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									   House Attic Fans: Bringing the
 Freshness of the Outdoors, Indoors
  This article describes how whole house attic fans work to rid the home of old
               stale air and replace it with fresh, clean, odorless air.
House Attic Fans: An Introduction

As much as the four walls and roof of your home keep you safe and comfortable from the elements,
so too do they keep you isolated from the fresh healthy air of the outdoors. Every time we cook,
exhale, smoke a cigarette and (hold your nose) go to the bathroom, those odors, residues, gasses
and pollutants get trapped inside the home. What makes matters worse is that many home owners
rely upon traditional air conditioning to keep the air inside at a comfortable temperature. While
this chilled air feels nice and fresh, it has actually been recycled… over and over again. And if it has
been awhile since you last opened all your windows and doors to the freshness of the Great
Outdoors, then you can only imagine how tainted and polluted this air must be! Whole house attic
fans provide a new and innovated way of cooling the home. And they are capable of up to 20 whole
house air exchanges per hour!
Whole House Attic Fans: How They Work

House attic fans are high volume ventilation fans that have proven, home by home, you don’t need
to pay dollars per hour to keep your house nice and cool. At the same time, they flush out all of
those nasty pollutants, germs and smells. Whole house attic fans work quite simply by exhausting
all the hot, stale and contaminated air that naturally accumulates in the attic from vents that are
installed in your roof. These innovative fans then draw in great volumes of fresh, clean air through
your home’s open windows and doors. In fact, whole house attic fans are capable of replacing the
home’s entire air content by as many as 20 times per hour! This means that you and your family
quite literally never have to breathe the same air twice.

House Attic Fans: The Benefits of Clean Air in the Home

A constant supply of fresh and clean air in the home has many wonderful benefits for you and your

      Reduces Allergy and Sickness: By flushing out dust, pollutants, smoke and other allergens,
       whole house attic fans markedly reduce incidents of allergies. A constant supply of fresh air
       also ensures that contagious air-borne germs have little opportunity to pass from one host
       to another, meaning that one child with a cold or flu doesn’t necessarily pose a risk to the
       rest of the home’s occupants.

      Combats Molds and Mildews: Whole house attic fans prevent the accumulation of dampness
       in places such as the kitchen and bathroom. This in turn discourages molds and mildews
       from flourishing; some species of which are highly toxic and potentially fatal!
      Eliminates Odors: The bathroom, dampness, old cooking residues, pets and tobacco smoke
       can all contribute to a pretty pongy abode! Whole house attic fans rapidly exhaust all that
       old smelly and stale air and replace it with great volumes of fresh, clean air. In fact, you
       could smoke a cigarette in one room and within minutes, all evidence is removed by the
       powerful air circulations promoted by whole house attic fans.

      Promotes Energy Levels and Vitality: Fresh air is low in contaminants and high in oxygen!
       This promotes natural energy levels and a general sense of vitality and well-being.

A Final Note on House Attic Fans

Fresh, clean air is as important to our well-being as a balanced diet and regular exercise. Whole
house attic fans promote a healthy living environment while keeping you and your family blissfully
cool and comfortable, even during the hottest summer months!

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