Ambani Vs Ambani by Shrey_Joshi


									Ambani Vs Ambani
   A dispute over the gas

         Presented by,
                         Pabal Aniket
                         Nishit Thakkar
                         Vijay Prajapati
                         Satyajeet kumar
                         Pranit Kumar
What is mean by KG basin?
      Krishna Godavari basin
Discovery of KG basin
       October 2002
Capacity of KG basin
       Around 7 trillion cubic feet of natural
       gas was discovered by Reliance
Area of KG basin
        The basin extends over 28,000 sq km
        on land and 24,000 sq km in shallow
        waters offshore and 18,000 sq km in
        deep water
         Oil production went up from
         0.03 million tonnes to 0.29 million
        It has set up a mini refinery which distil
        about 1500 to 2000 barrels of crude oil
        a day into naphtha, high speed diesel,
        ONGC produces 44 lakh cubic meters
        of gas daily.
            Background of dispute

 Origin of the dispute
1. Dhirubhai Ambani died
2. MTN negotiation
3. Anil’s helicopter matter
 Role of Kokilaben
 Scenario of the “ family pact”
      Power struggle over gas

 Realiance is the india’s largest business
 According to the experts the family needs
come together to define its principles &
     Power struggle over gas
The current dispute is about the price of
natural gas.
Fight between two brothers should not
matter to the nation.
The government will a huge loss from its
revenue sharing contract with mukesh.
How much should Mr. Anil Ambani’s firm
R.N.R.L. pay RIL for the gas?
The price of us$2.34 was not decided by
two brothers at the dinner table.
                Political Issue

The Director General of Hydro carbons (DGH) has
been accused of allowing RIL to gold plate the
development cost of the gas fields.

The Petroleum ministry has approved a
disproportionate 400 % hike in the project cost of RI
KG D6gas from US$2.4 billion To US$ 9 billion.
 The Petrol minister says the government navaratna
  NTPC must pay an 80 % higher gas price to Reliance
  Industries. Reliance Industries had it self voluntary
  offered to NTPC
 NTPC will suffer a loss up to US$ 6billiion, While RI
  makes super profit of nearly US$ 10 billion with the
  government getting only US$100 billion.
 Senior congress leader R.K. Dhawan has claim on
  RNRL to Power minister shushil kumar Shinde.
 RNRL is using NTPC as a front to achive its
  objective to receive prefential access to gas at a
  subsidized price.
        Strategy of Anil Ambani
Anil Ambani filed plea against RIL along with
He took the help of media
He showed public deficit from it
He provoked shareholders
 Agreement is agreement
 Public interest
When had held family agreement between
 Ambani brothers?
What is the name of that block where RIL
 explores gas?
What is the price per unit gas in family

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