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9810309288 |Raheja Revanta Gurgaon Best Deal| 9213098617


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									                  9810309288 | 9213098617
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Raheja Revanta, Sector 78 Gurgaon

Raheja Revanta Prices
Type                           Size(Sqft)   Price PSqft(Rs)   Amount(Rs)    Booking   Status
2 BHK l (Surya Towers)         1606         5875              94,35,250     10%       Booking Open
2 BHK ll (Surya Towers)        1712         5875              1,00,58,000   10%       Booking Open
2 BHK lll (Surya Towers)       1851         5875              08,74,625     10%       Booking Open
2 BHK lV (Surya Towers)        1588         5875              93,29,500     10%       Booking Open
2 BHK V (Surya Towers)         1476         5875              86,71,500     10%       Booking Open
3 BHK l (Surya Towers)         2162         5875              1,27,01,750   10%       Booking Open
3 BHK ll (Surya Towers)        2300         5875              1,35,12,500   10%       Booking Open
3 BHK lll (Surya Towers)       2518         5875              1,47,93,250   10%       Booking Open
3 BHK lV (Surya Towers)                              2788        5875               1,63,79,500    10%       Booking Open
3 BHK V (Surya Towers)                               2788        5875               1,44,05,500    10%       Booking Open
4 BHK (Surya Towers)                                 3434        5875               2,01,74,750    10%       Booking Open
5 BHK (Surya Towers)                                 3955        5875               2,32,35,625    10%       Booking Open
6 BHK (Surya Towers)                                 4961        5875               2,91,45,875    10%       Booking Open
Ground FF (The Tapas Town Houses)                    3532.9      4875               1,72,22,887    10%       Booking Open
First F (The Tapas Town Houses)                      2372.5      4875               1,15,65,937    10%       Booking Open
Second F(The Tapas Town Houses)                      2073.6      4875               1,01,08,800    10%       Booking Open
Lower Pent House(The Tapas Town Houses)              3141.8      4875               1,53,16,275    10%       Booking Open

Raheja Revanta is the one of the famous residential Project by the very well known builders of India named as Raheja.This
residential project is situated At sector 78 Of gurgaon.As far as the area of the residential apartments at Raheja Revanta
gurgaon is concerned the apartments start from 2074 sq ft to 3533 sq. ft.

We can very well make out that the growth in the sector because of upcoming of the metro train is good enough for any
person to get a good quality substitute for living life with ease. There is fantastically good improvement which is seen in the
development of real estate market due to coming up of metro train and so life has just become comfortable.Luxurios
Apartments are available AtRaheja Revanta

The best “Impact of Delhi Metro” has been seen on “Real Estate” market only: the real value of the investment has gone up
reaching to the newer and bigger heights and so the routes of the train is now deciding what and how the prices ratio will be
fluctuating. To study – the boom in the real estate market has been first unfair on the pockets of the people making the
investment decision as little miserable. Not to sure about spending – if, and then need to relocate your investment as
because you must always try to put a good efforts to buy good space to live. Residential Apartments Are Available At Raheja

So in a way we can say that the metro availability is pushing people to decide and get in with the locality and apartment
which are near to the stations just for the better convenience. Even there are subsequent reports that say that the metro
trains are pushed the prices upward up 25% of the actual prices within 2-3 years of time and the largest sectoral growth
being in NCR region i.e. Gurgaon and Noida.

So we can say that the other areas which are in 1-2 km of area of the connectivity of the metro stations are also seeing boom
in the development and the sources growth as well. This is very great piece of development which the city is undergoing and
would be undergoing in the coming decade.

This trend line is eventually good for the overall development of the metro capital city Delhi and suddenly to hope that lot
more to come in 6 months time.

So coming up to the value estimation on the real estate market line will can see that the residential market sector is seeing
an upward graph line with the average rate of movement by 12% after closing of each quarter. And lot of alteration in the
real estate development as reference to overall growth can be seen by the end of the year 2011-2012 so major big players in
the market will be out setting more change in the face of the real estate market.

                    9810309288 | 9213098617
                                    KALRA REALTORS
                         GET BEST DEAL ALWAYS

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