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									Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail          The Miracles of Islam

            The Miracles of Islam

                                     Muhammad Uthman Ahmad Ismail

   When the disbelievers in Makkah asked Prophet
Muhammad (PBUH) to show them signs and miracles to
prove his prophethood as did the prophets who preceded
him, the Quran said, “And they said: Why are there no signs
sent down to him by his Lord; say: The signs are with Allah,
and I am only a clear warner. Is it not enough for them that
We have sent down to them the Book recited to them?
Verily, in this is a mercy and a reminder to those who
believe.”    Muhammad‟s miracle, then, is the Glorious


                       237           ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail          The Miracles of Islam

   The Quran is essentially a book of guidance; Allah says:
“Alif, lam, meem, this is a book – no doubt – guidance to
those who fear Allah.”
   The Quran challenges all mankind to come together in
one place – together with the jinn – and produce one chapter
similar to it, bearing in mind that there is a chapter in the
Qur‟an which is made up of three very short sentences. The
disbelievers among the Arabs, whose pride at that time was
their eloquence and beautiful styles of speech, failed in spite
of the fact that they were extremely keen to do so in order to
prove that Muhammad was a liar. But one might say: This
challenge is for the Arabs; it is a miracle for them; what
about the nations who do not speak Arabic?
   I have said before that the Quran is essentially a book of
guidance; but, besides this, there are in it allusions to certain
scientific facts that were only discovered twelve or thirteen
centuries later, which proves that it is the word of Allah; for

                         238          ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail        The Miracles of Islam

Muhammad couldn‟t by any means have known them at that
time. Here are some examples:
 What Determines the Sex of the New Baby?
   In the chapter titled „Al-Insan – man‟ Allah says: “Verily
we have created man from a drop of mingled sperm.” And
in the chapter titled „An-Najm – the Star‟ Allah says: “that
he created- in pairs- male and female from a seed.” The
male spermatozoon is not a drop; it is in the shape of a
worm; it becomes a drop only when mixed with that of the
female. Dr. Maurice Bucaille – a French surgeon – in his
book: Le Bible, le Quran et la Science – The Bible, the
Quran and Science, said that he was astonished because,
during the middle ages, the church used to teach that man
was created from the „water‟ of a male only, while Prophet
Muhammad at the same period of time answered the Jews
that man was created from the water of both a male and a
female. His answer to their second question was also
astonishing, for the Jews asked how a baby comes to be a

                        239        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail        The Miracles of Islam

male or a female. Muhammad answered: „If the water of the
male has the upper hand, the offspring becomes a male; but
if the water of the female has the upper hand, the offspring
becomes a female. Modern science has proved that. We now
know that the male chromosomes are in the form XY, while
those of the female are XX. For the offspring to be created,
an element of each should mix with an element of the other.
Suppose one X from the male and the X from the female
mix; the new XX resembles the female ones: the offspring
becomes female; but if the Y from the male mixes with the
X from the female, the outcome is XY – like that of the
male; the offspring becomes a male; which means that,
contrary to the widely spread idea, it is the male's sperm
who is responsible for the sex of the offspring, and that the
female has no role in that. When the hadith says: (If the
female water has the upper hand), it means the female
chromosome in the male sperm.

                        240        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail         The Miracles of Islam

The forbidden Barrier Between River and Sea Waters:
Let us take another verse in Al-Furqan chapter – the
Criterion, Allah says: “And it is He who made the two
waters mix, one palatable and sweet (a river), and one bitter
salt, and made between them a barrier, and a forbidden
partition.” Oceanographers have now discovered that „when
a river flows into a sea, a new area is created at the mouth of
the estuary of the river. If the creatures in the river go into
this area, they die; and if the sea creatures go into this new
area, they die. If the creatures in this area go into the river
they die; and if they go into the sea, they die. It is a
forbidden area – a quarantine.‟
   All the divine religions taught that Adam was created
from dust or clay– dust mixed with water. The theory of
evolution brought by Darwin shook the beliefs of many
Christians in the west. But modern science has proved that
the human body is made up of the same elements of the

                         241        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail          The Miracles of Islam

earth; that is why, to continue living, man has to eat "the
earth‟s elements" in the form of meat, vegetables and fruits.
I once read in a scientific journal that the body of a grown-
up human being has a quantity of iron from which a good
number of nails could be made, and a quantity of calcium
with which a good number of metres of wall could be
painted, and a quantity of phosphorus from which a good
number of match-sticks could be made. A human being is
just like a tree in that he has to get elements out of the earth
to go on living: the only difference between him and a tree
is that the tree gets the elements directly from the earth
through its root; while he – man – cannot get them directly
from the earth; that is why he resorts to eating trees
(vegetables, and fruits) or animals living on trees. It is
interesting to know that a verse in the Quran likened a man
to a tree in the way that he gets his food to grow, “And
Allah has made you grow from the earth like a plant.”
Noah – 17.

                         242         ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail         The Miracles of Islam

   From geography and astronomy we now know that the
moon does not generate any light; the light of the moon is
no more than a reflection of the light of the sun. The Quran
refers to the sun as being a lamp – the source of light and
heat, but always refers to the moon as a light. “Do you not
see how Allah has created seven heavens one above the
other; and made – in them – the moon a light and the sun a
lamp.” Noah:16. In another verse of the Quran, He says: “It
is He who made the sun a burning light and the moon a
light.” Yunus-5
   The Quran refers to the darkness of the space in the
upper altitudes, “And if we opened to them a gate in heaven
and they were to continue ascending therein, they would
say: Our eyes have been closed; nay we have been
bewitched.”Al-Hijr-14. Man has now conquered space. In
the early sixties the first space travellers were surprised to
find that there was utter darkness everywhere in the upper
altitudes and that the height of daylight round the earth is no

                         243        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail        The Miracles of Islam

more than a 100 kilometres; immediately after that the sun
itself is seen as a very black disc, then utter darkness
prevails across the space.
   Modern researches have proved that the heavens are well
made structures filled with energy, and that they cannot be
penetrated except through certain doors!!
   In the chapter titled „Ar-room’- the Romans or the
Roman Empire, Allah says: “The Romans – the Roman
Empire – have been defeated in the land lowest in the
   History books refer to the battle between the Roman and
Persian Empires as having taken place near the Dead Sea,
where the Roman Empire lost that battle. Geography books
refer to the area around the Dead Sea as being the lowest in
the whole earth – 395 metres below sea level.

                        244        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail          The Miracles of Islam

 Preventive Medicine and the Impact of Ablution on
Scientists tell us that the causes of diseases are
    Causes related to micro-organisms
    Causes related to organic compounds

   o Causes related to psychological disorders
   It is interesting to know that two of the most important
rituals of Islam cannot be performed without some kind of
washing. The five daily prayers must be preceded by what is
called „wudu’ – ablution – minor ritual ablution – of the
face, hands, and feet along with rubbing the head and the
inside and outside of the ears. Experiencing a wet dream or
practising a conjugal copulation necessitates doing major
ritual ablution – the washing of the whole body. I was in
London in 1969 when an English doctor asked us (me and
my colleagues studying there) whether it was true that in

                         245          ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail          The Miracles of Islam

Islam one must wash one‟s whole body if he experiences a
wet dream or intercourses with one's spouse; we said yes.
He asked, „Is it imperative?‟ We answered in the
affirmative; he repeated, „Must one do that?‟ We answered
yes. He expressed his wonder, saying "That is most useful
to the human body, even to every single pore in the skin." I
immediately remembered the saying of our Prophet
(PBUH): “Verily under every hair there is an impurity.” The
doctor asked, “If I told my people about the benefits of this
ablution, what would compel them to do it?” We said, „We
have no choice. We cannot practice any of our prayers,
recite the glorious Quran, stay in the mosque or even touch
the Quran without doing this major ablution.”
 Brushing the Teeth
The Prophet (PBUH) urges us strongly to brush our teeth
before performing any of the five daily prayers. An obvious
result of this is that no remnants of food will stay long in the

                         246         ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail         The Miracles of Islam

teeth – a very important factor of protecting the teeth from
all kinds of dental ailments and decay.
Hygiene of the Mouth and the Nose
   An important part of „wudu’ (minor ritual ablution) is
rinsing out the mouth with water three times, and also
washing the nose by taking water into the nose by the force
of breath then forcibly pushing it out with the breath,
meanwhile narrowing the passage of the water to add to the
force of the water‟s current.; I brush my teeth after taking a
meal; I usually noticed that when I forcibly rinse out my
mouth after brushing my teeth, very tiny bits of food come

 Clipping the Nails and cutting the Hair
   It is also an established tradition, manifest in the
Prophet‟s instructions, that nails should be clipped and
pubic hair should be shaved. Everybody knows that the

                        247         ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail          The Miracles of Islam

nails, if not cut in time, and the pubis, if not shaved in time,
would provide a good abode for dirt and bacteria.
   The tradition of Muslims having their male children
circumcised has proven conducive to a man‟s health. A
recent study referred to in the American weekly magazine
Newsweek showed that circumcision provides 60%
protection against AIDS infection; even before that, many
males in the west had already opted for circumcision for the
many medical benefits it provides for both husband and

The Benefits of Fasting in the Islamic way:
   It is interesting to mention in this respect that fasting is
very conducive to human health; a British doctor said that
the most useful thing for the health of a human being is to
abstain from eating and drinking for twelve hours a day for
thirty days successively. This is exactly what fasting in the

                         248         ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail        The Miracles of Islam

month of Ramadan is. An experiment by a Muslim doctor at
Harvard University showed interesting results: he studied
the immunity of a group of Muslims before and after
fasting; he discovered that their immunity increased very
much during the fasting and that the number of the T- cells
in their blood increased greatly during fasting; these cells
are responsible for providing protection against AIDS.
   Islam forbids eating an animal or a bird without having it
slain so that all the blood in its body is removed. We all
know that the blood is a major carrier of germs. As for
carnivorous animals, they are forbidden; these include dogs,
man-eaters, hawks,etc... One obvious reason is that what
they eat is not guaranteed to be healthy or void of germs and
other infectious diseases. Insects, rodents, mice, are all
forbidden to be eaten; all these are stores for many kinds of
germs, and can transfer to man some lethal diseases, such as
typhoid, tuberculosis, plague, anthrax, and many viral

                        249        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail        The Miracles of Islam

diseases. With the discharge of blood through slaughtering,
the body is cleaned of all or most of the diseases the animal
has undergone in its life.
Don't Wash in Stagnant, Polluted Water
   The Prophet (PBUH) forbade urinating in stagnant water
and then washing any part of the body with that water. I saw
on Madani television a programme on Bilharzia – the
Gezira area is infested with it; the doctor introduced his
programme by mentioning the above- mentioned saying of
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), saying that the major cause of
bilharzias is doing what the Prophet has forbidden us to do.

General Hygiene: Washing the Hands, Covering the
   The Prophet (PBUH) goes as far as directing us to wash
our hands three times before immersing them in a vessel for
ablution. Washing the hands before and after taking meals is
an established tradition of the Prophet (PBUH). In the West,

                         250       ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail        The Miracles of Islam

people do not wash their hands when they want to eat, it is
true that they use forks and spoons, but they use their hands
to eat bread and cakes: hands that are sure to have been
polluted by smoke from their numerous factories and cars.
The Prophet (PBUH) also directs us to cover our vessels
containing food or drink.

Curative Directions: Honey
   The glorious Quran includes lots of curative directions
and the Prophet (PBUH) referred to bee-honey as being a
cure. The Quran says, “In it (honey) there is healing for
people” :The Bee: 69. The Prophet (PBUH) says; “Pay
heed to the two cures: honey and the Quran.”
   It has been scientifically proved that germs cannot resist
the preventive effect of honey; Dr Dixon emphasized this in
his researches, advising that people should use honey to
cure their wounds and burns. This fact was also emphasized

                        251        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail        The Miracles of Islam

by many researchers, including Dr Mollen, Dr lusby and Dr
   Egyptian Dr Ibrahim Abdel Salam used honey to cure
breast cancer. He said 150 patients suffering from it were
cured in Ain Shams Hospital in Cairo. Dr Ibrahim also
referred to the curative effect of honey with regard to
various skin and eye diseases. It is now a well-known fact
that honey devours dead cells, avoiding the live ones, and
sterilizes the wound.
Figs and Olives
   A Nobel Prize wining Japanese scientist once wrote
about a chemical which the brain keeps producing until the
age of thirty five; he said the element has conducive effects
on the health of human beings. He said that he had studied
all the food stuffs available and did not find that chemical
substance except in figs and olives. He also mentioned that
the best results are gotten when figs and the olives are
mixed at the rate of 1:7; i.e. one ounce of figs with seven

                        252        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail         The Miracles of Islam

ounces of olives. An Egyptian doctor at Al-Azhar University
wrote to the Japanese scientist telling him that figs are
mentioned only once in the Quran, while olives are
mentioned seven times; the Japanese scientist immediately
adopted Islam. The effect of olive oil on reducing the level
of cholesterol has been scientifically established.

The Black Seed
   The Prophet (PBUH) said, “There is in the black seed
oil a cure for every disease except that destined by fate to
lead to death". In another narration, he also mentioned that
there is no disease which can not be cured by the black seed.
Taking small quantities of the black seed at regular times
highly increases the immunity of the human body. About
twenty years ago, I was repeatedly attacked by malaria. The
last time I had malaria I stayed in bed for nearly two
months. I used all sorts of malaria medicines without avail. I
only became well when I started to take regular doses of the

                         253         ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail        The Miracles of Islam

black seed; since then I have never been attacked by
malaria. 40% of the black seed is oil, and 1.4% is volatile
oil; it also contains 15% of the amino acid, plus protein,
calcium, sodium, potassium and ferrous compounds. Tens
of scientific researches have been published on scientific
magazines in the east and the west about the curative effect
of the black seed and how using it protects from liver,
prostate, colon and breast cancers. Its oil has been proved by
some German researchers to protect the heart and arteries
from many cardiac ailments. The black seed was also found
very useful in curing blood hypertension; but what all
researches have proved beyond any doubt is the effect of the
black seed in increasing the lymphatic cells in the human
body. The lymphatic cells are a major factor in
strengthening the immunity of the human body. The
“International Immunity Magazine”, in its August 1995
issue, published a research to that effect. Also the “Cancer

                        254         ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail          The Miracles of Islam

Magazine”, in its October 1999 issue, showed the effect of
the black seed with regard to a number of cancers.

How Old are the Stars?
The Quran says: “I do vow regarding the positions of the
stars. It is indeed a great vow, If you know.‟Al- Waqia: 75.
   If you look at a particular star at night, you will see it in
the position it appears to be in: but astronomers say that the
position you see it in now was its position thousands of
years ago, but its light has just reached us now. When you
get to know that, you can understand why Allah has sworn
by the position of the stars.

The Splitting of the Nucleus:
   In a very interesting verse of the chapter titled: Al- An-
am “The Cattle”, Allah says: “It is Allah who causes the
seeds and nuclei to split.” 95. The splitting of the seed is

                         255         ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail         The Miracles of Islam

known; but the reference to the splitting of the nuclei is very
remarkable since some organisms generate by having each
nucleus splitting into two to make two new beings, and so
on; that is the way they multiply – asexual reproduction.
Another verse in the same chapter reads; “It is He who
sends down the rain from the sky; with it We produce the
plant of every kind, and from it We produce green stalls, out
of which we produce heaped seeds” 99. The stall is a clear
reference to the chlorophyll, which through photosynthesis
provides new fruits of all kinds.

The Impact of the Recitation of the Holy Quran:
Before ending this article I would like to mention one or
two interesting things about the glorious Quran.
   Professor Ahmed Ismail Al beeli, a renowned Sudanese
scholar specialized in Islamic and Sharia sciences, once told
the following story; he said that he was one of the scholars
who attended a conference in Tokyo. After the conference

                         256        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail         The Miracles of Islam

had ended, a number of Japanese youngmen asked to have a
meeting with him. The youngmen represented all the four
religions in Japan; Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Shintu
(the Japanese national religion). At the meeting, a follower
of the Shintu religion asked him: What is the opinion of
Islam about other religions? He answered that Islam regards
all other religions as false; then he recited this verse of the
Quran; “And he who seeks a religion other than Islam will
not have it accepted of him and he will be among the losers
in the hereafter.” Professor Al Beeli recited that verse in the
way Quran reciters do. He went on answering their
questions and every time he cited a Quranic verse, he
recited it in the same way. The young man asked: You
speak in two different ways; sometimes you speak in the
way we do; but at other times you speak in a different style.
He answered: When I speak my own words, I speak like you
do; but when I speak the words of our Glorious Quran,
which are the words of the Creator, I speak differently; why

                         257        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail       The Miracles of Islam

do you ask? The young man said: When you speak like we
do, I am quite normal; but when you speak in the other way,
my heart pulsates very quickly as if I have been running for
a long time.
Impact of the Quran on a Non-Arabic Speaker
   In 1982 I headed a group of graduates of the Islamic
African Center to a scientific conference in Tanzania. This
was during the month of Ramadan. We visited the capital
and many other cities and villages round the country. In a
very remote, small village, after Isha and taraweeh prayers,
I delivered a speech, starting with reciting some verses of
the Qur`an. The moment I started my recitation one of those
present gave such a loud cry and went on weeping until he
   After he had come round, I asked whether that man knew
any Arabic. They said he did not know any Arabic apart
from As salaam Alaykum. What happened? Allah refers to
the Qur`an in the chapter titled: “Ash- shura- Consultation”

                       258         ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail        The Miracles of Islam

as being a (rooh) –a spirit. “Thus We have revealed to you a
spirit from Our command.” 52. And that was what made the
man cry.

Inanimates Recognize their Creator's words
   I was in London in 1965 when I read about the
interesting experiment made by one of the British scientists.
He said he wanted to know whether a tree in his garden
could feel what was going on around it. He bought a
recorder, and he had a tape on which were recorded all sorts
of sounds and voices: those of many human beings speaking
various languages, kinds of music, songs in different
languages, voices of many kinds of creatures, etc. He
brought a meter whose scale read from zero to 200 degrees.
He connected this appliance to the tree and then started
playing the various sounds one by one. He said he noticed
that the pointer moved a little each time; but when he played
the Quran, the meter read 200 degrees. We Muslims believe

                        259        ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail         The Miracles of Islam

that everything in the universe is aware of Allah and the
eternal truth. The Quran says: “And there is nothing but
celebrates His praise.” Al- Isra: 44.

Animals and Inanimates recognize their Prophet
   Before Mohammad (PBUH) was made a prophet, the
stones and trees used to greet him, saying “Peace upon you,
oh prophet.” Why did a camel go to complain to him about
the harsh treatment of his owner? Why did the trunk of a
tree utter a cry like the whimpering of a child when he left it
for the first time to deliver his speech from a newly-made
pulpit, and would not stop crying until the prophet (PBHU)
came back to it and embraced it?

Quran Easy to Con Even for the Non-Arabic Speakers:
   Another interesting phenomenon of the Qur`an is that it
can be learned by heart by those who do not know Arabic at
all. Allah says: “And We have made the Qur`an easy to

                         260            ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬
Muhammed Osman Ahmad Ismail        The Miracles of Islam

remember.” Al- Qamar: The Moon: 17. So many Asians,
from the different countries of the continent, have learnt the
whole Qur‟an by heart, and can readily read it all in prayer
or outside prayer, specially in taraweeh in Ramadan, but if
then you try to communicate with them in Arabic, you will
discover that they know but few words.

                        261         ‫العدد (20) شعبان 1431هـ ـ يوليو 2120م‬

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