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					Focus on Felines
The mission of the Focus on Felines campaign is to keep cats safe and out of shelters across the country.
We partner with non-profits and local governments to help achieve a day when there are No More
Homeless Pets. We implement innovative Trap Neuter Return (TNR) and educations programs to prevent
ferals and strays—community cats—from entering shelters. The Focus on Felines web community is a
place for cat lovers to meet, share information, and provide support and advice for TNR and community
cat topics.

About the Focus on Felines Campaign

Best Friends Resource Library: Feral Cats

Focus on Felines – Media Gallery

Focus on Felines Campaign Resources

Fiscal Impact of TNR
Calculate the saving associated with trap, neuter, and return programs for community cats in your city,
county, or state by clicking on the links below.

Additional Resources:

The Toronto Feral Cat Project

MEOW Foundation
Box 65024, RPO North Hill
Calgary, AB
T2N 4T6
Tel: 403-230-6033 (Voice Mail System)
Fax: 877-774-8470

Alley Cat Allies
7920 Norfolk Avenue
Suite 600
Bethesda, MD 20814-2525
Tel: 240-482-1980
Fax: 240-482-1990

Neighborhood Cats
2576 Broadway, No. 555
New York, NY 10025
Tel: (212) 662-5761

Neighborhood Cats – Online Courses

The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook

If you’re interested in practicing TNR on a large scale, you can order the guide, Implementing a
Community Trap-Neuter-Return Program, authored by Bryan Kortis and published by The Humane
Society of the United States.

Alley Cat Advocates

Project Bay Cat Tool Kit for Humane Homeless and Feral Cat Population Control

Helpful TNR Webinars
Building a Community TNR Program 101
Building a Community TNR Program - Advanced
Feral Cats, TNR and the Law
Feral Cats and Academia: The Latest Research on TNR
Fundraising for TNR Programs

PetSmart Charities – Grants for Canadian Agencies

PetSmart Charities Webinars

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