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					MSDS Number: 2GM

Atlantis Plastics Material Safety Data Sheet

2GM - Embossed, Disposable Gloves
Product Number: 2GM and all other codes used to designate embossed, clear gloves produced by Atlantis Plastics. A thin polyethylene film manufactured from thermoplastic resins Atlantis Plastics PO Box 4309 Mankato, MN 56001 Emergency Phone: 507-386-4420

Description: Manufacturer:

Chemical family: Composition: Polyolefin polymers A reactor manufactured copolymer of low density polyethylene with ethylene vinyl acetate comonomer. CAS RN: 9002-88-4 May contain up to 0.5 weight % of any but not all of the following: Amorphous Silica Cristobalite Flux-calcined Diatomaceous Earth Crystalline Silica Erucamide Phenolic Based Anti-Oxidants


The additives in the product are encapsulated in a thermoplastic resin with limited release under normal conditions of transportation and use. Increased release may occur when the resin is melted, ground to a smaller particle size or subjected to decomposition. Physical Data: NFPA Rating: Flash Point: Auto Ignition Temperature: Specific gravity 0.905 - 0.965; insoluble in water; essentially odorless. No NFPA rating Not applicable. Approx. 600 F ASTM D1929

Fire, Explosion, and Reactivity Data
Hazards: Dense smoke emitted when burned without sufficient oxygen. May burn or react violently with fluorine/oxygen mixtures with 50 to 100% fluorine. May be decomposed by strong oxidizers such as nitric or sulfuric acids, halogens, hydrogen peroxide and chlorinating agents.

Hazardous Decomposition:

Avoid temperatures above 300 degrees C. Thermal decomposition products can include carbon, carbon mono- and di-oxides, water, organic vapors, vinyl acetate monomer, acetic acid fumes, and fumes possibly containing silica dust. Fire fighters should wear self-contained breathing apparatus in the positive pressure mode with a full face piece when there is a possibility of exposure to smoke, fumes or hazardous decomposition products. The application of high velocity water may spread the burning surface layer.

Fire Fighting:

Health Information and Occupational Exposure Limits
Inhalation: Ingestion: This product is an inert solid at room temperatures. May cause choking if swallowed. The product is considered physiologically inert. dust generated from abrading the film may cause eye irritation from mechanical action. If irritation occurs, irrigate with water for at least 5 minutes for relief Absorption though the skin is unlikely. The product is essentially non-irritating

Eye hazards:

Skin contact/absorption:

Environmental Protection
Precautions: Clean-up procedures: Avoid uncontrolled releases of the films Sweep up and dispose of in a recycling program or landfill, or in accordance with local, state, and federal ordinances. TSCA - the components of the product are listed in the TSCA inventory SARA Hazard Categories - this product does not meet any hazard category in SARA Title III under sections 311 and 312 Prepared by Atlantis Plastics Effective 1 July 1996 The information presented herein is believed to be factual, and is derived from sources believed to be qualified experts. However, nothing contained in this information is to be taken as a warrantee or representation for which Atlantis Plastics bears legal responsibility. The user should review any recommendations in the specific context of the intended use to determine the applicability of the product. For further information please contact:

Regulatory compliance:

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