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					Strategic Project Idea Template

Further to the pre-announcement of the NPP 2007-2013 for a Strategic Project Call in
2012 by the Programme Monitoring Committee. The Programme Secretariat invites
interested strategic project applicants to submit their project ideas on this Strategic
Project Idea Template. The template will be assessed by the Programme Secretariat to
ensure that the project idea has the potential and enough substance to be developed into a
strategic project. It should be clear from the project description that the strategic project
idea will cover the expectations outlined in the relevant Terms of Reference.

All admissible project ideas will be widely disseminated through the NPP news section,
NPP network and distributed in an NPP news flash with the title of “Strategic projects
under development” to assist project idea holders with their partner search and project
idea development.

Secondly, applicants are optionally invited to attend an individual Strategic Project
Development Clinic with Programme Secretariat Desk Officers in Copenhagen to discuss
their strategic project at their own expense. In addition, applicants are also invited to
attend a “How to apply” seminar on February 9th 2012 in Copenhagen.

The Strategic Project Idea Template should be received no later than September 30th,
2011 and send to Strategic project ideas not
submitted on this template will not be considered for assessment or distribution.

Strategic Project Idea Template

1. Project Title

2. Theme
(Select only one theme)

Priority 1:

   Renewable energy solutions adapted for remote areas and to the scale of sparsely
populated areas

   Responding to climatic change in the Northern Periphery

3. Teaser (1-2 sentence summary of your project idea for use in the newsletter)

4. Project Description
   (max. 500 words)

5. Please list and clearly describe the transnational service(s) or
   product(s) to be developed, including their functionality and future

6. Justification project idea according to NPP concepts of transnationality
   and added value
   (max. 500 words)

7. How are the specific attributes of your strategic project encompassing:
   (max. 1500 words)
       Beneficial impacts on the programme area, either in terms of
          physical products and outputs or building social capital and
          expertise, through networking, exchange of experience and
       Results and outputs that are innovative and of benefit and
          relevance to the whole programme area and focus on the remote,
          peripheral, sparsely populated and rural regions?
       Involve cooperation at the transnational, regional and local level
          in order to inform policy development?

8. How is the project contributing to the EU2020 Strategy?
   (max. 500 words)

9. Current partnership
   (If any, list partners)

10. Contact Details
Contact person:
Organisation name and legal status:
E-mail address:

Additional information

Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 reference material such as the Operational
Programme Document and Programme Manual can be found at

EU2020 reference material can be found at

For any additional questions, please contact Christopher Parker at or by phone at +45 3782 3782.


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