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goals for 2011-2012 - University of Akron


									                                          Goals: 2011-2012 Goals and Vision 2020
Overarching SEAS Goals           2011-2012 Divisional Objectives                                                             Alignment with
                                                                                                                             VISION 2020
   1. Promote a campus culture      1. Develop a divisional values and diversity statement by October 15, 2011.              Goal 1 (Student
      that values and supports      2. Incorporate new values and diversity statement into all divisional marketing and      Success);
      diversity, inclusive             communication by November 30, 2011.                                                   Goal 5 (Community)
      excellence and ensures        3. Work through the Campus Culture committee to:
      access.                              a. Develop and deliver two programs (one per semester) this year focused
                                              on diversity and inclusive excellence; and
                                           b. Create an inventory of current educational outreach programs offered in
                                              the Division and in each unit;
                                           c. Ensure alignment of educational outreach programs with Vision 2020
                                              and with focus on diversity inclusive excellence
                                                    i. Using a standardized template, each department will inventory
                                                       their educational outreach programs by January 2, 2012.
                                                   ii. Each department will demonstrate through appropriate
                                                       measurement how each of their programs and services further
                                                       inclusive excellence on and/or off campus.
                                    4. Promote international study and support intentional cross-cultural
                                       opportunities by:
                                           a. Clearly advertising and marketing education abroad opportunities to
                                              students through the programs and services in SEAS through web-pages,
                                              distribution of print materials, the incorporation of education abroad
                                              opportunities in announcements at the beginning and end of events;
                                           b. ensuring that each department in SEAS includes information regarding
                                              education abroad in all training of student assistants.
                                           c. To accomplish the above goals, education abroad marketing and
                                              opportunities will be visible in all division and university-wide calendars,
                                              all division and departmental large-scale publications and each relevant
Overarching SEAS Goals               2011-2012 Divisional Objectives                                                                Alignment with
                                                                                                                                    VISION 2020
                                                  department will have education abroad linked to their websites (by
                                                  October 31, 2011).
                                        5. Increase support to international students on the UA campus through a strategic
                                           investment request in the 2011-2012 budget process for ongoing personnel and
                                           operating dollars support in the Office of International Programs.
                                               a. Develop a new temporary housing program and policy by November 30,
                                                  2011 for new international students when they initially arrive to campus
                                                  and require temporary housing until an off-campus location can be found
                                                  (for those living off-campus); and
                                               b. Develop a student-friendly, easy-to-access transportation program by
                                                  December 1 that will assist international students in getting to and from
                                                  The University of Akron during the first few weeks of their transition to
                                                  the UA.
                                        6. Evaluate accessibility of division programs and services
                                               a. Create an inventory of equipment by December 1, 2011 in each
                                                  department within the Division that includes an analysis of the
                                                  equipments level of accessibility as it relates to a) students and patrons
                                                  with disabilities; b) veterans and c) non-traditional students.
                                               b. Create an inventory of programs and services within the Division that
                                                  includes an analysis of the level of accessibility as it related to a) students
                                                  and patrons with disabilities; b) veterans; c) adult and other non-
                                                  traditional students; d) off-campus and commuter students; e) under-
                                                  represented students.

   2. Impact learning through           1. Develop core competencies for the co-curriculum by October 31, 2011 that                 Goal 1 (Student
      accessible services and              complement the core competencies developed by the Higher Learning                        Success);
      programs which enable                Commission Assessment Academy.                                                           Goal 2 (Global
      students to develop critical            a. Validate the learning outcome domains/ core competencies by February               Relevance)
      competencies that equip                    2, 2012                                                                            Goal 5 (Community);
Overarching SEAS Goals            2011-2012 Divisional Objectives                                                        Alignment with
                                                                                                                         VISION 2020
      them to lead and succeed              b. Implement programs to educate students about the competencies by          Goal 6 (Integrated
      in a global economy.                      March 30, 2012.                                                          Planning)
                                            c. Pilot test the core competencies in our services and programs
                                                throughout Summer 2012.
                                            d. Fully implement the core competencies in 2012-2013
                                     2. As project leaders, the Vice-President and Asst. VP will direct the “My Akron
                                        Experience” program to ensure a strong and vibrant cocurriculum that is
                                        integrated with and complementary to the academic curriculum by establishing
                                        project timelines and monitoring progress each semester.
                                     3. Establish new and maintain existing campus and community partnerships for
                                        student learning and engagement
                                            a. Each department, including the central office, within SEAS will show
                                                evidence of multiple effective campus and community partnerships that
                                                have existed and continue to benefit student engagement. Effectiveness
                                                will be evidenced by the extent to which partnerships have yielded
                                                changes in services, new programs, efficiencies or other items that
                                                enhance student success and satisfaction.
                                            b. By November 1, 2011, each department will create a goals statement
                                                with objectives that outline how they will create and maintain
                                                partnerships and measure effectiveness.
                                            c. Each department within SEAS will have created new and/or identified at
                                                least two campus or community partnerships related to the “My Akron
                                                Experience” initiative by November 1, 2011.

   3. Educate and engage             1. Create and implement purposeful activities in the following areas:               Goal 1 (Student
      students and the campus              a. Civic Engagement and Community Service (e.g., learning opportunities       Success);
      community to develop life                for community service and community awareness offered through             Goal 5 (Community)
      skills and attitudes that                Student Life, Off-Campus Student Services, Residence Life and Housing
      incorporate personal                     and any other relevant departments)
Overarching SEAS Goals            2011-2012 Divisional Objectives                                                      Alignment with
                                                                                                                       VISION 2020
      health, wellness and                 b. Personal Health and Wellness
      safety.                                      i. Develop a campus wide effort to involve students in wellness
                                                      programs by spring 2012; charge a divisional wellness team by
                                                      October 15, 2011 to evaluate existing division-wide programs and
                                                      services related to wellness and develop a coordinated/
                                                      integrated plan to more effectively and comprehensively involve
                                                      students in wellness programs.
                                                  ii. Increase utilization of health and wellness-related programs in
                                                      the Counseling Center, the Office of Accessibility, Residence Life
                                                      and Housing, Student Recreation and Wellness Services, Health
                                                      Services and any other relevant department. Departments will
                                                      each create a specific stretch goal by September 1, 2011 to
                                                      increase program attendance, measure student impact and
                                                      assess satisfaction. This objective should be met in connection to
                                                      B. ii. based on the recommendations of the wellness team.
                                           c. Campus and Community Safety
                                                   i. During 2011-2012, increase number of safety inspections
                                                      students engage in off-campus by at least 50 percent (accurate
                                                      baseline data has not been collected in the past, but currently is
                                                      being investigated by Off-Campus Student Services); increase
                                                      student participation in other safety-enhancing measures.
                                                      Relevant departments will each (or in partnership) create stretch
                                                      goals that improve student safety on and off-campus by October
                                                      1, 2011. (a goal for OCSS vs. division)
                                                  ii. Create a campus-wide accessibility working group by September
                                                      15, 2011.
   4. Utilize appropriate and        1. Educate the Division on how to utilize social media in services and programs to  Goal 1 (Student
      relevant technology,              students                                                                         Success);
      including social media to            a. Include social media training in professional development days and in the Goal 5 (Community);
Overarching SEAS Goals             2011-2012 Divisional Objectives                                                              Alignment with
                                                                                                                                VISION 2020
      enhance services, learning                   Assessment Institute                                                         Goal 6 (Integrated
      opportunities and                        b. Provide a minimum of two free-standing training programs on the               Planning)
      communication                                incorporation of social media into Student Engagement and Success
                                                   services and programs this academic year.
                                      2.   Identify resources to hire a division-wide web and technology resource designer
                                           and publisher by October 31, 2011.
   5. Provide professional            1.   Expand involvement of student development professionals in Student                   Goal 2 (Global
      expertise and scholarship            Engagement and Success in scholarship activities through                             Relevance);
      to the campus and global                 a. The establishment of a scholarship and research working group that will       Goal 3 (Distinction);
      community                                    educate staff on techniques of research and writing for journals. The        Goal 4
                                                   group will be charged by October 31, 2011 with offering two programs         (Collaboration)
                                                   this academic year.
                                               b. Communicate scholarship and professional involvement to the campus
   6. Ensure high quality,            1.   Ensure all departments of SEAS have a broad assessment plan that includes the        Goal 4
      comprehensive                        measurement of the following: customer satisfaction with programs and                (Collaboration);
      assessment of programs               services; assessment of student learning outcomes; usage assessment; job             Goal 5 (Community)
      and services. Focus                  analyses; work force analyses; cost efficiencies; standard reporting templates       Goal 6 (Integrated
      significantly on assessing           with quality information (vs. annual, monthly and weekly reporting); and a five      Planning)
      the impact of programs               year program review cycle by the end of the fiscal year 2012.
      and services on student         2.   Formalize the assessment of student learning in most programs and services of
      learning outcomes and                the division (e.g., include in the annual report; CAS review) and incorporate this
      core competencies.                   assessment practice into 50 percent of SEAS programs this year with a goal of
                                           100 percent for fiscal year 2013.
                                      3.   Undertake a unit-wide exercise to classify expenditures during the previous year
                                           as 1-5 in order to identify current resources to reallocate or to assure programs
                                           that count are maintained. Complete exercise by November 1, 2011.

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