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NMEICT-Univ-Campus Lan benefits - SNEATN


National Mission on Education
  Through Information and
 Communication Technology

•   Benefits of Campus LAN
•   Other Benefits
•   Survey Prerequisities
•   Sample Network
     – Existing
     – Proposed
     – Integrated
            Benefits Of Campus LAN

Campus Computer networks help users on the network to share the
resources and aid in communication.
The following are the important benefits of a computer network.
• File sharing: Networking of computers helps the users to share data
• Hardware sharing: Users can share devices such as printers,
   scanners, CD-ROM drives, hard drives etc.
• Application sharing: Applications can be shared over the network,
   and this allows to implement client/server applications
• User communication: Networks allow users to communicate using
   e-mail, newsgroups, and video conferencing, VOIP calling, VVOIP
   (Voice and Video over IP network), Tele education, Campus
   surveillance etc.
        Benefits of Campus LAN …contd
• Helps Universities to Increase Revenue

• Helps attract best students
• Helps the students to work, live, play and learn effectively

• Helps Support and Enhance research efforts

• Methods to Increase Productivity and Efficiency by Knowledge sharing
     Benefits Of Campus LAN….. contd

• Simplicity : Providing campus users the ability to access the work
  application easily. Provide simpler architecture for managing
• High performance : Maximizing bandwidth and allowing room for future
• Reliability : Robust network infrastructure with focus on high reliability.
• Risk Mitigation : Help mitigate potential risks
                   Other Benefits

• In order to provide unfettered access to existing educational
  institutions, they will be connected through MPLS VPN.

• In this VPN, Premier Institutes and Universities to be
  connected via 1 GBPS access link
• It also provides internet access to the institutes
• University can have Campus Area LAN by spending only 25%
  of the total cost
• 75% of the cost will born by MHRD
                 NMEICT project

• Under the NMEICT project , the State POP of National
Knowledge Network shall be linked to Universities and colleges
in a three tier architecture

• Optical Fibre connectivity of 1 GBPS from NKN CORE POP to
End User POP at Universities.
           Survey Pre-requisites 1/2

For successful site survey we require following details
from the universities.
1. Existing network details
    What is the existing network design
    How many routers, L2/L3 switches are present
    How many firewalls or other security devices present
    How many buildings are connected in the network
    How many computers are connected in the network
    Is there any Internet/VPN connectivity other then
     NME 1 Gb connectivity
    Network Diagram of existing network with fiber cable
           Survey Pre-requisites 2/2

NME network requirement
   Choice of campus network topology
       With redundancy
       Without redundancy
       Combination of Both
    In which building the university would like to Host
     NME centralize equipment (Like Router + firewall, L3
     Switch, UPS)
    Number of buildings to be connected
    Number of I/O’s per building
    Number of I/O’s per room
    University building diagram (blue print)
   Roles & Responsibility Matrix
                                                                                         Role & Responsibility
                                  Activity                                      BSNL       BSNL
                                                                                                      SIS      University
                                                                                (STP)   (SSA/Circle)
Coordination with University for NME Project                                                          
Consent for LAN execution                                                                                        
Providing the Details of existing network, current requirement and expansion
Requirement study and site survey                                                                               
Submission of detailed requirement / site survey report to the university for
confirmation and approval
Approval of site survey report                                                                                   
To Deposit margin money (25 % of Capex) by university to BSNL                                                     
Issue of P.O. to SIS, for respective university                                  
Supply, Installation & commissioning of requisite hardware and establishing
1 Gbps Campus Network using Copper & Fibre at respective university.
Security for supplied material at respective university                                                           
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) clearance of campus Network                                              
Training on campus network                                                                              
Provide the Facility Management for Campus Network.(depute one onsite
network engineer per university)
Operation and Maintenance of Campus Network                                                             
Establish common Help Desk and eMS system to support NMEICT Network                                     
Bill preparation for material supply and exclusion charges and forwarding to
                                                                                           
STP for release of payment SIS for Respective University
Sample Existing Network Diagram of University in West Zone
Sample Proposed Network Diagram of University in West Zone
Sample Integrated Network Diagram of University in West Zone

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