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									2009       ort
    al Rep

  Kingman Police Department

                  Times of
Introduction from Chief Robert DeVries
Mission Statement & Goals
Kingman Police Department Organizational Chart
                           INCIDENT STATISTICS
Incidents and Calls for Service
Incident Crime Report
Traffic Statistics
                       INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES
Criminal Investigations & Evidence Bureau
School Resource Officers
Silent Witness
Meth Coalition
Walk Away From Drugs & Keep Kingman Safe Public Safety Expo
                              PATROL SERVICES
Community Policing
Transient Details
Patrol Beats
Beat Map
Traffic Bureau
DUI Taskforce Operations
Covert Underage Alcohol Buys
Serious Traffic Accident Team (STAT)
Bomb Squad
FLEX Squad
Neighborhood Services
Animal Control
Police Cadets
Police Volunteer Unit
Explorers Post 47
                      PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS
False Alarm Ordinance
Testing and Hiring
Annual Training
Training with WALEA
Western Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy (WALETA)
Promotions and Promotional Testing
Kingman Channel 11
Continuous Improvement Committee
                           COMMUNITY EVENTS
Route 66 Fun Run
Mohave County Fair
Street Drags
Andy Devine Days Parade
Walk Away From Drugs & Keep Kingman Safe Public Safety Expo
Pumpkin Patrol
CIC Tree Lighting Ceremony
Code 3/Clothe the Kids Christmas
                             SPECIAL INTEREST
Award Ceremony
New Hires
It is the mission of the Kingman Police Department to maintain a high quality of life for our residents
and visitors, through an active partnership with the community, by being proactive in reducing crime,
apprehending criminal offenders, and aggressively addressing all public safety concerns.

                                  LONG TERM GOALS
Develop and promote long-term partnerships with a wide range of community members in Kingman
that fosters working relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Decrease crime within the City of Kingman.

Continually identify and address quality of life concerns based on community input.

Encourage our employees to be professional in all aspects of their career, and provide the resources and
training to successfully complete the mission of the Kingman Police Department.

Continually work to maintain a high morale to recruit and retain professional law enforcement
employees and volunteers.
                           ORGANIZATIONAL CHART
                                  Chief Robert DeVries
                                     Jennifer Sochocki
                                       Doug Letcher
                  Captain Wes Bauer, Captain Ray Sipe, Captain Scott Wright

                                           Patrol Captain
                                       Captain Ray Sipe
                                           Lt. Rusty Cooper
          Squad A           Squad B                   Squad C                   Squad D
  Sgt. Joel Freed           Sgt. Mike Godfrey         Sgt. Mark Chastain        Sgt. Dennis Cornett
  Ofc. Bryan Bredenkamp     Ofc. Arron Cowin          Cpl. Terry Bolles         Ofc. Marcus Hood
  Ofc. Brandon DeLong       Ofc. Heath Mosby          Ofc. Dillon Jenkins       Ofc. Scott Horton
  Ofc. John Nielson         Ofc. Rochelle Silva       Ofc. Jim Kerr             Ofc. Mike Kingsbury
  Ofc. Adam Parrott         Ofc. Brian Zach           Cpl. Jack King            Ofc. Bodie Miller
  Ofc. Randy Sandeen        Ofc. Evan Hopper          Ofc. David Reif           Ofc. Danny Reed
  Ofc. Joe Weber                                      Ofc. Adam Romkema         Ofc. Shay Weber

  FLEX Squad        Traffic Unit       Cadet                              VIP Unit
  Det. Bill Fancher Sgt. Dave Turk     Ethen Hopper
  Det. Eric Urquijo Cpl. Dave Coffin                     Connie Anderson        Jeffrey Mathe
                                                         Sheri Bauer            Shirley Mathe
                    Cpl. Dennis Miller
                    Cpl. Dan Spivey                      Aaron Beatty           David Moats
                                                         Cressi Brown           David Morrison
           Code Enforcement          Academy-Ofc. Kunert Wayne Harden           Harley Pettit
           Oscar Lopez               Phil Hudgens        Richard Kidder         Bob Sherman
           Sommer Ross               Jason Schmitz       William Kriekel        Lonnie Taylor
           Tomas Silva               Adam Simonsen       Marilyn Levak          Ray Turner

                 Investigations                                    Professional Standards
           Captain Scott Wright                                    Captain Wes Bauer
               Lt. Dan Rodriguez                                        Lt. Jim Brice

   Detectives                 MAGNET                                      Records
Sgt. Bob Fisk          Det. Brandon Barkhurst                    Supervisor Sandy Williams
Det. Dennis Gilbert                                           Casey DeHerrera
                                                              Casey DeHerrera      Tiffiny McLoed
                                                                                   Tiffiny McLoed
Det. Todd Foster                                               Jackie Hansen
                                                               Jackie Hansen        Sydney Slone
                                                                                    Sydney Slone
Det. Gabe Otero               GIITEM                          Kathy Humphrey
                                                              Kathy Humphrey        Lorrie Sutton
                                                                                    Lorrie Sutton
Det. Sharie Weber       Det. Don Doughty
Cheryl Shaeffer         Det. John Morris                              Communications

   Evidence           School Resource Officers                  Tabatha Austin    Anita Perez
Joany Legg              Sgt. Lyman Watson                       Muriel Campbell Scarlett Runge
Carmen Haack            Cpl. Ramona Auld                         April Hanss    Carrie Sparkman
                        Cpl. Mike Bradley                         Joel Hardy     Jennifer Terry
                        Cpl. Pat Brock                          Kari McComas Stephanie York
                        Cpl. Wayne Hollon                        Stacy Nelson      Jason Zerr
                        Cpl. Stacey Mayo                        Sean Osterman
                                  2005     2006      2007        2008       2009

Calls for Service                34694    33705      31241   29191         30928

Homicide                             0        3         1           0          4
Rape                                17        8        12          12         13
Robbery                             17       31        16          18         12
Aggravated Assault                  67       87        67          71         66
Burglary                           810      879       750         529        695
Theft                             1445     1371      1269        1040       1070
Theft Motor Vehicle                222      212       184         104        106
Arson                                9       13         5           5          5
Drugs                              401      401       306         287        289
Citations                         2325     1238      2295        1933       1791
Domestic Violence                 1259     1231      1053         940        946
DUI's                              116       68       114         148        125
Traffic Accidents                 1389     1376      1253        1139       1039

Juvenile Arrests                   476      627       590         691        516
Adult Arrests                     2759     2739      2922        2445       2530
Total Arrests                     3235     3366      3512        3136       3046

                               Calls for Service






               26000   28000      30000      32000       34000          36000
                                   Number of Calls
                                  2005     2006       2007       2008        2009
UCR Juvenile Arrests               476      627        590        691         516
UCR Adult Arrests                 2759     2739       2922       2445        2530



                                                      UCR Adult Arrests
                                                      UCR Juvenile Arrests



          0         1000   2000    3000     4000

                                  2005     2006       2007       2008        2009
Citations                         2325     1238       2295       1933        1791
Warnings                          6125     4084       5944       7309        8697
Traffic Accidents                 1389     1376       1253       1139        1039


                                                             Traffic Accidents
     2007                                                    Warnings


              0     2000   4000   6000    8000     10000
                          Criminal Investigations Bureau,
                           Evidence & Property Section

The Criminal Investigations Bureau is made up of 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant, 4
general assignment Criminal Investigators, 2 Evidence/Property Technicians and 1
Administrative Secretary.

This past year the Criminal Investigations Bureau handled approximately 328 felony
cases. 197 of the cases were cleared by arrest or other successful clearances. This gives
the bureau a 67 % clearance rate for the year 2009. 50 of these cases are inactive and
there are still 66 cases active and openly being investigated.

The Evidence and Property Section handled 2,839 pieces of evidence or property during
the year. There were 13,609 items that were handled, destroyed, sold, or returned to
owners. Evidence logged 29,906 photo files for the year. Evidence has also undertaken
the task of weapon destruction. All of the suspects that were arrested with a weapon that
have denied ownership of that weapon have left it to evidence to try and locate the owner
of that weapon before it can be returned or later destroyed. Evidence has to try and track
these owners down at their last known residence. Evidence is processing approximately
600 weapons.

The bureau gave 10 speaking engagements throughout the year covering such topics as,
Domestic Violence Awareness, Robbery Prevention, Identity Theft, and Fraud.

The Administrative Secretary handled 637 business license applications and 4,569 pawn
transaction slips.

2009 was a tragic year for homicides. The City of Kingman had four Homicides
throughout the year starting in February, where one friend had shot the other and then
advised that they were playing Russian Roulette. The second was in March, which was a
domestic violence related Murder Suicide. The third was on the Fourth of July and
involved a domestic violence situation in which a juvenile was murdered and her mother
was shot and stabbed multiple times. The last was also a domestic violence case
involving a Murder Suicide in August. All of these cases have been brought to a

Bank Robbery
In December a suspect had robbed a bank and a business in downtown Kingman. The
same suspect was also wanted in conjunction with a series of robberies in the greater
Mohave County area. In the Kingman bank robbery the suspect entered the bank and
placed a simulated explosive device on the counter and demanded money from the teller.
The robber left and was later captured in downtown Kingman hiding in the wash after an
extensive search by our agency and the Mohave County Sheriff’s Department and D.P.S.

In March of this year Kingman had three home invasions that occurred on the same day.
The suspects in these crimes entered multiple residences throughout the city, causing
injuries to the victims and terrifying them. At the last residence, one of the suspects set
fire to the residence after the residents fled on foot. These suspects were later
apprehended and were successfully prosecuted. Three of the suspects in this case
received a total of 46 years in prison, and two more are awaiting trial. As a side note two
of the suspects from the above home invasions were also convicted of armed robberies of
local businesses.

Sexual Assaults and Child Molests

In April of this year Detectives received information about a child molest that occurred
13 years ago. The father of the victim came forward and contacted law enforcement
because he found out that his son, who was 27 years old, was HIV positive. This
investigation lead to another victim who confirmed the child molest allegation,
identifying the suspect. Detectives contacted the suspect and he admitted the molestation
charges, and is awaiting trial.

For the 2009 School year the School Resource Officers (SRO’s) handled a total of 1009
calls for service at the (9) nine local Kingman school campuses. In 2009 the School
Resource Division’s total arrests decreased from 101 in 2008 to 96 in 2009. There was an
increase in drug related arrests in 2009 at the local Kingman School Campuses from 13 to
38 in 2009. This large increase in drug arrests in the schools can be largely attributed to a
dramatic increase in the abuse of prescription drugs in the schools and the involvement of
multiple students in association with these investigations.

In 2008 the SRO Division provided 290 Law Related Education (LRE) classes for a
total of 1308 hours of LRE in the schools. In 2009 the SRO Division provided 287 Law
Related Education (LRE) classes for a total of 1320 hours of LRE in the Schools. This
increase in total hours can be attributed to the increase in drug awareness classes in the
middle school environment and the addition of the second KPD Youth Academy which
was presented during the summer of 2008 and which continued into the summer of 2009.

                                                            2008             2009

Calls for Service                                            1013            1009
Law Related Education Classes                                 290             287
Law Related Education Total Hours                            1305            1320
Drug Related Arrests                                           13              38
Total Arrests                                                 101              96

In 2006 The School Resource Officers completed the required training to conduct the
background investigations on potential police and civilian applicants for the Kingman
Police Department and during the 2008 school year over 29 background investigations
were conducted.


The summer of 2006 was the inaugural KPD Youth Academy. This program is designed
to expose children in the middle school age (6th, 7th and 8th grade) to law enforcement.

In 2007 a second academy was added and the combined academies accounted for 46 local
children in those age ranges. In 2009 the Kingman Police Department continued with two
junior police academies. The Kingman Police Junior Academy Cadets were required to
adhere to a Police Academy style protocol which included discipline, daily physical
training (PT), Team building and evaluations. The School Resource Officers provided
training in the following areas during this four (4) week training academy: Intro to the
Juvenile Justice System, Probation, Courts and Laws, Drug and Substance Abuse, K-9
handling /demonstration, Crime Scene Processing and Traffic Accident Investigation.
Practical Exercises, wherein the cadets actually conducted “mock investigations” were
utilized in the Crime Scene and Traffic Accident portion of the class. Guest speakers and
instructors included Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith and a DPS K-9 Officer who
provided a class and live demonstration on the use of K-9 (dogs) in law enforcement. In
2007 Tactical training and “Building Entry” training was added and seemed to be
enjoyed by the cadets.

The cadets also were given tours of the Arizona Department of Public Safety Crime
Laboratory in Lake Havasu City. The Cadets also conducted a “mock criminal trial” with
the assistance of Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith utilizing the Kingman Municipal
Court room.

The cadets also completed the Mohave Community College Challenge course which is
designed to develop leadership and team building. The academy and graduation
ceremonies were held at the White Cliffs Middle School.
                             MOHAVE SILENT WITNESS

                                  SECRETLY REPORT

                              •   WANTED PERSONS
                              •   FELONY CRIMES
                              •   CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

                                   REWARDS PAID
                            FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO
                                PROSECUTABLE CASES

The Mohave Silent Witness group is a non-profit organization dedicated to the
apprehension of wanted suspects through the posting of rewards. Reward money is
raised through fund raisers and private donations. The group is managed and operated
by an independent board, separate from the Kingman Police Department. The board
consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary,, Treasurer and board members.

Mohave Silent Witness holds monthly business meetings at the Kingman Police
Department on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Anyone interested in
being part of this organization is welcome to attend.

This year Silent Witness paid out $4,520 dollars for 6 different cases leading to the arrest
and conviction of the suspects.

Callers to Mohave Silent Witness can remain anonymous. Rewards are paid for
information leading to prosecutable cases.

You can reach Mohave Silent Witness by calling locally 753-1234, or toll free 1-888-
                      (Mohave Area General Narcotics Enforcement Team)

M.A.G.N.E.T. is comprised of five separate Law Enforcement agencies: the Arizona
Department of Public Safety, Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, Lake Havasu City Police
Department, Bullhead City Police Department, and the Kingman Police Department,
which is the “lead agency.” The Mohave County Attorney’s Office houses three
prosecutors in the M.A.G.N.E.T. office located in Kingman. These prosecutors not only
prosecute cases generated by M.A.G.N.E.T. detectives, but they also provide legal advice
to help detectives develop sound cases.

                                       Calendar year 2009 activity:


       Drug related...................................................................................................402
       Non-Drug ....................................................................................................... 32
       Total Arrests.................................................................................................434

Drug seizures:

       Cocaine ............................................................................... 58.00 Lbs
       Hashish................................................................................. 1.00 GM
       Heroin................................................................................... 1.85 GM
       Marijuana.............................................................................. 381.2 Lbs
       Marijuana Plants .................................................................. 60         Plants
       Methamphetamine................................................................. 12.31 Lbs
       Other Narcotics...................................................................... 113 Units
       Misc. Other Drugs.................................................................. 991 Units

   Note: There were also significant amounts of illicit drugs purchased through covert
   operations for which the sellers were identified and arrested.

Asset Seizures:

       Item Seized                                Quantity                  Dollar Value
       Vehicles                                   19                        $ 95,480.00
       Currency                                   22                        $ 605,575.00
       Weapons                                    54                        $ 11,742.00
       Other                                      32                        $ 28,615.00
                                                        Total...............$ 741,412.00

Note: Asset seizures are dependant on court review and judgment before these assets can
be liquidated and deposited into the “Anti-Racketeering Fund”. At times there can be up
to several years delay pending court review before the assets can be converted for use.
Number of Clandestine Labs seized and dismantled: ..........................1
Number of Community Awareness Presentations Conducted ............7
Number of Search Warrants Conducted................................................163

Currently, MAGNET is working several national level cases. As a result of fewer funds
to operate on, task forces around the country are cooperating with each other to slow the
distribution of illegal drugs not only in their communities but around the nation. As a
result of this, MAGNET has partnered with the DPS Financial Investigation Resource
Group (F.I.R.G.), other drug task forces in Arizona and across the county. The F.I.R.G.
is helping MAGNET fund these operations, which will ultimately disrupt the flow of
illicit drugs through out the country. Currently these cases have resulted in
approximately 1,400lbs of Marijuana and over $400,000 being seized and 10 arrests.
These investigations are still ongoing.

MAGNET has increased its highway interdiction efforts. One result of this effort was 75
lbs of high grade marijuana being confiscated during a traffic stop. The resulting
investigation lead to a drug distribution ring in Texas that obtained their drugs from
California. Texas officials were able to conduct multiple search warrants, resulting in
multiple arrests, assets seized and the disruption, if not dismantling of a major drug
trafficking organization that operates across state lines.

On October 6, 2009 MAGNET partnered with The Arizona Youth Partnership and was
able to bring the first successful Dump the Drugs program to Kingman. The Dump the
Drugs took place at the Centennial Park during the Third Annual “Walk Away From
Drugs” event. The purpose of this was to give people an avenue to dispose of
prescription drugs that are either no longer needed by the individual who had been
prescribed the medicine or it had expired. By disposing of the drugs in this manner, it
helps keep the drugs out the hands of children and others who may wish to unlawfully
consume them. Additionally, the drugs are disposed of in such a manner as to help
protect the environment.

MAGNET detectives arranged a purchase of two pounds of methamphetamine from two
suspects. During the sale, the two suspects were arrested with 1.22 pounds of
methamphetamine, worth about $47,000. During the arrest, detectives received further
information about a residence where additional amounts of methamphetamine may be
located. After receiving a warrant for the house in question, detectives arrested two more
suspects and located 280 grams of methamphetamine, worth about $28,000, three hand
guns, one vehicle and $9,800.00 in US currency.

The MAGNET task force along with AZ Highway Patrol, NV Highway Patrol, Southern
Area Interdiction Narcotics Task Force (Mesquite Police Dept.) and Mohave County
Sheriff’s office participated in a joint K-9 drug interdiction detail on I-15, along the
Arizona Strip. During the interdiction detail, 25 kilos of cocaine valued at $500,000 were
seized, as a result of a stop. MAGNET officers determined that the drugs were destined
out of state. Further investigation resulted in the arrest of two suspects.

MAGNET assisted in an interdiction stop with the Arizona Highway Patrol. The suspect
was arrested for possession of stolen property, possession of methamphetamine,
possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. During the investigation,
MAGNET detectives discovered photographs in the suspect’s phone consisting of
weapons, currency, large amounts of drugs and people who had been shot. The case was
turned over to an ICE agent from southern Arizona, who took over the investigation and
charged the suspect federally.

During a MAGNET highway interdiction detail officers made a traffic stop on a moving
van traveling through Kingman. During the stop, 84lbs of high grade marijuana was
located hidden in furniture located in the back of the moving van. Marijuana was valued
at over $6,000.00 a pound. The marijuana was seized and the two occupants of the
vehicle were arrested.

During the last year MAGNET detectives also assisted local agencies with two armed
robbery investigations. During one investigation MAGNET Officers conducted
surveillance and utilized informants for testifying information. Two subjects were taken
into custody for the robbery. Drugs were also recovered during this investigation as well
as the weapon used. During the second investigation MAGNET Officers assisted in the
investigation and apprehension of a serial robber. The robberies took place in the
Kingman, Bullhead City and County areas and included banks and local businesses.

                                        Dr. Yeh

In June of 2007 the Kingman Police Department received a report of a subject passing
forged prescriptions at various drug stores in the Kingman area. Kingman Police located
the subject and through the investigation discovered that the subject had passed 41 forged
prescriptions for 4920 Oxycotin pills and 7380 Oxycodone pills. Both pills are listed as a
Narcotic. Kingman Police contacted the DEA drug diversion unit in Phoenix who
launched their own investigation. DEA’s investigation revealed that Dr. Yeh, who
operated a pain management clinic in Golden Valley, was prescribing the narcotic drugs
without following protocol. In February 2009 MAGNET detectives assisted the DEA
with the execution of a search warrant at Dr Yeh’s clinic in Golden Valley. Dr. Yeh and
his assistant have been charged with various charges including money laundering
conspiracy, assisting a criminal syndicate, and improperly administering narcotic drugs.
According to DEA, this was the first large arrest for the Phoenix DEA’s Tactical
Diversion Squad, which is tasked with investigating prescription drug fraud cases.
Guns taken during a methamphetamine search warrant in Kingman area.

         Indoor/Outdoor marijuana grown in Kingman area.
Methamphetamine and Marijuana discovered in a tire of a transport vehicle.

         25 Kilos of Cocaine located during an interdiction detail.
                               G.I I.T.E.M.
       (Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission)

GIITEM is a statewide multi-agency task force consisting of five districts that provide
gang and illegal immigration enforcement and intelligence services. The two Mohave
County squads are part of the Northern GIITEM district.

Eleven detectives and two sergeants make up the Mohave County squads. The
enforcement squad consists of seven detectives and a sergeant, while the investigations
squad consists of four detectives and a sergeant. Detectives are based in Kingman,
Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City. The Kingman Police Department has two
detectives assigned, the Bullhead City Police Department has one detective assigned, the
Lake Havasu City Police Department has one detective assigned, and the remaining 7
detectives and 2 sergeants are from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

While the unit’s primary area of responsibility is in Mohave County, it is also utilized
around the state for special details, enforcement efforts and investigations.

GIITEM is one of only a few true multi-agency statewide gang task force programs in the
country. GIITEM’s unique approach brings together law enforcement and prosecutorial
agencies from municipal, county, state, federal and tribal jurisdictions in a coordinated,
intelligence-driven approach to deal with gangs and violent human smuggling
organizations on a large scale. Traditionally, Arizona agencies addressed the gang and
illegal immigration problem individually rather than collectively. This separate approach
resulted in displacement rather than focused and directed gang and illegal immigration
enforcement efforts and identification. The primary benefit of the GIITEM task force is
the combined resolution of the involved agencies and citizens, who ultimately are the
recipients of the project’s services, to cripple gangs and human smuggling organizations
in the state rather than displacing these problems into adjoining jurisdictions.

GIITEM’s anti-gang efforts are directed into three areas: enforcement, intelligence
gathering and training.
                             MISSION STATEMENT:

 The mission of the Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission
(GIITEM) is to:
   • Deter criminal gang activity through investigations, arrest and prosecution.
   • Dismantle gang-related criminal enterprises.
   • Deter border-related crimes.
   • Disrupt human smuggling organizations.
   • Collect, analyze and disseminate gang and illegal immigration intelligence.
   • Provide anti-gang and illegal immigration awareness training to communities and

                                   2009 Statistics

Narcotics Arrest……………………………………………………………26
Felony Arrest………………………………………………………………24
Felony Warrant Arrests……………………………………………….…….7
Misdemeanor Arrest……………………………………………………….34
Criminal Citations…………………………………………………………14
GMIC cards (Gang Member ID)………………………………………....124
Weapons Violations…………………………………………………………3
Firearms Seized……………………………………………………………..7

GMIC Cards………………………………………………………………..38
Juvenile Referrals……………………………………………………………6
Gang Member Arrests……………………………………………………….4

Other Activity:
Motor Vehicle Stops………………………………………………………335
Motor Vehicle Citations……………………………………………………64
Motor Vehicle Warnings…………………………………………………..251
Assist Municipal Agency calls………………………………...……………57
Assist County Agency calls……………………………………………...…32
FI Cards……………………………………………………………………138
                               GIITEM HIGHLIGHTS:

On December 2, 2009, “Operation Quiet Riot” culminated with the service of eight
search warrants in three separate counties being served simultaneously. Upwards of 200
officers from at least ten different agencies assisted GIITEM in the service of the
warrants for the crime of Riot and Participating in a Criminal Street Gang, stemming
from the June 11, 2009 riot in Bullhead City involving members of the Hells Angels,
Desert Riders, and Vago Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. Participating agencies assisting in
the operation included the Bullhead City Police Department, the Lake Havasu City Police
Department, the Kingman Police Department, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, the
Ft. Mohave Tribal Police Department, the Flagstaff Police Department, the Coconino
County Sheriff’s Office, the Prescott Valley Police Department, and the Yavapai County
Sheriff’s Office.

This investigation, which began in June, was extremely labor intensive for both Mohave
County squads. Hundreds of man-hours were put into the investigation, with hundreds
more into the preparation of the search warrants. Surveillance in this case stretched over
three months, which was labor intensive as well. Another search warrant was served in
January 2010, which resulted in one more arrest. The case is still on-going in several

On April 14, 2009, acting on an anonymous tip, a GIITEM detective was advised of a
Latin King gang member with a local felony warrant “hiding out from the law” at an
address in the Butler area. Through investigation, it was found the suspect had a felony
warrant for FTA on Drug charges out of Maricopa County, with a caution indicator for
violent tendencies. He also had a KPD misdemeanor warrant. Upon arrival of 6 GIITEM
detectives at the house, the suspect was heard arguing with someone inside the residence.
When contact was attempted, the suspect threatened to shoot himself. The situation was
immediately treated as a barricaded subject. Dialogue was left open with the suspect, and
after several minutes, he surrendered without further incident.

His girlfriend, whom he was arguing with inside the house, also had a KPD warrant, and
was arrested as well.

In April, 2009, three students at Kingman Middle School were charged with Conspiracy
to Commit Assault after they made plans to “jump out” a fourth member of their newly
formed gang.

In May, 2009, GIITEM detectives worked a squad detail at Centennial Park directed at
the increasing problems with local Juggalo members. 24 members of the local Juggalos
were contacted and identified. Gang Member Identification Cards were completed on
many of those contacted, who fit GMIC criteria.

Our community coalition is made up of law enforcement, government official, health care
professionals, business leaders, attorneys, judges, school officials, and concerned
members of the public. Our purpose, goal and mission are described below.

The objectives of this Coalition will be to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment and
raise community awareness of substance abuse through education. Implement ongoing
practices for METH and substance abuse prevention, treatment and after care programs.

Minimize the staggering destructive impact of METH, and other substance abuse, in our

To organize and establish a comprehensive representation of relevant parties from
private, public and non-profit sectors, to develop a partnership through advocacy,
education, collaboration, and support of best practices to effectively address METH, and
other substance abuse.

During 2009 we accomplished many things.            Kingman’s Meth Coalition has been
working hard in cooperation with MSTEPP to bring a treatment facility to Mohave
County. Originally we were looking at the SHOCK Incarceration Facility located at the
Kingman Airport, to be converted into a treatment facility; however due to circumstance
beyond anyone’s control this option is off the table. Our coalition is continuing to look at
other options and we are aggressively striving to bring a treatment facility to Mohave
County. The Kingman Meth Coalition was honored this year for all of its hard work, by
being the recipient of the “Andy Award for Organization of the Year.” This award was
in recognition of the coalition member’s hard work and dedication to helping our
community a better place to live.

  Kingman Meth Coalition members with Attorney General Terry Goddard displaying
                 2009 Andy Award for Organization of the Year.
                 Kingman’s 3rd Annual “Walk Away from Drugs”
                     Keep Kingman Safe Public Safety Expo

Approximately 2000 people turned out for Kingman’s 3rd Annual “Walk Away from
Drugs” and “Keep Kingman Safe Public Safety Expo,” held Tuesday, October 6th , 2009.
The event was ruled a huge success. There were three starting locations where people met
prior to starting their walks. The meeting locations were at Smith’s parking lot,
Kingman/Golden Valley Association of Realtors, and the vacant field east of Mother
Road Harley Davidson. Once again our community showed outstanding support for the
Kingman Meth Coalitions efforts to bring awareness to our community’s drug issues. We
had the Mayor, State and Federal officials, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Local
Business People, Schools, Church Groups, Parents, Grandparents and young adults come
out and join us in our fight to rid the Kingman area community and the State of Arizona
of this terrible drug. In addition to the “walk” the Kingman Police Department
incorporated the Keep Kingman Safe-Public Safety Expo, formally known as the
“National Night Out.”

Guests of Honor:
AZ Assistant Attorney General Gerald Richards, Department Of Public Safety Director
Roger Vanderpool, Assistant Special Agent in Charge DEA Douglas Hebert, Kingman
Mayor John Salem, Kingman City Manager Jack Kramer, and Kingman Police Chief
Robert DeVries.

The event is sponsored by:
Kingman Meth Coalition; Kingman Police Department; Kingman Area Chamber of
Commerce; City of Kingman; Kingman Regional Medical Center, Mohave County
Sheriff’s Department, MTC-Arizona State Prison, Hualapai Mountain Medical Center,;
Monica J Busch Investments; Mohave Mental Health; Taco Bell–Krystal Burge; Mohave
State Bank;H-H Printers, Power House Kiwanis, Kingman Elks Lodge, WECOM, and
other local businesses.
Students from the Kingman Academy of Learning Primary School who participated in
                                  the walk.

       Students from the Kingman High School who participated in the walk.
Chief Robert DeVries, DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge Doug Hebert, AZ DPS
Director Roger Vanderpool and Assistant Attorney General Gerald Richards leading a
               large group of walkers from the Smith’s starting point.
                         COMMUNITY POLICING

Community Policing remains a core philosophy with the Kingman Police Department.
The current economic situation has not changed this philosophy but the approach has
been modified to accommodate reductions in overtime and other budgetary constraints.
Many of the community policing activities are now incorporated into regular patrol shifts
as opposed to utilizing special details as has been the case in the past.

The department is still active in providing talks to the community and the schools on
public safety issues. During the year many tours were conducted of the department with
groups such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school children, and other community

Patrol Officers are encouraged to focus on the criminal activity associated with transients
and have stepped up their efforts in this area. Work continues around the Cornerstone
Mission in support of the Business Watch group in that area.

Patrol Officers are working with various neighborhood groups in an effort to expand the
Neighborhood Watch program. Currently fourteen neighborhoods have expressed interest
in forming groups and are working with patrol to initiate Neighborhood Watch programs
in their areas.

       Detective Sergeant Bob Fisk giving a class at Mohave Community College
                           2009 TRANSIENT DETAILS
Addressing the transient issue has remained a focus of the department’s daily patrol
activities. Officers continue to identify and dismantle transient camps and to enforce the
loitering and trespass laws around the community. During the year the department was
able to identify and dismantle 41 transient camps throughout the city. This was a joint
effort between neighborhood service officers and patrol officers.

All of these efforts are conducted during regular patrol shifts as time and calls for service
permits. As an example of the efforts on one recent day, October 25th, two officers were
able to dedicate several hours from their regular patrol duties to this which resulted in;
21 On View Cases
3 Arrests (booked)
2 Cite and Release Arrests
6 Warnings and Field Interviews
6 Transient Camps Identified and Marked for Dismantling

Department-wide we have increased our self initiated field interviews by 386%.

               Before                                         During


                                      Transient Camp
Kingman Police Department Patrol Beats
  The City of Kingman is divided into five beats for the purpose of
managing resources and tracking calls for service. The attached map shows
the five beats. Each beat has one officer per shift assigned to that beat as the
primary responder for handling calls for service. These officers generally
remain within their beat unless responding to back up another officer.
Occasionally one officer will be assigned the responsibility for two beats
when a shift must operate with less than five officers.

  The patrol bureau is divided into four squads with one squad on duty at
any given time. The squads have an authorized strength of one sergeant and
six officers however two of the squads have only five officers assigned to
them. A normal shift will generally only see four of five officers on duty due
to vacations, training, sick time, court, etc. Occasionally a shift will operate
with only a sergeant and three officers to cover the entire community.

  The boundaries of the beats were drawn in 2003 and were meant to
balance the call load in each beat. Since then Beat 3 has grown the fastest
and future plans are to divide this beat into two separate beats using
Interstate 40 as the boundary between them. Since the beats were drawn
there have been many new residences, a hospital, and a middle school
constructed in this area as well as a new elementary school currently under
construction. It can be anticipated that additional support businesses will
soon be brought into the area.

  This is the biggest challenge facing the department in terms of resource
management. Currently there is only one officer, at best, assigned to the Beat
3 area. On days with short shifts this officer may also be responsible for
other beats or no officer at all assigned to beat 3. This creates a slower
response to calls for service, less traffic enforcement in an area that receives
an increasingly larger number of complaints due to the increased traffic
flow, and presents a safety issue for the beat officer on priority calls as any
back up is many minutes away.


        2       3

The Kingman Police Department Traffic Bureau consists of Sergeant Dave Turk, Officer
 Dave Coffin, Officer Dennis Miller and Officer Dan Spivey. Cadet Ethan Hopper also
 assisted the Traffic Bureau. The Traffic Officers patrol the streets of Kingman on three
   new 2010 Harley Davidson motorcycles which are leased courtesy of Mother Road
  Harley Davidson. The three new motorcycles were presented to the Kingman Police
Department in December of 2009. The Traffic Officers handle motor vehicle collisions,
respond to traffic complaints, enforce traffic laws and assist patrol. The Traffic Officers
also assist and participate in special events which include the Andy Devine Days Parade,
Kingman Street Drags, Meth Walk, and several other events throughout the community.
                   FATAL ACCIDENT IN 2100 BLOCK AIRWAY AVE

  The Kingman Police Department Traffic Bureau investigated three fatal crashes in the
   year of 2009, as opposed to zero in 2008. In 2009, the Kingman Police Department
investigated 163 injury accidents. In 2009, the Kingman Police Department investigated
 four hundred eighteen non-injury accidents, as opposed to four hundred forty five in the
year of 2008. Private property accidents decreased from five hundred thirty-three in 2008
                            to four hundred fifty-six in 2009.

                   2009 DUI Taskforce Operations

During the past year the Kingman Police Department continued intense DUI
Enforcement by coordinating efforts with the Western Arizona DUI
Taskforce and the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

The efforts included planned enforcement with 17 details during major
holidays and special local events, which placed extra officers on the streets
and highways with the sole assignment to seek out and apprehend impaired
drivers. Operations included other area law enforcement agencies, such as
the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, the Arizona Department of Public
Safety, Hualapai Tribal Police, Bullhead City Police, and Lake Havasu City

The operations usually focused with our mobile command post being placed
along a highly traveled artery, so the motoring public was aware of our
presence. Many area business owners supported our efforts by placing
warnings on their road side marquee boards. The operation would be capped
with the assistance of local news media, both radio and newspaper to remind
the public of the dangers involved with drinking and driving.
The 2009 DUI enforcement details lead to the contact of 519 motorists
during these operations alone. Our DUI arrests for 2009 increased by 40%
from the previous year. The average blood alcohol content was lower then
the previous year at 0.159. In addition there were 2 subjects arrested for
driving while having liquor in their body and being under the age of 21, and
21 subjects were arrested for minor in possession or consumption of alcohol.
We are attributing these additional arrests as a result of both additional
specialized training and the commitment by our officers to making our roads
and streets safer.

In 2009, two more of our officers became trained Phlebotomists, for the
purpose of obtaining a sample of blood from DUI suspects. This gives the
department a total of four trained Phlebotomists. These specialized officers
make it possible for violators to be properly charged during these

                       Officer Dan Spivey Completing a
                    DUI Investigation Utilizing the Intoxilyzer
                 2009 Covert Underage (Alcohol) Buys

In 2009 the Kingman Police Department continued to work in
conjunction with the Arizona Youth Partnership (AYP) in the area of
alcohol law enforcement. As a result we stepped up the enforcement
with the Covert Underage Buys or C.U.B. program for a second straight
year. Once again the AYP provided a mini-grant for funding of our
The target of the operation was set at businesses which sell alcohol at
the local level, mainly the convenience and grocery stores. The
operation was set up as a way to gauge state statue compliance from
retail businesses in requesting photo identification prior to completing
alcohol sales
The intent was not to confuse or mislead the business clerks, therefore
our CUBS were dressed in a casual manner. We utilized Kingman
Police employees who were 19 years of age or younger to attempt to
purchase alcohol. The CUB was assisted by plain-clothes KPD Officers
who witnessed the transaction. The store clerks who sold alcohol to the
minors were cited and released for the misdemeanor offense. In 2009
only 8% of the clerks approached completed the transaction for the
purchase of the alcohol, which was a decrease from 2008.
In 2010 the Kingman Police Department will be conducting additional
CUB operations at various times throughout the year. Our goal will be
to reduce the number of violations through public awareness and
education efforts.
                                2009 Annual Report

                    Serious Traffic Accident Team (STAT)
Formed in mid 2007, the Kingman Police Department’s Serious Traffic Accident Team
(STAT) is tasked with the responsibility of investigating and documenting serious traffic
accidents within the city limits of Kingman. The overwhelming majority of accidents in
the city are investigated by patrol and traffic enforcement officers with the STAT Team
being called upon for the most serious of accidents.

The team is comprised of highly experienced and trained officers, selected from the
Departments Traffic Enforcement (Motor), Patrol, and Detective Bureaus, who ensure
that thorough and comprehensive investigations are conducted and documented upon
serious traffic accidents.

Each team member has a minimum of Advanced Accident Investigation training, with
most team members having obtained even more advanced training and certification in the
area of Accident Reconstruction. Prior to being selected for the team, each member must
have a demonstrated experience and skill in conducting and documenting serious traffic
accident investigations.

The team is currently comprised of the following members:

Sergeant Dennis Cornett, Team Leader
Corporal Dave Coffin, Patrol Officer
Corporal Dan Spivey, Traffic / Motor Officer
Officer Dennis Miller, Traffic / Motor Officer
Detective Todd Foster, Investigations
Detective Evan Kunert, Investigations
Detective Pat Brock, Investigations

Officers Scott Horton and Rochelle Silva recently and successfully tested for positions as
Traffic / Motor Officers and will join the team upon the completion of their Motor
Officer Training. The team also has an associate team member program, for officers
having an interest in joining the STAT team however, who have not yet met the
minimum training and experience criteria, and this year, Officer Adam Romkema
attended and successfully completed the Advanced Accident Investigation School and is
now officially an associate team member. He will continue to receive on-going training
by assisting in STAT team investigations.

In 2009, the overall number of reported and investigated traffic accidents in the city
decreased to 545 from 602 in 2008 and the total resulting injuries, 1391, also decreased
this year from 1539 last year. However, the number of fatal accidents this year tripled,
from 0 fatalities in 2008 to 3 fatalities in 2009, including one Pedestrian versus Train
fatality. Below is a sampling of some of the investigations conducted by the STAT Team
in 2009:
February 18, 2009: Fatal Pedestrian/Train Investigation in the area of Andy Devine
and Diamond.

April 2, 2009: Fatal Accident Investigation in the 2100 Block of Airway Avenue.
June 21, 2009: Hit and Run Non-Injury Harrison and Andy Devine. The suspect driver
was fleeing from police when he struck the victim’s vehicle. The suspect later
abandoned his car and fled on foot. He was subsequently captured at a later date.

July 02, 2009: Injury Accident on Airway Avenue at the Smiths parking lot entrance /

December 21, 2009: Fatal Hit and Run on Andy Devine at Fairgrounds. The suspect
was later apprehended.
                            FIREARMS TRAINING

February:      Daytime shoot consisting of the annual handgun qualification set by
               Arizona P.O.S.T. standards.

April:         Daytime shoot consisting of the annual rifle qualification set by Arizona
               P.O.S.T. standards.

May            Eight (8) KPD officers attended joint rifle training with the Arizona
               Department of Public Safety. After completion of the course, the eight
               officers were certified and equipped with department rifles.

November       Nighttime shoot consisting of handgun and rifle drills. Handgun drills
               included malfunction, movement, low-light and threat assessment drills.
               Rifle drills included low-light, movement, target acquisition and multiple
               target drills. Due to there being only three range shoots in 2009, officers
               fired an above average amount of rounds in the November shoot.

In addition to the live firing shoots, KPD officers and staff participated in simulations
training through the Laser Shot scenarios.
                                      BOMB SQUAD ACTIVITY 2009

            Calls: 12
            04/07/09: 2 pipe bombs and smoke grenade located during search warrant.
            05/22/09: Bomb threat at Mohave County Superior Court.
            06/01/09: Possible pipe bomb located at residence on Copper
            06/02/09: Assisted MAGNET with possible drug lab in Lake Havasu, conducted search
                      for explosives and booby traps.
            06/11/09: Assisted MCSO with search for explosives during a barricaded suspect call.
            07/09/09: Assisted MAGNET with possible drug lab in Dolan Springs, conducted search
                      for explosives and booby traps.
            07/29/09: Assisted GIITEM with possible explosives found on N. Arizona St.
            08/07/09: Assisted National Park Service with dynamite, detonation cord and blasting
                      caps found in a mine near Meadview.
            10/09/09: Assisted MAGNET with possible drug lab on Dove Ln, conducted search for
                      explosives and booby traps.
            10/10/09: Responded to apartment complex on Harrison in reference to a possible pipe
                      bomb, turned out to be large homemade firecracker.
            11/20/09: Bomb threat at Mohave County Probation.
            12/03/09: Simulated improvised explosive device used during bank robbery.

            Destroyed approximately 100 lbs of located explosives and fireworks.

                          Disposing of Lost/Found/Turned-In Explosive Materials

   The Bomb
Technicians are
digging a hole to                                                                           Detonation Cord
bury explosives

 Detonation of                                                                                 Hole after
explosive devices                                                                              detonation
Presented 4 hr Chemical and Biological weapons and explosive identification class to the
Golden Vally Fire EMT class.
Conducted training with Bullhead City Bomb Squad, training consisted of demolition and
PAN Disruptor training.
Conducted 2 one hour classes for the JR Academy on what the bomb squad does and
their equipment.
Conducted oral boards and practical testing for 3 bomb squad candidates, Officer Jack
King was selected to the bomb squad and awaiting a Hazardous Devices School class
date. Officer King has completed the hazmat prerequisite required to attend HDS.
Attended Clandestine drug lab recertification.

Officer Jack King
during his testing
   process for
  Bomb Squad

Received desk top controller for the bomb squad robot.
Purchased new wireless system for the robot with money received from a grant.
Purchased a new Yamaha 6300 watt inverter generator out of RICO funds.
                          FLEX TEAM ACTIVITY

The Kingman Police Department Flex Team consists of one non-rotational Detective, Bill
Fancher and one rotational Detective, Eric Urquijo. The objectives of the Flex Team are:
to combat street level narcotics and quality of life issues affecting the City of Kingman.
In addition to these activities, Detectives Fancher and Urquijo assisted with patrol
coverage and taught KPD personnel and WALETA recruits for a total of six (6) weeks
this year.


Search Warrants Served:       Nine (9)
Community Talks:              One (1)
Drug Arrests:                 One-hundred and seven (107)
Other Arrests:                One-hundred and one (101)
Methamphetamines seized:      Two and one-half (2 ½ pounds)
Marijuana seized:             Eighteen (18) pounds
Consent Searches:             Fifty (50)
Knock and Talks:              Eight (8)
Money Seized:                 Three-thousand ($3,000.00) dollars
Property Seized:              One usable vehicle
Total Arrests:                Two-hundred and eight (208)
                       FLEX TEAM ACTIVITY cont.

One of the quality of life issues that the FLEX Team along with abatement specialist
Doug Letcher addressed was the Graffiti cases that have plagued the city. Of the one-
hundred and one (101) non-drug arrests, approximately seventy-five (75) of those arrests
were for Criminal Damage / Graffiti.
                                 Neighborhood Services
Number of Complaints: 2592
Citation issued: 3
Abatements: 0
Vehicles towed: 18
Buildings Demolished: 0
Junk and Debris removed: Approximately 100 tons

        Shopping Carts = 322                             AOA = 90
        Prohibited Signs = 1088                          Commercial Vehicle in Residential
        Junk and Abandoned Vehicles = 178                Neighborhood = 9
        Vehicle for Sale = 106                           Transient Camps = 41
        Junk and Debris = 170                            Animal Control Calls = 147
        Dumping = 127                                    Vacant Structure = 15
        Zoning Violations = 38                           Liquor license Posting and Removal = 7
        Community Clean ups with the                     Continuous Yard Sales = 11
        Betterment Crew from Arizona                     Community Out Reach = 5
        Department of Corrections = 59                   Living in RV in Residential
        Business License Violation = 51                  Neighborhood = 22
        Weed = 56                                        Question to Neighborhood Service = 50
                                        Transient Camp

             Betterment Crew from Arizona Department of Corrections Cleanup

                       Before                                After
         Junk and Debris Property



       Junk and Abandoned Vehicle

Violation of Yard Sale Sign on City Property
                                 City of Kingman Cases Opened in 2009

                    109                                                             Zoning
                     131                                                            Vehicle for Sale
    12                                                                              Vegetation Hazard
                                                                                    Vacant Building
                                                                                    Theft of Service
                      146                                                           Liquor License

    2                                                                               Junk and Debris
        18                                                                          Junk Abandon
    9                                                                               Vehicle
                                                                                    Hazard Storage
                                                                                    Criminal Littering

0             100          200         300      400        500    600         700
                                  Number of Cases Opened
       CALLS FOR SERVICE: 2605

         CITATIONS ISSUED: 126

              CATS: 901
             DOGS: 1047
             OTHERS: 5
         TOTAL ANIMALS: 1953


The police cadets are a valuable asset to the patrol officers of the Kingman Police
Department. Cadets handle a wide variety of calls for service and also assist in DUI
details, traffic accidents, Covert Undercover Buys (CUB) details as well helping with
parades and assist with training programs at the academy. For the majority of 2009 the
department had one active cadet position, for 2010 this cadet will be transferring to the
Code Enforcement Position within the department.

Calls for service: 453

Graffiti reports: 128

Criminal damages: 65

Private property accidents: 100

Lost found property: 24

Traffic complaints: 60

Departmental service: 30

Miscellaneous calls: 35
                   Kingman Police Department VIP’s
                       (Volunteers In Policing)

In 2009 the VIP’s accounted for more than 5184.75 man hours of police service. The savings
to the Kingman community in police service related activities is obvious. As the VIP
numbers grow, expansion of the program’s activities will also grow. Currently the VIP squad
has grown to 16 members. Volunteers assist with working traffic control, property watches,
parades, special events, traffic enforcement and DUI details.

In 2009 Volunteer Wayne Hardin was selected as Volunteer of the year for his hard work and

The men and women of the Kingman Police Department VIP squad provide a professional,
ethical, and important service to their community without monetary reward. They take pride
in what they do. The police officers and support staff of the Kingman Police Department are
grateful for their committed service.
                    Kingman Police Explorer Post 47

2009 brought a lot of changes for the explorer program with new rules, regulations, and
standards. With stricter guidelines we lost several kids who weren’t serious about law
enforcement and gained some very good candidates for future employment. The
program was revamped and started from scratch.

Most all our donations came from their hard work at the Mohave County Fair
Associations Parking Booth. For the first time the explorers were the only organization
assigned to all Parking Booth events. The Fair Association is so pleased with the work
the kids do they didn’t want anyone else running the booths.

                          Community Involvement
With all the changes taking place the Explorers did not have a chance to do as much as
they hoped within the community due to so many of our youths being so new to the
program. Our annual events went very well with their assistance to the Police
Department with the Andy Devine Days Parade, Pumpkin Patrol, and Code 3
The kids volunteered to assist the City Parks and Recreation Department with their
annual fall festival where they manned game booths for the kids.

                       The second class of our Explorer Academy was another
                       success despite some injuries this year and one explorer who
                       quit the academy. Our post had 7 graduates this year with two
                       of those graduates who attended last year.

                      The academy prepares the kids for the police academy that is
                      required for all officers. The week long academy continues to
                      test the kids commitment with their daily routine of being on
                      deck for Physical Fitness drills that start at 5:00am, Law
Enforcement Classes, Defensive Tactics, Active Scenarios, and then lights out at
                            WORKING TOGETHER
With the loss of so many advisors this year the explorers were lucky enough to have the
Sheriff’s Office Explorers assist with their training of the basics. The posts are working
together now instead of trying to compete against each other.

The Kingman Explorers also assisted the Kingman Fire Department in assembling their
post by getting them started with local fundraisers. This year we invited the Fire
Department Explorers to work the Fair Parking Booth and in the sale of the Fair Ride
Bracelets. The kids split all monies made with the Fire Department Post and built a
good relationship between the kids by working together!

For the Kingman Police Explorers hard work in raising money this year they elected to
purchase 10 police radios and lapel mics for both training purposes and communication
with advisors and police officers at all events. Through the Chiefs support the explorers
are using a radio transmitter that allows their communication to go through the
departments dispatch center.

At the end of the year the current enrollment for the Kingman Police Explorer Post 47
includes 1 advisor with 14 explorers and 3 new applicants waiting to be interviewed for
                           Dispatch SOP Committee
The committee consisted of 5 Communication Specialists. The committee was
responsible for identifying topics of concern, research and completing written Standard
Operating Procedures (SOP). The committee members completed 11 SOP’s this year.

   •   Alert Tone                                   •   Stolen Parts
   •   Property Watches                             •   Stolen Boat File
   •   HIPAA Law                                    •   Stolen Aircraft File
   •   Stolen / Recovered Gun File                  •   Stolen Securities File
   •   Stolen Article File                          •   Stolen Vehicles
   •   Stolen License Plates

   •   2009 saw a decrease in overall call volume for the Kingman Dispatch Center.
   •   A total of 5373 calls were received and dispatched for the Kingman Fire
   •   Total Police calls received and dispatched were 30,953.
   •   The Dispatch Center received 36,326 Police and Fire calls for an average of 99.5
       calls per 24 hour shift.
   •   The total number of 911 calls received by Kingman Dispatch was 21,666.
   •   The decrease in 911 calls received in 2009 can be attributed in part to the cell
       phone communication towers being reprogrammed/aligned to more accurately
       direct cell phone callers to the correct Public Safety Answering Point.
   •   The Kingman Dispatch Center in Cooperation with Kingman Fire Department
       completed Emergency Medical Dispatch training of all Communication
   •   3 internal trainings were completed including Active Shooter.
Department Reports Pulled…………………………...……….…………………….30,952
Written Reports……………………………………………………….…………..…..8,975
Warnings Entered………………………………………….………………………….8,697
Citations Entered (Traffic and Code Violations)……………………………………..1,791
Field Interviews Entered……………………………………………………………...3,016
Subpoenas, Summons, and Trial Notices Logged In………………………………....1,116
Thirty Day Tow/Impound Hearing Requests Logged In…………………………….....141
Criminal Information Requests Processed…………………………………………....1,609
Copies of Reports to Other Criminal Justice Agencies……………………………....3,080
Copies of Reports to Insurance Companies and Individuals…………………………1,736
Crash Reports to Insurance Companies and Individuals via Docview…………………266
Average Number of Calls Received by Reception per day…………………………….115
Average Number of Walk-in Customers per day………………………………………..27
Transcribed Reports………………………………………………………………..…1,381

This year we began the process of upgrading to a new Windows based version of our
records management system. We will be working closely with New World Systems
during the coming months. It is going to be a long involved process, but will be well
worth it in the end. The system will be far more user friendly, and allow much more

                                     KPD Team Records 2009:

                       Casey, Jackie, Lorrie, Kathy, Sandy, Sydney and Tiffiny
                                                          FALSE ALARM ORDINANCE
          2009 marked the end of the third full year of the False Alarm Ordinance. Since the program
          began in 2006, the police department has seen a 54.7% reduction in false alarms.
                                                 08-09 False Alarm Comparison

                                                                                                                  2009 saw a 5% drop in
                                          890              892                                                    false alarms over 2008
                                          880                                                                     and an average monthly
                                          870                                                                     drop of 4%.
                          # of Alarm Calls 860

                                                                                                                 08/09 Monthly Comparison

                              In 2009 the number of average                                  90
                                    monthly alarm responses                                  80
                              dropped from 74 in 2008 to 70.                                 70
                                 Since the program’s start in                                60
                                  2006, the average monthly                Number of False                                                                       2008
                                                                              Alarms                                                                             2009
                                 alarm response has dropped                                  40
                                             from 156 to 70.                                 30
                                                                                                   Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

                                             Five Year Comparison by Month
# of False Alarms/Month

                           300                                                                                       Since 2005, the police
                           250                                                                            2006
                                                                                                                     department has
                           200                                                                            2007
                                                                                                                     experienced a 74% drop
                                                                                                          2008       in false alarm calls over
                            50                                                                            2009       all.

                               Au ly

                              Oc r

                               ve r

                             Fe ary

                               ce r

                            Se gus


                            No obe

                            De be







                             Testing & Hiring
•   In January two Non Certified Recruits were hired to fill open Police Officer
    Positions. Both recruits have resigned (1 recruit resigned before the academy & 1
    recruit resigned during Field Officer Training).
•   In August the Department conducted testing for Police Officer Positions. One
    Lateral Police Officer was hired. Three Non Certified Recruits were hired in
    December to attend the academy class in January 2010.
                                     Annual Training
     The Department conducted 8 hours of Continuing Training and 4 hours of Proficiency
     Training for Sworn Officers. The Training was conducted in August and September.
     Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) mandates 8 hours of continuing
     training every year. The training consisted of the following:

         •   Pepper Ball                               •   OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens
         •   Defensive Tactics                         •   Taser
         •   Search Warrant Entry

                                                                                              Training with

Training with

                                                                                     Training with
                                                                                     Redman Suit
                           Training through WALEA
   •     Active Shooter: 76 attended
   •     Basic Negotiation: 15 attended
   •     Critical Incident Stress Management: 29 attended
   •     Command Leadership: 35 attended
   •     Establishing & Maintaining Supervisory Credibility: 24 attended
   •     First Line Supervisor Civil Liability: 46 attended
   •     Gang: 254 attended
   •     General Instructor: 20 attended
   •     Drug Investigation/ Hidden Compartment: 28 attended
   •     Basic Forensic Interviewing: 29 attended
   •     Tactical Driving held at Chrysler Proving Grounds: 111 attended

667 Sworn and civilian personnel attended training through WALEA consortium

       Sgt. Craig Stefick of LHCPD and RTO        Staff Instructors and Class 09-05
       Evan     Kunert    conduct   Physical      scaled a mountain overlooking
       Conditioning (PC) on the premises of       Lake Havasu City during a PC
       the Academy.                               run/hike at Sara Park.

   Report Writing instructor Cpl. David         WALETA Police recruits form up
   Coffin is taken into custody by Yuma         beside their pursuit vehicles prior to
   Police recruits during a practical           commencing Driving Track exercises
   scenario.                                    at Arizona Proving Grounds in Yucca,
         (Western Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy)
During Fiscal Year 09-10, the Kingman Police Department sent five (5) recruit officers to
the Western Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy (WALETA), located at 1801
Hwy 95, in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, for basic training. Two recruits were scheduled
to attend Class 09-04, starting in January 2009, and three (3) were scheduled to attend
Class 10-06, in January, 2010. Of those first two recruits; one failed to show for the first
day of the Academy, and was dismissed. The second officer successfully completed the
18 week basic academy. However, he resigned after six (6) weeks of Field Training. The
three recruits attending the 10-06 class were to fill those voids left by the first two
recruits, as well as the retirement of Staff Officer, Lt. Dan Rodriguez on January 22,

The WALETA police academy is managed by the Western Arizona Law Enforcement
Association. Instructors for the Academy are provided by the Association agencies. The
Kingman Police Department provides about 25% of the Academy instructors during each
recruit class. Those instructors provide classroom, physical, and practical training. To
date, the Kingman Police Department has four (4) certified police officers who received
their basic training at WALETA.

Since the inception of the Academy, the Kingman Police Department has provided staff
personnel at the Academy site ranging from Commander, to Recruit Training Officer
(RTO). Acting as RTO at the Academy allows for career officers to obtain valuable
management and leadership skills. Those skills may be utilized in future promotional
opportunities at the Kingman Police department. By taking a lead in the Academy, the
Kingman Police Department, as well as the community they serve, benefit as new
recruits, and veteran officers.

           WALETA Class 09-05 graduated on December 11, 2009, after
           enduring an 18 week training program that began on August 9, 2009.
                      Promotions and Promotional Testing
•   In May, Wes Bauer was promoted to the rank of Captain, Rusty Cooper was promoted to the
    rank of Lieutenant, Jim Brice was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Joel Freed was
    promoted to the rank of Sergeant and Mike Godfrey was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.
•   In November, the Department conducted Promotional Testing. Sergeant testing consisted of an
    assessment center which comprised a written project, a research topic to include an 8 minute
    presentation, role play scenario, and oral board interview. The Lieutenant testing consisted of
    an oral board interview. In January 2010, Sgt. Mark Chastain will be promoted to the rank of
    Lieutenant. Officer Dave Reif will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

                           Badge Pinning Ceremony
                                 May 1, 2009

    Captain Wes Bauer, Sgt. Mike Godfrey, Sgt. Joel Freed, Lt. Rusty Cooper, Lt. Jim Brice
                                Getting Pinned
Each promoting officer chose someone to remove their old badge and pin their new one on.

                                  Lieutenant to Captain

                                 Sergeant to Lieutenant

                                Police Officer to Sergeant
                        Channel 11 Broadcasts

•   In October, Corporal Auld presented a program (pre Halloween safety) which was
    broadcast on channel 11.
•   Carmen Haack and Tiffiny McLoed developed and presented “Pumpkin Patrol”.
    The program covered the long history of the Pumpkin Patrol. The program was
    broadcasted on channel 11 in November.
                        The Critical Incident Stress Management/Peer Support Team
The Kingman Police Department’s Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team was formed in the
early part of 2004 and since its inception the Team has been there for the psychological “first aid” of our
officers, our support staff and for outside entities when critical incidents arise or when an officer or staff
member needs a Team Member for Peer Support issues.

Our eight-member Team is comprised of not only officers, but civilian staff as well. When critical
incidents occur, our Team (all or in part) is activated to respond to the needs of our Kingman Police
Department Family. Officers or “peers” needing Peer Support often call one of the Team members with a
myriad of differing subject matters and we provide assistance in getting their questions or needs attended

2009 was a trying year for the Department and for the City of Kingman with respect to critical incidents.
We had officers responding to child fatalities, murder/suicides and one particularly gruesome homicide.
One incident alone can be very traumatic to our officers and support staff alike. To have as many as we
had in a short amount of time could have been overwhelming, but our officers and support staff handled
these incidents with the utmost professionalism and grace to which should be commended.

In 2009, the Team went to a three-day class in which we learned how to better respond to our Kingman
Police Department Family during critical incidents or in a Peer Support function and to support any
outside entity requesting our assistance.

During 2009, there were 21 documented responses and in 2008 there were 7 documented responses by our
Team Members where we assisted our officers, support staff and outside agencies with either critical
incidents or in the function of a Peer Supporter. These numbers are skewed slightly due to a need of
confidentiality for many of the personal issues brought before the Team.

             The Team Members’ names pictured here are as follows from left to right: Jack King, Mike Bradley, Todd Foster, Kari
             McComas, Oscar Lopez, Shalene Weber, Dan Spivey, and Wayne Hollon (Not Pictured).
                   Continuous Improvement Committee
   In 2006, members from each division of the Kingman Police Department, under directive
from Chief DeVries, came together and formed the Continuous Improvement Committee
(CIC). CIC was created to discuss and help implement ways for the police department to
“continuously improve” itself to better function as a team and better serve our community.
CIC also oversees the KPD Employee Fund which helps pay for employee bereavements,
weddings, retirement celebrations, child births, medical illnesses, and Thanksgiving and
Christmas dinners for those working holidays away from their families.
   In finding ways to better serve and work with the community, CIC has been responsible
for numerous community events, including a Spring Carnival/Safety Fair, KPD challenge
coin and patch sales, and the annual Community Christmas Tree Lighting.

   KPD Spring Carnival and Safety Fair

                                               KPD Continuous Improvement Committee
          KPD Annual Community
                                               From Top: Doug Letcher, Joel Hardy, Oscar Lopez,
          Christmas Tree Lighting              Sydney Slone, Tiffiny McLoed, Brian Zach, and Tabitha
                                               Austin. Not Pictured: Bill Fancher, Sean Osterman, and
                                               Bryan Bredenkamp
                            Route 66 Fun Run
   May 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2009.
   835 Entries. Biggest year ever.
   KPD officers and VIPs provided traffic control and security
    for the event.

                          Mohave County Fair
   September 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 2009.
   Security was provided by our agency, along with GIITEM, and local “State
   This year 22,832 citizens enjoyed the Fair.
   There were no major incidents to report.

                       Kingman Street Drags VI
   September 18th, 19th & 20th, 2009.
   229 Participants
   Record Number of Spectators in excess of 10,000 people
   KPD officers and VIPs provided added security and traffic control
    for the event.

                      Andy Devine Days Parade
   September 26th, 2009
   112 Parade Entries.
   Thousands of participants.
   VIPs, Explorers, Cadets and motor officers provided traffic control and added

                           2009 Andy Devine Days Parade
Meth Poster Winners!!!
Announced and Awarded
     Prizes at the
Walk Away From Drugs
 Keep Kingman Safe-
  Public Safety Expo
                               POLICE EXPLORERS
                                       36TH ANNUAL
                                 PUMPKIN PATROL
                                                          This was another successful year
                                                                for our Pumpkin Patrol!
                                                                 We had 11 additional
                                                          departmental vehicles patrolling
                                                           the streets, maintaining order
                                                          and giving out candy to trick -or-
                                                            treaters. Many thanks to the
                                                           Of f icers, Explorers, Volunteers
                                                          and family members that assisted
                                                           on Halloween night this year!
   On October 29th the Explorers hosted our annual

candy bagging night. Explorers, employees, retirees and
family members gathered to bag thousands of pieces of
candy. We filled approximately 5500 printed bags to
be handed out Halloween night.
   Businesses and community members donated funds
and candy to make this event a great success. We
would like to express a big thank you to all who
participated and made the Pumpkin Patrol possible.
                              Christmas Tree Lighting

On Thursday, December 3, 2009, the Kingman Police Department hosted its 2nd Annual
Community Christmas Tree Lighting. The light bulbs and ornaments were again available for
sponsorship with all proceeds being divided between the Law Enforcement Torch Run for
Special Olympics and the KPD Employee Fund. This year, the department had a beautiful nine
foot tall pine tree donated for the tree lighting from a local tree lot owner who wanted to show
their support for the program and our community. Approximately 25 people braved the cold and
the wind to attend the lighting ceremony. Mayor John Salem “flipped the switch,” illuminating
the blue and white lights symbolizing peace and support for law enforcement personnel. Thanks
to the community’s enthusiastic and generous response, more than $400 was raised for two very
deserving causes.
                                           Code 3/Clothe the Kids
            Despite the continued economic downturn, 2009 was a very successful year for the Code
            3/Clothe the Kids program. We received applications with 793 children listed. In 2008,
            we were able to help 700 children, and in 2009, were able to help 759. We raised
            $37,000 and spent approximately $72 per child ages 5-14 and approximately $35 for the
            children 4 and under. Of the 759 children, there were approximately 552 ranging from 5-
            14 that went shopping and 207 in the 4 and under range for the party with Santa.

Explorers on
shopping day
waiting to get
directions for their

                                                                                               Kingman Fire
                                                                                               “Pumper” with
                                                                                               Santa after the
                                                                                               children were
                                                                                               loaded onto buses.

            Saturday, December 12th, 2009 at 6:30 a.m. volunteers arrived at the Kingman Academy
            of Learning High School gym for briefing of the days events. The parents arrived around
            7 a.m. to register their children and to get their color coded wrist bands indicating which
            store they were shopping either Wal-Mart or Kmart and which bus they were riding in.
            At 7:30 we began to board the children on their color coordinated bus. Busing was
            provided by the Kingman Unified School District. Once all the children were boarded
            Santa was picked up by Kingman Fire Department’s “Pumper” and Engine Company ½
            and escorted to the area of buses for the children to see and for Santa to board the fire
            engine. A Code 3 (lights and sirens) escort was led to Wal-Mart and Kmart. Once at the
            stores, the children were unloaded and placed with a volunteer to go shopping for clothes
            and toys. The shopping event took just over three hours total.
Code 3 Escort to Wal-Mart
For the children 4 and under we held a special event for them Wednesday, December
16th, 2009 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Kingman Police Department in the training room.
Santa came in for this special event and he took pictures with the children and gave the
children their gifts. These gifts were purchased ahead of time by the volunteers.
The community organization Code 3/Clothe the Kids is made up of the following groups:
Arizona Department of Public Safety, Arizona Game and Fish, Kingman Elks, Court
Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Golden Valley Fire Department, Kingman Fire
Department; Kingman Police Department, Kingman Regional Medical Center, Lions
Club, Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District #1,
Hualapai Tribal Police, Powerhouse Kiwanis, Unisource, River Medical, and the Route
66 Riders.

A special Thank You goes out to citizens of Kingman, all of the local businesses,
Laughlin area casinos, and Arizona colleges and sports teams for their generous
donations. Without them, this program would not be possible!
            Kingman Police Department
           6th Annual Awards Ceremony
                   May 15, 2009

           Department Commendation

     Sgt. Jim Brice                  Sgt. Dennis Cornett

Ofc. Bryan Bredenkamp                Ofc. Wayne Hollon

                      Sydney Slone
                  Honorable Service Award

    Ofc. Heath Mosby                  Ofc. Stacey Mayo

Muriel Campbell                      Oscar Lopez

                        Ray Turner
        Supervisory Achievement Award

Sgt. Bob Fisk                       Sandy Williams

                Life Saving Award

                  Ofc. Jim Kerr

       Pictured left to right Wayne Harden,
     Sommer Ross, Sandy Williams, Jim Kerr
Explorer of the Year    VIP of the Year

  Rosalie Guillot       Wayne Harden

 Civilian of the Year   Officer of the Year

       Sommer Ross       Shalene Weber
               2009 New Employees

 Police Officer Evan Hopper                 10/19/2009
 Police Officer Philip Hudgens              12/28/2009
 Police Officer Jason Schmitz               12/28/2009
 Police Officer Adam Simonsen               12/28/2009

The three officers that started in December reported to
Western Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy
           (WALETA) in Lake Havasu City
January 10, 2010 and will be graduating May 14, 2010.

    Evan Hopper                     Philip Hudgens

     Jason Schmitz                   Adam Simonsen
                        2009 Retirements
                       Captain Tim Mosby, K2
                      Lieutenant Dean Brice, L4
On April 30, 2009, Captain Tim Mosby and Lieutenant Dean
Brice retired after 30+ years of service. They each started
their law enforcement careers at the Mohave County Sher-
iff’s Office before getting hired at the City of Kingman Po-
lice Department as Police Officers. Through the years they
have transferred to other divisions of the department and
promoted up the chain of command. Their dedication,
knowledge and experience is insurmountable and certainly
irreplaceable. They have truly been a great asset to the KPD
Team & Family and we will miss them. In one day the King-
man Police Department lost 60 years of experience. It is
truly an honor to have worked side by side with each of

Thank you Tim and Dean for all your hard work!

Your KPD Family

                 by                               Lie
           m Mos                                        ute
      n Ti                                                  nan
Captai K2                                                       tD
                                                              L4 an B
Retirement Party
Looking forward to
   our future…

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