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					HRIA Collaboration Proposal

What does it mean to the HR Profession in
           What does it mean to HRMAL?
             What does it mean for YOU?
   What is Collaboration
       Background
   What is the proposed collaboration model look like?
   What are the Benefits?
   What does it mean for HRMAL?
   What does it mean for YOU?
What is Collaboration?
•   It is a key element in HRIA’s vision for advancing
    excellence in HR in Alberta.
•   It is an attempt to draw on the strength and diversity of
    the province’s regional HR Associations
•   The goal is to draw on this strength to:
    –   Develop new services
    –   Jointly deliver existing services, and;
    –   Address common issues that affect HR practitioners across the
Quick Background
•   Alberta has 7 HR associations:
    –   HRIA and 6 local associations
•   There has been discussion around collaborating for
    several years.
•   HRMAL has had a representative in the discussions for a
    long time.
•   A Collaborative Exchange Committee (CEC) was
    formally created to review the options
•   Proposed model was presented to the HRIA Board in
    2005 and has been reviewed over approx. the last year
    and a half.
Major Drivers for Collaboration
   Increase the influence of the HR profession
   Enhance professionals standards
   Uniformly deliver valuable services to Members
   Strengthen local, provincial, national and international
Brief Overview of HRIA’s Mandate
•   To administer the CHRP certification
•   To develop professional standards and educational &
    accreditation standards for AB.
•   To preserve the unique culture and local focus of the
    regional associations.
•   To present a united voice for HR professionals on
    provincial, national, and International levels.
•   Professional Development
What does Collaboration Look like?
   Membership
   New Regional Associations
   Finances and Funding
   Governance Structure
   Member Services
•   Members will hold a single membership serviced by the
    HRIA and a Regional Association
•   Categories will be standardized across the province.
•   Standardized Membership Categories will be:
      • Certified   - $250 + GST – only category with HRIA voting rights.
      • Associate   - $125 + GST
      • General      - $50 + GST
      • Student      - $50 + GST
      • Retired      - $50 + GST
    New Regional Associations

    Existing Local Association   Proposed Regional
   Central AB HR Mgmt Assoc.       Central Alberta
   HR Association of Calgary       South Central Alberta
   HR Mgmt Assoc. of               North Central Alberta
    Edmonton                        Southern Alberta
   HR Mgmt Assoc. of               North West Alberta
    Lethbridge                      North East Alberta
   Peace River HR Mgmt Assoc.
   Wood Buffalo HRM Assoc.
Finances and Funding
   The HRIA and the regional associations will retain their
    current monies as of the implementation of this model.
   New funding model is proposed based on distribution of
    membership fees.
Governance Structure

Existing                         Proposed
   6 Board Members from            SAME
    each regional association.
   4 Directors elected at
    large by voting HRIA            3 Directors elected at
    members                          large by voting HRIA
   Elections for positions of       members
    president and president         SAME
   Past President (serves 1        SAME
Member Services
   Centralized Web Site with “regional” windows.
   Provincial Access to all job postings
   Centralized administration office
   Provincial magazine
   Monthly Newsletter
   Standardized access to professional development and
    networking events.
Benefits of Proposed Model
•   Further enhance CHRP designation and credibility of HR
    profession in Alberta
•   Advocacy and awareness campaigns to heighten profile of HR
•   Professional development opportunities
    –   Conferences, seminars, workshops, networking events, shared
•   Eliminate duplication & confusion about who represents HR
    professionals in Alberta
•   Platform for regional association to strengthen connections
    and share best practices.
•   One single, and in most cases, more economical membership
What does it mean for HRMAL?
In addition to the benefits mentioned previously
 Centralized administration of membership.
 Access to enhanced website services.
 Reduced revenue from membership fees.
 Larger geographical area to represent and service.
 Loss of autonomy
What does it mean for YOU?
   For those with CHRP designations a streamlined
    membership fee.
   Advancement of the HR profession.

…mostly this is dependent upon what you want from
Next Steps
   Gather your feedback
   HRMAL Executive to review feedback, discuss and
    provide feedback to you.
   Provide input to HRIA.
Your Thoughts & Feedback??

 Items to take back to the HRMAL Executive?

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