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					                    The Kia Soul Price
In its most bare bones form, the Kia Soul costs $13,300. However, there are
several optional features that can be affixed to the different versions. Each one
comes with a price tag, but depending on what you’re looking for in a compact car,
these different options can make or break the deal. From heated, leather seats to a
few extra jacks, there is plenty of room to add personality to the Kia Soul. The
following is an extensive list of the features and price tags that coincide with each
of them.

The base, otherwise known as the cheapest form of the Kia Soul, has only three
optional features available with it, which all cost under $200. There are all-weather
floor mats, which you will get the most use out of during the winter when you
constantly run the risk of drudging snow into your car. Then, there are carpeted
floor mats as well. Both of the different floor mat varieties cost $95. The third
optional feature is side-repeater lamps, which will run you an additional $150.

For the Kia Soul+, the options begin to get a little more varied. Standard on each
Soul+ is privacy glass and the choice of either an automatic or manual
transmission. The automatic version costs around 1,000 additional dollars. Also
standard is a six speaker audio system which supports AM/FM radio, satellite radio,
CD and Mp3. The Soul+ has all of the optional features of the standard Kia Soul,
plus many more. Most noteworthy is the $600 audio package which includes a sub
woofer, a 315 watt amplifier, and an extra center speaker. Listed at $1300, the
Soul+ has an optional body kit to accompany a $295 rear spoiler. For under $100,
there are several cargo features, such as a net and tray, which you can get.
Sharing the $295 price tag is the remote start feature. At $250, you can get an
auto-dimming mirror with compass and HomeLink, which functions as a garage
door opener and much more.

The next step up is the Kia Soul! which comes with several of the features of the
Soul+ standard, such as the audio package. The Soul! starts at $18,495, which is
reflective of all of the additional standards that is comes fully equipped with from
the optional feature list of the $13,300 Soul and the $15/16,495 Soul+. The Soul!
is the first version to feature the heated, leather front seats for $900. For an
additional $400, the seats are offered with a push button start and smart key. Also
available, are all of the features of the Soul+, which means that the fully-equipped
Soul! is one of the more expensive versions of the Kia Soul.

The Kia Soul Sport differs from the Soul! in that it does not come standard with the
power sunroof, but it is one of the available, optional features for $700.

There are plenty of optional features and accessories that can be applied to the
different versions of the Kia Soul. Keep in mind that all prices were pulled directly
from Kia’s website and can change depending on what a local dealer is charging.
Availability may be another factor to consider if you are not dealing directly with the
Kia company.

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