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									                               I Am Clovis North
                        Clovis North Educational Center
                               Bronco Bulletin
                        Thursday, September 29, 2011
                                             THURSDAY-BLOCK SCHEDULE (odd)
                                               0       6:45-7:45
                                               1       8:10-10:01
                                               3       10:10-12:03
                                             Lunch (5) 12:03-12:48
                                               7       12:54-2:45

Physics and Engineering Team will be meeting in room 180.

GR Boys soccer meeting in room 137.

Mandatory 20 Minute Meeting For All High School Boys Soccer Players in Room 183. Lunch will be provided. All
high school students interested in playing soccer this season should plan on attending the meeting.

Life Teen Club is meeting in Room 284. Lunch will be provided.

Sophomore class homecoming auditions will be in room 130.

Granite Ridge FCA will meet in room 237.

FIT CLUB- is meeting in room 154.

Student Squared Meeting—All students who are interested in serving their community and those who signed up
at Club Rush, come to Thursday’s meeting, September 29th in room 152 at lunch.

The first Bronco Bakers Food Club informational meeting will be in room 553.

Friends of Rachel Club is Meeting in Room 167. Bring your lunch. We will be watching a video and planning our
calendar of events.

At lunch colleges on campus:

Reminder students, CNEC dress code is enforced at all times at all school events on and off campus.

Attn all Key Club members! Our first official meeting of the year will be held on MONDAY, Oct. 3rd, AT LUNCH,
in the LECTURE HALL! If you already signed up, you can pay your Kiwanis dues $11:00 on that day or at lunch OR
after school on Mondays and Thursdays. If you DID NOT sign up yet, come to the meeting or stop by room 162.
Sign-ups for upcoming community service projects will be available at the meeting or in room 162 before school,
lunch, or after school only. We have volunteering opportunities at local school carnivals, with our Kiwanis Club
in downtown Clovis in October, and the Two Cities Marathon in November.
Attention all High School students! If you have an interest in programming or electronics, head over to Mr.
Lofaro’s Class room 501 at lunch on Tuesday October 4th. Come and become a member of the NEW
Programming and Development club and share your creations with others of similar interest.

Love Jamba Juice? Want to help our CN Mock Trial team? Then get up early and get your “juices” going by
purchasing a 16 oz Jamba Juice for $4 at school from 7:15-7:40 starting THURSDAY, Sept. 15th and continuing
every WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY through October 20th! The Jamba Juice crew will be outside near the GR
Amphitheater for your smoothie satisfaction!

FOOTBALL CN Frosh vs San Joaquin Memorial – HOME – CN Field Start: 4:00 pm / Release: 2:15 pm

CN JV / Varsity Football vs San Joaquin Memorial @ Veterans Memorial Stadium
JV Start: 4:30 pm / Release: 2:00 / Varsity Start: 7:00 pm

GOLF CN Girls vs Central HS @ Fig Garden Start: 3:00 pm / Release: 1:15 pm

GYMNASTICS CN Girls vs Clovis West, Madera @ Clovis Academy Start: 11:30 am / Release: 9:15 am

TENNIS CN Girls vs Buchanan HS – HOME – CN Courts Start: 3:00 pm / Release: 2:15 pm

VOLLEYBALL CN Girls @ Bullard HS – DIG PINK Start: 4:45 pm / 5:45 pm / 7:00 pm

WATER POLO GR 7/8 Boys vs Alta Sierra – HOME – CN Pool Start: 3:30 pm

GR 7/8 Girls @ Alta Sierra Start: 3:30 pm / Release: 1:45 pm

X-COUNTRY GR vs Kastner @ Woodward Park Start: 3:30 pm/ Release: 1:45 pm

PEP AND CHEER CN JV Pep and Cheer to Veterans Memorial Stadium Release: 1:15 pm

CN Band and Color Guard to Veterans Memorial Stadium

Aljie Bringas
Mitchell Behling
Brian Mercado
Jonathan Chavez Barajas
Ryan Vance
Emily Kim
Dhruv Mistry
Jose Robles
Kaitlynn Watson
Nickolas Vukajlovic

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