northern suburbs Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs Award.
Students are expected to attend regularly and punctually and behave appropriately. Our expectations for student behaviour have
been outlined at assemblies and consequences will be applied if necessary. It is essential that the education of students in other
year groups is not affected adversely and we have a duty of care to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all our students.
All Year 12 students are expected to stay on task in their classrooms until 1.30pm on Friday 23rd September.
Possible consequences of inappropriate behaviour are suspension, non-attendance at the Leavers’ Breakfast or the
Presentation Night or having to complete the external WACE Exams at another school. Unacceptable activities like throwing
water bombs, graffiti and vandalism will have such consequences. Students are encouraged to celebrate the end of their school life
and the College has organized some celebratory activities. If students wish to celebrate in their own way, then they should do so in
their own time, away from the College. No one has the right to hurt, threaten or intimidate another person, make someone else feel
scared or uncomfortable, or interfere with someone else’s education.
While this may seem a blunt statement, we would much prefer the students to clearly understand what the limits are and how we
expect them to behave. It would be wonderful if every student finished their time at Shenton College on a positive and happy note.
We know the teachers are looking forward to sharing the students’ celebrations during the planned activities.
Parents please would you talk with your child(ren) regarding appropariate behaviour and possible consequences?

Students need to have returned all monies (e.g. for a particular excursion, payment for Leaver’s jumper/jacket, bus fare, etc.), sport
tops, library books, school textbooks or files and any other items they have borrowed from the school, by the end of exams. They
must hand in their Clearance form (completely signed) by the end of Term 3 (if not sitting exams) or by the end of the WACE exams
to be able to receive their Reference and Yearbook on Wednesday 7th December. Students must clear lockers by the end of Week
8, Term Three. A student must have completed a clearance form before they are able to collect their College Reference.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish your child all the very best in his/her studies and ensuing results.
If your child is sitting for exams, then we hope that s/he is well prepared for these and is successful. We look
forward to the Presentation Night, which celebrates each student’s achievements at the College and we hope that
you can join us. This time of the year can be particularly wearing for parents. If you have any matter or concern
that you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Pendlebury or Ms Powers on
9488 2100.

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                                          STUDY HELP SEMESTER TWO
Maths             Monday 3.05-4pm             Ms Martin S19                        Tuesday 3.05-4pm            Ms Friday S33
                  Wednesday 8-9am             Ms Mackenzie S2
English           Monday 8-9am Mr Nicoli S4
Economics         Tuesday 2-3pm Ms Ferrara Library                                 Thursday 8-9am Ms Ferrara Library
Human Biology Tuesday 3.05-4pm Ms Perks S10
Biology           Monday 3.15-4.15pm Mr Thomas S8 (Yr 12 tutorial)
Chemistry         Monday 3-4pm Mr Lee S12                                          Friday 2-3pm      Mr Lee S12
Physics           Tuesday 3-4pm Mr Thompson S13
                  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday Mr Boekelaar available after school to help students who ASK
Computing         Lunchtimes Mr McIntosh S32
Physical Education Studies           Ms Powers By appointment ( i.e. ASK)
                                     Thursday 8-9am S33 11.30-12.30 S24 Mr Foster

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