How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

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					      How to Make Someone Fall in
             Love with You
“Falling in love again, never wanted to. What am I to do, cannot help it.”
Well, if you find yourself in a situation when you have fallen in love again
and cannot help it, naturally, you want your sentiments to be reciprocated.
So, how to make someone fall in love with you? That is the question.
Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule which can be applied as there
are no love potions or prayers that can instantly give you what you want.
However, you may try out these tips and techniques to make someone fall in
love with you. First impressions are lasting impressions, and an immediate
chemical and physical attraction is going to help. So, if you know that the
person of your dreams likes a particular physical type, such as tall, dark, and
handsome, or blond-haired, blue-eyed, then it can help if you happen to fit
that particular physical description. The main point is to get the person to
notice you. An instant chemical and physical attraction is needed, so you
need to make a conscious effort to attract the person you love. However, it
is all going to be one-sided if there is no physical attraction on the other
side, and the other person overlooks you whenever he or she is in your
company. That means that there is no fire burning, and you are going to
have a heck of a time trying to light one.

You may start bringing yourself to the other person’s attention by
communicating with him or her. Be intelligent, be amusing. Do not
badmouth others thinking that you are being witty. Learn how to listen.
Desdemona fell for Othello while listening to his stories, and Othello fell for
her because she was a good listener! Understanding the needs of the person
you love can go a long way to making him or her feel sympathetic towards
you, just do not be too aggressive or forthcoming in your actions.

There was an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show when the topic was, “How
to make someone fall in love with you.” And on the show, there was this
tiresome man who was very proud to say that he had targeted the girl he
wanted to marry and was making her the object of his attention. He thought
she would fall in love with him because he was bombarding her with
presents. When the girl was asked her opinion about the man, she said quite
frankly that she despised him because he was trying to overpower her.

She also considered him to be a stalker and was sick and tired of him
appearing on her doorstep with silly books meant to improve her mind! And
he was foolish enough not to understand that her “no” meant “NO” and not
“maybe.” Her frank opinion annoyed him so much that he yelled at her on
the show and said that she did not deserve him. He was trying to make her
out to be a cultured lady fit for him, but she did not appreciate his efforts
one bit! So he then decided to find somebody else who would appreciate him

Watching that episode, it was hard not to get angry listening to that man’s
aggressive pursuits. The girl had been lucky to escape! For women, bullies
and egotistical clowns should be kept at a bargepole distance. If you are a
man, then you should understand that these overpowering tactics are a
definite put-off to women. You may think that you are being complimentary,
but the woman is going to think you are being tiresome and overbearing.
So, if you want to make someone fall in love with you, give them their space
to breathe and enough room to be able to appreciate your good traits. Do
not try to turn them into something that they aren’t. You should love a
person because of who they are, and not for what you imagine they can be;
this is the basis of true love.

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