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									                                     Michigan Campus Compact
                                2011-2012 MCC AmeriCorps*VISTA
                                  MEMO OF UNDERSTANDING

 Sponsor:                                                    Host Site: (insert full mailing
 Michigan Campus Compact                                     address)
 1048 Pierpont, Suite 3
 Lansing, MI 489122

 Program Supervisor
 Rachel Klegon                                               Host Site Supervisor (insert name,
 VISTA Program Manager                                       title, phone number and e-mail):

This document defines the responsibilities of the Sponsor and the Host Site with respect to the
assignment of one (1) AmeriCorps*VISTA member to perform services to strengthen and
supplement efforts to eliminate poverty and poverty-related human, social and environmental
problems as specified in the AmeriCorps*VISTA Host Campus Application and work plans. The
obligations of the parties hereto are subject to the terms and conditions of the Memorandum of
Understanding between the Corporation for National and Community Service and the Michigan
Campus Compact/Michigan Nonprofit Association, beginning__08-01-2011_________, which is
incorporated herein by reference, and federal laws and regulations and Corporation for National and
Community Service policies applicable to the AmeriCorps*VISTA project, or which may become
applicable to it subsequent to the execution of this Agreement.

1. The Sponsor will:
        a. Comply with the provisions of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Corporation
        for National and Community Service and the Michigan Campus Compact.
        b. Assist AmeriCorps*VISTA Host Sites in developing work plans for each assignment.
        c. Assist in the provision of pre-service orientation, early service training and other training.
        d. Assist with assigning AmeriCorps*VISTA members to Host Sites, matching interests and
        skills with tasks to be accomplished in the approved work plans in the Host Campus
        e. Provide support and supervision to AmeriCorps*VISTA members in administrative
        f. Retain full responsibility for the management and fiscal control of the project.
        g. May transfer an AmeriCorps*VISTA member from one placement to another consistent
        with the program and Host Campus needs.
        h. Provide the format for progress reports and evaluations according to an appropriate
        schedule in order to meet the requirements of the Agreement with the Corporation for
        National and Community Service.
        i. Provide information via an electronic mailing specifically designed to meet the needs of
        current MCC AmeriCorps*VISTA Host Sites.

       j. Provide relevant information to Host Site Supervisors in a series of trainings designed to
       meet/address the needs of current MCC AmeriCorps*VISTAs and supervisors.
       k. Arrange and conduct at least two site visits over the duration of this Understanding.
       l. Provide a refund of cost share funds to the Host Campus on the following schedule:
       VISTA resigns or is terminated/reassigned in:            % of Cost Share Refund:
       0 – 3 months                                                     70%
       4 – 6 months                                                     40%
       7 – 9 months                                                     20%
       10 – 12 months                                                   0%
       This refund can be provided by check to the Host Campus or can be applied to the cost share
       invoice for the following year.
       m. Only fill open VISTA slots at approved times throughout the year. If a VISTA resigns or
       is terminated/reassigned, the Host Campus may not be able to fill their open position until the
       following program year. In the case that a Host Campus loses a VISTA and is provided a
       refund as provided in letter l above, the Host Campus will be allowed to hire a VISTA during
       the following year at the same “VISTA year” for cost share payment, provided the Host
       Campus applies for another VISTA during the normal RFP & grant process and provided
       Michigan Campus Compact is funded again by the Corporation for National and Community
       n. Provide travel or mileage reimbursement for the AmeriCorps*VISTA member and/or
       Supervisor for any events deemed mandatory by MCC.

2. The Host Site will:
       a. Assist in the recruitment of applicants to become AmeriCorps*VISTA members.
       b. Provide an acceptable work plan for use by an AmeriCorps*VISTA member prior to
       the assignment of the AmeriCorps*VISTA member.
       b. Dedicate an average of at least 5 hours a month for ongoing supervision of the activities of
       the AmeriCorps*VISTA member.
       c. Provide transportation or mileage reimbursement for the AmeriCorps*VISTA member for
       on-the-job travel required as indicated in the Agreement with the Sponsor.
       d. Provide materials and supplies related to the performance of assignments and adequate
       working space to permit AmeriCorps*VISTA members to perform their assigned duties.
       e. Assist, when requested by the Sponsor, in reviewing performance of AmeriCorps*VISTA
       f. Notify the Sponsor immediately regarding unscheduled changes of status and conditions of
       AmeriCorps*VISTA members, such as arrests, hospitalization, and absence without leave.
       g. Maintain such records and accounts, and make such reports and investigations, concerning
       matters involving AmeriCorps*VISTA members and the project as the Corporation for
       National and Community Service may require. The Host Site agrees to retain such records as
       the Corporation for National and Community Service may require for a period of three years
       after completion or termination of the project, or longer if required for administrative
       proceedings and/or litigation purposes, and to provide access to such records to the
       Corporation for National and Community Service for the purpose of litigation, audit, or
       h. Allow AmeriCorps*VISTA members to participate in local emergency disaster relief
       efforts if needed.
       i. Allow AmeriCorps*VISTA members to participate in Days of Service, i.e., Martin
       Luther King Holiday, National Volunteer Week, Make A Difference Day, should activities
       be organized in the communities where the members are in service.

        j. Track and report on progress toward program goals as stated in the Host Campus
        Application and subsequent workplans through the submission of up to five (5) programmatic
        reports over the duration of this Understanding.
        k. Complete all relevant Corporation for National and Community Service and Michigan
        Campus Compact evaluation materials.
        l. Keep a record with VISTA and Supervisors’ signatures of the VISTAs use of sick (up to 10
        days allowed) and vacation (up to 10 days allowed) days . Notify MCC when allotted
        sick/vacation days are used up.
        m. Participate in an initial Host Site orientation, as well as at least one additional Host Site
        Supervisor workshops.
        n. Arrange, in conjunction with the MCC AmeriCorps*VISTA member, at least two site
        visits conducted by an MCC staff member over the duration of this Understanding.
        o. Include the names of Michigan Campus Compact (as the program sponsor) and
        AmeriCorps*VISTA (as the national service project funder) in all publicity and
        representation of the MCC AmeriCorps*VISTA member placed at the Host Site.

        3. Both parties to this Memorandum of Understanding shall:
        Make every reasonable effort to ensure that the health and safety of the AmeriCorps*VISTA
        members are protected during the performance of their assigned duties. Neither the Sponsor
        nor the Host Site shall assign or require AmeriCorps*VISTA members to perform duties
        which would jeopardize their safety or cause them to sustain injuries.

        Ensure that persons selected as AmeriCorps*VISTA members are not related by blood or
        marriage to project staff, sponsor staff, officers or members of the sponsor’s Board of
        Directors, or responsible Corporation program staff.

4. Non-Discrimination
       No person with responsibilities in the operation of the project shall discriminate against any
       AmeriCorps*VISTA member, or member of the staff associated with the project, or
       beneficiary of the project, with respect to any aspect of the project on the basis of race,
       religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

5. Legal Restrictions
       The Host Site agrees that no AmeriCorps*VISTA member assigned under this Agreement
       shall participate in, or funds from the Corporation for National and Community Service
       should be used in:
       a. Partisan and non-partisan political activities, including voter registration.
       b. Direct or indirect attempts to influence passage or defeat of legislation or proposals by
           initiative petition.
       c. Labor or anti-labor organization or related activities.
       d. Religious instruction, worship services, proselytization, or any other religious activity as
           an official part of their duties.

6. The Host Site further agrees not to:
       a. Assign AmeriCorps*VISTA members to projects with partisan or non-partisan political
           activities, including voter registration activities, or providing voters transportation to the

       b. Assign AmeriCorps*VISTA members to activities that would result in the hiring of or
          result in the displacement of employed workers, or impair existing contracts for services.
       c. Accept, or permit the acceptance of compensation from the AmeriCorps*VISTA
          members or from beneficiaries for the service of the AmeriCorps*VISTA members.
       d. Approve the involvement of any AmeriCorps*VISTA member assigned to it in planning,
          initiating, participating in, or otherwise siding or assisting in any demonstrations

7. Modifications
       This Memorandum of Understanding may be amended at any time by an Agreement in
       writing executed by authorized representatives of the Sponsor and the Host Site.

8. Duration
       This Agreement shall become effective on _07-29-2011__________, and shall terminate
       on_07-28-2012________ subject, however, to the terms of the paragraphs entitled “Duration”
       and “Termination” in the Memorandum of Agreement between the Corporation for National
       and Community Service and the Sponsor.

9. Termination
       Any termination of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Sponsor and the
       Corporation will result in the termination of all provisions of this Memorandum of

10. Required Signatures

Sponsor                                              Host Site

By: _______________________________                  By: ______________________
    Rachel Klegon,
                                                          Host Site Supervisor

Title: VISTA Program Manager                         Title:

Date: _____________________________                  Date: _____________________

By: _______________________________                  By: ______________________
    Kyle Caldwell

Title: President and CEO
                                                     Date: _____________________
Date: _____________________________


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