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The GOOD LORD has showm me throughout my life, in dreams and circumstances, that
BIOMETRICS are Satanic, and they are a leash for the new world order and Satan in all his

First of all, allow me to define biometrics. Put simply, bio means biology and [i]metrics mean
measurement. This not measuring height, weight, like a doctor's office, or anything like that.
Biometrics are mainly used for security and are an invasion of privacy.

Biometrics include fingerprints, measuring the retina of the eye, facial scanning and recognition,
and also ear, nose, and face geometrics, where a face is scanned and the computer creates a
polygon map of the face.

The Good LORD gave me a vision: I saw my thumbprint under the left arm of the cross. And the
Father above said, "Your fingerprint belongs to me." And the Spirit inside me said, "Do not give
it to the world."

A lot of Christians have no problem with biometrics, but I do. It is by its very nature, a step
deeper into mind control and submission to Satan's world state. One needs only to see how
they have been introduced into our society.

As a kid, I was bombarded with biometrics "whispering"; GI Joes, 80's movies, Robo-Cop, and
the like. Although the technology did not yet exist, we were being spoonfed this lie to our kids.
Obviously, demonic spirits wished to recreate this technology and mind-control. In the 1990's,
the technology became feasable as well as affordable. In 1998, I especially saw a rise in this

If you reject providing your fingerprint, or your retina scan, you are an outcast of "the system".
And you are limited in availablity, until you prove one. In some states, you cannot get a driver's
license without giving a fingerprint; in CA, you must supply all ten or you will not get your

Biometric scanning is being PASSED OFF as providing security, but in reality, just like every
other of Satan's lies, it entraps the submitter into the system.

And the next step for security is the mark of the beast.

My friends, Jesus said do not submit to the system, but to offer yourselves up as a living
sacrifice to God Only. This world and its lies will pass away, but My Word will never pass away.

God Bless you all.

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