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Class IT321 Network Technology and Service Application Instructor


									Class: IT321 Network Technology and Service Application

Instructor: Brian Lewandowski

Contact info:

Tuesday, 6PM-10:30PM


Discussions on areas where computer networking and telecommunication technologies
converge in today’s networking and internetworking industry. Concepts and case studies
of how voice, data and video can be integrated on to one network will be discussed.
Extended coverage on router configuration will be included. Topics to be covered:

       Use the Single-Area Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol to configure a router.
       Use Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) to configure a router.
       Explain the use of switching in Ethernet (LANs).
       Explain how to design a basic local area network (LAN).
       Describe the operation of the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).
       Describe the function of virtual local area networks (VLANs).
       Implement common VLAN trunking protocols.
       Explain Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Explain the basics of communication service provider networks.

Class Policies

Be here.

Be on time.

Be respectful to everyone in the class.

Do not leave early unless permission is granted by the instructor.

Communicate with the instructor if you are having issues (grades, attendance, etc).

Clean up after yourself.

Turn in work on time.
Class Schedule

6PM – 7:40PM

         Lab Assignment


8PM – 9PM

         Written Assignment

9PM – 10:30PM

         Lecture

Assignment Policies

The written assignment for the day will be available online at out by 8PM.
It is due by the next class.

The lab assignment (or labs) will be available online by 6PM.

Written assignments are due by the next class. Late work is not accepted. You will receive two points
per class day. One of those points is for the written assignment from the last week. The other point is
for the lab assignment. The lab assignment is due the day it is assigned. Lab assignment points cannot
be made up. If you miss lab you are encouraged to do the lab on your own time but you will not receive
credit for it. These two points make up 25% and 30% of your grade respectively.

Sheet

The sign-in sheet will be circulated at the end of the class. Failure to sign the sheet will result in an
absence being recorded for that day.


There will be two quizzes. The quiz is based upon the written assignments. The quiz will be every fourth
week of class and will cover the units from the weeks prior. If you are absent the day of the quiz you
can make it up for half credit.
Final Exam

The final exam will include topics covered in Units 1 – 10. It will be given the on the eleventh week of
class. It will be based upon the written assignments and quizzes.

Final Project

The final project will include topics covered in Labs 1 – 10. It will be given on the eleventh week of class.

Grading Structure

  Assignments         25%
 Labs                 30%
 Quizzes              10%
 Project              15%
 Final Exam           20%
 Total               100%

 Tentative Course Schedule, Units 1 - 4, IT321
 Unit                                  Reading
 Unit 1 - Introduction to Classless
 Routing                               Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing - Chapter 1

 Unit 2 – Single Area OSPF             Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing - Chapter 2
 Unit 3 – EIGRP and
 Troubleshooting Routing
 Protocols                             Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing - Chapter 3

 Unit 4 – Switching Concepts           Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing - Chapter 4

The unit 4 through 11 plans will be handed-out as we progress through the quarter.

The instructor reserves the right to change any information in this syllabus at any time.

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