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Encoding and Transcoding


The lines are blurring in the field of encoding solutions. Not long ago there seemed to be a specific product for a narrow range of input and output file types. Now, nearly every product outputs files that are suitable for multiple low-bandwidth mobile devices through high-definition broadband and broadcast quality. Some solutions incorporate a hybrid approach with encoding performed locally with easy scalability into a virtualized cloud environment. Many hardware products now have a software solution available and vice versa. So with the blurring of feature sets in mind, here are some of the top encoder choices: 1. Harmonic/Rhozet, 2. Inlet Technologies/Cisco, 3. Elemental Technologies, 4. Digital Rapids, 5. ViewCast, 6. Telestream Episode, 7. Sorenson Squeeze, 8. Microsoft Expression Encoder, 9. Adobe Media Encoder, 10. Encoding.com, and 11. Sorenson Squeeze Server. The growth of cloud encoding provides the scalability, flexibility, and efficiency that will lead to more content being encoded while minimizing the upfront infrastructure costs.

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