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									                  2011-2012 Guidelines
            Supplemental Educational Services
                                   Under NCLB, Title I-A

                        Mesa Public Schools
                      Policies & Procedures for

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SUBPART A: Enrollment Forms
      Section 1.0: Description of Mesa Public Schools Enrollment Process
      Section 1.1: Parent Authorization Form
      Section 1.2 Ineligibility Letter
      Section 1.3: Approval to Select Vendor
      Section 1.4: Vendors tutoring at school sites
      Section 1.5: Open House Guidelines

SUBPART B: Criminal Background Checks
      Section 2.0: Mesa Public Schools General Policies regarding Criminal Background Checks

SUBPART C: Student Attendance
      Section 3.0: Verification of Sessions Attended
      Section 4.0: Student No-Shows
      Section 5.0: Cancellation of Session(s)
      Section 5.1: Absences

SUBPART D: Fiscal Requirements
      Section 6.0: Fiscal Procedures
      Section 7.0: Requirements for Invoice Submission
      Section 7.1: Provider Inquiries

SUBPART E: Recruiting/Marketing
      Section 8.0: Acceptable Recruitment and Marketing Techniques
      Section 9.0: Unacceptable Recruitment and Marketing Techniques
      Section 9.1: Incentive Usage

SUBPART F: Employment of Mesa Public Schools Staff
      Section 10.0: Employment of MPS District Teachers
      Section 11.0: Employment of MPS District Title 1 Staff or SES Liaisons

SUBPART G: Site Visits

SUBPART H: Tutoring Schedules
      Section 12.0: Dates, Times, & Locations of SES Tutoring Sessions
      Section 13.0: Changes to Tutoring Schedules

SUBPART I: Transportation
      Section 14.0: Mesa Public Schools Transportation Policy for SES providers

SUBPART J: Use of School Space by SES Providers
      Section 15.0: Limitations on Service Provided

SUBPART K: MPS District Cancellation of Provider Contract
      Section 16.0: Grounds for MPS District Cancellation of a Contract

SUBPART L: Supplemental Educational Services Agreement and Contract
      Section 17.0: Arizona Department of Education Supplemental Services Agreement
      Section 18.0: Letter of Intent for SES Providers

SUBPART M: Evaluation of Provider Services
      Section 19.0: SES Provider Performance Report

SUBPART N: School Assistance Student List

SUBPART O: Communication with MPS District A
      Section 20.0: Contacting Mesa Public Schools Title 1 Office
      Section 21.0 Technology
      Section 22.0: Contact Information

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The following information is provided in order to facilitate the provision of Title I, Part-A Supplemental
Educational Services to eligible MPS (Mesa Public Schools) students in a manner that complies with law
and regulation, and is functional for both the provider and the MPS District. Included are program and
MPS District criteria, MPS District operational parameters, fiscal details, and other guidance.

Mesa Public Schools welcomes all Supplemental Educational Services providers approved by the Arizona
Department of Education. We invite you to join us as instructional partners in the common goal of
assisting students in improving their academic performance.

Cayen SES System
Mesa is using the Cayen SES/Choice software System to track SES agreement forms, attendance and
academic progress reports. We implemented the system at the end of the 2011 school year. If you are not
familiar with the system, training will be provided to you.

Who May Be Served?
   I.      At present, Title I, Part A Supplemental Educational Services are available only to eligible
           MPS students in year two or beyond of school improvement who qualify for free or
           reduced lunch.

   II.     Should we be unable to serve all students/parents interested in receiving Supplemental
           Educational Services due to insufficient funding, all interested parents/ students will be rank-
           ordered based on academic achievement, and the most academically needy will be served first
           in sequential order from the lowest performing to the highest until funding is exhausted.

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Subpart A: SES Enrollment Forms

Section 1.0: Description of Mesa Public Schools Enrollment Process

The MPS District has minimal resources and no assigned/dedicated staff to participate in individual parent-student-
vendor SES meetings. Thus, the MPS District requests that the following process be closely followed:

    1. The MPS Title I Department conducts a meeting with MPS administrators in school improvement to
        determine key contacts for vendors, review student-parent-vendor plans and distribution of vendor
    2. The most current list of ADE-approved supplemental services providers is contacted asking if they want to
        serve MPS eligible students. MPS will meet with vendors to discuss procedures at school sites to
        implement SES services.
    3. Once AYP status is released, the MPS Title I Department will design a parent packet for mailing to homes
        of eligible students which include the AYP report and a Parent Authorization Request for Supplemental
        Educational Services Enrollment Form for tutoring services. The Enrollment Form will be available on the
        Title I website for parents and registrar’s at school sites.
    4. The MPS Title I Department will contact parents who indicate they need help in choosing a provider.
    5. A letter will be sent to parents informing them if their child was identified as eligible or not eligible.
    6. The vendors’ timeframe in which parents may sign up for supplemental educational services is after the
        vendor fair/open house and will continue until Feb. 1, 2012.
    7. Providers will be invited to participate in the school’s Open House to begin the school year.
    8. The vendor will receive notification from the Title I Office of students who qualify and have been assigned
        to their company through the Cayen system.
    9. The MPS Title I Department contact supplies critical student demographic data needed for the Agreement,
        and provides the student’s SAIS ID number, etc. via the registrar at designated schools. (AZ Agreement
    10. The SES vendor meets with the parent and student to develop achievement goals that address the student’s
        achievement deficits, discuss how the student’s progress will be measured, a timetable for improving
        achievement, and to execute “ADE SES Agreement” document’s components.
    11. The SES vendor completes the SES Agreement on the Cayen system for district approval of student’s
    12. Designated school’s staff will review the Agreement and determine whether they agree with the
        goal/service plan.
    13. If the designated staff does agree, they approve the document indicating support of the Agreement’s
        educational components. If the designated staff does not agree, they clearly communicate their concerns
        to/with the vendor and parent, and dialogue continues until all parties agree to an achievement goal.
    14. When all supplemental service providers have completed all SES Agreements, sent in fingerprint cards,
        proof of insurance that includes sexual molestation and signed MPS contract, the MPS Title I Department
        will contact the provider through the Cayen system to begin services. Only then may services begin.
    15. The vendor will determine the specific description of how the student’s parents and teacher(s) will be
        informed on a monthly basis of the student’s progress. A copy of the student’s progress and attendance
        must be completed on the Cayen system for district review each month. This needs to be completed before
        invoices are processed.
    16. The parents, vendors and school sites will conduct a survey at the end of the year to identify how the
        implementation of the supplemental services provided went. The evaluation process will identify successful
        supplemental services and what services need to be revised for next year. Surveys will be kept in the Title I

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Please Note:
The federal No Child Left Behind Act requires that parents have the option of requesting limited supplemental educational
services for their student enrolled at a school identified as In Need of Improvement. Services are provided by private
individuals or organizations identified and approved by the Arizona Department of Education. These services will be provided
during non-school hours.
Students requesting off-campus supplemental educational services must submit this form to the school. Priority for the use of
these funds will be given to children from low-income families. Funding for private organization, off-campus services is
provided by Mesa Public Schools through federal Title I funding.

To request limited supplemental educational services for your student, please PRINT the information requested below. Parents
will be notified of the status of this request approximately two weeks after receiving this form.

Student Name: ______________________ School/ Grade __________ SAIS #________________

Address:______________________________ Phone: ____________________ Parent Name:_________________

Choose 3 vendors from the Arizona Department of Education Approved Provider List:
2nd choice___________________________________
3rd choice___________________________________
                Name of provider
Please circle a response to the following statements:
YES/NO I understand that the student's family is required to provide appropriate transportation to and from the locations of
       these supplemental service providers.
YES/NO I give permission to Mesa Public Schools to release my child's test scores and other information to the approved
YES/NO I understand that the MPS District will only pay up to $1284 per student for supplemental educational services in the
       2011-2012 school year.
READING       or   MATH            Choose one content focus

___ Parent/relative will provide transportation. Name and phone # ____________________________________________
___ Child will walk to and from school.

Parent/Guardian Signature________________________________ Date________________

                                      This section is to be filled out by MPS staff only

Date Received: ________________________ Approval Status: ________________ (completed at Title I office)

        One (1) copy of this form to the Title I Office and to the school contact.

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Section 1.1


Por favor note:
La Ley federal Ningún Niño Se Queda Atrás requiere que los padres tengan la opción de solicitar servicios supleméntales
educativos limitados para su estudiante matriculado en una escuela identificada con Necesidad de Mejoramiento. Los servicios
son proporcionados por individuos u organizaciones identificadas y aprobadas por el Departamento de Educación de Arizona.
Estos servicios serán proporcionados durante las horas que no hay escuela.
Los estudiantes solicitando servicios supleméntales educativos fuera del recinto escolar deben entregar este formulario a la
escuela. La prioridad para el uso de estos fondos será dada a los niños que provienen de familias de bajos recursos
económicos. Los fondos para organizaciones privadas, servicios fuera del recinto escolar son proporcionados por las Escuelas
Públicas de Mesa por medio de los fondos federales de Título I.
Para solicitar servicios supleméntales educativos limitados para su estudiante, por favor llene con letra de IMPRENTA la
información solicitada a continuación. A los padres les será notificado el estatus de esta solicitud en dos semanas
aproximadamente después de recibir dicho formulario.

Nombre del Estudiante: _______________________ Escuela/ Grado________________ SAIS #_________________
 Nombre del Padre: ______________Dirección: ____________________Número de Teléfono: _________________________
Elige 3 proveedores de la lista aprobada por el Departamento de Educación de Arizona:
1a opción ____________________________________
2a opción ____________________________________
3a opción ____________________________________
                Nombre del proveedor
Por favor ponga un círculo a la respuesta sobre las siguientes declaraciones:
SÍ/NO      Entiendo que la familia del estudiante es requerida de proporcionar transporte apropiado al y del lugar de estos
           proveedores de servicios supleméntales.
SÍ/NO      Doy mi permiso a las Escuelas Públicas de Mesa para permitir y dar las calificaciones de mi hijo/a y otra
           información al proveedor aprobado.
SÍ/NO      Entiendo que el Distrito de las Escuelas Públicas de Mesa solo pagará hasta la cantidad de $1284 por cada
           estudiante para los servicios supleméntales educativos durante el año escolar 2011-2012.

LECTURA O MATEMÁTICAS               Enfoque en el contenido de servicios supleméntales.

___ Padre/Tutor proporcionará el transporte Nombre y número de teléfono del padre/tutor

___ El/la niño/a caminará a y de la escuela

Firma del Padre/Tutor________________________________ Fecha________________

                                           Esta sección solo para el personal de MPS
Date Received:    ________________________            Approval Status:           ________________

         One (1) copy of this form to the Title I Office and school contact

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Section 1.2

Your child ____________________will not be eligible for Supplemental Educational Services (SES).
Eligibility is based on qualifying for free and reduced lunch. If you have a question in regard to your free
and reduced lunch status, please contact the following person at Food and Nutrition:
Debbie Rosser - 472-0929

If we can be of further service or you have additional questions, feel free to call the Title I Department at

Su hijo/a ____________________________ no será elegible para los Servicios Educativos Supleméntales
(SES-por sus siglas en inglés). La ilegibilidad es debido al calificar para los almuerzos gratis a de precio

Si tiene alguna pregunta con respecto a su estatus de almuerzo gratis o de precio reducido, por favor
comuníquese con la siguiente persona en el Departamento de Alimentos y Nutrición:

Debbie Rosser – 472-0929

Si pudiéramos ayudarle en el futuro o tenga preguntas adicionales, no dude en comunicarse con el
Departamento de Título I al 472-0246.

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Section 1.3

 Approval to Select Vendor

      Yes I choose for Title I to help me select a vendor for my student

Name of Student

__________                                 ___________________________________
Date                                       Parent Signature

Aprobación para seleccionar un proveedor

_____ Sí, yo escojo que Título I me ayude a seleccionar un proveedor para mi hijo/a.

Nombre del Estudiante

____________                      __________________________________________
Fecha                             Firma del Padre

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Section 1.4: Vendors tutoring at school sites

 Additional Protocols for Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Vendors tutoring at school sites

   1. Principals will have the discretion to designate the location where vendors will be tutoring students.
   2. Designated days for tutoring will be Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. Individual school sites will
       decide if there will be tutoring 2 or 3 days per week.
   3. Tutoring will end at the school site no later than 1 ½ hours after school dismissal. (Example:
       School ends at 2:25 – tutoring would end at the latest at 4:00)
   4. Principals will designate where students are picked up by the vendor and where they are dismissed.
   5. Vendors will provide their own materials and supplies.
   6. Vendors will not have computer lab availability.
   7. It will not be the responsibility of the school office to monitor attendance and pick up of students.
   8. The vendor will notify parents on the day a student is absent.
   9. The student will be dropped from tutoring after the second absence.
   10. The vendor and the parent have responsibility for the child getting home safely.
   11. K-2nd grade students must be picked up by a designated adult or an older sibling. Written
       notification is to be given to the school.. (Fill out Supplemental Educational Services Form.)
   12. Transportation will not be provided by MPS for tutoring.

Section 1.5
Open House Guidelines for SES Providers
       Let parents come to you. You are restricted to the assigned area only.
       Do not ask for a list of students.
       Do not solicit on the school grounds other than the assigned area.
       Ask a parent to seek out the district or school designee for the Parent Authorization Form for request
       of services.
       Parent Authorization Forms are to be turned in to the Title I office by parents or schools only.
       Getting student(s) name through the counselors/designee, or any staff member is prohibited.
       Vendor brochures can be left with Connie at the Title I office.
       Do not contact any principal.

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Subpart B: Criminal Background Checks

Section 2.0: Mesa Public Schools General Policies Regarding Criminal Background Checks
       The provider shall conduct an investigation of federal and state criminal records for all employees of
       the provider who will be working with students. This must be completed before an employee may
       begin working with a student. The vendor must provide the MPS District with evidence of
       fingerprint cards.

       All SES provider staff coming in direct contact with Mesa Public Schools students are required to
       have current criminal background checks filed with the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).
       These background checks need to be completed and submitted to ADE for each employee working
       with our students prior to any employee having any interactions with participating students.

       Invoices will not be considered for payment until all SES provider staff working with Mesa Public
       School students has a fingerprint clearance on file with the Title I Department prior to starting

       Subpart C: Student Attendance

Section 3.0: Verification of Sessions Attended

       Providers must submit the Student Attendance Forms using the Cayen system. Student Attendance
       Forms are vital to the documentation of SES providers’ services. Providers will not receive
       payment for any sessions for which attendance forms are not or cannot be provided.

Section 4.0: Student No-Shows

       A no show is defined as a student that does not attend the first session of SES. If the student does
       not show for the first SES session, the parent will be contacted by the provider and notified that the
       student will be dropped if he/she is not present for the next session. If the student does not show for
       the second SES session, the parent will be contacted and notified that the student is being dropped
       due to non-participation.

       Mesa Public Schools policy regarding no-shows is that payment will only be rendered to providers
       when services have been provided to students. Therefore, if a student does not attend a tutoring
       session, the provider will not be paid for the student’s missed session(s).

Section 5.0: Cancellation of Session(s)

       Do not cancel regularly scheduled tutoring sessions. In general, it is best not to change the specified
       tutoring schedule. Instead, develop several alternative plans so that tutoring will be able to continue
       according to the schedule communicated to parents. For example, if an individual tutor is not
       available, have plans in place to cover that tutor’s session.

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          In the extreme event that tutoring must be cancelled, Mesa Public Schools requests providers to
          notify the MPS District’s Title I Office @ 472-0246, appropriate principals and parents of SES
          students at least 48 hours before a tutoring session. (i.e., due to an emergency).

          In situations when a 48-hour advance warning is not possible, the provider is responsible for
          ensuring that the MPS District Title I Office and school principal(s) have been spoken to
          directly and made aware of the session cancellation and that all parents are contacted
          immediately regarding the cancellation.

Section 5.1: Absences
       An absent student is defined as a student who has attended SES tutoring but who missed a session.
       After two absences, the parent must be notified and the student dropped from the vendor’s
       attendance roster. These absences do not have to occur consecutively. The MPS District will not pay
       for student absences.

          Subpart D: Fiscal Requirements

Providers must submit charges for tutoring services in the form of an invoice. Providers must invoice Mesa
Public Schools once each month using the Cayen system. If there are no charges to be invoiced, providers
should send Mesa Public Schools a statement to that effect on a monthly basis.

Section 6.0: Fiscal Procedures

Each MPS student served via the Supplemental Educational Services program must have fully developed
SMART Goals and a timetable for achieving these goals. Before any services to students may begin, and
before any MPS District costs are incurred or any invoices are processed, an Arizona Department of
Education Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Agreement must be on record with the MPS District.
   I.     An MPS purchase order must be issued to each Supplemental Educational Services provider in
          advance of: (a) the provision of any tutoring and/or (b) the submission of invoices for payment.
          Go to the website and register at www.mpsaz.org via the audit services. A new vendor and
          W-9 form must be filled out prior to services. Contact Teresa Martin at 480-472-0130 for

   II.       All provider invoices must clearly state our assigned MPS District purchase order number.

   III.      All invoices submitted for payment must include the identity of the student who was tutored, the
             student’s SAIS ID, the date of tutoring, and the unit cost used in computing charges for the
             services that were rendered (i.e., dollars per session, dollars per hour or other).

   IV.       Invoices must be submitted for payment monthly on the Cayen system.

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Section 7.0: Requirements for Invoice Submission

Before being processed for payment, invoices must be entered on the Cayen system:

          1) An invoice number;
          2) Dates of the period in which services were provided /completed.
          3) A description of the location where services were provided;
          4) A description of the students served;
              Invoices must include ONLY the names of students for whom the provider has an approved
             SES agreement on file with the Mesa Public Schools Title I Office;
          5) Due to FERPA confidentiality issues, all attendance reports must include information on only
             one student per page. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the MPS District
             withholding future payments until this guideline is followed.
          6) Student Attendance Forms must be on the Cayen system.
          7) Academic documentation (i.e., progress reports or notes detailing academic progress of
             students) must be done monthly and available to Title I.

Section 7.1: Provider Inquiries Regarding Submitted Invoices

   If you need additional assistance, contact:

                      Cami Williams                        Connie Chisholm
                      480-472.0247                         480- 472.0246
                      cawillia@mpsaz.org                   cmchisho@mpsaz.org

                               Subpart E: Recruiting & Marketing

Section 8.0: Acceptable Recruitment and Marketing Techniques

    I. We are unable to provide providers with names, addresses, or any other identifying information
       about students who may be eligible for SES.

    II. Within reason, we are willing to distribute your published literature to students to take home with

   III. If you desire to distribute your published literature, you must contact Connie Chisholm in advance:
                            Cami Williams                       Connie Chisholm
                            480-472.0247                        480- 472.0246
                            cawillia@mpsaz.org                  cmchisho@mpsaz.org

                   i. The literature you provide must be bundled in groups/packets of 25 each. This makes
                      it much easier for school staff to manage distribution without impacting instructional
                      time or overly burdening office staff.
                  ii. Recruitment brochures or flyers will be placed in common areas (i.e. the front office)
                      and distributed by our MPS District’s employees.

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  IV. Develop marketing materials that are readable and understandable for parents of SES eligible
      students. This could mean translating materials into other languages, as applicable.

 V.    Develop a clear marketing plan and put action steps in place within their organizations to address
       parent interest or inquiries in a timely fashion.

 VI.   Contact the Mesa Public Schools Title 1 Office if there is a concern about whether any additional
       recruitment/marketing practices not described in this section would be acceptable.

Section 9.0: Unacceptable Recruitment and Marketing Techniques

The following recruitment/marketing techniques are NOT acceptable on Mesa Public Schools property;
therefore, providers should not:

           1) Allow or encourage MPS District staff employed by the provider to recruit during the school
           2) Offer kickbacks or incentives to MPS District officials, principals, or teachers in an attempt
              to persuade them to encourage parents to sign up with the provider;
           3) Engage in false advertising about the provider’s program or any other provider’s program;
           4) Engage in recruitment practices that encourage families to switch providers;
           5) Distribute recruitment materials or engage in recruitment behavior that suggests participants
              will receive enrollment incentives (incentives or rewards offered to participants for enrolling
              with a particular provider); and /or
           6) Distribute recruitment materials directly to SES schools.

Section 9.1: Incentive Usage

Providers may not utilize incentives to entice a student or a student's parent to choose their services.
According to ADE, incentives may be used once tutoring has begun, up to $25 per student (no cash).
Computers may not be given to students.


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                     Subpart F: Employment of Mesa Public Schools Staff

Section 10.0: Employment of MPS District Teachers

As stated in the Arizona Department of Education’s Policies and Procedures for SES, providers are
permitted to hire teachers who work for MPS District. The provider is encouraged to contact the Mesa
Education Association (MEA) for a listing of tutors willing to provide this service. However, teachers
working for SES providers must abide by the following guidelines:

         1) Mesa Public Schools employees working for providers must follow Arizona Department of
            Education’s Policies and Procedures for SES guidelines detailed in Subpart F, Section 13, I1-
         2) Mesa Public Schools employees cannot promote one SES provider over another provider
            during MPS District contracted services hours.
         3) Mesa Public School employees MUST follow MPS District regulations related to student
            recruitment and distribution of promotional materials. However, Mesa Public Schools
            employees cannot distribute promotional materials on school grounds or directly to parents and
            students on MPS District property during MPS District contract hours.
         4) Mesa Public Schools employees must maintain compliance with Mesa Public Schools
            employment contract.
         5) During contracted service hours, Mesa Public Schools employees may provide information
            about SES as representatives of the MPS District, fulfilling obligations under 20 U.S.C. §
            6316(e)(2). Mesa Public Schools employees may offer general information about SES tutoring
            services and general information about ALL providers, and may encourage students to find out
            more about SES in general. However, during Mesa Public Schools contracted services hours, a
            Mesa Public Schools employee MAY NOT promote one provider over another.
         6) MPS educators may be hired by vendors as tutors but may not provide tutoring services to their
            own students from schools that are in year 2 or beyond in school improvement.

Section 11.0: Employment of MPS District Title I staff or SES Liaisons
MPS District employees who are directly responsible for the administration of SES or Title I programs, such
as MPS District SES liaisons or Title I program administrators, may NOT be employed by SES providers.
This will ensure that any real or perceived conflicts of interest are avoided.

                                         Subpart G: Site Visits
       ADE is responsible for monitoring and evaluating SES providers and the role of MPS District staff
       during a site visit is that of an observer; therefore, a site visit should in no way alter or impact the
       regular routine of any tutoring session(s). MPS site visits would focus on whether the provider’s
       programming/service is in compliance with their SES contract with the MPS District or SES
       agreements for individual students.

       The Provider shall allow access to sessions with students and/or to its facilities for periodic
       monitoring of each student’s instructional program by MPS District and shall be invited to
       participate in any review of each student’s progress by MPS District. MPS District representatives
       shall have access to observe each student at work, observe the instructional setting, interview the
       Provider, and review each student’s progress.

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                                    Subpart H: Tutoring Schedules

Section 12.0: Dates, Times, and Locations of SES Tutoring Sessions

Providers must submit a list, in writing, of specific dates, times, and locations where tutoring will take place
prior to commencing sessions at those specified locations. Providers must be sure to include exact
locations (including street addresses, floor locations, and room numbers).

Vendors may not test or teach in student homes or in their own homes.

Section 13.0: Changes to Tutoring Schedules

If a tutoring site changes after Mesa Public Schools has been informed of a particular location, the provider
MUST let Mesa Public Schools Title 1 Office know in writing of the site change BEFORE tutoring begins
at that new site.

                                        Subpart I: Transportation
Section 14.0: Mesa Public Schools Transportation Policy for SES Providers

Mesa Public Schools will not provide transportation for SES students. Therefore, SES providers will be
responsible for providing transportation (for those providers who offer transportation) or for working with
parents to arrange transportation. Please note – SES providers are not required to provide transportation.

If a provider does transport students, they must have insurance filed here with the state. To date, we have no
car insurance on record for any provider.

                        Subpart J: Use of School Space by SES Providers
Section 15.0: Limitations on Services Provided
   I.      Title I will work with school staff to provide space at sites for SES tutoring
   II.     All computer technology in the MPS District is integrated into our MPS District-wide network. All
           software programs must undergo extensive review and testing before being used on the MPS District
           network. Many software programs do not operate well on our network. In addition, network security is a
           high priority; outside provider access would be severely restricted, even if it were to function well. All
           computer activity must occur under the close scrutiny of our Information Systems department. Given
           these limitations and restrictions, Mesa Public Schools Supplemental Educational Services offered
           via computer cannot be provided on the campus or elsewhere in school MPS District facilities. The
           MPS District is also not able to loan computers to families or underwrite any private Internet connections.

   III.    The MPS’s obligation to pay for Supplemental Educational Services to an individual eligible student is
           limited to the MPS District’s per-pupil Title I allocation as published by the ADE. The 2011-2012 Title I
           per-pupil allocation for the Mesa Public Schools is $1284.00. The MPS District will not pay any costs
           billed in excess of that designated amount.

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                Subpart K: MPS District Cancellation of Provider Contract

Section 16.0: Grounds for MPS District Cancellation of a Contract

   Please keep in mind that prior to Mesa Public Schools being able to cancel a contract (based on the
   conditions below) Mesa Public Schools must 1) offer providers an opportunity to resolve a conflict, 2)
   submit substantial evidence to ADE that a contract cancellation is warranted and that all attempts to
   resolve a conflict have been exhausted, 3) withhold payment until compliance, and 4) receive approval
   from ADE to cancel a contract.

   1) Mesa Public Schools may, with written ADE consent, terminate a provider’s agreement for an
      individual student if the provider is unable to meet that student’s specific achievement goals within
      the timetable set out in the original signed agreement between the MPS District, provider, and
   2) Mesa Public Schools may, with written ADE consent, terminate the services of a provider MPS
      District-wide if the provider has violated any contractual conditions that were agreed upon in the
      signed contract between the provider and Mesa Public Schools.
   3) Mesa Public Schools may, with written ADE consent, terminate the services of a provider MPS
      District-wide if the provider has violated its requirement to complete criminal background checks
      prior to its employees beginning work with Mesa Public Schools SES students.
   4) Mesa Public Schools may, with written ADE consent, terminate a provider’s contract MPS District-
      wide if the provider has not begun the provision of services to students in a timely manner, as
      defined and agreed upon in the signed contract between the provider and Mesa Public Schools.
   5) Mesa Public Schools may, with written ADE consent, terminate a provider’s contract if the provider
      has not begun the provision of services to students because enough
   6) tutors have not been hired.

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Section 17
Subpart L
                      Supplemental Educational Services Agreement
                   Mesa Unified School District No. 4 and Service Provider


       Mesa Unified School District No. 4               (District)

       ______________________________                   (Provider)


District operates a public school district with elementary and secondary schools. Students enrolled in
schools that are in year 2 or beyond of school improvement, are eligible to receive supplemental educational
services. Provider is an organization that provides individual tutoring and other supplemental educational
services to students. Provider desires to provide supplemental educational services, and District desires to
purchase supplemental educational services, for District’s eligible students pursuant to the terms and
conditions set forth in this Agreement.


For and in consideration of the mutual promises set forth in this Agreement, District and Provider mutually
agree as follows:

1.     Obligations of Provider.
                                              Vendor Requirements
       1.1    Provider shall complete and submit to the District a vendor registration form.
       1.2    Provider shall ensure that they have hired sufficient number of tutors to provide services to
              students assigned to them and that tutoring is ready to begin 2 weeks after students are
       1.3    Provider shall not begin instruction until a purchase order has been issued; Provider has
              completed the Arizona SES Agreement, including the Statement of Goals; and the Provider,
              parent, and District have signed all required agreements. Provider shall submit one copy of
              the Arizona SES Agreement to the parent, to the school contact, and one copy to the
              District in care of Connie Chisholm at 549 N. Stapley Drive, Mesa, Arizona 85203-7297.
       1.4    Provider shall conduct an investigation of federal and state criminal records for all employees
              of Provider who will work with students and shall complete its investigation before an
              employee begins working with a student. Provider shall provide District with satisfactory
              evidence that the criminal history record of each employee was obtained and reviewed by
              Provider. District may immediately cancel this Agreement if Provider fails to complete a
              background investigation, including criminal history check, for each employee who is
              permitted to work with a student.

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1.5    Provider shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local statutes, laws, ordinances,
       rules, and regulations, including securing and maintaining such permits and licenses as are
       required by law in connection with the furnishing of services pursuant to this Agreement.
1.6    Provider shall provide access to all records or reports, or other matter relating to this
       agreement, including, but not limited to, service delivery and student attendance, upon
       request by District. Provider shall maintain fiscal records for five years and shall keep them
       available for audit.
1.7    Provider, including its tutors, shall keep accurate attendance records and submit them along
       with each invoice.
1.8    Provider shall not request payment, and the District shall not provide payment, for any SES
       tutoring session that was not attended by a student. After a student who has attended SES
       tutoring has two absences (whether consecutive or not), Provider shall notify the parent of
       the student that the student will be dropped from Provider’s attendance roster.
1.9    Provider shall not test or teach in student homes or in their own homes.
1.10   Provider shall not transport students.
                                            Education Services
1.11   For each eligible student who is approved by the parent and District for services, Provider, in
       consultation with the parent and District, shall complete the ADE-approved form, Arizona
       SES Agreement, including a Statement of Goals and timetable for delivery of services.
       Provider shall not modify the Agreement, including the statement of SMART goals and
       timetable, without written consent of the parent and District.
1.12   Provider shall develop the statement of goals in concert with school staff and parents using
       student academic data. The statement of goals shall address the student’s identified needs
       and shall be expressed using the SMART (Strategic and Specific, Measurable, Attainable,
       Results-based and Time Bound) process. The statement of goals shall be aligned with the
       student’s individualized education plan (IEP) or plan for services under Section 504, if any.
1.13   Provider shall provide instruction that is aligned with the Arizona Department of Education
       standards and designed to meet the diagnosed individual student needs.
1.14   Provider shall provide each student, school, and District with the amount of services set forth
       in the student’s Statement of Goals and/or timetable (specifically, a minimum of 30 minutes
       3 times per week for a total of 1.5 hours per week for a total of 29.5 hours of instruction)
       specified or referenced in the Arizona Department of Education Supplemental Educational
       Services Agreement.
1.15   Provider shall provide instruction to a student that is different from and a supplement to the
       regular school program. The instruction shall be provided outside the regular school day.
1.16   Provider shall provide appropriate materials to deliver services to students without infringing
       on the school for copies, materials, etc.
1.17   All services given by Provider under this agreement shall be secular, neutral, and non-
       ideological in instruction and content.
                                   Reporting to District and Parent
1.18   Provider shall conduct pre- and post-assessments of the student. District shall not administer
       the required pre- and post-assessments.
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     1.19   Provider shall actively involve parents in setting achievement goals for their child and invite
            parents to participate in conferences to discuss student progress on a regular basis. Provider
            shall document all communications with parents.
     1.20   Provider shall, at the end of each month, send to District and the student’s parents a written
            report describing the student’s progress, including benchmark data. If requested by District or
            a parent, Provider shall give these reports in Spanish.
     1.21   Provider shall provide summary evaluation data to the student’s school (with permission
            from the parent/guardian).
     1.22   Provider shall provide access to District representatives, with or without notice, to observe
            each student at work, observe the instructional setting, interview Provider, and review each
            student’s progress.
     1.23   Provider shall provide student progress records monthly to the parent, the school contact, and
            Connie Chisholm. Provider shall comply with FERPA by providing information about only
            one student in each document.
     1.24   If a student does not show for the first session, Provider shall notify parent that the student
            will be dropped if he/she is not present for the next session. If the student does not show for
            the second session, Provider shall notify the parent that the student has been dropped from
            the roster due to nonparticipation.
     1.25   Provider shall inform all of their students and parents of any changes to the scheduled
            learning sessions.

2.   Payment for Services.

     2.1    District shall reimburse Provider for its SES services performed between September 15, 2012
            and May 24, 2012, with the total amount earned for a single student not to exceed $1,284.00
            for the 2011-12 school year. A “service hour” means 60 minutes of instruction services or
            pre- or post-assessment services rendered to an individual student in compliance with the
            terms and conditions of this Agreement. Provider shall not submit a request for payment for
            more than two service hours for pre- and post-assessment services for each student. The
            Provider shall not include in its invoice compensation for a session which the student does
            not attend.

     2.2    District shall pay Provider based upon invoices submitted monthly on the Cayen system with
            all required supporting documentation.

3.   Term. Services described in the Agreement must be provided between September 15, 2011, and
     May 24, 2012.

4.   Termination for Convenience. The District, in consultation with the Arizona Department of
     Education, may terminate this Agreement at any time at its complete discretion upon 20 calendar
     days’ notice in writing from the District to the Provider prior to the date of termination. Upon
     termination, all finished or unfinished documents and other materials produced by the Provider
     pursuant to this Agreement shall, at the request of the District, be turned over to the District and
     become its property. If the Agreement is terminated by the District in accordance with this section,
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      the District will pay the Provider for all services performed as of the date of termination at the hourly

5.    Termination for Default. The District may terminate this Agreement immediately and without
      prior notice upon breach of this Agreement by the Provider or conflict of interest pursuant to A.R.S.

6.    Terms and Methods of Payment. Provider shall submit to District monthly invoices itemized by
      name and address of student, service provided, the number of hours worked and by whom, the
      date(s) that services were provided, a record of student attendance, and the amount owed. Such
      invoices shall be submitted within thirty days of the rendering of services. District shall process
      payments to Provider within 45 days after submission of such invoices. Invoices shall be entered on
      the Cayen system, for review and approval. Providers shall bill the District only for students that
      have been approved by the District for eligibility and have a signed Arizona SES Agreement form
      completed and on file in the Title I office..

7.    Insurance. The Provider shall maintain general liability insurance that includes sexual molestation
      for all employees, volunteers, and students receiving or participating in the provision of SES under
      this Agreement. Certificates of such insurance shall be furnished by the Provider to the MPS
      District and shall contain the provision that the MPS District be given 30 days’ written notice of any
      intent to cancel or terminate by either the Provider or the insuring company. Failure to furnish
      insurance certificates or to maintain such insurance shall be a default under this Agreement and shall
      be grounds for immediate termination of this Agreement.

8.    Monitoring and Evaluation. Provider shall cooperate with the District, or with any other person or
      agency as directed by the District, in monitoring, auditing, or investigating activities related to this
      Agreement. Provider shall permit District to evaluate all activities conducted under this Agreement.

9.    Records and Confidentiality of Student Information. Provider agrees that all student records
      obtained in the course of providing services to the District under this Agreement shall be kept
      confidential and shall not be disclosed except as permitted by applicable federal and state laws and
      regulations. All student records shall be kept in a secure location to prevent access by unauthorized
      persons. Provider shall maintain an access log delineating date, time, agency, and identity of any
      person who is not an employee of Provider and who is given access to any student record. Provider
      shall not forward any student record to any person other than parent or the District without the
      written consent of the parent and District. Upon termination of this Agreement, Provider shall turn
      over to District all student records of District’s eligible students to whom Provider has provided
      services under this agreement.

10.   Indemnification. Provider shall indemnify and hold harmless the District, its agents, and
      employees, from and against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses, including attorneys fees,
      arising out of or resulting from the District’s performance under this Agreement, and shall defend
      the District against any such claims, damages, losses, and expenses with counsel reasonably
      satisfactory to the District whatsoever, in whole or in part, resulting from or connected with any acts
      under this Agreement or from the omission or commission of any act, lawful or unlawful, by
      Provider, its agents and/or employees, including but not limited to court costs and attorney’s fees
      incurred by Provider in connection with the defense of said matters.

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11.   Relationship of Parties. Provider is an independent consultant and not an employee of District.

12.   Assignment. Provider shall not assign, subcontract, or otherwise transfer any interest in this
      Agreement without the prior written approval of District.

13.   Agreement Modifications. This Agreement may be amended only by written amendments duly
      executed by and between District and Provider.

14.   Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes and expresses the entire agreement and
      understanding between the parties concerning the subject matter of this Agreement. This document,
      the purchase order, if any, used in connection herewith, and any other document incorporated in this
      Agreement by reference supersede all prior and contemporaneous discussions, promises,
      representations, agreements, and understandings relative to the subject matter of this Agreement.

15.   Severability. If any provision of this Agreement shall be declared invalid or unenforceable, the
      remainder of the Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

16.   Incorporation of MPS Guidelines. The MPS Guidelines for Supplemental Educational Services
      (Guidelines) are incorporated by reference. Provider shall comply with all applicable procedures set
      forth in the Guidelines. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the
      Guidelines, this Agreement shall control.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties, through their authorized representatives, have executed this
Agreement as of the date set forth below.

                            Printed Name of Provider

             Printed Name of Authorized Representative of Provider


             Mesa Public Schools Representative


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Section 18

Mesa Public Schools
                              Letter of Intent for SES Providers 2011-2012

Provider Name: __________________________________
Tax Identification Number: _________________________

Contact Person ________________________________
Address        ________________________________
Phone _____________ FAX _____________ Email_______________

Go to the website and register: www.mpsaz.org /audit services and click on New Vender set up. Fill out
registration form and W-9 form prior to services. Contact Teresa Martin at 480-472-0130 if you have

   1. Give a brief description (50 words) that can be sent to parents regarding the types of services your
      company can provide to students: (write on the back of this sheet)

   2. What is your hourly rate?

   3. How frequently and for how long will students receive tutoring?

   4. How many sessions will students get with you based on the estimated per pupil maximum of $1284?

   5. What is the location of your services?

   6. What days and hours are your services available?

   7. What is the maximum number of students you will serve?

   8. What is the minimum number of students you will serve?

   9. What is the student to teacher ratio?

   10. What are the qualifications of the employees used to provide SES services to the students?

   11. What instrument is used for your pre and post assessments?

   12. What grades and subjects are you approved to tutor?

   13. If you are approved to provide both reading and math services, will each student receive tutoring in
       both or in only one subject?

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Section 19
                          Subpart M – Evaluation of Provider Services
                                         Mesa Public Schools
                                         Parent Questionnaire
                                 Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

This survey is to find out how satisfied you are with the SES or tutoring that your child received this year.
Please answer each question below about the SES Provider who worked with your child this school year and
return it to the Title I office.

Name of your child’s SES Provider: _____________________________________

Mark one box  to answer each question.

   1. Did the Provider talk with you about your child’s learning needs before the beginning the sessions?
                 Yes            No
   2. Did you see a copy of the Providers learning plan for your child?
                 Yes            No
   3. Does the Provider give you regular reports about your child’s work?
                 Yes            No              Sometimes
   4. Are these reports easy for you to understand?
                 Yes            No              Sometimes
   5. Have you been able to ask questions or talk about your child’s progress with this Provider?
                 Yes            No              Sometimes
   6. Are the sessions the right length of time for your child?
                 Yes            No              Not Sure
   7. Do you think your child’s tutor/instructor is doing a good job?
                 Yes            No              Sometimes
   8. If you could, would you send your child to this Provider again?
                 Yes            No
   9. Overall, are you satisfied with the quality of this Provider’s services to your child?
                 Yes            No
   10. Has your child’s attitude towards school improved since he/she started working with this Provider?
                 Yes            No              Sometimes
   11. Have your child’s grades in school improved since he/she started working with this Provider?
                 Yes            No              Not Sure
   12. Has your child’s reading or math improved since he/she started working with this Provider? (SES should
       have provided a written report at the end on the month to the school and parent.)
                 Yes            No
   13. Overall, has this been a good experience for your child?
                 Yes            No              Sometimes
   14. Is there anything else you would like us to know about this provider?

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                      Subparte M – Evaluación de Servicios del Proveedor
                                        Escuelas Públicas de Mesa
                                          Cuestionario de Padres
                    Servicios Educativos Suplementarios (SES – por sus siglas en inglés)

Ésta encuesta es para saber que satisfecho está usted con el SES o tutoría que su hijo/a recibió este año. Por
favor conteste cada pregunta a continuación acerca del Proveedor SES el cual trabajó con su hijo/a este año
escolar y regrésela a la oficina del Título I.

Nombre del Proveedor SES de su hijo/a: _____________________________________

Marque la casilla con un  para contestar cada pregunta.

   15. ¿Antes del inicio de las sesiones habló con usted el Proveedor acerca de las necesidades de aprendizaje de su
                Sí               No
   16. ¿Vio una copia del plan de estudios del Proveedor para su hijo/a?
                Sí               No
   17. ¿El Proveedor le entrega informes continuamente acerca del trabajo de su hijo/a?
                Sí               No              A veces
   18. ¿Están los informes fáciles de entender?
                Sí               No              Algunas veces
   19. ¿Ha sido posible preguntar o hablar acerca del progreso de su hijo/a con este Proveedor?
                Sí               No              Algunas veces
   20. ¿Están las sesiones con tiempo adecuado para su hijo/a?
                Sí               No              No estoy seguro
   21. ¿Piensa usted que el instructor/tutor de su hijo/a está haciendo un buen trabajo?
                Sí               No              Algunas veces
   22. ¿Si pudiera, enviaría a su hijo/a con este Proveedor otra vez?
                Sí               No
   23. ¿En general, está usted satisfecho con la calidad de los servicios de este Proveedor para su hijo/a?
                Sí               No
   24. ¿Ha mejorado la actitud de su hijo/a en cuanto a la escuela desde que inicio el trabajo con este Proveedor?
                Sí               No              Algunas veces
   25. ¿Han mejorado las calificaciones de su hijo/a desde que él/ella inicio el trabajo con este Proveedor?
                Sí               No              No estoy seguro
   26. ¿Ha mejorado la lectura o matemáticas de su hijo/a desde que inicio el trabajo con este Proveedor? (¿SES ha
       proporcionando un informe por escrito a fin de mes a la escuela y al padre?)
                Sí               No
   27. ¿En general, ha sido esto una buena experiencia para su hijo/a?
                Sí               No              Algunas veces
   28. ¿Existe algo más que a usted le gustaría que supiéramos acerca de este Proveedor?


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                                     SES Provider Observation

              SES Provider_____________ Site Location_______________
              Date________________ Time In________ Time Out______
              Student/Tutor Ratio_________ Tutor Name______________

1= Clearly Evident
2= More structure or planning needed
3= Not evident in this observation

Planning & Preparation
Does tutor address learning objective?                 1        2   3
Is lesson plan visible in room?                        1        2   3

Does tutor work effectively with group?                1        2   3
Does tutor give individual help?                       1        2   3
Does tutor monitor student work?                       1        2   3
Does tutor use hands on activity/manipulatives?        1        2   3
Does tutor differentiate instruction to
meet learning needs of students?                       1        2   3
Is instruction clear and focused?                      1        2   3
Are activities aligned with learning objectives?       1        2   3
Does tutor use reteaching strategies?                  1        2   3
Is relevant student practice provided?                 1        2   3
Does tutor efficiently use allocated
learning time to maintain academic focus?              1        2   3
Does tutor use positive direction and
reinforcement to promote responsible
student behavior?                                      1        2   3

District Representative _______________________________________

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SES PROVIDER PERFORMANCE REPORT                                                                  SES Coordinator Office
                                                                                                 1535 W. Jefferson Street
                      This document should be used to report positive or negative                Bin 32
                      performance of a State Procurement Office contractor and to state          Phoenix, AZ 85007
                      whether corrective action is required

                            PART 1                                                          MPS DISTRICT/LEA REPORT
 MPS District/LEA                                                             MPS District Address

 Contact                                Telephone                             Email Address

 Provider                                                                     Provider Contact


                  Describe the performance issue. Be accurate, complete and factual. Use an attachment if necessary.
Keep in mind the following factors:

1) Ease in working with the provider; 2) Communication with provider; 3) Reporting to parents, teachers, MPS District; 4) Quality of
instructional staff; 5) Compliance with state and MPS District rules for providing services; 6) Submission of bills; 7) Other

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Section: 20
Subpart N- School Assistance
                               Mesa Public School MPS District
                                       ESEA, Title I


                           Available ONLY to Students Who Attend:

                                      _______ _____________
                                         (School Name)

     Student Name       Parent Name                   Address       Phone Number    SAIS ID
                                                                                   (Dist Use)

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                    Subpart O: Communication with Mesa Public Schools

Section 21.0: Contacting Mesa Public Schools Title 1 Department

Providers are encouraged to contact Mesa Public Schools Title I office to communicate questions or
concerns related to SES issues. Providers who wish to arrange a meeting should contact our Title I Office to
make an appointment for a conference or meeting. It is our goal to increase student achievement and
eliminate achievement gaps. We look forward to working with you in this collaborative effort!

Section 22.0: Technology

Mesa Public Schools has purchased software to operate a wireless system for all SES functions described in
the guidelines. Providers will need to have access and understanding of a computer to facilitate fiscal
procedures, guidelines, contract, ADE Service Agreement, student attendance and verification of sessions.
Mesa Public Schools Title I office will be providing training for the software application for any new

Section 23.0: Contact Information

Questions or concerns about any aspect of the Supplemental Educational Services Program in the Mesa
Public Schools should be directed to the MPS District administrator responsible for oversight of the SES
program under Title I:

                      Sue Edman
                      Director of Title I and School Improvement
                      Curriculum and Instruction - Building 3
                      549 N. Stapley Drive
                      Mesa, AZ 85203-7203
                      (480) 472.0246

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