Operational plan 2004_ University of Melbourne by dfgh4bnmu


									Operational Plan
The Melbourne Agenda                     1
The Prospective Operating Environment    2
Key Strategies for 2004                  4
  1. Quality People                      6       Our Purpose
  2. Quality Research                    8
  3. Quality Learning                   10       The primary focus of the Operational Plan
  4. International Positioning          12       is to advance the ‘Melbourne Agenda’ with
  5. Serving Wider Communities          14
  6. Quality Management                 16
                                                 its underlying commitment to developing
  7. Quality Infrastructure             18       the University of Melbourne as a broad
  8. Resourcing Quality                 20
                                                 based research and teaching university
  9. Equity and Access                  22
                                                 of world renown.
                                                 Where the 2004 Operational Plan defines
Our Cover                                        central objectives and targets, managers
Front: The University of Melbourne Academic      at all levels of the institution are account-
Procession crossing University Square on its
way to Wilson Hall for the 150th Anniversary     able for the priority they give
Conferring Ceremony.
                                                 to those objectives, and for their perform-
Back: The landscaped gardens throughout
the University are recognised for their beauty
                                                 ance against those targets.
and provide students and staff with a superb
campus environment.
                                                                   Professor Kwong Lee Dow
                                                                       Acting Vice-Chancellor

The ‘Melbourne Agenda’
The ‘Melbourne Agenda’ is a 15-20 year strategy designed to
transform the University of Melbourne into one of the finest
universities in the world, an Australian university dedicated to the
very highest levels of research, scholarship, teaching and higher
learning, thoroughly at home intellectually and culturally in the
east Asian hemisphere. Strategies informed by the ‘Melbourne
Agenda’ have greatly expanded and diversified the University’s
resource base.There are encouraging signs that the University is
well-placed to be genuinely competitive among the great
universities of the world.
Long-term goals and strategies must always       own annual plans and their own                  translating sound strategic planning into
inform and shape the way the University          operational priorities and targets. Among       efficient, effective, resolute operational
sets immediate priorities and makes              the myriad decisions that will be required at   management at all levels of the University.
operational decisions. The University            many levels for the smooth running of the
                                                                                                 In giving continued meaning and substance
Strategic Plan, Perspective 2003 does this       University during the year, only a limited
                                                                                                 to the ‘Melbourne Agenda’, the University
by specifying for each of its nine goals,        number have the strategic institutional
targets for achievement over the medium          significance to require specific targets in     will identify and define its operational
term. These University Performance Targets,      the University’s Operational Plan.              priorities for 2004 in relation to its enduring
2003-07 sharpen the focus on those                                                               strategic commitment to:
                                                 However, where the 2004 Operational Plan
activities – and the outcomes expected
from them – which must be undertaken in
                                                 does define central objectives and targets,     1. Quality People
                                                 managers at all levels of the institution are
the annual operational plan in order to
make progress toward the achievement of
                                                 accountable for the priority they give to       2. Quality Research
longer-term goals and strategies. Within         those objectives, and for their performance
                                                 against those targets. The University           3. Quality Learning
the University’s annual plan the operational
                                                 Council exercises, as part of its governance
targets relate only to a single year. The                                                        4. International Positioning
2004 targets therefore set ambitious but         role, responsibility for monitoring
realistic ‘milestones’ for progress by the end   performance against the University’s            5. Serving Wider Communities
of 2004 towards the medium term                  Operational Plan and holding individual
achievement of the University Performance        managers accountable for achievement of         6. Quality Management
Targets 2003-07 and the long-term                their designated targets.
realisation of the ‘Melbourne Agenda’.
                                                                                                 7. Quality Infrastructure
                                                 Plans are ultimately worthless except in an
The Operational Plan is a highly focused         operational context. Realising the ambitious    8. Resourcing Quality
document. Faculties, departments, centres        vision reflected in the ‘Melbourne Agenda’
and administrative divisions develop their       will depend, year-in, year-out, on
                                                                                                 9. Equity and Access

                                                                                 The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 1
The Prospective
Operating Environment
The operational challenge in 2004 will involve not only the need to manage a range
of major external opportunities and challenges, but also to maintain internally, within
a context of rapid and fundamental change, an operating environment and culture
in which staff continue to be encouraged to achieve to their highest potential.
In operational as well as strategic planning, the flexibility to re-plan and fine tune
as circumstances evolve is a vital part of the overall planning process. It is anticipated
this will be a particularly significant consideration in 2004.

It is reasonable to expect that key features of the operating environment in 2004
will include:
• An intensification of changes in higher education worldwide, arising from
  technological, entrepreneurial and pedagogical challenges to traditional university
  structures and conventional paradigms of higher education delivery;
• Subject to the passage of enabling legislation though Parliament, the prospect
  of significant change to the national higher education policy framework, arising
  from the Commonwealth reform package Our Universities – Backing Australia’s
  Future and a consequent increased opportunity for differentiation within the
  higher education sector;
• A continuing period of public funding stringency for higher education, regardless
  of the extent of Commonwealth public policy reform, which will necessitate a
  continuing focus on non-government revenue growth in order to support quality
  staff and infrastructure;
• Continuing and increasing levels of, or episodes of, global uncertainty, such as those
  experienced during 2003, creating the need for a rapid and effective re-planning
  capability to respond to changing external circumstances;
• The need to be able to demonstrate that quality processes and risk management
  practices are present in all aspects of the University’s operations; and
• The challenge of maintaining collegiality and morale within the University in
  an environment characterised by continuing change and uncertainty.

                                                   The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 3
Key Strategies for 2004
                                                   ‘The task throughout 2004 will be to invest a
                                                        genuine sense of strategic direction and
                                                         priority into the day-to-day operational
                                                     management of the University at all levels.’

                                                                                Ian Marshman
                                                                           Senior Vice-Principal

The primary focus of the 2004 Operational         • Engaging in the fourth round of enterprise      Goals and Strategies
Plan is to advance the ‘Melbourne Agenda’           bargaining as a means of continuing to
with its underlying commitment to                   align staff aspirations, i.e. arrangements      The institution-wide goals and strategies
developing the University of Melbourne              that offer job security and nationally          detailed in the following pages are
as a broad-based research and teaching              competitive levels of remuneration and          designed to direct and inform strategic
university of world reknown.                        conditions of employment, with key              and operational planning at all levels
                                                    institutional goals;                            of the University in the core areas of:
The task throughout 2004 will be to invest
a genuine sense of strategic direction and        • Taking full advantage of the world class        1. Quality People
priority into the day-to-day operational            facilities within University Square to          2. Quality Research
management of the University at all levels,         complete a strategic re-allocation of
                                                                                                    3. Quality Learning
to maintain morale through good                     space across the Parkville campus;
communication and effective collegiality,                                                           4. International Positioning
                                                  • Strengthening the University’s research
and to place a premium on discharging
                                                    and development role in Biomolecular            5. Serving Wider Communities
ordinary management functions
                                                    Sciences and Biotechnology, through
extraordinarily well.                                                                               6. Quality Management
                                                    the Bio21 Institute and related projects;
There will be a resulting emphasis on:                                                              7. Quality Infrastructure
                                                  • Supporting the development of
• Enhancing research and research training          Universitas 21 and the success of               8. Resourcing Quality
  activities and demonstrating research             Universitas 21 Global as central to the
                                                                                                    9. Equity and Access
  performance against international                 University’s internationalisation strategies;
  benchmarks;                                                                                       Congruence with the Mission, Guiding
                                                  • Enhancing internal communications and
                                                                                                    Values, Goals and Strategies set out in this
• Strengthening the quality of teaching             increasing the profile and reputation of
                                                                                                    Strategic Plan will be an important test of
  and learning programs and achieving               the University among key constituencies
                                                                                                    effective operational planning and decision-
  high levels of student satisfaction with          in Australia and internationally;
                                                                                                    making in the faculties, departments, centres
  the ‘Melbourne Experience’;
                                                  • Expanding the University’s contribution         and administrative divisions of the University.
• Maintaining a work environment                    to rural and regional Victoria;
  which attracts and recognises world
                                                  • Demonstrating first class management
  class researchers and provides intellectual
                                                    systems and processes, including plan-
  property policies and practices that assist
                                                    driven incentive-based budgeting,
  with the commercialisation of their research;
                                                    complete but tailored internal quality
                                                    assurance mechanisms, annual staff
                                                    performance reviews and strategic risk
                                                    monitoring and reporting;

                                                  • Prudent financial management and
                                                    effective compliance with all statutory
                                                    and regulatory requirements; and
From left, Federal Shadow Minister for            • Attracting and supporting students
Family and Community Services, Mr Wayne             and staff from equity groups.
Swan, Mr Paul Kelly, Professor Peter Dawkins,
and retiring Chair of the Melbourne Institute
Advisory Board member, Mr Peter Jonson,
with copies of Hard Heads, Soft Hearts:
A New Reform Agenda for Australia, at
Ormond Hall for the Melbourne Institute’s
40th anniversary dinner.

                                                                                   The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 5
1. Quality People

             Professor Frank Caruso, Federation Fellow, pictured here with colleague
            Laureate Professor David Boger, winner of the 2003 Clunies Ross National
               Science and Technology Award, recognised for their outstanding work
                   within the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.
To strengthen the University of Melbourne as an institution of preference
for outstanding students and staff from Australia and around the world.

Strategies                                      University Performance                         1.3 Achieve short listing for two University
                                                                                                   of Melbourne nominations for the 2004
Making the University a destination of          Targets 2003-2007                                  round of the Australian Awards for
preference for outstanding Australian and       1.1 To maintain or improve:                        University Teaching. (Accountability:
international students by:                                                                         Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic))
                                                    • the median ENTER score of 95.0
1.1 Maintaining academic standards of                 for Victorian Year 12 VCE students       1.4 Complete successful negotiation of
    admission, assessment and certification           enrolling in the University; and             a fourth round Enterprise Agreement
    comparable with those of first rank             • the percentage of VCE students with          which, by linking staff salary increases to
    universities around the world;                    ENTER scores of 99.0 or better (70% in       the achievement of University revenue
                                                      2003) enrolling in the University.           targets, enables the University to retain
1.2 Providing the highest possible levels
    of student support; and                     1.2 To establish the University as a clear         a national leadership position for
                                                    Australian higher education leader             remuneration, employment security and
1.3 Continuing to develop the Melbourne
                                                    in the remuneration of its academic            the quality of its teaching and research
    Scholarships Program to attract and
                                                    and general staff.                             activities. (Accountability: Deputy
    support outstanding students, including
                                                                                                   Vice-Chancellor (Students and Staff))
    students with high academic potential       1.3 To increase to four the number of Nobel
    from educationally or socio-economically        Laureates employed by the University       1.5 Enrol at least 70% of the VCE students
    disadvantaged backgrounds.                      on either a full-time or a part-time           who achieve ENTER scores of 99.0 or
                                                    basis, and secure at least 25 of the           better and maintain a median ENTER
To attract, support and develop outstanding
                                                    Federation Fellowships available in            score above 95.0 for school leaver
academic and general staff by:
                                                    Australian higher education.                   applicants enrolling in the University’s
1.4 Being an exemplary employer, with                                                              undergraduate courses. (Accountability:
    fair, open, consistent recruitment and      University Operational                             Vice-Principal and Academic Registrar)
    promotion practices, strong incentives
    for outstanding people to perform at
                                                Targets 2004                                   1.6 Plan and implement for introduction in
                                                                                                   2005 a revised Melbourne Scholarships
    the highest level, and opportunities for    By the end of 2004:
                                                                                                   Program which, by taking account of
    all staff to participate in appropriate
                                                1.1 At least 10 eminent scholars, including        any changes to Commonwealth higher
    staff development programs;
                                                    three Nobel Laureates, or persons of           education policy emanating from the
1.5 Providing incentives to faculties and           equivalent standing, and three eminent         reform package, Our Universities –
    individuals designed to attract and             scholars from the humanities or social         Backing Australia’s Future, ensures that
    retain academic teachers, researchers           sciences, to be members of staff on            funding for undergraduate scholarships
    and scholars of the highest                     a full-time or fractional basis.               is strategically allocated to attract and
    international standing;                         (Accountability: Vice-Chancellor)              support outstanding students from
                                                                                                   across Australia including those
1.6 Valuing a collegial, devolved approach      1.2 Receive approval, at completion of the
                                                                                                   from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    to decision-making, and empowering              fourth round, for at least 12 Federation
                                                                                                   (Accountability: Vice-Principal and
    members of the University community             Fellowships for outstanding researchers,
                                                                                                   Academic Registrar)
    to exercise initiative and responsibility       at least seven of whom are external to
    for the development of plans and                the University. (Accountability: Deputy
    priorities; and                                 Vice-Chancellor (Research))

1.7 Ensuring that the results of a
    comprehensive staff appraisal system
    are used systematically and effectively
    to improve performance at all levels
    of the University.

                                                                                The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 7
2. Quality Research

           Gene Sleuths: PhD students Trent Perry (left), Michael Bogwitz (centre) with
                 Dr Phil Batterham (Genetics), Program Leader for the Chemical Stress
                  Program within the Centre for Environmental Stress and Adaptation
             Research (CESAR), an Australian Research Council (ARC) Special Research
                                     Centre shown here with the Research Computer.
To strengthen the performance and reputation of Melbourne as a major
international research university, and as a destination of preference for outstanding
research postgraduate students nationally and internationally.

Strategies                                       2.8 Creating a welcoming, supportive                  i.e. research income, research higher
                                                     environment for research postgraduate             degree enrolments and completions
To promote research excellence by:
                                                     students and using regular, systematic            and research publications by increasing:
2.1 Recognising and rewarding                        feedback from them to improve the                 • research income from all sources
    outstanding research performance;                quality of the University’s research                by 15%;
                                                     training environment and to assist in the
2.2 Providing researchers with internationally                                                         • research higher degree enrolments
                                                     professional development of supervisors;
    competitive research infrastructure;                                                                 by 3.5% from 2,900 EFTSU to
                                                 2.9 Maintaining the highest ethical                     3,000 EFTSU; and
2.3 Benchmarking research performance
                                                     standards in compliance with internal             • research publications by 10%.
    against the highest international
                                                     and external regulations or codes of              (Accountability: Deputy Vice-
    standards of research excellence,
    and maintaining sound processes for              research practice; and                            Chancellor (Research) and Deans)
    using research performance appraisal         2.10 Encouraging the Federal Government           2.3 Report to Academic Board
    to improve research management                   to develop and implement consistent               demonstrating for all research higher
    and output;                                      research policies that create critical mass       degree students in each faculty:
2.4 Identifying and nurturing particular             concentrations of prominent researchers           • average completion rates of at least
    fields of research activity in which the         and cutting edge infrastructure through             70%; and
    University has concentrations of research        contestable, transparent, performance-            • research supervision satisfaction
    activity of demonstrably international           driven funding based on international               levels of at least 4.0 (Quality of
    quality and/or enjoys clear strategic            criteria of research excellence.                    Research Supervision and Academic
    opportunities for developing such                                                                    Support Questionnaire).
    research concentrations;                     University Performance                                  (Accountability: Dean, School
2.5 Placing a high priority on the growth        Targets 2003-2007                                       of Graduate Studies and Deans)
    of external funding for research and                                                           2.4 Planning and Budget Committee
                                                 2.1 To increase the University’s total
    research education, from both                                                                      approval, by June 2004, of 2005
                                                     research expenditure by 50%.
    government and industry;
                                                                                                       operational plan, budget and
                                                 2.2 To maintain the University’s top ranking
2.6 Stressing the importance of applied                                                                performance targets for the first full
    research, technology transfer and the            nationally in relation to total research
                                                                                                       year of operation of the Bio21 Institute
    development and commercialisation                expenditure, research publications and
                                                                                                       of Molecular Science and Biotechnology.
    of intellectual property, both through           research higher degree completions.
                                                                                                       (Accountability: Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    the appointment and promotion                                                                      (Research) and Director, Bio21 Institute)
    practices of the University and by           University Operational
                                                                                                   2.5 Secure Commonwealth and State
    recognising the primary interests of         Targets 2004                                          Government policy and funding support
    the creators in any commercialisation
    of intellectual property;                    By the end of 2004:                                   for a new cross-disciplinary water and
                                                                                                       sustainable land use research centre
2.7 Providing postgraduate research              2.1 Implement a robust set of indicators
                                                                                                       with nodes both at Parkville and in
    students with research supervision,              that facilitates measurement at the
                                                                                                       the Goulburn Valley. (Accountability:
    infrastructure and support of the                institutional level of the University’s
                                                                                                       Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research))
    highest possible quality;                        research performance against
                                                     internationally recognised benchmarks.        2.6 Achieve successful outcomes from at
                                                     (Accountability: Deputy Vice-                     least one bid for significant University
                                                     Chancellor (Research))                            participation in the four International
                                                                                                       Centres of Excellence program
                                                 2.2 Maintain Melbourne’s top ranking in
                                                                                                       announced as part of the 2003
                                                     each of the four indicators of national
                                                                                                       Federal Budget. (Accountability:
                                                     competitive research performance,
                                                                                                       Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research))

                                                                                 The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 9
3. Quality Learning

                            The first winners of the annual University of Melbourne
                  Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching are from left,
                   Associate Professor Ian Malkin, Ms Dawn Gleeson and Associate
            Professor Nilss Olekalns. The Awards were established in February 2003
                          to promote, recognise and reward excellence in teaching.
To create and maintain superb learning environments for undergraduate and
postgraduate students.

Strategies                                          University Performance                           3.3 Achieve increased levels of student
                                                                                                         satisfaction with University support
To enhance the quality of learning and              Targets 2003-2007                                    services and student satisfaction at both
educational outcomes in the University by:          3.1 To maintain or improve student-staff             Parkville and non-Parkville campuses
3.1 Maintaining a safe, attractive campus               ratios.                                          in the biennial 2004 Evaluation Cycle
    with outstanding social, cultural and                                                                survey of student satisfaction with
                                                    3.2 To secure regular annual improvements in:
    recreational amenities;                                                                              University services. (Accountability:
                                                        • Undergraduate student satisfaction
                                                                                                         Deans, Vice-Principal and Academic
3.2 Maintaining world-class student support               with teaching and learning, and
    services, functions and facilities, including         support services;
    provision for regular, systematic access            • Research higher degree student             3.4 Report to Academic Board
    to educational advice and feedback                    satisfaction with research supervision         demonstrating that for 2004 all newly
    from teachers;                                        and facilities; and                            appointed members of the academic
                                                                                                         staff with teaching responsibilities
3.3 Providing professional development                  • Graduate satisfaction with their
                                                                                                         have undertaken an intensive program
    opportunities for University teachers                 educational experience at Melbourne
                                                                                                         conducted by the Centre for Study of
    at all levels of experience;                          as measured in the annual Course
                                                                                                         Higher Education in the fundamentals
                                                          Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) and
3.4 Giving high priority in the recognition                                                              of effective university teaching.
                                                          Postgraduate Research Experience
    and reward systems of the University                                                                 (Accountability: Deputy Vice-
                                                          Questionnaire (PREQ).
    to excellence in teaching;                                                                           Chancellor (Academic))

3.5 Developing flexible course structures           University Operational                           3.5 At least 30 members of the academic
    and delivery options;                           Targets 2004                                         staff to have undertaken a new Graduate
                                                                                                         Certificate in University Teaching.
3.6 Regularly reviewing the educational             By the end of 2004:                                  (Accountability: Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    objectives, pedagogy and modes of
                                                    3.1 Achieve for each faculty in 2004                 (Academic) and Deans)
    delivery of all undergraduate and
                                                        student-staff ratios that are equal to or    3.6 Achieve high levels of student and
    postgraduate programs to ensure that
                                                        lower than 2003 student-staff ratios.            staff satisfaction with the integrated
    teaching and learning is informed by
                                                        (Accountability: Deans)                          delivery of ESL diagnostic and support
    the highest international standards of
    curriculum design, pedagogy, modes              3.2 Report to 2004 Operational Performance           services for students from non-English
    of delivery and interaction between                 Reviews demonstrating for each                   speaking backgrounds. (Accountability:
    teachers and students; and                          faculty continuing improvement in                Vice-Principal and Academic Registrar)
                                                        graduate perceptions of the quality
3.7 Promoting sensitivity to cultural
                                                        of teaching, the acquisition of generic
    diversity among staff and students,
                                                        skills and overall satisfaction with their
    encouraging the study of languages
                                                        University experience as reported in
    other than English and giving particular
                                                        the national Course Experience
    prominence to the study of Asian
                                                        Questionnaire. (Accountability: Deans)
    languages and societies.

                                                                                    The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 11
4. International

          Universitas 21 Global’s first academic program, an online MBA, was launched in 2003.
            Pictured here at the University of Melbourne for the Australasian launch, from left,
               Dr Mukesh Aghi, CEO Universitas 21 Global; Professor David Emanuel, University
                           of Auckland; Mr Douglas Porter, Registrar, University of Queensland;
                  Professor Adrian Lee, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of New South Wales;
         and Professor Alan Gilbert, Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne and Interim Chair
                                                                        of Universitas 21 Global.
To position Melbourne as a major international institution, and to be profoundly
and increasingly engaged within the Asia-Pacific region across the full range of
the University’s responsibilities, including undergraduate education, research and
research training, and civic and community service.

Strategies                                        4.9 Promoting a deeper understanding of          4.2 Increase the percentage of international
                                                      the Asian region within the University           students enrolled at the University of
To advance the internationalisation of the            community and, more broadly, within              Melbourne from 21% to 24% by
University by:                                        Australian society;                              achieving the 2004 international
4.1 Systematically applying international         4.10 As part of the wider internationalisation       student target of 7,995 EFTSU
    ‘best practice’ as the University’s primary       agenda, positioning Melbourne as a               (target of 7,150 EFTSU in 2003).
    criterion of quality in academic programs,        leading University within the Asian              (Accountability: Vice-Principal and
    student support services, research,               region by giving particular priority to          Academic Registrar and Deans)
    research training and the scholarly               educational and research collaboration
                                                                                                   4.3 Each faculty to achieve a 10% increase,
    environment of the University generally;          links with major Asian institutions, the
                                                                                                       over 2003 levels, in the numbers of
4.2 Persuading internal and external                  nurturing of Asian alumni associations
                                                                                                       outgoing and incoming students
    stakeholders that the primary benefits            and to the role of the University as an
                                                                                                       participating in formal student
    that the University can provide to                internationally significant centre for
                                                                                                       exchanges or related mobility programs
    Melbourne, Victoria and Australia                 the study of Asian languages, societies
                                                      economies and business; and                      with overseas Universitas 21 partner
    depend essentially on the degree to                                                                institutions. (Accountability: Deans)
    which it is internationally engaged           4.11 Through targeted scholarships and
    and internationally competitive;                  bursaries, involvement in aid projects       4.4 Report to Planning and Budget
                                                      and other forms of assistance, engage            Committee by November 2004,
4.3 Encouraging and initiating international
                                                      the University in programs designed              demonstrating successful outcomes
    collaboration and cooperation with
                                                      to increase educational opportunity,             in implementing recommendations
    kindred universities around the world,
                                                      economic development and social                  from the 2003 review of the Melbourne
    and advancing the development of
                                                      amenity, particularly in developing              Institute of Asian Languages and
    Universitas 21 as a powerful international
                                                      societies in South East Asia.                    Societies. (Accountability: Deputy
    network of first-rank universities;
                                                                                                       Vice-Chancellor (Academic))
4.4 Attracting high quality staff and             University Performance
                                                                                                   4.5 Conduct at least one high profile
    students from outside Australia into          Targets 2003-2007
    the University’s scholarly community;                                                              positioning event in four priority
                                                  4.1 To increase the percentage of                    countries involving alumni, institutional
4.5 Encouraging the internationalisation              international students enrolled at               partners, key in-country influences and
    of curricula;                                     the University of Melbourne from                 media. (Accountability: Vice-Principal
4.6 Promoting the international mobility of           21% to 28%.                                      (University Development))
    Australian students through exchange          4.2 To contribute to the continuing              4.6 Contribute to the continuing
    programs with major international                 effectiveness of the Universitas 21              effectiveness of Universitas 21 as an
    universities, Melbourne Abroad                    network and to assist Universitas 21             outstanding network of international
    scholarships and (insofar as consistent           Global to establish itself as a major
                                                                                                       universities through the provision of
    with high standards of academic                   international provider of online
                                                                                                       leadership to the Universitas 21 Global
    quality) credit transfer arrangements             higher education.
                                                                                                       joint venture and the Universitas 21
    that facilitate study abroad by
                                                                                                       student mobility project. (Accountability:
    Australian students;                          University Operational
                                                                                                       Vice-Chancellor and Senior Vice-Principal)
4.7 Giving priority in research planning to       Targets 2004
    international research activities, funding,   By the end of 2004:
    collaborations and R&D partnerships;
                                                  4.1 Each faculty to report in the Operational
4.8 Enhancing links between the University            Performance Review on progress made
    and its alumni in Australia and overseas          in international benchmarking in
    so as to strengthen their involvement             research and teaching and learning
    in the activities and development of              at the faculty and department levels.
    the University community;                         (Accountability: Deans)

                                                                                  The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 13
5. Serving Wider

                         50 years of enriching Melbourne’s cultural life:
                The Melbourne Theatre Company, a department of the
               University, celebrated its achievements, productions and
                 people at an exhibition ‘Keeping the Drama on Stage’.
                   Pictured here at the opening are Zoe Caldwell, actor
                                    and Simon Phillips, Artistic Director.
To serve Victorian, Australian and wider regional and international communities
through welfare programs, cultural activities, educational, scientific and artistic
developments, and by promoting informed intellectual discourse and political debate.

Strategies                                             • supporting Melbourne University            University Performance
                                                         Publishing as a leading publisher
To serve the wider community by:                         of scholarly works; and
                                                                                                    Target 2003-2007
5.1 Making the resources and expertise of              • assisting the involvement of University    5.1 In a Reputational Survey of Melbourne’s
     the University available to enrich the              teams and individuals in major                 standing in the community in 2005-2006,
     intellectual, cultural, educational,                sporting events and competitions;              to show significant increases in
     economic and social life of the City of                                                            knowledge of and support for the
                                                  5.7 Promoting awareness of and support
     Melbourne, the State of Victoria and                                                               ‘Melbourne Agenda’ in comparison
                                                       for the University within the local
     the wider Australian community;                                                                    with the findings of the 2002-2003
                                                       Parkville-Carlton community as well as
                                                                                                        Reputational Survey.
5.2 Taking a leadership role in the                    the communities surrounding each of
     development of Australian civil society           the smaller campuses of the University;
     by promoting informed, constructive
                                                                                                    University Operational
                                                  5.8 Developing an effective, strategic
     public discussion, debate and policy                                                           Targets 2004
                                                       approach to internal communications,
     formation, and by encouraging the                                                              By the end of 2004:
                                                       public relations and media liaison
     academic staff to engage in public
                                                       designed to maximise understanding of        5.1 Report to Council demonstrating the
     intellectual discourse;
                                                       and support for the ‘Melbourne Agenda’;          effectiveness of the actions taken in
5.3 Promoting greater public awareness
                                                  5.9 Ensuring that State and Federal                   light of the 2003 Reputational Survey
     of the crucial significance of higher
                                                       politicians understand the ‘Melbourne            to increase understanding of and
     education, nationally and internationally;
                                                       Agenda’, and remain well informed                support for the ‘Melbourne Agenda’.
5.4 Consulting and working with Indigenous             about the current issues, priorities             (Accountability: Vice-Principal
     Australians in order to assist Indigenous         and problems facing the University;              (University Development))
     communities to meet their social and
                                                  5.10 Encouraging the Federal Government           5.2 Extend the engagement of the University
     educational needs and aspirations;
                                                       to recognise higher education as a               with communities in Shepparton and
5.5 Strengthening links with the Victorian             major public good, and to accept the             the Goulburn Valley, including the
     and national schools community;                   importance of strong, consistent policy          introduction of public academic
                                                       and funding support for universities             programs and undergraduate programs
5.6 Enriching the cultural, literary, artistic
                                                       as vital if Australia is to keep pace            in nursing and education. (Accountability:
     and recreational life of the wider
                                                       with international competition in the            Vice-Principal (University Development),
     community by:
                                                       knowledge-based economies of the                 Deans of Arts; Education; Institute of
     • supporting and strengthening the
                                                       next century;                                    Land and Food Resources; and Medicine,
       Melbourne Theatre Company as a
                                                                                                        Dentistry and Health Sciences)
       self-funding professional arts             5.11 Strengthening links with the University’s
       organisation;                                   graduates, particularly through the          5.3 Finalise arrangements with the State
     • supporting and developing the                   alumni networks, and ensuring that,              Government for the development of a
       Ian Potter Museum of Art as one                 wherever possible, they understand               new 500 seat theatre for the MTC and
       of Australia’s leading art collections          and support the ‘Melbourne Agenda’;              commence construction. (Accountability:
       and as one of Melbourne’s premier                                                                Vice-Principal (Property and Buildings))
                                                  5.12 Maintaining the momentum of initiatives
       exhibition venues;                                                                           5.4 In collaboration with Indigenous
                                                       in Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley
     • encouraging the Faculty of Music                                                                 Australian community leaders, secure
                                                       designed to establish a major regional
       to engage in the cultural life of the                                                            funding for the Aboriginal Sports,
                                                       focus for selected University initiatives;
       wider community through music                                                                    Health and Education Foundation in
       performance and the promotion                                                                    the Goulburn Valley. (Accountability:
       of public concerts;                        5.13 Monitoring and evaluating the
                                                                                                        Vice-Principal (University Development))
                                                       effectiveness of all community
                                                       service functions.

                                                                                  The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 15
6. Quality Management
To achieve continuous quality improvement in the academic and executive
management and administration of the University.

Strategies                                          • redirects resources from areas of           University Operational
                                                      low priority and/or poor performance
To facilitate academic excellence and                 towards areas of greater priority and
                                                                                                  Targets 2004
quality improvement in the University by:             demonstrably better performance;            By the end of 2004:
6.1 Valuing and developing quality people;          • provides remedial funding, combined
                                                                                                  6.1 Report to Academic Board and Council
                                                      with rigorous performance monitoring,
6.2 Upholding the highest standards                                                                   demonstrating improved ratings of
                                                      where under-performance occurs in
    of financial management and                                                                       perceptions of the Administration’s
                                                      areas of high-strategic priority; and
    accountability;                                                                                   service delivery in the annual Quality
                                                    • operates through a system of clear,             of University Management and
6.3 Complying with all statutory or                   consistent incentives designed to               Administration survey. (Accountability:
    regulatory requirements including                 promote and reward planned,                     Senior Vice-Principal)
    those relating to occupational health             continuous improvement, particularly
    and safety, environmental standards,              in the way teaching and research            6.2 Achieve, in accordance with agreed
    competitive neutrality, research ethics,          functions at the University;                    budget and schedule, high levels of
    industrial relations, and financial                                                               systems integrity and user satisfaction
                                                6.6 Encouraging all managers in the
    accountability;                                                                                   with the replacement of the Genesys
                                                    University to use benchmarking
                                                                                                      Human Resources system by the
6.4 Ensuring effective governance and               against ‘best practice’ standards in
                                                                                                      Oracle HRMS within the University
    due diligence in all areas of public            other comparable institutions and
                                                                                                      Systems Project. (Accountability:
    accountability, and facilitating the            systematically obtaining and using
                                                                                                      Senior Vice-Principal)
    fiduciary and management audit                  client satisfaction feedback; and
    functions of the University Council;                                                          6.3 Achieve Council due diligence approval
                                                6.7 Ensuring that appropriate performance
                                                                                                      for the replacement of the Merlin
6.5 Maintaining systematic, performance-            appraisal is carried out in relation to all
                                                                                                      student system as part of the University
    orientated strategic and operational            management functions at all levels, from
                                                                                                      Systems Project. (Accountability: Senior
    planning linked to an annual planning           individual performance appraisal to
    and budget cycle that:                          internal auditing and external monitoring
    • supports and facilitates the strategic        of performance by all academic and            6.4 Achieve improved levels of staff
      interests and priorities of the               administrative departments.                       satisfaction with the quality of
      ‘Melbourne Agenda’;                                                                             communication, including the
                                                University Performance                                opportunity to provide feedback,
Members of the Senior Executive Team: from                                                            with the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy
front, left to right, Professor Alan Gilbert,
                                                Target 2003-2007
                                                                                                      Vice-Chancellors and the University
Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kwong Lee Dow,       6.1 To achieve successive annual                      Administration. (Accountability:
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Staff and Students),        improvements between 2003 and                     Vice-Chancellor and Senior Vice-Principal)
Ms Elizabeth Baré, Vice-Principal (Human            2007 in the evaluation of Central
Resources), Dr Doug Daines, Vice-Principal                                                        6.5 Report to the Human Resources
                                                    Administrative Services as measured in
(Property and Buildings), Professor Frank                                                             Committee demonstrating that all staff
                                                    the Quality of University Management
Larkins, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research),                                                           employed for not less than 12 months
                                                    and Administration (QUMA) survey.
Professor Field Rickards, President, Academic                                                         have participated in an annual
Board, Ms Lin Martin, Vice-Principal and                                                              performance review in accordance with
Academic Registrar, Mr Ian Marshman, Senior                                                           University procedures. (Accountability:
Vice-Principal, Dr Angela Bridgland, Acting
                                                                                                      Vice-Principal (Human Resources))
Vice-Principal & Chief Information Officer,
Mr Chris Penman, Vice-Principal and General
Counsel, Mr Roger Peacock, Vice-Principal
(University Development), Professor Peter
McPhee, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
and Mr David Percival, Vice-Principal and
Chief Financial Officer

                                                                                The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 17
7. Quality Infrastructure
To improve the aesthetic qualities, amenity and functional utility of the University’s
buildings and estates, and to equip and maintain all University facilities so as to
promote academic enterprise of the highest international standards.

Strategies                                          7.6 Developing and maintaining an IT             7.3 Implement a plan that, by securing
                                                        Facilities Plan designed to ensure that          an increase in the proportion of the
To enhance the physical environment of the              ICT infrastructure is maintained at a            University budget available over the
University by:                                          level permitting the University to keep          medium term for capital and property
7.1 Maintaining effective ‘benchmarking’                abreast of international ‘best practice’         services, allows for the strategic increase
     against the standards and range of                 developments in teaching, learning               or re-allocation of space to accommodate
     infrastructure and facilities being                and research;                                    increases in research activity on teaching
     achieved in comparable universities                                                                 and learning commitments.
                                                    7.7 Developing academic timetabling and
     elsewhere in the world, and ensuring                                                                (Accountability: Vice-Principal (Property
                                                        facilities usage regimes that make the
     that these ‘best practice’ standards               most efficient possible use of the               and Buildings))
     inform the planning and provision                  physical facilities of the University; and   7.4 Increase substantially student access
     of infrastructure and facilities
                                                    7.8 Promoting consciousness and policies
                                                                                                         to on-campus information technology
     throughout the University;
                                                        supporting environmental sustainability          facilities and support. (Accountability:
7.2 Adhering to the Precinct Master                                                                      Vice-Principal (Information))
                                                        throughout the University, and
     Plan for the Parkville campus and all
                                                        implementing the University’s obligations    7.5 Implement a new University-wide
     campuses, as revised from time to
                                                        under the Talloires Declaration.                 Learning Management System in
     time, and complying with all external
                                                                                                         accordance with agreed business plan,
     regulatory and safety standards;
                                                    University Performance                               budget and timeline. (Accountability:
7.3 Maintaining an up-to-date Capital
                                                    Targets 2003-2007                                    Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
     Management Plan reflecting agreed                                                                   and Vice-Principal (Information))
     capital development priorities for the         7.1 To increase net usable space for
     provision, repair, modernisation and               teaching, research and student services      7.6 Submit first annual report to Council on

     utilisation of capital assets;                     and activities at a rate in advance of           actions taken to give effect to University
                                                        enrolment and research growth.                   commitment to environmental
7.4 Pursuing cost-effective options for
                                                                                                         sustainability under the Talloires
     maintaining and developing access              7.2 To secure demonstrable annual
                                                                                                         Declaration. (Accountability: Deputy
     to library resources and services which            improvement in access by students
                                                                                                         Vice-Chancellor (Academic))
     meet the teaching and research needs               to online courseware, learning
     of the University;                                 environments and support services.           7.7 Implement the outcomes of the Ramsay
                                                                                                         Report on strategies for achieving a
7.5 Collaborating with the Student Union,
                                                    University Operational                               more effective and efficient deployment
     the Postgraduate Association and the
                                                    Targets 2004                                         of the central and faculty resources
     Sports Association to ensure that
                                                                                                         allocated to information technology
     University of Melbourne students have          By the end of 2004:                                  infrastructure and services.
     access to first class amenities and services
                                                    7.1 Complete the University Square                   (Accountability: Vice-Principal
     and sporting and recreational facilities;
                                                        development by fully commissioning               (Information) and Deans)
                                                        the Melbourne University Private
                                                        Limited building. (Accountability: Vice-
                                                        Principal (Property and Buildings))
                                                    7.2 Complete development of the Bio21
                                                        Molecular Science and Biotechnology
                                                        Institute in accordance with agreed
The recently completed School of Botany                 budget and timelines. (Accountability:
Building extensions (left) reflect the constant         Vice-Principal (Property and Buildings))
upgrading of the University’s infrastructure
to ensure students and staff have the best
possible campus experience.

                                                                                    The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 19
8. Resourcing Quality
To create and sustain a resource base sufficient to make the University
internationally competitive at the highest level by 2020.

Strategies                                      University Performance                           8.2 Implement a budget strategy that, by
                                                                                                     taking account of the Commonwealth
To secure major increases in unit-of-resource   Targets 2003-2007                                    higher education reform package, Our
funding by:                                     8.1 To increase by 20% the real level of             Universities – Backing Australia’s Future,
8.1 Developing a culture of institutional           unit-of-resource funding measured by             enables the University to increase its
    self-reliance committed to reducing             an index relating dollars-per-EFTSU to           unit-of-resource funding through
    the dependence of the University on             the total annual income of the University.       achievement of fee revenue targets
    public outlays;                             8.2 To maintain an annual operating surplus          of at least $250 million in 2005 and
                                                    of not less than 3.5%of total                    $300 million in 2006. (Accountability:
8.2 Taking advantage of any deregulation
    of Australian higher education to the           consolidated income.                             Senior Vice-Principal)
    University’s unit-of-resource income;                                                        8.3 Each faculty to achieve its agreed fee-
                                                8.3 To maintain the University’s AA rating
8.3 Giving priority to revenue generation           by Standard and Poors*.                          based and other revenue targets, thereby
    while pursuing cost-reduction                                                                    enabling the University to achieve the
                                                    *AA+ rating achieved in 2003.                    2004 discretionary revenue target of
    strategies consistent with continuing
    quality improvement;                        8.4 To increase the annual value of                  $212 million. (Accountability: Deans)
                                                    Melbourne University Private Limited         8.4 Increase by 200 EFTSU the number of
8.4 Over the period 2003-2007,
                                                    to the University of Melbourne from              postgraduate coursework enrolments
    continuing to give high priority to fee-
    based revenue growth from domestic              $13 million in 2002 to $50 million               in Information and Communication
    and international undergraduate and             by 2007.                                         Technology (including Business
    postgraduate programs;                      8.5 To establish UniMelbourne Online                 Information Systems). (Accountability:
                                                    as a provider of high quality online             Deans of Economics and Commerce,
8.5 Providing strong financial incentives
                                                    professional education and training              Engineering and Science)
    for departments, faculties and (where
    appropriate) individual staff, to support       by 2005.                                     8.5 Develop, for implementation in 2005,
    the University’s revenue-generating                                                              University and related faculty business
    activities;                                 University Operational                               plans for a Melbourne online capability
8.6 Valuing benefaction and philanthropy        Targets 2004                                         which, by accessing the opportunities
    as important sources of support for                                                              available through interaction with
                                                By the end of 2004:
    the aims and objectives of the                                                                   Universitas 21 Global, enables the
    University; and                             8.1 Maintain a leadership role in                    University to become a significant
                                                    communicating to informed stakeholders           provider of e-education both in
8.7 Increasing incentives for researchers                                                            Australia and internationally.
                                                    and, through the media, to the wider
    and research groups in the University                                                            (Accountability: Vice-Chancellor)
                                                    community the national importance of
    to create, develop and commercialise
                                                    the funding and deregulation proposals
    intellectual property, while securing                                                        8.6 Secure outcomes from the
                                                    contained in the Commonwealth
    appropriate protection of the interests                                                          Commonwealth’s review of the
                                                    Government’s higher education reform
    of the University in the intellectual                                                            Research Training Scheme that will
                                                    package, Our Universities – Backing
    property so exploited.                                                                           ensure that funds available for research
                                                    Australia’s Future. (Accountability:
                                                                                                     training are allocated demonstrably
                                                                                                     on the basis of performance.
                                                                                                     (Accountability: Vice-Chancellor)
The first graduates of the University of
Melbourne’s innovative multidisciplinary
Graduate Environmental Program were awarded
Masters of Environment degrees (from left)
Ms Fran Paysen, Ms Corinne Mays and
Mr David Xiaodong Ye, with CSIRO Resource
Futures Program leader, Mr Barney Foran.

                                                                               The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 21
9. Equity and Access
To entrench equity and merit as fundamental principles through which the University
encourages and assists staff and students to realise their full potential.

Strategies                                       University Performance                           9.3 Ensure that at least 140 students,
                                                                                                      including at least 50 from the
9.1 Giving high priority to the principles       Targets 2003-2007                                    Goulburn Valley Region, have
    and practice of equity in all areas of       9.1 To increase by 50% the number of                 participated in Melbourne Access
    human resource policy and management.            students from educationally, financially         Program activities designed to foster
9.2 Increasing educational opportunities             or socially disadvantaged backgrounds            increased participation in higher
    for good students from disadvantaged             enrolling in undergraduate programs.             education courses by students from
    backgrounds through:                                                                              targeted under-represented schools.
                                                 9.2 To double the number of Indigenous
    • Melbourne Access Scholarships; and                                                              (Accountability: Vice-Principal and
                                                     Australian students graduating from
                                                                                                      Academic Registrar)
    • special admissions programs and                the University.
      criteria designed to ensure that                                                            9.4 Increase to 95 the number of
                                                 9.3 To increase significantly the percentage
      students with outstanding                                                                       commencing Indigenous Australian
                                                     of women at all levels of academic and
      educational potential are not                                                                   students enrolling in the University’s
                                                     general staff employment where
      precluded by reason of prior                                                                    courses. (Accountability: Vice-Principal
                                                     women are currently under-represented.
      educational disadvantage.                                                                       and Academic Registrar)
9.3 Giving priority to providing Indigenous      University Operational                           9.5 Through review of the University’s staff
    Australians with the opportunity to                                                               recruitment procedures and improved
                                                 Targets 2004
    enrol in the University, and with the                                                             recruitment practices, secure the
    support they need to succeed in              By the end of 2004:                                  appointment of at least five additional
    undergraduate and postgraduate                                                                    Indigenous Australian employees.
                                                 9.1 Introduce within the University budget
    study.                                                                                            (Accountability: Vice-Principal
                                                     a financial incentive which rewards
                                                     faculties that increase by 15% the               (Human Resources))
9.4 Recognising the workplace needs and
    aspirations of Indigenous Australians            numbers of students from educationally,      9.6 Report to Human Resources Committee
    and promoting their employment and               socially or financially disadvantaged            demonstrating a 15% increase in
    career development.                              backgrounds enrolling in undergraduate           numbers of female applicants short-
                                                     courses. (Accountability: Senior                 listed for interview for appointment to
                                                     Vice-Principal)                                  positions of Professor and Associate
                                                 9.2 Prepare and implement changes to the
                                                                                                      Professor. (Accountability: Vice-Principal
                                                     Melbourne Scholarships Program that,             (Human Resources))
                                                     by taking account of access initiatives
                                                     contained in the Commonwealth’s
                                                     higher education reform package, Our
                                                     Universities – Backing Australia’s Future,
                                                     enable from 2005, a minimum of
                                                     100 Melbourne Scholarships to be
                                                     allocated to Indigenous Australian
                                                     students and students from socially and
                                                     financially disadvantaged backgrounds.
                                                     (Accountability: Vice-Principal and
                                                     Academic Registrar)

High achieving students from around Australia
seek admission to courses at the University of
Melbourne. Pictured here are some interstate
undergraduate Melbourne Scholarship holders.

                                                                                The University of Melbourne Operational Plan 2004 | 23
A successful program of events commemorated the University’s
150th Anniversary, which strengthened the links between the
University and the Victorian community and enhanced the
reputation of the University in Australia and internationally.

Former University of Melbourne and VCA
student, soprano Elena Xanthordakis
backed with a full choir and orchestra,
delighted the Mother’s Day audience
at a Free Variety Concert in Wilson Hall
during the community open weekend.

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