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 MAY 21-27, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                 SCORE ATLANTA I 03
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               PUBLISHER/EDITOR I.J. Rosenberg
               GENERAL MANAGER Bob Houghton
                MANAGING EDITOR Stephen Black
                                                                                             WEEK…                                     4
                                                                                                                                                 “The Fletch” explores comments about the Falcons
                                                                                                                                                 from local and national media members.
              ART/CREATIVE DIRECTOR DJ Galbiati
              BUSINESS MANAGER Marvin Botnick
                  SALES Mark Mayo, Mike Nale
BEAT WRITERS Josh Bagriansky (Falcons), Stephen Black (UGA),                                                                                     Rachel Bowers, sports editor of “The Red and
     Jason Boral (Thrashers), Dave Cohen (Georgia State),
           Ricky Dimon (Tech), Rajesh Gupta (Hawks),
          Fletcher Proctor (Braves), Brian Jones (Preps)
                                                                                                                                       5         Black”, shares insight into how things are
                                                                                                                                                 going in Athens.
    STAFF WRITERS Joe Deighton, Foster Lander, Brian Jones,
                 Krissy Wade, Jennifer Sugarman
                                                                                                                                                 Reporter Brian Penter looks into the
    CONTRIBUTORS Alex Ewalt, Tad Arapoglou, Dean Zindler,
    Zander Lentz, Kevin Dankosky, Mitch Evans, Matt Judy, Tony
Schiavone, Richard Diamond, Joe Haines, Brian Katrek, Chris Dimino,
                                                                                                                                       7         Hawks coaching search and breaks
   Mike Bell, Matt Stewart, Fred Kalil, Nick Cellini, Phillip Leopold,                                                                           the candidates down
 Dave Marshall, Greg Smith, Steak Shapiro, Mike Cather, Beau Bock,
   Hal Lamar, Chris Cotter, Roy Hickman, Dave Cohen, John Olah,

                                                                                                                                      4 Stephenplay of “Spin Cycle”,
                                                                                                                                     1 In this week’s the Braves, who have
    Jeff Woolverton, Chris Voss, Bob Rathbun, Courtney Capps,
    Bill Hartman, Chuck Dowdle, Shannon Alderman, Dan Kamal,
 Dennis Scott, C.C., Hal Lanier, Jeff Batten, Micah Hart, Ben Wright,                                                                            Black admires the
              Alan Vasquez, Andrew Vedlitz, Brian Jones                                                                                 recent
  SPECIAL CONTRIBUTORS Mitch Albom, Dave Kindred, Barry Bloom
                                                                                                                                                 won 11 of their last 17 games.
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Atlanta media debate most valuable Falcon; local media not harsh
T   he Falcons have not been getting the love
    on a national scene like last season, but
Brandon Adams of 790 The Zone does like
                                                  “The Falcons are healthier, and better. I just
                                                  think there are two teams in the division better
                                                  right now — unless Matt Ryan has a Drew
                                                                                                     case. The teams in Atlanta tend to be protect-
                                                                                                     ed and shielded from harsh criticism, often
                                                                                                     seeking out other forms of media to voice dis-      CAN YOU BELIEVE...
one Falcon in particular: Roddy White. Said
Adams of White recently on Brandon and
                                                  Brees-type year. I don't think he has one of
                                                  those in him ... yet. Not many quarterbacks
                                                                                                     pleasure when “slighted” by one form.
                                                                                                     Perhaps if the coaches/athletes were held to a
                                                                                                                                                           ...HE SAID THAT?
Woolvy, “Roddy White is the best player on        do.” NFC South rivals Carolina checked in at       higher standard by the media maybe…                   “In fact, it (Rick Sund’s wikipedia
the Falcons.” Adams would go on to claim that     No. 8 and New Orleans at No. 5.                         Everything turned out OK…sort of.                entry) makes him sound rather like
White is the most underrated player in all of
                                                                                                                                                           an itinerant house-sitter.” That was
Atlanta sports. This is a bold statement, con-    ATLANTA MEDIA SOFT? …                              WREN DEFENDS MOVES …
sidering that White has made Pro Bowls in the           I had a chance to sit down with Braves             Finally, Frank Wren was interviewed             the AJC’s Steve Hummer, describing
past and was given a huge contract extension      closer Billy Wagner and the topics ranged from     recently by the AJC’s Jeff Schultz and, in the        what Rick Sund’s Wikipedia page
by the team before last season. The team must     his fast-approaching retirement to his post-       article, Wren defended the Mark Teixeira trade        said about the Hawks GM. I am all
agree with Adams but perhaps he is right. Do      career plans, Atlanta’s young arms and finally,    from 2007. Said Wren in the interview, which
                                                                                                                                                           for going a creative route for a story
the fans appreciate White like they should? I     the Atlanta media. I asked Wagner about the        originally ran in April but was referenced last
doubt the holdout caused any fans to really       difference closing a game in Atlanta versus        week in a piece about Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s         but Wikipedia? Anyone can go on
brew up hatred toward White considering last      closing a game in Philadelphia or Boston or        inability to throw the ball back to the pitcher:      there and put what they want for
year’s holdout ended well before any presea-      New York, previous stops for Wagner in a Hall      “The Teixeira trade hasn’t impacted us at all. If     that. Now if his page said
son games were even threatening to begin.         of Fame-caliber career. Wagner’s answer was a      you look at the players we gave up, I’m not sure      that, then that would be something
                                                  very honest opinion from someone that has          it’s had any effect on the major league club.”
EXPERT CONSULTATION …                             dealt with the New York media frenzy as well             Wren went on to argue that the team had         to report. But not Wikipedia.
     I went to one of our Falcons beat writers    as the Philadelphia media zoo.                     Yunel Escobar ahead of Elvis Andrus in the
here at Score Atlanta for verification on               “As far as the criticism and the hype,       organization’s shortstop depth chart as well as           As far as Feliz, yes, he’d be nice to have in
Adams’ comment that White is the best Dirty       you've got more newspapers and broadcasters        Brian McCann ahead of Saltalamacchia at             the pen, but consider this: if the Braves had not
Bird. Brian Jones, who has spent countless        that can talk about you [in those other places].   catcher. Wren also noted that Neftali Feliz         pulled the trigger on that deal and stayed away
weekends up in Flowery Branch in his career,      It's definitely easier here because you don't      would just be in the Braves bullpen, much like      from Tex, then those prospects may have
disagrees with BA. “I think Michael Turner is     have to deal with a lot but as far as on the       he is in the pen for Texas. (Atlanta gave up a      encouraged Frank Wren to trade for Jake Peavy
better when healthy. But Roddy is up there.”      field, it is still the same.” Wagner was openly    few pitchers too that haven’t really amounted       before the 2009 season. The asking price that
Speaking of Jones, last week on Score Atlanta     saying what every sports fan in Atlanta knew.      to anything more than 20 wins in 2+ seasons.)       was leaked to the San Diego media if you
Sports Sunday on Sports Radio 790 The                   As a member of the Atlanta media, I find           The Braves felt the team was one bopper       remember was starting pitcher Tommy Hanson,
Zone, Jones said that Matt Ryan is looking as     it hilarious when a hard-line is taken against     away from a playoff run or two, and GM-at-          shortstop Yunel Escobar and at least another
sharp as ever, firing passes with zip and         a coach or athlete and the person in question      the-time John Schuerholz pulled the trigger.        prospect, perhaps first baseman Freddie
encouraging his teammates like a true leader.     raises such a stink because he/she feels that      Let me first say that I remember what I wrote       Freeman. Imagine if that trade had gone down
“He’s as good as I’ve seen him yet,” Jones        he/she is being treated unfairly. Paul Hewitt      a few paragraphs ago about the media pro-           because the Braves believed that Feliz and
proclaimed on the show, before predicting a       recently cried that Mark Bradley of the AJC        tecting the local teams, but I agree with           Andrus could have just stepped in? These
Pro Bowl year and a playoff berth for Atlanta.    was personally attacking him when Bradley          Wren. Andrus has only this year been the full-      prospects likely would have been used to maybe
     Peter King of Sports Illustrated sadly did   wrote a few columns asking if it was time for      time shortstop and while a slick fielder, he        acquire a left fielder or another first baseman,
not concur with Jones. In his offseason Early     a change. Mike Bell of 790’s Pollack & Bell        cannot hit like Escobar. Salty is having trou-      but it is hard to fault the Braves for pulling the
Look NFL Power Poll, King has the Falcons         constantly harps on this point, saying that if     ble throwing the ball back to the pitcher and       trigger on a deal that seemed like a no-brainer
as the 16th best team in the league, which        the athletes and/or coaches think THIS water       is in the minors, as Schultz so humorously          that everyone was on board with at the time.
would put them just out of the playoffs.          is hot, don’t ever venture to Boston or            reported. (He compared him to Rube Baker                  Proctor      can      be     reached       at
     The esteemed NFL writer said of Atlanta,     Chicago. I agree with Bell and Wagner in this      of the Major League 2 movie.)             

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MAY 21-27, 2010                                                                                                                                                               SCORE ATLANTA I 05

Fitting in a challenge for women in sports writing; Murray’s calmness a possible issue
     a 5-foot-5 blonde college female
I’m shovefilledhigh heel in the door trying             Murray was battling two others for the post-            the most of spring practice, leaving just four
                 with quote-hungry dudes
sporting their loafers and mustaches.
                                      of an

      At most press conferences, I stand out
                                                        spring No. 1 quarterback slot.
                                                              The Bulldogs are searching for an in-
                                                        house leader who will provide the motivation
                                                        for teammates to keep their noses clean, stay
                                                                                                                scholarship receivers available for reps.
                                                                                                                     The rising junior is the oldest of the
                                                                                                                wideouts that dot Georgia’s roster and must
                                                                                                                accept the leadership role to push his team-
                                                                                                                                                                       OUT FRONT
like Tim Tebow at a Playboy Mansion party.              out of local strip clubs (see Trent Dittmer)            mates in practice and on the field.
But thus far in my young career,                                                                                          His playmaking ability is endless
I’ve been able to crash the party.                                                                                      and his potential to dominant corner-
My older brother commandeered                                                                                           backs and safeties is infinite. Green
the TV remote growing up and                                                                                            and his counterpart Tavarres King
watched every show from Cold                                                                                            make for dangerous weapons in the
Pizza (now First Take) to PTI to                                                                                        Georgia offense that Murray must
NFL Live. And I contracted his                                                                                          utilize from the first kickoff between
love of sports.                                                                                                         the hedges to the last down of the
      Now I find myself analyzing                                                                                       end of the season.
Georgia’s new 3-4 defensive
scheme, spewing out the differ-                                                                                          OBEDIENCE SCHOOL …
ences between “Mike” and “Sam”                                                                                                   Mark Richt must hate the color
in said scheme and brainstorming                                                                                               yellow.
the next feature I’ve been assigned.                                                                                             The number of punishments hand-        Joe Johnson and the rest of the Atlanta
      I’m in my second year as a                                                                                               ed out for causing penalty flags to
college journalist and fifth year                                                                                              fly last season must have been too       Hawks are awaiting word from general
in the business. I’ve worked my                                                                                                high to count.                           manager Rick Sund to learn who their
way up to being the sports editor                                                                                                But the Bulldogs did it to them-
at “The Red & Black,” a five-                                                                                                  selves. Georgia made that little yel-    next head coach will be in the wake of
day, independent student news-                                                                                                 low flag fly 105 times, giving away      Mike Woodson’s dismissal. Johnson is
paper serving the University of TAKING CONTROL: UGA wideout A.J. Green (pictured) will be a prime target                       878 yards to opponents. Those less-      a free agent who will soon be weighing
Georgia community.                                                                                                             than-mediocre statistics stuck the
      That puts me smack dab in for starting quarterback Aaron Murray this fall. Will Murray, a redshirt fresh-                Bulldogs at No. 107 in yards penal-      offers from both the Hawks and other
the middle of the Bulldog Nation, man, be able to lead veteran teammates such as Green during voluntary sum-                   ized last season.                        NBA franchises. See Brian Penter’s
reporting every flinch I see.        mer workouts? Photo courtesy of Rob Saye.                                                   Here you go (insert opponent
                                                                                                                               here), we’ll just give you a few pre-    report on page 7 to read more about
IS MURRAY FIT TO LEAD? …                                                                                                       cious yards and a yellow flag as a       the Hawks' coaching search. Above
     As quarterback Aaron
Murray sports a seamlessly stress-                        CATCH I.J. ON SUNDAYS                                                parting gift.
                                                                                                                                 The Bulldogs have to clean up
                                                                                                                               their play. They can’t flinch at the
                                                                                                                                                                        photo is courtesy of DJ Galbiati.
free attitude about leading a
Bulldog squad that is returning 10 ‘The Bulldogs have to clean up their play. They can’t flinch at the line of scrimmage. They line of scrimmage. They can’t play      most other coaches this day and age, has had
offensive starters from last sea- can’t play sloppy football. They compete in the toughest league in the country and if they sloppy football. They compete in the      his share of bumps in the road with his play-
son’s lineup, the freshman has the give an inch, the Floridas and the Alabamas of the country will knock them in the mouth toughest league in the country and if       ers, but this spring has been like a feeding
task of putting together Georgia’s                                                                                             they give an inch, the Floridas and     frenzy on his players’ mistakes.
voluntary summer workouts.            and make them look like a high school JV squad on ESPN’s Not Top-Ten Plays. ’            the Alabamas of the country will              Maybe he said enough is enough and
     That means the Tampa, Fla., native will and get comfortable in the film room dissect-                                     knock them in the mouth and make        decided to crack the whip.
be in charge of more than 80 teammates, ing opponents.                                                                them look like a high school JV squad on               But these distractions have got to be
most of whom are older and have put more                                                                              ESPN’s Not Top-Ten Plays.                        eliminated come September. They will do
                                                            Murray is going to be under a micro-                            Georgia’s off-the-field issues have been   nothing but cause the Bulldogs to lose sight
hours into the program than Murray.                  scope, even more than he already is.                             piling up since ex-Bulldog Montez Robinson
     Simply put, where’s the fire, Aaron?                                                                                                                              of finishing the drill.
     Of course, it’s good to be cool, calm                  Welcome to the big stage, my fellow                       was dismissed at the beginning of April.               While the Bulldogs work out the kinks
                                                                                                                            Hopefully, those issues have come to a
and collected, but Murray’s inheriting per- classmate. It’s going to be a tough road, to
                                                     say the least.                                                   halt because the Athens jail hasn’t housed       and clean up their acts, hopefully before the
haps the most highly-publicized and highly-                                                                           any Bulldogs as of late.                         big and bad Louisana-Lafayette Ragin’
scrutinized job at UGA, outside of the head                 Though Murray has his job cut out for                                                                      Cajuns come stomping into Athens, I will
                                                     him, he has A.J. Green down field just wait-                           While Richt heads into the summer try-
coaching position.                                                                                                    ing to make sure workouts are in order and       continue to crash this whirlwind of an indus-
     Murray’s inheriting a physically healthy        ing for the touchdown passes to start pour-                      his players are getting in game shape, he        try and try not to lose my high heels in the
squad. But it’s a mentally tattered team who’s ing in like a Peyton Manning to Marvin                                 must be getting worry lines on his forehead      midst of those loafers and mustaches.
seen four teammates arrested, three kicked           Harrison combination.                                            the size of the Grand Canyon because of                I.J. Rosenberg will return the cheap
off and one indefinitely suspended — all in                 The 6-foot-4 flanker headlines a young                    these off-the-field problems.                    seats next week. Bowers can be reached at
the matter of a few months. All the while,           receiving corps that was injury-plagued for                            The 50-year-old head coach, just like

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06 I SCORE ATLANTA                                                                                                                                        Get In The Game!

   SCORE LIST                                                 BY BRIAN JONES

     WOODY OUT: After a disappoint-                THE SEARCH BEGINS: Thrashers                    THUMBS UP TO                                     THUMBS DOWN TO

 1                                           6
     ing showing in the NBA Playoffs,              general manager Rick Dudley inter-
     former Hawks head coach Mike                  viewed Scott Arniel of the Manitoba             WEEKLY HONORS                                     FALSE PROMISES
     Woodson is looking for another job            Moose for the Thrashers head coach-
     as his contract was not renewed.              ing spot. You may not know the name,
     Woody did a solid job building this           but he was one of the best coaches in
     team into a playoff contender, but            the AHL and was named league coach
     it’s time for a new voice.                    of the year in 2009.
     AVERY INTERVIEWED: There                      SMART JACKETS: Five Georgia
                                                   Tech teams were honored by the

 2                                           7
     were reports on Tuesday that for-
     mer Dallas Mavericks head coach               NCAA for being in the top 10 percent
     Avery Johnson interviewed for the             academically. Baseball, men’s cross
     vacant Hawks job. Johnson would               country, golf, women’s cross country
     be a great addition, but it would             and volleyball had a high APR which
     cost the Hawks $4 million a year,             stands for Academic Progress Rate.        Martin Prado                                      Lane Kiffin
     which is asking a lot.                        Great job, Yellow Jackets!                The Braves second baseman contin-                 The former Vol head coach was on
                                                   GWINNETT RULES SOCCER:                    ues his amazing run and last week he              HBO’s “Real Sports” on Tuesday.
     MARTIN         MADNESS: The                   It was a great weekend for                was awarded for his efforts by being              Kiffin said leaving Knoxville after just
     Braves have one of the best second

 3                                           8
     basemen in the game in Martin                 Gwinnett County as the Collins Hill       named National League player of the               one year was all about business and
     Prado, as he was named NL player of           boys and the North Gwinnett girls         week. Prado drove in 11 runs during               did not say that Tennessee was his
     the week last week after hitting .367         soccer teams each won the Class
                                                   5A state title. It was Collins Hill’s     the week which led the majors and                 dream job. I think it’s safe to say that
     with 11 RBIs. Maybe the rest of the                                                     also hit his first grand slam.
     Braves should find out what Prado is          second consecutive title while                                                              Kiffin won’t be hanging out in the
     eating for breakfast every day.               North Gwinnett won their first in                                                           Volunteer state any time soon.
                                                   school history.                           Falcons rookies
     BACK TO CAMP:          The Falcons                                                      It was time for the young Falcons to show their   Mike Woodson
     were back at work, but this time it
                                                   WILLIAMS GETS EXTREME:                                                                      This is a surprise to very few, but Woodson will
                                                                                             stuff as the team opened the first rookie mini-

 4                                           9
                                                   Greenville head coach Jeremy
     was the rookies that had to be back           Williams, who is suffering from           camp under head coach Mike Smith. One of          no longer be the Hawks head coach as his con-
     at Flowery Branch for rookie mini-            ALS, was on the TV show “Extreme          the players that stood out was cornerback         tract was not renewed. He had a good run, but
     camp. This is a good way to show              Makeover, Home Edition” on                                                                  with the Hawks getting swept in the second
     the younger talent how to do things                                                     Dominique Franks who had an interception
                                                   Sunday and his entire house got a         during the seven-on-seven drills.                 round of the NBA playoffs for the second con-
     the Falcons way and it should help            major upgrade. Williams is a                                                                secutive year, it was time for a change.
     them when OTA’s start on Tuesday.             brave coach who exemplifies
                                                   everything right in sports.               Jeremy Williams
     A DREAM SEASON:                 The                                                     The Greenville High School head football          Amare Stoudemire
     Atlanta Dream tipped off their sea-           KIFFIN SPEAKS:            One coach       coach has been through a lot this past year,      After Game 1 of the Western Conference

 5                                           10
     son on Saturday defeating San                 who exemplifies everything wrong          suffering from ALS. But he was able to            finals, Phoenix Suns forward Amare
     Antonio and then beating Indiana on           in sports is Lane Kiffin, who was on                                                        Stoudemire said that Lakers forward
     Sunday. With the combination of                                                         share his story with the world as he was on
                                                   HBOs “Real Sports” on Tuesday                                                               Lamar Odom was lucky in his 19-point,
     forward Angel McCoughtry and                  talking about why he left Tennessee.      ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” which aired on           19-rebound performance. How did
     guard Erika de Souza, the Dream               I’m not a Tennessee fan, but I’m          Sunday. His house got a complete                  Stoudemire do? He did have 23 points, but
     should be a contender for the                 glad to see the Vol nation hire a         makeover and all the renovations were paid        the Lakers were able to keep him off the
     Eastern Conference title.                     quality person like Derrick Dooley.       for by the town of Greenville.                    boards with only three rebounds.

CRUNCHING THE                                                                                                                                     SANITY
                  Mike Woodson’s reg-             Another week, and still no new coach       Villegas, Rory McIlroy, Anthony Kim,
                                                                                                                                                           AT LAST
206-286           ular season record in
                  his six seasons as
                  Hawks head coach
                                              for Tiger. He went a while between Butch
                                              Harmon and Hank Haney, so I don’t
                                              see him in a huge hurry on one
                                              hand. But, Tiger’s game hasn’t
                                                                                             and now Adam Scott have all won this
                                                                                                  year as well. We all expect Tiger will
                                                                                                    be back to his winning ways soon.
                                                                                                      But plenty of the game’s biggest
                                                                                                                                                  “You have to sit back, put closure
                                                                                                                                                   to the season with your players.
                                                                                                                                                    Talk to them. Take a few days
                  Woodson’s playoff           been sharp this year and he                              names have taken advantage of                or a week off where you don’t
11-18             record. Twelve of
                  those losses were on
                  the road
                                              may be ready for a change. …
                                              Those getting caught up in the
                                              Tiger Woods soap opera are
                                              missing a great season. Ernie
                                                                                                       this absence. Here’s hoping
                                                                                                       they don’t fade when Tiger
                                                                                                       finds his stride again.
                                                                                                          Brian Katrek can be heard on
                                                                                                                                                    get emotionally involved with
                                                                                                                                                      your decision making. I’ve
                                                                                                                                                          always done that.”
          Seasons in which Woodson            Els and Jim Furyk have both                             790 The Zone’s “On The Green

   2      led the Hawks to a winning
                                              won twice, and Phil Mickelson
                                              won the first major of the year.
                                              Geoff Ogilvy, Steve Stricker, Camilo
                                                                                                     with Brian Katrek” Sundays from
                                                                                                   8-9 a.m. and can be reached at
                                                                                                                                                   - Hawks general manager Rick Sund
                                                                                                                                                      on making personnel decisions
                                                                                                                                                          right after the season

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MAY 21-27, 2010                                                                                                                                          SCORE ATLANTA I 07

Finding right man for Hawks head job main component to teams’ future
        six          increased regular-sea-
After winyears ofback-to-back Eastern PRESSURE COOKERthe job will be under and a half beforedidn’t exactlygeneral manager 09 season.Raptorstoto back-to-back playoff
    son     totals, three consecutive play-
off appearances
                                            Whoever inherits
                                                             …                                being fired, posting a 53-69
                                                                           record. In Casey’s defense,
                                                                           Kevin McHale                     stock the cup-
                                                                                                                           led the
                                                                                                                                     Prior that season, Mitchell had

                                            vastly more pressure than Woodson was when                                                            appearances, including a division champi-
Conference semifinal appearances, and       he first came to Atlanta in 2004. The new          board with talent while he was there. Casey is     onship in 2006-07. He was named the 2007
leading the Hawks to their best record in   coach will be expected to turn a team talent-      a George Karl protégé, serving as an assistant     NBA Coach of the Year. The Raptors have
13 years, Mike Woodson will not be          ed enough to win 53 regular-season games           for Karl when he was with the Seattle              struggled since Mitchell’s firing, and one
returning to Atlanta in 2010-11 as head     into a true NBA championship contender. In         Supersonics. It was there that Casey got to        man’s trash could become another man’s
coach. This means that the Hawks are in                                                        know Sund, who was the Sonics’ general man-        treasure if the Hawks hire Mitchell. If
the market for a new leader.                a summer that could perhaps shape the NBA
                                            landscape for the next decade, the first big       ager at the time. Because of this relationship,    Mitchell could win in Toronto, many believe
                                            test for the Hawks will be replacing Woodson       many believe Casey is the favorite for the         he would thrive in Atlanta. And at 6-foot-6,
                                            with a championship-caliber coach. After           Hawks job. In addition to knowing Sund,            the former NBA player could earn Josh
                                            that, they will have to decide whether to          Casey would be cheaper than a big name like        Smith’s respect, a key factor that the Hawks
                                             retain free agent (and all-star) Joe Johnson or   Avery Johnson or Byron Scott, and thus would       are looking for in their new head man.
                                             to use the money elsewhere. The new coach         allow the Hawks to spend more money to re-              Dan Majerle: When it comes to the NBA
                                              will be a key determinant in attracting big-     sign Johnson or bring in another marquee free      nicknames department, perhaps only Shaquille
                                             name free agents, such as Johnson.                agent. The downside to Casey is that he is an      O’Neal can match Dan Majerle. “Thunder
                                                  Despite Woodson’s success with a fran-       unproven head coach on a team that wants to        Dan,” “Downtown Dan,” “Dan the Man,” and
                                             chise that had been one of the NBA’s cellar       compete for NBA championships.                     “Dan the Tan,” were all names used to describe
                                            dwellers upon his arrival, many believed he             Avery Johnson: Now a muppet-voiced            the fan favorite in Phoenix, where Majerle
                                            was not the right man to lead the Hawks to a       analyst for ESPN/ABC, Avery Johnson has had        starred during his NBA playing career.
                                            championship. In each of the past two seasons,     NBA success as both a player and coach.            Majerle’s career included being known as both
                                            the Hawks escaped the first round (needing         Known as the “Little General” for his size and     a rim-rocker and then a sniper, as he got older.
                                            seven games to do so each time), but looked        leadership as a player, Johnson helped lead the    He became the first ever player to start on the
                                                                                               San Antonio Spurs to the 1999 NBA champi-          All-Star team but not his own team (when he
                                            like Apollo Creed versus Ivan Drago in the                                                            was the Suns’ sixth man in 1992). Majerle
                                             Eastern Conference semifinals when playing        onship. He eventually took over the Dallas
                                                                                               Mavericks head-coaching job in 2005 and had        would retire a three-time All-Star before joining
                                               Cleveland in 2009 and division foe Orlando                                                         the Suns again as an assistant coach in 2008.
                                                this season. The Magic series was a partic-    immediate success. In 2006-07, Johnson led         Though Majerle has never been a head coach,
                                                 ularly disheartening event that showed the    the Mavericks to the NBA Finals and was            Hawks fans have good reason to want Dan to be
                                                 Hawks were a step below being a con-          named the 2006 NBA Coach of the Year. In the       their man. Majerle would bring the Suns’ fast-
                                                  tender, as their rivals from Disney World    team’s second full season under Johnson, the       paced, wide-open style of play to Atlanta, which
                                                  battered Atlanta in four games by a          Mavericks posted a 67-15 record, the best in the   could flourish with athletes like Josh Smith, Al
                                                  record-setting margin of 101 points. That    NBA. However, they were stunned in the first       Horford and Jamal Crawford. Still, the question
                                                  was the final straw for Woodson as far as    round, losing in six games to the Warriors.        is whether Sund and the Hawks would risk hir-
                                                 management was concerned.                     After being eliminated in the first round again    ing a man with no head coaching experience to
                                                     “Sometimes in this business, change       the next year, Johnson was let go as the           lead a team that wants to win now.
                                                  makes some sense, and sometimes the          Mavericks head coach. Many believe Johnson
                                                  players need to hear a new voice,” gener-    would be a good fit for the Hawks. He demands      OTHER NAMES …
                                                  al manager Rick Sund told         respect as his nickname suggests, and he                If the next Hawks head coach doesn’t
                                                                                               showed a lot of promise while in Dallas. Yet,      come from one of the four names above, here
                                                 A LOOK AT THE CANDIDATES …                    the Mavericks canned Johnson for the same          are some other candidates to keep an eye on:
                                                     Dwane Casey: Sources said the             reason the Hawks let go of Mike Woodson —          Tyrone Corbin, Byron Scott, Larry Drew,
                                                  Hawks asked for permission to speak          inability to win when it counts most.              Tom Thibodeau and Mike Woodson (hey, cra-
                                                  with current Mavericks assistant coach            Sam Mitchell: In perhaps one of the           zier things have happened).
                                                  Dwane Casey on the Hawks’ coaching           most confusing firings in NBA history, the              Photo of Avery Johnson courtesy of NBA
                                                  vacancy. Casey was the Minnesota             Toronto Raptors got rid of Sam Mitchell as         Photos/Getty Images. Penter can be reached
                                                  Timberwolves head coach for a season         their head coach after an 8-9 start to the 2008-   at

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Woodson leaves behind pieces, momentum for his successor in Atlanta
     fter a second-round defeat to the Orlando
A    Magic in a manner that left critics and fans
holding the team in not-so-flattering esteem,
                                                      unmotivated and ill-prepared during the Orlando
                                                      series. Despite Atlanta’s shortcomings, Woodson
                                                      isn’t all that bad of a coach and will get an
                                                                                                        around, the Hawks are a team looking to take
                                                                                                        the next step through trades and free agency.
                                                                                                        At the forefront of early coaching rumors is
                                                                                                                                                           not-so-memorable playoff performance
                                                                                                                                                           against Milwaukee and Orlando, many
                                                                                                                                                           question his ability to lead the team past the
the Hawks seemed destined for some personnel          opportunity to prove himself again in the NBA.    Dallas Mavericks assistant Dwane Casey. The        second round. Johnson is unquestionably an
changes in the offseason. It didn’t take long for     He just wasn’t the right fit with the Hawks.      former Kentucky Wildcat has head coaching          outstanding talent and players like him are
general manager Rick Sund to make that notion               After six years, which is an eternity in    experience, albeit it less than two years as he    few and far between in the NBA. Johnson,
a reality as head coach Mike Woodson’s contact        today’s professional coaching market,             led the Minnesota Timberwolves to a record         who is 28 years old, still has good years ahead
expired without an extension. On Friday,              Woodson’s ability to reach the team just went     of 53-69 between 2005-2007. His best attrib-       of him and, with the right surrounding cast,
Woodson was informed he would not be part of          stale. Sometimes players need a new voice         ute might be his ability to develop players. He    he can make a team great. A four-time all-star
the Hawks’ future, ending a six-year tenure           which is why Sund made the decision to part       has worked overseas in Europe and Japan and        and an All-NBA talent, it will be very diffi-
which saw as many ups as it did downs.                ways. He’ll have some impressive notes on his     was one of the main coaches of Dallas’ sum-        cult to replace him if he leaves.
                                                      resumé, as he increased the team’s win total      mer league operations. As a player, Casey               Though questions abound about the
STUMBLING WHEN IT COUNTS …                            from 13 to 53 in his six years in Atlanta.        was an outstanding guard especially on the         future of the Hawks, there is still a lot of room
      Though Woodson posted a better record in                                                          collegiate level. He could be just the right fit   for improvement amongst the players who
the in each regular season as head coach, he          THE FRONT-RUNNERS …                               as the Hawks begin to mold Jeff Teague into        will return. As for the new coach, a system
faced harsh critics in the postseason, save for the        Finding a replacement for Woodson            a starting point guard, a position that could      may make this team competitive with the best
first round during the 2007-08 season when            should prove to be a much more challenging        definitely use an upgrade next season.             in the Eastern Conference, because even
Atlanta took Boston to seven games as an eighth       task than when he was hired six years ago.             Once a new coach is selected, the tough       though 13-win seasons are long gone, no one
seed. His latest exploits would have been diffi-      Though he was regarded as one of the top          task for Sund will be putting together a roster,   deserves to witness another performance like
cult for anyone to recover from after allowing an     assistants in the league, Woodson entered an      which has the potential to be very different       the debacle against Orlando.
undermanned Milwaukee squad to take his team          organization that was rebuilding for the sec-     come opening day. Obviously, the biggest                Gupta       can      be     reached        at
the distance. Then, his Hawks looked seemingly        ond time in less than five years. This time       piece to the puzzle is Joe Johnson. After a

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Dream begin regular season 2-0
           preseason                     Dream
After twothe Santhirdlosses, the Atlantaand the
   kicked off its
wins over
                      season with consecutive
                  Antonio Silver Stars
                                                  quarter points. Meadors also was pleased
                                                  with the small yet energetic crowd of 7,337
                                                  at Philips Arena.
defending Eastern Conference champion                  “They were loud, and anything we did—
Indiana Fever on back-to-back nights.             they were into it,” said Meadors. “Their
                                                  knowledge of our game was incredible and
OPENING NIGHT …                                   there were a few timeouts where players
     In San Antonio Saturday, Iziane Castro-      could hardly hear what we were saying.”
Marques led the way with 23 points, includ-            Erika de Souza tallied 14 points and 11
ing two-straight layups in a quick run to open    rebounds for the Dream, while Indiana’s
the second half.                                  Tamika Catchings led all scorers with 18.
     “We just tried to set the tone from the
beginning, and we did a good job just try-        ON THE DOCKET …
ing to get steals, rebound and run,” said              Next up on the schedule for Atlanta is a
Castro-Marques.                                   home date with the new-look Connecticut Sun
     Forward Angel McCoughtry chipped in          Friday, May 21. A year after finishing 16-18
20 for the Dream and keyed an 11-1 first          and next-to-last in the Eastern Conference, the
quarter run with seven points that put Atlanta    Sun traded all-star Lindsay Whalen to the
up to stay. The Dream outrebounded San            Minnesota Lynx for the No. 1 overall pick in
Antonio 55-44, and forced 21 turnovers            the 2010 WNBA draft and used that windfall
despite being a relatively undersized team.       to select former UConn center Tina Charles.
Atlanta likely will get even more of a boost      Connecticut also traded for Kelsey Griffin,
once forwards Sancho Lyttle and Erika de          the No. 3 overall selection out of Nebraska.
Souza, who both returned late from seasons             In her first career game, the 6-foot-4
in Europe, are able to practice with the team.    center turned in a 17-point, 10-rebound effort
Lyttle chipped in 16 points while de Souza        to help the Sun easily handle the Chicago Sky
added 11 and 15 rebounds.                         in a 74-61 win. Meadors is well aware of
                                                  Connecticut’s roster changes and all the fresh
QUICK TURNAROUND …                                talent the Sun have brought in.
      One night after the starters carried the         “To me, it’s going to be a really tough game
load in San Antonio, the Dream returned home      and I look for them to be in the playoffs again
on weary legs to face Indiana and received        either this year or next,” she explained. “They’re
major contributions from unusual sources.         not as big as we are inside, but they’re talented at
      “One thing that we have is balance and      every position with Renee Montgomery at point
we don’t have to rely on one person. Saturday     guard and Charles at center.”
against Indiana, because of the travel, we had         The Dream have had nearly a week off in
to rely more on our second unit and they real-    between games, so Meadors expects her
ly, really played well. We had valuable contri-   squad to be rested and ready to go.
butions from Kelly Miller, Allison Bales, and          Chamique Holdsclaw signed a three-year
they did a fantastic job of bringing energy,”           deal with the Dream before last season in
Dream head coach Marynell Meadors said.                     an effort to make her return to the
      Guard Armintie Price totaled 14                         WNBA. Despite knee problems, the
points off the bench, while Bales fin-                         former Tennessee star averaged
ished with eight points, six blocked                           13.9 points per game and gave
shots and three steals. Bales’ play in the                     Atlanta a much-needed veteran
post and on the defensive end caught                           presence at the forward spot. Just
Meadors’ eye.                                                  three days before this year’s training
      “She was really active on defense                       camp, however, Holdsclaw request-
with her hands and she definitely                            ed a trade—a move that shocked
gave Indiana some matchup                                     everyone in the Atlanta organization.
problems. That’s why she                                                 “She never told me why
made the team,” Meadors                                           she wanted to be traded—it was a
explained.                                                         big surprise to me,” Meadors
      Bales’     defensive                                          explained. The Dream are in
work in the paint helped                                             the process of trying to trade
the Dream hold the                                                    the disgruntled star.
Fever to just four fourth                                                “Within the next couple
                                                                      days we might have some-
                                                                      thing worked out. The prob-
                                                                      lem is that most teams don’t
                                                                       have salary cap space so
                                                                       they will have to release a
                                                                       player, but we’re trying to
                                                                       work with whatever team
                                                                       really wants her.”
                                                                         Photo of Iziane Castro-
                                                                       Marques is courtesy of
                                                                       DJ Galbiati.           Lander
                                                                       can     be    reached       at

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MAY 21-27, 2010                                                                                                                                                       SCORE ATLANTA I 11

                       Woody should resurface quickly Debut of feature isJohn Hollinger ( NBA                                                  Hawks-heavy
                                                                                                        his week we are debuting a new piece
                       Tways with head coach Mike Woodson All of the team’s weaknesses were Tthat will be in this very same spot each writer): “Boos raining down after (Joe
                           he Atlanta Hawks decided to part shooting or making one pass.
                       after six years. There’s no denying that the exposed during the playoffs, and week until, hopefully, eternity. This space Johnson) miss drops him to 5-for-15.
                       team is in a much better position today         Woodson's inability or unwillingness to       will be devoted to tweets from Atlanta         Haven’t seen one ‘please stay’ banner.
                       than they were when Coach Woodson               make adjustments likely played a large        sports figures and national sports figures     Not exactly C-Webb in Sacto here.”
                       arrived, but it became painfully obvious        role in him being made available to the       mentioning Atlanta on                  Al Horford (Hawks forward/cen-
                       during the 2009-10 NBA playoffs that it         job market. Although by the time the          Former editor and Score legend Tad             ter): “Hello everyone I been missing on
                       was time to make a change. Every team           postseason rolled around, any attempts to     Arapoglou proposed the idea, we fell in        twitter. Just wanna thank my fans for all
                       has a ceiling and, for the Atlanta Hawks        change something they had been doing          love with it and are running with it.          the support during the season, there’s a
                       as currently constructed, that ceiling is the   for the previous six months/six years               Bill Simmons (ESPN columnist):           lot of work ahead... For the team and
                       second round. Coach Woodson utilized            would have been futile anyway. Of             “Didn't take a ton from Game 1. Thanks         hopefully we can go to the next level.
                                                                       course, the team’s shortcomings are not       to Atlanta, Orlando came into Rd. 3            Again thanks for the support”
                       defensive and offensive schemes that                                                          rusty-sloppy-entitled. Like going from
                       worked fine during the regular season,          solely the fault of Woodson, but as we all    rookie level to All-Madden.”                        Sean Weatherspoon (Falcons rookie
                       but had little success in the postseason.       know, coaches are hired to be fired. It’s           Michael Moore (former UGA and            LB): “Ready to get to the AtL to kick it
                            Defensively, he preferred – or was         easier to replace the coach than it is to     current Detroit Lions WR): “Everyday           with the 2010 Atlanta Falcon rookie
                       forced – to switch everything just to           replace the players. The NBA is full of       I just sit and think of how blessed I am to    class! Classic characters in this group lol”
                       hide the perimeter defenders who were           retreads, so surely Woodson will find         be in the position I’m’s crazy to be        Jason Heyward (Braves rookie
                       not very good. It put a lot of pressure on      another coaching job somewhere. While         living what was once a dream...”               OF): “Fight through pain and never put
                       the team’s two best defenders, Horford          he would be a good candidate for a team             Steve Holman (Hawks radio                urself above the game. It means the most
                       and Smith, and pulled them out of the           that's rebuilding, he’d probably be better    man): “I have seen 6 coaches come and          to those around u. (TEAM & FAMILY)”
                       paint where they are most effective.            suited to coach a veteran team consider-      go with the Hawks. You all may have                 Trey Thompkins (UGA forward):
                       Offensively, there was rarely any ball or       ing his distrust of rookies and young play-   any opinion you want, just remember            “Twitter World, don’t expect anymore
                       player movement, which meant the                ers. Wherever he ends up, he can take sol-    families and kids are affected too.”           interesting tweets from me and
                       opposing team didn’t have to work that          ace in the fact that he helped return the           AJCHawks (Atlanta Journal-               @TLeslie... Don’t ask why but there
                       hard to stop them. It’s fairly easy to          Atlanta Hawks to respectability.              Constitution Hawks beat): “Hawks’              will be NONE ANYMORE!!!!”
                       defend when you know the person who                   C.C. can be reached at                  total losing margin of 101 largest in               This tweet came in wake of a new
                       brings the ball across half-court is either                           NBA history for 4-gm sweep”                    team rule banning excessive use of twitter.

                                                                                                                                                                                           SCORE MORE
Falcons hold rookie minicamp for first time under Coach Smith
                                                                                            to Todd Reesing, and was quickly              May 17 at the Capital Grille in
F  or the first time in his three years
   as Atlanta Falcons head coach,
Mike Smith hosted newly-acquired
                                             Bryant during that time. The 6-foot,
                                             192-pound Franks left OU after his jun-
                                             ior season, and most draft experts
                                                                                            moved to receiver as a sophomore
                                                                                            where he had an instant impact.
                                                                                                                                          Buckhead. The event raises money for
                                                                                                                                          the Children’s Miracle Network,
rookies for a four-day minicamp. The         believed he was a sure-fire first rounder           Meier’s junior and senior seasons        which benefits Children’s Healthcare
practices took place on May 17-18            had he stuck around for one more year.         were something to write home about            of Atlanta. The dinner, which raised
and 20-21 at Falcons Headquarters in               There were some questions about          as he totaled 199 catches, 2,030 yards        $194,000 last year, also featured close
Flowery Branch.                              his technique and mental fortitude in the      and 16 touchdowns. Despite spending           to 40 Falcons players.
                                             pre-draft process. But if he can make up       just two full years at wideout, that was           “It’s exciting to come together as a
DRAFTEES MEET …                              ground in those areas and learn the            enough to set the school record for           team and help an extremely worthy
     Of course the biggest name of the       defense quickly, he could easily be com-       receptions, and also is eighth in Big         cause,” he said. “Following the success
participants is first-round pick Sean        peting for playing time with the likes of      12 history. Like Franks, Meier has a          of last year’s event, I have even higher
Weatherspoon. But the camp also gave         Brent Grimes and Chris Owens come              chance to make some noise as he               expectations this year.”
the coaching staff a chance to work          training camp.                                 adjusts to the NFL.                                Meanwhile, defensive tackle
with a host of other first-year players            Another intriguing prospect is                Also participating in the camp           Jonathan Babineaux received an award
that they acquired via the draft and         Kerry Meier, who left the University of        will be offensive lineman Mike                for his excessive volunteer work with
free agency.                                 Kansas as one of the most decorated            Johnson, versatile UNLV lineman Joe           children in homeless shelters and foster
     Among them is fifth rounder             players in the program’s history. A fine       Hawley and former Montana safety              homes over the past year. Babineaux
Dominique Franks, a wild card in a sec-      athlete, Meier’s college career began          Shann Schillinger.                            received the award at the 18th Annual
ondary that will look very different than    under center for Mark Mangino’s team,                                                        Celebration of Excellence, a ceremony
last year’s version. The Oklahoma alum       as he set a KU freshman record by              IN THE COMMUNITY …                            that honors the achievements of the
nailed down All-Big 12 selections in his     throwing for 13 touchdowns to go along              Smith was busy off the field dur-        state’s foster care youth in education.
final two seasons as a Sooner, covering      with 1,193 yards in eight starts. He           ing the minicamp as well, hosting his              Bagriansky can be reached at
the likes of Michael Crabtree and Dez        would lose the job the following season        Huddle Up for Miracles dinner on    

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Braves feast on Brewers, D-Backs; Cox tweaks batting order for the better
The Atlanta great length onatthishave been fromSeveralthree-run later, bomb.toMcLouth not my main goal when I gomatch, the he said. walk-offTuesday as CabreraBraves tookfrom a
    detailed at
                Braves road woes
                                  beat, but
the team smoked Milwaukee Miller Park unloaded a
                                                the four-time all-star’s
                                                         batters         Nate
                                                                  home run
                                                                                            In Sunday’s rubber
                                                                                                                 out there,”
                                                                                                                                                     night, the
                                                                              knot the offense was back, whacking four home runs David Wright error and pinch-runner Brent
                                                                                                                                                                           a 3-2

last week by a combined score of 28-7. The      game at 4-4. In the top of the ninth, Billy          off of Diamondback pitching in a 13-1 romp.          Clevlen trotted on with the winning run.
Braves pitching staff threw well but the bats   Wagner allowed a run to cross, temporarily           Starter Tim Hudson allowed one run on just
waking up was the bigger story of the three-    giving Arizona the lead. In the bottom of the        three hits while striking out six in eight innings   IN OTHER NEWS …
game sweep. In the finale, Brooks Conrad        ninth, Eric Hinske started the rally with a          of work. Hudson was also hot at the plate,                Bobby Cox has juggled the lineup a
hit his second home run in as many days         solid base hit. Omar Infante bunted the pinch        going 2-for-4 with an RBI double. Prado hit a        touch with positive results thus far. Cox
and totaled four RBIs. Jason Heyward            runner over while reaching himself as the            leadoff home run and would add another later,        moved Prado into the leadoff spot and the
scored three times and the Braves as a team     pitcher misplayed the ball. After a McLouth          going 4-for-6 on the day with three RBIs and         second baseman has responded, crushing a
notched five doubles.                           sac bunt to move the runners to second and           two runs. Troy Glaus and Hinske each added a         leadoff bomb Sunday against Arizona.
                                                third, Melky Cabrera was intentionally               home run with Glaus chipping in three hits and       Heyward was penciled into the No. 2 hole
FAMILIAR FACES …                                walked, loading the bases for Martin Prado.          two RBIs total. Hinske notched four RBI in           after hitting No. 3 twice against Milwaukee
    The Braves returned to Turner Field with    The new leadoff hitter lofted the game-win-          Sunday’s finale. Yunel Escobar and Jason             while Chipper Jones sat out with an injury. …
a boatload of momentum though things            ning hit down the right-field line to plate two      Heyward both scored twice.                           Prado was named National League Player of
looked bleak in the team’s first game against   runners, giving the Braves the 6-5 win.                   The Braves then began a two-game                the Week after going 11-30 with three home
Arizona. With former Braves Kelly Johnson             On Saturday, not much went right for           series with division-rival New York after            runs, one grand slam and a game-winning hit
and    Adam       LaRoche      dotting    the   Atlanta as Tommy Hanson allowed five runs            Arizona left town. Derek Lowe pitched game           to boot. … Matt Diaz (thumb surgery) was
Diamondbacks lineup, Atlanta fell behind 4-0    in seven innings in an 11-1 win for Arizona.         one and provided a quality start, allowing just      placed on the DL last weekend while the
in game one. Brian McCann led off the           Hanson did strike out 10 Diamondback hit-            three runs on four hits in seven innings, but        team promoted Brent Clevlen.
Braves half of the seventh with a solo home     ters, however.                                       the offense wouldn’t back him as Atlanta lost             Proctor     can    be     reached      at
run and the offense seemed to be catalyzed            “It's good to get the strikeouts, but that's   3-2. Hinske was 3-for-4 with a home run.   

Baseball squad clinches spot in conference tournament; softball season over
The tournamentsecuringforonehas felt pretty coachour players, our in the win. “I am so broke the&record of 85weekendPanthersclose Berryhill Georgia State in thetoNCAA’s.closed
     Panther baseball team
  good about
                              of the four happy for everyone
                          some time now from
                                                  Greg Frady after                                            set by Bradley Logan
                                                                      our organization, during the 2008 season. The
                                                                  coaches, all the peo- William Mary this             as they
                                                                                                                               host      The
                                                                                                                                               will compete
                                                                                                                                                             softball team
                                                                                                                                    out the season with a 3-0 loss Hofstra at the
but it wasn’t until this past weekend that it   ple who support us, all the way up to the            out the regular season.                              CAA tournament in Hempstead, NY. They
became official after they won two of three     administration and president’s office.                                                                    finished the season with 37 wins which gives
against Northeastern.                           Everyone takes a lot of pride in seeing our          TRACK MAKES NCAAS …                                  them four straight seasons of at least 30 wins.
     The Panthers won Friday night’s opener     baseball team be successful and we want to                Georgia State’s Janel Blancett and                   In men's golf, senior Tom Sherreard was
10-7 behind the pitching of Aidan Francis and   represent the university well. To return to          Tamika Kinchen each earned top four fin-             selected to compete as an individual in the
timely hitting by Daniel Blaustein. They were   Wilmington this year is extra special since          ishes in the 800- and 5,000-meter runs,              NCAA Regionals. He will play in the NCAA
not as fortunate Saturday as the Huskies        only four teams will qualify.”                       respectively, to pace the Panthers at the            Southeast Regional, May 20-22 in Alpharetta,
pulled out a 9-7 win. Then, on Sunday, Ryan          The CAA baseball tournament will be             Georgia Tech Invitational held last week-            Ga. at the Capital City Club.
Moore pitched a complete game six-hitter        held May 27-29 in Wilmington, N.C.                   end. The Panthers will now turn their atten-              Dave Cohen is in his 27th season as the
with eight strikeouts en route to a 10-4 win.   During Saturday’s game Mark Micowski                 tion to the NCAA East Preliminary Round              “Voice of Georgia State Basketball and
Georgia State improved to 31-20-1 overall       went 3-for-5 at the plate, collecting his 87th       that will be held in Greensboro, N.C., on            Baseball on WRAS-FM (88.5) and works on
and 14-6-1 in the CAA.                          hit of the season and establishing a new             May 27-29. Along with Blancett and                   the football radio crew at Furman University
     “It feels great,” commented head           school single-season hits record. Micowski           Kinchen, Kendra LaFleur and Yolanda                  in Greenville, S.C.

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            BASKETBALL                                                             HOCKEY                                        Top of the Key Basketball Camps. Boys and Girls Ages
                                                                                                                                      5 - 13 Contact: (404)634-3815
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Corpus Christi Youth Basketball League Registration is
                                                                                                                                                                                                        now underway for our 29th season! Boys and girls
Club Sport, “Where Atlanta Comes To Play!” Registration         Peachtree Booster Club. Ongoing - Pickneyville Roller            Trilogy Lacrosse. Middle & High School. Fellowship                     ages 5 through 14, any skill level, are welcome. Cost:
    Ongoing - Men's League plays on Sunday evenings at             Hockey Rink. Fees: $95 for 12-game season, $30 out-                Christian School June 28 - July 1         $90 per child/$85 for siblings. Fee includes uniforms,
    the Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club. For more info or to          of-county fee. For information visit       Atlanta Silverbacks Soccer Camps. Youth Skills Camp                    field trips, skills clinics, 9 games and more! Register
    register visit                                                                                                July 12-16 (Ages 4-14) Goalkeeper Striker Camp July               while space is still available Saturdays October 11 &
Open Recreational Basketball. GSL -- Georgia Sports
    Leagues. Georgia’s Best Sports Leagues. Registration
                                                                                   SOCCER                                             26-30 (Ages 9-18) All Day Soccer camps June 21-25,                18, 2008, 10 AM to 12 PM. Location: Corpus Christi
                                                                Challenged Soccer. Ongoing. For mentally and physically               July 12-16 (Ages 6-16) All Day Multi-sport camps                  Church Sports Arena, 600 Mountain View Drive, Stone
    ongoing. We offer “Top Gun,” “B,” “C” and Co-Ed styles of       disabled youngsters. For information call Ken Higgins             July 5-9, July 19-23 (Ages 6-16)       Mountain, GA 30083. For info, call 770-469-0395,
    play around Atlanta. We play ALL year round. For more           at 770-985-0434.                                             Competitive Edge Sports. Spring Break Performance Camps                email or visit the league’s website
    information please contact (678)799-0159 or email           Hall of Fame soccer clinics. Ongoing on Fridays Clarkston             April 5-9 (Ages 8-18) Elite Athletes Speed & Performance          (                                  Community Center. For under-6 through under-12 players.           Ages 8-18 boys and Girls 6 Week Summer Training
Roundtable Fundamental Basketball Camp Boys and Girls.
                                                                    Fees: Free. For information call 404-508-1050 or visit
                                                           5:30-7 PM.
                                                                                                                                      Programs Begins June 1Monthly Speed/Strength Training                       SOFTBALL
                                                                                                                                      (678) 957-1333                             AYSA Spring Season. Ongoing - North Park - Cogburn and
    Rising 6th-10th Graders (Current 5th-9th Graders) June 7-   Competitive Amateur Soccer in Atlanta For more information,      The Pitcher's Mound. Fast Pitch Softball Camps Pitcher/Catcher,       Bethany - Alpharetta. Fees: If Alpharetta Residential
    11. 9am-2pm. St. Francis High School, Alpharetta. Contact       visit                                     College Showcases, Beginners, Advanced Skills Camps              Property Tax IS NOT PAID at the primary residence of the
    Coach Huff                                                                                              (678) 957-9080                          player, then the Non-City Resident Fee must be paid. After
                BASEBALL                                                            TENNIS
                                                                Technique Clinics. Ongoing - Bitsy Grant Tennis Center.
                                                                                                                                 Hitters Box. Instruction from the Pros Jasha Balcom                   Jan. 13, $10 late fee is charged.
                                                                                                                                      (Chicago Cubs, UGA) Timi Moni (Philadelphia Phillies)
Braves. May 21 at Pittsburgh 7:05 PM. May 22 at
    Pittsburgh 7:05 PM. May 23 at Pittsburgh 1:35 PM.
                                                                    Tuesdays (serve/volley) and Saturdays (forehand/back
                                                                    hand). Fees: $18. For information call 404-790-4772
                                                                                                                                      (678) 386-4206                                        GYMNASTICS
                                                                                                                                 North Metro Gymnastics. Summer Day Camps, Seven                    Gymnastics Classes at Gymnastics AcademyofAtlanta.
    May 25 at Florida 7:10 PM. May 26 at Florida7:10 PM.            or email 2 PM on Saturdays,                 Weekly camps, Victory Cheer Camp, Elite Team Training             Ongoing - 3126 Cobb Parkway Kennesaw, Ga. For
    May 27 at Florida 7:10 PM. May 28 vs. Pittsburgh                6:30PM on Tuesdays.                                               Camp (770) 384-8058                  information call 770-975-8337 or visit
    7:35 PM. May 29 vs. Pittsburgh 7:10 PM. May 30 vs.          Tennis camps for kids. Ongoing weekly. Lost Mountain             Future Stars Soccer Academy. Day/Overnight Camps             
    Pittsburgh 1:35 PM. May 31 vs. Philadelphia 1:05 PM.            Tennis Center. For information call 770-528-8525.                 (678)612-1888                           Gymnastics Classes at Gwinnett Gymnastics Center
    June 1 vs. Philadelphia 7:10 PM. June 2 vs.                                                                                  Sports-A-Rama. Marietta, GA Multi Sport Camp Spring Break              Ongoing - 927 Killian Hill Road Lilburn, Ga. For
    Philadelphia 1:05 PM. June 3 at LA Dodgers 10:10 PM.                        LACROSSE                                              Camp Summer Camp (770) 977-9789               information call 770-921-5630.
Gwinnett Braves. May 21 vs. Columbus 7:05 PM. May 22            Lacrosse. Ongoing. Registration for 1st-8th grades. For          FCA Team Wrestling Camp. Riverside Military Academy                Atlanta School of Gymnastics in Lawrenceville. Ongoing.
    at Indianapolis 7 PM. May 23 at Indianapolis 2 PM.              information call 404-216-5870, email jasona@bagat                 Gainesville, GA (770) 364-2527        Classes for tots through teens. Cheerleading classes for
    May 24 at Indianapolis 7 PM. May 25 at Indianapolis 7  or visit         The Roundtable Fundamental Basketball Camp. Boys & Girls               ages 5 and older. For information call 770-277-9434.
    PM. May 27 at Louisville 7:05 PM. May 28 at                 Double Stixx Lacrosse. Ongoing - Leagues, Travel Teams                (current 5th-9th graders) St. Francis HS Alpharetta, GA       The Little Gym of Snellville. Ongoing. Noncompetitive
    Louisville 7:05 PM. May 29 at Louisville 6:05 PM. May           and Tournaments for youth, high school and adult’s                (404)-432-9646                           gymnastics and motor-skills development classes and
    30 at Louisville 6:05 PM. May 31 at Indianapolis 7:05           boys and girls. More information about the best              Atlanta Thrashers Summer Camps. June 21-25 at the Ice                  camps. For ages 10 months-12 years. For information
    PM. June 1 vs. Indianapolis 7:05 PM. June 2 vs.                 lacrosse programs in Georgia can be found at                      Forum in Duluth. Mite, Squirt, Pewee/Bantam Camp.                 call 770-982-0901 or visit
    Indianapolis 7:05 PM. June 3 vs. Indianapolis 7:05 PM. or by contacting Chris                 Goalie Camp and Cross Ice Camp is from June 14-18. To
Prospect Watch. Ongoing - Buckhead. Baseball pitching               Smith at or 404-550-5322.           register go to                               RACING
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Friday Night Drags and Show-N-Shine. May 21 at Atlanta
    and hitting lessons by a former college and minor
    league coach. For information call 404-869-7966                            RUNNING                                           Atlanta Hawks Summer Camp. June 14-18 at Philips Arena.
                                                                                                                                      Boys and girls ages 7-14 can register. Fee is $295. For           Motor Speedway.
    or visit                            All American 5K. May 29. Peachtree City, 8:00 AM.                     more information, go to        SCCA National. May 22-23 at Road Atlanta.
                                                                    770-487-5934 or                                                                                                  Thursday Thunder. June 3 at Atlanta Motor Speedway
Adult Baseball League Metro Atlanta. Ongoing. MSBL
    18+, 28+, 38+, and 48+. Sunday League contact
                                                                7th Annual Running with the DAWGS 5K. May 31.
                                                                    Athens, 8:00 AM. 706-296-5353.                                            VOLLEYBALL
    info is 770.785.2588, e-mail                                                                           Gwinnett Sports Center. Registration ongoing. For infor
    MSBL 18+ Saturday League contact info is 770-436-
                                                                Dacula Memorial Day 5K & Mile. May 31. Dacula, 8:00
                                                                    AM. 770-513-1725.                                               mation call Jerry Robison at 678-491-0203 or visit                           OFFICIATING
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Fall 2010 Basketball Referee Training Program. Last
    8114, e-mail MSBL 18+                  Celebrate America 5K/10K. May 31. Alpharetta, 7:30        
    Midweek Wood bat league contact info is 770-436-                                                                                                                                                     chance to become a trained basketball referee before
    8114, e-mail MSBL 18+Fall
                                                                    AM. 678-795-0115.
                                                                4th Annual Memorial Day 5K Night Race. May 31.                      SWIMMING & DIVING                                                    start of season. Begins Fri Nite/Sat Morning August
                                                                                                                                                                                                         20/21 with orientation! Nine session, “101 Referee
    League contact info is 770-436- 8114, e-mail                    Bainbridge, 7:00 PM. 229-248-2230.                           Swimming lessons. Ongoing - Alpharetta City Pool - For more information about                                                                                 Alpharetta, Ga. - 1825 Old Milton Parkway. For infor                 Course” (Saturdays) held in Roswell/Alpharetta area.
                                                                Cordele Kiwanis Memorial Day Running Celebration                                                                                         Call (404) 943-9950 or email
    our Atlanta Adult Baseball League, please visit our web         8K/Mile/5K/5K. May 31. Cordele, 7:45 AM. 229-273-2981.          mation call 678-297-6107.
                                                                                                                                 Dynamo Swim School. DynaBabies, Preschool, Grade                   9RCorp Sports Officials. Ongoing. Provider of sports
    site at                                Memorial Day 5K. May 31. Valdosta, 8:00 AM. 229-219-0010.                                                                                officials for multiple sports including basketball, flag
TNT Sports. Ongoing. Baseball pitching and hitting lessons      Chattanooga Chase 8K. May 31. Chattanooga, TN, 8:00                 School, Adult Classes. Youth Swim Team. Call us                      football, & softball. Looking for additional officials. For
    by Rob Blair, former college coach, Snellville. To set up       AM. 203-246-6681.                                               (770) 457-7946 Ext 16                       information call Dennis Reagan at 404-213-0588 or
    a free pitching or hitting analysis call. 678-344-5876.     Fairmont United 5K. May 31. Fairmont, 9:00 AM. 706-              Gwinnett Aquatics. Ongoing - 2800 Quinberry Drive and                   email
Jack City Baseball. Ongoing. Baseball pitching and hitting.         602-5548.                                                       Bethany Church Road. For ages 5-18. Swim team and               Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association. Needs boys youth
    Instruction with former pro Keith Whitner. 18-y looking     HOPE 5K & Mile Run/Walk. May 31. Homer, 8:30 AM.                    lessons available. For information call 770-972-4055.                and High School officials for 2010 season. Games are
    for high school players. The new location is inside                                                                          Senior Water-Exercise class. Ongoing - Mountain Park                    played Spring, Summer, and Fall. Great way to earn
    Velocity Sports in North Gwinnett. For more informa                              CAMPS                                          pool - Lilburn, Ga. Fees: $1 per class. For information
                                                                                                                                    call 770-546-4650. 10-10:50 AM.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         extra money and get some fun aerobic exercise. For
                                                                                                                                                                                                         more information, please visit or
    tion call 770-633-0948 or visit               Bill Curry Youth Camp (Open to ages 6-18) June 7-10,
                                                                     2010 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM ($200/camper) Bill Curry             SwimAtlanta Sugarloaf at Kid’s Village. Ongoing. Swim                   email
                FOOTBALL                                             Prospect Camp (Open to all high school juniors and
                                                                     seniors) June 5, 2010 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM ($25/camper)
                                                                                                                                    team, lessons, lap swimming, master’s program,
                                                                                                                                    water aerobics and scuba available. For information             ATLANTA SPORTS COUNCIL
Atlanta Xplosion. May 22 at Miami TBA. May 29 vs.
    Clarksville TBA                                                  For details or to register, call (404) 413-4121.               call 678-442-7946.                                              Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Dec. 31, 2010. Georgia Dome. For
Collins Hill Athletic Association. Ongoing. Accepting           Harlem Legends. The Harlem Legends have scheduled                                                                                       tickets, call 404-444-4444.
    applications for qualified coaches in all age groups. For        their 2010 Shoot for the Stars Basketball & Physical            YOUTH REGISTRATION                                             To reach the Atlanta Sports Council call 404-586-8510
                                                                                                                                                                                                    or visit
    information email Craig Deneau at            Fitness Camps. The “Shoot for the Stars Youth               Soccer-Soccer Alley. Ongoing - 3265 Roswell Road-
Grayson Athletic Association. Ongoing. Football coaches                                                                              Atlanta. For information call 404-266-0762 or visit
    needed for eighth grade and all age groups. For infor
                                                                     Basketball Camps and Clinics” are a unique form of
                                                                     learning experiences geared towards young basketball                                                                  MISC.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Club Sport. Club Sport opens registration for summer leagues
    mation call Duane Davis at 678-300-0282 or visit                 players of all skill levels. There are two Gwinnett         Tucker Youth Soccer. Ongoing - 2803 Henderson Road                                               County camps this year. Please visit our website                Tucker, Ga. For information call 770-414-0538 or                   on May 1st with league play beginning in June. Club Sport
Flag Football. GSL -- Georgia Sports Leagues. Georgia’s                                                                              visit                                                is Atlanta's recreational sports and social group with over
                                                                     ( or call 404-837-6719                                                                                       10,000 participants each year on 1200 teams in 120
    Largest Flag League. Registration ongoing. We offer 7-           for additional camps.                                       Track and Field - Peachtree City Flash Youth Track
    Man, 8-man, Youth and Co-Ed styles of play around                                                                                Team registration. Ongoing - Riley Field - Peachtree               leagues. Each season Club Sport offers leagues in flag foot
                                                                University of Georgia. The University of Georgia offers                                                                                 ball, softball, soccer, sand and indoor volleyball, basketball
    Atlanta. We play ALL year round. For information please          camps for boys and girls basketball, tennis, soccer,            City, Ga. For ages 6-14. For information call 770-631-
    contact (678)799-0159 or email mark@georgiasport                                                                                                                                                    and more. Club Sport is where Atlanta comes to play! For
                                                                     golf, track & field, cross country, and volleyball. Go to       3552 or email                              more information about Club Sport, upcoming events, pho Visit                                                                            Gymnastics - Georgia Gymnastics Academy. Ongoing.                      tos or interviews with the owner, please contact Rich Alvarez
Arena Indoor Football. Ongoing. Youth and Adult Leagues.             their website at for more infor
                                                                     mation about all of their camps.                                For registration in Lawrenceville call 770-962-5867; in            at 678-994-0793 ext. 818 or visit
    Youth 7 vs. 7; Adult 6 vs. 6. For information, call 678-                                                                         Suwanee call 770-945-3424.                                     GOkickball "Atlanta's Premier Social Experience". Providing
    714-7454 or e-mail      Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech offers camps for boys and             Gym Elite. Ongoing. Registration for ages 2 and older.
                                                                     girls basketball, tennis, soccer, golf, swimming, cheer                                                                            social, co-ed adult kickball leagues throughout metro-                                                                                               Cheerleading for ages 6 and older. For information                 Atlanta centered around having a good time, meeting new
Capitol City Officials Association. CCOA is accepting                leading, baseball, softball, sports medicine and volley         call 770-242-0678.                                                 people, and playing recreational games of kickball at local
    ongoing registration for the upcoming GHSA High                  ball. Go to their website at for       Youth Soccer Training. Ongoing. Start age 3 and up. For                parks. Registration is open now for spring season. Join the
    School season in football. We hold weekly training               more information about all of their camps.                      information, call 678-714-7454, e-mail                             fun! For more information and to register, go to
    meetings. For more information, contact Irvin Seabrook      THE Summitt Basketball Camp. All Tournament Players        , or visit              Special Score Atlanta 15%
    at 404-957-3331 or e-mail                Park - Marietta, GA (678) 384-6500                                        off discount code: “Score15”.

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Braves playing winning baseball; Hawks narrowing down list
     he Braves have continued their hot streak,
T    as they took two of three from Arizona
and split with the Mets in two series over the
                                                      said the former Arkansas Razorback. “I don’t
                                                      care. I can play all four corners. I do whatever
                                                      I can do to help the team win whenever I’m on
                                                                                                            coach Mike Woodson was let go. Casey, a
                                                                                                            former Kentucky star, was head coach for
                                                                                                            Minnesota briefly during the 2005-’06 and
past week. Atlanta is getting solid pitching          the lineup card.”                                     2006-’07 seasons. He was fired for ques-
from its starters and is now getting the bats               With that type of selfless outlook, Braves      tionable reasons during the 2006-’07 cam-
going as well. Since losing nine in a row in          fans can look to Hinske getting more and more         paign by general manager Kevin McHale.
April, Bobby Cox’s boys have reeled off 11            at-bats. Bobby Cox has always had a soft spot         Casey is also no stranger to the Hawks job,
wins in their last 17 games.                          for utility players who will do almost anything       as he was interviewed and was thought to
      During a win over the Mets Tuesday night,       to help the team, and Hinske is the best exam-        have been strongly considered by then-
the Braves showed the resiliency and oppor-           ple of this in recent memory.                         Hawks GM Billy Knight for the job before
tunistic spirit that has kept them afloat this sea-         While the Braves are still struggling to        Woodson was hired.
son, breaking a 2-2 tie in the bottom of the          make any ground on the steady Phillies, they               The Hawks consistently improved under
ninth for a walk-off victory at Turner Field.         are rounding into form and can look forward to        Woodson’s guidance, so it will be interesting
Unheralded starter Kris Medlen battled New            being in the thick of the wildcard race come          to see how the franchise fares under a new
York ace Johan Santana through the sixth
inning and gave Atlanta a chance to win.
                                                      September if this keeps up.                           head man. However, the team did seem to hit
                                                                                                            a ceiling in the playoffs, as they were elimi-                              SCORE ATLANTA
      Troy Glaus went deep for Atlanta – his          LOOKING FOR A LEADER …                                nated in historically one-sided fashion by                                  ADVERTISING INDEX
fourth dinger in the team’s last eight games. The          The search for the next Hawks head               both Orlando this season and Cleveland last                                 790 The Zone ....................Cover
cagey veteran is now second on the team in            coach is well underway. General manager               season. The two defeats are among the worst
RBIs with 27, just one behind team-leader Jason
                                                                                                                                                                                        Associated Credit Union ............7
                                                      Rick Sund is not saying much, but the lead-           playoff exits in NBA history.
Heyward. Glaus is also second on the team in          ers in the race appear to be Dwane Casey,                  Surely, Hawks fans deserve better in the                               Atlanta Falcons ..............Cover, 5
home runs (six) and batting average (.275).           Avery Johnson, Tyrone Corbin, Sam                     postseason. But, will they get it from their                                Atlanta Braves ........................15
      Speaking of hot hitters, utility man Eric       Mitchell and Dan Majerle, according to                new coach? Or will they collapse as the                                     Atlanta Dream ........................10
Hinske hit his first two homers of the year in        Michael Cunningham of the AJC.                        Falcons did after firing head coach Leeman
back-to-back games against Arizona and then                Johnson’s track record with the                  Bennett in 1982? Bennett led the Falcons, a                                 ATTP ..........................................8
the Mets. The journeyman from Wisconsin is            Mavericks was respectable, as he consistent-          struggling franchise then, to three playoff                                 Centennial Basketball................9
hitting a cool .389 and has been the team’s           ly led the team to the playoffs in his four           berths before being dismissed after the                                     Dynamo ....................................8
most consistent hitter next to everyday player        years at the helm. Johnson also led the Mavs          strike-shortened 1982 season. The Falcons
Martin Prado.                                         to a place the Hawks haven’t been in decades          did not get back to the playoffs until 1991.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Georgia State ..........................12
      Hinske was recently interviewed by Score        – the Conference Finals.                                   Hawks fans wait with baited breath,                                    Hooters ............Cover, Back Page
staff writer Fletcher Proctor and shed some                While Johnson will reportedly receive            but one thing is for sure: without Joe                                      Intonu ................................Cover
light on the attitude that he has had in helping      the first interview, Dallas assistant Dwane           Johnson, Atlanta’s next coach will not have
the team in almost every way possible for a
                                                                                                                                                                                        MJCC ........................................8
                                                      Casey will also be interviewed. Casey’s               much of a chance.
position player.                                      name surfaced first, when Bradley men-                     Black      can     be      reached     at                              National Guard ..........................2
      “Wherever I can get some playing time,”         tioned him in a column shortly after former                                                         North River Tavern ....................4
                                                                                                                                                                                        Personal Touch Lawncare ........3
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MAY 21-27, 2010                                                                                                                                             SCORE ATLANTA I 15

Tech baseball wins series against Miami Mr. Basketball commits to Foxhounds
Two ofwentatop three baseball teams in thea good.Georgia aTech (42-10,forseasonadded anoth- Mr. Basketball to the state of Georgia has Everyone isandhadfeelwiththe we of going here.
            head-to-head last weekend as
Miami paid visit to Georgia Tech for
                                                  So it’s huge win
                                            er win in Tuesday’s home
                                                                        19-8)                      committed
                                                                                                                 the UGA basketball right now,
                                                                                 finale, dis- squad. Marcus Thornton, a forward for momentum we
                                                                                                                                                                  a lot

                                                                                                                                                                        can keep the
highly-anticipated conference showdown.        missing Georgia State 9-3 behind Plagman’s                                                            We’re excited about this opportunity.”
The Yellow Jackets came out on top in the      17th and 18th home runs of the year. The       Westlake High School, made the pledge to
three-game series by taking last Friday’s      Jackets are wrapping up their regular season   play for the Bulldogs Wednesday.
opener and Sunday’s finale.                    this weekend at Boston College.                     Thornton committed to the Dawgs over              SWEPT AGAIN …
     In Game 1 at Russ Chandler Stadium,                                                      Alabama, Texas and Georgia Tech. He had                     The Diamond Dawgs were swept again in
Tech scored 14 unanswered runs en route to a   TENNIS SEASONS END …                           been committed to Clemson prior to Oliver              SEC play, this time by the hated Florida Gators.
14-3 victory over the Hurricanes. Deck              Both the men’s and women’s tennis                                                                The team has now lost 13-consecutive confer-
McGuire (7-3) picked up the win by striking    teams saw their 2010 campaigns come to an      Purnell leaving the Tigers for DePaul.
out nine batters and allowing only four hits   end last weekend in the NCAA tournament.                                                              ence games. However, the Bulldogs lost two
and one run in seven innings of work.          In the Lexington regional, the men rolled      GOLF MAKE NCAAS …                                      one-run decisions on the weekend against the
     Miami (38-13, 19-8 ACC) bounced back      over Binghamton 4-1 but did not have                 Chris Haack’s two-time national champi-          No. 4 Gators. On Sunday, Florida scored seven
Saturday with a 9-2 victory. A Burnette two-   enough against host Kentucky in the next       on men’s golf squad will continue its postsea-         runs in the sixth inning during a 9-3 victory.
run shot in the fourth inning cut the hosts’   round, who prevailed 4-1.                      son this weekend at the NCAA South Central                  “We played great for 26 of the 27 innings
deficit to 4-2, but that was all Tech could         The women eased past Austin Peay 4-0
muster over the course of nine innings.        in their opener before falling to Ole Miss     Regional in Bryan, Texas. The top-eight teams          this weekend and that one inning got away from
     One day later, the Yellow Jackets used    by the same score. Georgia Tech wrapped        will advance to the NCAA Championships in              us today,” said Georgia coach David Perno.
both their bats and their arms to pull out a   up its season with a 19-10 record.             Ooltewah, Tenn., on June 1-5.                               Georgia fell to 14-36 overall and 3-22 in
series-clinching 6-3 win.                      Nonetheless, tennis continues next week in           “I don't feel like the time off will affect us   conference play. The Dawgs will host
     “It’s the most important series of the    Athens for Irina Falconi, who is the No. 1     at all,” Haack said. “It gave the guys an oppor-       Kentucky (29-23, 12-15) this weekend in the
year, so far,” senior Jay Dantzler told        player in the nation and No. 1 seed in the after Game 3. “To win a       singles NCAA tournament.                       tunity to really zero in on the last couple of         regular season finale.
series against [Miami], especially where            Dimon     can     be    reached    at     weeks of school and their finals, then they were            Black       can     be     reached        at
we're at in the ACC right now, it's always                           able to turn all of their attention to golf. 

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