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Registered Nurse
Intensive Care Unit

Position Title:        Registered Nurse

Organisation Unit:     Acute Services,
                       Clinical Service

Location:              Intensive Care Unit, Northland District Health Board

Responsible to:        Clinical Nurse Manager, Intensive Care Unit, Northland District
                       Health Board

Primary Functions of   To provide a holistic approach to clinical nursing care/services
the Position:          which nurtures and supports the patient/client/family/whanau,
                       assists with rehabilitation and promotes health and well being.

                       Provision of nursing care is in consultation and partnership with
                       the patient/client/family/whanau, and where the rights and needs
                       of all people are acknowledge within the context of the Treaty of
                       Waitangi. Provision of nursing care treats each individual with
                       courtesy and respect; and enables all people to feel ‘safe’ within
                       the hospital environment.

                       To ensure efficient and effective use of resources.

                       To maintain/promote/develop an environment where service
                       improvement is an integral part of nursing practice.
Functional Relationships
The Registered Nurse will develop and maintain excellent relationships with:

Internal                                       External

   Clinical Nurse Manager                        St Johns Ambulance
   Registered Nurses                             Northland Emergency Services Trust
   Enrolled Nurses                               Hospice
   Medical Staff
   Health Care Assistants
   Pharmacy
   Physiotherapy Department
   Occupational Therapy Department
   Radiology Department
   Laboratory Department
   Takawaenga / Maori Health Liaison
   Social Worker
   District Nursing Service
   Director of Nursing
   Nursing & Midwifery Directorate
   General Manager – Surgical Services
   Operations Managers
   Duty Managers
   Acute Pain Service Team
   Biomedical Department

Key Responsibilities and Expected Outcomes
Northland District Health Board has established a set of values by which the organisation will
respond, in part, to achieving its goals and objectives through their workforce. The following
Values and supporting statements are expected behaviours of each individual employed with

Values                     Supporting Statement
People First               People are central to all we do
Tangata I te tuatahi
Respect                    We treat others as we would like to be treated
Whakaute (tuku mana)
Caring                     We nurture those around us, and treat all with dignity and
Manaaki                    compassion
Communication              We communicate safely, openly and with respect to promote clear
Whakawhitiwhiti korero     understanding
Excellence                 Our attitude of excellence inspires success, competence,
Taumata teitei (hirangi)   confidence and innovation

   The registered nurse applies knowledge and skills from theory and research to the
    practice of nursing.
   The registered nurse will demonstrate knowledge and commitment to ethical and legal
    issues for safe practice as per Northland Health Policies, Procedures and Standards of
    Nursing Practice.
   The registered nurse will integrate the principles of health promotion in all aspects of
    his/her practice.
   The registered nurse practices in a manner, which recognises and respects the unique
    cultural identity of all people and safely meets their needs, expectations and rights. The
    registered nurse incorporates the principles of the Tiriti O Waitangi into nursing practice
   The registered nurse will interact effectively with interdisciplinary team members,
    patients, their family members and other therapeutic relationships.
   The registered nurse can demonstrate accountability and take responsibility for his/her
    personal nursing practice and future development.
   The registered nurse will practice in a manner which recognizes and supports a safe
    occupational, legal, ethical, physical and cultural environment.

The position of Staff Nurse encompasses the following major functions or key result areas:

   Clinical Practice
   Clinical, Ethical and Legal Safety
   Health Promotion and Education
   Inter professional Practice
   Professional Development and Leadership
   Treaty of Waitangi
   Health and Safety

The outcome requirements of the above key responsibility areas are outlined below:

Key Responsibility Area     Expected Outcomes

Clinical Practice – The        The registered nurse establishes a collaborative non-
registered nurse                threatening relationship with patients and family and
applies knowledge and           whanau.
skills from theory and         Demonstrates effective verbal and non verbal
research to the practice        communication skills when interacting with practitioners and
of nursing                      patients.
                               Includes patient, family, whanau in setting goals, planning of
                                care and supports their informed decision making.
                               Demonstrates the ability to act as an advocate for the
                               Competently performs clinical skills and obtains
                                designations relevant to the specific area of practice.
                               Demonstrates ability to develop, evaluate and change care
                                plans/clinical pathways or plan of care.
                               Demonstrates an ability to understand patient
                                data/information and its implications for practice.
                               Identifies and interprets changes in patient condition, and
                                responds appropriately.
                               Demonstrates ability to plan workload and prioritise
                               Communicates information both written and verbal, to
                                ensure continuity of patient care.
                               Demonstrates knowledge of resources, systems and use of
                               Demonstrates knowledge of resources available for
                                discharge can formulate and implement discharge care
Key Responsibility Area     Expected Outcomes

Clinical, Ethical and          Can demonstrate a working knowledge of relevant Northland
Legal Safety – The              Health policies and procedures.
registered nurse will          Demonstrates understanding of safe work practices of the
demonstrate knowledge           department and hospital as set out in the Health and Safety
and commitment to               Manual.
ethical and legal issues       Demonstrates an awareness of relevant legislation and
for safe practice as per        organisational policies on work practice.
Northland Health               Identifies the components of an ethical dilemma and is able
Policies, Procedures            to seek guidance to achieve a resolution.
and Standards of               Demonstrates ability to engage in reflection and use of
Nursing Practice.               problem solving approach to work through ethical and legal
                               Identifies where resources may be used effectively and
                               Demonstrates accurate and timely documentation which is
                                legible, with a verifiable signature and date.
                               Demonstrates an ability to work without imposing personal
                                values and beliefs.

Health Promotion and           Demonstrates an ability to plan ongoing care, to meet
Education – The                 identified health promotion/education needs of the patient
registered nurse will           and family/whanau.
integrate the principles       Identify network of support people to meet patient
of health promotion in          educational needs.
all aspects of his/her         Demonstrates the ability to incorporate the principles of the
practice.                       Treaty of Waitangi in health promotion and education of
                                peers, patients, families and whanau.

Inter-professional             Demonstrates an ability to work effectively with the
Practice – The                  interdisciplinary team and other health providers.
registered nurse will          Demonstrates an awareness of self in patient and
interact effectively with       interdisciplinary relationships.
interdisciplinary team         Contributes to the development and implementation of
members, patients,              service and department quality plan.
their families and other       Demonstrates knowledge of staff support systems, eg.
therapeutic                     Conflict Resolution, Employee Assistance Programme and
relationships.                  Hospital Chaplaincy.
Key Responsibility Area    Expected Outcomes

Professional                  Participates in peer review with preceptor, buddy or clinical
Development and                resource, in conjunction with Clinical Nurse Manager to
Leadership –The                identify, plan and develop learning needs.
registered nurse can          In collaboration with peers provides and seeks feedback
demonstrate                    constructively.
accountability and take       After identifying own learning needs will participate in
responsibility for             education and course relevant to practice and
his/her personal               professional/personal development.
nursing practice and          Actively participates in performance review.
future development.           Assists in the support of preceptorship of new staff.
                              Actively participate in unit based teaching sessions. Can
                               initiate, co-ordinate, support teaching activities for
                               colleagues and patients.
                              Is able to demonstrate learning outcomes relevant to PDRP
                               development eg. Case studies, exemplars, teaching plans,
                               presentation of portfolio

Treaty of Waitangi            Contribute to the promotion of the principles of Treaty of
                               Waitangi and the involvement if Maori within the decision
                               making process for their health and independence, within
                               District Health Board management processes and
                              Include the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi within all
                               aspects of the role and its outcomes
                              Ensure that consultation and engagement processes include
                               appropriate mechanisms to meet the need of Maori in a
                               culturally appropriate and safe manner
                              Attend the Northland District Health Board Treaty of
                               Waitangi Training

Health & Safety               Ensure compliance with designated responsibilities detailed
                               in Northland District Health Board’s Health and Safety Policy
                              Promote an environment of physical, occupational, cultural,
                               ethical and legal safety
                              Observe safe work practices, rules and instructions relating
                               to work, and be pro-active in hazard management
                              Willingly co-operate in the achievement of all health and
                               safety goals and initiatives by:
                                Practicing and observing safe work methods;
                                The use of safety equipment;
                                Reporting unsafe conditions or equipment; and
                                Reporting and documenting all accidents or incidents
                              Attend Good Stuff Day annually

Variation of Duties
Duties and responsibilities described above should not be construed as a complete and
exhaustive list as it is not the intention to limit in any way the scope or functions of the
position. Duties and responsibilities can be amended from time to time either by additional,
deletion or straight amendment by the Clinical Nurse Manager to meet any changing
conditions, however this will only be done in consultation with the employee.
Person Specification
Education and Qualifications

Essential                                     Desirable
 Registered general/comprehensive             Intensive Care Nursing qualification
   Nurse with Nursing Council of New           Post Graduate qualification
   Zealand                                     Advanced Cardiac Life Support
 Holds a current annual practicing


Essential                                     Desirable
 Recent acute surgical, medical or            Recent Intensive Care experience
   paediatric nursing experience               Recent High Dependency experience

Awareness and Understanding of
Essential                                     Desirable
 The Treaty Of Waitangi and its               Health and Disability Commissioner
   application to the health setting             (Code of Health and Disability Services
 Health and Safety in Employment Act            Consumers’ Rights) Regulations (1996)
   (1992)                                      New Zealand Council of Healthcare
 Privacy Act (1993) and Health                  Standards
   Information Privacy Code (1994)
 Nursing Council of New Zealand
   Competencies for the registered nurse
   scope of practice
 Health Practitioners Competence
   Assurance Act (2003)

Skills & Personal Attributes

 Computer literacy
 Ability to problem solve

Personal Attributes
 Ability to listen, share information and knowledge in a warm respectful manner
 Enjoys working in a team
 Sense of humour
Performance Development Review
An initial review of performance will be conducted after three months, with an annual review

An individual Development Plan will be developed to reflect the contribution this position is
expected to make towards achieving the team’s objectives and measures. Key result areas
will be developed and agreed at this time.

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Acceptance of the position implies acceptance of this position description.

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