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Vol. 35 no. 1                   #208 - 3550 kingsway, Vancouver B.C. V5r 5X4            december 2010

                                                                                 in tHis issue …
                                                                           Dock and Shipyard Report
                                                                                            paGes 18-21

                                                                                      Retiree Events
                                                                                                paGe 25

                                                                                 Union Membership
                                                                                      Hard at Work
                                                                                                paGe 38
Construction and specialized                        INDEX
Workers union local 1611                            3 Business Manager’s Report – Mark Olsen
                                                    4 President’s Report – Bruce Ferguson
Executive Board Members                             5 To All Members of Local 1611 – Important Message
Business ManaGer                                        2011 Monthly General Membership Meeting Schedule
Mark olsen
                                                    6 Secretary-Treasurer – Rick Clarkson
president            seCretary-treasurer                Achievements in 2010
Bruce Ferguson       rick Clarkson
                                                        Key Local 1611 Goals for 2011
ViCe president       reCordinG seCretary            7 LiUNA Report – Greg Harris
Chuck Chatten        shelley Moore
                                                        Important Dispatch Request
eXeCutiVe Board MeMBers                             8 Organizing Department Report – Manuel Alvernaz
Gary palmiere                                           Organize, Organize, Organize
danny klein
                                                        Browse the Web
                                                    9 Lower Mainland Construction Report
editorial CoMMittee                                       – Gary Palmiere & Danny Klein
Mark olsen
                                                        Union Scholarship Awarded
patrizia Maestrello
                                                        Union Scholarship Available
CsW union loCal 1611 Head oFFiCe                        Member Alert
3542 kingsway                                       10 Membership Meetings, Service Pins, Events & Courses
Vancouver, BC                                       16 Worksafe BC Ad
V5r 5X7
telephone: 604-432-9300
                                                    17 Vancouver Island Report – Matthew Lust
toll Free: 1-800-663-6588                           18 Dock & Shipyard Workers Unit – Rick Spencer
                                                        Supporting Communities
MeMBersHip serViCes oFFiCe                              Member Code of Performance & Responsibility
205 - 3550 kingsway                                 20 Special Feature – The Life of a Shipyard Worker
Vancouver, BC
V5r 5l7                                             22 West & East Kootenay Area – Chuck Chatten
telephone: 604-437-6889                             23 Okanagan & Interior Area – Leroy Vollans
toll Free: 1-888-788-2888                           24 Northern Region – Mat McGreish
                                                    25 Retiree Events Around the Province
MediCal & pension plan oFFiCe
                                                    32 Retiree Council – R.L. Mc Donald
208 - 3550 kingsway
Vancouver, BC                                           Good News
V5r 5X4                                             33 In Memoriam – Carl Liden and Roger Boychuck
telephone: 604-437-8598                             34 Member & Union Participation
toll Free: 1-888-964-3666                               Local 1611 in the News in 2010
                                                    36 Aboriginal Liaison & Contractor Relations
traininG plan
                                                          – Dean Homewood
216 - 3550 kingsway
Vancouver, BC                                       38 Union Members Hard at Work
V5r 5X7                                             44 Training Plan – Upcoming Vancouver Area Training Courses
telephone: 604-433-5523                             45 Training Plan – Out of Town Training Courses
toll Free: 1-800-661-3001                           46 Training Plan – Course Reimbursements
Publication Agreement Number 1536429                    Correspondence Courses Available
Produced and printed by union labour.               47 Photos – Training Plan Courses
                                                    48 Health Care & Wellness – Shelley Moore
on tHe CoVer                                        48 Service Sector – Nav Malhotra
Front CoVer:                                        49 Labourers’ Membership Services – Richard Saunders
the Golden princess. note the hoarding of the       49 Medical & Pension Plans – Tara Campbell
underwater hull, the dock & shipyard unit of CsWu
                                                    50 History Book in the Making – Merrick Walsh
1611 is very concerned with the environment.
BaCk CoVer:
                                                    50	 Dispatch	Office	–	Tony	Parkinson
Finishing up the job in the dock bottom. shipyard   51 In Memoriam – We Honour our Deceased Members
labourer Bruce dunahee tends to the last details.       History Book to be Written in 2011
                                                                                                                                    Mark olsen
report: Business Manager
2011–A Year In Which …
       We hope members take the time to read this entire publi-                          •	 B.C.	Liberal	MLA’s	are	‘recalled’	around	B.C.	and	the	NDP	
       cation. We are proud of our organization, our members                                win the by-elections.
       and their efforts, and this publication reflects our collective                   •	 The	Union	successfully	raids	CLAC	on	multiple	job	sites	
       achievements.                                                                        with multiple employers.
           You will see informative articles, numerous member and                        •	 Our	Union	membership	step	forward	and	help	in	orga	          -
       job pictures, 2010 highlights and our 2011 plan, organizing                          nizing efforts.
       report, scholarship and website information, 2011 meet-                           •	 Unions	truly	work	together	to	the	betterment	of	the	mem	     -
       ing schedule, boycott list, charitable efforts, member code,                         bership.
                                              dispatch information,                      •	 That	 commercial	 developers	 and
                                              media exposure, train-                        industrial owners realize the value,         quoted:
                                              ing schedule, in me-                          quality and production of union-
                                              moriam and other in-                          ized workers, and willingly sign              We are
                                              formation. Please read                     	 Project	Labour	Agreements	(PLA’s).          proud of our
                                              it and let us know your                    •	 The	 Labour	 Relations	 Board,	
                                              thoughts. We appreci-                      	 Workers’	 Compensation	 Board,	 organization,
                                              ate member input.                          	 and	Human	Rights	Tribunal	make	 our members
                                                  Christmas is a time                       decisions recognizing the dignity
                                              for everyone to reflect                       of work, and respect for workers.            and their
       on the year in review, but more importantly, to look ahead                        •	 Our	 members	 become	 politically	             efforts
       to the ensuing year. Being in the labour movement is no dif-                         active municipally, provincially
       ferent.                                                                              and federally to drive change.
           Here are some of our Union wishes for next year.                              •	 We	see	the	end	of	the	necessity	to	‘enable’	some	projects.
       Finish this sentence ‘2011 – A year in which…’                                    •	 Our	signatory	contractors	actively	bid	beyond	their	usual
       •	 All	of	our	members	work	safe	and	stay	healthy.                                    focus, in order to expand work opportunity for our mem-
       •	 The	HST	is	cancelled	in	B.C.                                                      bership.
       •	 There	is	a	new	Premier,	yet	support	for	the	B.C.	Liberals	                     •	 Our	 members	 craft	 work	 becomes	 a	 ‘red	 seal’	 appren-
           remains low.                                                                     ticable trade, so we can establish a full apprenticeship pro-
                                                                                         	 gram	like	other	Trades.
ABOVE: Mark chairing the Building Trades Convention November 2, 3 in Nanaimo.
                                                                                         •	 The	federal	and	provincial	governments	support	work	for	
BOTTOM: Carol James leader of the NDP (next premier of B.C.) speaks at the Building
Trades Convention in Nanaimo.           Photo credit for both pictures: Joshua Berson.
                                                                                            local B.C. workers, and that additional stimulus monies
                                                                                            and projects are announced.
                                                                                         •	 Asbestos	 is	 finally	 banned	 from	 exportation	 to	 other	
                                                                                            countries. It is a product that kills by mesothelioma and
                                                                                            other lung related ailments, and must be stopped now.
                                                                                            In closing, I want to thank the office staff of our entire
                                                                                         organization,	 from	 the	 Union,	 to	 the	 Pension	 and	 Medical	
                                                                                         Plans,	Training	Plan	and	Membership	Services	Office.	With-
                                                                                         out them, our organization cannot function.
                                                                                            I	also	want	to	thank	our	Executive	Board,	Business	Rep-
                                                                                         resentatives,	 Organizing	 Department,	 Retiree	 Council,	 Ad-
                                                                                         ministrators,	 Instructors,	 Dispatchers,	 Job	 Stewards	 and	
                                                                                         members for their exemplary efforts in 2010. I would also be
                                                                                         remiss if I did not thank our legal counsel Kevin Blakely and
                                                                                         his	assistant	Jenny	for	their	incredible	efforts	again	this	year.
                                                                                            And	finally	I	would	especially	like	to	thank	Jennifer	and	
                                                                                         Donna,	whose	work	in	our	head	office	is	beyond	description,	
                                                                                         and of great assistance to me personally.
                                                                                            We wish the membership and their families the very best
                                                                                         of	health	and	happiness	this	holiday	season.	And	above	all	
                                                                                         please work safe and stay healthy next year.
                                                                                                                                                 paGe 3
                                                                                                                                            BruCe FerGuson
report: President
Member Meetings Plentiful
       By the time you receive my report we will be into the fes- month	of	October	to	a	further	four	year	term.	That	was	no	
       tive season. From my family to yours we extend our warm surprise as they have all been doing a remarkable job.
       heartfelt	greetings	that	this	special	time	of	the	year	finds	you	      Your	 Retiree	 Executive	 Board	 headed	 by	 President	 R.L.	
       loved and your ones healthy and that everyone receives a full McDonald	 and	 Secretary-Treasurer	 Manuel	 Alvernaz	 also	
       measure of contentment and happiness.                              includes	 Vice-President	 Dave	 Pringle,	 Recording	 Secretary	
           We have been very busy with area information and oth- Bud	 Smith	 and	 at	 large	 members	 Alasdair	 Miller,	 Joaquim	
       er	meetings	since	the	fall.	Area	membership	meetings	have	 Ferreira	and	Manuel	Figueiredo.
       been	 held	 in	 Kamloops,	 Kelowna,	 Salmon	 Arm,	 Vernon,	            Other	matters	of	interest	I	would	like	to	mention	include	
       Revelstoke,	 Castlegar,	 Cranbrook,	 Prince	 George,	                           the	Annual	Building	Trades	Convention	held	in	
       Hope,	 Abbotsford,	 Chilliwack,	 Mission,	 Langley,	                            Nanaimo	during	November.	Our	Business	Man-
       Maple	 Ridge,	 Victoria,	 Nanaimo,	 Campbell	 River	           quoted:          ager	 Mark	 Olsen	 was	 elected	 as	 the	 first	 Vice-
       and	Powell	River.	Meetings	will	be	held	in	the	near	 full and proud President	of	the	Council.	(see	pictures).
       future	for	members	in	Prince	Rupert,	Terrace,	Kiti-                                  In	addition	Brother	Olsen	also	serves	as	both	
       mat,	 Dawson	 Creek	 and	 Fort	 St.	 John.	 All	 of	 the	 members of the the	 Chair	 of	 the	 Building	 Trades	 Bargaining	
       above noted meeting locations are in addition to BC Federation Council	in	ICI	negotiations	with	CLRA,	and	also	
       the monthly scheduled union meetings in the city                                Chair	the	Coalition	of	Building	Trades	Unions	
       of	Vancouver.                                                 of labour         for	the	Bechtel	PLA	on	the	Kitimat	Aluminum	
           Your	Local	Union	Executive	Board	has	appoint-                               Smelter	Project,	and	endeavoring	to	sign	a	col-
       ed	me	as	the	Liaison	to	your	Local	Union	Retiree	                               lective	agreement	with	Covanta	a	large	US	based	
       Council.	 I	 attended	 dinners	 to	 honour	 our	 Union	 Retirees	 waste-to-energy company planning to build a large facility at
       at	several	locations	in	Northern	BC	the	Kamloops,	Okana- Gold	River	on	Vancouver	Island.	
       gan	 region	 as	 well	 as	 the	 Kootenays	 and	 Vancouver	 Island	     In	regards	to	CLRA	bargaining	Mark	is	hopeful	that	talks	
       and	of	course	the	large	retiree	event	in	Vancouver	(see	many	 will resume in the early new year as our Union strives for a
       pictures	in	this	issue).	All	of	the	nine	events	were	fabulously	 new collective agreement.
       successful and it was an honour for me to again meet with              I am pleased to report that our International Union has
       the many retirees who collectively built our Union!                at last resolved outstanding differences with the Canadian
           Your	Business	Manager	Brother	Mark	Olsen	also	attend- Labour	Congress	and	as	a	result	we	are	now	full	and	proud	
       ed many of the retiree events and I know he was proud to members	of	the	BC	Federation	of	Labour!	I	am	pleased	we	
       honour	our	retirees.	Did	you	know	that	Local	1611	has	the	 are	now	welcomed	back	in	the	House	of	Labour.	
       most	active	and	largest	Retiree	Council	of	any	of	our	hun-             Well that is all for now, work safe, stay healthy, and I look
       dreds	of	Locals	that	make	up	our	International	Union!	Your	 forward to seeing you at your next union meeting. Extending
       entire	Local	Union	Retiree	Unity	Slate	were	all	elected	in	the	 warm fraternal regards.

From left Mark Olsen Business Manager, Doug Carter Armtec/Con-force Vice President for the Western Region, Manuel Alvernaz Chief Organizer, Bruce Ferguson President
and Mat McGreish Business Rep. standing in front of the architectural bay at Armtec in Richmond, BC.
paGe 4
important Message From your executive
To All Members of Local 1611
 Dear	Brothers	and	Sisters;                                           •	 Two	of	the	highest	annual	deficits	in	the	Provinces’	his-
 Re:Premier Resigns but Bad B.C. Liberal Policy Remains                   tory.
    We	 were	 all	 pleasantly	 surprised	 on	 November	 3,	 when	     •	 Massive	increases	in	hydro,	gas,	ferry,	post	secondary	tu-
 Gordon	Campbell	announced	his	resignation	as	the	Premier	                ition, and other fees.
 of	B.C.	The	Liberals	will	take	the	next	few	months	to	find	a	        •	 Payment	 of	 Basi/Virk	 $6	 million	 dollar	 legal	 bill	 in	 the	
 replacement.                                                         	 B.C.	Rail	scandal.
    While this is good news, it does not change the fact, that        •	 HST	lie.
 bad	B.C.	Liberal	policy	still	plagues	this	province.                     This	is	the	B.C.	Liberal	legacy,	not	just	Gordon	Campbell’s.	
    The	 focus	 must	 now	 shift	 from	 weak	 leadership,	 to	 the	   We need to remember that it does not matter who takes over
 weakness	of	their	policies,	and	all	the	B.C.	Liberal	MLA’s	are	      the	Premier	position,	the	party	and	all	the	MLA’s	are	at	fault.
 to blame.                                                                Your	Union,	by	historical	motions	at	our	General	Mem-
    Here is a partial list of what the Liberals have done to          bership	meetings,	fully	support	the	NDP.	While	no	party	is	
 B.C. in just 10 years;                                               perfect,	the	NDP	embodies	the	bulk	of	the	issues	we	believe	
 •	 Allowing	 employers	 to	 import	 temporary	 foreign	 con-         in, including fairness, equity, justice, and workers rights to
    struction workers to B.C. who have illegally paid them as         organize and to be represented in their workplace without
 	 little	as	$3.77	per	hour.                                          intrusion or interference by their employer.
 •	 Tearing	up	of	Healthcare	Contracts,	and	throwing	thou-                We	 need	 cancellation	 of	 the	 HST,	 changes	 to	 Labour	
    sands of workers out of work.                                     Laws,	 the	 Labour	 Relations	 Board,	 WCB,	 workplace	 safety,	
 •	 Selling	off	our	public	assets.                                    as well as proper and fair taxation policy, a decrease to medi-
 •	 Highest	level	of	child	poverty	in	Canada.                         cal	service	premiums,	and	Project	Labour	Agreements	on	all	
 •	 Lowest	minimum	wage	in	Canada	at	$6	and	$8	per	hour.              government funded construction and roadbuilding projects
 •	 Sale	of	B.C.	Rail	when	they	promised	they	would	not	sell.         in B.C.
 •	 Underfunding	of	education	causing	the	closure	of	many	                These	are	some	of	the	policies	we	support,	which	we	will	
    schools.                                                          push	with	the	NDP.
 •	 Doubling	 (and	 more)	 of	 Medical	 Services	 Premiums                While Union members will make up their own minds
 	 (MSP).                                                             come election time, we would not be doing our job if we did
 •	 Terrible	cuts	to	WCB,	and	unjust	Labour	Laws.                     not update you. Do not be fooled by the Liberals new face
 •	 Cost	overruns	on	the	new	Convention	Centre	in	Vancou-             of Leadership.	Their	policies	and	practices,	supported	by	all	
 	 ver	(twice	the	overrun	cost	of	the	fast	ferries).                  of	their	MLA’s,	must	not	return	them	to	office	in	2013.	The
                                                                      province badly needs a change of direction, and the NDP
                                                                      will provide that much needed change.
     2011 MONTHLY GENERAL                                                 Take	care,	please	stay	healthy,	and	above	all	work	safe.
 All General Membership Meetings will be held
 next	to	the	Union	Office	in	Vancouver	at	the	
 CRAFT Centre.
  Date                   Day         Time
  January 23             Sunday      10:00 am
  February 24            Thursday    7:00 pm
  March 24               Thursday    7:00 pm
  April 28               Thursday    7:00 pm
  May 26                 Thursday    7:00 pm
  June 23                Thursday    7:00 pm
  July                   Summer Break
  August                 Summer Break
  September 22           Thursday    7:00 pm
  October 27             Thursday    7:00 pm
  November 24            Thursday    7:00 pm
  December 18            Sunday      10:00 am
                                                                      Members of Local 1611 working for CIMS at the Burnaby Chevron Refinery.
                                                                                                                                        paGe 5
                                                                                                                         riCk Clarkson
report: Secretary-Treasurer
Liberals Heads Buried In Sand
        Once	again	another	year	is	drawing	to	a	close.	Time	seems	 –	 1980	 and	 the	 Millennial’s	 1981	 –	 2006.	 It	 was	 the	 Tradi-
        to	be	flying	by	and	moves	us	closer	to	LiUNA’s	75	years	in	 tionalists	1925	–	1945	and	the	boomers	who	fought	to	give	
        BC	 in	 2012.	 The	 2008	 economic	 crisis	 hit	 the	 Union	 and	 us	the	standard	of	living	and	core	values	we	enjoy	today.	The	
        Contractors	hard.	2009	and	the	first	half	of	2010	                            Generation	X	helped	developed	cell	phone	tech-
        saw a steep climb in members being out of work                                nology,	 game	 video	 and	 cancer	 treatments.	 The	
        and contractors had fewer jobs to bid on. When                                Millennial’s	are	dealing	with	technology	overload	
        tenders went out other companies from across                 quoted:          and I predict they will not have the standard of
        Canada	 and	 the	 United	 States	 were	 also	 bidding	       take the         living of the future that we are enjoying today.
        on work in British Columbia, making it harder to                                  Technology	is	making	great	strides,	some	can-
        be the successful bidder.                                       time          cers can now be prevented, we have landed on
            As	 a	 consequence,	 our	 Union	 finances	 have	        to upgrade        the moon and are looking into the far regions of
        been impacted in both 2009 and 2010. We hope                                  space and the new technology hitting the stores
        by the end of 2011 that the economic is back on                 now           are obsolete by the time we buy it.
        the	upswing.	Time	will	tell.                                                      All	 this	 said	 I	 go	 back	 to	 the	 beginning	 the	
            I	and	other	LiUNA	members	have	been	trying	                               Union	Training	Plan	puts	many	different	courses	
        to	 get	 the	 Liberal	 BC	 government	 to	 accept	 the	 Labourers	 on	throughout	the	year.	Now	is	the	time	to	get	all	the	skills	
        as an apprenticable trade, no such luck yet. I think they and you	can,	they	will	help	you	get	and	keep	your	jobs.	Try	and	
        back	room	boys	have	their	heads	buried	in	the	sand.	Some	 get an older hand to pass on some of the tricks of the trade to
        people	think	it’s	easier	to	bring	cheap	workers	in	for	our	jobs	 make	the	work	easier.	Take	the	time	to	upgrade.
        and allow unscrupulous contractors to pay poverty wage                Be extra careful on the roads this winter darkness, cold,
        rates to them. In my opinion as a result of the butchering of snow	and	ice	make	driving	hazardous.	Take	care	of	your	fam-
        our apprentice programs, we in Canada are being lead down ily. In closing, I want to wish every member a very Happy
        the	path	to	3rd	world	status.	                                     Christmas and wish happiness and the best for you and your
            Following	the	baby	boomer	will	be	the	Generation	X	1965	 family	in	the	New	Year.

        SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS                                                   KEy LOCAL 1611 GOALS
              AFFECTING                                                                FOR 2011
              LOCAL 1611                                      •	   Seek	Union	member	assistance	in	organizing	and	
                                                              	    representational	efforts.
         – aCHieVeMents in 2010 –                             •	   Organize	15	new	companies	in	all	sectors.
                                                              •	   Aggressively	pursue	Project	Labour	Agreements	(PLA’s)	with		
   •	    Organized	15	new	companies	                               other craft based Unions for industrial and commercial jobs
         (and 3 pending).                                          throughout B.C.
   •	    53	companies	organized	since	2006.                   •	   Increase	efforts	with	Aboriginal	peoples	around	the	province.
   •	    Trained	720	members	province	wide.                   •	   Establish	mentor/ambassador	program,	through	the	Retiree		
   •	    Held	over	50	Union	meetings	and	Retiree		                 Council.
         Council events in B.C.                               •	   Write	our	Union’s	history	book.
   •	    All	Benefit	Plans	remain	well	funded.                •	   Begin	preparations,	for	our	year	long	celebration	in	2012,	to			
   •	    Our	signatory	contractors	have	                           commemorate the 75th Anniversary of our Union.
         successfully secured over 160 new                    •	   Re-negotiate	Collective	Agreements,	including	the	Standard		
         Projects.                                                 Agreement, select Road Building Addendums, and with SCIC
   •	    	In	the	media	9	times.                                    and other service sector employers.
   •	    Renegotiated	several	sector	Agreements.              •	   Hold	additional	Job	Steward	and	other	education	courses	for		
                                                              •	   Complete	the	purchase	of	a	property,	to	relocate	the	Union’s		
                                                              	    head	office	operation	by	the	end	of	2012.

paGe 6
                                                                                                        GreG Harris
report: International
A Look to the Future
       Greetings:                                                                       ing.	 The	 completion	 of	 larger	 projects	 and	 postponements	
          The	cold	winds	of	November	are	blowing	hard	and	clean	                        has resulted in manpower surpluses and declining hours.
       as I organize my thoughts as to how best to relay my sense                           Regionally	 we	 expect	 resurgence	 in	 oil-based	 construc-
       of our future.                                                                   tion	activity	in	Northern	Alberta,	potash	and	oil	refining	and	
          I believe our construction future lies primarily in heavy                     transport	in	Saskatchewan,	Hydro	and	general	construction	
       industrial and infrastructure development projects. His-                         in	Manitoba	and	ongoing	infrastructure	in	Southern	Alberta	
       torically, our region has shown its greatest growth during a                     all	starting	before	the	3rd	quarter	of	2011.	British	Columbia	
       time	 of	 industrial	 reconstruction.	 Over	 the	 last	 three	 years	            has a number of opportunities detailed elsewhere, and the
       we have witnessed manpower shortages and record hours,                           good news regionally, is the worst is probably over.
       growth in membership through apprenticeship and organiz-                             The	 largest	 project	 this	 office	 is	 involved	 in	 is	 Enbridge	
                                                                                        Gateway	Pipeline	and	Loading	Facility	running	from	Alberta	
                                                                                        to	Kitimat.	There	are	regulatory	and	other	hurdles	before	the	
                                                                                        project comes to fruition but the employment opportunities
                                                                                        for the membership are vast.
                                                                                            We would ask the membership to stay informed of the is-
                                                                                        sues surrounding major projects and add their voices in sup-
                                                                                        port. We as a union believe in high standards, quality work
                                                                                        and know we can deliver - whatever the challenges.
                                                                                            Regionally	the	union	continues	to	grow	in	diversified	and	
                                                                                        associated	industries;	pre-cast	concrete	products,	pipe	coat-
                                                                                        ing facilities, rail maintenance, healthcare, recycling, parking
                                                                                        and security.
                                                                                            I believe all of these industries represent opportunity for
                                                                                        current and future members to enhance their lives through
                                                                                        meaningful	 labour,	 good	 remuneration	 and	 benefits	 and	
                                                                                        sense of belonging to an organization where we share com-
                                                                                        mon values.
                                                                                            Best	 wishes	 to	 you,	 the	 membership,	 from	 the	 LiUNA	
                                                                                        Sub-Regional	office	staff.	Merry	Christmas.
                                                                                        Greg Harris
                                                                                        LiUNA Western Canada Sub-Regional Manager

                                                                                               IMPORTANT DISPATCH REQUEST
                                                                                            If you are not working, you must check in with the
                                                                                                               Dispatch	Office.
                                                                                          The Employers do not let the Hall know when you have
                                                                                               left their employment, it is your responsibility.
                                                                                                  WHMIS and Hearing Tests are mandatory
                                                                                                                on all job sites.
                                                                                           Contact the Dispatch for information as to where you
                                                                                               can get themif you do not already have them.
                                                                                          Our	dispatchers	are	having	difficulty	contacting	mem-
                                                                                                    bers who have blocked incoming calls.
                                                                                             If our dispatchers cannot reach you, they cannot
                                                                                                                offer	you	a	job.
                                                                                              Please unblock your telephone or program it to
                                                                                                           accept dispatch numbers.
                                                                                                   Call 604.432.7833 or 1.800.663.6588 for
Member Jolene James with her niece Ella posing in front of their ‘Slow Down’ campaign
through Worksafe BC.
                                                                                                              more information.
                                                                                                                                                      paGe 7
                                                                                                                                    Manuel alVernaz
Organizing Department
We Need Members Support
       I	 would	 like	 to	 wish	 all	 our	 Brothers	 and	 Sisters,	 a	 Merry	           tending public meetings for the Covanta Waste-to-Energy
       Christmas	and	Happy	New	Year.	On	behalf	of	the	Organiz-                          Gold River Project.	 This	 billion	 dollar	 project	 will	 employ	
       ing	Department	I	want	to	thank	you	for	all	the	help	you	give	                    about	300	of	our	members	next	year,	plus	few	more	in	our	
       us in organizing.                                                                Precast	Plant	in	Richmond.	All	of	this	was	only	possible	be-
           This	 year	 has	 been	 another	 exciting	 year	 in	 organizing.	             cause the effort and help we had all year from our organizers,
       We	will	reach	our	goals	with	your	help;	13	companies	have	                       Oscar,	Liana,	Mark	Warrior,	Dean,	our	Executive	Board	and	
       been	organized	and	4	companies	are	pending.	We	start	raid-                       our	Legal	Counsel	Kevin	Blakely	and	his	assistant	Jenny,	with	
       ing	 CLAC	 in	 one	 of	 their	 contractors,	 Pedre	 Contracting,	                his	hard	work	at	the	Labour	Relations	Board	winning	for	us.
       with your help successfully will get them out for the third                         I would like to ask our members if you know anybody
       time.                                                                            working	for	CLAC	contractors,	please	give	me	a	call	and	to-
           For	about	3	months	we	have	been	promoting/lobbying	at-                       gether	we	will	get	CLAC	out.	All	calls	are	confidential.
                                                                                           Thank	you	and	Seasons	Greetings.
Proud Local 1611 Frontier Kemper crew after the T.B.M. breakthrough at the tunnels in
the Seymour Watershed 2010. Congratulations!
                                                                                                    ORGANIzE, ORGANIzE,
                                                                                                In the last 5 years we successfully organized
                                                                                                     53 companies. Thanks to all of you.
                                                                                                 In	2010	Local	1611	has	organized,	certified	
                                                                                                    and/or	signed	Collective	Agreements	
                                                                                                            with these companies;
                                                                                          •	   A.B.W.	Construction	Inc.
                                                                                          •	   Concrete	Concepts	Ltd.
                                                                                          •	   U-Turn	Traffic	Control	Inc.
                                                                                          •	   P	&	J	Solutions	Inc.
                                                                                          •	   Michels	Canada
                                                                                          •	   Pacifex	Construction	Ltd.
                                                                                          •	   North	Pointe	Enc
                                                                                          •	   D.L.	Safety	Consulting
                                                                                          •	   Black	Panther	Traffic	Control	(2010)	Ltd.
                                                                                          •	   Dabner	Consulting	and	Expediting
                                                                                          •	   Dean’s	Welding
                                                                                          •	   Accurate	Concrete	Cutting	&	Coring
                                                                                          •	   Covanta	Energy
                                                                                          •	   TIC	Canada
                                                                                          •	   Kani	Foundation	PLA
                                                                                          •	   Thomas	Concrete	Ltd.	(pending)
                                                                                          •	   Remco	Insulation	Ltd.	(pending)
                                                                                          •	   Zanron	Fabrication	&	Machine	Co.	Ltd.	(pending)
                                                                                               DO yOU HAVE ANy ORGANIzING TARGETS
                                                                                                             FOR THE UNION?
                                                                                                   Call Manuel Alvernaz, Chief Organizer
                                                                                                at (604)437-6889 ext. 222 or 604-323-4442.
                                                                                                          All inquiries confidential.

                                              BROWSE THE WEB
                          •	See	interesting	news	and	other	links.				•	Scholarship	information	and	forms	are	available.
                        •	Automatic	dues	deduction	forms	are	also	available.			•	You	can	also	print	Medical	Plan	forms.
paGe 8
                                                                                             Gary palMiere

                                                                                                                     danny klein
Lower Mainland Construction
Past Year Challenging
   On	behalf	of	Danny	Klein	and	myself	we	wish	all	our	broth- B & B is successful, by the time of publishing this newsletter
   ers	 and	 sisters	 Merry	 Christmas	 and	 all	 the	 best	 over	 the	 we will know.
   holiday season.                                                          There	are	still	many	companies	in	the	commercial	sector	
       This	 past	 year	 has	 been	 very	 challenging	 for	                          that are still facing stiff competition as there are
   a	 great	 deal	 of	 our	 member’s	 who	 suffered	 past	                           many more contactors bidding the same work.
   Olympic	work	shutdowns	and	the	lingering	(on-                 quoted:             Michels Canada’s job	 in	 the	 City	 of	 Vancouver	
   going)	present	recession.                                    if we work           its target for the tunnel to be done by end of this
       There	has	been	a	great	deal	of	work	in	the	util-                              week,	and	to	be	fully	complete	by	end	of	January.	
   ity, roadbuilding sector as a useful of infrastruc-         together we Frontier Kemper broke through the raw water
   ture investment and the ongoing demand for new
                                                              can make this tunnel	on	October	14	and	also	broke	through	the	
   housing.	This	work	has	not	been	without	it	chal-                                  treated	tunnel	on	November	4.	Now	that	the	tun-
   lenges,	 the	 work	 picture	 in	 April	 looked	 bleak.	       a stronger          nels are broken through all the pipe and shotcrete
   This	all	changed	in	a	matter	of	six	weeks	by	the	                                 begin. Frontier Kemper are looking for nozzle-
   end	 of	 June	 BA Blacktop, B & B Contracting,                                    man	with	3	or	more	years	experience	tested	and	
   Southwest Contracting, Imperial Paving and                                        ticketed,	 phone	 Danny	 Klein	 for	 more	 informa-
   Columbia Bitulithic	 were	 and	 are	 extremely	 busy.	 Some	 tion.
   companies like Winvan and Imperial were fully booked for                 I would like to thank all the brothers and sisters who I
   the remainder of the year. B & B Contracting has managed have had the pleasure of either meeting or reconnecting with
   to	secure	a	3	million	dollar	contract	on	the	new	freeway	and	 in	the	construction	sector.	After	many	years	of	representing	
   are	working	 just	past	200th	 in	Langley.	 B	&	 B	 Contracting	 the service sector it is a pleasure going to the sites again and
   has	requested	the	Tri	pac	assist	in	securing	an	additional	30	 being a part of the construction sector. I know there are many
   million	dollars	work	to	be	negotiated	with	Kiewit.	This	will	 members	left	to	meet	and	sites	that	we	need	to	visit	and	since	
   put	at	least	6	crews	of	work	for	15	months.	The	3	unions	have	 there	are	less	reps.	in	the	field	we	need	to	rely	on	information	
   given the company over common position and are hopeful from our members please do not hesitate to call your Union
                                                                        to let us know where you are working if you have not seen
                                                                        a rep on the site it may be we are not aware of the location.
UNION SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED                                                  Top	reasons	to	call	your	Union	rep.	immediately:
2010 W. Vernie Reed Memorial Scholarship Award                          •	 Company	 is	 using	 employees	 that	 are	 not	 members	 of	
                                                                            our Union.
       Jesse Akers ......................$2,300.00
                                                                        •	 Other	Trades	are	doing	our	Union	member’s	work.
Member: Donnelly Akers, Construction Division                               These	two	reasons	cost	our	members	thousands	of	hours	
                                                                        of lost work. If we work together we can make this a stronger
Other Scholarships Announced Soon
                                                                        Union for all our brothers and sisters.
                                                                            2011 is going to be a better year and we are going to do
UNION SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE                                            our best for all our brothers and sisters, ask yourselves what
There	are	3	different	scholarships	that	our	members	or	                 can I do.
their dependents can apply for:                                             Be	 safe,	 strong	 and	 may	 God	 bless	 all	 labourers.	 Merry	
W. Vernie Reed Memorial Fund	–	offered	through	the	                     Christmas.
Laborers’ International Union. All information request-
ed must by in by April 1st.                                                                      Member Alert
Cal Callahan Memorial Bursary	–	offered	through	the	                               BOYCOTTS / DO NOT PATRONIZE
Pipeline Industry for the sons, daughters or legal wards                   •	 Phillips	Electronic	Products	–	Requested	by	USW
of members who derive their principal income from the
Pipeline Industry. All information requested must be in                    •	 Sklar	Pepplar,	Alan	White	branded	furniture	–	
by the 30th of September.                                                     Requested by USW
Roland B. Gordon Memorial	–	offered	through	CSWU	                          •	 Price	Smart	(Food	Stores)	–	Requested	by	UFCW
Local 1611. All information requested must be in by the                    •	 Wal-Mart	–	Over	treatment	of	Unionized	workers	in		
last day of October.                                                          Quebec
Contact	the	CSWU	Local	1611	office	for	the	applica-                        Send a letter to your local area MLA and MP and ask
tions.                                                                     them to get involved and support the workers.

                                                                                                                                   paGe 9
                   Membership Meetings, service pins, events & Courses

      1                                                       3

    4                                              5                                         6        7

  8                                            9                                 10
   1.   Mark Olsen discussing PLA at the Building Trades Convention in Nanaimo.
   2.   CSWU Local 1611 membership meeting in Fort St. John earlier this year.
   3.   Local 1611 Garda members meeting on Nov.13 for negotiations update.
   4.   Brother Ken Numella receives his 35 year pin from Business Rep Matthew Lust.
   5.   From right Chuck Chatten Business Rep. presenting Brother Jim McKim on his
        30 years of service.
   6.   Pin Recipient Local 1611 member Brent Strank for 30 years of service.
   7.   Left Harry Bains NDP MLA with Bruce Ferguson President of Local 1611 at the
        2010 Building Trades Convention. Photo credit: Joshua Berson.
   8.   Job Stewards Barry Kirton and Roman Iwasiuk being presented Local 1611
   9.   Job Steward Gerry Delorme being presented a Local 1611 jacket at the Canexus
        project in N. Vancouver.
  10.   Dawson Creek area membership meeting of Local 1611 earlier this year.                    11
  11.   New Executive Officers of Building Trades sworn in at the 2010 Convention. Left to
        right, Jim Paquette Treasurer, Lee Loftus President and Mark Olsen Vice President.

paGe 10

1.       Victoria area membership meeting earlier this year.
2.       Pin recipient Jose Lima for 35 years of service.
3.       Prince George area membership meeting of Local 1611 earlier this fall.
4.       Victoria area members (left) Curtis Fiddler and Dave Bains.
5.       Cranbrook area membership meeting of Local 1611 earlier this year.
6.       From left Chuck Chatten Business Rep and Mark Olsen Business Manager
         shaking hands with Brother Brian Cox on his 30 years of service.
7.       Miroslav Grynia presents CSWU President Bruce Ferguson and CSWU
         membership with a copper etching from and also with warm fraternal
         regards Polish Coal Miners Union.
8.       Some of the BC Coalition support crew attending various GVRD meetings,
         wearing our custom ‘waste to watts’ shirts for Covanta Energy.

     3                                                                                    4

5                                                                                     6

     7                                                            8

                                                                                              paGe 11
              1.   Newly elected Retiree Council by acclamation left to right Joaquim
  1                Ferreira Trustee, Alasdair Miller Trustee, R.L. McDonald President,
                   Bud Smith Trustee, Dave Pringle Vice-President, Manuel Alvernaz
                   Secretary Treasurer, and Manuel Figueiredo Trustee.
              2.   Area membership meeting earlier in the year in Vernon.
              3.   (right) Former Business Rep of Local 1611 Gordon Davidson receives
                   his 35 years of service from Business Rep Matthew Lust.
              4.   Local 1611 member Helmut Koch receives his 35 year pin.
              5.   Dean Homewood received a recognition award from the Vancouver,
                   New Westminster, and District and Construction Trades Council for
                   years of service.
              6.   Brother Ron Suvajac receives his 15 year pin from Bus. Rep. Matthew
              7.   Campbell River membership meeting earlier this year.
  2           8.   Large turnout at membership meeting in Kamloops earlier this year.

  3       4   5                                  6



paGe 12

3                                                                                4
            1.   Some of the CGL Enterprises employees at a contract negotiation
                 meeting earlier this year.
            2.   Long service pin recipients held in Vernon earlier this year.
            3.   Business Rep. Matthew Lust presenting member Deb Standbrook
                 with her 35 year of service pin, while Matthew really wants Deb’s
            4.   Membership meeting in Kelowna.
            5.   Area membership meeting held this past fall in Vernon.
            6.   Nanaimo area member Tammy Beairsto.
            7.   Long service pin recipients at a meeting held in Kelowna.
            8.   Bob Huston (front right) with his wife for his retirement lunch with
                 (back row l to r) Gary Palmiere Business Rep, Oscar Sanchez
                 Organizer, Manuel Alvernaz Chief Organizer, Bruce Ferguson
                 President, Richard Saunders Workers’ Advocate, Mark Warrior
5                Researcher with his wife. Thank you Bob for your years of service in
                 the Organizing Department.




                                                                              paGe 13




  1.       Members of CSWU Local 1611 attend ratification meeting for Armtec/Con-force
            in Vancouver earlier this year.
  2.       Earlier this year in March at the Esquimalt Graving Dock the ‘Canadian Jobs for
            Canadian Workers’ rally was held to make people aware that a new crane for
            the Public Works Canada was going to be erected by foreign workers, while             8
           unemployed qualified tradesworkers stand idle by.
  3.       Former President of Local 1093 Steve Branyik.
  4.       Dennis Morgan (left) receiving his Union watch at his retirement party. Dennis was a full time representative
           with Local 1611 and former Local 602 and 105. Dennis did a great job representing workers from several
           sectors including security, parking lot, traffic control, funeral and others.
  5.       Local 1611 retirees during their meeting on October 24 in Vancouver.
  6.       Marcello Sernaggia receiving his 50 year watch from R.L. McDonald and Executive Officers of Local 1611.
  7.       Retiree meeting held this past October 24 in Vancouver.
  8.       (l to r) Oscar Sanchez Organizer, Dave Barrett former Premier of BC and his wife Shirley, and Bruce Ferguson,
           President, attending the 75th Anniversary of the historic On-to-Ottawa Trek. The event in 1935 forced the
           Federal government to setup Unemployment Insurance and it opened the way for new laws that allowed
           the organization of industrial unions after WWII.

paGe 14
1                                                               2                                   3

     4                                          5
     1. Antonio Alves receiving his 50 year watch from the Union Executive Officers.
     2. Local 1611 member and Job Steward Gerry Curko with his jacket.
     3. From left Carl Strand former Business Manager of Local 1611, his wife Terri,
        and Sisters Tamarra Bolwell and Tina Trewern volunteering to collect money          6
        for diabetes.                                                                                   7
     4. 40 year pin recipient Alexander Murvai and Business Manager Mark Olsen in
        our office April 26, 2010.
     5. Ken Perry (left) long time Okanagan/Interior Business Rep. of Local 1611 and
        former Local 602, and Trustee of our Medical and Pension Plans, at his retirement
        gathering in 2010. Ken did a tremendous job and will be sorely missed.
     6. Former Business Manager of Local 1093 Don “Stretch” Strank.
     7. Campbell River pin recipients from left William Young 30 years of service and
        Dave Roth 35 years of service.
     8. Local 1611 members Jeff McFarlane, Sandy Forsythe and Ole Lauritsen at a
        recent area meeting in Salmon Arm.
     9. Vancouver and area members of Local 1611 attend monthly union meeting
        this past October.
    10. Dean Homewood Contractor Relations Rep from the New West Building                       8
        Trades donating to the food bank drive.
    11. Long service pin recipients at a meeting in Kamloops earlier this year.


    10                                                              11

                                                                                                            paGe 15
            Trafc Control Person

Member Sherry Sociedade posing for the latest ‘Slow Down’ campaign through Worksafe BC, with her husband and two children.
paGe 16
                                                                                                                        MattHeW lust
Vancouver Island
Work Picture Remains Stable
      Season’s	 greetings	 to	 everyone	 and	 a	 happy	 holiday	 season	        In	 November	 we	 held	 Union	 Membership	 meetings	 in	
      from	Matthew	Lust	and	everyone	else	here	representing	the	            Victoria,	 Campbell	 River	 and	 Nanaimo.	 I	 welcomed	 the	
      membership	of	Local	1611	on	Vancouver	Island.                         company	and	fellowship	of	our	Business	Manager	Mark	Ol-
          Once	again	I	would	like	to	let	you	know	that	I	am	working	        sen,	President	Bruce	Ferguson,	Chief	Organizer	Manuel	Al-
      primarily	out	of	the	Victoria	office	however	I	am	available	in	       vernaz,	Recording	Secretary/Business	Representative	Shelley	
      the	Nanaimo	and	Campbell	River	offices.	Please	feel	free	to	          Moore	 and	 Business	 Representative	 Rick	 Spencer	 at	 these	
      contact	 me	 at	 the	 Victoria	 office	 to	 make	 arrangements	 to	   meetings, and would like to thank all the members who were
      meet when I am in your area.                                          able to attend these meetings. It is always good to see you all.
          Since	our	last	newsletter	the	work	picture	on	Vancouver	              I	also	attended	the	Retiree	Christmas	luncheons	in	Vic-
      Island	has	remained	stable.	In	the	Victoria	area	Farmer has           toria	and	Nanaimo	during	the	month	of	November	and	look	
      been	providing	a	lot	of	steady	jobs	at	Oak	Bay	Beach	Hotel	           forward	to	the	Vancouver	Retiree	luncheon	in	December.	I	
      and	 also	 has	 work	 at	 the	 University	 of	 Victoria.	 Campbell    would like to add that these functions are fantastic to attend
      Construction	 has	 work	 at	 the	 University	 of	 Victoria	 and	 a	   and that celebrating with our retiree members is a privilege
      few	of	the	Thrifty	Food	locations,	as	well	as	a	job	in	the	Na-        and	 an	 honour.	 Local	 1611	 Retiree	 Council	 is	 the	 largest	
      naimo area. Chew Excavating is continuing to employ many              in	 LIUNA,	 in	 North	 America.	 Way	 to	 go	 guys	 with	 much	
      of our members all over the south Island including work on            thanks	to	the	President	of	the	Retiree	Council	R.L.	McDon-
      the second phase of the Uptown Project. Island Asphalt is             ald.	I	would	also	like	to	thank	the	NDP	MLA’s	Rob	Fleming,	
      continuing to be busy and has hired a few of our members              Lana	Popham	and	Leonard	Krog	for	attending	these	celebra-
      for	their	Concrete	Division.	                                         tions of our retired members.
          The	paving	sector	continues	to	provide	work	in	the	mid	               Here	are	a	few	reminders:
      and north Island as well. Robinson Contracting has a waste            •	 Training	is	a	key	to	keep	you	on	top.	Take	advantage	of	
      water	 treatment	 facility	 upgrade	 in	 Crofton	 and	 provided	      	 your	Training	Plan,	it	helps	you	to	be	the	best.	Call	me	to
      some jobs on the most recent shut downs at Harmac. Keltech                help you get on track, and let me know what you need.
      Services also employed many of our members on the Har-                •	 Check	in	periodically	to	let	me	know	your	status,	skills,
      mac	shut	down	and	some	work	at	the	Crofton	Pulp	Mill	as	                  any upgrading completed and to stay checked-in on the
      well. Upland Excavating is near to wrapping up at Willow                  out of work list.
      Point for now but have some work to keep some members                     In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to wish
      going. Upland continues to bid on upcoming tenders and we             you all a happy and prosperous new year, and above all work
      wish them luck in securing more work in the future.                   safe and stay healthy.

Nanaimo area meeting this past November 14.
                                                                                                                                       paGe 17
                                                                                                                       riCk spenCer
Dock & Shipyard Workers Unit
Merger With 1611 Positive
    Great	news!	The	Dock	and	Shipyard	Workers’	have	merged	              work	is	underway	now.	This	is	great	news	for	our	members!	
    into	CSWU	Local	1611.	We	have	just	held	our	first	unified	           More	good	news	for	members	is	that	we	are	not	satisfied	yet.	
    union	 meeting	 together.	 Shipyard	 members	 and	 construc-         Your union representatives have been and are working dili-
    tion	members.	This	was	a	very	informative	meeting	for	all	in	        gently with other like minded individuals in this industry to
    attendance.	The	messages	were	positive.	The	employment	sit-          enhance	 many	 more	 employment	 opportunities	 for	 YOU,	
    uations	show	promise	in	every	sector.	The	long	waiting	peri-         our members, for our future together. We have met with the
    ods	of	low	employment	will	soon	be	just	memories.	Although	          provincial	government,	the	BC	Minister	of	Labour,	the	BC	
    at present the employment situation in the ship building and         Minister	 of	 Advanced	 Education	 and	 Small	 Business	 and	
    repair industry is very similar to that in the construction sec-     various government officials. We have had delegation status
    tor	 this	 is	 about	 to	 change.	 Shipyards’	 experienced	 a	 short	at	the	Township	of	Esquimalt	Council	board	meetings.	This	
    upswing that had many of you working, however this was               resulted	 in	 positive	 action	 from	 the	 Esquimalt	 Mayor	 and	
    short	lived.	In	the	New	Year	2011	not	only	are	we	seeing	great	      Council.	More	good	news!	The	Township	of	Esquimalt	coun-
    potential for the shipyard industry the construction industry        cil has a union shipyard worker that was elected in Esqui-
    on	Vancouver	Island	is	looking	bright	as	well.	                      malt.	More	good	news	for	us!	We	are	members	of	the	Pacific	
                                                                                              Coast	 Shipbuilding	 Association,	 the	 West	
                                                                                              Coast	Shipbuilding	and	Repair	Forum	and	
    Ignatieff promises NV navy contracts                                                      the	British	Columbia	Shipbuilding	and	Re-
    Opposition leader commits to billions in spending on                                      pair	HR	Committee.	
    WV stop                                                                                       Recently	I	personally	met	with	the	Hon-
    By Benjamin Alldritt, North Shore News August 25, 2010                                    orable	 Peter	 McKay	 Canadian	 Minister	 of	
    Canadian	naval	ships	will	be	built	on	the	North	Shore	for	the	first	time	in	de-           Defense.	These	in	combination	with	other	
    cades if the Liberals form the next federal government, according to party                union	 representative’s	 efforts	 got	 results.	
    leader	Michael	Ignatieff.	                                                                Results	 that	 now	 see	 a	 great	 number	 of	
    “Of	course	we	will,”	Ignatieff	said	in	an	interview	with	the	North	Shore	                 unions, companies and governments tak-
    News. “We need balance. There are shipyards in Atlantic Canada. There are                 ing our message to heart.
    shipyards on the St. Lawrence and there are shipyards out here. We need                       We have been leaders in an active lob-
    a balanced program in terms of long-term stable employment on both                        bying drive to see shipbuilding and the jobs
    coasts.”                                                                                  associated returning to British Columbia. I
    The Conservative government plans on awarding long-term, multi-billion
                                                                                              truly believe that with a vibrant shipbuild-
    dollar contracts to two Canadian shipyards to build more than 100 navy
                                                                                              ing and ship repair industry combined
    vessels over the next 30 years. North Vancouver’s Washington Marine Group
                                                                                              with a thriving construction industry that
    faces	stiff	competition	for	the	work	from	rival	yards	in	Quebec	and	Nova	
                                                                                              all members and families of Construction
    “We’d	need	to	review	the	current	policy,”	Ignatieff	said.	“The	sense	of	hav-              and	Specialized	Workers’	Union	1611	will	
    ing long-term work instead of stops and starts, I get that part. Making sure              see	great	benefits	and	a	very	bright	future.	
    we get good value for money on the contracts is important too. . . . We need              I have included in this article, for you to
    to invest in Coast Guard protection. We need to invest in maritime surveil-               read for yourselves just one of many let-
    lance. I want to make sure we have a balance between civilian and military                ters	 I	 have	 personally	 written	 to	 Ottawa	
    procurement. It’s a double balance: East Coast and West Coast is balance                  (and	anybody	else	that	will	listen).	Take	no	
    one, balance two is making sure that it’s long-term so that the shipyards                 exception to the fact that the leader of the
    aren’t stop and start.”                                                                   Federal	Liberal	Party,	Michael	Ignatieff	has	
                                                                                              made shipbuilding in BC a main topic of
                                                                                              his	 campaign	 speeches.	 This	 and	 the	 fact	
                                                                                              that	the	politicians	in	Ottawa	today	also	see	
         Victoria	Shipyard	Ltd.	has	signed	contracts	with	the	gov- British Columbia as a serious player that must be considered,
     ernment	of	Canada.	An	extensive	work	program	has	started	 particularly	when	it	comes	to	Canada’s	Shipbuilding	industry	
     on	some	of	Canada’s	Navy	vessels	already!	The	FELEX	pro- are a true turn of events. We have had very positive meetings
     gram	is	a	refit	program	on	our	Canadian	Navy’s	Frigate	fleet.	 with the present Canadian government, resulting in what
     This	will	provide	much	needed	work	for	many	members.                is	 called	 the	 National	 Shipbuilding	 Procurement	 Program.	
         Another	work	program,	VISC	is	continuing	as	well.	This	 NSPS	has	announced	that	over	$35	Billion	will	be	budgeted	
     is	work	being	done	on	our	Canadian	Navy	submarines.	This	 for	 the	 building	 of	 these	 ships	 over	 the	 next	 30	 years.	 The	
paGe 18
       NSPS	will	result	in	Canadian	government	ships	being	built	in	                    courses.	The	certifications	you	receive	do	play	a	role	in	how	
       Canada!	Excellent	news!	Now	we	need	to	continue	to	pursue	                       companies and contractors see you!
       these same politicians. We do everything possible to see that                        Training	is	a	huge	focus	of	the	many	committees	we	at-
       You!	Our	members	take	part	in	this	shipbuilding	program.	                        tend and are members of. I am happy to tell you that the
          We	will	build	ships	again	in	British	Columbia!	These	are	                     CSWU	 Training	 Society	 has	 answered	 our	 call.	 We	 have	
       exciting times for us all!                                                       just	completed	two	training	courses	in	Victoria	in	Novem-
          One	 item	 that	 comes	 up	 over	 and	 over	 again;	 Training.	               ber	 2010.	 Attendance	 by	 members	 from	 both	 the	 shipyard	
       Every time I go into a meeting I am asked over and over,                         and construction sector made these course a huge success.
       ‘What	 is	 your	 organization	 doing	 about	 training?’	 The	 an-                Congratulations	to	all	that	attended.	Now	due	to	this	great	
       swer	is	always	the	same.	‘This	organization,	CSWU	1611	and	                      attendance and demand we will be hosting more courses in
       for	 that	 matter	 the	 Laborers’	 International	 Union	 of	 North	              the	New	Year.	Please	do	sign	up	and	attend	as	soon	as	you	
       America	(LIUNA)	provides	training	for	members.’                                  can!	 All	 these	 initiatives	 are	 in	 place	 for	 member’s	 benefit.	
          Members!	 Make	 no	 mistake	 about	 it,	 if	 you	 want	 train-                This	means	“YOU”.	
       ing, we will get it for you. I must impress upon you the value                       We are enhancing our ship repair and ship building in-
       you bring to your own personal worth by attending training                       dustry.	 Our	 main	 purpose	 is	 the	 realization	 of	 more	 good	
                                                                                        paying jobs for you. You and your family deserve no less. We
                                                                                        have	many	sectors	in	this	CSWU	1611.	There	are	many	dif-
                                                                                        ferent work opportunities arising for you. Please do take ad-
                                                                                        vantage	of	these	offers.	They	are	there	for	YOU!	Everyone	at	
                                                                                        your	CSWU	1611	Union	offices	are	working	for	YOU.	Thank	
                                                                                        you all!

                                                                                                      Local 1611
                                                                                                Supporting Communities
                                                                                           So far in 2010, Local 1611 has supported these
                                                                                           charities	and	benevolent	efforts;
                                                                                           •	   Shriners	Care	Cruisers
                                                                                           •	   Canadian	Diabetes	Association	(DAD’s	Day)
                                                                                           •	   Relief	in	Haiti
                                                                                           •	   Collingwood	Days	Multi-Cultural	Fair
                                                                                           •	   Trinity	Baptist	Church	Missionary	Fund
                                                                                                – In Memory of Georgina Jeanette O’Rourke
                                                                                           •	   To	fight	Mesothelioma	&	other	Asbestos-
                                                                                                Related Diseases.
Members Ray South and Bruce Barnard at the dock bottom.                                    •	   The	Katrine	Conroy	fundraiser	for	the	Kidney		
                                                                                           •	   The	Ride	to	Conquer	Cancer
                                                                                           •	   Food	Bank	Campaign

                                                                                                          MEMBER CODE
                                                                                                      OF PERFORMANCE AND
                                                                                           What should you do?
                                                                                           •	 Attend Union meetings.
                                                                                           •	 Get involved and stay informed.
                                                                                           •	 Upgrade yourself whenever possible.
                                                                                           •	 Talk-up the Union in a positive way.
                                                                                           •	 Help organize new companies.
Earlier this year from left John Lukas 35 years and former President of Local 1204,
                                                                                           •	 Show up on time to work, and do the best
James Walshaw 35 years (now retired), Nelson Morey 45 years (longest member of                you can every day.
L.1204), Rick Spencer 35 years (former Bus. Manager of L.1204), Don Williams 40 years      •	 Stay clean of alcohol and drugs.
(now retired), Fred Goddard (former member now VSL Foreman Labourer/Painter                •	 This is your Union, and you have an
Dept.), Ken GreenHalgh 30 years and kneeling left Ron Armstrong 35 years and Hugh             obligation to assist.
Dye 35 years.
                                                                                                                                                    paGe 19
speCial Feature

    The Life of a Shipyard Worker
                       1. Members prepping the hull of
                          zAANDAM for paint by high pressuring.
                       2. Here is a shipyard labourer going the
                          extra mile taking extra precautions to
                          contain sparks created by welder above.
                          Another of many assignments
                          undertaken regularly at the shipyard.
                       3. Members high power washing the the
                          zAANDAM hull, there are 10 manlifts,
                          8 are being operated by our members.
                       4. Chains and anchors to paint.
                       5. The Golden Princess ready to undock.
                          A perfect end to a perfect day.




paGe 20


        1. Members prepped and painted the zAANDAM.
        2.	 Our	members	painting	the	Golden	Princess,	the	finished		
        3.	 Left	to	right	Rick	Turlock,	Tony	Vivieros	and	Greg	Harris	find		
        	 a	second	to	smile	during	work.	The	unidentified	worker	is	
            consumed with his job assignment.
        4. The stern of the zAANDAM after prep and paint.
        5. Shipyard labourer Dylan Goddard shown at right with a
            Victoria Shipyard Rigger.


    4                                                                 5

                                                                      paGe 21
                                                                                                                                  CHuCk CHatten
West and East Kootenay Area
Still Fighting the Good Fight
       Greetings	Brothers	and	Sisters!	                                              summer,	 after	 the	 drilling	 and	 blasting	 of	 the	 powerhouse	
           The	Christmas	season	is	here.	Smoke	is	curling	out	of	the	 and	 tail	 race	 excavation.	 These	 projects	 give	 the	 Labourers	
       chimney into the cold night air and the wood pile is look- and	Building	Trade	Unions	an	opportunity	to	show	that	we	
       ing	good	no	matter	what	Old	Man	Winter	decides	to	deliv- have the expertise to get the job done on time and on budget
       er. It is getting quite busy in the Kootenay region with two with quality labour. Hopefully Aecon and other contractors
       projects	under	the	Allied	Hydro	Council	-	Columbia	Hydro	 will choose to work union on future projects such as Site ‘C’
       Constructors	 Agreement.	 These	 hydroelectric	 projects	 lo- and other infrastructure.
       cated at Mica Creek and Waneta	near	Trail	total	                                              Over	the	past	45	years	some	of	the	Unions	have	
       over	$1.8	Billion	in	value	and	we	have	dispatched	                       quoted:           gone from being part of the best trained, highest
       folks	to	both.	Local	1611’s	Executive	Board	efforts	                                       paid,	proudest	construction	work	force	in	North	
       have been constant in opposing the foul direc-                           We must           America	to	trying	to	steal	jurisdiction	and	work	
       tion and corruption of wall-to-wall agreements in                     work for the from others to claim that their membership is
       the	construction	industry.	Despite	the	attacks	by	                                         growing	by	organizing.	STOP!	We	must	work	for	
       some Employers on our jurisdiction, over the past                   common good the common good of working people in the build-
       17	 years	 Labourers	 have	 exercised	 honour	 and	                     of working         ing	trades.	There	are	many	forces	working	against	
       strength	in	hope	of	justice.	We	are	currently	fight-                                       the standard of living we presently enjoy and the
       ing	to	keep	our	jurisdiction	at	Mica	Creek	where	 people in the                            rights	we	too	easily	take	for	granted.	The	skilled	
       a	contractor	awarded	First	Aid	Attendant	work	to	 building trades labour shortage, exploitation of foreign workers,
       the IBEW for the 1st time in the history of the                                            right-to-work	(for	less)	legislation,	quasi-judicial	
       AHC-CHC	agreement	which	has	seen	us	exclusively	as	the	 government	agencies,	pseudo-unions	such	as	CLAC	(which	
       Primary	or	Dedicated	First	Aid	Attendants	since	1989	at	Ke- are	 not	 recognized	 by	 the	 BCFed	 or	 CLC),	 and	 the	 main-
       mano.	The	civil	work	for	Units	5	and	6	at	Mica	Dam	should	 stream corporate media all pose challenges and threats to
       be	 commencing	 this	 coming	 spring/summer.	 The	 tunnel	 working folks now and threaten our children and their fu-
       work	 should	 be	 underway	 at	 Waneta	 in	 January/February	 ture.	Demand	the	respect	you	deserve,	take	pride	in	the	work	
       of 2011, with major forming and concrete work starting by you	do,	and	honour	that	you	are	the	‘U’	in	UNION.
                                                                                         I’ve	been	working	dam	jobs	and	doing	tunnels	and	con-
Business Rep Chuck Chatten presenting a jacket to Ray DeCosse , Local 168 charter
member from 1952.
                                                                                     struction	 chores	 since	 1965.	 I’ve	 been	 doing	 the	 best	 I	 can	
                                                                                     to	look	after	Local	1611’s	interests	since	the	late	1990’s	and	
                                                                                     soon there will be a need for someone else to take over these
                                                                                     chores	as	the	Kootenay	rep.	I	had	the	pleasure	of	working	‘on	
                                                                                     the	tools’	with	real	quality	men	like	Ed	Lonsdale,	Joe	Coo-
                                                                                     per,	Don	Gouldie,	Rick	Barber,	Red	Hoyt,	Dewey	McLellan,	
                                                                                     and	Lionel	Heuscher.	The	last	couple	of	years	have	seen	me	
                                                                                     attending	 too	 many	 funerals.	 As	 they	 retired	 this	 past	 No-
                                                                                     vember,	Gary	Kroeker	and	Wayne	Peppard	were	recognized	
                                                                                     for being dedicated trade unionists, and I had some thoughts
                                                                                     about what tough chores lay ahead for their successors. It has
                                                                                     been	said	that	the	final	test	of	a	leader	is	that	he	leaves	behind	
                                                                                     him in other men both the conviction and the will to carry
                                                                                     on. We will carry on if we all work together.
                                                                                         There	are	a	lot	of	places	around	this	old	ball	of	mud	I’d	
                                                                                     like to see. But right now, I have work to do. I want to thank
                                                                                     the	Local	1611	job	stewards	for	their	efforts	throughout	the	
                                                                                     Kootenay	region.	Thanks	for	all	the	assistance	from	the	train-
                                                                                     ing society, the good folks at our medical and pension plans,
                                                                                     membership	services,	and	Local	1611’s	staff.	Thanks	for	good	
                                                                                     direction	from	our	E-Board	and	support	from	area	reps.	I’d	
                                                                                     like	to	wish	every	member	of	Local	1611	and	their	families	
                                                                                     the	 most	 prosperous	 New	 Year	 after	 their	 best	 Christmas	
                                                                                     ever.	Have	a	Safe	and	Happy	Holiday	season!
paGe 22
                                                                                                                       lereoy Vollans
Okanagan and Interior Area
New Agreements Positive
       Greetings,	here	we	are	at	the	end	of	2010.	Where	did	it	go?	           of our Contractors secure some much needed work for our
       2010	arrived	amidst	a	lot	of	uncertainty.	The	economic	crisis	         members.	 That	 money	 runs	 out	 in	 March	 2011.	 Hopefully	
       in 2009 spilled over into 2010 and many of our Contractors             our contractors are successful in bidding some of that work
       had few if any projects on the board and prospects looked              before then.
       dim.	The	Winter	Olympics	did	provide	some	employment,	                     A	lot	of	tenders	were	lost	to	non-union	and	CLAC	again	
       and also allowed us the opportunity to take our minds off              in 2010. Bidding competition for these projects is very strong.
       worries for a while.                                                   Enabling some projects, although unpopular, became a nec-
            Some	 unfinished	 projects	 from	 2009	 were	 continued	 in	      essary reality in 2010 to secure some much needed work for
       2010.	This	helped	ease	the	pressure	a	little.	Emil Anderson            members	who	otherwise	may	not	have	been	working.	As	the	
       is	 continuing	 to	 make	 progress	 on	 their	 ‘Design	 Build’	 job	   economy turns around and the work picture improves en-
       near	Golden.	The	highway	project	at	Larkin	near	Vernon	is	             ablements should become unnecessary.
       finally	 complete	 and	 traffic	 is	 now	 flowing	 smoothly	 along	        Local	1611	has	a	very	aggressive	and	successful	Organiz-
       this	impressive	stretch	of	Highway	97A.	The	Brentwood En-              ing	Department.	Their	goal	was	to	certify	15	companies	in	
       terprises Ltd.	road	project	(Balmoral)	near	Sorrento	on	Hwy	           2010.	At	the	time	of	this	report	11	have	been	successfully	or-
       1 is wrapping up for the season. It is scheduled to continue in        ganized.	If	you	are	aware	of	a	non-union	or	CLAC	company	
       spring	2011.	In	Mining,	we	now	have	a	3	year	agreement	with	           that needs organizing, please let us know.
       J.S. Redpath.	We	also	have	a	3	year	Agreement	with	DMC                     Several	courses	were	offered	by	the	Training	Plan	for	area	
       Mining Services,	who	had	a	small	job	at	the	New	Gold	Mine	             members	in	2010	including	Confined	Space,	H2S,	Gas	Test-
       near Kamloops earlier this summer.                                     ing,	Stakes	and	Grades,	TCP–Flagging	as	well	as	job	specific	
            Emil	Anderson	did	some	retaining	wall	work	at	the	Cop-            courses. We are presently compiling a course schedule for
       per	Mtn.	Mine	near	Princeton	in	the	fall.                              2011. Your input is appreciated on courses that will help you
            The	 Stimulus	 money	 released	 in	 2010	 helped	 a	 number	      gain valuable skills.
                                                                                  Please keep your dues up and check-in regularly with dis-
                                                                              patch.	Make	sure	we	have	your	current	phone	number,	where	
                                                                              you can be reached for available work.
                                                                                  These	are	tough	times,	but	with	opportunity,	understand-
                                                                              ing and commitment, we will persevere. I look forward to
                                                                              working with you in 2011.
                                                                                  Have	a	Healthy,	Happy	Holiday	Season	and	Please	Work	

ABOVE: Brother Will Morris with Emil
Anderson in Golden.

RIGHT: Brother Wade Eugene
pressure testing pipe in Golden for
Emil Anderson.

                                                                                                                                        paGe 23
                                                                                                                         Mat MCGreisH
Northern Region
Future Work Picture Bright
    The	first	snow	fall	has	already	fallen	as	I	write	this	article.	So	   I managed to visit as many sites as I could over the summer.
    at	this	time	the	work	picture	is	starting	to	fall	off.	That	be-           Work in the pulp mills on the industrial side picked up
    ing said members have some work continuing through to the             this	year	with	the	opening	of	the	mill	in	Mackenzie	and	work	
    end of the year and into the spring.                                  in	 the	 mills	 in	 Prince	 George	 and	 Quesnel.	 Viking,	 Clay-
        On	 the	 commercial	 front	 Viking has work going on at           burn, Tackwest, Thorpe and Stebbins Acc having work in
    Sullivan	Motors	in	Houston,	this	work	will	continue	through	          the	North	this	year,	putting	a	lot	of	our	members	to	work.
    the	winter.	Viking	also	has	work	in	the	Prince	George	area	on	                                       Work	 in	 Tumbler	 Ridge,	 Endako	
    a	continuing	basis.	In	Kitimat,	Viking	worked	on	replacing	                                       and Kitimat are looking bright for the
    sidewalks this summer as well.                                             quoted:                start of the year. Northpointe Con-
        Wayne Watson	continues	to	work	in	Vanderhoof	on	the	                 work will last struction	 working	 in	 Tumbler	 Ridge	
    new credit union building for Integris Credit Union. Work                                         will be starting a shut down in the
    is	winding	up	on	the	addition	to	the	arena	in	Fort	St.	James.	    	     for a full year, New	 Year	 to	 increase	 production	 at	
    They	also	have	ongoing	Telus	work	in	the	Prince	George	area.	           and put up to Peace	River	Coal.	Northpointe	is	con-
    They	also	have	prison	earlier	in	the	year	in	Prince	George.	                                      tinuing to bid on other work in the
        The	wet	weather	in	September	and	October	brought	heavy	            forty members area as well.
    rains in the Bella Colla area flooding the town and taking out              to work                  Lockerbie and Hole will also be
    the roads in the area. Dawson Construction was brought in                                         hiring	 members	 in	 the	 New	 Year	 as	
    with their heavy equipment to rebuild the damaged roads in                                        the	 job	 ramps	 up	 at	 Endako	 Mines,	
    the area. We have workers on the ground flagging and doing            west	of	Prince	George.
    first	aid.                                                                Rio Tinto Alcan has given Bechtel Construction another
        Pasco Drilling & Blasting also has a crew in Bella Colla          50	million	dollars	to	continue	work	on	the	aluminum	plant	
    to blast to make rip rap to rebuild the roads effected by the         in	 Kitimat.	 Starting	 in	 the	 New	 Year	 environmental	 clean-
    flood waters.                                                         ing	of	7	and	8	pot	lines	will	commence.	This	work	will	last	
        On	the	road	building	side,	Dawson	has	also	been	keep-             for	a	full	year,	and	put	up	to	forty	members	to	work.	Other	
    ing	busy	in	the	Fort	St.	John	area	putting	in	large	inch	pipe	        work scheduled for next year underground utility work for
    in	 the	 ground.	 Dean	 Homewood	 our	 Contractor	 Relations	         the camp, installation of the camp, a new pedestrian bridge
    Rep.	for	the	Union	and	myself	visited	this	site	while	also	vis-       and	 vehicle	 bridge	 over	 Anderson	 Creek.	 Tie-ins	 for	 the	
    iting	the	Tumbler	Ridge	area.	Western Industrial Contrac-             new plant from the old one underground utility work to go
    tors	had	a	utility	job	in	the	Tumbler	Ridge	town	site.	They	          around the perimeter of the new plant will take place. With
    have also been busy all fall working on the by-pass road in           this	being	said	it	looks	to	be	a	busy	year	in	the	North	next	
    Prince	George.	This	is	a	two	year	job	with	most	of	the	hours	         year.
    for our members in the second year. WIC also had work in                  At	 this	 time	 I	 would	 like	 to	 ask	 the	 members	 to	 get	 in-
    the downtown core making sidewalks wheel chair accessible.            volved with the Union, as it is your Union. I can do my work
        The	paving	crew	were	kept	busy	all	summer	and	fall	af-            more efficiently if members phone in and tell me where their
    ter a slow start as reported earlier in the year. Pittman, Ter-       company is working, or tell me if they have any non-union
    racing Paving, Kentron and Adventure were kept busy and               workers	on	site.	That	way	I	can	put	our	members	on	site	or	
    had	to	move	crews	around	the	North	to	complete	the	work.	             sign these people into the Union. If you know people work-
    The new Anode Storage building at Rio Tino Alcan site in Kitimat.
                                                                          ing for non-union employees and are un-happy inform me
                                                                                                 and the Union will try and organize them.
                                                                                                 The	more	companies,	the	more	members,	
                                                                                                 the stronger Union we have.
                                                                                                     Finishing off this article if you need
                                                                                                 to contact me the best way to contact me
                                                                                                 is	 on	 my	 cell	 phone	 as	
                                                                                                 I spend a month at a time in the Prince
                                                                                                 George	 office	 then	 the	 Kitimat	 office.	 In	
                                                                                                 closing I wish everyone the best of the sea-
                                                                                                 son to you and your loved ones and wish-
                                                                                                 ing	you	a	Merry	Christmas	and	a	Happy	
                                                                                                 New	Year.
paGe 24
                    retiree events around the province

All pictures from the retiree lunch in Revelstoke, Sunday, September 12.
1. From left, Mark Olsen, Manuel Alvernaz, Bruce Ferguson,
     Marvin Cardinal, and R.L. McDonald at Revelstoke luncheon.

                                                                               paGe 25
              All pictures from the retiree dinner in Prince George, Saturday, September
              25, except pictures 1 and 2 below from Castlegar dinner, Monday,
              September 13.

   1      2

paGe 26
All pictures from the retiree dinner in Castlegar, Monday, September 13.

                                                                           paGe 27
              1, 2, 3. Retiree lunch in Nanaimo, Sunday,
              November 14.
              Balance of pictures, Retiree lunch in Penticton,
              Tuesday, September 14.

   2      3

paGe 28
All pictures from the retiree dinner in
Kelowna, Wednesday, September 15.

                                          paGe 29

          All pictures, Retiree lunch in Victoria, Saturday, November 13.
          1. Vancouver Island NDP MLA Rob Fleming with Local
               1611 retiree George Forest, and his lovely wife Jeame.

paGe 30
                         all pictures of the
                         Vancouver retiree
                         luncheon held
                         december 11, 2010
                         will be in the retiree
                         publication, spring

        1, 2, 3. Retiree dinner in Kamloops, Saturday, September 11.
        Balance of pictures, Retiree lunch in Victoria, Saturday,
        November 13.

1   2                                                          3

                                                             paGe 31
                                                                                                                                        rl MCdonald
Retiree Council
Great Member Enthusiasm
       Well	folks,	Christmas	time	is	rolling	around	again	and	it’s	                    This	year	we	made	our	Kootenay	trip	as	usual	we	had	ex-
       too	bad	the	economy	didn’t	join	it.	The	best	Christmas	gift	I	              ceptional	turn-outs	and	so	were	the	members,	everyone	left	
       could	have	hoped	to	receive	was	Gordon	Campbell’s	resig-                    very	contented.	To	see	the	enthusiasm	makes	this	trip	a	real	
       nations.	My	wife	and	I	went	out	and	bought	a	good	bottle	of	                pleasure. Kamloops, Revelstoke, Castlegar, Pentiction and
       wine to celebrate. We enjoyed it right to the last drop.                    Kelowna were all the stops for dinners.
                                                                                       Bruce	Ferguson,	Manuel	Alvernaz	and	myself	went	up	to	
                                                                                   Prince George on the following weekend. We had a regu-
                                                                                   lar	union	meeting	and	the	dinner	that	night.	Great	bunch	of	
                                                                                   members there.
                                                                                       November	13	and	14	were	the	dates	for	our	luncheons	at	
                                                                                   Victoria and Nanaimo.	They	say	the	Island	is	a	great	place	
                                                                                   to	live	and	I	agree,	but	in	my	opinion	it’s	the	people	that	live	
                                                                                   there are the ones that make the place so pleasant.
                                                                                       The	 Vancouver	 event	 will	 be	 held	 on	 December	 11	 and	
                                                                                   will	be	well	attended.	Pictures	of	the	Vancouver	event	will	be	
                                                                                   included	in	our	publication	‘Generation	U’	and	mailed	to	our	
                                                                                   members in the spring 2011.
                                                                                       Our	overall	membership	is	holding	steady	and	with	your	
                                                                                   help	and	dedication	we	hope	to	keep	it	there.	Dues	will	stay	
                                                                                   at	$8.00	for	2011.
                                                                                       The	Executive	Board	wish’s	you	all	a	Merry	Christmas	and	
                                                                                   a	 Happy	 New	 Year	 and	 I	 want	 to	 see	 you	 all	 the	 functions	
                                                                                   next year.

ABOVE: Retiree Council President R.L. McDonald presents Local 1611 member Arthur
Da Silva a 50 year pin, with a watch and gold card recipient.
BELOW: Retiree Council President R.L. McDonald presents Local 1611member Alberto
Urbani a 50 year pin, watch and gold card recipient.

                                                                                   Long time Brother Michael Popil receiving his 50 year gold watch from Bruce
                                                                                   Fergson and R.L. McDonald.

                                                                                                       GOOD NEWS
                                                                                       Retiree Dues of $8.00 per month to stay same
                                                                                                   in 2011, no increase.
paGe 32
In Memoriam
Determined Men With Big Hearts
       Carl	Liden	                                                                         Many	members	knew	Carl,	for	his	herculean	efforts	at	the	
                                                                                       WCB, E.I. and CPP appeal boards.
       February	3,	1929	to	March	21,	2010                                                  Carl,	along	with	his	executive	assistant	Jenny	Tay,	started	
       We were deeply saddened in 2010 to lose a real gentleman                        the	 Unions	 Membership	 Services	 office	 in	 1982,	 and	 Carl	
       Carl	Liden,	who	passed	away	on	March	21.                                        helped	 over	 2000	 members	 until	 he	 retired	 in	 April	 1994.	
                                                                                       Carl was successful in achieving multi-millions of dollars
                                                                                       in	compensation	and	other	benefits	for	members	and	their	
                                                                                       families, and he did his work steadfastly, passionately and
                                                                                       honourably throughout.
                                                                                           In	a	previous	political	career	Carl	was	a	Delta	City	Coun-
                                                                                       cillor	 from	 1958	 to	 1963,	 and	 an	 NDP	 MLA	 from	 1972	 to	
                                                                                           Carl’s	career	also	included	work	with	the	United	Fisher-
                                                                                       men	and	Allied	Workers	Union;	as	the	Administrator	of	our	
                                                                                       Labourers	 Medical	 Plan;	 and	 as	 Chair	 of	 the	 Delta	 Credit	
                                                                                           Carl	 Liden	 was	 a	 gentleman	 and	 had	 a	 huge	 heart	 for	
                                                                                       working people and for the disabled and disadvantaged.
Carl Liden and his wife Beverley holding his award from CWSU Local 1611 for years of
                                                                                           On	 behalf	 of	 the	 Local	 1611	 Executive	 Board,	 staff	 and	
service and dedication to the Union and community.                                     membership,	we	are	proud	to	say	Carl	Liden	was	our	friend.

       Roger	Boychuck                                                                  ries	of	his	time	in	Alberta,	unloading	trucks	for	local	grocery	
                                                                                       store and cleaning professional sports uniforms, ecstatic at
       February	19,	1959	to	June	7,	2010                                               the	 prospect	 of	 attending	 some	 of	 the	 team’s	 practices.	 He	
       God’s	incredible	grace,	along	with	Roger’s	strength,	courage	                   also worked selling tickets for high school football games
       and determination become increasingly awe-inspiring when                        and	collected	bottles	at	Commonwealth	Stadium.
       pondered	against	the	backdrop	of	Roger’s	life	story.	This	ac-                       He	remembered	returning	to	the	Vancouver	area	in	1985,	
                                      count was gathered through con-                  feeling	abandoned	and	alone.	In	late	1986	he	became	involved	
                                      versations	 that	 Roger	 had	 with	              in	heavy,	large	scale	construction.	Now	living	in	Burnaby,	he	
                                      various friends, both formally                   spent	9	years	stripping	concrete	forms.	Not	only	did	he	love	
                                      and	 otherwise.	 Born	 in	 Vancou-               physical labour, but he always enjoyed building relationships
                                      ver	 in	 1959,	 Roger	 was	 left	 in	 a	         with other workers on the various job sites.
                                      dumpster	 as	 an	 infant.	 Through-                  In	 the	 early	 1990’s	 Roger	 became	 involved	 at	 New	 Life	
                                      out his childhood he suffered se-                Community	Church.	Many	of	his	richest	relationships	came	
                                      vere abuse at the hands of various               from	 time	 spent	 at	 New	 Life	 Community	 Church,	 Maple	
                                      foster families and unconditional                Ridge	CRC,	New	West	CRC,	and	with	the	Habitat	for	Hu-
                                      love and acceptance in the homes                 manity	community.	Roger	lost	his	mother	in	the	late	1990’s.
                                      of others. He recalled being                         Roger	was	proud	of	many	of	his	accomplishments,	par-
                                      placed in a wonderful home by                    ticularly	 his	 work	 on	 the	 Golden	 Ears	 Bridge	 and	 over	 10	
                                      Catholic welfare around the age                  years	of	service	with	both	Habitat	for	Humanity	and	the	Van-
                                      of	6.	Roger	was	thankful	for	many	               couver	Sun	Run.	He	was	also	heavily	involved	in	various	boy	
                                      of his childhood experiences, re-                clubs,	particularly	the	CRC	Cadet	program.	
                                      counting one summer in which                         Roger	 was	 a	 volunteer	 with	 the	 Variety	 Club	 for	 many	
                                      his brother brought books home                   years he enjoyed helping at the Boat for Hope and at the of-
                                      from school and spent the sum-                   fice.	His	understanding	of	what	it	is	like	to	start	out	in	life	
                                      mer	teaching	him.	Roger	grew	up	                 with	a	disability	drew	him	to	Variety,	eager	to	help	to	the	end.
       in	the	lower	mainland,	primarily	in	Burnaby	and	New	West-                           Roger	was	first	diagnosed	with	cancer	in	2008.	He	has	no	
       minster.	His	father	died	in	1972.	                                              known relatives but will be greatly missed by many.
           In	 the	 late	 1970’s	 Roger	 moved	 to	 Edmonton,	 where	 he	                  Roger	 was	 a	 valued	 active	 member	 of	 Local	 1611	 since	
       lived and worked for a number of years. He had fond memo-                       2005.	He	was	very	well	liked,	and	is	sorely	missed	by	all.
                                                                                                                                                 paGe 33
                             MEMBER & UNION PARTICIPATION
                Local 1611 in the NEWS in 2010
                           We Encourage All Members to Write to their Local
                       Newspapers, City Councillors, their MLA and MP on Union
                                        and Work Related Issues.
                                    Then Send the Information to Us.
                      We Will Consider Including It in Our Next Christmas Magazine.

                                                                     April16, 2010 –
        April15, 2010                                                West Kootenay Weekend
                         – news release                                                           er editorial
        May 5, 2010 Jo                     and                          “I am an experienced loc
                         urnal of Com                                                               al construction worker.
           “We anticipat                  merce article                Last fall I persistently ap
                          e that the (co                  .                                        plied for work at the
       employers) w                       nstruction                restoration of the Brillian
                      ill have a list o                                                          t Suspension Bridge in
       bargaining, a                   f proposals fo               Castlegar (non-union job
                     nd we are anx                     r                                         ). I was finally hired as
      on a new Coll                   ious to get wo                a sandblaster. I wondere
                      ective Agreem                   rking                                     d why I was the only B.C.
      possible”, said                  ent as quickly               resident on the job when
                      Ma                                as                                       so many highly qualified
      of the Laboure rk Olsen, Business Manag                      local people are out of wo
                                                                                                 rk and struggling to sup-
                      rs’                                er
     Union Bargain Union, and Chair of the 1                       port their families.
                      ing Council, “R                    5
     is a lot more th                    ight now, ther                How can a company com
                      at unites us, th                    e                                         e to the Kootenays and
     divides us. W                      en there is that           bring a crew from Ontar
                    e want our sig                                                             io, Newfoundland and Al
    tors to be succ                   natory contra                berta, and do the job chea                              -
                     essful in secu                  c-                                          per than a local contrac-
    so the member                    ring new proje                tor, employing local B.C.
                     so                              cts,                                       workers?
   continue to en f our craft based Unions ca                          Now I know. I had to fil
                    joy the benefi                       n                                        e a complaint with Em-
   jobs.”                           ts of good pay                ployment Standards in Ne
                                                    ing                                          lson to be paid overtime
                                                                  I earned, and to get my re
                                                                                                cord of employment.”
                                                                  (We agree. The governm
                                                                                              ent needs to enforce the
                                                                  law against these non-Un
                                                                                               ion contractors).
                                                                  Chris Chatten, Castlegar
      May 12, 2010 – Vancouver Sun Oped
         “A Project Labour Agreement
      (PLA) approach to building the Site
      “C” Dam, is in the best interests of                    May 21, 2010 – Peach Arch News
      the province, of the northern com-                      Coalition Supports Waste-to-Energy Plant
      munities which will be affected by                         Bruce Ferguson, President of Local 1611, took aim at
      this Project, of the First Nations, and                 landfilling garbage, particularly the growing mountain
      of the estimated 5,000 B.C. work-                       of waste at the Vancouver landfill at Burns Bog.
      ers who will be directly employed in                       “In another 20 years, we won’t have to go to Whis-
      building it”, said Mark Olsen Chair of                  tler for the Olympics, we can use the landfill mountain
      the Coalition of B.C. Building Trade                    as a downhill ski run. We should be building modern
      Unions.                                                 waste-to-energy plants like they have in Europe.”

paGe 34
 May 31, 2010 – Jo
                     urnal of Commer
    Drugs and Alcohol                  ce
                         not a problem for                     July 22, 2010 – Hope Standard Paper
 workers on B.C. si                        Union
    “The biggest part of                                          “An incinerator built in metro Vancouver
                         our industry testin                   could bring a job bonanza, but Mark Olsen
results, was to confi                       g
                      rm what we were ho                       (Coalition Chair) thinks it is certain to be de-
that the vast major                       ping,
                    ity of unionized w                         feated, by fear over air pollution risks.
clean of drugs and                     orkers are
                    alcohol,” said Mar
President of the Bar                  k Olsen,                    The public just won’t agree to it. So, if you
                     gaining Council.
                                                               don’t back the waste-to-energy Project in Gold
                                                               River, inevitably it’s going to mean expanded
                                                               landfilling in Cache Creek or Burns Bog.”

  August 13, 2010 –
  Open letter to Editor of the Vancouver Sun
      “We represent the Latin American workers, the               October 18, 2010 – Busin
  Vancouver Sun so easily dismissed in your opin-                                             ess in Vancouver
                                                                     Successful Human Rights
  ion column. The critical question is whether you                                                Decision triggers
                                                                  review of B.C. workplace
  support International Construction companies                                               law.
                                                                     “Seli/SNC Lavalin in a m
  bringing their overseas labour relations practices                                            ulti-year battle
                                                                  with the Construction an
  to B.C. If you agree, then it was okay for Seli and                                       d Specialized Work-
                                                                 ers’ Union Local 1611, in
  SNC Lavalin to pay Latin American workers as                                              volved a (successful)
                                                                 Union organizing drive,
  little as $3.77 per hour as skilled tunnel construc-                                     the threat of strike
                                                                 action and (successful) he
  tion miners in B.C.. It is okay to pay temporary                                           arings at the La-
                                                                 bour Relations Board an
  foreign workers as little as they are willing to                                        d the Human Rights
  work for, and in clear contradiction of the Human
  Rights legislation, and basic ethical morality.                   (Now employers are tryin
                                                                                               g to merge the
                                                                Labour Relations Board,
      You should be applauding the B.C. Human                                             Employment Stan-
                                                                dards and Human Rights
  Rights Decision, rather than being an apologist                                          into one tribunal.
                                                                This is a major step back
  for the employers practices. But I guess you agree                                     ward, and we dis-
                                                                agree, and have joined th
  that the Latin American workers should get the                                          e BC Federation of
                                                                Labour and CLC to oppo
  bone”, said Mark Olsen.                                                                 se it.)

                       10 – Ottawa C                 alive in B.C.                             e shipbuilding
    No vember 13, 20                  p shipbuilding                        n upgraded. Th romising. We
                       s work to kee                                ave bee
       Various group                                 ethods used, h            e future is ver
                            workforc   e, and some m          provement. Th                                   ”
                                                                                               e will be ready,
                      B.C.                   oving towards
                                                                             . aims high. W ard Unit.
       “Much of the                   at is m                         in B.C
                     . is just one th                 ilding industry         – Dock and Sh
    industry in B.C ting to change. The shipbu                 n, Local 1611
                       ap                               rs Unio
     must and are ad r, representative of Laboure
                    en  ce
     stated Rick Sp

                         It’s Your Union, and Your Community,
                        Get Involved, You Can Make a Difference.

                                                                                                                  paGe 35
                                                                                                                                    dean HoMeWood
Aboriginal Liaison & Contractor Relations
New Directions Possible
       I	am	now	the	Contractor	Relations	Representative	&	the	Ab-                          The	Aboriginal	Community	is	also	getting	into	the	power	
       original	Liaison	Officer	for	Local	1611.                                       &	energy	industry.	I	attended	the	first	Annual	‘National	Ab-
           I have been meeting with Contractors and talking to them                   original	Power	&	Energy	Association’	Conference	in	Toronto	
       about possibly going in a new direction. By this I mean for                    the	second	week	in	October,	2010.	I	have	had	several	meet-
       example,	 an	 ICI	 General	 Contractor	 who	 builds	 concrete	                 ings	 with	 three	 (3)	 of	 the	 directors	 in	 Vancouver.	 They	 let	
       high rises may never have thought about building, pouring                      me know about the conference that was coming up. It was
       and	stripping	of	Wind	Turbine	Bases.	Some	of	the	new	Wind	                     great	chance	for	LiUNA	Locals	 across	Canada	to	 come	to-
       Farm	Projects	have	fifty	(50)	or	more	Turbines.	The	average	                   gether	 and	 sponsor	 a	 booth.	 The	 booth	 was	 manned	 by	
       amount	 of	 concrete	 in	 one	 base	 is	 270	 metres.	 That	 could	            LiUNA	Representatives	from	Ontario,	New	Brunswick,	BC,	
       double	depending	on	where	the	base	is,	often	on	the	side	of	                   and	Manitoba.	LiUNA	was	the	only	Union	to	have	a	booth	
       a	hill	or	mountain.	The	bases	that	are	on	top	of	rock	need	to	                 at the show.
       have	hole	drilled	for	rebar	etc.	More	work	for	members.	                            The	conference	brought	together	Wind,	Solar	and	Water	
           The	 renewable	 energy	 program	 isn’t	 brand	 new,	 but	 in	              Energy	Producing	contractors	from	the	Aboriginal	Commu-
       the last few years, there have been more and more applica-                     nity	 as	 well	 as	 the	 Mainstream	 Community.	 It	 was	 a	 great	
       tions for water licenses and permits related to the production                 chance	to	introduce	the	companies	to	our	Union	(LiUNA)	
       of	 electricity	 as	 the	 demand	 for	 power	 steadily	 grows.	 The	           and talk about how we are working towards building rela-
       amount of work related to the                                                  tions	with	Aboriginal	Communities	across	Canada.	
       •	 Run-of-the-River	Projects                                                        BC	 Hydro,	 Plutonic	 Power,	 Pristine	 Power,	 Skypower	
       •	 Solar	Farms                                                                 Ltd.,	Naikun	Wind	Energy	Group,	Savanna	Energy	Services	
       •	 Wind	Turbine	Farms                                                          Corp.,	Clean	Energy	BC	(was	Independent	Power	Producers	
       •	 Bio	Mass	Projects	is	staggering.                                            BC),	First	Green	Energy,	Ontario	Power,	Sequoia	Energy	all	
           It opens up a whole new work opportunity for Contrac-                      had representatives in attendance.
       tors and members. It is predicted that the demand for elec-                         Several	Aboriginal	communities	have	partnered	together	
       tricity	will	double	in	the	next	ten	(10)	years.	By	assisting	our	              and either bought Power & Energy companies outright or
       contractors with project announcements, bid opportunities                      partnered	 with	 them.	 This	 presents	 a	 great	 chance	 for	 Lo-
       etc, we will be well positioned to hopefully get our fair share                cal	1611	to	work	on	building	a	relationship	and	partnerships	
       of the work. By working in conjunction with our training                       with	 the	 Aboriginal	 Community.	 This	 will	 hopefully	 lead	
       plan, we can provide our contractors with the highly skilled                   to more work opportunities and training opportunities for
       workers needed to stay ahead of the competition.                               members	of	the	Aboriginal	Community.
                                                                                                                   We	 have	 developed	 a	 Memorandum	
                                                                                                               of	 Understanding	 (MOU)	 to	 build	 and	
                                                                                                               strengthen	 relations	 with	 First	 Nations,	
                                                                                                               Metis	 and	 Inuit	 communities	 in	 BC	 &	
                                                                                                               the Yukon.
                                                                                                                   We have a relationship with a group
                                                                                                               from	 Prince	 George,	 called	 the	 Prince	
                                                                                                               George	 Nechako	 Aboriginal	 Employ-
                                                                                                               ment	 Training	 Society	 (PGNAETA),	
                                                                                                               Business	 Representative	 Mat	 McGreish	
                                                                                                               with myself along with Clarence Bob,
                                                                                                               LiUNA	 North	 West	 Organizing	 Coali-
                                                                                                               tion	 Organizer/Tribal	 Council	 Liaison	
                                                                                                               have had several meetings. We have ne-
                                                                                                               gotiated	 a	 ‘Braided	 Accord’,	 which	 is	 a	
                                                                                                               MOU	that	was	developed	specifically	for	
                                                                                                               the	Aboriginal	Community.
                                                                                                                   We	 have	 a	 Local	 1611	 Contractor,	
                                                                                                               Mitchell	Installations	who	are	currently	
                                                                                                               bidding on BC Hydro work in the north-
Dean Homewood with organizers from across Canada at the first Annual ‘National Aboriginal Power & Energy
                                                                                                               ern	 portion	 of	 BC.	 One	 of	 the	 stipula-
Association’ Conference in Toronto.
paGe 36
tions in the bidding process for one of the projects is that             velop	and	strengthen	relations	with	the	Aboriginal	Commu-
they	(Mitchell)	have	a	relationship	with	the	Aboriginal	Com-             nity.
munity.                                                                      We	have	met	with	a	representative	from	Rio	Tinto	Alcan	
    We are currently developing a relationship with the Pa-              who	have	partnered	with	the	Kitimat	Valley	Institute	and	15	
cific	 Trails	 Pipeline	 /ASEP	 Training	 Society.	 We	 have	 met	       local	 First	 Nation	 communities	 to	 put	 together	 a	 program	
once	and	are	planning	another	meeting	for	next	month.	The	               for	training	up	members	of	the	Aboriginal	Community	for	
pipeline work picture could take off in the next year or so and          work	in	the	Kitimat	Modernization	Project.	As	well	as	other	
Local	1611	would	benefit	from	this	relationship.                         work	in	the	area.	By	working	directly	with	the	Kitimat	Valley	
    We	 are	 working	 with	 the	 BC	 Aboriginal	 Mine	 Training	         Institute and our training plan, our Union will be working
Association	 /ASEP	 Training	 Society	 to	 develop	 a	 relation-         directly	with	all	15	First	Nation	Communities.
ship.	 It	 would	 be	 beneficial	 to	 all	 of	 our	 mining	 7	 tunnel	       We	have	met	and	developed	a	relationship	with	the	Squa-
members	and	the	Aboriginal	Community.                                    mish	 Nation	 and	 their	 Employment	 partner,	 Stitsma	 Em-
    We are also working on developing a relationship with the            ployment	 Centre	 in	 North	 Vancouver.	 We	 are	 working	 on	
BC	Aboriginal	Mine	Training	Association	(BC	AMTA).	They	                 signing	a	MOU	and	continue	to	try	and	strengthen	our	re-
recently	have	partnered	with	the	Association	for	Mineral	Ex-             lationship.
ploration	(AME	BC).	Both	of	these	organizations	would	help	                  With	regard	to	Ktunaxa	First	Nation,	Business	Represen-
our	members	and	further	our	relations	with	the	Aboriginal	               tative Chuck Chatten and I attended a meeting on Ktunaxa
Community.                                                               traditional territory near Cranbrook, BC with other Building
    We	have	met	with	the	Aboriginal	Training	Advisor	for	the	            Trades	Union	reps.	to	discuss	training	&	work	opportunities	
Tsawwassen	 First	 Nation	 /	 Van	 ASEP	 Partnership,	 and	 are	         on	the	upcoming	upgrade	to	the	Waneta	Dam.	The	Ktunaxa	
currently developing a working relationship that will hope-              and	Okanagon	Band	have	partnered	with	SNC/Lavalin	who	
fully	benefit	our	members,	contractors	with	work	opportuni-              is	the	Project	Manager	for	the	job.	The	meeting	lasted	most	
ties	for	our	members	and	Aboriginal	members.                             of the day and all of the attendees were given a historical les-
    We	 have	 met	 with	 the	 Aboriginal	 Relations	 &	 Negotia-         son	about	the	Ktunaxa	First	Nation.	We	have	started	working	
tions	Director	for	BC	Hydro,	he	has	offered	suggestions	on	              on building a strong relationship with the Ktunaxa.
how	to	strengthen	relations	with	the	Aboriginal	Community.                   Our	 Union	 was	 asked	 by	 Covanta,	 a	 renewable	 energy	
    We	have	met	with	the	Aboriginal	Education	&	Employ-                  company	from	the	United	States	to	help	lobby	local	govern-
ment	 Strategy	 Manager	 for	 BC	 Hydro,	 we	 have	 exchanged	           ment	for	support	for	a	Waste–to–Energy	Plant	on	Vancou-
ideas on how this organization could move forward and de-                ver	Island.	The	town	of	Gold	River,	BC	supports	it,	and	the	
                                                                         Mayor	as	well	as	the	Aboriginal	Community.	I	attended	sev-
                                                                         eral	meetings	that	were	put	on	by	the	GVRD	and	attended	
                                                                         by	 the	 First	 Nation.	 Local	 First	 Nation	 Communities	 from	
                                                                         Vancouver	to	Lytton	support	the	plan	to	stop	stockpiling	of	
                                                                         garbage	 in	 landfills	 and	 turning	 waste	 in	 to	 energy.	 It	 was	
                                                                         very rewarding to me to be able to talk to Elders and see
                                                                         them genuinely happy that our Union was supporting this
                                                                         important	cause.	Our	Union	has	made	a	lot	of	new	friends	
                                                                         and hopefully this will lead to more employment opportuni-
                                                                         ties	for	our	members	and	new	members	from	the	Aborigi-
                                                                         nal community. We should be hearing on whether or not the
                                                                         project gets approved by the end of this year. If approved it
                                                                         would move ahead very fast as Covanta has all of the permits
                                                                         needed to start construction already in place.
                                                                                                               I would like to wish all of the
                                                                                                           CSWU	 Local	 1611	 members,	
                                                                                                           their families, Contractors, Ex-
                                                                                                           ecutive	 Board,	 Business	 Rep-
                                                                                                           resentatives,	 and	 support	 Staff	
                                                                                                           a	 very	 Merry	 Christmas	 and	
                                                                                                           Happy	 New	 Year.	 I	 hope	 that	
                                                                                                           2011 is all that we have wished
                                                                                                           for, and may you all enjoy great
                                                                                                           times with your families.
                                                                                                          Waste-to-Energy meeting for the
                                                                                                          Covanta project in Campbell River.
                                                                                                          Members of the Mowachaht/Mucha-
                                                                                                          laht First Nations supporting the
                                                                                                                                     paGe 37
          union Members Hard at Work



                         1. Underground in the Powerhouse Unit #5 & #6 at the Mica Creek Dam. Note the two penstocks
                            that will produce 1000mg. watts of electrical energy once on line in a few years.
                         2. Infrastructure at the Mica Creek town site.
                         Balance of Pictures: Mica Dam Spillway.

paGe 38



                1. L1611 member Linda Sarka Safety Officer with Huron, discusses
                   safety issues with a fellow employee at Domtar Kamloops.
                2. Work continues on a retaining wall at the Road project with
    3              Brentwood Ent. near Sorrento.
                3. Members Robert Turanski and Chris Dabner inside the Plume at
                4. Brother Jeff Bailey is a high scaler for Emil Anderson.
                5. 1611 member Robert Turanski, working for Huron during shut
                   down at Domtar, waiting to enter the hatch into the Plume
                   where he will continue the scrubdown.
                6. Traffic Control members Darlene Hoy and Bob Aasen on the job
                   for Dawson Construction.
                7. 1611 member Bev Huppie, traffic control supervisor with Brent
                   wood Ent. at Sorrento Site.
            7   8. President Bruce Ferguson with the bot beam steel crew at


                                                                           paGe 39
              1. L1611 members working for Chet Construction.
              2. Members of L1611 working on Delta Port Rail project in Delta.
              Balance of Pictures: Pacific Blasting demolition crew at BC Place.
              Photo credit: Peter Palm.



paGe 40



        1. Members of L1611 take a lunch break on Bosa Construction site at Hastings Street,
           Jamiesson Project.
        2. Employees of Bosa Construction working on residential high rise at UBC Lands.
        3. L1611 members working for Bosa at UBC Residential Highrise project during their
           lunch break.
        4. Bosa Construction prepares for construction of residential property in Vancouver.
        Balance of pictures: Local 1611 members at the North Vancouver Twin Tunnel project
           working for Frontier Kemper.


                                                                                    paGe 41



                          1. L1611 members and job steward Jason Wall (far right) bluffing
                             with the 3 of clubs.
                          2. The Imasco Mill Site; part of the milling process that crushes the
                             dolomite rock once received from the miners, to make
                             landscaping rock.
                          3. Members (l to r) Sheldon Clint, Derek Zeminek and Jose Tubio
                             during their lunch break.
                          4. Imasco miners at Crawford Bay on Imasco property drilling
                             dolomite underground to supply the mill site. (l to r) Steve Hear,
                             Glen Press and Albert Bothamley.
                          5. L1611 members working for Farmer, (l to r) foreman Tony Barros
                             and Jose Correia.
                          6. L1611 member Ray Seymour working for Campbell Construction.
                          7. L1611 member Barry Vermaat.
                          8. Farmer’s concrete foreman (left) Jose Tubio with Dave
                             De Medeiros
                      9   9. Imasco crew working at the Mill Site near Sirdar earlier this year.

paGe 42
            2                                                                                                      3

                                                        5                                                  6
                4   1. L1611 sister Vivian Varga controlling an intersection at a Chet Construction job site.
                    2. L1611 members employed by APS Structures in Langley, pose for a picture with President
                       Bruce Ferguson during their lunch break.
                    3. Brother and foreman David Laxton working for Chet Construction.
                    4. Manuel Alvernaz with L1611 member Luis De Sousa standing by the reco panels at
                    5. First Aid 1611 member Malcolm Spronson receiving a union jacket from President Bruce
                    6. L1611 members Mario Bulhoes and John Adams, at Armtec/Con-force working beside the
                       heavy units for the Port Mann Bridge.
                    7. L1611 members (l) is Sami Shlaimon and Brian Pearson of Pacific Blasting of the demo
                       division; wall saw cutting at Neptune Terminals, working for LNS Services cutting 12”-14”
                       concrete walls.
                    8. Cutting & Coring crew (l) L1611 members Brian Pearson, Sami Shlaimon and Tom Bagaric of
                       Pacific Blasting.
                    9. Pacific Blasting Manager for cutting & coring divison, Tom Bagaric with Sami Shlaimon and
                       Brian Pearson at Neptune Terminals. Pictures 7, 8, 9: Photo credit Peter Palm.

    8                                                                                                      9

                                                                                                        paGe 43
Course listings
                                                             Merry ChristMas and happy new year
                            From Bob, helen, Brenda, sam, Fred, ray, ennio and evelyn at the training plan

     Provincial Traffic Certification
     (3 day course 8:00 am – 4 pm)
     Course Dates: January 19 – 21 or January 26 – 28, 2011
     Held at: Clock Tower , 3550 Kingsway, Vancouver
     Lane Closure
     (2 day course 8:00 am to 4:00 pm)
     Course Dates: February 1 & 2, or February 3 & 4, or
     February 7 & 8, 2011
     Held at: Clock Tower , 3550 Kingsway, Vancouver
     Confined Space Entry
     (1 day course 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)
     Course Dates: January 11 or January 18 or January 25, 2011
     Held at: Best Western Kings Inn, 5411 Kingsway, Burnaby
     Gas Testing
     (2 day course 8:00 am - 4:00 pm)
     Course Dates: January 12 – 13 or January 19 – 20 or
     January 26 – 27, 2011
     Held at: Best Western Kings Inn, 5411 Kingsway, Burnaby
     (5 day course 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)
     Course Dates: January 17 – 21 or January 24 – 28, 2011
     Held at: Held at: Best Western Kings Inn, 5411 Kingsway,
     Concrete Placing, Vibration & Finishing
     (10 day course 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)
     Course Dates: February 14 – 25, 2011
     Blueprint Reading – Sewer, Water, Roads
     (5 day course 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)
     Course Dates: January 10 – 14, 2011                          Rakerman On-The-Job Training
                                                                  Two week program starting May 2, 2011 with continuous
     Survey Leveling/Grademan Part 1
                                                                  intake every two weeks.
     (10 day course 8:00 am - 4:00 pm)
     Course Dates: January 17 – 28, 2011                          NIGHT TIME COURSES
     Survey Layout/Grademan Part 2                                Rigging/Slinging/Signaling
     (10 day course 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)                            (10 nights 7:00 – 9:30 pm)
     Course Dates: January 31 – February 11, 2011                 Monday & Thursday Nights
                                                                  January 10 – February 10, 2011
     The above courses held at Strawberry Hill Hall
     12152 – 15A Avenue, Surrey.                                  Survey Leveling/Grademan
                                                                  (10 nights 7:00 – 9:30 pm)
     Sparkwatch – Fire Extinguishers
                                                                  Monday & Thursday Nights
     (4 hour course 9:00 am – 1:00 pm)
                                                                  February 14 – March 17, 2011
     Course Dates: January 14 or January 21 or
     January 28, 2011                                             The above courses held at Strawberry Hill Hall
     Held at: Justice Institute, 13500 – 256th St, Maple Ridge    12152 – 15A Avenue, Surrey
paGe 44
OUT OF TOWN COURSES                              CASTLEGAR:
                                                 (5 day course 8:00 am – 4 pm)
Survey Layout/Grademan
                                                 Course Dates: March 21 – 25, 2011
(10 day course 8:00 am – 4 pm)
Course Date: March 25 – April 8, 2011            Confined Space Entry
                                                 1 day course 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)
Concrete Placing, Vibration & Finishing
                                                 Course Date: March 28, 2011
(10 day course 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)
Course Date: April 25 – May 6, 2011              Gas Testing
                                                 2 day course 8:00 am – 4 pm)
Rigging/Slinging/Signalling                      Course Date: March 29 – 30, 2011
(5 day course 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)
Course date: May 9 – 13, 2011                    The above courses to be held at:
                                                 Fireside Inn, 1810 8th Ave, Castlegar
The above courses to be held at the
Rod	&	Gun	Club,	end	of	Rifle	Range	Rd,	Terrace   KAMLOOPS
                                                 Survey Layout/Grademan
PRINCE GEORGE                                    (10 day course 8:00 am – 4 pm)
Forklift/GLG/Manlift                             Course Date: February 21 – March 4, 2011
(5 day course 8:00 am – 4 pm)                    Held at IBEW Hall, 873 Desmond St, Kamloops
Course Dates: March 7 – 11, 2011
Concrete Placement, Vibration, Finishing         Survey Layout/Grademan
(10 day course 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)                (10 day course 8:00 am – 4 pm)
Course Dates: April 4 – 15, 2011                 Course Date:: March 7 – 18, 2011
Course location to be advised                    Held at Rutland Hall, 180 Rutland St, Kelowna

                                                                                                 paGe 45
                                                                    CORRESPONDENCE COURSES AVAILABLE
          COURSE REIMBURSEMENTS                                     Falling & Bucking Training Standard
          The Board of Directors of the Training Plan               A program that was developed by the W.C.B. and PRO-
          have	set	aside	funds	to	financially	assist	mem-           FESSIONAL FALLERS that is on a DVD. Phone the Training
          bers who want to take the following courses.              Plan for the training package. It’s well worth doing.
          To be eligible for a 50% reimbursement of your            W.H.M.I.S.
          tuition costs you have to be a member in good             If you don’t have a W.H.M.I.S. card, phone the Training Plan
          standing and have contributing hours in the               for the correspondence course.
          last 12 months.                                           Forklift
                                                                    This course is for experienced forklift operators. A DVD,
          •	 *Level 2 First Aid
                                                                    workbook and an exam are in the package.
          •	 *Level 3 First Aid
          •	 H2S Alive                                              Phone the TRAINING PLAN at 604-433-5523 or 1-800-661-
          •	 Blasting	Certification	&	Re-Certification              3001 to register for a course or to get a correspondence
          •	 Traffic	Control	Person
          •	 Construction	Safety	Officer	&	
          •	 Construction Safety Coordinator &
          *For	Construction	Safety	Officer	and	
          Construction Safety Coordinator you MUST
          have a current Level 2 or 3 First Aid ticket to
          qualify for reimbursement.
          Call the Training Plan for details about these
          courses and the criteria for reimbursement.

    If there are ‘construction related’ training courses that you
    are	interested	in	taking	that	are	NOT	offered	by	the	Train-
    ing Plan, send a letter to the Training Plan PRIOR to at-
    tending the course requesting ‘consideration of reimburse-
    ment’ for the course you are interested in taking.
      The Board of Directors approval must be given prior to
    courses starting in order to receive any reimbursements.

paGe 46
         Training Plan Courses
To Register Call 604-433-5523 or 1-800-661-3001

                                             paGe 47
                                                                                                                             sHelley Moore
Health Care and Wellness
Contract Talks Ongoing
       Contract	talks	for	a	new	Community	Social	Services	collec-              Sandringham Care Centre	 is	 set	 to	 begin	 in	 December.	 A	
       tive agreement continue for our members from HOMES.                     meeting	was	held	on	November	30th	with	the	members,	to	
       These	negotiations	have	been	very	difficult	given	the	Liberal	          discuss and plan bargaining mandates. Please call the office,
       government’s	net	zero	mandate.	The	Association	of	Unions’	              250.382.1511,	if	you	wish	further	input	or	updates.
       bargaining	committee	continues	to	press	to	have	this	sector’s	          To	the	members	who	work	at	Nigel and Harriot House, we
       low	wages	and	inferior	benefits	addressed.	Members	also	gave	           continue	to	fight	for	your	employment	rights.	Please	call	the	
       the committee the mandate to ensure employment security,                office if you require information through this process.
       provide safe and respectful work sites and demonstrate fair                 On	behalf	of	myself	and	the	members,	I	wish	to	thank	the	
       work	practices.	A	union	meeting	was	held	in	Abbottsford	in	             job stewards who work so very hard for their co-workers.
       September,	to	discuss	the	progress	of	the	negotiations.	Stay	           You all are very dedicated and the work you do is invaluable
       tuned	for	more	updates	in	the	New	Year.	I	encourage	you	to	             to your work sites.
       call if you require any further information.                                Best wishes to you and your families and may you all en-
       The	 collective	 bargaining	 for	 James Bay Care Centre and             joy	a	wonderful	holiday	season	and	New	Year.	

                                                                                                                             naV MalHotra
Service Sector
Members’ Unity Important
       Brothers	and	Sisters,	2010	is	approaching	an	end	and	I	would	                 for concessionary packages in their proposals. We the Union
       like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work                    with the help of the Bargaining Committee are looking at all
       and	dedication	in	the	service	sector.	One	Collective	Agree-                   possible avenues to obtain the best possible collective agree-
       ment	 has	 been	 ratified	 and	 we	 have	 three	 more	 to	 ratify.	           ments for you the members. With your support and input I
       United Protection Services	was	ratified	with	an	overwhelm-                    am sure that we can get the remaining collective agreements
       ing	89%	in	favour.	The	remaining	Collective	Agreements	are	                   completed.
       Garda Security, Impark and Cowie Maintenance. With the                        We	have	two	more	Collective	Agreements	that	are	coming	to	
       state of the economy being as it is the remaining negotia-                    expiration	 in	 2011;	 the	 Service Corporation International
       tions all have their challenges with certain Employers asking                 (Canada) Limited “Funeral	Division”	in	March	31,	2011	and	
                                                                                                     Metro Waste Paper Recovery Inc.	in	June	30,	
                                                                                                     2011. We will be holding proposal meetings in
                                                                                                     the	New	Year	but	I	urge	you	the	membership	
                                                                                                     to call me or email me ideas for your Collective
                                                                                                     Agreements	before	the	proposal	meetings.	
                                                                                                         We as a membership need to stick together.
                                                                                                     If we are at separate ends of a rope and pull we
                                                                                                     will not get anywhere, we all need to be on one
                                                                                                     end and pull together to reach our goals.
                                                                                                         Once	again	I	am	asking	for	assistance	from	
                                                                                                     our members with the organizing the unorga-
                                                                                                     nized parking, security or any other compa-
                                                                                                     nies that are among us. If you have any family
                                                                                                     or friends working for these companies please
                                                                                                     call me so we can achieve better working con-
                                                                                                     ditions throughout the sectors.
                                                                                                         I would like to end by wishing you all a
L1611 members Chad Barry, John Van Harmelen (Shop Steward) and Tyler Rorison working hard for Halton Merry	Christmas	and	a	prosperous	New	Year.	
Recycling aba: Emterra Environmental.
paGe 48
                                                                                                                            riCHard saunders
Labourers’ Membership Services
Report Injuries Immediately
 By the time you read this newsletter we hope you and your                    because	the	worker	can’t	explain	in	detail	the	incident	when	
 family are healthy and enjoying the holiday season. Before                   the injury happened. If you feel symptoms of an injury get-
 you	start	work	in	the	New	Year	there	a	few	issues	we	would	                  ting worse as the day goes on such as muscles getting sore,
 like to remind you about.                                                    stiffness or pain increasing, think back carefully over the day.
     Let’s	not	forget	what	the	provincial	Liberals	did	to	WCB	                How	might	it	have	happened?	Report	it	to	the	First	Aid	at-
 as soon as they came into power – they took the 2 most im-                   tendant	before	you	go	home.	That	five	or	ten	minutes	spent	
 portant	words	out	of	the	title	of	the	organization,	“Worker”	                recording	 the	 incident	 with	 the	 First	 Aid	 Attendant	 could	
 and	“Compensation”	–	and	called	it	WorkSafeBC!	                              save you a lot of time, pain and difficulty later on when ap-
 REPORT	ALL	INJURIES	IMMEDIATELY	                                             plying	for	a	Workers’	Compensation	claim.	
     If	 you	 are	 injured	 at	 work,	 report	 it	 to	 the	 First	 Aid	 at-   FINALLY	–	IF	YOU’RE	CLAIM	HAS	BEEN	DENIED
 tendant immediately. Explain the incident in detail to the at-                   There	is	a	90	day	time	limit	to	file	an	appeal	with	the	Re-
 tendant	and	make	sure	everything	is	written	down.	Also	see	                  view	Division	and	a	30	day	time	limit	to	file	an	appeal	to	the	
 a doctor as soon as possible or, if the doctor is unavailable, go            Workers	Compensation	Appeal	Tribunal.
 to your local clinic or the emergency ward at the hospital. In                   If	 you	 file	 a	 WCB	 claim	 and	 the	 claim	 is	 denied,	 make	
 our industry, we tend to go home each night with aches and                   sure	you	call	us	as	soon	as	you	get	the	decision	letter.	Also,	
 pains.	How	many	times	do	we	trip	or	feel	something	go	‘pop’	                 our department will assist members with problems involving
 in the back or pull a muscle and shrug it off. We think the                  the	Employment	Insurance	Commission	(EI)	and	in	obtain-
 pain	will	go	away	over	time.	We	don’t	report	the	injury	and	                 ing	Canada	Pension	Plan	(CPP)	Disability	benefits.
 most	of	the	time	it’s	nothing.	                                                  Our	office	is	located	above	the	Local	1611	office	at	3550	
     But,	 if	 the	 pain	 doesn’t	 go	 away,	 if	 it	 gets	 worse	 over	      Kingsway	in	Vancouver,	Suite	205.	Our	phone	numbers	are:	
 time, then it could turn out to be a compensable injury. If                  604.437.6889	 ext.	 224	 or	 toll	 free	 1.888.788.2888,	 and	 you	
 you	didn’t	report	that	first	incident	then	the	Workers	Com-                  can	fax	us	at:	604.437.5684.	If	you	are	unable	to	reach	me,	
 pensation	Board	will	deny	your	claim.	They	will	state	that	it	               please do not hesitate to contact my assistant Patrizia.
 couldn’t	have	happened	at	work	because	there	is	no	record	of	                    On	 behalf	 of	 the	 Labourers’	 Membership	 Services,	 Pa-
 you reporting the injury. If you did report it, then you have                trizia and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the
 evidence to support your claim.                                              members and their families the very best this holiday season
     Often	the	Workers	Compensation	Board	will	deny	a	claim	                  and remember, be careful and watch out for each other.

                                                                                                                            tara CaMpBell
Medical and Pension Plans
Your Plans Financially Sound
 Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season from all of us               ments	for	both	the	Medical	and	Pension	Plans.	We	will	also	
 in	the	Medical	and	Pension	Plan	administration	office.	                      be	sending	out	Pension	Plan	Statements	for	active	members	
     I	can	confirm	that	the	Medical	and	Pension	Plans	are	in	                 before	the	end	of	June	2011.		
 sound financial shape.	This	is	due	in	no	small	part	to	sen-                      For	 members	 covered	 for	 benefits	 through	 Pacific Blue
 sible	financial	management	of	the	plans	by	the	trustees.	The	                Cross,	 we	 are	 pleased	 to	 confirm	 that	 direct	 deposit	 of	 ex-
 plans have policies and procedures in place that outline how                 tended health and dental claims payments is available. You
 the	plans	are	administered	and	overseen.	The	Pension	Plan	                   can	enroll	for	direct	deposit	on	the	Pacific	Blue	Cross	website	
 has	 a	 formal	 Governance	 Policy	 that	 the	 trustees	 follow	             at	by	following	the	links	for	CARESnet.	
 when	managing	the	Plan	and	the	Medical	Plan	is	currently	                        I	would	like	to	thank	the	Medical	and	Pension	Plan	staff	
 developing	a	formal	Governance	Policy	that	will	be	ready	in	                 for their dedication and commitment in providing excellent
 Spring	2011.	                                                                service to you, the Plan members.
     We will be publishing a Benefit Plan Newsletter in 2011.                     If	you	have	any	questions	about	your	benefits,	do	not	hesi-
 This	newsletter	will	include	the	most	recent	Financial	State-                tate	to	contact	us	at	604.437.8598.
                                                                                                                                        paGe 49
                                                                                                                       MerriCk WalsH
History Book in the Making
New Assignment Exciting
     Well	 it’s	 that	 time	 of	 year	 again,	 where	 families	 and	 close	 some	of	your	Executive	Board	and	Retiree	Council	Execu-
     friends	 get	 together	 to	 celebrate	 the	 holiday	 season.	 Short- tive members, and meeting with both retired and working
     ly	after	I	took	over	as	your	Dispatcher,	and	this	is	my	third	 members and talking about this exciting project with them.
     year here, the economy hit the skids, and it has been tough In 2011 I will be packing my tape recorder and my camera
     slugging	ever	since.	In	spite	of	that	however,	I	can’t	express	 and traveling around the province interviewing members to
     enough what a pleasure it has been getting to                                      get stories for the book. We are looking for stories
     know you all, and discovering what a wonder-                                       that	involve	labour	issues,	site	specific	situations,	
     ful	group	of	members	we	have	here	within	Local	                  quoted:           and of course human interest stories that relate
     1611.		                                                                            to our work. If there are members both full-time
                                                                       in 2012          and retired, that I have not already encountered,
         2011 will bring new beginnings to many of
     you, and that includes me. I will have a new role               we will be         who might have an interesting story to tell, please
     with	the	Union	starting	January	2011.	Tony	will	                                   contact	me	at	604.432.9300	or	for	outside	of	Van-
                                                                    celebrating         couver	area	1.800.663.6588.
     continue	as	your	dispatcher.	Tony	has	been	a	su-
     perb	 Co-Dispatcher,	 Co-Worker,	 and	 friend	 to	               our 75th              My	additional	duties	will	include	being	our	li-
     me, and my only request is to ask you to support                                   aison	with	Skillplan,	establishing	and	overseeing	
     Tony	the	same	way	you	have	supported	me.	
                                                                   anniversary          a mentoring program, and our charitable efforts.
         In	2012	we	will	be	celebrating	our	75th	Anni-                                      In closing, I cannot say enough good things
     versary,	and	my	new	assignment	beginning	January	1,	2011	 about	Donna	Mansel,	and	our	entire	office	staff,	who	always	
     will	be	primarily	to	work	with	researcher	and	author	Mark	 manage	to	keep	things	rolling,	often	under	challenging	cir-
     Warrior	 of	 “Light	 at	 the	 End	 of	 the	 Tunnel	 the	 First	 Forty	 cumstances.
     Years,	 A	 History	 of	 the	 Tunnel	 and	 Rock	 Workers	 Union	           Finally,	it	is	crucial	for	the	future	of	Local	1611,	that	we	
     of	British	Columbia	Local	168”.	Mark	Warrior	to	produce	a	             continue to turn over every stone in our efforts to create
     75th	Anniversary	book	for	Local	1611.	In	2010	a	bit	of	my	 more	work	for	our	members,	so	please	give	Manuel	Alver-
     time was spent traveling around parts of the province with naz,	our	Chief	Organizer	your	unqualified	support.		

                                                                                                                       tony parkinson
Dispatch Office
Update Information Regularly
     Season’s	greetings	to	all.                                               In regards to dispatching, I am again asking all members
         Starting	in	January,	I	will	now	be	the	sole	dispatcher	for	      to make sure that dispatch is updated with your current work
     the Union. I welcome this new challenge and I am excited             situation as it is constantly changing for some. Please tell me
     about this. Please be patient with me, I will do my best to ad-      when	you	are	hired,	laid	off,	or	out	of	work.	Make	sure	you	
     dress all dispatch questions or concerns, and the office staff       are easily reachable when looking for work and that our main
     will be taking messages for me and I will try to return them         office has your current cell and other contact numbers on
     in a timely manner. However, any questions regarding agree-          file.	
     ments, jurisdiction, or other circumstances on the job site,             I do not want any member losing out on a job because I
     should be addressed by your appropriate Union Business               was unable to reach them and had to move on to the next
     Representative.	If	you	are	unsure	who	that	is,	please	contact	       person on the list.
     the union office or myself and we can direct you to the prop-            Lastly,	checking-in	with	dispatch	to	keep	your	name	ac-
     er representative.                                                   tive on the out-of-work board is very important. However,
         I urge all members to be vigilant in keeping your dues up        this only needs to be done once a month, and please try to
     to date, so as to avoid suspension and be eligible for dispatch,     limit it to that.
     for I will have less time to inform you about your current               I wish you and your families the very best during this
     status.                                                              holiday	season	and	will	see	you	in	the	New	Year.
paGe 50
                                          In Memoriam
                                 We Honour Our Deceased Members
                             November 19th, 2009 to November 18th, 2010
  ANDERSEN,	Vejno             CHEVALIER,	Joseph          LANGE,	William                           QUADE,	Johannes
  ARSENAULT,	Leo              CINELLI,	Luigi             LIDEN,	Carl                              QUALIZZA,	Pietro
  BARTO,	Gustave              CLIFFORD,	Marvin           MacDONALD,	Alexander                     RIPOLO,	Vincenzo
  BARTOLOVIC,	Ivan            COLPO,	Bortolo             MAHRINGER,	Frank                         SANTI,	Tarcisio
  BIERNACZYK,	Peter           COMMON,	Brian              MANGIOLA,	Francesco                      SAVOY,	Peter
  BISSETT,	Clarence           CUNNINGHAM,	Clifford       MARKOVIC,	George                         SCHECK,	Philip
  BOE,	Mervin                 DESROSIERS,	George         McGURIN,	Edward                          SCHNERCH,	Rudolf
  BONDERENKO,	Walter          DUARTE,	Jose               MONTEIRO,	Trajano                        SHOWALTER,	Bruce
  BOURGEOIS,	Jean             DWYER,	Terrance            MOORE,	Philippe                          SOARES,	John
  BOYCHUCK,	Roger             ELLIGOTT,	Alan             NEVES,	Jose                              STEVENSON,	William
  BROWN,	Wilfred              FALKENSTERN,	Robert        NISSEN,	Mogens                           SWAIN,	Henry
  CAIN,	Donald                GILMORE,	William           OKLEN,	Aldo                              TREMBLAY,	Real
  CAMOZZI,	Arthur             HANSEN,	Lester             OLANSKI,	Mike                            TSANAS,	Marianthi
  CASEY,	Robin                HANSON,	Dennis             PATERSON,	Robert                         VAYRYNEN,	Juha
  CENTOLA,	Nunzio             HOPE,	James                PETERS,	Frank                            VIEIRA,	Antonio
  CERON,	Giuseppe             JOHNSTON,	Thomas           PINCH,	Joyce                             WALKER,	Herbert
  CHABOT,	Ghislain            KINASCHUK,	Metro           POPLEN,	Allen                            WILKINSON,	David
                                                         PRIMAVERA,	Jose                          WINJE,	Clayton

           HISTORY BOOK
         To be written in 2011
•	 We	are	writing	a	history	book	about	Local	1611,			
   and its six predecessors Local 105, 168, 602,
   1070, 1093 and 1204.
•	 Do	you	have	interesting	stories	about	your		      	
   work, your fellow members, or employers you
   have worked for?
•	 Let	us	know.		We	want	to	accumulate	75	stories			
   to cover the 75 years.
•	 It	is	your	Union,	be	part	of	its	written	history.
•	 Once	produced	all	members	will	receive	a	free		 	
         Please call Merrick Walsh
        at our office – 604.432.9300.

                                                         Pacific Blasting Demolition Crew at BC Place.
                                                                                                                 paGe 51
            publication agreement number 1536429
             return undeliverable Canadian Mail to:
          #208 - 3550 kingsway, Vancouver, B.C. V5r 5X4

paGe 52

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