IT Strategic Plan

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					IT Strategic Plan

   May 23, 2007
•   Background
•   Planning process
•   Overview of the plan
•   Key Points of the Strategic Plan
•   Implications
•   Next steps
• This activity is a follow-on to the IT
  Review and the GEF Task Force
• The scope of the plan is campus-wide IT
  – All colleges and administrative units
  – Includes the hospital, except for clinical IT
  – Campus-wide plans are rare
  – The ability to complete this plan is a unique
•   Started in summer of 2006
•   Led by a campus-wide core group
•   Involved many advisory groups
•   Used an iterative planning process
    – Publish a draft plan
    – Feedback received and incorporated
    – New draft plan released about every month
• Several half day planning retreats held
  with Campus IT Leaders (CITL)
         Overview of the plan

• Our efforts have produced three
  – IT Strategic Plan
  – Campus-wide Action Plan
  – Unit specific Actions Plans
    Key Points in the IT Strategic

• Vision
  The University of Iowa information
  technology community uses open,
  collaborative processes to provide IT
  services and technologies that add
  measurable value in fulfilling the
  University’s teaching, research and
  service missions
      Key Points in the IT Strategic
• Eleven Guiding Principles
  –   IT Decision Making
  –   Understanding IT Needs
  –   Value
  –   Innovation
  –   Integration
  –   Interoperability
  –   Security
  –   Infrastructure
  –   Central and Local Provider Balance
  –   Application Development
            IT Strategic Plan Goals
•   Goals
    1. Support student success through IT systems and
    2. Support the evolving research needs of the campus.
    3. Secure our electronic information and IT systems.
    4. Increase the utilization and effectiveness of IT.
    5. Provide IT services that meet the campus needs in a
       coordinated and efficient manner.
•   Each goal has 4-6 strategies
         Implications – Community
             and Collaboration
• Working together collaboratively, as a
  community, is the fundamental theme
• This idea is not completely new - it continues
  along the path that has brought success
• What does this mean?
  –   More transparency across all IT providers
  –   More engagement among IT providers
  –   We will plan together
  –   We will question and challenge each others plans
  –   I will formalize relationships to IT providers
• More focus on teaching and learning,
  research support, security, efficiency
• Focus administrative support on MAUI
• Build a new data center
• Develop new electronic storage services
• Develop and implement IT literacy
               Collegiate Implications
• What will colleges receive?
   –   Better planning
   –   More alignment
   –   Better understanding of IT activities on campus
   –   More guidance for IT providers
   –   Less reinventing the wheel
   –   Central services that are easier to leverage
   –   More time for high value collegiate services
   –   More effective use of IT
   –   More cost effective IT
   –   Improved security
• What will colleges have to do?
   – Engage in the planning and implementation process
   – Share information about plans and activities
   – Contribute to campus solutions
                 Next Steps
•   Final IT Strategic Plan – Mid June
•   Final campus Action Plan – Mid June
•   Draft unit Action Plans – Mid June
•   Final unit Action Plans - August

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