Semantic Web Search Engine by hcj


									Under the guidance of Prof. Nitin Patil

                  Dhokane Nilima T.(09208)
                  Shende Sagar S.(09229)
Semantic Web is a group of methods and
  technologies to allow machines to understand the
  meaning - or "semantics" - of information on
  the World Wide Web.

Semantic Web is an extension of the current web in
  which information is given well-defined meaning,
  better enabling computers and people to work in
In Today’s web
         Web pages are designed to be
read by people, not machines.

  In Semantic Web
         Semantic web is a vision of
information that is understandable by
computers, so computers can perform more
of the tedious work involved in finding,
combining, and acting upon information on
the web.
Make web resources more accessible to automated processes

 Extend existing rendering markup with semantic markup
    Metadata annotations that describe content/funtion of web
    accessible resources
 Use Ontologies to provide vocabulary for annotations
   “Formal specification” is accessible to machines

 A prerequisite is a standard web ontology language
    Need to agree common syntax before we can share
    Syntactic web based on standards such as HTTP and
 What is it?           Conceptual
                        model?         RDF/S?
UML?                           logic?
             schema?                   Logical
                            OWL?       theory?

 What is the purpose or role of it?

 Meaning of data
  in a format that
  machines can understand
 Data derived its semantics from ontology
 A foundation for semantic interoperability
 Knowledge base to support interpretation, reasoning,
  inference, mapping, and integration of heterogeneous
  data across communities
Ontologies typically have two distinct components:
 Names for important concepts in the domain
   Elephant is a concept whose members are a kind of animal
   Herbivore is a concept whose members are exactly those
    animals who eat only plants or parts of plants
   Adult_Elephant is a concept whose members are exactly
    those elephants whose age is greater than 20 years

 Background knowledge/constraints on the domain
   Adult_Elephants weigh at least 2,000 kg
   All Elephants are either African_Elephants or
   No individual can be both a Herbivore and a Carnivore
Flow of project
 Technical:
   Tool: Protégé 4.1
   Front End: Java
   Back End: MySQL
 GoPubMed - first semantic search engine on the
              internet - launched in 2002
   Research Gate - The professional network for scientists
   Kosmix – social media semantic search
   Swoogle
   Yummly - food & recipe semantic search

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